My cousin is right: the best ass.

Yes thought made I am in love. You're right Alicia I love Philippe. Here's a story, I don't know how I'm going to get out of this mess. I fall asleep thinking about my partner. I find it hard to believe because I must admit that when we cohabited during the covid period it was rather a fiasco. I often had a mad desire to send him the plates on it but as my beloved cousin explained to me, that's life as a couple.

As she told me one day it is fine one day it rains and there is nothing we can do, another day. Alicia: Mia, you don't know that couples make up on the pillow. Okay, she's right how many times after having hated her to the point of wanting I don't know what reason to remake her wardrobe by cutting out her shirts, we ended up in the bed… .Even on the sofa in the kitchen or in the shower for some legs in the air.

For me it was not love I think for him too it was a good part of fucking. I even started telling a funny story about our somersaults to my cousin. Yes once after a big argument and a few glasses of this so good Ruinart ... this is the story of fucking that laughed my cousin Alicia.

During my roommate with Philippe one evening we argued like dogs I said good evening harshly if I could have slammed the door of his loft I would have done it but unfortunately I could not go back home because ex-boss was a person said to be at risk plus the baby etc ... Philippe caught me in the corridor then he kissed me fiercely. Our bodies became hot hot and there we quickly sent waltzing our clothes right to left. Then a leg part in the air started uh I mean a doggy style game on all fours it was good but hey I no longer knew at the end of the action where I lived so much that a tremor of land could have happened to me it would have been the same.

And when I got up we noticed Philippe and I simultaneously that my knees were bloody. The hallway carpet is in beige coconut I burned my knees to a point that we cannot even imagine, a real horror film. I found myself disinfecting it itched to cry, then finally I put on big bandages. And what's more, the worst is that it's now summer and I can't wear skirts or dresses because I have huge crusts at the knees.

Now it makes me laugh less. I could conclude that as in some discussions heard here and there: a little how to say if I was a man I would say that I have the mega balls. Because I'm really not appetizing.

And this summer I will have to say goodbye to the tan of my pretty legs so as not to end up with traces of tan. My mega diet to refine my legs will have been for nothing. I can again eat delicious donuts that I love so much.

Okay I admit I am completely in love with this guy.
So Alicia told me that we are going to have to make an action plan. Because for Philippe I am not a love story just an ass plan. And as she says she just hopes I'm at least her best

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld