Find myself alone for days and days with beautiful Philippe. But it is long so the day this rhythm is the morning telecommuting on the table of the dining room then lunch break generally it is on the go Uber Eat. And resume work until five o'clock.

After it is the free end day from where Philippe, who is a born sportsman, goes to the building's sports hall, which is still open, however, he is a single person for an hour. From where I go to the ace so no sport for me I take the opportunity to make me a session of female series with small cookies lying on the sofa feet in the air foot.

Ha yes you don't know that Philippe is manic-depressive when we watch a movie Philippe can't help saying to me 'Mia don't put your feet on the coffee table after he starts to tell me we eat at the table not on the sofa not even a cookie that makes crumbs and the last word is but keep it straight we do not slouch at your age it looks like a granny and in addition it will distort my leather sofa. It is to tell you that it is worse than my father and my mother together It is to tell you how it is boring to live

.Once he comes back from sport he will shower and I prepare the aperitif which lasts an hour because we are on teleconference with Alicia who takes her vodka in front of the ocean she always makes us laugh.

Because for her, her work is very flourishing, it seems that men can't take it anymore, so they love clandestine meetings. She got one who borrowed the truck from her company and just came on her parents' street and they made love like crazy in the truck she was just one fear is that he couldn't s 'keep screaming from yelling even Alicia whips my ass I tape I tape.

Alicia: You imagine your aunt and uncle hearing this guy imagine my parents who are so religious.

With Philippe, we imagined the scene so much that we couldn't help laughing like two teenagers. Then there is often a cuckoo from Ex-Boss who praises us on his new born you saw how he smiles he chirps he is gaga in front of this baby.

And he tells us about the war waged by his future ex-wife and François-Michel who reprimands him for his behavior of leaving a woman of a certain age alone in the face of coronaviruses. I love the aperitif time.

After the menu decision it is with Philippe that I share a funny moment. Of course there was the episode of my dinner which was fantastic, I had told him that I sucked in the kitchen.

Here is the great funny chips dinner surrounded by ham dipped in mustard. More like dessert, ice cream jars to eat on the sofa in front of the film. This gave rise to a major argument. I even arrived in front of the elevator to return to my home. I'm happy to eat bad food, I'm even proud of it.

And knock on the teeth then he arrived with a size mea-culpa and we reconciled normal on the pillow his body is so perfect that it is hard to resist a good flash of vanilla coffee .... Since time you know that I am a big greedy.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld