Extremely popular around the world and even received by Joe Biden at the White House, the members of the BTS group have announced that they are taking a break in order to focus on their respective careers. BTS, which released an anthology album (“Proof”) on Monday, had already announced “breaks” in 2019 and 2021. But this time, the group “needs a change” and wants to “start a new chapter”, insists J -Hope, a member of the septet. This announcement, launched during a dinner broadcast on the internet to mark the ninth anniversary of the group, nevertheless had the effect of a bomb on social networks.

Creative burnout.

For BTS, who have been churning out music nonstop for nine years, creative burnout must have weighed in on their decision to take a break, says Billboard K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin. in the past, it seems more “meaningful”. The seven boys remain under contract with their label until 2026, which is “essential to keep them together”, continued Jeff Benjamin.

Asked during a dinner, organized to celebrate their ninth anniversary, the seven artists notably pointed out their busy and non-stop work rhythm which does not allow them to take the time to think about their future development, solo but also as a group.

“I've always thought BTS was different from other groups, but the problem with K-pop and the whole star system is that they don't give you time to mature. You have to keep churning out music non-stop,” RM said at that dinner.

Since their debut in 2013, the seven members of BTS have, in parallel with their common career, developed individual projects. If J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga and V confide that this decision to take a break was difficult to make, they nevertheless reveal that their albums and solo singles will quickly see the light of day.

“We can't stop thinking about our audience. No matter what, we want to be the kind of artists that fans remember. We are going through a tough time right now as we are trying to find our identity and it is an exhausting and long process,” Jimin said.

J-Hope will be the first of the group to formalize this new individual start. The artist will headline the American Lollapalooza festival on July 31.

An unspoken reason?

Behind the decision of the South Koreans of BTS to take a break would also hide an unspoken reason, namely the compulsory military service according to some specialists. Any South Korean man under the age of 30 must indeed perform two years of military service, in particular because of the threat posed by North Korea. The prospect of conscription is getting closer for the members of BTS, especially for Jin, 29 years old, who must enlist by next year or risk being put in prison.

Seoul grants exemptions from military service to some top athletes, such as Olympic medalists, and classical music artists, but not to K-pop stars. “As a young South Korean, I believe that service military is a natural course. And as I have always said, I will answer my country's call when it arrives," Jin said in 2020. "The issue of military service was clearly present in the announcement," said Lee Moon-won, a K-pop culture commentator.

Allowing the band members to focus on their own solo careers was "a logical decision," he adds, since the call-up of the seven boys will disrupt the band's lineup for years to come.

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Nothing seems to want to stop the Rolling Stones, among the ultimate rock legends still on stage...

At 78 for Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, 74 for Ronnie Wood, the grandfathers of rock still have the sacred fire in them, continuing decade after decade to roll their bumps on the roads. not joined with the musicians of Queen, Elton John and others who will perform in tribute to the sovereign.

It was in a football stadium, that of Atlético de Madrid, that they kicked off a European tour which will end on July 31. Sixty years just after the first official concert of the London blues formation, as part of the Marquee Club, on July 12, 1962.

Accompanied by Steve Jordan on drums, following the death of Charlie Watts on August 24, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood will take the opportunity to return to their countless hits, like "Gimme Shelter", "Paint it Black », « Start Me Up » or even « (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction »...

The musical event also promises a beautiful visual spectacle with a huge stage, lights and video design at the cutting edge of creativity and technology!

A tour of fourteen dates in Europe, including two in France, at Groupama Stadium, in Lyon, on July 19, and at the Longchamp racecourse, in Paris, on July 23, 2022.

Certainly a farewell tour: The Stones will indeed perform in Hyde Park on the anniversary of the death of Brian Jones, July 3, the group's founder....

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Céline Dion announced this Tuesday, May 10, new dates in Paris as part of her European tour, which has already been postponed due to Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021, then a third time due to the health of the singer a few weeks ago.

During the Courage World Tour, the Canadian star will therefore give a series of six concerts between September 1 and 10, 2023 at Paris La Défense Arena. Tickets purchased for the initial concerts remain valid for new shows, as specified by the organizers on the booking site.

Celine Dion is also scheduled for the Vieilles Charrues festival in Brittany, Thursday July 13, 2023, after a double cancellation. A tour postponed for health reasons

On Friday April 29, the singer posted a message to her fans on her social networks. She announces the postponement of her European tour, once again. “The first time, it was obviously because of the pandemic and this time, it is my health that forces me to postpone the shows of the European tour”, she explained in a video.

Celine Dion confided then to suffer from persistent muscle spasms. Recovery was taking "much longer" than she thought.

“I am so sorry, saddened to be forced to postpone the shows”, she lamented on the eve of a tour which was to start on May 25 in Birmingham (United Kingdom). "I have to be in good shape, in good health so that I can give 100% of myself on stage, because that's what you deserve," she added.

It is finally from February 24, 2023 that this tour of Europe will begin, with a first date in Prague. It will run until the end of the year, with two dates in Helsinki at the beginning of October 2023.

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Le jazzman Jon Batiste et la jeune sensation pop Olivia Rodrigo ont confirmé, dimanche 3 avril, leur statut de favoris lors de la 64e édition des Grammy Awards, équivalent des Oscars pour la musique américaine.

Cinq prix pour le jazzman Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste, pianiste afro-américain de 35 ans, nommé dans onze catégories, a remporté celle considérée comme la récompense suprême de l’industrie musicale américaine, « l’album de l’année pour We Are.« J’en suis profondément convaincu, il n’y a pas de meilleur artiste, de meilleur musicien, de meilleur danseur, de meilleur acteur. Les arts créatifs sont subjectifs et ils touchent les gens à un moment de leur vie où ils en ont le plus besoin », a lancé le musicien virtuose et touche à tout en recevant son prix sur scène, le cinquième de la journée.

Il avait déjà créé la surprise en novembre 2021 en se classant en tête du nombre de nominations aux Grammys (onze au total), devançant largement des stars mondiales comme Justin Bieber (huit nominations), Lady Gaga ou Taylor Swift.

A seulement 35 ans, le jazzman a enregistré avec les plus grandes stars de la chanson américaine, de Stevie Wonder à Prince en passant par la légende country Willie Nelson. Pour de nombreux Américains, il est peut-être encore plus connu en tant que chef d'orchestre et directeur musical de la très populaire émission de télévision "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert". Il est aussi le directeur de la création du musée national du jazz de Harlem et a reçu en 2021 un Oscar, un Golden Globe et un Bafta pour la bande originale du film d'animation Soul (Pixar), coécrite avec Trent Reznor et Atticus Ross.

Olivia Rodrigo sacrée « révélation de l'année »

.La nouvelle sensation pop Olivia Rodrigo, 19 ans, a, elle, remporté le Grammy Award de la « révélation de l’année », catégorie très en vue dans laquelle la jeune femme s’est imposée face aux rappeurs Saweetie and The Kid Laroi. Et elle a été sacrée lors d’une cérémonie précédant la soirée de gala « meilleure performance pop solo » pour son titre Drivers Licence.

D'abord connue pour ses performances d'actrice sur Disney Channel, la chanteuse de 19 ans a sorti son premier titre Drivers Licence en 2021. Le titre, salué par la critique, a fait d'elle la plus jeune artiste classée en tête des charts aux Etats-Unis. Elle était restée au sommet du classement durant huit semaines d'affilée

Chanson de l’année et look rétro pour le duo Silk Sonic

L'autre grand vainqueur de la soirée est Silk Sonic, le projet de R&B rétro porté par Bruno Mars et Anderson .Paak. Ils sont repartis avec quatre statuettes, dont les prestigieux prix de l'enregistrement de l'année et de la chanson de l'année pour Leave The Door Open.. Le Grammy décerné au titre Leave the Door Open était leur troisième de la journée après deux victoires dans la catégorie R’n’B. Ils ont coiffé sur le poteau Olivia Rodrigo, privée ainsi de sa chance de rééditer l’exploit de Billie Eilish, enfant chérie des Grammy Awards, qui avait raflé en 2020 les prix dans les quatre catégories majeures. Le groupe a également obtenu deux récompenses dans les catégories R&B.

Les cousins Baby Keem et Kendrick Lamar ont, eux, remporté le prix de la meilleure performance de rap pour leur chanson Family Ties.

Le fantasque Kanye West, absent, était aussi en lice avec son album Donda, dont deux titres ont été primés dimanche après-midi dans la catégorie rap, « Hurricane » et « Jail ».

Côté rockeurs, les Foo Fighters ont remporté les trois prix pour lesquels ils étaient en lice, une semaine après la mort soudaine de leur batteur, Taylor Hawkins, en Colombie, peu avant un concert. Le groupe de Dave Grohl, l’ex-batteur de Nirvana, a reçu les Grammy Awards du meilleur album de rock, de la meilleure chanson rock et de la meilleure performance rock.

« Remplissez ce silence avec votre musique », déclare Zelensky

Le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky a marqué les esprits en intervenant aux Grammy Awards, via une allocution vidéo enregistrée. « La guerre. Qu’est-ce qui est l’exact opposé de la musique ? Le silence des villes en ruines et des gens tués », a-t-il lancé, vêtu de son habituel tee-shirt kaki. « Remplissez ce silence avec votre musique », a-t-il ajouté, avant une performance de John Legend, rejoint sur scène par des artistes ukrainiens, Mika Newton et Lyuba Yakimchuk.

« Dites la vérité sur la guerre, sur vos réseaux sociaux, à la télé. Soutenez-nous de toutes les manières possibles, toutes sauf le silence, a-t-il lancé. Et après viendra la paix. »

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Elle a remporté trois trophées et avait choisi trois tenues pour briller : Adele est l'heureuse gagnante des Brit Awards 2022 en remportant trois titres: celui de l'album de l'année pour «30», celui de la meilleure chanson pour «Easy On Me» et enfin celui d'artiste de l'année. «Evidemment j'aimerais remercier toutes les personnes avec lesquelles j'ai travaillé.

Mais j'aimerais aussi dédier (sa victoire) à mon fils et à Simon, son père. («30») n'évoquait pas simplement mon histoire mais la notre et je suis très fière (...) d'avoir sorti un album qui était si personnel. Il n'y a plus beaucoup de personnes qui le font aujourd'hui», a-t-elle dit lors de son discours de remerciement.

Pour l'occasion, la diva britannique avait opté pour une petite robe noire courte pour chanter sur scène, puis une sublime robe longue dorée signée Valentino. Elle était aussi époustouflante dans un style qu'elle adore : une robe longue noire fourreau doublée de tulle, signée Armani Privé sur le tapis rouge du photocall.

Les Brit Awards, trophées britanniques de la musique pop, ont supprimé les catégories genrées afin de distinguer les artistes « uniquement pour leur travail et leur musique plutôt que pour la façon dont ils choisissent de s'identifier ou la façon dont les autres peuvent les percevoir », selon les organisateurs. Le britannique Sam Smith, qui se considère comme non-binaire, n'avait pas concouru en 2021 aux Brit Awards car aucune catégorie ne lui correspondait.

« Je comprends pourquoi ils ont changé le nom de ce prix mais j'aime vraiment être une femme, une artiste féminine, réellement », a confié Adele sous les applaudissements.

Et un détail qui a attiré l’œil des fans et sans conteste l'impressionnant diamant qu'elle portait à l'annulaire gauche, bague de fianciailles.

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Le réalisateur finlandais Aki Kaurismäki pleure son comédien fétiche, André Wilms, décédé ce jeudi 10 février 2022 a annoncé son agent. L’acteur français s’était fait connaître du grand public en jouant M. Le Quesnoy dans La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille, sorti en 1988, un succès en salles réalisé par Étienne Chatiliez. André Wilms s’est éteint à l’âge de 74 ans.

La raison de son décès, survenu dans un hôpital parisien, n’a pas été communiquée par sa famille, a indiqué son agent Sébastien Perrolat.

Des débuts comme cintrier

Né en 1947, il quitte son Alsace natale aux alentours de 20 ans après un CAP de plâtrier. Direction Toulouse où il est engagé comme cintrier au Théâtre Sorano, fondé par Maurice Sarrazin. Il se fait rapidement repérer, et devient figurant. Attiré par les planches, il monte alors vers la capitale, où il va travailler avec des metteurs en scène allemands comme Klaus Micheal Grüber et Heiner Goebbels.

Il rencontre également André Engel, qui l’invite sur plusieurs de ses mises en scène, comme En attendant Godot de Samuel Beckett, ou Hôtel moderne d’après Franz Kafka. Là, il apprend l'exigence du métier avant de se tourner par la suite vers le 7e Art.

Comédien fétiche d'Aki Kaurismäki

Acteur de théâtre et de cinéma, metteur en scène sur les planches, André Wilms s'est surtout fait connaître du grand public en jouant le père de famille Le Quesnoy, catholique et austère, dans La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille (1988), premier film et succès en salles d'Étienne Chatiliez, puis des cinéphiles grâce aux films tragicomiques d'Aki Kaurismäki.

Ensemble ils ont tourné La Vie de bohème (1992), Les Leningrad Cowboys rencontrent Moïse (1994), Juha (1999), Le Havre (2011), L'Autre Côté de l'espoir (2017). Des films marqués par des personnages lunaires et des dialogues poétiques, avec une tendresse certaine pour les personnages.

Dans Le Havre, André Wilms était un cireur de chaussures, qui tendait la main à un jeune Africain sans-papiers. Le film avait été récompensé par le prix Louis-Delluc 2011, considéré comme le Goncourt du cinéma. L'Autre Côté de l'espoir orchestrait la rencontre entre un migrant syrien échoué contre son gré dans la grisaille finlandaise et un restaurateur séparé de sa femme alcoolique.

« Les grand metteurs en scène n'ont pas besoin de parler ! »

André Wilms s'esclaffait quand on l'interrogeait sur le fonctionnement d'un plateau dont le patron ne parle pas la langue : « Les grands metteurs en scène n'ont pas besoin de parler ! il me disait : "Play like an old gentleman. Ne cours pas. Ne renverse rien ... Tout le monde court dans les films aujourd'hui".

Aki est l'un des rares metteurs en scène qui ne prend pas les acteurs pour des analphabètes, quoiqu'il y en ait beaucoup »

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At nearly 19, 21 and 25, up to 30. Each of the Adele album is inspired by an age and a phase of life of the artist.

“30” is no exception. Six years have passed since Adele's last album, and there is no doubt that the return of the British singer was eagerly awaited.

And Adele has made a comeback.

She made two Unes of the magazine "Vogue" and released in mid-October a first track ("Easy On Me") taken from the album. Last Sunday, the musician was also delivered in prime time on CBS to a river interview with Oprah Winfrey accompanied by a mini-concert, followed by 10 million Americans.

Finally, on November 19, she offers her last opus of twelve intimate titles, confiding on her torments in her thirties, including the birth of her son or the pain caused by her recent divorce from Simon Konecki.

With a hoarse and powerful contralto voice, recognizable from the first note, the interpreter of Hello sings in the first track "Easy on Me", a song which resembles what we know about her. But throughout the album, Adele mostly plays with genres:

the radiant opening track, Strangers By Natur, evokes a Somewhere Over the Rainbow from a remake of The Wizard of Oz directed by David Lynch. Cry Your Heart Out is a reggae-tinged hit that Amy Winehouse would not have denied.

With My Little Love we let ourselves be taken by these vocal notes, very inspired by the world of rap today. Moreover, Adele recently confided in an interview that these vocal notes had been inspired by Tyler, the Creator and Skepta, figure of British rap.

Oh My God just like Love Is a Game also differs from what the British artist used to offer in a more optimistic atmosphere for the rest of the singer's life. And from this fourth studio album emanates "an undeniable romantic optimism".

"I'm trying to party but all I can think about is coming home and dreaming about you." », Sings Adele in Interlude All Night Parking

Concert in London, broadcast on ITV, and a recording broadcast at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes (broadcast on TF1) this weekend.

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Soixante ans après le premier homme dans l’espace, les russes ont envoyé une équipe de tournage pour réaliser un film grâce à l'agence spatiale Roscosmos. Jamais un long-métrage de fiction n’avait été réalisé de l’autre côté de la ligne de Karman.

Une actrice et un réalisateur russes ont décollé, mardi 5 octobre au matin, pour tourner le premier long-métrage en orbite de l’histoire :l’actrice Ioulia Peressild et le réalisateur Klim Shipenko,38 ans.Ioulia Peressild, 37 ans, deviendra la première actrice à tourner dans l’ISS.C’est elle qui a été choisie parmi 3000 candidates.

Les deux primo-voyageurs de l’espace ont suivi un entraînement accéléré pour apprendre à supporter la violente accélération du décollage ou à se mouvoir en apesanteur. Ils ont même passé le test de la centrifugeuse, avec succès. Le futur équipage, en compagnie du cosmonaute Anton Shkaplerov qui restera lui plusieurs mois dans l'ISS, apparaissent sur une photo diffusée par l'agence spatiale Roscosmos.

Un film dramatique

L’équipe a douze jours pour tourner les séquences spatiales d’un film provisoirement intitulé Le Défi, une œuvre, dont le budget est gardé secret, qui mettra en scène une médecin ayant pour mission de sauver un cosmonaute dans le premier long-métrage spatial intitulé Le Défi

Klim Shipenko, 38 ans, sera le couteau-suisse de cette mission. Il réalisera et cadrera les scènes sur l’ISS, mais sera aussi chargé du maquillage et de l’éclairage. En tout, une quarantaine de minutes de temps d’écran seront filmées à bord de la station.

Ioulia Peressild incarne une médecin, chirurgienne. Elle est chargée de se rendre dans l’ISS pour sauver la vie d’un astronaute mal en point, victime d’un arrêt cardiaque lors d’une sortie extravéhiculaire. Les actuels membres de la Station spatiale internationale joueront les seconds rôles. « Le scénario change tout le temps et je réapprends mes répliques, c'est vraiment dur », assure le commandant de la mission, Anton Shkaplerov.

Marquer un point face au rival américain

Ce premier tournage devance un projet de tournage à bord de l’ISS avec la star d’Hollywood de 58 ans Tom Cruise, acteur de saga « Mission impossible », en compagnie du réalisateur Doug Liman (« La Mémoire dans la peau », « Edge of Tomorrow »). Ils s’envoleront dans quelques semaines à bord d’une capsule Crew Dragon de SpaceX.

Au-delà de cette première artistique, ce film spatial doit redorer un blason terni par les pannes en série et la perte du lucratif monopole des vols habités vers l’ISS, depuis l’entrée en lice de la société Space X, d’Elon Musk.

La Russie entend se mêler à la course au tourisme spatial, qui a connu une accélération au cours des derniers mois avec les vols des milliardaires américain et britannique Jeff Bezos et Richard Branson. Elle doit ainsi propulser en décembre un milliardaire japonais dans l’espace.

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Cette fois c’est officiel.

Ce jeudi 2 septembre 2021, le légendaire groupe de pop suédois ABBA proposent « Voyage », leur nouveau single, premier titre original depuis trente-huit ans !

40 ans après sa séparation, Björn, Benny, Agnetha et Frida devraient annoncer dans la foulée un album, prévu pour novembre.

Le groupe culte ABBA pourrait se reformer avec de nouvelles chansons et une tournée de leurs hologrammes en prévision , des « ABBA-tars ».

En avril 2018, l’ex-groupe avait annoncé être retourné en studio pour la première fois depuis près de quatre décennies.

Deux chansons avaient été enregistrées :

l’une baptisée « I Still Have Faith in You » («Je crois toujours en toi ») et l’autre « Don’t Shut Me Down » («Ne m’arrête pas »).

Mais la promesse de sortir ces nouveaux titres - les membres d’ABBA ont depuis évoqué cinq chansons dans des interviews - n’a cessé d’être repoussée, puis le Covid est venu jouer les trouble-fêtes.

Sur Twitter, les quatre membres d’ABBA - anagramme de leurs prénoms - Anni-Frid Lyngstad 75 ans, Agnetha Fältskog 71 ans, Björn Ulvaeus 76 ans, et Benny Andersson 74 ans ont remercié leur public d’avoir « patienté » si longtemps.

Rendez-vous est donné à leurs fans pour une annonce « spéciale » sur YouTube à 16 h 45 GMT !

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Avec plus d’un mois de retard sur la date annoncée et un concert de présentation finalement sans présentation, le rappeur américain Kanye West a dévoilé ce dimanche 29 août 2021 « Donda », son 10e album et ses 26 morceaux ont été diffusés sur toutes les plateformes de streaming tôt dans la matinée aux États-Unis.

Un album en perpétuelle expérimentation

Son album a profondément évolué ces dernières semaines au cours des grandes séances d'écoute publiques organisées à Atlanta, Las Vegas et Chicago. Et Kanye West pourrait bien continuer à le modifier après sa sortie en streaming, comme il l'avait fait pour son album The Life of Pablo paru en 2016.

Dans cet album, qui porte le nom de sa mère décédée en 2007, Kanye West aborde à nouveau des thèmes religieux :

«Je ne vous ai jamais appelé, je n'ai jamais compté sur vous. Je m'en suis toujours remis à Dieu», martèle le chanteur sur No Child Left Behind, semblant reprendre la formule de son précédent album Jesus Is King , qui mêle habilement gospel et influences urbaines.

Les textes alliant prêche et folie douce ne manquent pas (« Je parle à Dieu quotidiennement, c’est mon grand pote » ou « J’étais à vendre mais je ne pouvais pas le dire/Dieu a fait pleuvoir, le diable a fait l’enfer ».)

Il fait aussi plusieurs fois référence à sa séparation ultra médiatisée avec la vedette de téléréalité Kim Kardashian.

Des invités controversés

Comme annoncé, le rappeur Jay-Z fait une apparition dans un couplet où il semble faire référence au soutien apporté par Kanye West à Donald Trump. « Je lui ai dit d’arrêter avec cette casquette rouge », lance-t-il notamment. The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Pusha T ou encore Pop Smoke, décédé en 2020, figurent également en invités sur cet opus de deux heures. D'autres participants cependant font particulièrement polémique :

le chanteur américain Marilyn Manson, accusé de viol, ou le rappeur DaBaby, qui avait provoqué cet été une controverse avec des propos homophobes et sexistes ou encore Chris Brown condamné en 2009 pour violences envers son ex-compagne Rihanna.

Ainsi l'affaire Marilyn Manson a défrayé la chronique au début de l'année 2021 lorsque plusieurs femmes, y compris l'actrice Evan Rachel Wood, l'ont publiquement accusé de viols et de violences sexuelles.

Faut-il voir dans ce choix de collaborations une nouvelle volonté de choquer, peu surprenante de la part d'un artiste qui a souvent fait parler de lui pour ses propos controversés que ce soit sur l'esclavage, l'avortement ou encore sur la fin de sa relation avec Kim Kardashian?

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Eurovision 2021: France takes second place, behind Italy

The French Barbara Pravi was beaten on Saturday evening by the Italian group Maneskin, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Often compared to

Edith Piaf, the 28-year-old singer could allow France to win its first victory since 1977 with her title Voilà.

But she had to bow, despite a moving performance and despite the support of many international media, after a vote full of suspense (499 points against 524), to Maneskin, an Italian rock formation. which was also one of the favorites of the competition.

Right after the ceremony, Maneskin had to face a controversy.

His singer firmly denied having taken drugs, after images were posted on social networks showing him leaning over a table during the final.

Tuesday, May 24, 2021, the organizers of the competition announced that the singer who had submitted "voluntarily to a screening" had not consumed drugs.

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A famous Evenu in the 1970s for her disco hit "Where are the women ? ", Patrick Juvet Swiss singer had had an international career in particular in the USA, is particularly in New York where he lived during this period (1970-1980) in a gigantic apartment which he had bought, apartment with a breathtaking view of the city.

Patrick Juvet died at the age of 70, announced to Agence France-Presse and his agent, Yann Ydoux (famous agent of stars), this Thursday, April 1, 2021.

The artist's body was found in an apartment in Barcelona, ​​where he was residing.

The causes of his death are not yet established and remains a mystery for the moment!

"There will be an autopsy, I had it on the phone three days ago, I found it fine," said his agent.

It's very sad, said Amanda Lear, who knew him well.

We almost started together at the start of the disco era.

I remember a duet in binoculars for the Carpentiers on the song “Demoiselles de Rochefort”. "

"He was trying to get out of it"

But, according to her, he "was a prisoner of his hits of the time".

“He was very frustrated about it. He was not very happy. He had retired to Spain, because France was sulking him a little.

He lived in Barcelona. We last saw each other there. He was no longer drinking.

He told me he was trying to get out of it, ”she adds.

The career of Patrick Juvet "has known ups and downs, good times, others less, a bit like Renaud", summarized Yann Ydoux, who met the singer twenty-two years ago.

The last appearances on stage of Patrick Juvet go back to the tour "Tender age and head of wood" in the years 2000, a kind of "all-star" of the popular stars.

Christophe Dechavanne, producer of the tour, remembers:

“When I found him for this tour, he was coming out of a difficult patch.

This job is difficult when you are not constantly on top.

I had the pleasure of seeing him regain an immense taste for life and the stage. He took care of himself on a diet.

I was happy to witness all of this. "

Le Monde said of him in a review of one of his shows in 1979 that he was a “character himself carefree and a little sad”.

"Patrick still had plenty of projects, including a new album as a composer," regretted his agent.

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Les Grammy Awards ont permis à la reine Beyoncé de battre le record de récompenses pour une artiste féminine dans cette compétition et récompensé sa dauphine, la rappeuse Megan Thee Stallion, sacrée révélation de l'année.

Taylor Swift a elle aussi battu un record, devenant la première artiste féminine à décrocher à trois reprises le trophée de l'album de l'année, à égalité avec des géants comme Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra et Paul Simon.

Lors d'une soirée qui a fait la part belle aux femmes, l'artiste H.E.R a été primée pour son titre "I Can't Breathe", inspiré par les manifestations antiracistes qui ont secoué les Etats-Unis l'été dernier, et la jeune Billie Eilish a remporté le Grammy Award de l'enregistrement de l'année pour la deuxième année consécutive.

Voici les récompenses dans les principales catégories:

- Album de l'année: "Folklore" de Taylor Swift

- Enregistrement de l'année, attribué pour la performance globale d'un titre: "Everything I Wanted" de Billie Eilish

- Chanson de l'année, attribué aux auteurs/compositeurs: "I Can't Breathe" de H.E.R.

- Révélation de l'année: Megan Thee Stallion

- Meilleure vidéo musicale: "Brown Skin Girl" de Beyoncé, Blue Ivy et WizKid

- Meilleur album de rap: "King's Disease" de Nas

- Meilleur album de rock: "The New Abnormal" de The Strokes

- Meilleur album vocal pop: "Future Nostalgia" de Dua Lipa

- Meilleur performance pop solo: "Watermelon Sugar" de Harry Styles

- Meilleur duo ou performance collective pop: "Rain On Me" de Lady Gaga et Ariana Grande

- Meilleur album de musique urbaine contemporaine: "YHLQMDLG" de Bad Bunny

- Meilleur album de R&B: "Bigger Love" de John Legend

- Meilleur album de musique alternative: "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" de Fiona Apple

- Meilleur album de musique du monde: "Twice As Tall" de Burna Boy

La soirée de gala, qui se déroulait à Los Angeles presque un an jour pour jour après les premières fermetures de salles de concert américaines sous la menace du coronavirus, était entourée de strictes précautions sanitaires, avec stars masquées et gardant leurs distances, mais les prestations chocs étaient au rendez-vous.

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Si les habituelles festivités autour de l’inauguration du nouveau président Joe Biden n’ont pas pu avoir lieu à cause de la crise sanitaire et d’une question de sécurité, le show était quand même au rendez-vous ce mercredi 20 janvier 2021 avec une émission spéciale

« Celebrating America » retransmise à la télévision et animée par Tom Hanks. Après Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi ou encore John Legend, c’est la chanteuse Katy Perry qui a fermé le show d’investiture de Joe Biden au pied du Lincoln Memorial.

Elle a interprété de façon grandiose son tube « Firework » sous le regard des couples Biden et Harris, et surtout sur fond d’un spectacle de feux d’artifice impressionnant.

Comme toutes les chansons interprétées en ce mercredi 20 janvier 2020, les paroles ont, pour beaucoup d’internautes, résonné avec l’actualité.

« Si seulement tu savais ce que l’avenir te réserve. Après l’ouragan vient un arc-en-ciel ».

Une performance à couper le souffle largement saluée sur les réseaux sociaux.

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C'est grâce notamment à son titre "Black Parade", devance notamment deux autres artistes pop, Dua Lipa et Taylor Swift, qui comptabilisent six nominations chacune.

Beyoncé toujours au top !!

A 39 ans et avec déjà 24 Grammys à son actif, la chanteuse américaine pourrait bien continuer sa moisson lors des prochains Grammy Awards, les récompenses américaines de la musique, qui auront lieu le 31 janvier 2021.

Elle est arrivée mardi 24 novembre 2020 en tête avec neuf nominations, notamment pour son titre Black Parade sorti cet été, lors des manifestations contre les inégalités raciales après la mort de George Floyd.

Ce titre se retrouve dans la réédition de l'album paru à l'occasion de la sortie du film Le Roi lion.

Il concourt notamment dans la prestigieuse catégorie de Chanson de l'année.

Les femmes à l'honneur

Beyoncé devance deux autres chanteuses pop, la Britannique Dua Lipa et l'Américaine Taylor Swift, ainsi que le rappeur Roddy Ricch.

Ils ont remporté six nominations chacun lors des annonces 100% virtuelles organisées par l'Académie américaine de la musique.

 Dans un monde de la musique durement éprouvé par la pandémie, ces nominations -avant l'annonce des lauréats prévue le 31 janvier 2021 ont fait la part belle aux femmes. La rappeuse texane Megan Thee Stallion, 25 ans, un des phénomènes musicaux de l'année, fait notamment une percée avec quatre nominations, y compris comme "Révélation de l'année".

Billie Eilish, la jeune chanteuse qui avait réussi en janvier dernier le grand chelem en raflant les prix dans les quatre catégories reines, a décroché encore quatre nominations cette année, y compris pour album de l'année et

Chanson de l'année. Taylor Swift, un peu oubliée des Grammys ces derniers temps, renoue avec les nominations avec son album "Folklore" et son hit "Cardigan", nommés pour l'Album de l'année et Chanson de l'année. Brittany Howard, entre rock et blues et connue pour ses performances avec le groupe Alabama Shakes, sort aussi du lot avec cinq nominations, après avoir sorti son premier album solo "Jaime".

The Weeknd s'emporte contre les Grammy Awards

The Weeknd, par contre, n’est pas content.

Le chanteur, qui vient d’être choisi pour assurer le show à la mi-temps du Superbowl, n’a reçu aucune nomination pour les prochains Grammy Awards.

Sur Twitter, l’interprète de « In Your Eyes » a écrit :

« Les Grammys restent corrompus. Vous me devez à moi, mes fans et à l’industrie de la transparence... »

L’année 2020 a en effet été plutôt bonne pour The Weeknd.

L’artiste a sorti « After Hours », son quatrième album studio, et son tube « Blinding Lights » est arrivée en tête du classement « Billboard Hot 100 » puis est resté durant quarante semaines dans son top 10.

The Weeknd n’est pas le seul à ne pas être content des nominations annoncées.

Justin Bieber s’est lui offusqué que son album, « Changes », apparaissent dans la catégorie pop, aux côtés de Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles et Taylor Swift.

Du fait de la situation sanitaire aux Etats-Unis, on ignore encore comment sera organisée la cérémonie du 31 Janvier 2021.

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Teased on October 23, 2020 on social networks, the featuring between the young Belgian Angèle and the English star Dua Lipa is now available. Entitled Fever, it perfectly merges the universe of the two artists, between pop and dance music, and navigates between English and French. In Fever, filmed by director duo We Are From LA, the two singers walk the streets of London together as they leave a nightclub.

They both dance on the sidewalks, eat fries, tell each other their love stories while waiting for a train and take part in the girls' party.

While the pandemic is raging and we find ourselves, in France as in the United Kingdom, in confinement, they have chosen, in the clip, to tell a carefree night of celebration.

"I really like this clip that we shot because we played this fantasy of going out that we knew, when we party with our best friends, that we live the moment fully, without anything going on. 'other doesn't matter,' says Dua Lipa at 20 minutes.

“This shoot was my last outing, my last 'party', I won't soon forget! », Adds Angèle in the same interview which is found alongside David Guetta, Aya Nakamura or even Christine and The Queens as acclaimed stars internationally.

An online concert

The two singers will perform it together for the first time live at Studio 2054, a videoconference show announced by Dua Lipa for November 27. "A night of unprecedented performances, where many guests, dancers, acrobats will be invited to share with her a strong and unique moment", according to a press release.

It will be broadcast on LiveNow (at 9:30 p.m. in France).

Tickets are on sale on the singer's official website.

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Eddie Van Halen died Tuesday after a "long battle" against cancer at the age of 65 years, announced his son Wolf on Twitter.

He was the guitarist and founder of the legendary 1980s hard rock band Van Halen.

Hard rock figure from the 1980s.

The Van Halen group was founded in Pasadena, near Los Angeles by Eddie and his older brother Alex (drums), with singer David Lee Roth.

The group was made popular by their hit "Jump" which sold millions of copies worldwide.

The track had finally appeared on their best-selling album, "1984", and had remained at the top of the American charts for five consecutive weeks.

A mythical guitar solo on "Beat It"

Eddie Van Halen was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Pasadena.

He was considered a virtuoso guitarist and was particularly distinguished by a legendary guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It" in 1983.

“He was the best father you could dream of.

Every moment I shared with him on and off stage was a gift, ”added Wolfgang“ Wolf ”Van Halen.

The latter had replaced the original bassist of the group (Michael Anthony) in 2007, when David Lee Roth had reunited with Van Halen for a tour, after a separation of more than twenty years.

After the departure of David Lee Roth, Van Halen had continued to release albums and perform with singers Sammy Hagar and then Gary Cherone. He had never regained the popularity of the first period, however.

Long-standing addictions

In 2012, the group had to cancel concerts in Japan due to an emergency operation by Eddie Van Halen. Three years later, Van Halen's musicians were back on the road for a long tour of the United States and Canada.

Heavy smoker, drug user, Eddie Van Halen has long had to fight against cancer of the digestive tract.

In 2000, doctors had to remove part of his tongue because of a tumor.

Decades of smoking probably hadn't helped her health.

He said he had been drinking and smoking since the age of twelve, but had not spent his career partying.

“I don't drink for fun,” he said.

“Alcohol and cocaine are things I use in private, for work” and for creativity.

By dint of excess, he had become "alcoholic", which had precipitated his divorce from actress Valerie Bertinelli in 2007, after sixteen years of marriage. He said he had become sober the following year.

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"Tata Yoyo ", « La bonne du curé », « Cho Ka Ka O » ces chansons joyeuses et entraînantes viennent de perdre leur interprète. Annie Cordy, est décédée ce vendredi soir, à l'âge de 92 ans.

La chanteuse est décédée à son domicile de Vallauris (Alpes-Maritimes) d'un arrêt cardiaque, selon Nice-Matin. « Elle a fait un malaise vers 18h00.

Les pompiers sont arrivés très vite, ont tout tenté pour la ranimer », a indiqué sa nièce qui vivait avec elle dans une maison sur les hauteurs de Cannes depuis des années.

Léonie Cooreman, de son vrai nom, est née le 16 juin 1928 à Laeken, commune du nord de Bruxelles (Belgique).

Elle passe une enfance heureuse auprès de parents d’origine modeste, père menuisier, mère tenant une épicerie.

Annie Cordy a 8 ans quand sa mère l’inscrit dans une école de danse réputée, celle des sœurs Ambrosini, qui lui apporte une solide formation de danseuse complétée par des cours de solfège.

Elle avait débuté dans des orchestres en chantant des standards américains, avant d'être engagée comme meneuse de revues au « Bœuf sur le Toit » à Bruxelles, puis à Paris au « Lido » en 1950.

Remarquée par Pierre-Louis Guérin, directeur artistique du Lido à Paris qui cherche une nouvelle meneuse de revue, elle débarque dans la capitale en 1950 et prend le pseudonyme d’Annie Cordy.

Elle y rencontre son futur mari, François-Henri Bruneau, dit « Bruno », de dix-sept ans son aîné, qu’elle épouse en 1958. Il sera à ses côtés pendant plus de quarante ans en tant que manageur.

Elle enregistre ses premiers 45 tours dans les années 50 et a eu le privilège de chanter pour le mariage du prince Rainier et de Grace Kelly en 1956.

Artiste à la carrière éclectique, elle a tout mené de front pendant plus de soixante-dix ans, à la fois meneuse de revue, chanteuse d’opérette et de variétés, comédienne, actrice de cinéma ou de télévision.

Elle a à son actif plus de 700 chansons dont près de 40 tubes qui ont fait les grandes heures des radios et des shows télévisés (La Bonne du curé, Ça ira mieux demain, Tata Yoyo...)

Elle était une excellente actrice. Après avoir débuté avec Sacha Guitry (« Si Versailles m'était conté », 1953), elle a élargi et ému son public par des rôles dramatiques dans « Le Passager de la pluie » de René Clément, « Le Chat » (Pierre Granier-Deferre) ou « La Rupture » (Claude Chabrol).

En 2015, elle sonne tout aussi juste dans son rôle de grand-mère fugueuse dans « Les souvenirs » de Jean-Paul Rouve.

A l'occasion de ses 90 ans en 2018, Bruxelles avait baptisé un parc à son nom.

Eternellement joyeuse, Annie Cordy était devenue baronne en 2004 sur une décision du roi des Belges Albert II.

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Débuts snobés par la presse branchée, traversée du désert dans les années 1990, décès d'un membre clé: Indochine a survécu à tout, renoué avec le succès, et lance cette semaine les célébrations de ses 40 ans. Le groupe a inauguré ce vendredi sa première boutique éphémère dans le IIe arrondissement parisien. Une belle surprise pour ses fans qui peuvent y aller jusqu’à lundi.

Officiellement, l'anniversaire de la bande de Nicola Sirkis - fondateur et seul rescapé des premières heures - tombe l'an prochain. Mais la fête commence avec la sortie d'une première compilation, Singles Collection 2001-2021, ce vendredi. Le deuxième volet, 1981-2001, sera livré le 27 novembre. Le visuel de la compilation s'articule autour d'adolescents au look punk-gothique, mi-inquiets, mi-bravaches. « C'est un hommage à ce qu'on était à l'époque où on a l'inconscience de créer un groupe de rock, à 16-17 ans », confie Nicola Sirkis, sexagénaire à l'allure toujours juvénile. « Il y a la jeunesse, la fougue, et la peur de ne pas savoir où on va dans un monde d'adultes », ajoute-t-il.

Une tournée des stades est également programmée au printemps-été 2021. Avec le risque, forcément, d'être reportée en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus. Pas de quoi inquiéter, toutefois, le leader du groupe.

« Je ne suis pas inquiet de nature: un œil sur la guitare, l'autre sur la bagarre (chanson d'Higelin, NLDR). C'est dans un an. Mais on a déjà mis des options sur 2022 au cas où. Jouer pour un public masqué, qui n'a pas le droit se lever, ce n'est pas le but. Ce serait trop ridicule, on veut célébrer 40 ans d'activité, dans la communion. Pour l'instant, on ose, on y croit », estime Sirkis.

Au programme de cette série de concerts, une scène au centre du public, avec un écran à 360°. « Personne ne sera lésé au niveau visibilité ou pour l'écoute. Et pas de carré or, ou VIP, ces trucs tellement abjects », selon Sirkis. Des places seront offertes pour ceux en première ligne face au Covid-19: « éboueurs, caissières, médecins, aide-soignants, femmes de ménages, etc, toutes ces professions mal vues qui ont fait marcher la société », détaille le chanteur.

Le récent single du groupe, Nos célébrations, est escorté d'un beau clip animé qui fait défiler quatre décennies.

« C'est tout ce qu'on a traversé, de l'élection de Mitterrand au Covid-19, à la fin le train s'arrête à une gare: le chemin est encore à venir, ou pas, on verra », synthétise Nicola.

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Le compositeur italien Ennio Morricone, l’homme aux 500 musiques de film, est mort à l’âge de 91 ans. Il « s’est éteint à l’aube du 6 juillet avec le réconfort de la foi », a annoncé dans un communiqué l’avocat et ami de la famille Giorgio Assumma, cité par les médias italiens.

Le maestro italien est mort dans une clinique romaine des suites d’une chute. Il s’était brisé le fémur il y a quelques jours, écrit l’agence de presse ANSA.

Né à Rome en 1928, d'un père trompettiste de jazz, Ennio Morricone est initié très tôt à la musique et obtient lui-même un diplôme de trompette à l’Académie Sainte-Cécile de Rome en 1946, puis de composition en 1954.

D’abord orchestrateur et arrangeur au service de la société audiovisuelle RAI et de la maison de disque RCA, Ennio Morricone commence sa carrière de compositeur de film en 1961, en travaillant sur les musiques d'Il Federale réalisé par Luciano Salce (Mission ultra-secrète)

Duo avec son ami Sergio Leone

Le musicien Ennio Morricone se fait surtout connaître au début des années 1960 en composant notamment les partitions épiques des westerns de Sergio Leone qu'il connaissait depuis l'enfance. Ennio Morricone veut renouveler le genre, imposer un style plus « américain » aux bandes-sons.

Le compositeur écrit la musique du western hollywoodien à la sauce italienne Pour une poignée de dollars (1964), Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand (1966), Il était une fois dans l’Ouest (1968) et Une Poignée de Dynamite (1971). Pour sublimer les œuvres de Leone, le maestro mêle trompettes, guitares électriques, sifflement, guimbardes et flûte à bec dans des mélodies reconnaissables entre mille. Des morceaux comme Il triello et L'Estasi dell'oro ont eu des retentissements mondiaux, inspirant même les rappeurs ou encore le groupe Metallica, qui démarre chacun de ses concerts en diffusant ce dernier.

« C’est plus qu’un couple, c’est comme une sorte de mariage involontaire », confiait Sergio Leone à propos de son binôme avec Ennio Morricone, le 24 février 1989, sur France Culture.
« C’est plus qu’un compositeur pour moi. Je n’aime pas du tout les mots dans les films, j’espère toujours faire un film muet, et la musique se substitue aux mots, alors on peut dire que Morricone est l’un de mes meilleurs scénaristes. », dit encore Sergio Leone. Mais Morricone refusait d'être cantonné à sa collaboration avec l'inventeur du western spaghetti.

Bandes-originales pour d'autres films

 Le Romain compose des bandes originales pour des films d'époque comme 1900 ou Vatel, des comédies telles que La Cage aux folles et met en musique des films engagés: La Classe ouvrière va au paradis, La Bataille d'Alger ou encore Sacco et Vanzetti. Morricone compose pour ce film retraçant l'histoire vraie de deux anarchistes italiens condamnés à mort sans preuve aux Etats-Unis le sublime Here's to You, chanté par Joan Baez. La musique de Morricone pour Mission (Palme d'or à Cannes 1986) figure parmi ses morceaux les plus célébrés.

Collaboration avec Brian de Palma

En 1987, sort sur les écrans Les Incorruptibles de Brian de Palma, film à suspense retraçant la rivalité entre Al Capone et Eliot Ness. Une bande originale riche en ambiances musicales, où la mort rôde sur chaque morceau. Le début d'une collaboration d'une quinzaine d'années entre Brian de Palma et Ennio Morriconne, qui signera aussi la musique d'Outrages (1989) et de Mission to Mars (2000).

Le compositeur écrivait aussi des pièces de musique de chambre de grands orchestres et de la musique contemporaine. Parmi ses modèles figuraient Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nonno, Aldo Clementi et son maître , Goffredo Petrassi.

Tout au long de sa toute sa carrière, Ennio Morricone a joué l'équilibriste entre musique populaire et musique classique, cinéma et télévision.

Il avait été récompensé en 2007 d'un Oscar d'honneur pour l'ensemble de sa carrière et en 2016 de son premier Oscar pour la musique d'un film, celle des Huit Salopards de Quentin Tarantino.

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Regarder un clip de BLACKPINK, c’est l’assurance de passer des minutes survoltées où s’enchaînent les tableaux, les chorégraphies, les looks… dans un tourbillon étourdissant.

Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa et Rosé forment depuis 2016 BLACKPINK, le groupe féminin de k-pop le plus puissant de la planète. Après quelques mois d’absence, elles viennent de dévoiler le clip de « How You Like That », hymne multilingue ultra rythmé, qui marque leur come-back avec un nouvel album à venir.

Le clip aux mille styles et aux mille couleurs a atteint le million de vues en un peu plus d’une heure lors de sa sortie, le 25 juin 2020. Le titre a été vendu à plus d'un million de copies en six heures et demi, s'offrant directement un label triple platine.

Premier groupe de pop sud-coréenne à se produire à Coachella, le girl band est un habitué des records.

Le 8 août 2016, Blackpink a présenté son premier album single, Square One. Une heure après la sortie, les titres Whistle et Boombayah se sont retrouvés propulsés en tête des classements musicaux.

Dévoilé le 5 avril 2019, le clip de « Kill This Love » se place au sommet des charts d’iTunes aux États-Unis, et atteint le million de « j’aime » sur YouTube en trente minutes.

Deux jours plus tard, le géant américain confirme d’ailleurs que la vidéo est le clip le plus regardé lors des premières 24 heures de mise en ligne, avec 567 millions de vues. Le 11 novembre 2019, c’est la vidéo du morceau « Ddu-Du Ddu-Du » qui dépasse le milliard de vues, 515 jours après sa sortie

Les BLINKS du label coréen YG Entertainment

Naît le 1er juin 2016, après un casting géant (plus de 3 000 candidates avaient répondu à l’appel), les BLINKS ont été formées selon la stratégie bien rodée des maisons de disques coréennes, qui consiste à dénicher, relooker et entraîner des jeunes anonymes pour en faire des icônes musicales au style et aux pas de danse impeccables.

Le label à l’origine du girls band que tout le monde s’arrache a pour nom YG Entertainement . Le label coréen se classe parmi les trois maisons de disques les plus influentes de Corée du Sud et peut se targuer d’avoir dans son catalogue quelques références musicales, de PSY à BIGBANG.

Récemment, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa et Rosé ont collaboré avec Lady Gaga sur le titre Sour Candy de l'album Chromatica.

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Major music stars mobilize to support the collection of donations in medical research against the Covid-19, at a large virtual concert Saturday during a donor conference.

"Artists have the power to inspire change (...)

On June 27, during the summit and concert, artists, scientists and world leaders will speak with one voice, in a sincere and rare moment of world unity", welcomed in a press release Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission who co-organizes the event with the organization Global Citizen.

Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Shakira, Coldplay, Usher, Justin Bieber: and other music stars will participate in this event presented by actor Dwayne Johnson.

Many celebrities will also intervene to show their support: David Beckham, Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Forest Whitaker, Angélique Kidjo… By their side during panels or interviews with experts or opinion leaders:

Melinda Gates, president of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Vaccinations (Gavi), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, or Derrick Johnson (president of NAACP, the largest black defense organization in the United States)…

Campaign launched on May 28

The event will be broadcast on many channels around the world, including the Canal + group in France, but also on social networks and digital platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts of the European Commission and the Global Goal Unite site).

"This event will encourage the global community that is attacking equitable access to health care and the other huge injustices our world faces." This moment in history concerns us all, so let us unite to trace the paths of a better future for all, "said Dwayne Johnson, quoted in the European Commission statement. The donors conference to be held in at the same time as the concert is the continuation of a movement launched on May 4, 2020 with a first meeting. So far 9.8 billion euros have been collected, according to the latest accounts at the end of May.

The campaign “Global Goal: Unite for our Future”, was launched on May 28, 2020 under the patronage of Ursula von der Leyen and is supported by Bloomberg Philantropies, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust.

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Friday June 19 on the other side of the Atlantic, the "Juneteenth" was celebrated, which commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States. This is the date that Beyoncé chose to release her new song, "Black Parade".

"Happy Juneteenth weekend!"

"I hope that we will continue to exchange good humor and to celebrate each other, even in the midst of adversity. Please continue to remember our beauty, our strength and our power", a wrote the singer on Instagram, captioned the first seconds of the song.

A rhythmic piece which is very clearly influenced by the origins of the singer coming from Texas. In this title, written by her husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé also sings: "I'm going back to the South, where my roots are not watered down".

She also evokes police violence, in the midst of a challenge to systemic racism in the streets after the death of Georges Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who was asphyxiated by a white police officer. The former Destiny's Child leader has repeatedly spoken out against racism and police violence while expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The diva also asked for justice for Breonna Taylor, another black American woman who died in police bullets. She wrote a letter to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to charge the three officers responsible for the death of Breonna in March 2020.

In this single, it is a strong message that launched the singer:

“Being black is your activism. Black excellence is a form of protest. The joy of being black is your right, ”she said.

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A near Chuck Berry in 2017, is another giant rock n'roll origins, Little Richard, who has just died at the age of 87. Known for his flamboyant style, his electrifying performances and his expressive voice, he was the author of many classics of the genre such as Tutti Frutti, Lucille or Long Tall Sally.

Pianist and singer, Little Richard - real name Richard Wayne Pennimann - helped lay the foundations of rock'n'roll, like other black artists such as Fats Domino or Bo Diddley, before putting his career down on the back burner from the end of the 50s to turn to gospel singing.

It was only years later, driven by the admiration of young English bands from the 60s - Beatles in mind - that he returned to rock n'roll, reaching a new audience.

Little Richard has also, through his outrageous stage play and his extravagant outfits, influenced the greatest performers of the genre, from Mick Jagger to David Bowie.

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After having acquired, last January, the entire catalog of Ghibli studios,Netflix continues its quest for movie-going legitimation: the American giant has signed an unprecedented partnership with the French production company MK2 founded in 197 4.

Also, from Friday, April 24, thanks to this flagship of auteur cinema, twelve films by François Truffaut, a major figure in the New Wave, will be available on the platform.

Among them his first film, Les 400 coups, a thriller with Charles Aznavour entitled Tirez sur le pianiste, Le Dernier métro, with Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu or other films such as Les Deux anglaises et le continent or Fahrenheit 451.

This year again, Netflix will broadcast the works of Claude Chabrol and Jacques Demy, author of the Demoiselles de Rochefort and the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, without our knowing yet.

Finally in a few months, other iconic films that are part of the MK2 catalog will be visible on the platform, for our greatest pleasure. Films notably made by David Lynch, Kieslowski, or Xavier Dolan.

A breath of fresh air for the streaming giant, often criticized for its lack of content in feature films.

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Pray, in the house of God and on the day of the main Christian celebration, so that we can overcome this dramatic period as soon as possible and leave with a new consciousness to arrive at a new way of taking care of our neighbor and of the planet, "said the Italian tenor, who gave a concert on Sunday April 12 inside the completely empty Duomo of Milan for Easter.

The voice of Andrea Bocelli resounded inside the completely empty Duomo of Milan like "a prayer" in front of the coronavirus on the occasion of Easter.

The tenor sang several tunes of sacred music, notably the Ave Maria by Charles Gounod or the Santa Maria by Pietro Mascagni, before concluding with the Christian hymn Amazing Grace by John Newton.

“This feeling of being alone at the same time, as we all are, in the presence of the Most High and yet of expressing the voice of prayer with millions of voices, deeply struck and moved me.

Love is a gift. Circulating it is the primary goal of life itself, “shared the singer at the end of his recital.

The Italian tenor's concert was streamed on Youtube.

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When the release of his new album Future Nostalgia was initially scheduled for April 3, Dua Lipa recently announced that it would be released today, Friday March 27.

The album was brought up due to a leak that brought tears to Dua Lipa even if the artist has hugely "teased" this release in recent months, gradually revealing certain clips like that of "Don 't Start Now'.

Since the success of "One Kiss" in 2017, in collaboration with Calvin Harris, the young singer has established herself as an essential icon of pop music today.

Almost 25 years old, the Briton of Kosovar origin is already collecting a fine list of achievements with three Brit Awards and two Grammys. Dua Lipa is an author, singer and model.

With Future Nostalgia, she signs one of the best pop albums of recent years.

The opus begins very strongly with the title:

"Future Nostalgia" a feminist hymn in which the singer pays homage to the women who preceded her and ends with the song Boys Will Be Boys, in which she castigates in this post-MeToo period the "bad behavior" of boys.

And at the center of this album: the couple whether it is physical love ("Good in Bed"), passion ("Love Again") or breakup.

Dua Lipa's feminist commitment goes beyond the framework of her songs.

It has proven this repeatedly, through public statements.

Dua Lipa is expected to go on tour after the global health crisis has passed.

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Confinement requires, the concerts of all artists are canceled until further notice, with disastrous consequences for some ...

Music softens manners, it seems.

So let's turn to the singers and musicians who share their music with us.

Online, many artists organize as they can surprise concerts or other events of all kinds, broadcast live to their thousands of fans.

Facebook and Instagram have created the #EnsembleALaMaison to federate new video content produced live by artists.

It was also Jean-Louis Aubert (whose tour was canceled) who organized a live Facebook, bringing together 1.2 million spectators.

Christine and the Queens, for example, proposed to her fans to meet each day at 6 pm on her Instagram account "to fool boredom, with guests of choice and questionable concepts".

The singer Silly Boy Blue invited her subscribers to ask her to sing covers on her Instagram account. In story, she takes over Lana del Rey, Jeanne Added, but also High School Musical and Britney Spears. Mathieu Chedid, accompanied by Pierre Richard, celebrated on YouTube the 100 years of his grandmother Andrée. And Laurent Garnier offered seven hours of mix. Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, stuck in different countries, also gave a concert performing prowess on the piano to his thousands of fans.

Singer and rapper Yungblud delivered a real show in an empty room in Los Angeles, with games between songs (involving Corona beers with Bella Thorne, Machine Gun Kelly and Oliver Tree), broadcast live on YouTube on March 16. The 22-year-old English punk even encouraged the 14,000 simultaneous spectators to make pogos at home. An hour of pure energy…

And here is a song composed by the Great Sophie on containment. Here is a piece published in a video on Instagram. “I am convinced that all together, with our best will by applying this period of confinement as much as it is necessary, we can save lives and help the medical profession which is struggling. Together to stop the virus, together by thinking of others, respecting them also and above all. […]

Courage to all the confined that we are, in telework, with our children, in front of a computer, a book, a film, listening to the radio, with his guitar or his piano, our phones taped in the hands to give and take news in waiting for better days, as quickly as possible, to finally get together again.

I hope this song will give you some strength, keep you busy for two minutes, touch you and make you sing. "

Jean-Jacques Goldman came out of his silence to pay tribute in song to the caregivers but also to all those who continued to work during the epidemic (cashiers, letter carriers, police, soldiers ...).

It is on social networks that the singer unveiled a video in which he resumes his title "He changed life" transformed for the occasion into: "They save our lives".

 And see you very soon for other virtual concerts !!! 

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Confinement requires.

It's up to you to (re) discover cult films and series in the age of the coronavirus where many film shoots and series have been suspended like Riverdale, or a biopic on Elvis Presley while one of the actors, Tom Hanks, was tested positive for coronavirus and placed in containment.

The release of Dying Can Wait (James Bond 25), Cary Joji Fukunaga, Mulan, Niki Caro, Pinocchio, Matteo, Fast & Furious 9, Justin Lin, Miss, Ruben Alves - and the list goes on - also pushed back)

Put yourself in camera:

Shining (1980) , this classic by Stanley Kubrick, adapted from the eponymous novel by Stephen King,

approaches the camera by making the most of its intrigue. A hotel, lost in the middle of nowhere, whose guardian (legendary Jack Nicholson) is gradually losing his mind. A ghost haunts the bar, binoculars appear around the corridors, and pushing the door of a room is not without risk and peril. Welcome to Overlook.

Or the famous Eight women (2002) A corpse is discovered in a bourgeois house where eight women live…. With this fifth feature film, François Ozon mixes musical comedy with thriller like Agatha Christie. The result ? Part of Cluedo, in a delightfully old-fashioned atmosphere, led by a dream cast: Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart, etc.

Or a whole different genre

"Blue Velvet" , this fourth feature by David Lynch - released in 1986 and back in theaters since March 11 in a restored version - fascinating and disturbing film noir that represents the perfect gateway to the filmmaker's world where violence, voyeurism and sadomasochism intertwine.

It's a little childhood of the director in the small American suburbs which is replayed on the screen. Kyle Maclachlan plays Jeffrey Beaumont, a perfect young man who discovers an ear cut in the grass. Therefore, as the codes of the genre impose, he cannot resist the thrills of adventure ... "It's crazy and dangerous", repeats his future girlfriend Sandy

And then again some great classics

Forrest Gump (1994) by Robert Zemeckis

With Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Robin Wright

A few decades of American history, from the 1940s to the end of the 20th century, through the gaze and the strange odyssey of a simple and pure man, Forrest Gump.

12 angry men (1957) by Sidney Lumet

With Henry Fonda, Martin Balsam, John Fiedler

During a trial, a juror hypothesizes that the man he must judge may not be guilty. He will try to convince the eleven other jurors.

Green Book: On the Roads to the South (2019) by Peter Farrelly

With Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini

In 1962, when segregation reigned, Tony Lip, an Italian-American bouncer from the Bronx, was hired to lead and protect Dr. Don Shirley, a world-renowned black pianist, during a concert tour.

Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino

With John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman

The bloody and burlesque odyssey of little thugs in the Hollywood jungle through three intertwined stories.

Bryan Singer's Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

With Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Lucy Boynton

From the dazzling success of Freddie Mercury to his excesses, risking the quasi-implosion of the group, until his triumphant return on stage during the Live Aid concert, when he was struck by illness, discover the exceptional life of a man which continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and all those who love music.

If you have exhausted your Netflix list, head to OCS. In its on-demand catalog, the platform regularly offers themes around cutting-edge filmmakers with international renown. To deal with this epidemic, we focus on the theme Yórgos Lánthimos. There is his Lobster, Cannes jury prize in 2015, as surreal as it is intriguing; the Canine huis-clos (2009), where the Greek director imagines the cogs of a family where children have never crossed the garden gate; or the Killing of the Sacred Deer (2017), available from March 22.

Among other themes, OCS invites you to rediscover all of Lars von Trier's works, from Dancer in the Dark (2000) to Melancholia (2011), including The House That Jack Built (2019), available on March 29.

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The American musician has announced a tour of six dates, which will be shared between Europe and the new continent.

The star seems to book his first tour date in Paris, with a concert at the Stade de France on July 24.

The singer has planned an exceptional concert in front of 80,000 people.

For the moment, no clue has been revealed concerning the planned scenography.

Then direction Perfide Albion where it will give voice on July 30, in the British capital.

She then went on to Boston, Toronto, Chicago, and East Rutherford.

Lady Gaga released last week the single "Stupid Love", accompanied by an eccentric clip which announces her sixth album "Chromatica".

An album that will come four years after the release of "Joanne", the artist's latest installment, and two years after the release of the soundtrack for the film "A Star Is Born", which enabled her to win the Oscar of the best song for the title "Shallow".

Cinema side, Lady Gaga must be in the credits of the next film by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator, Thelma and Louise ...) on the fashion icon Guggio Gucci and in particular on the assassination of her grandson and heir Maurizio.

Lady Gaga will play Maurizio's wife, Patricia Reggiani. Nicknamed "the black widow", she was accused of having ordered the assassination to inherit the brand and was sentenced to 26 years in prison. She came out in 2013.

Fans will be able to reserve their places by pre-ordering the Chromatica album from March 10, says Lady Gaga's official website. The ticket office will officially open on March 13.

The singer also announced six other dates for the start of this tour: London July 30, Boston (August 5), Toronto (August 9), Chicago (August 14) and New Jersey (August 19).

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Eminem released on the night of Thursday to Friday a new album, "Music To Be Murdered By", inspired by the director of "Psychosis" and supposed to help the American rapper to exteriorize old demons.

As for Kamikaze, his previous album released in 2018, Eminem released his eleventh album by surprise, on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Music To Be Murdered By includes a great cast including Ed Sheeran, Anderson. Paak, Black Thought des Roots, Young MA, Q-Tip, Royce Da 5'9, Joell Ortiz and Juice WRLD.

To accompany the release of the album, the Detroit rapper released a clip for the ballad Darkness, which spoofs the guns. In the song, Eminem speaks from the point of view of a man overwhelmed by loneliness, on the verge of suicide -

In the clip, trapped in a hotel room with sedatives and vodka, he will end up opening fire from his window before turning the gun against him.

Explicit reference to the 2017 Las Vegas massacre, in which an armed man opened fire from the window of his hotel room on spectators of the Route 91 Harvest Music festival, killing 58 people, before killing himself .

There is also Unaccommodating, where he talks about the terrorist attack that occurred in 2017 at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester: “I'm contemplating yelling 'Bombs away' on the game / Like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting ", rapped Eminem.

"I contemplate the cry of the bombs on the game as if I were outside an Ariana Grande concert". A few hours after the album was released, social media was buzzing with shocked people.

As TheInrocks notes "What fascinates throughout these twenty new songs is the darkness of the subject, the way Eminem looks at the news, aware that evil is the most powerful engine of fascination and the perfect spring to grab attention ”.

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Still a young rapper who tragically disappears.

After Lil Peep in 2017, Mac Miller, the ex-companion of Ariana Grande, and XXXTentacion in 2018 or even Nipsey Hussle this year, Juice Wrld died at only 21 years old.

American rapper Juice Wrld died on Sunday December 8, 2019, local authorities in Illinois announced.

While walking in the middle of Chicago's Midway International Airport, the young man was reportedly attacked. Despite the intervention of the firefighters, he died shortly after in hospital.

Like other artists of his generation, Juice WRLD had stood out on streaming platforms before making himself known to the general public, in particular thanks to his title "Lucid Dreams" in 2018.

Thanks to his album Death Race for Love, released last March, he took first place in the Billboard 200.

He had notably toured with the world famous rapper Nicki Minaj.

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Synopsis: Sarah is a French astronaut who is preparing to leave the earth for a one-year mission, Proxima.

While following the rigorous training imposed on astronauts, the only woman in the middle of men, she prepares herself especially for separation with her 8-year-old daughter.

"In general, the movies on space are five minutes on Earth and then the problems start in space. And yet, the director Alice Winocour does not immerse us immediately in the interstellar universe with her film on the space "Proxima".

After James Gray's recent Ad Astra, on father-son relationships in an epic space opera, Proxima sees Eva Green (Innocents: The Dreamers, Royal Casino, Miss Peregrine, and the peculiar children) as an astronaut, cutting the umbilical cord with her girl.

The director prefers indeed linger, next to the demanding training of the astronaut, on his maternal guilt towards his girl she will have to leave a year for his space odyssey.

It is because tutelage the stars for these heroes removes nothing from the anguish of separation.

Especially his eight-year-old daughter, Stella, with whom this divorced mother shares a love of fusion. The actress, with her singular beauty and the intensity of her playing, makes us feel this intense love for her daughter.

The originality of this film is also in the choice as protagonist of a woman astronaut, Sarah.

A heroine who evolves in a professional world essentially male, where she must at every moment prove more than others. "I am fascinated by the roles of women who are corny, almost virile. Besides, Proxima also pleased me for that: the idea to embody an astronaut with his side very guy. ", Admits the actress in an interview at Paris Match. Yes, Eva Green likes "the physical roles that get you out of yourself. ".

The training scenes, filmed as close as possible to the actress, painstakingly portray the pangs of performance and exigency, in paintings mixing both graphic beauty and emotion.

Filmed in the real sites frequented by astronauts, in Cologne in Germany, then in Star City near Moscow and Baikonur, everything is done so that the spectator discovers this hidden face of the life of the heroes of the space.

An intimate and moving spatial film.

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When his latest feature film An Officer and a Spy ("J'accuse") is released in the cinema, the French-Polish director is again accused of rape dating back to 1975.

Valentine Monnier, a 63-year-old photographer and actress, accuses Roman Polanski of raping her in 1975.

In a long gallery, the photographer explains indeed to have been beaten and raped by Roman Polanski in Switzerland, in 1975 when she was 18 years old.

This shocking testimony has given a new impetus to an outcry of several decades, since it would be the 12th alleged victim of Emmanuelle Seigner's husband to break the silence.

In the aftermath of Adèle Haenel's much-talked-about speech in another case, this accusation (which the director "strongly contests" through his lawyer) has seriously questioned the promotion of the film. .

Forty activists also prevented the preview from being held, just before the release of the film.

In this sensitive context, how to talk about the film that won the Grand Prix du jury at the Venice Film Festival ?

Can we still look at Roman Polanski's works just for what they are: movies ?

An exercise all the more difficult for some that the last feature film of the director, J'accuse, in theaters November 13, attacks the Dreyfus affair and a parallel between the fate of the Jewish captain, victim of A miscarriage of justice, and that of the filmmaker, still being prosecuted in the United States for raping a 13-year-old girl more than forty years ago, would not be a coincidence.

Recalling for others that it is essentially a film, no doubt, a film imposing enough, what is more, a film on the case Dreyfus a film on anti-Semitism..

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The information that will appeal to the nostalgic 80s: the rock opera "Starmania" will be staged in 2020, 40 years after its first performance in France, April 10, 1979.

This cyberpunk musical by Michel Berger on a libretto by Luc Plamondon will be edited by Thomas Jolly, who has already adapted the works of William Shakespeare, Henry VI and Richard III in France.

Over the years, this very first French-language rock opera had revealed many musicians, such as Daniel Balavoine, Diane Dufresne, France Gall, and Maurane, and had been performed in English by big names in the song, including Céline Dion and Cindy Lauper.

If no name has yet filtered for the new cast, we know that the seventh version of "Starmania" is programmed at the musical Seine, in Boulogne - Billancourt, from October 6, 2020. Places are on sale from this Tuesday.

A national tour of the Zeniths is already planned in the wake.

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Le cinéma a cédé sa place à la musique sur les marches du Palais des Festivals de Cannes ce samedi 9 novembre 2019.

Une myriade d'artistes francophones et internationaux  sont venus assister aux NRJ Music Awards qui, pour la 21e fois, ont récompensé les chanteurs et chanteuses préférés du public.les NRJ Music Awards permettent aux artistes les plus populaires de la pop, du rap et de l'électro de s'assurer une belle vitrine en prime time.

Le résultat des votes pour les 12 catégories ont été dévoilés lors d'un show de plus de trois heures, présenté par Nikos Aliagas, qui a vu se produire la sensation Bilal Hassani, l'Ecossais Lewis Capaldi en duo avec Clara Luciani ou encore l'Anglais Sam Smith.

Les NRJ Music Awards 2019 ont récompensé samedi soir à Cannes Angèle, M. Pokora, Bigflo & Oli et Bilal Hassani côté francophone, tandis que Ed Sheeran et Ariana Grande ainsi que le tube Señorita du canadien Shawn Mendes et de la cubano-américano-mexicaine Camila Cabello, ont été distingués pour l'international.

M. Pokora a été récompensé comme artiste masculin francophone de l'année (sa 13e récompense à cet événement) et Angèle comme artiste féminine francophone.

La chanteuse belge a aussi été récompensée, avec son frère Roméo Elvis, du prix de la chanson francophone de l'année pour « Tout oublier ».

Bilal Hassani, révélation francophone candidat de la France à l'Eurovision en mai, a reçu le prix de la révélation francophone tandis que BigFlo & Oli, celui du groupe francophone de l'année, pour la 3e année consécutive.


-Révélation francophone de l'année : Bilal Hassani

-Révélation internationale de l'année : Billie Eilish

-Duo/Groupe francophone de l'année : BigFlo et Oli

-Duo/Groupe international de l'année : Lady Gaga et Bradley Cooper

-Artiste féminine francophone de l'année : Angèle

-Artiste féminine internationale de l'année : Ariana Grande

-Artiste masculin francophone de l'année : Matt Pokora

-Artiste masculin international de l'année : Ed Sheeran

-Chanson francophone de l'année : "Tout oublier" - Angèle et Roméo Elvis

-Artiste féminine francophone de l'année : Angèle

-Artiste féminine internationale de l'année : Ariana Grande

-Artiste masculin francophone de l'année : Matt Pokora

-Artiste masculin international de l'année : Ed Sheeran

-Chanson francophone de l'année : « Tout oublier » - Angèle et Roméo Elvis

-Chanson internationale de l'année : « Señorita » - Camila Cabello et Shawn Mendes

-DJ de l'année : DJ Snake

-Clip de l'année : « Promesses » de BigFlo et Oli

-Performance francophone de l'année : « Ça va, ça vient »- Vitaa et Slimane

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His eyes with golden reflections have closed.

Singer and actress Marie Laforêt, who has been living in Switzerland for about 40 years, died in Geneva on Saturday, her family said.

She has appeared in 35 films and sold more than 35 million albums.

She was directed by the greatest in the cinema, embodying her first role in Plein Soleil by René Clément alongside Alain Delon.

She was then only 20 years old, but the actress broke into the New Wave.

Under the Italian sky of the island of Ischia, she embodies Marge, an indolent lover, often dressed in a red and white marinière or molded in denim shorts.

After a first invitation to the Cannes Film Festival in 1959, the young woman follows the roles.

The actress will play on television and in the cinema under the direction of Claude Chabrol, Georges Lautner or Jean-Pierre Mocky. Marie Laforêt also sings nostalgic hits, as it snowed on Yersteday, in reference to the separation of the Beatles, or romantic ritournelles, such as The Harvest of Love, Marie Sweetness, Marie Anger.

"I do not have a voice, I have a stamp," she noted modestly.

Little by little, she gives up the recordings to privilege the writing - she writes her own songs but also a book noticed:

Tales and legends of my private life . Marie Laforêt then moved to Geneva, where she opened an art gallery.

Marie Laforêt, whose real name is Maïtena Doumenach, was born on October 5, 1939 in Soulac-sur-Mer, in Gironde.

At the age of 3, she says thirty-five years later, she is raped by a neighbor: "Impossible to talk about it for decades. "
"Without this rape," she says, "I would not have done a public job that went against my natural shyness.

I chose an outlet job.

Married five times, Marie Laforêt had three children, including Lisa Azuelos, director of LOL, with Sophie Marceau.

"My career is odds and ends, but my life is filled from start to finish," she said.

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Since 2015, with the Philharmonie de Paris, the architect Jean Nouvel has lodged a complaint against the latter for "concussion", or perception by a public body of undue sums of money, and "favoritism".

To justify their referral to the national financial prosecutor, Ateliers Jean Nouvel have denounced an "exorbitant" and "unjustified" demand from the Philharmonie, which claims 170 million euros following the soaring costs of construction of the Paris hall.

The budget for the construction of the concert hall which had been evaluated in 2006 at 173 million euros, exploded to reach some 386 million euros on the evening of its inauguration on 14 January 2015. On this sum the cabinet of the famous architect had collected 12 million euros.

In its complaint filed on October 14 with the national financial prosecutor's office, the firm founded by the architect Jean Nouvel "vigorously" challenges the financial request sent by the public institution Philharmonie de Paris, deemed "exorbitant" and "unjustified". According to the Jean Nouvel Workshops, this overshoot is explained by the faulty management of the project by the Philharmonie itself.

"The facts are all the more unusual" as the Philharmonie "has chosen to pursue only the main contractor, excluding companies. This differentiated treatment finds no legitimate explanation, "write in a statement the lawyers of the architect, William Bourdon and Vincent Brengarth.

The lawyers also denounce facts of "favoritism" for service orders made with Bouygues, selected without the agreement of the architect. They finally accuse the Philharmonie of "false and use of forgery" for having signed construction documents with the header of the architectural firm after being sidelined.

Jean Nouvel and the Philharmonie have been involved in a judicial standoff since the inauguration of January 14, 2015, which the architect refused to participate.

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La célèbre cantatrice américaine Jessye Norman est morte, lundi 30 septembre, à New York, à 74 ans, a indiqué dans un communiqué, une porte-parole de la famille.

« C’est avec une profonde tristesse et chagrin que nous annonçons la mort de la star internationale de l’opéra Jessye Norman », est-il écrit.« Nous sommes fiers de ses réussites musicales et l’inspiration qu’elle a donnée aux publics du monde entier continuera à être une source de joie, est-il ajouté. Nous sommes également fiers des causes humanitaires qu’elle a défendues, telles que la faim, les sans-abri, le développement des jeunes et l’éducation artistique et culturelle. »

L'une des plus grandes figures de l’art lyrique est décédée hier à New York à l’âge de 74 ans des suites d'une septicémie. Cette grande soprano avait interprété la Marseillaise lors du bicentenaire de la Révolution, en 1989, à Paris.

Son envol en Europe

Née dans le sud des Etats-Unis en 1945, Jessye Mae Norman avait commencé par chanter du gospel, dès l’age de quatre ans, dans la petite église d’Augusta en Georgie que fréquentaient alors ses parents. Puis elle étudia le chant à Washington à seize ans, et sept ans plus tard, elle s'envola pour l’Europe où elle commença sa carrière de soprano avec un premier contrat à l’opéra de Berlin.Elle se produisit ensuite à Paris,à la Scala de Milan, et dans les plus grands festivals.

Un destin américain

Il faudra attendre le début des années 80 pour que Jessye Norman revienne triompher aux Etats-Unis : elle fit ses début au Metropolitan Opéra de New York en 1983, dans « Les Troyens » de Berlioz. En 1985, elle qui était démocrate chanta pour la seconde investiture de Ronald Reagan. Puis la cantatrice enchaînera les galas et les récompenses : le Kennedy Center l’honore, elle reçoit quatre Grammy Awards, puis la Médaille nationale des arts des mains de Barack Obama en 2009.

En 2014 Jessye Norman publia ses mémoires aux Etats-Unis :  Tiens-toi droite et chante ! dans lesquelles elle racontait le racisme auquel elle avait été confrontée, enfant, née dans un sud encore ségrégationniste, comme adulte. Mais aussi dès 1983 dans une interview au New York Times : « Ecoutez, c’est irréaliste d’imaginer que les préjugés n’existent pas.

C’est une chose d’avoir des lois. C’en est une autre de changer le cœur et l’esprit des hommes. Cela demande plus de temps », disait-elle alors.

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A la Mostra de Venise, le « Joker » de Todd Phillips, réalisateur de la trilogie Very Bad Trip, a séduit . Une standing ovation de plusieurs minutes a suivi la projection, ponctuée de « bravo ».

Certains journalistes ont même envisagé un Oscar pour l’acteur principal, Joaquin Phoenix !

Brûlot contre les élites politiques et la société retournant le rêve américain en cauchemar, ce Joker version 2019 achève de placer Joaquin Phoenix parmi les plus grands acteurs de sa génération. Avec la carrière impressionnante qu'il s'est forgé en plus de 20 ans, Joaquin Phoenix,encore une fois , réussit un tour de force en endossant le rôle de ce personnage mythique (après Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, etc.).

Arthur Fleck - interprété, donc par Phoenix, (il a bien dû perdre quelques dizaines de kilos pour le rôle) - est un jeune homme qui vit seul avec sa mère malade à Gotham city dans les année 80.

Lui qui rêve de devenir une vedette dans le show du grand Murray Franklin (Robert de Niro), qu'il regarde tous les soirs, ne fait que jouer au clown dans la rue pour gagner sa vie. Confronté à la violence de la société, attaqué par une bande de voyous, le clown inoffensif deviendra à son tour un meurtrier.

L'un des éléments clés pour interpréter le rôle a été le rire cruel si unique du héros, « le rire comme quelque chose de presque douloureux ». « Cela m'a pris longtemps, je ne voulais pas le fabriquer, je voulais le trouver », a raconté l'acteur de 44 ans, expliquant avoir demandé au réalisateur de venir pour « auditionner son rire ».

Cet acteur exigeant, qui excelle dans les rôles troubles, s'est dit intéressé dans ce personnage « pas seulement par son tourment, mais par sa quête pour trouver le bonheur, le contact humain, la chaleur et l'amour », avant qu'il ne bascule.

Le réalisateur Todd Phillip a souligné de son côté que ce personnage était avant tout au départ un homme « en quête d'identité ».« Il ne voulait pas mettre le monde à feu et à sang », a affirmé le réalisateur, qui dit avoir été influencé pour ce film par le cinéma de Martin Scorsese, mais aussi par L'Homme qui rit de Paul Leni (1928), dont le personnage est à l'origine de la création du Joker en 1940.

Ce Joker version 2019 nous plonge dans une descente aux enfers cauchemardesque et place Joaquin Phoenix parmi les plus grands acteurs de sa génération.

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Victim of a motorcycle accident on the night of August 11 to 12 in Abidjan, the Ivorian artist Ange Didier Huon - aka DJ Arafat - died at the age of 33 from his wounds in a clinic in Abidjan.

The star of the "coupe-décalé" had a serious road accident, occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday. His motorcycle hit a car driven by a journalist from Radio Côte d'Ivoire. The singer, unconscious, was quickly taken care of and admitted to intensive care.

"He was admitted to emergencies in a vegetative state. He had a fractured skull and edema, "said a Polyclinic doctor. The school's staff tried to revive him, "in vain". His death was finally confirmed by the Ivorian Radio Broadcasting (RTI): "Death of the artist DJ Arafat, his real name Houon Ange Didier, Monday, August 12 at 8 am, from a traffic accident that happened in the night of Sunday. "

Symbol of the "cut-off"

At only 33 years old, DJ Arafat was considered one of the big stars of French-speaking Africa, a major figure of the coupé-décalé in Côte d'Ivoire.

Born in 1986 in Abidjan, DJ Arafat was the son of another well-known Ivorian artist: sulphurous singer Tina Glamor.

Angel Didier Huon had a difficult childhood, which made him sink into alcoholism and banditry at the age of 11. It is the producer Roland Le Binguiste who spots him a few years later, while he regularly goes to the largest maquis of Abidjan, nicknamed Shanghai.

In 2003, at the beginning of the "cut-off" movement, a musical style enjoying a great popularity in Ivory Coast, DJ Arafat made himself known to the general public with his title Homage to Jonathan followed by a first album, "Black tar".

The musical style of the "coupe-décalé" was launched by the Ivorian youth, inspired by percussion rhythms accompanied by a dance that became famous. The arrival of the "coupé-décalé" in Côte d'Ivoire corresponds roughly to the beginning of the Ivorian civil war in 2002.

Nicknamed Arafat for his temperament

With a strong temperament, the young Didier Huon is nicknamed Yasser Arafat by his Lebanese friends. A reference to the former leader of Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization. The artist decided to make this nickname his stage name.

Thanks to his first album, the artist is invited in France by the promoter of shows Désiré Kouadio. In 2005, after the release of his second album Woman, he decided to settle in Paris, despite the expiration of his visa soon.

The singer-songwriter returned to the scene with a third album that met with great success in 2008. The 22-year-old artist rose to the top of the rankings in French-speaking Africa. It was in 2010 that DJ Arafat really became the emblem of the "cut-off" movement with a concert at the Palace of Culture in Abidjan.

At the heart of many controversies

Apart from his musical success, the artist is at the center of multiple polemics. He was particularly singled out for domestic violence cases on his ex-companion. He has also maintained many rivalries with artists such as his duo Debordo Leekunfa, with whom he had his first successes.

Despite these controversies, tributes rain. A'salfo, the leader of Magic System, reacted to Jeune Afrique:

"The boy is gone. He lived like a shooting star, he said with emotion. We are all collapsed. In the style of zouglou, internationally, there is Magic System. For the cut-off, it was DJ Arafat ... It's a big loss for Ivorian music.»

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On July 1, TMZ released a strange ASAP Rocky video in the middle of a fight in the streets of Stockholm. In a video, we see the American rapper throw an individual on the ground before giving him several shots.

Arrest of the American rapper in Sweden

Arrested and jailed, American rapper ASAP Rocky, suspected of assault after a brawl in Sweden, will remain in detention until July 25, 2019, the time for the prosecution to complete the investigation and ask for his possible removal for violence.

A $ AP Rocky, 30, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was taken into custody in Stockholm on July 3, after a fight, along with three other people, after a fight on June 30 , in the streets of the Swedish capital.

On July 5, a court ordered his imprisonment on the ground that there was "a risk of flight" abroad. The prosecution had until July 19 to conduct its investigations and ask for its referral to a court, for a trial likely to be held in August.

But the prosecutor however asked Friday for a period of investigation and the extension of his pre-trial detention until Thursday, July 25. As expected, the judge in charge of the case followed the requisitions and decided that ASAP Rocky would stay in his cell at the Stockholm prison.

A case that becomes political with the intervention of Donald Trump

His lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, said he was "disappointed" by the decision, denouncing a "disproportionate" incarceration on the facts.

Since his arrest, friends and fans of the New York artist, including Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, mobilize on social networks to demand his release and denounce a "relentless" Swedish justice.

A petition has even been launched to demand his release. More than 600,000 people signed a petition on the internet #JusticeForRocky calling for his release. Several US Congressmen urged Sweden to release the musician and a former US ambassador to Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski, said he had contacted the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Royal House, denouncing an "unfairness to racial ".

President Donald Trump himself asked "his team to work for his release." Kim Kardashian, the reality star turned lawyer, with the help of her husband Kanye West, asked Donald Trump for help. The President of the United States spoke on this subject on July 19, from the White House:

"We will make phone calls, we will talk to them. We have already started. Many members of the American black community called me, many friends of mine, telling me that I could help. A little later, Donald Trump confirmed that he had been in contact with Kanye West. "I just talked to Kanye West about the incarceration of ASAP Rocky. I will call the Swedish Prime Minister [Stefan Löfven, ed] to see if he can help me. Many are those who write to see if he can help me. There are many who would like to settle this case quickly, "he wrote on Twitter.

The government told him that justice was totally independent of the executive in the Scandinavian country. "We can not, as ministers, intervene in the course of justice," said the head of diplomacy Margot Wallström.

All efforts have therefore been in vain.

ASAP Rocky's defense argues that he only reacted in self-defense to the provocations of a small group of people who harassed him and followed him and his entourage.

On an amateur video first broadcast by TMZ, the artist puts a young man on the ground and then takes several shots. In other videos, ASAP Rocky repeatedly asks two young men to stop following him. One of the men also beat a member of the rapper's entourage and a parallel investigation was opened against him.

Rapper and model

Originally from New York, ASAP Rocky became known in 2011 with the release of a compilation called Live. Love. ASAP. In 2013, he goes on with his first album "Long. Live. ASAP ".

ASAP Rocky, stylized ASAP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, born October 3, 1988 in Harlem, New York. He is an American rapper. He is one of the members of the New York hip-hop collective A $ AP Mob from where he holds his nickname. He released his first mixtape, Live Love ASAP, in 2011. The success of this one allows him to sign with Sony Music Entertainment labels, RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music. His first album Long. Live. ASAP, released in 2013, debuts at the top of the Billboard 200. His second album, At.Long.Last. ASAP is released on May 26, 2015. It released its third solo album, Testing, on May 25, 2018.

In parallel the rapper continues a modeling career started in 2010. In 2019, he posts on Instagram clichés in which he wears the latest creations of the creator Raf Simons in collaboration with the Australian brand Templa. Always the same year, ASAP Rocky unveils the commercials of his collaboration with the brand Calvin Klein which he is the face of the campaign # MyCalvins33.

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Monday, the prestigious Hollywood institution has invited 842 artists - including 50% women - from 59 countries to join its ranks. Thanks to Lady Gaga, Claire Foy and Josiane Balasko, the Academy of Oscars became, Monday, July 1, a little more feminine. Parity has been respected since half of the artists invited to join, this year, the ranks of the prestigious Hollywood institution are women.

The category of directors, even recruited more women than men, said in its release the Academy of Arts and Science of Cinema.

The Academy, judged too masculine and too white To reflect the diversity of society, in the new promotion 29% chose "people of color" - black, Asian, Latin American, Arab, Polynesian, Métis, etc. -, according to the usual definition for statistics in the United States. The institution has doubled the proportion of "people of color", which will represent 16% of its members against only 8% four years ago.

If the new members accept the invitation (this is generally the case, with the notable exception of Woody Allen and more recently Emmanuelle Seigner, to protest against the expulsion of her husband Roman Polanski), the proportion of women in Academy will increase this year to 32%, compared to 25% in 2015.

Among the newcomers, several Black Panther cast artists, such as actors Sterling K. Brown, Winston Duke and Letitia Wright, and the team of Crazy Rich Asians, director Jonathan Chu and actress Gemma Chan are listed here. . Mexican actress Marina de Tavira, nominated in February at the Oscars for Roma, thanked the Academy on Twitter for having done her "this honor".

The pop star Lady Gaga was also chosen. However, she will have to choose between the category "actress", for his film A Star Is Born, and that of "music", which earned him the statuette of the best song. In the second case, the American would join Annie Lennox, who won an Oscar for the best song for the Lord of the Rings, the English Adele and his accomplice producer Mark Ronson.

Claire Foy (The First Man, The Crown) and Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale ...), as well as Tom Holland, the latest Spider-Man and Katsuhiro Otomo, father of the legendary manga Akira, are also among the most noticed

French artists are well represented: Camille Cottin (Ten percent, Connasse, princess of hearts ...) is invited as an actress, Jean-Louis Trintignant (A man and a woman, And god created the woman ...) as actor and Mélanie Laurent as a director (Respire, Galveston ...). Among the lucky ones on the screenwriters side are Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnès Jaoui, Coline Serreau, Cédric Klapisch, Maïwenn and Josiane Balasko.

In the very long list of new members of the category "animation", we note the presence of the Japanese Katsuhiro Otomo, father of the mythical manga Akira and its adaptation on the big screen.

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The French touch is in mourning. Philippe Cerboneschi, known as "Zdar", a member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of French electro, DJ, composer, artistic director and personality among the most appreciated of the international pop scene, died Wednesday, June 19, at the 52 years old.

The accident occurred around 17:40, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris: an accidental fall from the balcony of his Paris apartment.

"He made an accidental fall, through the window of a high floor of a Parisian building," said Sebastien Farran, one of his managers. The accidental circumstances are also reminiscent of DJ Mehdi, a brother-in-arms also too fast in 2011.

A death that marked the world of French electronic music but also the current "French Touch" (The Funk Mob, Motorbass, Cassius).

One of the most beautiful discography

Awarded a Grammy in 2010 for his performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009), Zdar had one of the finest discography courses in France, collaborating with the Beastie Boys, Sebastian Tellier, Cat Power, Kindness, Lou Doillon, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, Hot Chip, between two albums for Cassius, the tandem he had formed with his friend Hubert Boom Bass. this son of Savoyard discovered and immersed himself in the arcane recording studios, and quickly crosses the path of Gainsbourg or Etienne Daho.

Alongside his sound engineer and mixer activities, Philippe Zdar will multiply the artistic projects.

"Dreems", fifth album of the Cassius duo.

The release of Cassius' new album, June 21, comes two days after the death of Philippe Cerboneschi said Zdar, half of the electro group he formed with Hubert Blanc-Francard.

This fifth album of the duo Cassius exudes a sensuality that had everything to swirl on the dancefloor our summer.

"The beach is never very far from the turntables. As Vedra or Summer's "balearic" spray suggests, before English-speaking Owlle can boast the sex appeal of Do not Let Me Be or the more pop dreams of Dreams and Walking in the Sunshine. "

Alex Kapranos, singer of Franz Ferdinand, said he was "totally devastated" by the loss of his friend. The French DJ had collaborated with the rock band for their latest song "Always Ascending".

American DJ The Black Madonna pays tribute on Twitter to "a visionary who shaped the global landscape of modern dance music.»

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Operated on the heart just two months ago, the singer took his mic to survey America. And he appeared in great shape just two months after his heart surgery

to replace a defective heart valve.

He fires the fire as he proved on Friday, June 21, during the band's concert in Chicago.

A symbolic concert since it marks the return on stage of the Stones after the postponement of their North American tour a few months ago due to the health concerns of their leader.

"I apologize to all our fans who already have tickets. I hate to disappoint you this way, "wrote the singer on Twitter on March 30th.

The fans of the Rolling Stones could finally find it as they had to leave it for a while:

At 75, the "grandpa of rock" is still as bouncy on stage.

Wrapped in a dark sweatshirt, electric guitar in hand, the 75-year-old rocker had released a few hours before his concert a video of him playing some notes in the empty stadium.

Removed from his emotions, the legendary 75-year-old rocker is back on stage in great shape

The overflowing artist, known in his youth for his love of the holiday, has eight children, five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

And the septuagenarian continues, year after year, to ensure the show. The current tour of the Beatles' favorite enemies, initially scheduled from April to June, will see the Rolling Stones play 17 times in North America, and end on August 31 in Miami.

"The Rolling Stones kicked off their No Filter tour at Soldier Field in Chicago last night - here's a glimpse of what happened! We will meet again on Tuesday ! Commented the group.

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Following the success of Rocketman,

the biopic about his life, Elton John extends his tour of Farewell and adds two concerts in France.

A complete world tour for singer Elton John to global success.

His farewell tour, "Farewell Yellow Brick Road".

Performed at the same time as the release of Rocketman, the biopic about the life and career of the performer of I'm Still Standing, this tour promises to be the last of his career. Started in 2018, it should last several more months.

The reason ?

The huge success of the feature film produced by Dexter Fletcher, already behind Bohemian Rhapsody.

A spectacular show that looks like a retrospective.

Already actor Taron Egerton in the crazy musical Rocketman that was released on May 29, 2019 hoisted the British star to unreachable heights.

But nothing beats seeing the real Sir Elton John, on stage, for his great farewell tour of the "Farewell Yellow Brick Road World Tour," before he finally draws his bow to devote himself entirely to his little family.

Sir Elton John will receive on Friday 21st the Legion of Honor from the hands of President Emmanuel Macron.

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King of charts. Pop star Ed Sheeran has invited the big names of the current music industry for her 6th project which will be released on July 12 in the bins. The performer of "Shape Of You" can only satisfy his fans since yesterday afternoon, when he unveiled the official tracklist of his new baby, No.6 Collaboration Project.

For his 6th project of this kind, the British singer brought together around him the biggest names of the current music scene.

Expected for July 12, the album is already promoted by the duo "I Do not Care (with Justin Bieber)" and the title of "Cross Me (feat Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock).

This summer Ed Sheeran will soon be posting her third single.

And it should be this long-awaited featuring with the sultry Cardi B and the Latin Camila Cabello, the two revelations of 2017. Titled "South of the Border", the title is already a buzz on social networks.

But these are not the only big names that Ed Sheeran decided to gather on No.6 Collaborations Project.

The Brit will slum with Travis Scott on "Antisocial" and with American rap Eminem and 50 Cent on "Remember the Name".

More surprising perhaps, Khalid will open the album with "Beautiful People" while Ella Mai will come to bring its natural grace on "Put It All On Me".

HER should not go unnoticed on "I Do not Want Your Money". But it's "Blow" (with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton) that could explode the streams counters.

This is a perfectly impressive list of collaborations Ed Sheeran has just revealed on June 19, 2019. Ed Sheeran does not stay in his corner with his pop-folk style, he experiments and mixes genres.

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Three years after "Rebel Heart", Madonna finally comes back with a new studio album. "Madame X" was released this Friday, June 14th. The icon of the pop unveils this Friday "Madame X", his fourteenth album.

"Madame X" has 15 songs (18 in the luxury version), of which Madonna wrote all the lyrics - in English and Spanish - and shared the production with three regulars, Mirwais, Mike Dean and Diplo and Major Lazer.

A committed album

Asked about her title I Rise, which begins with the voice of Emma Gonzalez, a young high school student who was rescued from the Parkland shooting on February 14, 2018 Madonna, an expatriate in Portugal, responds by taking a more critical look at her country of origin . "America is undergoing extreme changes, some are very disturbing," she says. Song containing a sample of a speech by Emma Gonzalez, activist for the prohibition of firearms, clip featuring transgender rapper Mykki Blanco as Joan of Arc at the stake ...

For her return, "the queen of pop" does not take four paths. "I walked this Earth as black, queer, and HIV positive, but no offense against me was as powerful as the hope that I opposed it." This quote from Mykki Blanco appears at the end of the Dark Ballet clip.

She who has always fought against discrimination does not intend to rest her pilgrim's staff, nor to be silent in the face of the rising of extremes. Hence the sometimes dark tone of Madame X whose cover shows a brown and severe Madonna, with the lips as sewn with a black thread to prevent it from expressing itself.

A disc constantly oscillating between Latin, pop and rap, the return to the production of Mirwais, the former musician Taxi Girl, who had made his last great albums ("Music" in 2000 and "American Life" in 2003), the influence of Lisbon, where she lives since 2017, this character of "Madame X" described as "a secret agent who travels around the world, who changes his identity and fights for freedom" make this 14th album, melting pot with unequivocal political messages, an "uppercut". Mistress shot.

The star will be touring from September in the United States in small venues, before passages in Lisbon, London. She will perform next year at the Grand Rex, in the heart of the capital, for a residency event from February 18 to March 1, 2020. "I will have dancers but not as much as usual. I will have by my side many musicians that I have but not as much as usual. I will have with me many musicians whom I met in Lisbon, I will put them forward ... "

"I found my people here and a magical world of incredible musicians, who reinforced my beliefs about music as the universal soul, connected across the world.

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She is a singer, rapper, flutist, it is an American artist who card in the United States with his third album "Cuz I Love You", released April 19.

Her fiery twerks make millions of views, as does her flute - Sasha - who has her own Instagram account.

Because fat and black Lizzo had to be built in exclusion by the other and self-acceptance.

A long inner journey that led this 31-year-old American from Detroit, Michigan to self-love.

This self love, she learned it.

And she intends to transmit this learning to those who feel the need: we all have the "power" to love each other.

Often called a feel good singer, convinced by the power of self-empowerment and body positivy, Lizzo assumes her body.

She asserts it with calm calmness: what she prefers at home is "everything".

"Hair to the toes, shoulders, elbows, knees, back, buttocks, tongue," she lists.

She likes to expose her body which she loves "the form" all curves, on his account Instagram, cover of his album or magazines such as Rolling Stone.

The rapper even pushes this self-love to the extreme by marrying herself in the Truth Hurts clip.

She also claims, in her songs, the right to diversity, as regards her body (in Fitness and Juice), her sexuality (Boys), or her Afro-American origins (in My Skin)

True tornado of positive waves, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, called Lizzo is a bit of Aretha Franklin - her neighbor Detroit where she was born - a bit of Destiny's Child - Survivor is the first CD she buys - and gospel in the background in his parents' house.

After founding several hip-hop bands, she is spotted by Prince who invites him to put his strings on his title Boytrouble Plectrumelectrum album .

After the release of her second album, she piques the interest of American music producer Ricky Reed, who helps him use his voice and offers him a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

Shortly after, she released in 2016 her first EP under a label, Coconut Oil. On April 19, 2019, the third album of the musician proposes a duet with the American rapper Gucci Mane Exactly how I feel.

Recently, it is with the British singer Charlie XCX that Lizzo associates for the very pop title Blame It on your love.

She has all the committed artist to follow.......

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They were 26 to claim the glass trophy promised to the winner.
Dutch singer Duncan Laurence, 25, won on Saturday night at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with his song "Arcade".

In a languorous and emotional voice, the 25-year-old sang a refined ballad, inspired by the passing of a loved one, which contrasted with the festive and glittering atmosphere that reigned in Tel Aviv, Israel , where was the final of the contest.

Bilal Hassani finishes in the soft belly of the classification in 14th place but says "happy.».

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At the age of 102, Sino-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei leaves behind architectural masterpieces. Most major American cities have Pei buildings, and they have left their mark around the world.

Between 1961 and 2009, he signed more than 40 major projects, from the commercial complex to the museum and office towers.

Leoh Ming Pei was born in 1917 in Suzhou, the Venice of China, into a wealthy family. His father is a banker, his mother is a musician. She dies young. Pei is sent to the United States for his studies. He graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in architecture in 1940 and a design degree from Harvard University (1948) where he was a pupil of Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus and one of the theoreticians of the international style. In 1955, he opened his first agency in New York, which in 1989 became Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

In France he is best known for the Louvre Pyramid, emblematic because it bears his mark, both in the choice of shapes and the materials used than in the way he had to finally accept it after the reluctance of Parisians. He stated in the 1980 edition of American Archictecture Now that "The important thing is to know how the building affects life".

Before imposing a building, it is a question of knowing what it fits. His architectural work is the fruit of a dialogue between landscape but also sociology and history, between meeting with the inhabitants and elected officials. Thus the pyramidal form and the glass, fruit of a reflection on the light, respond as much to the roofs of the Louvre Palace as to the Egyptian Obelisk of the Place de la Concorde. He designed with his team a very large hall acting agora, bathed in light. The new museum opened in March 1989, becoming an architectural model.

Pei's style, based mainly on abstract forms, is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Pei has always wanted his projects to balance a futuristic vision with places marked by history. Stone, concrete, glass and steel are the main materials of his constructions, which in form, go to the essential, without depriving themselves of technological innovation. Pei notably cultivated the use of reflective glass: on the Bank of China towers in Hong Kong, on the Louvre pyramid or on the east building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington

He was then selected to design in Hong Kong the tower of the Bank of China, an asymmetrical glass structure.

In 1997, he signed, in particular, the Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan, a building, essentially underground, integrated into the environment. Another major work was the German Historical Museum in Berlin in 2003, followed by the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, in 2008 on an artificial island he built.

In his projects in Asia and China in particular, he was keen to go back to basics and draw inspiration from the gardens of his childhood. In Japan, for example, for the Miho Museum near Kyoto, a museum devoted to the tea ceremony, it is inspired by the interior design of ancient temples.

Pei leaves a huge work.

He was recognized during his lifetime and was awarded the most prestigious awards, such as, in 1979, the gold medal for architecture of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, as well as the big medal for He graduated from the Academy of Architecture (Paris) in 1981. In 1983, he received the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize in Architecture and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (United States) in 1992.

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Doris Day, the sweet-voiced singer and actress whose innocent drama, musicals and romantic comedies made her a star in the 1950s and 1960s, passed away. She was 97. "[Doris] Day was in excellent physical health for her age, until she recently contracted severe pneumonia, which resulted in her death," the foundation said in a statement.

It will be remembered for, among others, What will be, will be, a global hit that has allowed him to bring together the two major axes of his career: song and cinema.

She also has a star for each of them on the "Boulevard of glory" in Hollywood.

The American is 32 years old when, in 1956, Alfred Hitchcock gives her the moving role of a mother whose child is kidnapped by spies coming from the cold in The man who knew too much.

Alongside James Stewart and Daniel Gélin, Doris Day plays a tailor-made role: that of a famous singer who interprets Que sera, will be at the top of her voice to signal to her son that the time of liberation is near.

The song, signed Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

She represented a time of innocence and love for the general public, a universe parallel to that of her contemporary Marilyn Monroe. A recurring joke attributed to Groucho Marx and actor and composer Oscar Levant was that they had known Doris Day "before she was a virgin".

In Pillow Talk, released in 1959 and her first of three films with Rock Hudson, she proudly caught up with what she called

"The contemporary in me".

His reference book, Doris Day: Her Own Story, published in 1976, recounted his money problems and three failed marriages, contrasting with the happy image of his career in Hollywood.

"I have the sad reputation of being a kind girl, the virgin of America, and all that, so I'm afraid it's shocking to some people to say it, but I firmly believe that no one should get married before have lived together, "she wrote.

Despite forty films and public adoration, Doris Day has never won an Oscar. She will have to settle for a Grammy Award for her singing career, with 650 titles to her credit.

But she received a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004, when George W. Bush said it was "a good day for America when Doris Marianne von Kappelhoff of Evanston, Ohio, decided to become a artist ".

In 2011 she received an award of excellence from the Association of Los Angeles Film Critics.

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Dick Rivers, the yéyés crooner, died on April 24, 2019, at the age of 74, from cancer.

The singer - his real name Hervé Forneri- should have celebrated his 74th birthday today.

It was during several trips to the United States that he discovered blues and rock'n'roll and his symbols - Elvis, Gene Vincent or Vince Taylor.

He is inspired by the character Elvis Presley in the movie Loving You for his stage name.

He started as leader of his group created in 1961 with Jack Regard, Jean-Claude and Gerard Roboly chaining successes and Hey Pony!

It's not serious, Twist in Saint-Tropez.

But a year later, he embarked on a solo career for a career of fifty years and many tours in France and across the Atlantic and to lead the charts with titles such as Va t'en Go and come and make me forget.

While remaining faithful to his crooner fan of American blues, the interpreter has been able to renew itself and seduce his audience.

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Vendredi 12 avril, les participants de la Star Wars Célébration, organisée à Chicago, ont été choyés.

Le réalisateur J.J. Abrams a levé le voile sur le dernier épisode de la troisième trilogie, en présentant la bande-annonce du neuvième épisode de la saga baptisé «  Rise of Skywalker ».

On y aperçoit Carrie Fisher, disparue en 2016.

L'équipe du film s'est appuyée sur des rushs tournés lors de l'épisode VII, sorti en 2015, pour continuer à faire vivre la princesse Leïa sur le grand écran.

Oscar Isaac (Poe), John Boyega (Finn) et Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) feront également partie du casting.

La toute fin de la bande-annonce interpelle le public à l'écoute d'un rire pour le moins sardonique.

Celui de l'empereur Palpatine, que tous croyaient mort ?

Rendez-vous le 18 décembre.

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Le rappeur, Donald Glover de son vrai nom, a présenté vendredi, son film "Guava Island", d'une durée de 54 minutes, avec Rihanna au casting. Pour le reste, comme chaque année, des dizaines de concerts sont prévus pour le 20e anniversaire du festival.

Et vous avez toujours rêvé d'aller à Coachella ?

Le festival le plus branché des Etats-Unis qui réunit toutes les plus grandes stars chaque année !

Pas de panique, vous allez ne rien manquer du festival... sans bouger de chez vous.

Vous allez regarder les concerts des trois têtes d'affiche Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, Tame Impala ou encore de Dj Snake, Billie Eilish, Aphex Twin, Blood Orange, Rosalía depuis chez vous en vous connectant à la chaîne officielle de Coachella sur votre ordi, télé et téléphone car, comme chaque année, l'événement musical, qui a lieu du 12 au 21 avril 2019, est en partenariat avec YouTube.

« Les fans auront le choix entre trois flux en direct avec différents artistes jouant simultanément (...)

Afin de suivre au mieux les concerts, le site internet du festival Coachella a prévu un calendrier détaillé des concerts par jour et par heure.

Pour vous assurer de ne pas manquer votre performance préférée, vous pouvez créer des programmes de visionnage personnalisés et les canaux de diffusion en direct seront automatiquement modifiés en fonction des artistes sélectionnés par les fans », peut-on lire dans le communiqué de presse.

Un événement spécial avec BLACKPINK

Le second week-end (19, 20 et 21 avril), un « premier live stream » sera organisé en direct par YouTube Music pour nous plonger dans l'expérience du festival et « proposer une large palette de contenus originaux » tels que des commentaires d'artistes, des shows en direct ou encore des mini documentaires.

Notez qu'il y a un décalage horaire de 9 heures entre la France et la Californie.

Mais sachez que Solange, la sœur de Beyoncé, qui a sorti un nouvel album intitulé When I

Get Home ne pourra participer à l'édition 2019 de Coachella. La raison ?

« À cause de retards majeurs au niveau de la production, Solange ne participera malheureusement pas au festival cette année », annonce Coachella dans un tweet.

« Elle vous livre ses excuses les plus sincères, et espère pouvoir jouer à Coachella dans le futur ».

A ne pas rater! Le plus branché des festivals !
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Five years since the death of Kurt Cobain before his former manager offers in a book his first testimony about an artist "out of time".

Danny Goldberg in the music business since the 1960s, regrets that

"His image in the media was a bit distorted and focused on his death disproportionately, rather than his life and work,"

points out one who has also taken care of another independent rock band, Sonic Youth. Goldberg, who was close to the 25-year-old singer of Nirvana, pays homage to him in the book Serving The Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain.

He describes an artist of genius, as well as a melancholy character with a lively mind and a great humanity.

"His voice had an incredible soul," he says, "and sweats vulnerability and intimacy as rarely."

"He had a sensitivity that helped people feel less odd, less lonely," he says.

Author or co-author of all of Nirvana's successes, Kurt Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994 in his home in Seattle, a region of the northwestern United States of origin, while the grunge group became a global phenomenon since the release of Nevermind in 1991.

Far from his image as a lingering teenager, this false nonchalance that "hid a very sophisticated mind", such wants to present him the one that Cobain called his "second father".

"I always knew there was a depth behind that energy and the sensations with which he played," says Goldberg.

By showing fragility, Kurt Cobain also broke with a certain vision of rock, says the former manager, and helped to "redefine masculinity" in the world of music.

"He could be powerful and fascinating but also sensitive and caring at the same time," says the one who also collaborated with Led Zeppelin.

The group took off the grunge phenomenon, a musical movement but also clothing and, more broadly, cultural. A meteoric rise, halted by Kurt's desperation during his last weeks, admits former manager

. "Maybe there is a crystallization of the depression that tormented him for a long time," admits the former manager.

"I do not have the passion any more, so remember, it's better to burn all at once than to burn slowly," wrote Kurt Cobain about the word he left with him when he suicide, citing Neil Young's My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue).

Danny Goldberg wrote his book celebrating an artist, "a musical genius," who deserves more than the recurrent evocation of his depression or addiction to drugs.

For him, Kurt Cobain's music continues to speak to a generation born after his death around the world.

"This is one of the few artists whose work is out of time," says Danny Goldberg, who met the American guitarist and composer in 1990, a year before the release of the album "Nevermind", which was going place Nirvana in orbit.

A powerful book that constantly brings us back to the songs of this young cult singer with the eyes of a melancholy blue.

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Fans can rest assured that the singer of the Rolling Stones is recovering. The operation of the heart of the singer of the Rolling Stones was successful.

Surgeons have replaced one of its heart valves without incident in New York.

They did not need to open his chest and perform open heart surgery.

A catheter has been introduced into the aorta to replace the defective heart valve.

A less heavy technique.

"Thank you all for all your messages of support, I feel much better now and in the process of healing," tweeted Mick Jagger Friday at 7:30 pm.

"Thanks also to the hospital team for doing a great job," added Mick Jagger in his tweet.

Mick Jagger, 75, is currently under observation and expected to stay "four or five days" under medical supervision

But the grandpa of rock should recover quickly even if a few weeks of recovery will be necessary before going back on the scene.

Especially since Mick Jagger is known for providing sports shows.

The indefatigable star must learn to slow down!

These days, Mick Jagger's health worried the fans a lot.

But he wanted to reassure them by posting a message on Twitter: "I will work hard to be back on stage as soon as possible."

And adds, "I'm so sorry for the fans who bought their tickets.

I hate to let you down this way. I am devastated to postpone the tour. Once again, my apologies.

The Rolling Stones North American Tour No Filter Tour was scheduled to begin at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, on April 20 and end at Ontario's Burl's Creek Even Grounds on June 29. In total, seventeen dates were planned .

New dates should be announced in the coming days.

The tour could resume in the month of July. !

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It's a boys-band augmented reality that unleashes the Japanese crowd!

A video game studio has created a virtual boys-band, a first!

Composed of four virtual boys, the ARP group already fills the rooms during live concerts without playback, and sometimes with improvisation.

On January 5 and 6, 2019, about 5,000 people hurried to the Cultural Gymnasium in Yokohama City, Japan, to applaud their new stars.

Since the group has already organized about twenty concerts and released no less than four albums.

What is fabulous is that the band is able to interact with the audience, just as real artists would.

Behind the scenes of the virtual boys-band

The ARP group owes its existence to a 3DCG technology created by Yuke's studio and called ALiS Zero. The latter allows the diffusion of 3D images and sound in real time. Behind the scenes, teams of perfectly coordinated puppeteers lead the movements of the band members, while four very human singers lend their voices to interpret the songs.

Success is already showing up, ARP has yet to progress to supplant Hatsune Miku, another virtual singer of J-pop become a real icon created in 2007 for marketing needs.

She looks like a 16-year-old girl. Since its inception, this virtual singer has become a huge star on YouTube, and provides live performances in the form of a projected avatar in 2D. A few months ago, a 35-year-old Japanese man went so far as to get married with a representation of Hatsune Miku stuffed!

The ARP (Augmented Reality Performers) band seems straight out of a manga and is bound by a contract to a record company (Avex) that has produced successful pop singers in the flesh.

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle lost his life on Sunday, March 31, 2019, in a shootout that took place not far from his sports shop, Marathon Clothing Company in Los Angeles.

His passing, at just 33 years old, caused a wave of tributes from his fans, like celebrities who knew him.

Los Angeles police announced on April 2, 2019, she was looking for a suspect named Eric Holder, in connection with the shooting. "Eric Holder is wanted for homicide, in the shooting that killed Nipsey Hussle," writes the LAPD in a tweet.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Davidson Asghedom, was murdered Sunday (March 31st) in Los Angeles, in a shootout in front of his daughter.

He was shot dead in front of his clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Marathon Clothing was inaugurated with great fanfare in 2017. The rapper was shot several times by a man who ran away. Two other people were injured. Nipsey was pronounced dead at the hospital: he was 33 years old.

Strange thing: A few hours before his assassination, the artist published a disturbing message on his Twitter account. No Stop People tells you more. The world of Rap is ruthless. Last year, the rapper XXXTentacion was shot in Deerfield Beach north of Miami.

A few months later, in October, it is the turn of the American rapper Young Greatness to be murdered at the exit of a restaurant. Last summer, rapper Aselineko, 18, was live on Instagram when he was shot in front of the eyes of his daughter and his wife. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," was heard screaming his wife several times during the murder of her husband.

On social networks a man has identified himself as the perpetrator of the crime while inciting others to avenge his supposed victim. This is the rapper named Gaston from Long Beach, Los Angeles, who revealed the details of his pseudo murder in a video posted on Instagram Live.

Does it match the suspect that the police have just arrested ?

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The trial of singer R. Kelly charged with sexual assault, particularly on minors, will be filmed. The singer was released from prison on bail but will have to go to court on March 22.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that on Friday, March 15, the judge announced that he would allow the cameras during his trial - the next hearing will be held on March 22. He said that two of the four accusers did not want to be filmed.

Accused for twenty years, R. Kelly has been caught by justice. The American star of R'n'B was indeed charged, Friday, February 22 in the United States, aggravated sexual assault. Of these, nine are minors aged 13 to 16

At a press conference, Cook County prosecutor Foxx reported on the ten charges against Robert Sylvester Kelly of her real name. The 52-year-old singer is scheduled to appear in Cook County Court on March 8.

The first public accusations against the singer date back nearly twenty years.

Earlier this year, the US justice system again looked at the accusations after the broadcast of an overwhelming documentary.

In Six-Hour Surviving R. Kelly, broadcast on the Lifetime cable channel in January, several women accuse the singer of having sex with girls under the age of 16 while he was himself a senior. .

Calls for boycott had multiplied under the impetus of #MeToo and Time's Up, via the #MuteRKelly slogan on Twitter.

Some personalities, including Lady Gaga and Celine Dion, had also requested that their duets with the author be removed from the download and streaming platforms.

A charge that comes after the publication of new accusations of rape against R. Kelly by two women, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington at 16 and 15 years at the time of the facts denounced.

"During the after-party, Mr. Kelly pointed to us and talked to his security department. He told them to take us to the stage. Said Ms. Scaff, now 40 years old.

She says that they were then offered alcohol and marijuana and were taken to a hotel room where she was allegedly raped. "Then he penetrated me, even though I was not able to consent to anything," she continues. Her friend was hiding in the bathroom.

An overwhelming video was also sent by media lawyer Michael Avenatti - including lawyer for pornographic actress Stormy Daniels against US President Donald Trump - to the authorities. "This new video proof establishing the guilt" of the singer.

"After twenty-five years of serial sexual abuse and assault of underage girls, it's time for accountability from Kelly," he wrote on Twitter.

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This thursday was the iHeartRadio Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Thursday, March 14, 2019 was held the ceremony of iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2014, the event rewards the most popular artists and music of the past year.

Many personalities participated in the ceremony:

singers Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, actress Jessica Szohr, Katy Perry and Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum in a leopard printed dress and waders.

Taylor Swift dazzling in sexy, mauve sequined jumpsuit and heeled shoes.

The organizers of the iHeartRadio Music Awards also convinced Garth Brooks, Halsey and Kacey Musgraves to perform in front of their fans.

On the reward side, Ariana Grande was crowned female artist of the year and won the pop album of the year award with her album "Thank U, Next".

Another winner of this ceremony, Taylor Swift.

The 29-year-old singer received two awards: Best Video for her "Delicate" video and Best Tour of the Year for her "Reputation Stadium Tour".

Singer Drake, who was crowned male artist of the year, received the Hip-Hop Song of the Year Award for "God's Plan".

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Deux stars de la K-Pop Jung Joon-young et Seungri ont annoncé leur retraite prématurée.

Le premier a reconnu avoir filmé des sex-tapes, le second d'avoir proposé des prostituées à des investisseurs.

La K-pop vend ses stars aux mines impeccables comme les archétypes de la perfection comportementale.

Mais voilà qu'un scandale à caractère sexuel les éclabousse.

En l'espace de deux jours, le chanteur Jung Joon-young ainsi que Seungri, membre du boys band BIGBANG, l'un des plus grands groupes de K-pop du pays, ont annoncé qu'ils se retiraient du monde du spectacle.

Jung Joon-young, 30 ans, devenu célèbre au Sud pour sa participation à un télé-crochet, a reconnu avoir filmé ses relations sexuelles à l'insu de ses partenaires et partagé les images sans leur consentement.

Seungri, 29 ans, de son vrai nom Lee Seung-hyun, est soupçonné d'avoir tenté de soudoyer des investisseurs en leur proposant les services de prostituées.

Outre l’affaire de pots-de-vins «sexuels», son nom est mêlé à une enquête de la police sur le Burning Sun, boîte de nuit dont il était le directeur des relations publiques.

Le personnel est accusé de s’être servi de caméras cachées pour filmer des femmes et d’avoir utilisé drogues et alcool pour les agresser sexuellement.

On n'attendait de ces stars adulées dans le monde entier rien de moins que la perfection dans leur apparence et leur comportement d'autant qu'elles sont perçues comme « l'exportation culturelle idéale ». Le polyglotte Seungri maîtrise le japonais et le chinois, ce qui l'a rendu très utile à BIGBAND lors de leurs tournées. D'autant que ce groupe doit aussi son succès à des clubs de fans qui dépensent sans compter leur temps et leur argent pour que leurs idoles gravissent les marches de la gloire !

La Corée du Sud est donc sous le choc !

Des caméras espions pour filmer des femmes.

La « molka », ces vidéos tournées par des caméras espions, sont fréquente. Elles sont regardées et partagées de longue date par les Sud-Coréens qui les considèrent comme le moyen de renforcer leurs « liens fraternels ».

Outre la molka, la « vengeance porno » sur internet par des hommes vindicatifs est également fréquente qui mettent en ligne des vidéos de leurs relations sexuelles avec leur ex.

La Corée du Sud est traversée comme de nombreux autres pays par la déferlante #MeToo contre les violences faites aux femmes. Des milliers de femmes ont manifesté plusieurs fois contre la « molka » l'année dernière dans le cadre de #MeToo.

Malheureusement « les vedettes masculines de la K-pop ne font pas exception quand il s'agit de participer à cette réalité perturbante, l'exploitation des femmes », conclut une féministe sud-coréenne.

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British musician Keith Flint, leader of The Prodigy, is dead.

This Monday, March 4, the police of Essex, south-east region of England, found the remains of the singer, who died at his home.

He was 49 years old.

Liam Howlett, the founder of The Prodigy, said it was, no doubt, a suicide.

On Facebook, the group pays tribute to its singer: "It is very shocked and with the greatest sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. A true pioneer, an innovator and a legend. We will miss him forever. "

"This death is not considered suspicious," police said.

It was as a dancer that Keith Charles Flint made his debut with The Prodigy before becoming its singer.

He notably put his voice on pieces like Firestarter or Breathe.

This band has made a name for itself with the album "The Fat of the Land", released in 1997, which became a platinum double disc in the United States.

The Breathe clip has been seen more than 48 million times in ten years, while the Firestarter clip is about to pass the milestone of 100 million. Keith Flint appears in Breathe title clips, No Good.

The Smack My Bitch Up clip was scandalous when it was released in 1997.

Their latest album "No Tourists" was released in 2018. The band was still selling out.

For twenty-five years, Keith Flint was known for his unusual style and eccentric hairstyles and tattoos.

The late musician attended the 75th Venice Film Festival last August with fellow musicians Liam Howlett and Maxim Reality.

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The world pop star for more than 30 years, Janet Jackson, settles for the first time in residence in Las Vegas. With her show called Metamorphosis, the singer will perform fifteen times in concerts between May 17 and August 10, at Park MGM.

"The show will peel the various chapters of Janet Jackson's private life, sharing her transformation from shy girl to global icon," announces the press release that promises to captivate our senses "with electrifying images, explosive dance numbers and his greatest hits and fan-worshiped titles. "

The youngest of the 52-year-old Jackson family will take advantage of this concert series to also celebrate the 30th anniversary of her 1814 Rhythm Nation album.

And maybe unveil new songs after the single Made For Now released in August 2018.

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On February 20, 2019, the Brit Awards ceremony, the British awards for pop music, awarded Beyoncé and Jay-Z the Best International Group Award.

They were absent when they received their trophy, but both artists thanked the organization for an Instagram release.

Taking over the production of their Apes ** t clip made at the Louvre last year, Beyoncé and her husband pose in front of a rather unexpected portrait of Meghan Markle:

"Thanks to the Brits for this award. I won this award in 2002 with my girlfriends Kelly and Michelle.

I'm so lucky to form a band with my other best friend, the greatest god of rap, commented the singer.

In honor of Black History Month, we bow to one of our colored Mona Lisa. "

"Congratulations on your pregnancy, we wish you a lot of happiness."

But not just any painting! Meghan Markle is represented with all the attributes of a monarch, the tiara, the pearl necklaces, the Victorian dress, the fur ... This is an illustration that a Brooklyn artist, Tim O'Brien, had realized in a completely different context.

Even absent the most famous couple of the American music industry knows how to create the buzz!

Internationally, Ariana Grande of the United States was voted best singer, the Canadian Drake best singer.

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On Sunday, February 10, the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles featured a star-studded party for a diversity ceremony where Kacey Musgraves and Childish Gambino were particularly honored.

Yesterday was the night of records for Childish Gambino, musical alter ego of comedian Donald Glover, who won the award with the "Recording of the Year" and "Song of the Year" awards for his politically incorrect anthem This Is America . A first for a provocative piece of hip-hop.

He also won the Grammy for Best Recording of the Year. Hybrid of gospel and rap, full of pamphlets against the excesses of all edges that shake the American society, he swept the favorites Drake or Lady Gaga in the race for this prestigious prize. The activist artist from California, however, refused to appear on stage at the gala evening.

Country singer Kacey Musgraves is the other big winner of an evening reminiscent of the Grammy Awards, which is still an all-American ceremony, even though she sees international stars. The young woman was awarded four awards in total, including the coveted "Album of the Year" for Golden Hour, ahead of Cardi B, Janelle Monae and Brandi Carlile.

The pop diva Lady Gaga leaves with three statuettes, including two for Shallow, the romantic ballad recorded with Bradley Cooper for the movie A Star Is Born, where she also plays. In a diamond combination, she played a rock version full of energy and emotion, accompanied by Mark Ronson.

Celebrity rapper Cardi B won Grammy's "best rap album" in Grammy history by becoming the first woman to win this award with Invasion of Privacy, beating Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T and Travis Scott. The New York artist is on stage to perform his Money tube in a vamp style. Accompanied by a pianist and singers, she has multiplied lascivious poses to sing her love of money, power and sex

In the category "revelation of the year", it is the British Dua Lipa, 23, who won with her sensual pop-electro.

If Kendrick Lamar failed for the fourth time in the category of "Album of the Year" with the soundtrack of the film Black Panther, he leaves with the price of the "best rap performance", and Drake the "best rap" rap song "of the year thanks to its global hit God's Plan.

In total, no less than 84 awards are awarded by the Grammys.

"Music allows us to hear each other. (...) The music shows us that all this is important, each story and each voice, each note within each song, "said Michelle Obama during a surprise appearance on the stage, while the Grammy Awards have regularly accused of favoring white and male artists, to the detriment of women and minorities.

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If the world giant Huawei was not expected in the musical register, he was able to combine technology and human expertise to offer an end to the unfinished symphony of Schubert.

In 1822, the Austrian composer Franz Schubert had begun the composition of his Symphony No. 8, without being able to complete it.

Or Huawei entrusted the artificial intelligence to finish the symphony of Schubert (the number 8 in B minor).

Huawei has fed an artificial intelligence, embarked on his new smartphone Mate 20 Pro, a hundred original sheet music Schubert and other pieces likely to have influenced the composer at the time.

Then the AI ​​went to work:

She analyzed the timbre, the pitch and the metrics of the first two symphonic movements and gave "harmonic lines" before leaving the hand of American composer Lucas Cantor, winner of several Emmy Awards.

Thus was created the melody of the two missing movements, the third (for which we have some indications of the Austrian musician) and the fourth.

The result was presented to the public for a world premiere Monday, February 4th in the Cadogan Hall in London.

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No longer call him "Master Gims" but "Gims" for short. This is what the 32-year-old rapper intimate to his fans on his Instagram page:

"I do not want anyone to call me Master Gims. GIMS is largely enough ... Thank you.

And at the same time he is announcing the release of his next album "Black Belt Part 2 Transcendence", the sequel to his hit album last year.

Its 2 million followers did not fail to react.

Some applauded there seeing a gesture of humility on the part of the singer of The Same, title most listened in 2018.

Others, on the other hand, went there with their ironic little comments:

"Mdr after the clip at the Michael Jackson is the name change to the Puff Daddy," exclaimed one of them, referring to the American rapper Sean Combs who has changed several times of identity " Puff Daddy "to" P. Diddy ', and even' Swag ', before choosing in 2017 for the scene the name' Love aka Brother Love ', less enigmatic.

But why did the artist of Congolese nationality, whose real name is Gandhi Djuna, shorten his pseudonym by breaking away from his prestigious prefix?

The initiator of Sexion d'Assaut gives no explanation.

And to lose oneself in conjectures.

Perhaps a way to turn a page and renew itself, Transcendance just surfing on the tremendous success of Black Belt, has a great marketing move to launch his second album or once at the height of glory, a gesture of humility ...

Still, Gims behind his dark glasses keeps his mystery.

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For Eurovision, which will take place in May in Tel Aviv in Israel, France is represented by Bilal Hassani.

This young man of nineteen years after competing Saturday, January 26 against eight candidates including Chimène Badi and Emmanuel Moire was qualified to represent France with his song Roi.

In this song there are several messages like self-esteem or hope.

He shows that he is not in the codes he wears red lipstick Look of a little prince.
He is hardly nominated and it specifies that it is his dream of childhood which has just occurred "I dream since my youngest age to represent France at Eurovision".

He begins singing at the age of five he will participate in the Voice Kids plus he is well in his head he announces and proudly that he is gay and is proud to be.

But this young man has since been harassed with messages of hatred against his Moroccan origin and in addition his sexual orientation with death threats.

The Association Urgence Homophobie took it immediately under his wing. The authors of all these messages are punishable by six months imprisonment plus 22500 euros fine ...

Guillaume Mélanie president of the association Urgence Homophobe has already put more than forty three lawyers on the case.

You have to live with your era, it's a queen of modern times who will represent France on Eurovision.

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A big surprise for fans of Lady Gaga during her last gig.

Imagine that Bradley Cooper, in the audience of Enigma, the residence of Gaga in Las Vegas, went on stage and performed "Shallow" !

The actor who directed and played in the film sang the first part of the song awarded at the Golden Globes.

After kneeling in front of him the actress of A Star Is Born sat on the piano to interpret his verse.

A Star is Born is nominated for eight Oscars, among others for Best Photography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Bradley Cooper), Best Actress (Lady Gaga), Best Song ("Shallow").

See you on February 24th for the 2019 Oscars and hope that the two stars will once again perform together and live their hit!

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NOTHING is no longer going for Chicago singer Robert Sylvester Kelly. Accused of several sexual assaults, he was indeed released by his record company Sony Music.

"R. Kelly and Sony have decided to separate, "reported Billboard magazine, specializing in the recording industry, Friday, January 18.

It was the descent into hell for the "King" of the RnB who, from the beginning of his career, had been accused of having ambiguous relations with very young girls.

Already in 1994, he was accused of secretly marrying the then 15-year-old singer Aaliyah.

In 2002, he was again in the news with his arrest for child pornography in 2002 after filming his antics with a 13-year-old girl.

He was acquitted six years later.

The coup de grace came from the broadcast in early January on an American channel of a documentary titled "Surviving R. Kelly".

Several women accused the 52-year-old singer and producer of having sex with girls under 16 and of forcing other women to be his sex slaves.

Calls for boycott had multiplied under the impetus of #MeToo and Time's Up, via the #MuteRKelly slogan on Twitter.

Some personalities, including Lady Gaga and Celine Dion, have also requested that their duets with the author be removed from the download and streaming platforms.

A demonstration had also taken place, January 16, in front of the headquarters of Sony Music to request the rupture of the record company with the artist.

Several prosecutors have opened an investigation following these accusations that the 52-year-old singer continues to deny. Chicago Attorney Kim Foxx launched a call for witnesses on January 8. That of Atlanta, the state in which the singer owns a property, is also investigating his side.

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Johnny Hallyday's "Pardonne-moi" came out on Tuesday echoing "my Last Letter", which his son David published last week.

Last week, David Hallyday, the son, released the clip for his song My Last Letter, directed by Laura Smet, the girl.

Since Tuesday, Læticia Hallyday releases that of Pardonne-moi, a video directed by Christophe Acker.

And undeniably the two clips unfold in a spectral imagination.

Heroes are alone, dispossessed by an absence.

Læticia Hallyday's double-back, wearing a very Vertigo bun, wanders in an empty house after the disappearance of the loved one and a sign of Johnny Hallyday remains:

the motorbike the leather jacket.

David strolls around Bir-Hakeim and then takes refuge in a thick forest.

A wolf appears, black for him, white for her, both with blue eyes.

The Læticia look - alike communicates with the animal through the bay windows.

It is at the moment when she takes her bath that appears a majestic white wolf, that she tries a little later to touch through the bay window.

Millennial universe where the white widow evolves, shimmers and reflects and where we can see the trees crying through the glass, another reflection screen: that of Johnny.

Johnny is also present in the physical resemblance traits on David's face.

If for David the relation to his deceased father passes by the text in this last letter, for Læticia passes by tattoos or decals.

And what about the symbolic value of a coffee cup found in both clips ...

It's your turn!

Beyond the legal battle, the Hallyday clan shares much more: a common imagination.

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The legendary "girls band" of the 1990s is back on tour for six dates in the UK next summer. On Monday, November 5th, the group Spices Girls is reorganized during a tour of six dates in June 2019 in the United Kingdom.

The first concert of the tour is scheduled for June 1, 2019 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester (central England).

The group will then perform in Coventry on the 3rd, Sunderland on the 6th, Edinburgh on the 8th, Bristol on the 10th and finally on the Wembley Stadium in London on the 15th of June.

The tickets will go on sale on November 10th. Victoria Beckham, who had participated in the initial adventure, will not be part of the project.

However, it will probably miss the one known as Posh, Victoria Beckham, who has since become a respected fashion designer in the world of fashion.

Posh did not hide that his membership of the Spice Girls had been "a very important part of his life".

"I wish girls lots of love and fun for their new tour next year ," she said on Instagram.

"I know they will make an incredible show and fans of past and present will have a wonderful time! X vb #spicegirls #friendshipneverends » ..

Melanie Brown, known under the pseudonym "Mel B", will be joined by Melanie Chisholm ("Mel C"), Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

The pop group, created by casting in 1994, wants to "bring back to the front of the stage our message of friendship and love and the" girl power "seems more relevant than ever," they said in a statement .

He had separated in 2000 after the recording of their third album, Forever to meet again for a world tour in 2007-2008, then at the closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, in 2012, and on the occasion of the launch of the musical Viva Forever!

No date in Europe however. It remains to cross the Channel!

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Johnny Hallyday 's posthumous album, "My country is love," sold 780,177 copies in one week, a record, while it was released on October 19, 2018.

The opus of Johnny Hallyday still beats records. It sold 780,177 copies in one week (cumulative physical and digital sales), a historical figure and a record in France for a start, announced Friday, October 26 his record company Warner Music France.

"This is the best start on a week of sales in the history of music in France, the last record being held by Johnny Hallyday himself in 2002 with 305 634 albums sold," says Thierry Chassagne, the boss of Warner in a statement.

"The fans are at the rendezvous of this exceptional album.

I feel a great pride for all the teams who have worked on this very particular and moving production, " he continues.

From its first day of marketing, the album had already become a diamond disc with more than 500,000 copies sold in three days.

"It has been a long time since CD manufacturers were put to the test in response to such public demand , " said Stu Bergen, General Manager of Global Business Services at Warner Music Group.

And if "My country is love", 51st opus of Johnny, became the biggest commercial success of the singer?

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My Country it's love is not yet in the bins but Friday night midnight we can find it, his 51st studio album. The president of Warner Music France explained that the posthumous CD would go on sale at 800,000 copies. No single will be broadcast on the radio until the release of the album at the end of the week.

Marketing operation tailored to the: the launch of the CD will coincide, Friday, October 19, the passage of Laeticia Hallyday to the TF1 news. She will promote the posthumous album of Johnny Hallyday on TF1, then RTL and Paris Match.

If the first title of the album will benefit from a clip, there will be no release except single, said Sebastien Farran. Neither concert-tribute. The cinemas of the CGR group and the radio station RTL will organize listening in 20 cities for 51 fans, in reference to the number of albums of the singer.

Ten titles and not one more: Made in Rock'n'roll, Forgive Me, Interlude, 4m2, Back in The, William's America, A child of the century, Falling down again, I'm just a man and I will talk to the devil, who will be on the air Friday night.

" It was complicated to finish this record, he was not there. It was difficult to hear his voice, his lyrics taking a different meaning. We cried a lot. I never thought I could do anything that hard by making music, "said Maxim Nucci, known on stage as Yodelice.

The specialized journalists had the chance to discover the record this Monday afternoon in the premises of Warner. Then: press conference, in the presence of Thierry Chassagne, Maxim Nucci, composer and director of the album, but also Bertrand Lamblot, artistic director of the album, as well as Sébastien Farran, the former manager of Johnny.

And what was the role of Laeticia Hallyday, always very invested in the career of her husband, in the development of this last work?

"Like any man in a family, when (Johnny Hallyday) comes home at night, he listens (his music) with his wife and they discuss it together. I think she has been there constantly since the beginning of the albums I'm working on, in a process of comforting Johnny. " Says Sebastien Farran.

Because the singer "had many doubts," he continued. "He was constantly asking himself questions about the artistic reality of what he was doing, and she was always there to comfort him, to motivate him, to give him back. "

And it is especially on the image of the singer that his widow always invested herself: "She is artistic director (sic) of the image (...) She gives the options of styling, she gives the options of directors video, it gives photographers options (...) »

A Laeticia Halliday also ensure the promotion of the album and return to the conditions of its recording, made in the last weeks of the life of the singer.

A balancing act for Laeticia Hallyday who will also have to improve her personal image.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld


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Les rappeurs sont condamnés à 18 mois de prison avec sursis et à une amende de 50 000 euros.

Leur rixe ahurissante à l’aéroport d’Orly avait été vue plus de deux millions de fois sur Twitter.

L'épilogue de cette estivale opposant Booba à Kaaris est tombé :

les rappeurs ont été condamnés à 18 mois de prison avec sursis et une amende de 50.000 euros.

Une peine plus lourde que celle demandée en septembre dernier par le procureur.

Ce mardi, le tribunal de Créteil a rendu sa décision dans l'affaire de la bagarre d'Orly.

Les deux rappeurs ont été condamnés à 18 mois de prison avec sursis et ils devront s'acquitter d'une amende de 50.000 euros.

Leurs neuf proches jugés en même temps ont écopé de peines allant jusqu'à 12 mois d'emprisonnement.

Lors de l'audience du 6 août dernier, le procureur avait requis un an de prison avec sursis, contre les « petits bourgeois du clash », comme il les avait qualifiés.

En tout, onze personnes sont jugées pour « violences aggravées » dans cette affaire.

Épilogue d'un clash sur Internet qui durait depuis des années et qui s'est concrétisé par une bagarre générale dans une salle d'embarquement par une après-midi d'août.

Les deux rappeurs s’étaient croisés par hasard à l’aéroport d’Orly cet été. Leurs retrouvailles avaient dégénéré en bagarre générale.

Carl Delsey pour DayNewsWorld


Charles Aznavour left us on Monday 1st October at the age of 94 years.

It is a legend of the French song that leaves us. The press officers of Charles Aznavour announced Monday, October 1, the death of the singer at the age of 94 years. He died in the night from Sunday to Monday at his home in the Alpilles, in the South of France.

We mourn this great artist and composer who has sung all generations.

We will remain all his repertoire that has marked the French song "la mama", "take me away".

More than seventy years of career, more than forty years of success, more than 1,200 songs, including a hundred anthologies, six languages ​​sung, thousands of concerts given in eighty-two countries and more than 100 million of discs sold around the world.

This great French artist was noticed after the Second World War by Edith Piaf who believed in him and made him sing.

And she was right because after her great success titled on my life, he becomes a star with:
"I already saw myself and then it goes on, Bohemia, that it's sad, take me, my bored."

He was a singer but also a composer, remember that he made the hit for Sylvie Vartan, I will be the most beautiful to go dancing, and Johnny Hallyday's one will keep the night.

Recognized singer, Charles Aznavour will also have a career in cinema playing in 63 films. His best roles include Shooting on Truffaut's Pianist, Cocteau's Orpheus' Testament, A Taxi for Tobruk by La Patellière, Volker Schlöndorff's Le Tambour (1979), which won the Oscar for best foreign film.

He also sang for charities like Armenia for the earthquake quake in 1988.

This earned him the appointment of the President of the Republic of Armenia as ambassador to Switzerland.

World star he had his star on the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood in 2017.

In 2018, Charles Aznavour went back to the world who wanted to sing until he was 100 years old.

We regret this great man. With the disappearance of Charles Aznavour, all the music is in mourning!
All the writing and the whole of DayNewsWorld join me: all our thoughts are going to his family at this painful moment.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld




Do you know Kungs, whose real name is Valentin Brunel?

Born December 17, 1996 in Toulon, he is a DJ, songwriter and French musician.

At 21, Kungs is the French DJ rising.

Always on the plane, here it is happening from Coachella in Ibiza, from Bali to Los Angeles or in Johannesburg

His notoriety took off in 2016, with the remix of a title of the Australian group Cookin 'on 3 Burners, This Girl, which reached for several weeks the top sales in France.

In 2017, he is present in major festivals like Ultra Miami, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland.

He had started studies in business management and administration at the IUT of Aix-en-Provence he abandons then it is understood to create his production box.

His first album, "Layers" is a success.

He won a Victoire de la musique, in the electro album category, against Justice and Jean-Michel Jarre.

He shares the life of singer Louane.

In gentleman. Kungs is the translation into Latvian.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld



"In addition to helping launch my career, he was one of the nicest guys I've ever met," Chance the Rapper wrote among many other tweets.

The American rapper Mac Miller was found dead at home at the age of 26. The death was confirmed by his family in a statement.

Ariana Grande's former boyfriend is said to have succumbed to an overdose at her home in San Fernando, California on Friday, Sept. 7, police sources report to several media outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter. An untimely death at the age of only 26 years old.

The singer had gained a worldwide celebrity in the headlines with his drug problems, his affair with pop star Ariana Grande, and several hits, including one dedicated to Donald Trump, before he became president.

As the sites TMZ and Variety indicate, the interpreter of Donald Trump had drug problems and had opened, especially since his break with the singer Ariana Grande last May. In a documentary released in 2016, Mac Miller made no secret of his addictions, recalls the Hollywood Reporter : "I get high, let's be clear. I get high to death, again, all the time. It will never stop. But I control my life. ". Mac Miller, whose real name was Malcolm James McCormick, had problems with drug addiction , "Have I used drugs? Yes. But am I an addict? No, " he told Rolling Stone magazine .

The young man has never hidden from his addictions to drugs and alcohol, admitting to Complex magazine an addiction to a drug mix of codeine and promethazine that rappers call "lean " or "purple drank"

The rapper was also arrested at this time for drunk driving after a traffic accident. Her ex-girlfriend tweeted, "Please, take care of yourself . "

But this dependence had consumed the rupture of her relationship with Ariana Grande as she had not hidden it. On Twitter, she said last May that she had "tried to support her sobriety and prayed for her balance for years," adding , "I'm not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that she must be. In duet with her, he had signed a worldwide success, "My Favorite Part"

He was above all an atypical rapper with his retro and sometimes psychedelic hip-hop and his social background, a photographer mother and an architect father. He had grown up in a middle-class neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even if Mac Miller uses all the gansta hardware, for example using the word "bitch" galore, he describes himself as "a son to mom" , who found his balance thanks to the love of women. "I do not know the story of other rappers' relationships with women, but with my grandmother, my mother, my girlfriends, I can be vulnerable, just myself. "

And it was at the age of 14 that he started rapping, according to the Complex website. A gifted, self-taught and versatile musician, he plays several instruments and in 2011, his debut album, Blue Side Park, rose to the top of hip-hop album sales. His songs offer a minimalist sound with a powerful rhythm reminiscent of the rap of the 80s His song about Donald Trump, seen tens of millions of times, made him known to all Americans, when he was not even 20 years old. His latest album Swimming was released last August when he reached # 3 on the US Billboard charts.

Mac Miller was preparing to go on tour in the United States after the release of his most recent album, Swimming.

A tour that was to start at the end of October.

It was scheduled to begin October 27 in San Francisco. "I just want to go on tour, " he tweeted Thursday. The show is going to be special every night. I wish it starts tomorrow. "

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld




The two French rappers were judged Thursday for their fight in Orly. They risk up to 10 years in prison.I am not at the origin of this brawl, "hammered the artist, immaculate white shirt. "I gave blows to defend myself," he assured, now advocating "appeasement."

Their pitched battle had turned a lobby of the Parisian airport of Orly arena in early August and delayed several flights: Booba and Kaaris, sworn enemies of French rap, are tried Thursday for a brawl that has already earned them three weeks in prison.

At the helm, Okou Gnakouri, aka Kaaris, began to apologize. "It's not really what happened in fact, I apologize to the people shocked by the images," he said before the case was reviewed.

"I'm not at the origin of this fight," hammered the artist, immaculate white shirt . "I gave blows to defend myself ," he assured, now advocating "appeasement."

Plaid shirt, air relaxed, Booba did not make any comment to him before the examination of the video surveillance of the airport.

Up to ten years in prison

Released in late August, the two rappers appear before the Criminal Court of Créteil (Paris region) who had ordered their placement in pre-trial detention. Nine members of their respective clans involved in the fight are also being prosecuted for aggravated violence and robbery. All face up to 10 years in prison.

Since their release, Booba and Kaaris have each paid a deposit of 30,000 euros, are forbidden to leave France and stand in check.

The trial of the two rivals takes place in the excitement. The hearing takes place in the usual room reserved for the assizes, under strong police protection, fully full.

, The president has banned journalists from reporting the trial live on social networks. The first hours of hearing were marked by a false start, for lack of interpreter for one of the defendants.

Faced with the investigators, the two former accomplices who became rivals had played the card of "legitimate defense" to justify their bloody August 1st. That day, they have to take the same plane to Barcelona where they are each expected on stage that night, in two separate clubs.

But in the departure lounge, the hatred between the two rappers explodes. For several years, "B2O" and his former colt "K2A" - they collaborated in 2012 on the title "Kalash" - are inviting on social networks and video interposed.

Stunned passengers

A seven against four, the Booba clan faces that of Kaaris, surrounded by stunned passengers and their smartphones. The nearby duty free shop serves as a projectile tank. Appraisal: a few minor injuries, several flights delayed and more than 50'000 euros of injury. Aéroports de Paris, Air France and the owner of the shop complained.

According to the police, the video surveillance of the airport shows that Booba carried the first blow. But in custody, the rapper claimed to have received a projectile while he was trying to "get around" Kaaris. "Then it's gone," he told the investigators.

Kaaris brought insults, which targeted him, his wife and daughter, and preceded the beatings.

Called to the bar right after, Booba plays down . "On videos, it's the valve. Even politicians win over each other. At about 8 pm, the proceedings continued in court.

The judgment could be rendered in the night. The two rappers and their relatives are sentenced to ten years in prison.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld



You do not know BTS, this group of K-Pop that is currently atomizing any competition at Uncle Sam? The boy band BTS caused a sensation this Sunday by becoming the first group of K-pop (South Korean pop) to rise to the top spot of album sales in the United States. The Korean group has just won a record held so far by the One Direction since 2014 sales of albums in the United States.

BTS has just won a new record held so far by the One Direction. As reported by Billboard, BTS is the first group since 2014 to have two albums number one in a calendar year. Love Yourself: Answer .This is not the only record held by BTS. The video clip Idol has become the most viewed video in 24 hours on the YouTube platform, surpassing Taylor Swift and his tube Look What You Made Me Do.

Idol has since been viewed more than 125 million times. There is a new version of this title with American singer Nicki Minaj.

Rap's Barbie shares an alternative version of the song Idol, in duet with the South Korean K-pop band that has just unveiled their new album. Barely out, the duo Nicki Minaj - BTS is already at the top of the world charts. It was only two hours before it went live, that the duo was announced by the BTS label, Big Hit Entertainment

Known for their own teenage look, their first-time Beatles-style bowls and their choreography, the Seven Boys have risen to the top of US album sales with their LoveYourself: Tear released on May 18 last. Consisting of seven unreleased songs and other titles already featured in Tear, released in the spring, Answer is the latest installment in their series of albums titled Love Yourself.

It's impossible not to succumb to the charm and magnetism of this band, confirming the popularity of K-Pop (South Korean pop), a musical genre that is being exported more and more, better and better.

In France too, the phenomenon is growing: "What strikes you is that K-Pop fans in France come from very different backgrounds. Says Gäel Ostertag, who founded his site two years ago and is watching the upsurge of K-Pop concerts in France. "If she seduces so much, it's because it's a whole. From music to visual and choreography, K-Pop brings together everything. BTS will perform live in France on October 19th and 20th at L'AccorHotels Arena! This is not the only K-Pop group to flourish: "Some bands are currently well-known nationally and are exporting more and more internationally," says Gäel Ostertag. "Exo, Seventeen, Got7, Winner, ikon and Wanna One could be mentioned for male groups, Twice, Red Velvet, Blackpink, Mamamoo and Gfriend for women's groups, for example. ".

Tomorrow, be sure, we will all be K-Pop. See you on October 19th and 20th in Paris.

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld


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Voici le titre de l’album posthume de Johnny Hallyday:

"Mon pays c'est l'amour".

Les fans de Johnny l'attendaient avec impatience.

C’est le choix de Laeticia, sa veuve et ancienne directrice artistique.

Le Taulier avait enregistré les titres quelques mois avant sa mort. Pourquoi ce titre « Mon pays c’est l’amour » ?

Déjà pour beaucoup de fans de Johnny Hallyday, il s’agit encore d’un coup pour discréditer les ainés du rockeur, David Hallyday et Laura Smet.

Le titre de l' album posthume de Johnny Hallyday serait-il une pique que Laeticia a dédié à David Hallyday et Laura Smet alors en plein procès contre les aînés du rockeur. Va-t-il plaire à Laura et David ?

Que ces derniers aient contesté le testament de leur père de droit américain on peut le comprendre car ce droit, au contraire du droit français, permet de déshériter ses enfants.

Que signifie « mon pays » dans ce titre ?

La France, les États-Unis ?

St-Barth ?

« Ce disque, c'est clairement celui de Laeticia et de Johnny, peut-on lire dans le magazine Public.

Déjà, il a fait tenir Johnny pendant son cancer. Après sa tournée des Vieilles Canailles.

Il s’est jeté à corps perdu dans ce projet et il l’a terminé la rage au ventre. Laeticia a suivi chaque étape de la création et a passé tout son temps à le conduire à terme. » peut-on lire dans Public

Qui sait ?

Pour beaucoup de fans, Laeticia Hallyday et le clan Boudou auraient presque forcé le Taulier à déshériter David et Laura au profit de Laeticia. Les fans du rockeur sont très attachés à David et Laura.

Et vous qu'en pensez-vous ?

Emily Jackson pour DayNewsWorld




Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez ... ... The stars met Monday night on the red carpet for the ceremony at Radio City Music Hall in New York which rewards the best of the American pop scene. An evening that tells you Daynewsworld who had the honor to attend.

Transparent, low-cut, shiny dresses ... discover the most beautiful looks of celebrities invited to the 35th ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards.

Like every year in August, the American television channel MTV organizes its Video Music Awards rewarding the best of pop music as well as the best music videos. A breathtaking show with lots of surprises !!

After playing the game of photographers taking the pose, nominees and guests took the direction of the Radio City Music Hall stage to start the sh ow.

It was rapper Cardi B who opened the show by winning the "best song of the summer" award for her hit with 450 million views on YouTube, "I Like It" .

The rapper Nicki Minaj was not present on the VMA scene, but the MTV channel recorded her performance to broadcast during the ceremony: a first.

As the title of her new album indicates, Queen, Minaj, draped in a gigantic pink dress, has arrived as Queen on a golden throne singing "Majesty" and "Barbie Dreams".

At the presentation of his new title "One Day", the rapper Logic, preferred him to take a stand against the family separation policy led by the Trump administration.

After beginning to sing his piece on the VMA stage, the artist, wearing a t-shirt with the inscription "F * ck the wall", was joined by dozens of children and teenagers with t-shirts printed with "We are all human beings"

Jennifer Lopez to receive the Video Vanguard Award. For her return, she performed excerpts from her most famous piece. The show of the 49-year-old singer has left more than a stink! The American has chained her tubes, from the most recent to the oldest.

From "On the Floor" , "Dance Again" or "Love Do not Cost a Thing" . Later, the star became the first artist of Latin descent to receive the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which rewards the success of a musical career.

Just before announcing the winner of the Video of the Year (the most coveted statuette of the ceremony), singer Madonna wished to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died on August 16 at the age of 76.

"The Queen of Soul" as a posthumous tribute was entitled to very self-centered speech that did not please many Internet users.

"She's driving me here. And I know she has influenced so many people in this room tonight.

And I want to thank you, Aretha, for giving us this strength. RESPECT, " said Madonna, referring to the famous title of Aretha, a cover of a song by Otis Redding. "Long live the queen. She added.

Another tribute, that of Rita Ora to Avicii. Winner of the best dance clip for Lonely Together on which she worked with the DJ, the singer had a thought for her friend tragically disappeared earlier in the year.

Camila Cabello: the Video of the Year!

The evening ended with the traditional award of the Video of the Year, the most prestigious statuette that rewards the best music video. Madonna presented the award to the new pop princess, Camila Cabello, for the clip of her hit "Havana".

Cabello competed with Drake ("God's Plan"), Ariana Grande ("No Tears Left to Cry") and Childish Gambino ("This Is America").

Childish Gambino was also the big winner of the MTV Video Music Awards for which he was nominated in seven categories. His music video This is America was not only named best choreography and best performance but was also voted best clip containing a message.

The rewards:

Clip of the Year: Havana - Camila Cabello

Artist of the year: Camila Cabello

Best Song of the Year: Rockstar - Post Malone ft. 21 Savage

Artist to follow: Cardi B

Best collaboration: Dinero, - Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, DJ Khaled

Best Pop: No tears left to cry - Ariana Grande

Best hip-hop music video: Chun-Li - Nicky Minaj

Best dance music video: Lonely Together - Rita Ora and Avicii

Best Latin Video: Mi Gente - J Balvin ft. Willy William

Best Rock Music: Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons

Clip carrying a message: This Is America - Childish Gambino

Best Photography: APES ** T - The Carters

Best Direction: This Is America - Childish Gambino

Best Artistic Director: APES ** T - The Carters

Best Special Effects: All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Best choreography: This Is America - Childish Gambino

Best Editing: Lemon - NERD ft. Rihanna

The ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards 2018, commented by Raphäl and Hedia, rebroadcasts on MTV on Saturday, August 25 from 16h50 still on MTV.

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld




The American singer had been fighting cancer for many years. She has just died in Detroit at the age of 76. She remains a gospel diva, whose commitment has marked American culture. The queen of soul has succumbed to cancer of the pancreas, leaving behind many timeless hits and the memory of an unparalleled icon.

Since 2010, Aretha Franklin has been battling cancer. She died Thursday, August 16, announced his family in a text sent to the press by his agent Gwendolyn Quinn. "In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain that is tearing our hearts apart. We lost the matriarch and the rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins ​​was unlimited, " says the singer's family.

A huge soul career

The queen of soul leaves behind beautiful moments of music. Notably in 2015, at the Kennedy Center Honors, when she gave a tear to Barack Obama by performing (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

Throughout his career, Aretha Franklin has collaborated with the greatest and inspired generations of aspiring artists. It's 33 studio albums, 75 million records sold.

With her goes the most majestic and impressive female voice in the history of soul music: "I lost my song, this girl took it from me. It was with the indignant compliments of the author, Otis Redding, that the rise of a young woman who had literally dispossessed the star of soul music was hailed in the spring of 1967.

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee. She has three sisters and two brothers. She will spend most of her life in Detroit, Michigan. Clarence LaVaughn Franklin, his father, is a Baptist pastor, civil rights activist. The Franklin sisters, follow very early the example of their mother, Barbara, gospel singer.

A12, they are promoted to the rank of first part and make their first record when Aretha is just 14 years old. Aretha was immersed in the world of gospel as his father, pastor, was an outstanding musician. Let us not forget that sermon and song are indissociable. At the Franklin's, the father also receives the big names of gospel like those of the soul, Sam Cooke and Dinah Washington. Aretha Franklin is spotted by John H. Hammond, an experienced producer who will have her sign at Columbia Records in 1956, but Aretha, with no record success, joins Atlantic Records alongside Jerry Wexler. She sings rhythm and blues songs that make her known to win very quickly in the rankings with I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You). From March 1967 to January 1969, she recorded no less than six albums. In May 1967, his recovery of Respect Otis Redding rose to the top of charts. With Baby I Love You and A Natural Woman, she confirms her success!

The queen of soul is born.

In the early 1970s, the singer returns to gospel sounds with the album Amazing Grace. The same year, Aretha Franklin signs at Arista Records. The collaboration gives rise to pieces of success, resolutely modern as United Together. In the 1980s, she collaborated with many artists. In 1987, Aretha Franklin entered the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame celebrating his 30-year career. This is the year she gets her first number 1 thanks to her collaboration with George Michael for I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me).

The artistic collaborations are always more prestigious recording Trough The Storm, singing alongside James Brown, Elton John and Whitney Houston.

Aretha Franklin returns to the front of the stage after a 10-year break in 1998 with A Rose is Still a Rose, her first original album since 1989. Still many collaborations with Lauryn Hill of Fugees, Puffy Combs or Jermaine Dupri.

From the 90s she appears more rarely in public while remaining a symbol of the American soul.

At the discovery of her pain, the diva cancels numerous concerts and limits her public appearances. However, she continues her artistic activity as well as with the album Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics in 2014. She resumes soul songs to success, as Rolling in the Deep Adele. Her ultimate gift to her fans is November 2017 with A Brand New Me: Aretha Franklin With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The album celebrates the 50th anniversary of its signing at Atlantic Records. She performed her Atlantic hits alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The audience was able to see her one last time on stage in November 2017, during a concert for the Elton John Foundation in New York. She sang the American anthem in the Super Bowl final in 2006. On January 20, 2009, she was chosen to sing at the inauguration ceremony of the new American president, Barack Obama.

A feminist afro american

Aretha Franklin remains an African American icon. The winner of 18 Grammys was also the first woman to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. From her first successes, the queen of soul has a committed tone carrying the voice of revolt. Aretha Franklin had made Respect a universal anthem for equality. Black versus white at the time of the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King, but also that of the woman (regardless of her skin color) to the man.

A commitment to racial equality, civil rights and the fight for gender equality also: on April 9, 1968 she sings at the funeral of Martin Luther King. Throughout her career, she democratizes the RnB without renouncing his identity.

A lively sentimental life

The queen of soul at the huge career was the mother of four sons and had known several love stories. During her successful life, Aretha Franklin has had three great love stories. The first, with Ted White, a friend of his family who became his manager at the beginning of his career. They are married in 1961. At the time, Aretha Franklin is already the mother of two children, Clarence and Edward. Ted White, Aretha Franklin gives birth to his third son: Ted White Jr., in 1964. The "Queen of Soul" found love in the years 2010, the arm of William "Willie" His disappointments are a theme recurrent in the musical universe of the artist. She tended to "trust men who did not deserve it," according to producer Jerry Wexler.

With it goes the most majestic and most impressive (four octaves) female voice in the history of soul music.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld




It's a grandiose birthday party in Marrakech that wanted the queen of pop surrounded by family and friends. Madonna is sixty years old this Thursday, August 16, 2018 and far from being depressed, the American singer takes advantage of gathering her entourage in Marrakech.

The star has set his sights on the ancient Moroccan city to gather his family around a large table:

on the menu a spectacular dinner on the night of August 15 to 16, 2018 and the celebration of Moroccan culture through its costumes. Madonna will dress up with many accessories from Berber culture.

This fashion icon has been validated by designer Donatella Versace in a commentary under her photos.

On his Instagram account, the Like a Virgin performer was very excited to celebrate his birthday.

An event she would most certainly like to celebrate with her two sons, Rocco, her youngest son, aged 18, and her second son, David Banda, with whom she was visiting Malawi in Africa last year as a result adoption of the child in 2006. At the time, the singer was still married to Guy Ritchie.

In her Story, she shared photos of some of her daughters present at her side, such as Stella and Estere.

Forty years on stage: The so-called "queen of pop" has already recorded a dozen studio albums, shot in more than twenty films, and sold more than 300 million records. The secret of its longevity:

to know how to renew oneself, to follow trends!

Dancer for Patrick Hernandez in Born to Be Alive, she shot adult movies when she arrived in New York with $ 24 in her pocket, as the legend says. In 1984, Madonna enjoyed international success with Like a Virgin, her second album.

In 1998, change of style for Madonna with Frozen. Gothic style with a clip directed by Chris Cunningham.

And then all his provocations, with the cross on stage, a side very sex too, especially with his book titled SEX. True Blue, very big tube of the 1980s had a very old-fashioned pop side. In 2005, she took over ABBA in Hung up.

She influenced pop culture. Icon of the fashion, ambassador of dances like the voguing, political activist, inspiration of current singers like Lady Gaga or Beyoncé ...

World star and sacred monster, Madonna blows Thursday her 60 candles and still fascinates as much.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld



On August 20th, the launch of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018. Jennifer Lopez who will not be the only one to give a show.

Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Logic and Ryan Tedder are going to make the show and an audience of stars of the song will be waiting for a reward

They will be found at Radio City Hall in New York for this long-awaited music ceremony, which will award numerous awards for video clips of the stars of the song.

Jennifer Lopez will of course be the one who will open this 34th edition with a show that can already be imagined.

The 49-year-old singer will also be honored with the famous Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award:

the career of the beautiful bomba latina greatly influenced the music industry.

This award has already been awarded by Britney Spears, Beyoncé and more recently Rihanna.

Next to Jennifer Lopez, other big stars will perform their biggest titles in front of the audience. Starting with Ariana Grande.

The 25-year-old who still suffers from the trauma of the Manchester bombing will play a few songs from her new album Sweetener. Shawn Mendes also, and it's a safe bet that There's Nothing Holdin 'Me Back's interpreter will put a thunderous mood on the crowd, as will Logic and Ryan Tedder - a member of OneRepublic - whose One Day has already peaked .

August 20 next live ceremony.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld




lready known for a grandiose view a real show to herself, but also for the quality of its restoration at moderate prices, its friendly and warm welcome,

the Auberge de Soudon in Souclin will still hit hard by organizing a special 80's night Johnny Hallyday that will generate regret for those who have not been able to get to Souclin!

The evening will be on August 4, 2018 from 8:00 pm, and of course the entrance is free but it would be rather careful to think about booking especially if you want to enjoy the restoration!

This evening will be animated by the DJ professional DJ MONSTRO of great talent a rising value which will undoubtedly be surpassed for the greatest joy of all those who will be present at the event.

One and last advice to call and book the regrets are not feelings that will do you good!

For my part I will be in the morning reporting in Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but I will not fail to be present at 8:00 pm August 4, 2018, I admit that the use of a small single-engine aircraft greatly helps travel in the international press, but already we know that some people are going to come more than 500 km to be present at this evening event!

So fast to your reservation !!!

Auberge de Soudon in Souclin: (+33) 04 74 36 62 70

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In a full world tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have just announced the release of their joint album, Everything is Love, already available on the Tidal platform ... The clip of Apes ** t, directed by Ricky Saiz, is shot in the Louvre, facing the masterpieces of the painters David or Géricault. It was in the privatized rooms of the Louvre that the filming took place last May.

Lyrics are marrying the scenery: when we hear the text "I can not believe we made it?" ( I can not believe that We have succeeded (it's a different perspective) / Have you ever seen the crowd race? ), Beyoncé, also victorious, stands proudly at the feet of the ancient white marble statue The Victory of Samothrace. Her dress unfolds in great white waves similar to the wings of the goddess who is given as messenger of Victory. Once again, we hear it clamored between four walls: "I can not believe we made it."

The choreographies are launched with the dancers in front of the Rite of Napoleon (1806-1807) painted by the neoclassical Jacques-Louis David. Not far, Jay-Z at the bottom of Raft of Medusa (1818-1819) of Théodore Géricault.

The choreography, the gestures of the singer, the couple, the dancers and other guests, sometimes tend to be based on those fixed in oil and eternity. The painting of the romantic Ary Scheffer - The shadows of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta appear to Dante and Virgil (1855) - shows us two cursed and entwined white lovers and resonates with this embrace of two contemporary black lovers.

This couple had visited the museum four years ago for a private visit.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z - On The Run Tour II - at the Stade de France on July 14th and 15th and at the Allianz Riviera in Nice on July 17th.

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Johnny Hallyday would have turned 75 today. Early this morning, the fans were in front of the Madeleine church. Happy, they celebrate their idol in music! If Laeticia Hallyday, Laura Smet and David Hallyday are not present, Michael Ketcham Hallyday, Johnny's cousin and "brother in heart" , attends the ceremony. Fans of the dead rocker on December 5 are meeting at 11 am on Friday, June 15, at the Madeleine church in Paris, where his funeral took place.

Not everyone can go to the island of Saint Barthelemy, become a place of pilgrimage for the fans of the singer who is buried there since December 11, 2017, the fans found as rallying point the church of the Madeleine.

This anniversary mass is an initiative of Bruno Horaist, parish priest of the Madeleine, who organizes a tribute mass to Johnny every 9th since the funeral.

Hymns like the "Doors of the penitentiary", "Hold the night" or "I love you" punctuate the ceremony. "Johnny is still alive because in our hearts, he's still alive," says Chris Evans at the end of his songs, the Mass celebrated by Father Horaist, started at 12:30.

David Hallyday and Laura Smet, for their part, paid tribute to their father who died of cancer on December 5, 2017. In the morning, Laura unveiled a photo of her wrist with a tattooed eagle. In legend, a "I love you" . David also chose the same symbol to honor his father's memory. The 51-year-old singer writes: "This day, not like any other, unfortunately resembles all the others ... I miss you every moment" . Their father had an eagle tattooed on the biceps and the 29th studio album is titled "Somewhere an eagle".

In Paris but also elsewhere in France national tributes take place.

In Marseille his manager Jean-Claude Camus and his friend Michel Drucker, will tell "their Johnny" as part of the 4th edition of the "Festival Books, Stars". In Viviers (Ardèche village where Johnny's mother is buried) a statue of the singer more than 3 meters high will be inaugurated.

Sébastien Farran on RTL did a phone interview in which the former manager reveals that Johnny's latest album "will not be called I promise you" and that "it will not be a posthumous album but the last album from Johnny. It's his album, he did it. A personal album that corresponds to him so much. "

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The rapper Medina is once again at the heart of a controversy. The French rapper, born in Le Havre in 1985 and aged 35, is scheduled to perform at the Bataclan on 19th and 20th October, sold out. However this Parisian room was bereaved by the terrorist attack of November 13, 2015 causing 90 dead and a hundred wounded. Right-wing and far-right politicians, joined by several members of the presidential majority, such as MP Aurore Bergé, have stepped up to cancel the show.

Marine Le Pen sees an "incitement to Islamist fundamentalism" while Laurent Wauquiez denounces a " sacrilege for the victims, a disgrace for France", hatched by an " individual (...) posing as a 'islamo-caillera' ". The senator of Vendée Bruno Retailleau calls Gérard Collomb. He asks the Minister of the Interior to use "against this rapper the same weapons as those used against Dieudonné," the comedian repeatedly condemned for defamation, insult and incitement to hatred and racial discrimination . On the Twitter social network on Sunday, the #Bataclan and # Medina hashtags have been used extensively.

The 35-year-old Le Havre singer is accused by critics of hate speech and apology for Islamism. In fact, in 2015 Medina had released an album titled Minesweeper, with a song, Do not Laïk, in which he said, "C rucifions laïcards as in Golgotha. Polygamous is much better than friend Strauss-Kahn" or " I put fatwas on the heads of the idiots.

These words are taken from his album Jihad "" I'm a Djellaba at the day of the skirt "," I'm sufficient for Allah, I do not need to be layman "," Marianne is a tattooed femen "Fuck God" on the udders "," If I apply the Sharia thieves will be able to do more of handrail "» , also question

The rapper had to crack a forum on the website of the Obs to condemn the killing and defend himself by the same. "As an artist, I denounce all forms of violence, terrorism and other immoral apologies. I chose the path of non-violence as the majority of my fellow citizens through music to express my disagreements with my society.

" Do I need to point out to me, young rapper from Le Havre, to these academicians, philosophers, essayists that my speech is the epitome of the fight of Charlie Hebdo? (for freedom of expression, ed), " added the singer.

The association of victims of the attacks of November 13 Life for Paris reacted on Twitter, recalling that the Bataclan was "completely free of its programming, under the control of the police headquarters of Paris" and that it would let "nobody exploit the memory of the victims of the attacks for political purposes, as is the case in this case " .

For the moment, Medina has not communicated on the controversy.

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The brutal death of the Belgian singer Maurane, found Monday night at her home in Brussels, caused a lot of tears. At the age of 57, she had just returned to the stage after more than two years of absence. In Belgium, Francophone artists and politicians hailed "a very big voice". "A committed artist left us tonight, Maurane, an outstanding singer, an inspiring voice, an endearing personality , " Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted at dawn.

"I am devastated to hear this news. It's terrible. We have forty years of friendship, " Catherine Lara reacted on Europe 1. She had found Maurane "tired" during their last meeting. "But she told me about the future, she told me that she was preparing an album of Jacques Brel, which she was listening to. She seemed to be much better from that point of view, " she added.

"I can not believe that our voices will ever come together," said singer Hélène Segara.

From Montreal, singer Lara Fabian has hailed a "rare" artist, "bigger than music".

She was the figurehead of Les Enfoirés shows, she released ten solo albums with mythical titles.

Maurane is known since the late 1980s for his participation in a new version of the musical Starmania co-produced by Michel Berger. She had put her career in brackets in 2015 because of "vocal cord problems". But she had just begun her return. She had herself announced this return in recent days on social networks. "Today, I officially set foot on a stage after more than 2 years of absence. I will not tell you in what state I am ... You must be aware, " she wrote last Thursday on his Facebook page, before a party devoted to Brel in Wallonia.

Maurane was preparing a tour for the spring of 2019, in the wake of an album dedicated to Jacques Brel that was to come out in the fall on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of death. "Side album, things are progressing well since 14 models are recorded (...) A first single should come out this summer," she added on Facebook.

In 2000, she had released a more serious album, after the disappearance of her father, called You of the world, with one of his most beautiful titles, The Man who missed me the most. After a duet with Lara Fabian, You're my other, in 2003, she released a collective album with friends, When the human dance. She begins a breathtaking tour in France and Belgium.

She had given one last concert Sunday night and was preparing a tribute album for the forty years of the death of Jacques Brel.

Renowned Maurane will also be missed for his outspokenness and his angry shots.

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The Belgian singer was found at her home in Brussels more precisely in Schaerbeek inanimate in bed we do not yet know the cause of his death

After a period of absence due to health problems, a vocal cord surgery, she came back on stage taking the songs of the Jacques Brel recital while performing her greatest hits.

She had a tenor voice a beautiful voice and was very friendly.

His death does not seem very normal an autopsy will be practiced a judicial inquiry can be opened.

We will always think of her in relation to the success of her the interpretation of Starmania,

Also with his song, his album Morane, on a prelude of Bach, One for the other, Armstrong. Then the famous Armstrong tube sung in duet with Laura Fabian You are my other.

The variety loses a great voice

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" A frica, I want to dance like you" .

The cult tube performer of the 80s died at age 65 in the night of Sunday to Monday after a long illness.

His last companion Christian Soulié.

"She made you dance millions by creating Africa and singing When you leave, and dozens of other titles.

The flame of Rose Laurens has just died out following a long illness that she still resisted on the Cabaret Sauvage stage in 2016, " wrote his last companion Christian Soulié.

After the release of several singles in the 70s, Rose Laurens, whose real name was Rose Podwojny, played in the musical Les Miserables in 1980.

She released her first album in 1982, Derisonnable (gold record), written by her companion, the composer Jean-Pierre Goussaud

It is on this album that the title Africa has been published, which has sold more than one million copies.

Jean-Pierre Goussaud, composer of the singer, was also her husband from 1979 until his death in 1991 cancer.

The song "Survive", launched in 1979, was Rose's first hit on a music composed by her husband.

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Artists and fans pay homage to Swedish DJ Avicii.

They were thousands of people, musicians and admirers, to pay tribute Saturday in Stockholm to the Swedish prodigy Avicii, one of the most famous DJs of the electro scene, the day after his death at the age of 28 in Oman

Considered one of the best DJs in the world, Tim Bergling, his real name, was found dead on Friday in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, where he had been on vacation with friends for a few days.

An Omani police source said that "there is no criminal track retained" for the death of the star. The police in this Gulf country has "all the information about the death" of the 28-year-old DJ, but "refuses to make them public for reasons of confidentiality" at the request of the family,

Thousands of people, often young, gathered on Saturday afternoon in Sergels Torg Square, in the center of the Swedish capital, where its most popular titles were broadcast.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the Stockholm clubs observed a minute of silence and the Ericsson Globe, one of Stockholm's largest arenas that he had filled three nights in a row in 2014, projected his name on his facade .

Avicii was notably known to the general public for his song Wake Me Up with singer Aloe Blacc in 2013.

The Swede has risen twice in third place in the ranking of the best DJs in the world, in 2012 and 2013, according to DJ Magazine, the reference in the field. And according to Forbes magazine, it had garnered $ 90 million between 2012 and 2016.

"So sad ... so tragic," commented the queen of pop Madonna on Instagram.

In recent years, the Swede had made no secret of his health problems, such as pancreatitis, due to excessive alcohol consumption. He had announced in 2016 that he would rank the decks and no longer mix on stage.

Son of Swedish popular actress Anki Lidén, Avicii had released his first titles in 2010 before experiencing a meteoric rise.

His song Levels, released in 2011 and built around a sample of the American soul singer Etta James, earned him two Grammy nominations.

His stage name came from the Sanskrit word designating one of the Buddhist hell circles, to which he added an "i" for stylistic reasons.

On April 17, he posted a tweet: "Thank you for the nomination" of his new EP (extended play) "Avicii (01)" at the Billboard Awards.

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The singer died at age 57 on April 21, 2016 died of an overdose of fentanyl, a very powerful analgesic.

He had thought it was a pain killer only.

And yet he died because the dosage was too powerful.

But there will be no trial.

The US justice said Thursday, April 19, it would not initiate criminal proceedings at the end of the investigation into the circumstances of Prince's death.

Indeed, the latter could not establish how he obtained the painkiller causing his death.

"Without a motive and no identifiable suspect ," US justice " can not institute criminal proceedings for Prince's death , " Mark Metz, Carver County prosecutor, told a news conference.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice announced an amicable agreement with Michael Todd Schulenberg, the doctor who had treated Prince twice before his death.

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The world is too serious to take seriously, the existence too dramatic to live it dramatically, the love too tragic for it to be treated as a tragedy," said the singer and poet , died Friday, April 6 at the age of 77, who has led a career for more than fifty years. "Aziza, his wife, Arthur H, Kên Higelin and Izia Higelin have the pain to announce the disappearance of Jacques Higelin this morning," said the release of the family. In recent months, his close entourage had reported a "fatigue" of the singer.

The family did not want to communicate about the causes of his death. Father of three children artists - singer Arthur H, singer Izia Higelin, and director Kên Higelin - he leaves behind twenty albums that have marked the French song, like BBH 75 (1974), Alert the babies or the diptych Champagne for everyone ... / ... Caviar for the others released in 1979.

At once a whimsical mountebank, a flamboyant poet, this unrepentant dreamer advanced in life "with an open heart, a head elsewhere, in a state of weightlessness" .

But mostly free. For 50 years, he has crossed our discography landscape of rock, folk, experimental or song ... flying words, melodies, rhythms, sounds, facetious or wild like a thoroughbred.

Always in reverse of all this gravity which plumbs the ambient air.

Poet surge, generous, committed, Jacques Higelin has been the author of such hits as Pars, Champagne or Fallen from the sky.The incarnation of the revival of the French song.

At Jacques Higelin, everything was allowed, especially happiness. There was a time, in his debut, where he played the dandy rocker. At the age of 43, at the time of rock, which prevented him from becoming an adult, he sang: "Hey / I was born in a spasm / in a big blazing fire / the belly of my mother spit / a kernel of pleasure / and I have / never lost / the taste of / that ". As the years passed, his kingdom was peopled with simple melodies. Close to a certain lightness. Like Charles Trenet, of course, singer of an era forever gone, of which Jacques will probably remain the only one ...

Born in 1940, he began his artistic career at the theater in the early 60s, before meeting musicians Areski and Brigitte Fontaine, with whom he embodied a revival of French song in the mid-sixties.

Passing from poetry to rock with the same ease, he had celebrated in October 2016 his fifty years of career with Higelin 75, his last album to date. His ultimate album, seems marked by long titles like this striking Timetable on the time spent and the "loveliness of life", or even the shocking J'fume who scans the inevitable decadence;

Higelin has always revolted, and in some of his songs he mentions problems of society, undocumented migrants, and economic difficulties, and has repeatedly engaged himself with the homeless and fixed. He was one of those artists on the Left. who, like Barbara, Renaud or Maxime le Forestier, invest in humanitarian concerts.

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Ten titles from Johnny Hallyday's posthumous album have been unveiled.

The television channel BFMTV has obtained a new document that it unveiled Saturday, March 17.

This is a letter from Warner, his record company, addressed to the singer who contains the titles of the songs of the disc in question.


Fans of Johnny Hallyday waiting for the release of his posthumous album will be most enthusiastic.

Here are the titles:

Johnny Hallyday
« Made in rock n'roll » « J'en parlerai au diable »
« Mon pays, c'est l'amour » « Pardonne-moi »
« L'Amérique de William » « Je ne suis qu'un homme »
« 4m2 » « Tomber encore »
« Back in LA » « Un enfant du siècle »

Le document dont il est question aujourd'hui avait été signé par le rockeur de son vivant. Les enfants de Johnny Hallyday  Laura Smet et David Hallyday  qui ont  demandé d'avoir un droit de regard sur cet album, afin de « veiller au respect et à l'intégrité » de leur père pourraient être privé de ce droit .


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When the Hallydays are in the middle of a succession battle, Sylvie Vartan paid a tribute in songs on Friday night to Johnny Hallyday. A third of his show was devoted to his ex-husband.

"It is often said that every era has its share of exceptional beings. This was the case of Johnny.

It is he who set the hearts of a whole generation on fire and unleashed a kind of revolution.

And we have all followed, " said the singer, her voice shattered by emotion.

"We grew up together in light and passion. Our duets reflected our tumultuous life.

Even though life separated us later, nothing could ever alter our love and the respect we had for each other, " added Sylvie Vartan.

She had married Johnny in 1965, the two artists formed the iconic couple of the Yéyé generation until their divorce in 1980.

She sang one of their duets and their greatest hits,

"I have a problem" by projecting on a video screen the silhouette of the singer.

Sylvie Vartan has taken a dozen hits from Johnny Hallyday including "Que je t'aime" (1969), their love song, but also "Gabrielle", "Noir, c'est noir" and "Sang pour Sang" , written by their son David.

When she starts "Blood for Blood" and "The Hymn to Love" is too much for Alexandra, the wife of David who cries hot tears.

A show that lives up to the expectations of its fans.

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The world of music is in mourning. The famous French jazz violinist Didier Lockwood died Sunday at the age of 62 in Paris. The musician, taken away at the age of 62, died of a heart attack, said his agent Christophe Deghelt. He had participated in a concert the night before in a Parisian jazz hall, the Bal Blomet.

"His wife, his three daughters, his family, his agent, his collaborators and his record company have the pain to announce the sudden disappearance of Didier Lockwood in his 63rd year" , indicates the release of his agent.

"Didier it was Mr. 100,000 volts. I can not realize. We had a lot of projects going on. He had just recorded a record with his wife, soprano Patricia Petibon, " personally reacted Christophe Deghelt.

Lockwood had just started a tour with his latest accoustic jazz album, Open Doors, released in November 2017 and recorded with André Ceccarelli, Romain Antonio Farao and Darryl Hall.

Spiritual son of violinist Stéphane Grappelli, who played with Django Reinhardt, Didier Lockwood had an international career marked by nearly 4,500 concerts and more than 35 recordings.

The jazzman, born February 11, 1956 in Calais, in the north of France, was bathed from an early age in the world of music with a father music teacher and elder brother Francis, jazz pianist.

At 17, the violinist started in the legendary band Magma, the leading group of progressive rock in France. Virtuoso violin he has tried in many styles: electric jazz-fusion, acoustic jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz and classical music.

He accompanied great voices like that of Claude Nougaro, Barbara or Jacques Higelin.

During his career, Didier Lockwood has created two operas, concertos for violin, piano and orchestra, lyric poems and other symphonic pieces, as well as film and cartoon music.

Very involved in music education and author of a jazz violin learning method, he created in 2001 the Didier Lockwood Music Center in Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne), a school of music. teaching of improvisation.

"France is losing an exceptional musician, a man of rare qualities," said violinist Renaud Capuçon on Twitter.

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On thursday, France 2 broadcast with France Inter the 33rd ceremony rewarding the best of music.

For this 33rd edition, it was Daphne Bürki who was in charge of the animation during this very long 3 ½ hours ceremony. Sting, Honorary President of the ceremony, opened the evening - in French please - with Daphne Bürki, before singing "Do not make me wait" with Shaggy.

This 33rd edition, officially dedicated to the memory of Johnny Hallyday, was due to pay tribute to the rocker who died on December 5th with the duo of Slimane and Florent Pagny performing Requiem for a madman. Video archives are projected that also come back on the ten victories won by Johnny during his career.

But the evening was marked by the triumph of the rapper Caen, equaling Stromae who had tripled in 2014. Note the omnipresence of urban music that are hip-hop and rap. Bigflo & Oli and Juliette Armanet eclipse Louane, Soprano and Petit Biscuit and create a surprise. Indeed Bigflo & Oli win the Victory of the original song of the year for Dommage, the only trophy of the ceremony awarded by the public. " You can feel it in people's minds: today, there is no longer a cleavage between rap and other styles. The change is done! " , Rejoiced the two Toulouse brothers behind the scenes. The revelation album of the year was awarded to Juliette Armanet for Girlfriend. Visibly moved, the singer launched a big "Thank you!" To all her fans.

In terms of history, we will remember the box full of Oreslan. Here he is nominated in three categories: Best Male Artist, Best Urban Music Album with "The Party is Over", and Best Clip of the Year with "Basics". " I would like to thank the audience, without whom I would be just a guy who makes music in his room," said Orelsan, the rapper, 35. The victory of the revelation scene was attributed to Gaël Faye while that MC Solaar added a 5th Victory to his list for "album songs of the year" with "Géopoétique".

Lastly, Etienne Daho was honored with a Victory of Honor for his 37-year career and his score of nominations for Victoires de la musique. In 2017, the author of Weekend in Rome released his eleventh album, Blitz, gold record.

Let's not forget Charlotte Gainsbourg's Victoire de la musique for the best female artist for her album "Rest", the fifth melancholy electro album, in which Paul McCartney and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo took part. She joins the winners of his mother Jane Birkin, crowned in 1992, and his father Serge Gainsbourg, who had received two years earlier a Victory of Honor for his entire career. "This album, I had my sister in mind (Kate Barry), I'm thinking of her tonight, I have my father in mind, of course, but today he's carrying my life too, I'm alive and I want to celebrate the people around me, my mother (Jane Birkin), my sister (Lou Doillon), my brother (Lulu), " she said


Male artist

Female artist
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Scene revelation
Gael Faye

Revelation album
Juliette Armanet - "Girlfriend"

Album of songs
MC Solaar - "Geopoetics"

Rock Album
Shaka Ponk - "The Evol '"

Urban Music Album Orelsan - "The party is over"

World Music Album
M, Toumani & Sidiki Diabate and Fatoumata Diawara - "Lamomali"

Album of electronic music
Dominique Dalcan - "Temperance"


Audiovisual creation
Orelsan - "Basic"

Original song
Bigflo and Oli - "Shame"

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Hosted by American television star James Corden, this year's Grammy Awards were held in New York City's huge Madison Square Garden, in the heart of Manhattan.

The 60th edition of the Oscars of Music rewarded the greatest artists, albums and performances of the year but did not fail to return to the turbulent political year one year after the inauguration of Donald Trump and on the protest movement against violence against women.

The 60th Grammy Awards ceremony was also marked by the emotional passages of Lady Gaga, Kesha and Pink.

The singer then played a powerful version of Millions Reasons under the approving cries of the room.

The flamboyant winner Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars is the big winner of the evening, followed closely by rapper Kendrick Lamar. The American artist Bruno Mars, king of funk and soul, has won six trophies, including three in the general categories called major. :

the best recording of the year with its title "24K Magic", the best album of the year and the best song with its hit "That's What I Like". Kendrick Lamar won the trophy for Best Rap and Singing Performance.

The rapper opened the ceremony with the interpretation of his title XXX, with Bono of the U2 group denouncing the murders of young black men in the United States.

His stage performance ended with dancers dressed in red pretending to collapse after being hit by gunshots. Rapper Jay-Z, though nominated in 21 categories, has not won anything this year.

Bruno Mars, 32, did not fail to greet in his thank you speech Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z in the category album of the year.

The arrival of Elton John caused a sensation, he who played Tiny Dancer at the Grammy Awards and filed a white rose against harassment and gender equality. He was joined by Miley Cyrus for the end of the song for a striking duet.

Miley Cyrus did not fail to thank the British artist on Twitter: "Sir Elton John, I do not have the words to thank you for giving me the honor of playing with you tonight at Grammy's." I have loved every moment I have spent with you over these years and I will cherish your kindness every second and continue to fight for the end of the AIDS epidemic!

"A white rose is a symbol of respect, marks a new beginning and expresses hope for the future," tweeted the "Time's Up" movement.

The beautiful Lady Gaga

During her stage visit , Lady Gaga made a strong transformation of her piano into a giant bird, covering it with white feathers on a stage plunged into darkness.

A visual effect of all beauty !!! She sang Joanne, from her latest album, and dedicated it to her deceased aunt of Lupus in 1974.

She also paid tribute to the "Time's Up" denouncing sexual harassment.

On the turn of the singer and actress Janelle Monae who also pleaded against violence against women

"To those who would like to try to silence us, we offer two words: '' it's over ''. No more unequal pay, discrimination, harassment in all its forms, and abuse of power, " said the singer.

The singer presented the performance of Kesha whose song Praying refers to his battle against the producer Dr. Luke she accuses of having raped her.

This start is not the only sequence with a political dimension

Another singer, Camila Cabello, paid tribute to the "Dreamers" , children of illegal immigrants whose protection is challenged by President Donald Trump.

She herself, she recalled, arrived child of Cuba with her poor parents.

"When my parents took me to this country, they had nothing but hope," she told the audience.

The Irish band U2 also performed in front of the Statue of Liberty, filming themselves on a raft stage. He recalled the poem engraved at its base that invites all immigrants to New York and the United States.

After singing the song "Get Your Own Way" from the album Songs of Experience, singer Bono recited : "Bless be the shitty countries" , referring to the alleged words of Donald Trump who made scandal in early January.

The humorous Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump's ears must have whistled when presenter James Corden had both singers and Hillary Clinton read passages from the controversial Fire and Fury book released in early January, describing in detail and with animosity the Trump daily at home. Blanche .

Hillary Clinton mocks Donald Trump in a Grammy-themed sketch that describes Donald Trump's eating habits.

"He has long been afraid of being poisoned.

That's why he liked to eat at McDonald's. Nobody knew he was coming and the food was prepared in advance. She declaims

From this highly politicized ceremony we will remember the coronation of Bruno Mars and the messages of hope launched by artists like the Canadian Alessia Cara who won the first of the four major trophies, that of "Revelation of the Year".

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Edwin Hawkins died on January 17, 2018 in his home in Plaisantons, California. He was 74 years old and had been battling pancreatic cancer for several months.

The information was published on the singer's Face book page.

His disappearance did not provoke the shock wave of the death of Johnny Hallyday, but it nevertheless moved a large number of admirers from around the world who were numerous to testify of their immense sadness.

Pianist, singer, choirmaster, composer, the artist, who was originally a keyboardist, has participated in many groups of Gospels.

The best known of the gospels that he interpreted was: "Oh! Happy Day! "

Edwin Hawkins was born in Oakland, California on May 19, 1943.

His mother being a singer, Edwin Hawkins began singing at the age of seven. He first accompanied the musical ensemble of the American Pentecostal Church of his parish, a group attended by several members of his family.

In 1967, he teamed up with Betty Watson to record in two voices "Oh! Happy Day.

This gospel figured in 8th position on the recording disc. They hoped to sell about 500.

The song was a hit as soon as radio stations in San Francisco Bay programmed it on their channels .

In two months it sold more than 1 million records.

The piece was recreated and rearranged a few years later, in 1969. This time, the number of discs passed exceeded 7 million.

"Oh Happy Day" has thus become a planetary tub, hummed by many of us.

Edwin Hawkins has since been considered one of the founders of Gospel music.

Hawkins came from a family of musicians: his mother was, besides singer, pianist while his father played guitar Hawaiian.

It was in an old book of songs of his mother that he discovered

"Oh Happy Day", an old XVIII century canticle he had the talent to rearrange. "Oh Happy Day" was later picked up by King -Elvis Presley-, Joan Baez, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin.

It was used in background music in the movie "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg. Edwin Hawkins has won 4 grammies awards in his career as an artist.

Edwin Hawkins once told his agent that "originally, he did not think about getting into the music industry and trying to sign with a record company, but that Oh Happy Day was a piece that had defined his destiny, while leading him on this path.

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The fans of the Irish band The Cranberries are in mourning. Singer and songwriter Dolores O'Riordan died "suddenly" on Monday, Jan. 15, her agent said.

Dolores O'Riordan, passed away in London on Monday, January 15, 2018. "The singer of the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session , " said her agent, Lindsey Holmes Publicity, in a statement.

The family is "devastated" and demands respect for their private life.

Dolores O 'Riordan was the mother of three children, Taylor Baxter (20), Molly Leigh (17) and Dakota Rain (12).

After twenty years of marriage with Don Burton, the couple divorced in 2014. In the spring of 2017, the singer said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The singer of the Irish rock band, The Cranberries, Dolores O'RIORDAN, was one of the most beautiful voices in Ireland.

In 1989, the young woman joined a group in search of a voice.

His audacity and talent will make the difference and "The Cranberry Saw Us" is quickly renamed "The Cranberries" with guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler.

Together, he will get an international fame and will make five albums

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can not We? (1993), No Need to Argue (1994), To the Faithful Departed (1996), Bury the Hatchet (1999) and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (2001). Their first album, released in 1993, Everybody Else is Doing It , so Why can not We, their success is fast, thanks to the single Linger.

The group became one of the most popular of the time with the following disc, No need To Argue (1995), carried by the hits Ode to My Family and Zombie.

The song that perfectly illustrates the glory of the Cranberries is the 1994 world-famous single Zombie single, with instantly recognizable guitar riffs and Dolores O'Riordan's sharp and powerful vocals.

A song that refers to modern Irish history marked by Easter insurrection of 1916. The title will win a European MTV Music Award in 1995 and the single has been sold more than 2 million copies.

Other hits like Just My Imagination or Animal Instinct amplify the celebrity band that has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

The album No Need to argue was ranked number one in Australia, France and Germany and number six in the United States!

The third, To The Faithful Departed will not have the same success and will mark the beginning of a popular and artistic decline

In 2003 out of inspiration, the group decided to take a break.

"In 2003, my son was five years old, my daughter was two years old and I took them on the road with us.

I realized it was not fair to them.

And then, from the creative point of view, we were in a rut.

We needed a break, " said Dolores O'Riordan in 2012.

The band breaks up, the singers wanting to devote themselves to their solo career.

The singer will release two albums in the wake, "Are you listening" in 2007 and "No Baggage" in 2009

Barely a few years later, each one having traced their own road, the group is reforming itself in 2009 and is on world tour a few months ago ... The album Roses is released in 2012.

Their last album, Something Else released last year is a reinterpretation of their hits with the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Several concerts had to be canceled, the problems of the back of the singer being evoked.

Shortly before Christmas, Dolores O'Riordan posted a message on the group's Facebook page: "Hello everyone, Dolores here, I feel good!" , she wrote, saying that she had made her "first concert for months this weekend" .

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We was. Indeed it is the continuation of the first with about the same team. It is a French comedy, a musical film about the songs of the 80s with as main role Richard Anconina and Patrick Timsit.

In this film there is a lot of self-mockery that is very funny musical winks.

The story is based on the financial woes of the company 80 which is held by Vincent played by Richard Anconina and Antoine who is none other than Patrick Timsit.

So to save the society they love as their baby they ask the stars of the 80s to come back for a final concert at the Stade de France that will allow them to repay their debts.

A nice light film where there is no need to think you just have to let yourself be carried.

We will find as singer who plays the role of actor Jean-Luc Lahaye, Gilbert Montagné, Bruno Lochet, Lio, Sabrina, Jean-Marc Généreux. Achievement and the scenario is by Thomas Langmann.

The premiere was organized at the Olympia presentation of actors on music on stage then the film is finally a concert with the singers of the 80s do not forget the brunettes do not count for plums but the hysteria of the room was for Sabrina boy's boy's then for the song of Lahaye Women that I like ....

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The singer died that night in Marnes-la Coquette.

"Johnny Hallyday is gone. Jean-Philippe Smet died on the night of December 5, 2017. I write these words without believing. And yet, that's it. My man is gone, "laments his wife.

It was a beast of the stage. A legend of the French song. Johnny Hallyday died of lung cancer on the night of Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th December, leaving France in mourning. But not only. The press around the world pays tribute to him on Wednesday morning.

Johnny leaves behind a gigantic career.

Born June 15, 1943, the French rock superstar has just died at age 74.

has been known since last spring to have lung cancer.

In recent weeks, his health was alarming.


All the editorial staff and the whole DayNewsWorld are moved and join the mourning of the family.
Larry Ricky for DayNewsWorld
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Chester Bennington s’est bien suicidé par pendaison jeudi à Los Angeles. L’institut médico-légal a confirmé le suicide de l’artiste de 41 ans. La tournée du groupe est suspendue.

C'est exactement le jour de l’anniversaire de son grand ami Chris Cornell, âme du groupe grunge Soundgarden que Chester Bennington a mis fin à ses jours.

Le chanteur de metal Linkin Park s’est donné la mort jeudi.

Le suicide a été confirmé par l'institut médical du comté de Los Angeles. L'artiste de 41 ans a été découvert par un employé, pendu par une ceinture à la porte de sa chambre, à son domicile de Palos Verdes Estates, au sud-ouest de Los Angeles.

Aucun message pour expliquer son geste.

Une autopsie sera  pratiquée ultérieurement.

Ches­ter Benning­ton a lutté toute sa vie contre ses démons surve­nus après avoir été abusé à l'âge à l’âge de 7 ans.

« I got a heart full of pain, head full of anger » (j'ai le cœur rempli de douleur, la tête pleine de haine) chan­tait il déjà en 2003 Ches­ter Benning­ton dans Nobody's liste­ning, alors qu'il n'avait que que 27 ans.

« Je danse avec mes démons, je suis suspendu au bord, […] personne ne peut me sauver main­te­nant », expliquait-il ainsi dans Nobody Can Save Me, le premier titre du dernier album de Linkin Park, One More Light .

Il n'a jamais voulu porter plainte contre son agresseur

« Être frappé et violé, ce n'était pas drôle. Personne ne veut que ça vous arrive, et honnê­te­ment, je ne me souviens pas de quand ça a commencé. » avait-il confiait au Guardian

Ce drame remontera à la surface à l'arrivée en voyant une photo de lui enfant alors que lui-même était père.:

« Et tout d'un coup, parce que j'ai moi-même des enfants, j'ai pensé:

'C'est à ça que ça ressemble.' Et je me suis souvenu. Mon Dieu. Je me suis souvenu de ce qu'il m'était arrivé à ce moment-là et même en y pensant aujourd'hui, j'ai envie de pleu­rer. J'étais telle­ment petit, plus petit que ce que je pensais. Mon Dieu. Ce n'est pas éton­nant que je sois devenu un junky. Ce n'est pas éton­nant que je sois devenu fou pendant un moment. »

Il se réfugia dans la drogue, cocaïne,métham­phé­ta­mine et LSD pour oublier.

C'est grâce à la musique qu'il a pu continuer à vivre.

Mais après le suicide de son ami le chan­teur de Sound­gar­den Chris Cornell il perdit pied ne réussissant pas à surmonter une épreuve de plus.

«Ta voix était joie, douleur, colère et pardon, amour et déchirement, réunis en un», avait écrit Chester Bennington dans une lettre ouverte à son complice. «J'imagine que c'est ce que nous sommes tous», avait-il ajouté. «Tu m'as aidé à comprendre ça.»

Ches­ter Benning­ton était père de six enfants.

Après l'annonce du décès du chanteur, une pétition a été lancée pour inciter la ville de Santa Monica à rebaptiser Lincoln Park, le parc qui a inspiré le nom du groupe, Linkin Park. Ce samedi matin, elle avait récolté plus de 10.500 signatures

Les hommages se sont multipliés depuis l'annonce de son décès.. «Tu nous as montré inlassablement ce que c'était que d'être un incroyable être humain», ont écrit les membres du groupe Stone Temple Pilots, dont Chester Bennington fut brièvement le chanteur.

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DRAME La chanteuse Barbara Weldens a fait un arrêt cardiaque, à la suite d’une électrocution… mercredi soir sur scène

Elle avait seulement 35 ans.

Elle participait au festival Léo Ferré dans le Lot.

« Vers minuit, elle s’effondre sur scène, à la suite d’un arrêt cardiaque. Les premières constations appuie la thèse de l’électrocution. Pour le moment, l’enquête n’en a pas déterminé la cause », selon la brigade de recherche de la gendarmerie de Gourdon, chargée de l’enquête.

La jeune chanteuse Barbara Weldens est morte en plein concert ce mercredi. Elle se produisait dans une église dans le cadre du Festival Leo Ferré à Gourdon dans le Lot.

Barbara Weldens a grandi dans une famille de saltimbanques sur les routes dans une famille de circassiens, se formant au jonglage, à l’acrobatie et au trapèze avec ses parents.

Aimant Brel et Barbara et écrivant des poèmes depuis son plus jeune âge « J’ai toujours écrit des poèmes. Déjà toute petite… Et puis j’ai pris des cours de piano ado, tout ce que je voulais, c’était composer ! », raconte-t-elle en 2016 elle pose ses valises au Théâtre De Pierres, à Fouzilhon, dans l’Hérault, près de Pézenas, fin 2011.Grâce à sa fondation d'un collectif avec trois amis, « sa famille artistique », elle se met à écrire et composer. Barbara remporte le Tremplin Découverte Chanson de Pause Guitare en 2015, avec le prix des professionnels et le prix public Au Pic d’Or de la Chanson de Tarbes elle ne remporte pas moins de cinq prix, le prix du public, le prix Magazine FrancoFans, le prix de la créativité Académie Charles Cros et le Pic d’Or !

Fin 2016, elle remporte également le 1er prix au Concours Jeunes Talents 2016 du Festival Jacques Brel, ainsi que le prix Révélation Scène de l’Académie Charles Cros.

Sur Twitter, la jeune femme se décrivait comme une "chanteuse, auteur de spectacles vivants, cabarets, pianiste et artiste de cirque à [ses] heures"

« Mon style, c’est tous les styles, je suis tout le monde, je suis un slam qui palpite, un tango en colère, un rock qui se brise, une valse qui s’épanche, une cantate à bout de souffle… Je suis n’inporte qui, un ventre un poumon, une gorge… », a-t-elle également confié à Midi Libre

La chanteuse à la tignasse blonde iriquoise et une présence de scène impressionnante avait sorti son premier album studio au début de l’année, intitulé "Le grand H de l'homme" et avait une carrière prometteuse.

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Artiste d'avant-garde avant sa rencontre avec John Lennon, Yoko Ono avait étroitement collaboré avec le musicien et se bat depuis sa mort pour protéger ses créations.

Près d'un demi-siècle après la sortie de la célèbre chanson de John Lennon "Imagine", sa veuve et collaboratrice Yoko Ono va finalement être reconnue comme co-auteure de cette ode à la paix.

L'annonce surprise a été faite lors d'une cérémonie organisée mercredi soir à New York pour déclarer le titre, sorti en 1971, "chanson du siècle".

Alors que Yoko Ono et son fils, Sean Lennon, montaient sur scène pour recevoir ce prix, l'organisme américain National Music Publishers Association a révélé que l'artiste japonaise verrait désormais son nom accompagner celui de son mari assassiné comme co-auteure d'"Imagine".

"L'un des plus grands moments de fierté de ma vie"

Un précieux, mais tardif, signe de reconnaissance pour celle qui a souvent été accusée par des fans des Beatles d'avoir brisé le groupe et "volé" Lennon. Les organisateurs ont à cette occasion diffusé une interview de John Lennon datant de 1980, peu avant son assassinat, dans laquelle il confiait que la chanson avait en partie été inspirée d'un livre d'art de Yoko Ono, "Grapefruit". "'Imagine' aurait dû être présentée comme une chanson de Lennon/Ono. Si ça avait été qui que soit d'autre que ma femme, je l'aurais mentionné", confiait John Lennon.

Sean Lennon, enfant unique du couple Ono-Lennon, a publié une photo sur Instagram pour immortaliser l'événement et dire sa fierté:

La rockeuse et poète Patti Smith a célébré l'occasion en interprétant "Imagine" avec sa fille Jesse Smith lors de la cérémonie, pendant que Yoko Ono et Sean Lennon acceptaient le prix.

"Alors que les choses auraient pu être différentes en 1971, je suis heureux aujourd'hui de dire que les choses ont changé", a indiqué David Israelite. "C'est donc mon honneur ce soir de corriger l'enregistrement quelque 48 ans plus tard, de reconnaître Yoko Ono comme coauteure de la Chanson du siècle "Imagine" et de présenter Yoko Ono avec le crédit qu'elle mérite."

"Imagine" de John Lennon and Ono reprise dans nos temps troublés pour les victimes des attentats.

L'artiste prépare actuellement un film sur son histoire d'amour avec John Lennon. A ses côtés les producteurs Josh Bratman (Fright Night, Priest) et Michael de Luca (Judge Dredd, Freddy).

Joanne Courbet pour DayNewsWorld


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Chris Cornell, le chanteur de Soundgarden et Audioslave est mort dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi à Detroit.

Il incarnait la scène de Seattle, aux côtés de Nirvana et Pearl. Brian Bumbery,son agent, a annoncé son décès jeudi en le qualifiant de "soudain et inattendu". Il était âgé de 52 ans .

Il était membre des deux groupes incontournables de la scène rock américaine.

Quelques heures auparavant le chanteur du grunge était sur scène à Detroit. Il venait de donner un concert avec Soundgarden au Fox Theatre. Huit heures plus tôt, le chanteur avait posté une photo sur Twitter de Detroit dans le Michigan. Une expertise doit être réalisée afin de déterminer les causes du décès.

Originaire de Seattle, Soundgarden le chanteur américain a été la figure de proue de la scène grunge aux côtés d'Alice in Chains, Nirvana et Pearl Jam, tous issus de la même ville.

Il est connu mondialement pour ses chansons Black Hole Sun ( Soundgarden), ( Audioslave) ou encore You Know My Name, titre enregistré pour la Bande Originale du film.

Chris Cornell a créé le groupe Sound­gar­den en 1984 avec le guita­riste Kim Tayil et le bassiste Hiro Yama­moto.

Dix ans plus tard le groupe connaît le succès mondial avec son troisième album, "Superunknown" sorti en 1994 dont les singles Black Hole Sun et Spoon­man rece­vront respec­ti­ve­ment les Grammy Awards pour la meilleure perfor­mance de hard rock et la meilleure perfor­mance de metal en 1995.

Le clip apocalyptique de Black Hole Sun reçoit également le prix de la meilleure vidéo metal/hard-rock aux MTV Awards .

Après la séparation de Soundgarden en 1997, il entame une carrière solo

avant de rejoindre les musi­ciens d’Audio­slave en 2001pour six ans. Un supergroupe réunissant les anciens membres de Rage Against The Machine ( Tom Morello, Brad Wilk et Tim Commerford ) et mélangeant post grunge et hard rock.

En 2006, il signe la chan­son d’en­trée "You Know My Name" choisie comme thème du film de James Bond "Casino Royale", le tout premier James Bond inter­prété par Daniel Craig.

En 2012 il reforme à nouveau le groupe Sound­gar­den, avec lequel il était actuellement en tour­née mort.

Chris Cornell, chanteur qui couvrait quatre octaves, batteur et guitariste, devait terminer avec son groupe une tournée nord-américaine le 27 mai prochain.

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Le titre Coco Câline – « Je te veux, prends-moi ! » .

« A 35 ans, je devrais peut-être arrêter avec ça ! »  et  «le Lac»

La tournée de Julien Dore a débuté par une tournée au Zénith , participera à de nombreux festivals cet été avant de la terminer le 15 décembre à l’AccorHotels Arena.

Jean noir, veste noir ajustée qu’il tombe montrant à la salle en ébullition ses biceps tatoués, il joue de son corps sur la scène devant un public survolté, tout acquis.

La silhouette du chanteur se dessine au cœur d’une esperluette géante, le logogramme de la pochette de son quatrième album sorti en 2016. Le concert débute d'ailleurs par le premier titre de ce disque Porto-Vecchio

La scénographie est impressionnante, épurée :Les six musiciens répartis entre deux grands blocs blancs dont les bords s’illuminent.

Au centre, le nouvel emblème de Julien Doré, le "&", change sans cesse de couleur : bleu, orange, rouge sang.

Il permet aussi de projeter des images sur un petit écran.

Pendant qu'il chante Beyrouth Plage, Julien Doré retrouve son double en vidéo, habillé en motard pour l'imiter et retourne aux avant-postes pour se jeter dans la fosse Un vrai félin déchaîné! Le musicien fend la foule, monte dans les gradins pour encourager la fouler à chanter toujours plus fort.

On ne quitte pas la plage. Julien Doré enchaîne avec Coco Câline, son dernier single aux accents balnéaires. Tendre et sexy. "Je te veux Coco Câline, je te veux…" "Prends-moi !", répond le public, déjà chaud.

Un panda débarque alors sur scène (celui de la pochette du single)

Il reprend également d’anciens titres, comme le tube de 2013, Chou Wasabi, l' irrésistible. "Baby, I love you less and less…" ("Bébé, je t’aime de moins en moins"). L’esperluette laisse alors apparaître des images vidéo issues du documentaire tourné dans le sud de la France par Julien Doré au moment où il enregistrait son album.

Seul au piano droit, il tombe le masque du performer et aborde ensuite un répertoire plus sensible.

Place maintenant à la partie plus intimiste du show. Accompagné de son équipe de six musiciens – parmi lesquels Arman Méliès à la basse – le chanteur chante les titres de son dernier disque, & . Juliette Armanet, qui a assuré sa première partie, le rejoint pour un duo exceptionnel sur La Carte postale de la jeune pianiste.

Une dernière escapade : Paris-Seychelles. Seul au piano Julien Doré, puis le groupe le retrouve au complet.

La scène est plongée dans une lumière mauve, chaude.Puis lâcher de ballons. L’artiste disparait dans une fumée blanche...

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The final of the 62nd edition of the European song competition will feature 26 artists, including Alma for France, Saturday night in Kiev!

Rhythmic ballad, with pop accents, it is with the song "Requiem" that Alma will try to win the victory for France Saturday May 13 at the Eurovision.

The girl with the redoubtable charm decided to dedicate herself to the song, her diploma of commerce in her pocket.

The title was composed by Nazim Khaled, who also wrote

"I searched" for Amir.

Will she do better than Amir finishing 6th in the standings with her Eurovision song in 2016?



1» Israël : Imri Kiv avec I feel alive

2» Pologne : Kasia Mos avec Flashlight

3» Biélorussie : NAVI avec Historyja majho zyccia

4» Autriche : Nathan Trent avec Running on air

5» Arménie : Artsvik avec Fly with me

6» Pays-Bas : O’G3NE avec Lights and shadows

7» Moldavie : Sunstroke Project avec Hey Mamma

8» Hongrie : Joci Papai avec Origo

9» Italie : Francesco Gabbani avec Occidentali’s Karma

10» Danemark : Anja avec Where I am

11» Portugal : Salvador Sobral avec Amor pelos dois

12» Azerbaïdjan : Dihaj avec Skeletons

13» Croatie : Jacques Houdek avec My friend

14» Australie : Isaiah Firebrace avec Don’t come easy

15» Grèce : Demy avec This is love

16» Espagne : Manel Navarro avec Do it for your lover

17» Norvège : JOWST avec Grab the moment

18» Royaume-Uni : Lucie Jones avec Never give up on you

19» Chypre : Hovig avec Gravity

20» Roumanie : Ilinca feat. Alex Florea avec Yodel it!

21» Allemagne : Levina avec Perfect life

22» Ukraine : O.Torvald avec Time

23» Belgique : Blanche avec City lights

24» Suède : Robin Bengtsson avec I can’t go on

25» Bulgarie : Kristian Kostov avec Beautiful mess

26» France : Alma avec Requiem

The challenge is great for the young Alma but not impossible!
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«Chuck Berry fut le premier auteur rock à se montrer malicieux et amusant. Le premier chanteur dont les paroles valaient la peine d'être écoutées» (Mick Jagger)

Père du rock'n'roll, le guitariste de légende Charles Edward Anderson Berry, dit Chuck, s'est éteint à l'âge de 90 ans.

Il a été découvert sans vie, ce samedi, à son domicile du comté de Saint Charles, dans le Missouri.

Son succès Johnny B. Goode de 1958 reste à ce jour un des titres les plus connus de la musique du rock'n'roll.

Il laisse une œuvre immense. L’artiste se nourrit de différentes influences allant du blues à la country. Et a inspiré de nombreux artistes.

Berry connut le succès dès 1955, soit un an après That's Alright Mama, avec Maybellene le 45-tours le plus joué dans les juke-boxes des les États-Unis.

En 1958, année particulièrement féconde, ce sera Sweet Little Sixteen, le fameux Johnny B. Goode, probablement son hymne rock’n roll le plus célèbre, Around And Around, Beautiful Delilah, Carol, Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller.

A cela il faut Little Queenie, Back In The USA et Memphis Tennessee en 1959, Let It Rock et Bye Bye Johnny, en 1960.

Son titre le plus emblématique : Johnny B. Goode, base de centaines d’hymnes rock. « Johnny B. Goode c'est un peu mon histoire, celle d'un musicien qui monte dans une grande ville pour y trouver le succès», racontait-il

Les groupes anglais, Beatles et Rolling Stones en tête, ont repris ses chansons.

Des Beach Boys aux Kinks, en passant par Jimi Hendrix et Bruce Springsteen, la plupart des rock stars ont repris ses morceaux ou s'en sont inspirées largement.«Beaucoup de gens m'ont copié. Généralement, ce sont des proches qui me préviennent qu'on a repris telle ou telle de mes chansons, ou qu'on a employé un de mes accords dans un morceau», disait-il avec amertume. En France, Eddy Mitchell et la jeunesse yé-yé firent de même.

Pour son soixantième anniversaire, le réalisateur Taylor Hackford lui consacra le long-métrage Hail! Hail! Rock'n'roll. Il a filmé deux concerts donnés à Saint-Louis en 1986 notamment avec Keith Richards. Sa personnalité acariâtre à côté de son génie musical transparaît alors dans quelques séquences du film. Berry a fait vivre un enfer aux équipes du film et du concert.à tel point que Richards résuma le comportement de Berry à celui d’un « enfoiré de première catégorie »

Il avait de plus conservé des rapports très difficiles avec l'argent.«L'argent a beaucoup d'importance pour moi, disait-il. Il m'a aidé à sortir de ma condition.». Légende, exagération ou réalité, avant chaque concert il exigeait le cachet prévu cash demandant même une rallonge... C'est ainsi que le grand rocker américain, Bruce Springsteen, l'a ainsi accompagné sans jamais être payé.

Il connut par ailleurs des démêlés avec la justice peu glorieux allant du contrôle fiscal à l'accusation de souteneur qui lui valut quelques mois de prison.

Devenu homme d'affaire, il fut par la suite un peu moins moins présent sur scène et ne fit aucun nouvel enregistrement depuis l'album Rock It en 1979. Mais ironie de l'histoire, Chuck Berry préparait au moment de sa mort un nouvel album studio.

On retiendra à jamais ce géant fondateur du rock'n'roll arpentant les scènes, éternellement flanqué de sa Gibson rouge et effectuant son légendaire duckwalk, sa fameuse marche de canard, mis au point un soir pour cacher les plis disgracieux de son pantalon.

Joanne Courbet pour DayNewsWorld
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Dans une interview au magazine GQ en 2004, George Michael avait évoqué sa rencontre avec son compagnon Kenny Goss.

Ce fut une histoire d'amour qui empêcha la star de ne pas sombrer totalement dans la dépression .

C'est en pleine gloire qu'il perdit en effet son petit-ami brésilien Anselmo Feleppa décédé d'une hémorragie cérébrale en 1993.

Trois mois seulement après leur rencontre la superstar apprenait de la bouche même de son petit ami styliste son diagnostique séropositif.

George Michael n'était pas à ses côtés car cette mort était inattendue et le styliste avait quitté Londres pour épargner sa célébrité.

« S’il avait été aux States ou s’il était resté à Londres, il serait resté en vie parce que six mois plus tard tout le monde était en thérapie de combinaison. »

« Ma célébrité l’en a empêché, cela m’a fait sentir très coupable » avoua la star.

C'est le lendemain de la mort d'Anselmo que George Michael décide enfin d'annoncer à ses parents son homosexualité dans une longue lettre.

Décès de la popstar ce dimanche de Noël.

Son agent dimanche soir a déclaré au magazine Billboard que le chanteur aurait succombé à une crise cardiaque.

Selon la BBC, la police précise que la mort de l'artiste à son domicile de l'Oxfordshire est dénuée de circonstances suspectes.

Si le chanteur britannique décédé le 25 décembre a tardé à reconnaître son homosexualité, il s'est aussi retrouvé au cœur de nombreux démêlés avec la justice, notamment pour ses problèmes d'addiction à la drogue.

«Une autopsie va être menée en temps voulu», a précisé la police.

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld

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« Je suis profondément choqué. J’ai perdu un ami cher, le plus gentil et le plus généreux, et un brillant artiste.

Mes pensées vont à sa famille et à tous ses fans », a réagi le chanteur britannique Elton John sur Instagram.

Avec le groupe Wham !, il chantait Last Christmas.

Celui de 2016 aura malheureusement été son dernier : George Michael est décédé ce week-end, à l'âge de 53 ans .

" Son décès, "dans la quiétude" de sa maison de famille, serait lié à des causes naturelles selon les premières déclarations de la police.

Star au parcours tourmenté le chanteur s'était éloigné de la scène ces derniers mois – on le disait parfois en désintox (ce qu'il a démenti), ou bien accro au crack. Deux ans auparavant, en 2014, George Michael avait connu un come-back remarqué.

En 35 ans de carrière, que ce soit avec son groupe ou en solo, George Michael a vendu plus de 100 millions d'albums. Parmi ses tubes : Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Careless Whisper, Faith ou encore I want your sex.

Né Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou à East Finchley, dans le Nord de Londres, d’un père (restaurateur) chypriote et d’une mère (danseuse) anglaise, le jeune homme prend le nom de scène George Michael à la fondation de son premier groupe avec un camarade de lycée, Andrew Ridgeley. En 1981, tout deux crée un duo du nom de Wham! qui joue dans « une veine disco-pop mâtinée d’influences soul façon Motown. »

Le groupe des midinettes dans l'Angleterre des années Thatcher.

Wham ! symbolise une jeunesse cherchant à s’échapper dans des danses colorées. Rapidement, le tandem devient l’un des groupes les plus populaires du pays grâce à des titres comme Young Guns (Go For It !) en 1982, Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do) et Club Tropicana, en 1983 ; Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, en 1984 les propulsent mondialement.

Malgré l’immense succès, le groupe met fin à ses activités en 1986, date à laquelle Georges Michael débute sa carrière solo.

Après un dernier gros tube, Everything She Wants, et un troisième album, Music From the Edge of Heaven, le duo se sépare donc en 1986.

Michael commence sa carrière solo sous son nom en 1984 avec la ballade, Careless Whisper avec le saxophone langoureusement plaintif . Un succès mondial.

Carrière en solo avec Prince comme influence majeure.

George Michael de plus en plus attiré par la soul, le funk, et « un R’n’B révolutionné par les syncopes de Prince ». Ce dernier sera d’ailleurs l’influence majeure d’un premier album, Faith (1987).

En solo George Michael poursuit sa route du succès en remportant entre 1989 trois American Music Awards et un Grammy pour son album Faith, qui contient notamment le tube très suggestif I Want Your Sex avec la mise en scène de son sex-appeal.

Georges Michael a participé à quelques-uns des événements les plus marquants de la planète, comme le " Free Nelson Mandela Concert " en 1988 à Wembley .

Son engagement devient de plus en plus visible.

En 1990 il cherche à s'imposer en tant que musicien plus adulte, plus introspectif, mais aussi plus engagé (Praying For Time).Il va même jusqu'à ne plus répondre aux interviews et ne plus apparaître dans ses clips (dans celui de Freedom !’90, il envoie à sa place les plus célèbres mannequins de l’époque comme Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista entre autres.

En 1996, George Michael connaît le succès international avec son troisième album, Older, présenté comme celui de la maturité. Et pourtant il est arrêté pour atteinte à la pudeur dans les toilettes publiques d’un parc de Beverly Hills. Son ami Elton John remarque alors qu’« une pissotière n’est pas le meilleur endroit pour faire son coming out Mais l’Anglais dit alors avoir été mal à l’aise avec son statut de star et son image d’homme à femmes

Mais tant que vous n’avez pas dit “je suis gay”, vous n’avez pas fait votre coming out ».

Il arrête la scène pendant près de quinze ans : « J’ai toujours eu l’impression que ce grand cirque menaçait ma santé mentale ».

L'album "Patience"en 2004 occupe la première place des ventes au Royaume-Uni.

George Michael repart en tournée de 2006 à 2008, à la faveur d’un « best of » intitulé Twenty Five.

En 2011, il se lance dans une nouvelle tournée, accompagné d’un orchestre symphonique.Fin novembre 2011, il annule son concert londonien du Royal Albert Hall en raison d’une pneumonie . Son état avait nécessité des soins intensifs, en raison de la sévérité de l'infection à pneumocoques qu'il avait contractée.

En retrait ces dernières années, un album était en préparation avec

le producteur britannique Naughty Boy.

La pop star prévoyait également de sortir un documentaire autobiographique en 2017.

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La voilà qui enchaîne de nouveau les albums comme à la grande époque.

Elle a annoncé à Vegas Player qu’elle enregistrait de nouveaux titres en vue d’un prochain disque. " Je ne suis pas encore sûre de ce que je veux pour mon prochain album, de la façon dont il doit sonner, a-t-elle confié.

Tout ce que je sais, c’est que je suis ravie d’être en studio de nouveau et j’ai déjà enregistré des choses".

Le dernier album de Britney Spears, Glory, est encore tout frais, puisqu’il est sorti le 26 août .

Elle avait mis trois ans avant de le sortir. Britney Jean date en effet de novembre 2013.

A ses début en revanche, elle avait enchaîné ses trois premiers albums en une année d’intervalle à chaque fois :… Baby One More Time (1999), Oops ! I did it again (2000), Britney (2001).


Britney Spears représente le parfait rêve hollywoodien.

Devenue une star, aux origines modestes, elle finit par chuter puis fait amende honorable et revient sur le devant de la scène en retrouvant toute sa gloire.

Britney Spears a fait un retour en force après avoir été internée en soins psychiatriques. Elle avait même perdu la garde de ses deux garçons, confiés à leur père ;

Elle donne son spectacle à Las Vegas, Piece of Me, avec brio.

Chaque date affiche complet. !!

Elle passe de plus en plus de temps avec ses fils, et ses albums renouent avec le sommet des charts...

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Cette année, sur la banquette passager de la voiture de James Corden, Mariah Carey, Adele ou encore Lady Gaga, ont pris le temps de tourner une petite séquence sur "All I want for Christmas is you" pour le best of de Noël !

Le plus américain des présentateurs britanniques James Corden possède un long carnet d'adresse.

L'animateur du Late Late show offre un beau cadeau de Noël à tous les mélomanes de la télévision autour du tube de Mariah Carrey : "All I want for Christmas is you".

Adele et Lady Gaga ont participé elles aussi à cette belle compilation en reprenant les quelques "Make my wish come true".

On adore aussi la décontraction des rockeurs du groupe Red Hot Chili Peppers et l'hommage au d'un grand maître de la chanson : Sir Elton John.

A se procurer absolument !

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Madonna, élue Femme de l'année, dénonce le sexisme dans un discours décapant

Elue "Femme de l'année" par le magazine Billboard, Madonna n'a pas mâché ses mots et a profité de cette distinction pour dénoncer le sexisme "flagrant" dont elle a été victime durant sa carrière. "On me comparait à Satan".

La femme de l'année, c'est bien elle ! Après Lady Gaga, le magazine Billboard a décidé de remettre la distinction à Madonna.

Mais la chanteuse américaine, au succès international et jamais démenti, n'a pas versé dans de longs remerciements.U CONTRAIRE ! En recevant son prix à New York, où s'est déroulée la cérémonie des Billboard Women in Music, Madonna a prononcé un discours féministe sans concession.

A Pugnace, elle a réglé ses comptes avec l'industrie en rappelant les difficultés rencontrées à son arrivée dans la mégalopole en 1978 :

« New York est un endroit effrayant. Durant ma première année ici, j'ai été violée sur un toit, un couteau sous la gorge. On m'a cambriolée, puis j'ai perdu beaucoup d'amis à cause de la drogue ou des armes. Tous ces événements ont fait de moi cette femme audacieuse qui se tient devant vous mais m'ont aussi rappelé à quel point j'étais vulnérable ».

Le pouvoir des femmes doit s'affirmer.

Durant 34 ans, la star a fait face « à un sexisme flagrant, à la misogynie et à l'intimidation constante ». « Les gros titres me comparaient à Satan .(...) j'ai compris que les femmes n'avaient pas la même liberté que les hommes » a-t-elle souligné.

« Quand vous êtes une femme, vous devez jouer le jeu. Mais quel est ce jeu ? Vous avez le droit d'être belle, mignonne, sexy. Mais ne soyez pas trop intelligente, n’ayez pas d'opinions, sinon vous ne serez pas dans la norme » a-t-elle ajouté.

David Bowie est resté sa Muse dans ce Star-system qui broie les individus et particulièrement les femmes.

Elle en appelle à la solidarité féminine comme pouvoir contre cet autre pouvoir qu'est le machisme.

Poursuivant son discours très engagé, Madonna a ensuite salué ironiquement tous ceux qui ont voulu lui mettre des bâtons dans les roues. Leur méchanceté lui a donné au contraire plus de force :

« votre résistance( ...), a façonné la battante que je suis aujourd'hui »
Madonna a fini par remercier l'organisation de la soirée pour avoir, à travers ce prix, remarqué son esprit rebelle à qui elle doit sa longévité !


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«Ma famille et moi vous offrons nos meilleurs voeux pour les Fêtes»

«Je vous ai préparé une liste des mes chansons de Noël préférées.»

Dans un entretien accordé au New York Post, Céline Dion révèle ses plans pour Noël. Pas question pour elle et sa famille de rompre avec la tradition familiale. Elle a décidé de se rendre dans le Montana, aux Etats-Unis, pour des vacances avec ses enfants, René-Charles, Eddy et Nelson ,à la neige comme chaque année.

Elle va essayer « de trouver un équilibre, et d'être en paix avec moi-même et mes enfants, de manger, jouer à des jeux, que ce soit au Monopoly ou autre. C'est un moment à la fois doux et amer, mais en même temps, on a besoin de rendre ces fêtes joyeuses ».

Au programme : Jeux de société au coin du feu, chocolats chauds, et petite soirée intime avec quelques amis. Rien d’extravagant, juste de quoi « retrou­ver l’esprit festif » de Noël.

Et bien sûr la star n'a pas oublié ses fans !

Dans un message publié sur Facebook, Céline Dion souhaite de bonnes fêtes à ses admirateurs et a dévoilé sa playlist de Noël.

«Ma famille et moi vous offrons nos meilleurs voeux pour les Fêtes»

«Je vous ai préparé une liste des mes chansons de Noël préférées.» Parmi lesquelles «Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer», de John Denver, «Happy Xmas» de John Lennon ou encore «Please Come Home for Christmas» de James Brown. Et certaines chansons de son propre répertoire, comme «Ave Maria» ou «Les cloches du hameau».

«J’espère que vous aimerez les écouter pendant cette période magique en compagnie de ceux et celles que vous aimez», a terminé Céline Dion dans un autre tweet.

MERCI Céline et que vous puissiez passer de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année !

Prochain show à Las Vegas le 17 janvier 2017.

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La nouvelle tournée de Michel Sardou en 2017

et sa franchise crue vis-à-vis des politiques .

"Il faut maintenant, simplement, que je travaille avec une prof du Conservatoire, une jeune femme charmante, qui va me replacer et me faire monter au maximum de ce que je peux faire maintenant, compte tenu de mon âge"

C'est un artiste de 69 ans qui a décidé de remonter sur les planches , depuis l’annulation de sa tournée en 2013, pour chanter des chansons divertissantes.

Michel Sardou se lancera dès le 26 décembre 2016 dans une nouvelle tournée qui sera, selon ses propres propos, sa dernière. Cette tournée s’achèvera le 3 janvier... 2018. Après une tournée triomphale en 2013 et 4 ans d’absence, ses fans le retrouveront dans les plus grands festivals dès l’été 2017, en tournée en France, Belgique et Suisse à partir du 30 septembre 2017 et à La Seine musicale sur l’Ile Seguin pour 7 représentations exceptionnelles.

Avant de reprendre la route, le chanteur de 69 ans doit encore réapprendre à travailler sa voix. C’est à cause d' une grave infection ORL (oto-rhino-laryngologique) qu'il na pas pu chanter pendant ces trois dernières années.

"Heureusement, j’ai un très bon médecin

. De son registre il bannit toutes chansons engagées qui dit-il peuvent blesser des gens. Ne vous attendez donc plus au « France » ou à « la débandade ». Fini l'engagement politique, fini le soutien apporté à des hommes politiques.

Michel Sardou semble à ce propos être revenu de tout n'ayant pas même voter aux primaires de la droite ! Il pense cependant que François Fillon est un bon compromis. Mais il n'apportera plus son soutien de chanteur engagé dans la politique.

Pourquoi ?Il ne mâche pas ses mots pour parler de ces derniers et n'utilise pas la langue de bois pour tacler tous ces guignols !

De plus il pense tout simplement que cela n'apporte rien à la femme ou à l'homme politique et rien non plus à l'artiste. Alors à quoi bon ! Maintenant il préfère faire rire le public dans ce monde si troublé... Ce qui est sûr cependant c'est son aversion à l’égard de la gauche actuelle qu'il vomit. « La gauche, je n’en veux plus. C’est terminé. » a-t-il affirmé sur le plateau de TF1.

Michel Sardou interprétera donc ses plus grands tubs et des nouvelles chansons pour «  sa dernière danse » afin de remercier son public fidèle depuis 50 ans.
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"À l'attention du Dr Philippe Siou, écrit Michel Polnareff. Je trouve absolument intolérables

ces attaques quant à votre intégrité et les menaces qui l'accompagnent."

Gilbert Coullier, le producteur de la tournée de Michel Polnareff, a annoncé à l'AFP qu'il avait pris des mesures : "Comme vous le savez une procédure a été engagée, je ne souhaite donc pas m'exprimer sur le sujet pour l'instant."

Le Journal du Dimanche du 11 décembre émettait des doutes sur le fait que le chanteur souffrait bien. Ou l'embolie pulmonaire bilatérale n'avait-elle pas servi "à légitimer l'annulation de deux concerts" ?

Une annulation qui pourrait coûter 500 000 euros à Coullier Productions. Productions. Le chanteur s'est exprimé sur les réseaux sociaux trouvant "intolérable" les "attaques" et les "menaces" qui attaquent le docteur Siou
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Serge Lama fait en novembre dernier son grand retour avec son nouveau disque, Où sont passés nos rêves, huit ans après la sortie de son dernier album. Pour cet opus, il a travaillé avec de nombreux chanteurs et compositeurs tels Obispo, Calogero, Bruel, Cabrel mais aussi Carla Bruni.

Pour le chanteur âgé de 73 ans ce nouvel opus lui permet de tenir le coup après le décès de son épouse Michèle.

"Avec le malheur qui vient de me frapper, ce disque m'aide à tenir le coup" affirme-t-il dans Platine.

Et de continuer sur Johnny Halliday

"Johnny m'étonne depuis toujours. On a le même âge ; Il a une vie très difficile en se sortant de toutes les situations. . C'est le seul montre sacrée de la chanson française, avec Charles Aznavour".

Une autre personnalité que celle du rocker a toute l’admiration de Serge Lama.

Carla Bruni qui a également participé à son album. « (...) je ne connais pas de personne plus directe, simple et polie qu'elle. Elle m'a scotché ».

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Au coeur de "L'affaire Polnareff", on trouve son médecin, le Docteur Philippe Siou. bien connu des personnalités"le médecin des puissants". C'est un praticien de l'hôpital américain de Neuilly qui a une clientèle VIP. Il en a même tiré un livre, dans lequel il raconte ses interventions avec les grands de ce monde.

Y-a-t-il une possible manipulation du chanteur autour de sa maladie pour échapper aux concerts prévus ? Et le docteur de l'hôpital américain de Neuilly que l'on surnomme "le médecin des puissants"?

Dans le Parisien, il déclare notamment, "Je ne suis pas l'ami de Michel Polna­reff, je suis méde­cin, un tech­ni­cien, un prati­cien" . N'en demeure pas moins qu'il est le médecin soignant les puissants de ce monde jusqu'au colonel Kadhafi.

Jack­son, Richard Nixon et égale­ment Sharon Stone le prendraient non seulement comme médecin mais aussi comme confident. C'est ainsi qu'il raconte dans son livre, Propofol, aux éditions Léo Scheer. qu'au lieu de méde­cin, il a plutôt fait office de « nounou » pour Michael Jack­son plusieurs nuits ! Une bien drôle conception de la médecine peut-on penser !

« Il faut savoir ne pas leur dire non, tout en ne faisant pas n’im­porte quoi. (.. .). Tenir est un exer­ci­ce… » .

Qu'en est-il pour Michel Polnareff ?

Rappelons que ce sont les producteurs qui montent au créneau vue les pertes considérables d'argent dues à l'annulation des concerts...

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"24K Magic" est le premier extrait d'un album éponyme
Cette chanson célèbre les soirées passées en compagnie de jolies jeunes femmes et fait, avec ses synthétiseurs et son rythme entraînant ; C'est un disque dansant, festif, influencé par les années 1990 et le hip-hop , rock et soul.

Le chanteur-compositeur et musicien multi-instrumentiste originaire de Hawaï de 31 ans est un habitué des mégasuccès dans les classements des meilleures ventes depuis son album "Unorthodox Jukebox" en 2012 comme son titre "Uptown Funk" avec Mark Ronson fin 2014.

Chanté en février dernier à la mi-temps du Super Bowl, la finale du Championnat de football américain, l'événement le plus regardé de la télévision américaine.

Pour parvenir à ses hauteurs Bruno Mars n'a pas hésité à parler de plusieurs sacrifices et sa capacité de résistance durant les périodes difficiles.

Il a également insisté sur le travail qui entourait la sortie d'une chanson. En évoquant la nomination de sa chanson Grenade aux Grammy Awards

:De sa chanson Grenade, il explique :

« Nous [les auteurs/compositeurs de la chanson] avons travaillé vraiment dur sur cette chanson, pendant trois mois, déchirant les feuilles de papier, essayant

de faire arriver ce titre là. C’est bien que ça soit reconnu. Nous sommes fiers de cette chanson et nous espérons sortir victorieux à l’issue de la cérémonie des Grammy Awards.

Ce doué des instruments comme des paroles n'a pas fini de nous étonner, exigent envers lui-même, pour communier à chaque concert avec son public .

Sa prochaine tournée 2017 en France ne manquera pas d'être un succès. Le chanteur participera au "fashion show" de la marque Victoria’s Secret qui se tiendra à Paris en décembre 2016 (diffusé le 5 décembre sur CBS).
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La chanteuse n’a pas gardé de très bons souvenirs du passé…AVEC SES EX.

°La chanteuse vient de tourner pour Luc Besson .

°Elle a été nommée égérie Dior cette année.

°Elle a présenté sa collection Fenty x Puma lors de la dernière Fashion Week de Paris.

Pourtant, la chanteuse est toujours célibataire.

Depuis sa rupture définitive d’avec Chris Brown en 2012 aurait-elle eu de nombreuses aventures, aussi bien avec Drake que Leonardo DiCaprio ?

Serait-elle un peu méfiante avec la gent masculine ? Un récent message posté sur son compte Instagram semble le montrer :

«  Aucun de mes ex n’est marié ou dans une relation amoureuse épanouissante, donc je ne pense pas me tromper en disant que ça n’est pas moi le problème », peut-on en effet lire sur la photo.

Rihanna, l’éternelle célibataire ?

Rihanna a tout de la femme idéale : belle, riche et célèbre.


Son histoire d’amour avec Chris Brown, très médiatisée, avait connu plus de bas que de hauts. Le rappeur l’avait notamment violemment agressée en 2009, alors qu’ils se rendaient ensemble à la cérémonie des Grammy Awards.

Depuis, malgré une brève aventure avec le joueur de baseball Matt Kemp et une réputation des plus sulfureuses, Rihanna n’est pas prête : « Je suis célibataire, confiait la chanteuse sur le plateau d’Ellen DeGeneres en février dernier. Je crois que j’ai tellement de travail, que je ne peux même pas trouver le temps d’avoir une relation stable ou quoi que ce soit de sérieux, même d’envoyer un message ! »

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Quel artiste ne rêverait-il pas d' être comparé à Madonna ?

Et bien figure-toi que ce n’est pas le cas de Lady Gaga !

Osez faire des parallèles entre la carrière de la Material Girl et celle de la Mother Monster hérisse tout simplement notre Lady. « Madonna et moi sommes très différentes ».


Certes les deux stars ont déjà eu des rapports tendus dans le passé .Mais Lady Gaga s'estime avant tout « une productrice » » « une auteure » À la différence de Madonna qui ne ferait que « répéter encore et encore pour faire un show. ».

Pas facile Lady Gaga !

L'hommage rendu par Lady Gaga à David Bowie aux Grammy Awards le 15 février dernier avait laissé plus d’un pantois. Lady Gaga a également mal accepté les reproches du fils de David Bowie.

Juste après sa prestation sur la scène des Grammy Awards, ce dernier avait qualifié, sur son compte Twitter, son hommage d’« ultra excité, irrationnel, typiquement le résultat d’un enthousiasme excessif et mentalement confus. » Lady Gaga, elle-même fan de David Bowie, a pris la critique de plein fouet.mais toujours aussi mauvaise perdante :

«  Je ne peux pas… C’est son père vous savez. que le père de Duncan n’était pas David Bowie mais David Jones. »

L'hommage de Lorde, rendu hommage à son père, David Bowie, le 24 février sur la scène des BRIT Awards, a eu droit à des félicitation de la part du fils Bowie.

Cependant Lady Gaga aura dans quelques mois un défi de succéder à Beyoncé, Coldplay et Bruno Mars. Les trois artistes avaient livré en février dernier un show mémorable lors de la mi-temps du dernier Super Bowl (la finale du championnat de football américain), qui célébrait alors son cinquantième anniversaire.

C'est un événement qui explose chaque année les records d’audiences téléspectateurs jusqu'à 115 millions lors du concert de la mi-temps. Lady Gaga, qui se produira l’an prochain sur la pelouse du NRG Stadium de Houston explique sa stratégie : « Le meilleur moyen de repousser les limites, c’est avec ses tripes et son talent ».

La chanteuse va se lancer bientôt dans une tournée des bars et des pubs aux Etats-Unis pour promouvoir  son nouvel album, Joanne,où elle a écrit un titre en hommage à Trayvon Martin. « Comment pourrais-je ne rien dire ? », a-t-elle ajouté.

Militante également !
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"Il paraît qu'il était difficile d'écouter notre musique, mais nous sommes ici. Il semble que Cuba est en train de changer. " (Mick Jagger)

Plus de 500000 cubains ont assisté au concert géant des Rolling Stones à la Havane le 25 mars. Ce spectacle inédit des Rockeurs a été programmé trois jours après une visite historique du Président américain Obama à Cuba, dans leur tournée « América Latina Olé » . Symbole de l'ouverture du régime castriste commencée déjà depuis quelques mois ?

Voici les Rolling Stones qui commencent par Jumpin Jack Flash suivie de It's only rock and roll et des grands classiques du répertoire du groupe pendant deux heures ponctués espagnol par de cordiaux :

"Bonsoir, mes gens de Cuba", puis assez rapidement :

"Nous sommes ici, finalement ! ".

Mais le retour du rock dans le pays longtemps considéré comme satanique par les autorités ne passionne que quelques fans...

C'est que cette musique jugée jusqu' à aujourd’hui capitaliste et décadente était bannie et fortement déconseillée par le régime castriste. 

Alors Mick Jagger fait un clin d'oeil aux "Cubanos Romanticos"

(les Cubains romantiques) avec sa chanson culte Angie. 

Les couples commencent à danser des slows.

Le chanteur, accompagné de Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood et Keith Richards, enchaîne ensuite les classiques.

C'est que Cuba vibre pour la Salsa, le Son, le Reggeaton … en langue espagnole.La fracture culturelle est immense.

Alors le rocker Mick Jagger ose: «Il paraît qu'il était difficile d'écouter notre musique, mais nous sommes ici. Il semble que Cuba est en train de changer» et après une heure et demie : «Merci Cuba pour la musique que vous avez offert au monde».

C'est que Cuba est encore un autre monde !

Paul Emison pour DayNewsWorld