Where does deception begin ?

Meeting to talk about the new communication but that day there is a transport problem so I have to improvise an introduction obviously nobody listens to me so I speak louder.

Always someone who answers me or deigns to answer me. I get angry. So here I am, I'm going to stir them up a little bit my way I begin my sentence "Where does deception begin ?"

And there finally silence comes and arms are raised. When we talk about ass everyone is attentive. Fortunately I have two microphones that I use for the assembly. Here we go. The debate begins.

Then a person in the crowd: to deceive is when my husband sleeps with one of his secretaries and he has several.

-But this is not to deceive, replies his neighbor.
It is when you stay with a person and you see them regularly that you sleep with them that you have a good time with.

Another: For me to deceive is when I spend holidays with him. Because otherwise I only do parts of legs in the air where I do not cheat my man.

Two rows behind: I do not cheat I never say I love you to the other person. I'm just kissing in every way.

The tone derives the assembly is loose.

Another: me when I cheat not to be mistaken in first name I call all my love conquests where I do not cheat since it is always the same first name so it's just a change of pussy.

I am not mistaken because I never kiss on the mouth a bit like in the film Pretty Woman. I just suck the tails of my colleagues, they are so soft it is not like that of my husband who I admit with age becomes wrinkled and in addition around the hairs of his sex become white hello envy.

A big boss in turn takes the floor: I am not mistaken. I love to do cunnilingus but you need a fresh mold and that of my wife is a little cleared however she who likes cosmetic surgery I offered her the lip lift but she refused. So it's her fault if I go elsewhere.
And then "to be in love and unfaithful is to deceive your mistress with your wife".

My boss arrives and asks if we started. The audience at that time applauds me. My boss gives me a good job. I return to my seat laughing internally because he necessarily continues on communication and therefore his conference is a flat one.

And are you wrong or not ?

I await your answers....

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld