I work backwards even if I have ex-boss in front of me who teaches me new things every day. I don't know why I miss Philippe and god knows he sent me several peaks during the day to the point that I felt stupid.

It's time to leave the office. I'm going home I don't know why I ask the porter if Philippe is in the building. The porter tells me that he left with his board in Miami and that we are not ready to see him again because in New York he is suffocating.

I take the elevator and I pass in front of his floor. I come home even more pained. But what do I have? I ask myself many questions that I turn back in loops I will go mad by dint of thinking!

Eureka, I finally found the solution but yes, that's why I didn't think about it right away. I know I must like to be dominated, that's for sure. I must quickly join a sadomaso club for sure it is the solution.

I look forward to my cousin Alicia. So I tell him that I like to be dominated. She replied that I have a normal reaction because as I am the CEO of a large company it is always me who takes the directives and decisions. She knows several businessmen who face the same problem as me in her work. So I ask him how to do it because I'm not going to stay like this forever.

She answers not to worry she will organize me a dinner more with one of her friends who could satisfy me in every way. As she explains it is not cute but canon it is not funny but hilarious. For love, sex she doesn't know, she never tried it. So we laugh like two teenage girls. I tell her ok I'm ready. She suggests that I go and relax a bit and take a good bath while she prepares a good aperitif for us. I approve with joy, a little relaxation I deserved it.

I come back from my little bath that made me feel good. I arrive in the living room in a bathrobe I see on the sofa a set of turquoise blue lingerie a little flowing blue dress of red pumps the red YSL bag and on the coffee table two glasses of morito with a little crisps.

Alicia all excited put some background music she tells me that in an hour Joy comes to get me to spend an evening with me so quickly we take the aperitif. I'm going to have fun. Because my dominant is coming. It adds just to the idea my breasts will quickly point. I replied that she quickly found a solution to my problem.

She laughs and shouts: Come on we drink and we prepare you for your first date with YOUR DOMINANT SADO-MASO it's going to be great.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld