Here we are all at the same point confined by force. We work or not from home. The first day we all have to say it loved it. Wake up an hour later, work in pajamas not wearing hair or makeup. In addition to the breakfast class with the computer the only problem Katia calls me at the same time. So I dropped jam butter on my pajamas, it doesn't matter, no one sees it.

Charles also emerges I send him a hi dear his look is not bad either underwear t-shirt. It is practical, small toilet and hop we go back to bed in the evening.

Second day same as third day rebelote good I decide tonight to have fun in bed with my darling. When he arrives I start to touch his parts. And there, the answer sends me a cold shower. You saw your head, how did I see my head and hers? !

So it's decided I will pull myself together and I invite you all to follow me.

From where every day we will advise.

First two chapters the famous jogging then the pajamas all revisited.

The starlets then all started jogging at our wardrobes. You can choose either the pants or the top that we match with a top either very dressed or everyday. From my window I see a neighbor with jogging bottoms and a bralette.

My body having at the moment a small form of buoy just a lifeline because I admit the passage in the kitchen has gone from three to ten. Goodbye the bra so I do with a sexy lingerie top. The more my styluses and hop the somersaults are back.

Chapter pajamas put either the jacket with jeans or a skirt. The bottom is worn with a sweater or tank top that we change according to the weather. Or the best is the nightie revisited because word of Charles' kiki is very motivating. I find myself on the sofa without panties.

Third chapter we will disguise ourselves one day it's evening dress one day the next day wear flashy colors to avoid depression and mix them up. All that we dare not usually wear for what will we say we wear the skirt too mini the leggings which is fashionable for this summer but let's admit the leggings on us looks more like Miss Leonidas too bad thanks to the coronaviruses we can finally be in fashion.

Fourth chapter combing hair with greasy hair every day. Also remember to play the beautician the hairs the nails it maintains it should not end up with bundles of hairs.

To help yourself on YouTube full of videos to make yourself beautiful even with everyday products: exfoliate the body with coffee, hair mask with oil, face mask with avocado you have enough to make yourself a beauty at least an hour a day.

See you later with the coronavirus.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld