The sexual assault suspect was taken into police custody as soon as he got off the plane on Monday morning to give his side of the story.

Eddy, 34, was transferred to the premises of the SDPJ of Seine-Saint-Denis to deliver his version of the facts.

The alleged victim, 21-year-old Candide Renard, had filed a complaint for "sexual assault" on Sunday when he returned to France.

The alleged victim, Candide Renard landed Sunday afternoon in Paris on board an Air France flight from Los Angeles.

A confidentiality device had been put in place to prevent the young woman from passing in front of the photographers.

The facts would have taken place on the night of the 4th to the 5th day of filming. "A competitor has reported facts likely to be a sexual assault," announced the company Adventure Line Productions (ALP) in a statement Friday afternoon. Previously, the company had only reported an "event" preventing "continued filming in serene conditions". The candidate, for his part, formally challenged the facts.

"On the night of the 4th to the 5th day of filming a competitor reported facts likely to be a sexual assault. These facts are formally disputed by the competitor concerned, " wrote Alexia Laroche-Joubert. "We are neither judge nor prosecutor and insist on respecting the word of one as the presumption of innocence of the other, reason why it was indicated yesterday that no other comment would be made", has added the producer.

However, two other candidates were present at the time of the alleged facts during filming in Fiji. "Aurélie called for help with the emergency walkie talkie because she was not feeling well . It was only at the arrival of the production teams that Candide said he was assaulted. " The other alleged presumed adventurer, Fabien, would have " found nothing abnormal during the night " and would not confirm the accusations the complainant.

There was no confrontation between Eddy and Candide and no pursuit was held against the adventurer. The young man had, from the outset, firmly denied the facts he is accused of. Candice Renard had been summoned to SDPJ 93 this afternoon, where she had come to reiterate her accusations. The police did not consider it necessary to confront Eddy Guyot ... It is therefore as a totally free man that Eddy Guyot returned home, without any coercion or subsequent convocation. The floor of Nancy will take over the case, Eddy Guyot is domiciled in Meurthe and Moselle.

It is therefore as a totally free man that Eddy Guyot returned home, without any constraint or subsequent convocation.

Thierry Moreau assures that Adventure Line Productions will not be covered by his insurance for this shooting stop, because the reason is outside the game, and will be responsible for all production costs incurred. The chronicler of Canal + Group's news channel puts forward the sum of one million euros.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld