The end of the meal ended like this: the restaurant owner asked us if he ordered two taxis.

Philippe: Not just one. The restaurateur :

Mia are you going to sleep at Philippe's ?

Me: No, we live in the same building.

The restaurateur: It is true that to work together, to live in the same building. At the end we no longer know what to say. So sleeping together must be a disaster.

Me: Ah yes what a pain to see the same head all the time. It's good, the taxi is coming. The restaurateur can't help but kiss me to mark his territory in front of Philippe.

In the taxi I knew that Philippe was going to give me comments. Barely seated he speaks from the reproach offices.

Philippe: I find that the decoration of the restaurant is nice but the food is not very good. I think and knock a defect and I see him catch his breath.

Philippe: He's your new guy. I find it a little unseemly his kiss on the neck all runny me I would have been a little disgusted.

Me: Don't you find it elegant ?

But even as there were two superb bouquets of red flowers.

Philippe: Nothing extraordinary. And in addition to what it mixes. We can work together and be a couple.

Me: He said that because he's just possessive.

Philippe: Are you in a relationship with him ?

I think about my answer I can not admit to him that it is a plan of Alicia I was just call girl for an evening and seeing that it annoyed me I did not agree to see him again and  I just agreed to see him again on Saturday evening.

Me: No, we're just getting started, but I don't think we're going to ring our fingers.

We finally arrive at the bottom of the building suddenly more interrogation. The concierge pounced on me with a bouquet of candy. There, I crack I find it too charming I love I smile stupidly.

Philippe said to me again: your restaurateur. I smile to my ears. He says to me :

you don't read the card.

So in the elevator I read the sweet note. And there surprise is not the restaurateur it is Philippe. I'm going to kiss her on the cheek.

He dodges him and kisses me on the mouth.

Arrives his floor he pulls me towards him and I feel the story slip. Yes we did not pass the door that we kiss fiercely I even have a hard time with that because the French kiss disgusts me a little but in the heat of the action I can't see myself saying you can take off your rapping tongue s 'Do you like him.

At his place our clothes waltz on the floor, we end up on the fur carpet. We are having a great time I admit he makes love well. He takes care of my body as I like.

And I love her body, her smell intoxicates me. I love his sex he is so sweet and he is beautiful I could even take a picture of him so ok if I do it he will take me for a madwoman.

Once the action is finished, he says to me :

Here you are going to be able to tell your restaurateur that we are sleeping together now and that everything is fine.

There, it annoys me it was his goal to demonstrate that he could contradict the restaurateur. I get dressed quickly wonders what's going on.

I tell him : Your ego is flattered, thank you for this late evening.

I erase this rotten story from my memory.

Philippe : Don't take it like that. I said that to you as we say hello.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld