Saturday is coming and I have to see the restaurateur. I am preparing for my appointment which is an evening half work half date. So I decide to put on a yellow dress right now it's the spring trend for black styluses.

I got my hair straight and nude makeup because if we have the face in a paint can I noticed that after a game of sex we find ourselves mascara under the lashes more red on the right on the left then we become the poor girl who drank too much. Unless you're wearing permanent make-up.

It's good, I'm going, I'm ready. I have an appointment in a French restaurant. He wanted, I think, to take a restaurant where he was not known. By taking the elevator obviously I meet Philippe my neighbor.

He couldn't help but wonder if I was coming to see him. I answer him that no he is not the center of the world. There, he replies in a sly tone that he remembers that I have a date with spaghetti. I tell him yes. He asks me if it's a date.

And there, the elevator door finally opens. I approach her face gently and there I enjoy everywhere. First because he closed his eyes he expected a languorous kiss. Well, no, my dear boss, you've got it all wrong.

It was just to slip him in the ear but no honey I'm just going to kiss. There he made a head and I say to myself well done that will teach you. And I conquer my meeting.

Arriving there I come across a charming considerate man he treats me like a princess but my memory reminds me that his last date started like this and ended in ... arrives the end of the evening which turns out to be warmer than the last time.

We barely arrive in the car when everything rocks we find ourselves half naked in full action I enjoy he enjoys it is too good in addition his sex is soft and manly at the same time.

Then at the end of the action while getting dressed I ask her directly for my gift and to drop me back at my house. There, he seems taken aback and tells me we're not going to my place.

I look at him with my most beautiful smile and I answer him:

Come on I am not your sweetheart nor you my darling you are my client. He didn't say a word and on these beautiful words dropped me back in front of my building.

Bingo, I meet Philippe, who can't help but greet the restaurateur and ask him if he had a good evening. So I take the opportunity to slip away.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld