Michael Bloomberg is turning the tide of the Democratic primaries.

While he did not show up for the first four and reserved himself for Super Tuesday, March 3, which will see the election of a third of the delegates at once, he is already third in the polls and has was admitted, as such, to participate, for the first time, in the debate between the candidates, Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

His presence alongside the other Democratic candidates, who have campaigned on the ground for more than a year, constitutes a first success for the billionaire.

19% of voting intentions and 30 times more money invested than Joe Biden

Michael Bloomberg is in third position in the average of national polls established by RealClearPolitics.

Better, it even comes in second place in a new NPR / PBS / Marist poll published on Tuesday.

With 19% of the voting intentions, Michael Bloomberg is for example ahead of the former vice-president Joe Biden (15%), in clear loss of speed after having pracid for a long time in the polls.

However, he remains at a distance from independent senator Bernie Sanders who, with 31% of voting intentions, is more than ever a favorite in the nomination contest.

It must be said that in three months, Michael Bloomberg - 11th richest man in the world and 8th American in the Forbes ranking - did not hesitate to spend $ 400 million to saturate the airwaves and the web of campaign advertisements. In particular in more than 150 advertising spots broadcast daily and in prime time during the Super Bowl and the Oscars. And the former mayor of New York said he was ready to spend a billion dollars on the campaign.

That's more than all the other candidates put together, ten times more than Bernie Sanders and thirty times more than Joe Biden,

Bloomberg was forced to skip the first four primary elections, leaving Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg to lead the race for delegates, but he bet everything on the dozen states that will vote Tuesday March 3 during Super Tuesday.

The divided Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders is certainly now a favorite, but he is far from having gathered the party behind him. In New Hampshire, its cumulative score to that of Elizabeth Warren (the left wing of the Democratic Party) reached 35%, against 52% for the moderate wing (Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Biden). Political science professor at the University of Washington, Chris Edelson believes that "many democratic voters want above all to beat Trump and are worried about a candidacy of Bernie Sanders", which they consider "too extreme" with his label of " democratic socialist ”.

According to projections from the Five Thirty Eight site, there is now a one in three chance that we will attend a contested convention in Milwaukee in mid-July, with no candidate having reached the absolute majority of the delegates. In this case, Bloomberg could then pose as a unifier and try to rally the moderates behind him

Duel Trump / Bloomberg

But the billionaire who wants to challenge Donald Trump will have to, during the next televised debate, for the first time respond directly to the attacks of his opponents. Indeed his opponents redoubled their attacks, particularly on his record at the New York City Hall and Michael Bloomberg, who will cross swords with them for the first time during the debate, Wednesday February 19 in Las Vegas., Will have to answer for his facies politics and its sexist attacks.

Polemics of the past in the spotlight

In Las Vegas, the billionaire may have to answer for his facies control policy when he was mayor of New York, and for the sexist remarks that have marked his career as a businessman. In 2015, Bloomberg boasted of having reduced violence in New York by encouraging checks and facies searches in underprivileged neighborhoods. He was forced to apologize last week, admitting that the criticized practice had led to the arrest of "too many innocent people", including "an overwhelming majority" of African Americans or Latinos.

Likewise, Bloomberg was accused of harassment and sexism in the 1990s by women working for his company, and he settled several complaints out of court with his checkbook, according to a Washington Post investigation. Attacks to which the candidate will have to respond.

In addition the other Democratic candidates attack this wealthy man on his fortune as a billionaire. He is accused of not being a true Democrat, since he has been elected mayor of New York three times as a Republican. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, for their part, also criticize him for wanting to buy his qualification with his money.

But Michael Bloomberg says he doesn't want to face the conflict of interest problem like the current president. If he wins, he will be 100% president and not a half-time businessman. The billionaire Democratic candidate has recalled that if he became the new tenant of the White House, he would let go of his empire.

"We want to be 180 degrees from Donald Trump on the subject of financial conflicts of interest. "Says his advisor Tim O'Brien. "We think this is one of the biggest spots on the presidency, and this is attributed to Trump's refusal to disengage from his own financial interests. So we want to be very transparent and very clear with voters." During his presidential election, Donald Trump refused to disengage from his empire, so he housed his assets in a company and put his older sons at the head of the Trump Organization.

It's that Bloomberg's message is very clear: he's only there to beat Trump by any means available to him. And his people are huge, besides his fortune.

Bloomberg, alternative of the centrists

Indeed the collapse of the campaign of Joe Biden, former vice-president of Obama and long favorite of the polls, and the rise of Bernie Sanders, the senator very left of Vermont, created a vacuum for the more centrist voters, who see Bloomberg as a possible alternative.

For several years, after leaving New York City Hall, has Bloomberg not become a major donor to elected Democrats and certain liberal causes, such as gun control and environmental protection ?

At 78, the billionaire wants to win the nomination and challenge Donald Trump. Michael Bloomberg then concentrates his forces on Super Tuesday which will see fourteen states rule, including two richly endowed with delegates, California and Texas.

Its objective: to achieve a performance during the "Super Tuesday" of March 3, this joint primary which will see the largest number of delegates assigned to the Democratic convention. For a duel between two billionaire businessmen?

Donald Trump has not said his last word.

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"Each time my party has entered the White House in the past fifty years, it has been done thanks to a candidate who is new to national politics, focused on the future, not shaped by the Washington way of life and opening up the Path to a new generation, "said Pete Buttigieg, the rising outsider, at a rally last weekend in Waterloo, Iowa.
"This is how we win. "

According to the partial results of the Iowa caucus, kick-off of the Democratic primaries, the mayor of South Bend would be shoulder to shoulder with Bernie Sanders.

Would Pete Buttigieg's fate go through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC ?

Yet he likes to repeat and insist that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Washington establishment. Quite the contrary.

At 38, Pete Buttigieg, a multilingual technocrat, veteran, gay and married, wants to highlight as much as he can his experience as mayor of South Bend, a small town in the Republican state of Indiana , whose US Vice President Mike Pence was Governor before joining the Trump administration.

It is thanks to this experience in this state of Midwest, he assures, that he developed a connection with the Americans much more authentic than that of the elites of the federal capital.

Youth a campaign argument

Positioned in the center, he launched himself into the battle last year to be the one who will be Donald Trump's great rival in the presidential election in November. To do this, he must face democratic candidates who are better known to the general public, but also twice as old. "Pete", as he is easily called because of his unpronounceable name, managed to overcome his young age, he celebrated his 38th birthday on January 19.

Never has such a young American taken part in the race for the White House: when he formalized his candidacy, in April 2019, he was only two years older than the minimum age required to run for the presidential.

The Democrat has, in fact, much less experience in politics than the "seniors in the primaries." He never exercised a national mandate but ruled the fourth largest city of Indiana (100,000 inhabitants), South Bend, between 2015 and 2019.

Pete Buttigieg, however, turned this inexperience into an argument for his campaign. He recalls that "each time [his] party has entered the White House for the past fifty years, this has been done thanks to a candidate who is new to national politics, focused on the future, not shaped by the way of life of Washington and paving the way for a new generation. "

"This is how we win," he insists.

A credible outsider against his Democratic rivals

An excellent speaker, he highlighted his experience as a military enlisted worker, who spent seven months in Afghanistan. He has managed to appear as a credible outsider against his Democratic rivals, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who has long pranced in the polls, and Senator Bernie Sanders, great hope of the left wing of the party . These two veterans of politics have failed to contain Pete Buttigieg, who has repeatedly told voters that his status as a newcomer was not unique in the history of presidential elections. In some ways, Pete Buttigieg then recalls Bill Clinton. Barely older than him when he entered the competition, Clinton was the governor of Arkansa and Buttigieg is mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Supporter of unity

"Mayor Pete" as he is often called has just revealed that there is a new offer that is available to voters. He dusted off the campaign which remained stuck on the fight of the great elders that are Sanders, Biden and Warren, without mentioning Bloomberg, who is also agitated by spending a fortune.

For many Americans, Pete Buttigieg was a complete stranger until he called Mike Pence the "presidential cheerleader" of the Trump presidency, he said. As his campaign grew, he presented himself as a supporter of unity after the Trump-era divisions.

He has thus put forward certain progressive positions, but thinks that his more moderate views on health coverage and taxes could convince centrist voters, in particular the independents and Republicans who voted for Donald Trump, but wishing an option to get out of this presidency marked by division. He is also pro-union and proposes to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court.

The sexual orientation of Pete Buttigieg, who appeared at the start of the competition alongside her husband Chasten, seems however to have relatively little impact on the choice of voters. In recent months, the young Harvard graduate has preferred to focus on his Christian faith rather than his marriage to a man. Chasten Glezman, 30, would become the first “first gentleman” if her husband was elected president. As mayor, Pete Buttigieg, who married in church in the summer of 2018, regularly reacted to remarks by religious curator Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana.

Also Major Pete knew how to give a breath to the democratic campaign by proposing another way. His campaign launch was clear on this point: it was not so much for him to chase Donald Trump as to give a new perspective to his generation and to the younger ones "who will be those who, for the first time, will succeed worse than their parents if nothing changes, "he said then.

“Pete Buttigieg therefore becomes a name that rivals each of his rivals, and his youth snaps in this campaign as a challenge he opposes to their experience: the American Dream is reinvented. Each voter can easily identify with this sling from a still very young man who claims that everything is possible for anyone who wants to try his luck.

An important symbolic victory

Should we get carried away and think that Iowa will create the dynamic that will lead him to victory? In a survey published by Gallup: to the question "who is best placed to beat Donald Trump?" ", They are 44% in the Democratic Party to answer" Joe Biden ", before ranking Sanders (19%), Bloomberg (10%), Warren (9%) and are only 3% to quote Buttigieg.

Translating his victory in Iowa into a broader electoral success will be a monumental task. Despite its impressive ability to raise funds, national polls only place it in fifth position. The fault of a notoriety deficit compared to more established candidates. He also suffers from very weak support among black voters, a key electorate for the Democrats ...

Pete Buttigieg starts his campaign with an important symbolic victory. But this small rural state represents only 41 delegates out of the 1,990 necessary to be invested by the Democratic Party, during the national convention in July. He will therefore have to garner other victories, in larger states, if he wants to be nominated presidential candidate.

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The US Senate on Wednesday dismissed the two charges against Donald Trump, marking the general acquittal of the White House host.

The outcome of the dismissal trial of Donald Trump, who kept the Americans in suspense, has just fallen. The President of the United States was acquitted by the Senate on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, after a historic trial that shed light on America's divides without ever wobbling its electoral base.

Before him, only two of his predecessors, Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998, had undergone such a procedure. But his trial showed that the former New York businessman could count on a tight-knit Republican party, a significant asset nine months before an election in which he will run for a second four-year term.

However, this political victory was overshadowed by the defection of a prominent Republican politician: Mitt Romney, an unsuccessful candidate for the White House in 2012.

Donald Trump acquitted

In a solemn vote followed live on television by tens of millions of Americans, the Senate estimated, by 52 votes out of 100, that Donald John Trump, 45th president in history, had not surrendered guilty of abuse of power. By 53 votes out of 100, he also considered that he had not been guilty of obstructing the smooth running of Congress. The United States Constitution requires a two-thirds majority (67 seats out of 100) to remove a president. "Acquitted forever," claims the White House.

49% supportive of Trump

Since the scandal broke out, the White House host claims to be the victim of a witch hunt orchestrated by his opponents who would not have digested his surprise victory of 2016. The strategy seems to have, at least in part, paid off: according to the latest poll from the Gallup Institute, it records 49% of favorable opinions, a record since his coming to power. Less than 24 hours before the Senate vote, Donald Trump had praised Tuesday evening, before the Congress assembled in full, its "incredible" results in a speech with accents of campaign rallies. "Unlike so many others before me, I keep my promises," he launched, constantly cut by the standing ovations and the "USA, USA" of the Republicans. In this same House of Representatives which indicted him on December 18, he shuffled all the themes to come for the November 3 poll: the fight against illegal immigration or abortion, "the great economic success" the United States...

Torn speech

At no time was "impeachment" mentioned. But the shadow of the trial, which marked a final break between the "Trumpists" and the Democrats, hung over the hemicycle. Opposition politicians most often refrained from applauding, some boycotted the event, others left in the middle of his speech. Donald Trump ostensibly avoided shaking hands with the Democratic leader of the Nancy Pelosi room. Once the speech was finished, the latter tore her copy of the speech in a spectacular gesture.

Americans rather concerned about economic results

Beyond Washington, the trial divided both the Americans and their elected representatives. Its impact on the elections is therefore difficult to predict, but Donald Trump says he is convinced that voters will penalize "democrats-who-do-nothing".

Americans, in fact, although 52% convinced that the president has abused his power, were only 46% to vote for his dismissal, according to a poll NBC News / Wall Street Journal published at the formal opening of the Donald Trump impeachment trial. 49% think the opposite. "The results suggest that the impeachment has not changed a lasting feature of the Trump presidency: in a turbulent political environment , the views of Americans on him remain unchanged," said the Wall Street Journal. According to the daily, the poll points to a strengthening of the president's position in recent months thanks to better dynamism from his Republican supporters.

The voters thus kept their opinion on the guilt or the innocence of the president. They finally seemed more concerned about economic issues than the outcome of the Donald Trump trial

"Mr. Trump can do whatever he wants, the party will support him."

While it is difficult to predict what the consequences of this epilogue will be for the November election, Fox News recalls that Mr. Trump records the highest figures in his term. And, adds the Wall Street Journal, also "bewildering and exasperating as it may be for Democrats, impeachment may actually have increased Trump's chances of being re-elected in the fall."

Thus, the impeachment trial could end up backfiring on the Democrats. In 2000, Republicans were penalized in the midterm elections for the virulence of the impeachment attempt against Bill Clinton. The vote of some Democrats for the dismissal could therefore turn against them, in particular the thirty elected representatives representing in districts won by Trump in 2016.

The New York Times also predicts that to win, "Mr. Trump can do what he wants, the party will support him."

A few minutes after the announcement of his acquittal, the American president published on Twitter a parody video suggesting that he could remain president ad vitam aeternam.

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On the eve of the acquittal announced at his dismissal trial before the Senate, the American president made a speech full of optimism, Tuesday evening, facing a Congress more divided than ever.

The American president first congratulated himself on his economic record, while the Republican parliamentarians punctuated with applause each of his sentences and rose regularly, even shouting "Four more years!" ("Four more years!").

An economy "stronger than ever"

"The job market is booming, confidence is rising, poverty is falling and our country is prospering," said Donald Trump, saying he had "extraordinary results." Citing unemployment figures - historically low at 3.5% - and "Wall Street records", the American president insisted: "I have kept my promises. "

Donald Trump has thus attributed the authorship of the 7 million jobs created by the American economy since he took office.

Operation seduction of minorities

On several occasions, Donald Trump also mentioned that the health of the economy benefits minorities, with "unemployment at the lowest for African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians". After running an ad on the subject at the Super Bowl, he again highlighted his criminal justice reform, which "offers a second chance to many former detainees." And of the ten people invited by the White House to his speech, six were African-American or Hispanic. Elected officials have notably reserved a standing-ovation for a little girl who won an educational grant and obtained the right to change schools - a reform requested by Donald Trump in Congress.

The tenant of the White House who has repeatedly praised "the comeback" of the United States, with an economy "stronger than ever", assured that the "best was to come" for the Americans. Betting on the economy is, moreover, the best asset of Donald Trump, an outgoing president, from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton, having almost always been re-elected in a period of growth.

Pawns at its base

For the rest, Donald Trump has mostly given pawns to his base. This is how he approached the subjects of health insurance such as immigration or abortion.

Donald Trump has accused the Democrats of wanting to do away with the current health insurance system. Directly targeted were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who advocate a reform eliminating private health insurance in favor of a public offer. "They want to impose socialist control over our health care system and destroy the private insurance of 180 million Americans," said Donald Trump. The debate rages in the Democratic primary between the progressives who want to abolish the current system and the moderates, like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg, who prefer to offer a public option. Before assuring: "We will never let socialism destroy American health care. And to say that the country is reversing the trend with regard to overdose deaths, especially in the opioid crisis. He also called on Congress to pass legislation to lower the price of drugs.

On the subject of immigration, he also accused the "sanctuary cities", run by Democrats, of protecting criminals in an irregular situation and called on Congress to pass a law in favor of the "victims of the sanctuary cities"., citing the example of a man shot dead by an illegal immigrant. He promised to establish a merit-based immigration system, "welcoming those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, are financially independent and defend our values." "

Staging of several anonymous Americans

As is tradition, Donald Trump highlighted, during his speech, several anonymous Americans. Thus of a veteran, become homeless and victim of addictions, who came out by being employed by a company located in "zone of opportunities", a program created by the White House. From conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who suffers from cancer, medalist by Melania Trump. Donald Trump reserved a surprise for a family, with the return of the military father's front. Finally, the Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido, guest of honor, was applauded by both the Republicans and the Democrats.…

The annual event was however boycotted by several democratic parliamentarians and punctuated by ungracious gestures: Tuesday, the American president did not shake hands with Nancy Pelosi, who replied by tearing up the text of the speech...

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The plane that crashed Monday in eastern Afghanistan in an area controlled by the Taliban belongs to the American forces, the insurgents affirm, the Afghan ministry of Defense denies that it is a Afghan device.

"A special aircraft of the American occupiers has crashed ... in Ghazni province," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mudjahid said in a statement, adding that all members of the crew had perished.

Several hours after the plane crash announced by local authorities in Afghanistan, the mystery remains. We just have one hour, 13 hours local (9:30 am in France) and a place, Deh Yak, south of Kabul, an area of ​​the province of Gazni controlled by the Taliban.

Provincial police spokesman Ahmad Khan Seerat confirmed this, adding that the "area is not safe" due to the presence of insurgents. This considerably complicates the dispatch of aid and investigators.

No comments from the Americans

An Afghan defense ministry spokesman, Rohullah Ahmadzai, said the plane was not owned by Afghan forces. "He does not belong to the air force, the intelligence service, the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of the Interior," he said.

US forces in Kabul did not provide comments. Videos and photos transmitted via the Twitter account of a person close to the Taliban, whose authenticity could not be verified, show the remains of a medium-sized aircraft crushed in a snow field. The tail of the plane, which is intact, bears the logo of the American aviation.

A surveillance mission?

According to the Taliban, the aircraft "flew on a surveillance mission". The type of the device corresponds to those used in the country by the US Air Force for electronic surveillance. Air Force and based in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, should this information be confirmed, the question of whether the Taliban is involved in the crash would arise immediately.

The plane crash was reported by local authorities to have occurred around 1:00 p.m. The Afghan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) later said in a statement that "no commercial aircraft crashes has been registered ".

Military air accidents, particularly of helicopters, are quite common in Afghanistan, due to the very rugged mountainous terrain and often extreme weather conditions. But they are more reaching the Afghan forces. The American air forces have mastery of the air allowing them complete freedom of action and support for the Afghan forces.

Accident or act of war, the event comes at a time when the Taliban and the United States are discussing the terms of an agreement on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in exchange for security compensation from the insurgents.

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The opening of the Democratic primaries for the presidential election ended on Monday February 3 with a real fiasco.

The Democratic Party indeed announced in the evening to have had difficulties to collect the votes.

“We have identified inconsistencies in the reporting of several results (...).

It is simply a problem of escalation, our application did not crash, there was no intrusion or hacking, "assured the party.

It did not take less for the impatient Senator Bernie Sanders, herald of the left wing, to choose to disseminate his own results:

He claims to be leading the Iowa caucus with 29.66% of the vote, ahead of Pete Buttigieg who would have performed well with 24.59% of the votes.

Elizabeth Warren would come in third with 21.24% and Joe Biden far behind with only 12.37%.

This would represent a poor performance for those who have been leading the polls at the national level for months.

Of course, the senator specifies that these figures are not official and that they represent only 40% of the approximately 1,700 voting centers.

But "our supporters have worked too hard and too long to wait to see the results of their work", judges his campaign team.

Voters in this rural central US state did not participate in a regular, secret ballot primary, but in a caucus.

That is to say that each one expressed his vote publicly by placing himself physically - in some 1,700 rooms, schools or gymnasiums - behind the group of the candidate that he or she supported.

Supporters of those who did not cross the 15% threshold in the first round were then able to join one of the qualified candidates or abstain in a second round.

But the rules and IT tools for reporting results to the party were changed in 2020 and, it would seem, created a real shambles.

A shambles which risks aggravating the situation within the Democratic Party which is already experiencing many tensions.

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Donald Trump lawyers to go on the offensive to demonstrate that their client was in his right when he worried about a possible "corruption" of Biden in Ukraine.

The impeachment of Donald Trump was sparked by the revelation of a haggling suggested to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to the Democrats.

They assure that Donald Trump has conditioned military aid and an invitation to the White House to the opening of investigations in Ukraine targeting former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden through his son Hunter, who served in 2014 in 2019 to the board of directors of a gas company.

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of trying to "cheat" to win a second term by pushing Ukraine to "smear" former Vice President Barack Obama, and of using state resources to get there for its ends, in particular by freezing crucial military aid for this country in conflict with Russia.

The revelations of John Bolton

This was confirmed by former national security adviser John Bolton in his forthcoming book.

The former White House foreign policy hawk is "a key witness to the President's outrageous behavior," said elected official Adam Schiff, chief prosecutor of this Senate trial, calling for new witnesses on Tuesday.

The 53 Republican senators have opposed it so far, but the revelations of the former adviser could move the lines.

"Are you removing an American president for asking questions?"

For his part, the host of the White House claims "to have done nothing wrong". His concerns about the extent of corruption in Ukraine justified his request for an investigation into the Biden and the blocking of the $ 400 million. "Are we in an area without Biden? Echoed his lawyer Jay Sekulow. "You mention someone, you express concerns about a company and it is prohibited? Are you removing an American president for asking questions? "

The former Florida prosecutor Pam Bondi, a relative of Donald Trump, to demonstrate that the position occupied by the son of Joe Biden in this gas company maintained suspicions of conflict of interest: she indeed criticized Monday, before the Senate, "the millions" of dollars earned in a position for which Hunter Biden had no special competence, at the time when his father, then vice-president of Barack Obama, was in charge of American policy in this country.

“All we are saying is that there was a basis to talk about it, to raise this issue. And that's enough, "continued Pam Bondi to justify the mention of investigations targeting the Biden family in the July 25 telephone conversation between the two presidents whose revelation launched the Ukrainian affair. Donald Trump reiterates that Joe Biden at the time demanded the resignation of a Ukrainian prosecutor, saying that he was investigating the company.

Let’s finish”: A quick acquittal

The lawyers are asking for a quick acquittal. The Democrats "ask you to dismiss a successful president on the eve of an election, without reason and in violation of the Constitution," said Pat Cipollone, the White House lawyer, to the hundred senators. "It is time to end it, as quickly as possible," he continued, concluding three days of oral argument largely parasitized by the explosive revelations of a former White House adviser.

If the leader of the Republican majority Mitch McConnell admitted that he does not currently have the 51 votes necessary to prevent the calling of new witnesses, he has until the end of the week to bring the few moderate Republican senators, including Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, likely to support the 47 Democrats. Donald Trump and his supporters hope that the Democratic request will be rejected, so that elected officials can go directly to the final vote on the president's guilt. The Constitution imposing a two-thirds majority to dismiss him (67 votes), he is almost guaranteed to be acquitted.

"Let’s finish." Now, "hammered Tuesday night Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a close friend of the billionaire. But "if they want to have witnesses, there will be many witnesses," he added, threatening to demand in turn the calling of Joe Biden, or his son Hunter.

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Donald Trump participates this Friday in the Washington "March for Life", an annual event against the right to abortion.

The March for Life has been in the United States for 47 years, but it is the first time that an American president has participated.

"President Donald Trump will be the first president in history to go to the March for Life," the White House announced on his Twitter account on Wednesday evening. "See you on Friday," tweeted the Republican billionaire, predicting a "large crowd" above a message calling for participation in the March for life. "We are deeply honored to welcome President Trump to the 47th March for Life," the president of the march, Jeanne Mancini, said in a statement.

At the same time in the precincts of the Congress, the senators continue their debates in his trial for dismissal.

The republican billionaire who, in 1999, said he was very "pro-choice" (favorable to the possibility of choosing abortion), is more than ever determined to position himself as the most "pro-life" president in history .

A real "turning point".

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of "Susan B. Anthony List", a powerful anti-abortion organization, sees this as a real "turning point". In 2019, Donald Trump had already promised the demonstrators, through a giant screen, to veto any legislation "weakening the protection of human life".

Abortion legalized since 1973

This event is generally organized around the anniversary of the emblematic decision of the Supreme Court "Roe v. Wade "legalizing the voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) in the United States, January 22, 1973.

As the November 3 election approaches, where he will run for a second term, Donald Trump knows that he must play tightly with the white Evangelical Christians, who had voted 81% for him in 2016. Since the election of Donald Trump, anti-abortion activists were indeed galvanized by the reshuffle of the Supreme Court initiated by the tenant of the White House who appointed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh two judges opposed to abortion.

Several conservative states have thus adopted very restrictive laws on abortion, and hope that the legal battle engaged will lead them to the highest court of the country, thus giving him the possibility of reversing this historic judgment.

Louisiana test

The first litmus test will take place in March, when the Supreme Court examines a Louisiana restrictive law on a law passed in 2014 in Louisiana, a conservative state in the South.

The text provides for requiring doctors who volunteer to perform abortions to have a license to practice in a hospital located less than 50 kilometers from the place of the operation. According to defenders of the right to abortion, these conditions are too drastic and only a doctor and a clinic can continue to practice abortions throughout the state. A very insufficient number, they stress, for the approximately 10,000 abortions performed each year.

Louisiana justifies this measure by citing the risks of complications and the need, in the event of a problem, to be able to transfer patients to neighboring hospitals

"The United States has become more liberal"

According to Rod Dreher, an American essayist interviewed by a colleague, the old cultural struggles concerning questions of sexuality have been lost by the right… except for abortion.

The United States has become more liberal on these issues. Pornography and homosexual marriage are no longer contested, particularly among young people.

"After the Obergefell judgment which declares the constitutional law of same-sex marriage, for Christians the question of the rights of homosexuals is no longer centered on homosexuality itself but on the confrontation between LGBT rights and the freedom of conscience of believers.

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On the opening day of his impeachment trial, this Tuesday, January 21, Donald Trump spoke about economics at the economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. The president leaves it to his lawyers to defend him before senators.

Fearsome Lawyers To Defend Trump

To carry his voice, he surrounded himself with a team of formidable tenors: Pat Cipollone, lawyer for the White House, will lead the defense team and will be assisted by Jay Sekulow, personal lawyer of Donald Trump. Former prosecutor Kenneth Starr, a central player in the Lewinsky affair and the Bill Clinton impeachment trial, also joins his team, as does constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz. The latter was one of the lawyers for OJ Simpson, a former American footballer who was innocent of the murder of his ex-wife after an epic and media court battle.

"The president has done nothing wrong. "

Donald Trump's lawyers called on Monday (January 20th) for the US Senate to "acquit the President of the United States immediately," on the eve of the opening of the proceedings for his historic impeachment trial. According to them, in form, the charges are "inconsistent" because "they do not involve any crime or violation of the law" and are therefore not liable to dismissal.

In essence, the presidential defense recalls that the military aid promised to Ukraine by the United States had indeed been released in September, after a meeting at the UN between Trump and Zelensky. Evidence, they argue, that nothing was imposed on Kiev. Above all, the president sees nothing reprehensible in his request, because he "never threatened" his counterpart. His request seemed to him so irreproachable that he renewed it live on television on October 3. "China should launch an investigation into the Biden," he taunted, defending his "absolute right" to investigate corruption.

Abuse of power and obstruction of the work of Congress for Democrats.

The American head of state is accused of having asked Ukraine to investigate his potential opponent to the American presidential election, Joe Biden, and of having put pressure on Kiev by conditioning in particular crucial military aid to the announcement of such an investigation. Donald Trump is also charged with abuse of power and obstructing the work of Congress.

What is considered illegal by the Democrats is that Donald Trump is accused of having used American foreign policy for personal gain. Also, to have asked the help of a foreign power, in this case Ukraine, to have better chances in the presidential election next November ... What is considered in the United States as an outside interference in the election.

The president's legal team submitted its defense case to the Senate on Monday, a 110-page memorandum in which it denounces a "rigged process" that has resulted in "a dangerous perversion of the Constitution".


President Trump got satisfaction on Monday after the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate released a timetable that will be rushed. The President of the United States has obtained satisfaction. The schedule of his dismissal trial, revealed Monday January 20 by the leader of the Republican majority of the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), master of the agenda, is in fact the guarantee of a procedure carried out with the step of charge to settle the Ukrainian affair as quickly as possible, perhaps even before the State of the Union speech that Donald Trump is due to deliver on February 4 before the two Houses of Congress.

The details must be discussed on Tuesday January 21 and validated by the senators. However, it is expected that elected Democrats will try to amend the regulation proposed by the leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

The Democrats indeed wish to hear four witnesses (including the chief of staff of the presidency Mick Mulvaney and the ex-national security adviser, John Bolton) and present before the Senate unprecedented evidence or testimony. They also demand that the presidency provide the key documents they have been asking for, since the investigation began, to no avail. Conversely, the Republicans want a speedy trial, without new hearings or elements likely to fuel the accusation. The trial could then be dispatched in two weeks and end with the exoneration of the president.

The battle of opinion or electorate against electorate

The presidential adventure of Donald Trump, however, has very little chance, to say the least, of ending up short in a Senate dominated by the Republicans. It is the Senate which pronounces or does not pronounce the dismissal. The removal from the Senate is only voted with the need of a two-thirds majority. 66 senators are needed, and the Democrats are far from it! The Democrats would then need 19 more votes ...

Besides the legal aspect, this trial is above all eminently political!

The stake is elsewhere and lies in the battle of opinion. The real judge will be American public opinion. This trial will be very well attended, it will be in front of the cameras, and it is the first time that we have on trial a president campaigning for his re-election.

"It is the first time that an impeachment procedure has coincided with a presidential campaign," noted Corentin Sellin, a specialist in American politics. But it is difficult to assess its repercussions on the Democratic primary and the presidential election of 2020.

"If the complaint about Ukraine turned out to be less impactful than expected, elected Democrats would be ridiculed," says historian Corentin Sellin. It would be a terrible blow to their credibility, while serving the cause of Donald Trump. ”

A position which could help him to re-mobilize his base in November 2020 for whom impeachment only reinforces the conviction that the president is the victim of a "witch hunt",

In the Senate (with a Republican majority) to decide if the president has committed an act of treason, a crime or a major offense requiring his dismissal........

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Donald Trump's indictment was delivered to the Senate on Wednesday for the President’s recall trial, which begins Tuesday according to Republican Majority Leader in the upper house of Congress, Mitch McConnell.

During a very formal ceremony, the two indictment articles previously signed by the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, were placed in a blue envelope and hand-delivered to Senate clerks. "Today, we are making history," she said.

"A difficult time for our country"

The landmark trial will be adjudicated by Supreme Court President John Roberts, who is due to take the oath on Thursday before the 100 senators, who will serve as jurors, do the same.

"We will swear (...) to do justice to our institutions, our states and the nation," said Mitch McConnell, adding that the trial would "genuinely" begin next Tuesday.

The Senate must notify the White House of the trial, ask the president to "respond to the articles of indictment and" send his lawyers, "added the Republican senator.

"It is a difficult time for our country, but that is why the Founding Fathers created the Senate," said Mitch McConnell, a staunch defender of the New York billionaire.

Donald Trump is accused of abuse of power and of obstructing the smooth running of Congress.

The Democrats accuse him of having used his office to pressure Ukraine in the summer of 2019 to investigate a political rival, then of blocking the participation of his collaborators with the commission responsible for the investigations in representatives room.

Democrats are convinced that the president froze military aid to Kiev to force his president to smear Joe Biden, who is well placed to confront him at the polls. He "used funds voted by Congress," said Ms. Pelosi again. Did he "consider them an ATM?" She said ironically.

"Partisan procedure"

The Republicans have denounced a “partisan” procedure fueled by the Democrats' “aversion” to the President. It is "a national nightmare," said House Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The vote paves the way for the opening, presumably next Tuesday, of the trial for the impeachment of the President of the United States, the third in the history of the country.

Seven elected Democrats in the House of Representatives were appointed, Wednesday, January 15, to serve as prosecutors in the trial of Donald Trump, in a vote that also validated the transmission to the Senate of the indictment against the American president .

"Here we are: another scam orchestrated by Democrats-who-do-nothing", immediately reacted on Twitter the tenant of the White House, who says he has been the victim since the start of the Ukrainian affair of a " unprecedented witch hunt

"We will swear (...) to do justice to our institutions, our states and the nation," said the leader of the Republican majority in the upper house of Congress, Mitch McConnell.

An acquittal of the President of the United States, due to the Republican majority in the Senate, is the most likely outcome.

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No longer holding their blows, six candidates for the democratic nomination for the American presidential election of 2020 clashed, Tuesday evening, during the last televised debate before the much-awaited vote of February 3 in Iowa, kick-off of the primary.

Joe Biden the touched favorite

Socialist Bernie Sanders once again spared favorite Joe Biden when he criticized his vote in support of the Iraq war in October 2002. Wind in the sails in the polls, Bernie Sanders tackled Tuesday, January 14, 2020 the favorite Joe Biden on his balance sheet in foreign policy at the opening of the last debate before the long-awaited vote in Iowa, which will mark February 3 the kick-off of the Democratic primaries. The last televised debate between the Democratic candidates for the presidential election took place Tuesday evening. The primaries kick off on February 3 in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders lets go of everything and no longer holds a blow. Tuesday evening, during the last debate between the Democratic candidates for the White House before the start of the primaries, the senator from Vermont particularly attacked Joe Biden, former vice-president of Barack Obama during his two terms and favorite among Democrats for this 2020 election. Bernie Sanders notably aimed at the balance sheet in foreign policy of the former VP. This debate was the very last before the Iowa caucus, a particularly awaited vote, because it will mark the start, on February 3, of the Democratic primaries.

After a period of intense tension between the United States and Iran, six candidates hoping to challenge Republican Donald Trump in November were questioned at length about their Middle East programs. The opportunity for the socialist Bernie Sanders to criticize again the moderate Joe Biden on his vote in 2002, when he was a senator, to authorize George W. Bush to intervene militarily in Iraq.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Again Called His Vote "Mistake" But Stressed That Didn't Prevent Barack Obama, Who Opposed The Iraq War, From Then Choosing Him As his right arm. Third in the national polls behind the two men, progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren said she was in favor of the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East.

On the new trade agreement negotiated between the United States, Canada and Mexico, the six candidates, with ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg, moderate senator Amy Klobuchar and billionaire Tom Steyer, have also exposed their divisions. "Joe and I have a fundamental disagreement here, in case you haven't noticed," said Bernie Sanders, who is against the agreement, causing laughter from the assembly.

Headaches between the most progressive candidates

The debate was organized in Des Moines, Iowa. A sparsely populated rural state, it could have a great influence on the Democratic race since it will therefore be the first to vote on February 3.

The polls are extremely tight between four favorites: Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren.

Sanders won 20% of the voting intentions, while Elizabeth Warren came in second with 17%. Ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg, who recently led the poll, fell to third place with 16% and Joe Biden closed the race with 15%. The opinion poll, however, has a relatively high margin of error of 3.7 points, so hardly anyone is excluded from the victory.

With his good place in the voting intentions and impressive fundraising in 2019 from his supporters, Bernie Sanders had not spared his rivals either before the debate.

"When you look at my record against Joe Biden, I don't think Biden's record can provide the energy we need to beat Trump," he tweeted. The temperature also rose between the two great progressive candidates in the primary, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, when an article claimed that the socialist team instructed its volunteers to portray its rival as an elite candidate.

A woman, alone capable of beating Trump?

While the atmosphere was already tense, another controversy exploded with revelations from the CNN chain claiming that the Vermont senator had declared at the end of 2018 to his rival that a woman could not win the presidential election against Donald Trump. "I did not say that," said the independent senator during the debate. Provoking laughter from the assembly, Elizabeth Warren immediately contradicted her "friend." Before tackling the big question behind this debate: "Can a woman beat Donald Trump?" Look at the men on this set. Between them, they lost ten elections. The only people here who have won all the elections they ran for are women, Amy (Klobuchar, editor's note) and me, ”she said.

Nobody really won

No one really knew how to seize the last opportunity to outrun its competitors. On form, Bernie Sanders still managed to make the audience laugh several times and gain the upper hand by dictating a certain energy to the rest of the group.

It must be said that the four favorites in the polls risked taking big risks or hitting the competition too hard. Recent opinion research has revealed results so tight that they give almost all of them, including the margin of error, as potential winners in Iowa.

They left the attacks to Donald Trump, at a campaign rally at the same time in neighboring Wisconsin, and delighted to take out his rivals.

At a campaign meeting the same evening in neighboring Wisconsin, Donald Trump hugged his rivals, mocking Joe Biden's blunders and taunting Bernie Sanders: "He's a bad guy. The 78-year-old had a heart attack on October 1, from which he has recovered well, according to his doctors. Joe Biden, a 77-year-old political veteran, also faces doubts about his age.

While the Democratic race had started with record diversity among the contenders, the six candidates on the board were for the first time all white.

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Le président américain, Donald Trump, a été mis en accusation, mercredi 18 décembre dans la soirée, lors d'un vote au Congrès synonyme de procès en destitution pour l'ancien homme d'affaires. La Chambre des représentants, dominée par les démocrates, s'est en effet prononcée en faveur de l' « impeachement » du milliardaire républicain de 73 ans

Donald Trump a-t-il abusé de son pouvoir en faisant pression sur Kiev pour obtenir des enquêtes sur ses rivaux politiques ? La majorité démocrate a répondu oui. A-t-il entravé la bonne marche du Congrès en ne coopérant pas à l’enquête des commissions parlementaires ? Oui aussi. Le premier chef d'accusation, abus de pouvoir, a été validé par 230 voix contre 197. Celui d'entrave au Congrès a été adopté par 229 voix contre 198. Aucun républicain n'a voté pour l'impeachment du président. Côté démocrate, en revanche, quatre élus sont sortis des rangs : trois ont voté non à au moins un des deux chefs d'accusation. Une autre, la candidate aux primaires Tulsi Gabbard, a seulement répondu « présente ». « Pas d’autre choix » pour « abus de pouvoir », par 230 voix contre 197.

Une « triste journée » mais des lignes de partage strictement partisanes

Le président américain était à la tribune d'un meeting de campagne à Battle Creek (Michigan), à environ 1 000 km de Washington, lorsque que la décision est tombée. Sur Twitter, il a publié une photo portant cette inscription : « En réalité, ce n'est pas après moi qu'ils en ont, c'est après vous. Je suis simplement sur le chemin ».

Donald Trump « a confiance dans le Sénat pour rétablir l'ordre, a réagi dans la foulée la Maison Blanche. Il est prêt pour les prochaines étapes et a confiance dans le fait qu'il sera totalement disculpé ».

«Ils ne détestent pas seulement Donald Trump, ils détestent les 63 millions d'Américains qui ont voté pour ce président», a lancé le républicain Steve Scalise.

«C'est tragique, mais les actes irresponsables du président rendent sa mise en accusation nécessaire», a rétorqué Nancy Pelosi, la chef des démocrates au Congrès. «Il ne nous a pas laissé d'autre choix», a-t-elle ajouté.

Si à de rares exceptions près, les votes ont suivi des lignes de partage strictement partisanes, un seul point d'accord a émergé entre les deux camps: cette «triste» journée entrera dans les livres d'Histoire. Car ce vote, qui intervient à moins d'un an du scrutin présidentiel, est en tout point historique. Seuls deux autres présidents - Andrew Johnson en 1868 et Bill Clinton en 1998 - ont vécu une mise en accusation. Le républicain Richard Nixon, empêtré dans le scandale du Watergate, avait préféré démissionner en 1974 avant de subir telle avanie.

«Un suicide politique »  pour les démocrates ?

Si tous les sondages de ces dernières semaines montraient une tendance similaire, à savoir un pays divisé sur des lignes partisanes au sujet de l’impeachment, une enquête publiée mercredi par l’institut Gallup est venue semer le doute chez les démocrates. Donald Trump y est crédité de 45 % d’opinions favorables, en hausse de six points par rapport au début de l’enquête fin septembre. Et les sondés ne sont plus que 46 % à appuyer l’impeachment et la destitution, contre 52 % fin septembre.

Nancy Pelosi, bien que soutenue par une majorité écrasante de démocrates, s’est-elle engouffrée dans un piège ? Les républicains ne vont pas manquer une occasion de rappeler le temps « perdu » par le camp adverse sur cet impeachment

En outre la défaite, pour Donald Trump, a pu avoir un goût de victoire, mercredi 18 décembre. Certes le 45e président des Etats-Unis est devenu comme prévu le troisième de l’histoire du pays à subir une mise en accusation par la Chambre des représentants. Mais le bloc républicain s’y étant opposé, sans qu’aucune voix ne fasse défaut, le Président des Etats-Unis a témoigné de son emprise sur son parti.

Les républicains, qui contrôlent la chambre haute, ont aussi la ferme intention d'acquitter leur président.

« Le cycle de l’information politique va tellement vite aux États-Unis que l’impeachment pourrait bien être déjà oublié depuis longtemps d’ici à l’automne prochain », relativise Kyle Kondik, politologue de l’université de Virginie.

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Lancée en septembre, la procédure de destitution (« impeachment ») entre cette semaine dans sa phase critique. Après le vote de la commission des affaires judiciaires la semaine dernière, la Chambre des représentants vote en séance plénière - a priori mercredi - les deux articles de mise en accusation de Donald Trump, accusé d'avoir abusé de son pouvoir en conditionnant le versement d'une aide militaire à l'Ukraine en échange d'une enquête contre son rival politique Joe Biden, et d'avoir fait obstruction à l'enquête.

Or à quelques jours seulement d'un vote historique qui pourrait faire de lui le troisième président de l'histoire à être mis en accusation au Congrès, Donald Trump peut se satisfaire d'une cote de populaire record au sein du dernier sondage de l'université Quinnipiac, publié lundi 16 décembre.

Avec 43% d'opinions favorables contre 52% d'opinions négatives, « le président Donald Trump a obtenu sa meilleure cote de popularité de tous les temps », écrit l'université, qui réalise régulièrement ce type d'enquêtes.

L'université rappelle toutefois que le 23 octobre, avant le début des auditions publiques dans le cadre de l'enquête en destitution le visant, la cote de popularité de Donald Trump était plus basse, à 38% d'opinions favorables. Le 10 décembre, 41% des Américains sondés approuvaient l'action de l'ex-homme d'affaires new-yorkais à la tête du pays.

La cote de popularité est aussi une affaire d'affiliation politique, les républicains approuvant à 92% l'action du président selon ce dernier sondage, alors que chez les démocrates, ils ne sont que 4% à se déclarer favorable à Donald Trump.

Ce record devrait satisfaire le camp du républicain, qui espère que le processus long et complexe de la destitution finira par lasser les Américains qui sont appelés à se rendre aux urnes en novembre 2020.

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The soap opera continues in the impeachment procedure launched against Donald Trump. After two months of investigation, the parliamentary committee has gathered "overwhelming evidence" against Trump. Two charges have been brought against Donald Trump: "abuse of power" and hindering the smooth running of Congress.

Donald Trump continues to hammer that he has done nothing wrong and denounces a "masquerade" mounted by the Democrats because they are unable, according to him, to beat him at the polls.

"Charging a president who has proven through his results, including arguably generating the strongest economy in the history of this country, to have one of the most successful presidencies in history and, more importantly, who did NOTHING hurt, is pure political madness, "tweeted Donald Trump before the announcement.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday denounced the "ridiculous" accusations put forward by the Democrats in the dismissal procedure targeting him.

If these two charges are then adopted in plenary, presumably next week, Donald Trump will become the third president in history to be charged in the United States Congress.

He will however probably not be dismissed afterwards, since the Senate, responsible for judging him, is controlled by the Republicans who are largely united around him.

It remains to be seen whether his trial will be swift, as some relatives of the White House tenant want, or whether Donald Trump will use it as a political platform.

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La procédure de destitution de Donald Trump entre dans une nouvelle phase décisive cette semaine au Congrès américain. C'est une semaine pour le moins déterminante qui commence dans un Congrès divisé sur la suite à donner au dossier de la destitution. Alors que Donald Trump continue à proclamer haut et fort son innocence, les démocrates se font forts d'avoir « un dossier en béton ».

Soupçonné d’abus de pouvoir, Donald Trump serait déclaré coupable « en trois minutes chrono » par un jury s’il était devant un tribunal, a affirmé l’élu démocrate qui supervisera la rédaction des chefs d’accusation. Selon Jerry Nadler président de la commission judiciaire de la Chambre des représentants, « l’accusation au cœur (du dossier) est que le président a placé ses intérêts au-dessus de ceux du pays à plusieurs reprises et qu’il a demandé l’ingérence d’une puissance étrangère dans nos élections à plusieurs reprises ». Cela pose, a-t-il mis en garde, « un véritable danger pour le scrutin » présidentiel de novembre 2020.

Si le président de la commission judiciaire a affirmé dimanche avoir « un dossier en béton » contre Donald Trump, ce dernier a dénoncé une audition « bidon ».

Audition « Bidon », selon Trump

Donald Trump proclame son innocence et dénonce une enquête anticonstitutionnelle, une « mascarade » démocrate montée à charge contre lui avec laquelle il refuse de coopérer. Après deux mois d’enquête à la chambre basse et une quinzaine d’auditions, la commission judiciaire s’attellera cette semaine à la rédaction des chefs d’accusation visant le président. Elle commencera par entendre lundi, à partir de 9 heures, des représentants des groupes républicain et démocrate. Cette audition sera « bidon », a prédit dimanche Donald Trump.

Les démocrates pourraient ensuite, dans les prochains jours, retenir plusieurs chefs d’accusation: abus de pouvoir et corruption, entrave à la bonne marche du Congrès et entrave à la justice.

Cette nouvelle étape accélère la procédure vers un vote en séance plénière à la Chambre sur la mise en accusation (« impeachment » en anglais) du président, qui surviendra probablement avant Noël.

Compte tenu de la majorité démocrate, Donald Trump deviendra certainement le troisième président de l'histoire, après Andrew Johnson et Bill Clinton, mis en accusation au Congrès américain.

Mais il devrait ensuite être acquitté lors du procès politique qui sera organisé au Sénat, où les républicains sont majoritaires et le soutiennent largement.

Convocation de Joe Biden et de son fils Hunter

Les républicains accusent les démocrates d'aller trop vite, avec pour seul objectif de destituer Donald Trump car ils craignent de ne pas le battre lors de la présidentielle. Le président républicain, lui, jure de prendre sa revanche dans les urnes.

S'il est mis en accusation à la Chambre, le président pourra bénéficier d'une « procédure juste » au Sénat lors du procès, a affirmé sa porte-parole, martelant qu'il n'avait « rien fait de mal ».

Les républicains prendront alors les rênes de la procédure. Donald Trump veut qu'ils convoquent une batterie de démocrates, dont Joe Biden et son fils Hunter.

Alors que la commission des affaires judiciaires s'apprête cette semaine à rédiger le texte de la mise en accusation visant à destituer Donald Trump et qu'un vote de la Chambre des ­représentants est attendu d'ici à Noël, les trois mois du feuilleton politique que les États-Unis viennent de vivre n'ont pas fait bouger les lignes pour les démocrates.

En outre les auditions des témoins en direct à la télévision devant le Congrès n'ont pas nui dans les sondages à Donald Trump.

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Nearly two months of investigation, the Democrats spoke Tuesday "overwhelming evidence" that weigh against Donald Trump in the Ukrainian case. The president of the United States is indeed reproached for asking his counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden, one of his possible political opponents for the presidential election in November 2020.

The Intelligence Committee of the House, which interviewed 15 witnesses, concludes that "the President has conditioned an invitation to the White House and military assistance to Ukraine to the announcement of investigations favorable to his campaign" and that he "hindered" the parliamentary investigations. Donald Trump would have "placed his personal and political interests above national interests, sought to undermine the integrity of the US electoral process and endangered national security," according to the document.

The report was sent Tuesday evening to the House Judiciary Committee, which is now tasked with drafting the president's possible indictments.

This commission, chaired by Democrat Jerry Nadler, a sworn enemy of the current tenant of the White House, Wednesday hearing experts constitutional law who will evaluate this case in light of what the US Constitution provides for the removal of his President: there must be talk of "treason, corruption or other crimes and major offenses". The commission should therefore debate at least four counts: abuse of power, corruption, obstruction of Congress and obstruction of justice

Articles drafted by the Judiciary Committee will then be submitted to the 431 elected representatives of the House of Representatives. This is strictly speaking what is called "impeachment": the formal indictment of the President of the United States.

With a simple majority and a Democratic majority in the House, Donald Trump is likely to become the third US president to be indicted after Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998, both acquitted by the following .

But the final step, the trial - after the impeachment in the House of Representatives - takes place in the Senate with a Republican majority ... which is blocking behind the President.

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A few hours before the opening of the COP25 in Madrid, the former head of the American diplomacy John Kerry launched this Sunday, December 1 an initiative called "World War Zero", bringing together many personalities to make war on climate change.

"Improbable allies with a common mission"

"We are bringing together unlikely allies with a common mission: to push the world to respond to the climate crisis in the same way that we mobilized to win the Second World War," reads the coalition's website.

The British actress Emma Watson and the singer Sting are part of this coalition, just like the American Leonardo DiCaprio, engaged for twenty years in the defense of the environment. An initiative that is part of a broad mobilization of stars worried about the future of the planet, including Natalie Portman, Marion Cottillard or Brad Pitt.

Among the political figures, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California or John Kasich, former Republican governor of Ohio, but also former Democratic President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

"No country does the work"

NK defended his initiative on the set of the NBC, said John Kerry said Sunday that these personalities with diverse political views had a desire in common: "to ensure that in America and around the world, people place this issue in top of their priorities »

For the former Secretary of State Barack Obama, "no country does the work" on climate change. "We must treat this as a war," he continued. "We will literally be talking to millions of Americans over the next few months and this will become a major issue," said the ardent advocate of the fight against climate change.

About sixty people would support this coalition whose budget is, for now, estimated at $ 500,000. John Kerry and other members will hold rallies across the United States starting January to discuss this issue.

One way to say that this fight is the most important for Humanity while the United States of Donald Trump are in the process of withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

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The House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, is starting the discussion this week to find out if the allegations against the US president are serious enough to warrant "impeachment".

The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives had invited the President to participate in his work, either in person or through his lawyers.

But the White House refused, Sunday, December 1, 2019, to participate in a hearing in Congress while reserving the opportunity to intervene later.

"With regard to the hearing of 4 December 2019, we can not legitimately wait until we participate, while the names of the witnesses have not been made public and it remains doubtful that the judicial commission offers a fair procedure," he said. responded White House lawyer Pat Cipollone in a letter to the elected Democrat Jerry Nadler who chairs this commission.

"But if you really decided to oversee a fair procedure in the future, we could consider participating" in your work, the lawyer adds, denouncing "deep procedural shortcomings" that he believes violate his rights. Donald Trump

The indictment is part of a telephone conversation between the President of the United States and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, on July 25. The Democratic opposition accuses him of having abused his powers to promote his campaign of re-election, including freezing a military aid of nearly 400 million dollars for this country at war with Russia. During this conversation, Donald Trump called for the opening of investigations against a political opponent in exchange for a visit to the White House and military aid.

After two months of investigation, the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, begins this week the legal debate to know if the allegations against the President are serious enough to justify his impeachment for impeachment.

The judicial commission is due to kick off this reflection on Wednesday during a hearing with specialists of the Constitution.

The "Ukrainegate", however, does not affect the popularity of the tenant of the White House...

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The fourth Thursday of November is a holiday for us Americans: the opportunity to eat a stuffed turkey family.

Yum the beautiful baked golden turkey, the pumpkin tart pie ...

But let's not forget the commemoration of this holiday. Literally, "Thanksgiving" means "Thanksgiving". It commemorates the welcome received by settler pilgrims from Plymouth (England) from natives of the New World in the 17th century.

In 1620 Pilgrim Fathers landed in what is now New England where they established a colony called Plymouth, named after the port they had left in Europe, fleeing the regime imposed by the 'England.

The natives then pass on their knowledge of fishing and planting. As a thank you, the governor of the colony invites them to share a festive meal: the first Thanksgiving.

The American date is definitively stopped by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, during the civil war, on the fourth Thursday of November, a public holiday day.

In addition to the family feast, parades are organized in many major cities following the premiere organized in 1924 by the Marcy's chain of stores in New York and still exists today.

Oh, but the fate of these turkeys has yet piqued more than one.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to make the decision to pardon one of them:

"We will let it live," he said A tradition that continues.

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Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York (United States), dreams of facing Donald Trump in the next US presidential election in 2020 with millions of dollars. Are we heading towards a duel at the top between two septuagenarians, two New York billionaires?

For now, it's official, Michael Bloomberg is a candidate for the US presidential election. to the Democratic primaries.

Bloomberg, the man the New York Times said in 2013 that he had paid to be the mayor of New York is preparing today to do the same to become president of the United States?

The billionaire has already spent nearly 35 million dollars (31.8 million euros) for a week of advertising.

And invests more on television than all of its competitors combined.

Sitting on a fortune of more than 50 billion dollars (45.4 billion euros), he warned that he would spend all that will be necessary to win without accepting external contributions.

In fact he adopts the same strategy as his rival and billionaire, Donald Trump four years ago.

As the current tenant of the White House, he promised to self-finance his campaign.

Like the Republican elected he will not take a salary if he arrives at the presidency.

President Philanthropist, pleased to show the extent of his generosity which will consist in spending up to $ 1 billion to defeat Donald Trump.

But will Bloomberg's fortune, the 9th richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine and seventeen times richer than Donald Trump, be enough to make a name for him?

Certainly, the philanthropist has made himself known to Americans for his financial support to Democratic candidates, his fight against global warming-last year he made a check for $ 4.5 million to the UN Framework Convention. on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to compensate for the US exit from the Paris Agreement and its fight against weapons. But he is far from the celebrity gained by Trump as a reality star.

Above all, before confronting his alter ego, Bloomberg must already win in his own camp. But he is much less popular with the general public than his rival Joe Biden, seen as close to the moderate middle class even if he already insists on his story of middle-class child who made a fortune in finance and media before to be elected three times mayor of New York from 2001.

In addition the Democrats may not appreciate this billionaire who finances his own election campaigns especially as the electoral strategy of the latter, turning in 2016 started by Bernie Sanders in campaign, refuses all donations greater than 200 dollars. And to the democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to establish in the political video the most seen so far the corruption of the American political life by the "dark money".

On the bottom, Michael Bloomberg sees himself as an alternative to Joe Biden, the former vice president of Obama, which he considers too weak to win, and as a bulwark against the very progressive ideas of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders .

The former mayor of New York is worried that Joe Biden will be overtaken by Wall Street wall-scapegoers, two senators, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are judged to be left-wing, denouncing a "corrupt" system by Wall Street. billionaires and big business. But the Democratic Party, more and more left for a few years, needs a new centrist candidate?

The one who did not become a Democrat until 2018 - he had left the party in 2001 - and who in 2011 claimed that the real estate mogul, "New York icon", was a "friend" would go to Republicans perhaps better than the Democrats...

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L'ambassadrice américaine en Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, et un diplomate employé de cette même ambassade ont témoigné vendredi dans le cadre de la procédure de destitution visant Donald Trump. Les deux ont chargé le président des Etats-Unis , accusé par l'opposition d'abus de pouvoir et de pression.

Durant son audition de cinq heures Marie Yovanovitch a livré un témoignage saisissant au Congrès américain dans le cadre de l'enquête en destitution visant Donald Trump. La diplomate, rappelée en urgence à Washington en mai dernier sur ordre du président, a notamment confié à quel point elle avait été affectée par une « campagne de désinformation » menée selon elle par l'avocat personnel de Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. Elle a décrit comment elle a été victime d’une campagne de calomnie à Washington et à Kiev, mettant en cause ses capacités professionnelles. Elle a expliqué les circonstances dans lesquelles elle a été finalement rappelée à Washington sans explications en mai 2019, par un simple coup de téléphone, quelques jours avant la cérémonie d’entrée en fonction du nouveau président ukrainien Zelensky. .

« Je ne mets évidemment pas en doute le droit du président de rappeler un ambassadeur à tout moment pour n'importe quelle raison, mais je me demande pourquoi il était nécessaire de salir ma réputation sans fondement », a expliqué celle qui est toujours rattachée au Département d'Etat mais désormais enseignante à la prestigieuse université de Georgetown, à Washington. « Je ne voulais pas finir ma carrière comme cela », a-t-elle lancé.

Elle a raconté ensuite comment elle a vu se mettre en place un réseau diplomatique parallèle, composé par l’avocat personnel de Trump, Rudy Giuliani et l’ambassadeur américain auprès de l’Union Européenne Gordon Sondland.

Elle a enfin expliqué comment elle a été «choquée», et «dévastée» quand elle avait découvert qu’elle avait été citée par Donald Trump dans sa conversation du 25 juillet avec son homologue ukrainien: «L’ancienne ambassadeur américaine, la femme, c’était une mauvaise nouvelle», avait dit Trump à Zelensky, «il va lui arriver des choses».

«Les gens qui m’ont vu lire la transcription ont vu mon visage perdre toutes ses couleurs», a -t-elle dit. Marie Yovanovitch n’a cependant pas apporté d’éléments nouveaux sur l’enquête.

Cette audition a été marquée par les interventions en direct du président américain jugées intimidantes par la témoin. Donald Trump a ainsi publiquement remis en cause trente années de carrière de la diplomate, pourtant réputée pour son intégrité.

« Partout où Marie Yovanovitch est passée, les choses ont mal tourné ». « Elle a débuté en Somalie, et regardez comment ça s'est terminé », a-t-il ajouté en référence à ce pays de la Corne de l'Afrique plongé dans le chaos depuis 1991.

Les démocrates ont alors dénoncé une pression sur un témoin qui pourrait alimenter le dossier d'accusation contre le président des Etats-Unis.

Un autre diplomate révèle cependant une conversation téléphonique qui pourrait impliquer davantage Donald Trump. Au cours d'une autre audition survenue également vendredi au Congrès, mais cette fois menée à huis clos, le diplomate américain David Holmes a en effet évoqué une conversation que l'ambassadeur américain auprès de l'Union européenne Gordon Sondland, assis auprès de lui, aurait eu avec Donald Trump depuis un restaurant de la capitale ukrainienne.

Cet échange aurait eu lieu le 26 juillet, soit le lendemain de l'appel controversé de Donald Trump à son homologue ukrainien. Gordon Sondland aurait alors dit au milliardaire républicain qu'il avait Volodymyr Zelensky « dans (sa) poche », selon une copie de la déclaration liminaire de David Holmes vendredi obtenue par CNN. « Est-ce qu'il va donc enquêter? », sur Joe Biden, aurait alors demandé le président des Etats-Unis ce jour-là, avant de se voir répondre que le président ukrainien était prêt à faire « tout » ce qu'il lui demandait. L'employé de l'ambassade a cependant indiqué n'avoir pas pris de notes de la conversation.

Un témoignage qui pourrait éventuellement mettre à mal les arguments des républicains selon lesquels l'opposition démocrate ne dispose que d'une preuve directe dans l'enquête visant à destituer Donald Trump : la retranscription de son appel avec le président ukrainien, que le milliardaire estime « parfait ».

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After a first phase behind closed doors, the second act of impeachment against Donald Trump opens this Wednesday in the US Congress.

The hearings of key witnesses of the Ukrainian case become public and will be broadcast on television.

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of pressuring Kiev to investigate his rival in the presidential Joe Biden.

A vote on impeachment could take place by the end of the year and be followed by a trial in the Senate in early 2020.

Witnesses have already testified behind closed doors that Donald Trump had conditioned military aid to Ukraine on the opening of an investigation into the family of Democratic nomination candidate Joe Biden, whose son sat on the council. administration of a gas company in the country, Burisma.

He also asked Kiev to consider a possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, which would have been wrongly attributed to Russia according to the president.

Bill Taylor, the charge d'affaires in Kiev, said that the White House had made clear to President Zelensky that the release of the aid would take place when he announced publicly that an investigation was opened on the son of Joe Biden or Alexander Vindman, member of the National Security Council, who testified that an invitation to the White House was also conditioned to the opening of the investigation demanded by Donald Trump.

For Democrats, it would be abuse of power for personal purposes and intelligence with a foreign power for re-election.

Two diplomats are due to speak on Wednesday: Kiev's chargé d'affaires, William Taylor, and a senior State Department official, George Kent.

If testimonies in front of the cameras, repeated in loop on Twitter, can have more impact on the opinion opinion than a written declaration, for the moment the impeachment divides deeply the American opinion: 52% of the Americans support the impeachment survey and 45% are opposed to it, according to the FiveThirtyEight average.

It's even tighter for impeachment, with 47% for and 45% against.

The dismissal procedure against the current president is still in its infancy.

Some Democrats in the House have heard voices to speed things up, leading to impeachment "before the New Year".

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A trois mois des premières primaires pour la présidentielle 2020, l'ancien maire de New-York Michael Bloomberg n'exclut plus de briguer l'investiture démocrate, ont annoncé plusieurs médias américains jeudi 7 novembre.

Le septuagénaire, président fondateur de l'agence d'informations financières qui porte son nom, avait annoncé en mars qu'il ne se présenterait pas, au vu des nombreux candidats démocrates déjà dans la course et pour ne pas saper les chances de l'ex-vice-président Joe Biden, l'un des démocrates les plus centristes.

Mais l'ancien maire de New York serait inquiet de voir Joe Biden rattrapé par les candidats pourfendeurs de Wall Street, que sont les deux sénateurs Bernie Sanders et Elizabeth Warren, jugés trop à gauches, dénonçant notamment un système « corrompu » par Wall Street, les milliardaires et les grandes entreprises.

Selon des sources proches de l'homme d'affaires, citées notamment par le New York Times et CNN, il rassemble désormais les signatures nécessaires au dépôt de sa candidature dans l'Etat de l'Alabama (sud), qui requiert des candidats qu'ils s'enregistrent au plus tard ce vendredi.

Le 9e homme le plus riche du monde selon le magazine Forbes a déjà envisagé de se présenter comme indépendant lors de la présidentielle 2016, avant d'abandonner, de peur de diviser les démocrates face à Donald Trump.

Il n'a pour le moment pas officiellement confirmé les informations concernant son enregistrement dans l'Alabama.

Sa décision pourrait peser sur la course à l'investiture démocrate, encore très ouverte avec 17 candidats. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren et Bernie Sanders sont en tête de peloton, mais l'homme de 77 ans a l'avantage d'être connu des Américains pour son soutien financier aux candidats démocrates, sa lutte contre le réchauffement climatique -l'année dernière, il a fait un chèque de 4,5 millions de dollars à la Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC) pour compenser la sortie des Etats-Unis de l'Accord de Paris- ,  et son combat contre les armes. De plus, milliardaire, il n'aurait pas besoin de lever des fonds pour sa campagne présidentielle

Mais Michael Boomberg n'a pas encore pris sa décision.

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Le président Donald Trump, qui s’est personnellement impliqué dans les campagnes électorales locales, a subi un sévère revers dans les Etats du Kentucky comme de Virginie.

En meeting lundi soir dans l'Etat conservateur du Kentucky, le milliardaire républicain avait montré du doigt les médias qu'il n'apprécie pas, dénonçant leur aptitude à pointer ses erreurs. Et il avait eu ces mots prémonitoires lundi soir, en appelant ses partisans dans l'Etat conservateur du Kentucky à aller voter :

«Si on perd, cela envoie un très mauvais message ».Vingt-quatre heures plus tard, c'est le candidat démocrate Andy Beshear, qui arrachait la victoire au gouverneur sortant républicain, alors que Donald Trump avait remporté cet Etat avec une écrasante avance de 30 points sur sa rivale démocrate Hillary Clinton en 2016.

Le démocrate doit notamment son succès à la forte mobilisation des banlieues plutôt aisées des grandes villes.

«Les résultats ont donné de nouvelles preuves d'une division qui se creuse entre les régions rurales et urbaines», estiment ainsi les analystes du site spécialisé FiveThirtyEight, Nathaniel Rakich et Geoffrey Skelley.

Les démocrates ont dans le même temps aussi repris, pour la première fois en 25 ans, le contrôle des deux chambres de l'Assemblée de Virginie. Dans cet Etat, ils tenaient déjà le poste de gouverneur et ils s'emparant ainsi de tous les grands leviers du pouvoir. La campagne a été marquée notamment par le débat sur les armes à feu dans cet Etat frappé par une tuerie en mai.

« Cette victoire historique devrait faire trembler Donald Trump et tous les républicains », a réagi le président du parti démocrate, Tom Perez.

À un an de la présidentielle américaine la popularité de Donald Trump semblerait pâtir notamment de la procédure de destitution engagée par les démocrates à cause de l'affaire ukrainienne...

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Would Donald Trump have blackmailed military aid to Ukraine in exchange for information about his potential opponent in the presidential election Joe Biden ?

This is what the US Congress will try to find out by opening an impeachment procedure against the president which will allow including public hearings and televised witnesses.

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, therefore adopted a resolution giving a formal framework to investigations by 232 votes in favor against 196 votes. The impeachment procedure thus passed its first test in Congress, more than twenty years after the last vote that opened such a procedure against Bill Clinton.

This crucial new step in the investigation into "the Ukrainian affair" was denounced by Donald Trump who sees it as "the biggest witch hunt in American history".

The Republican House Leader, Kevin McCarthy, believes that today "is a dark day, remembered as a moment when a political party tried not only to change the results of the last election, but also to influence the next "while for the leader of the Democrats at Nancy Pelosi" the Americans will be able to hear live how the president abused his powers ".,

The latter relies on the retransmission of new hearings to influence opinion, while currently only about half of Americans support the removal of Donald Trump. Did the polls on support for the Nixon impeachment process not increase by 10 points after the television broadcast of these interrogations ?

Up to now interrogations of personalities have been conducted behind closed doors. The Democrats have already heard from a dozen White House diplomats and advisers, some of whom have delivered damning accounts of pressure from relatives of the president, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, on Kiev to obtain embarrassing information about Joe Biden and his son Hunter. A White House advisor, Tim Morrison, heard this Thursday, 31 would have even witnessed the pressures exerted by Donald Trump on Kiev, putting a significant US military aid in the balance.

But these closed-door hearings were strongly criticized by the president and his entourage who accused the Democrats of distilling selected elements. They also criticized the Democrats for violating Donald Trump's rights to defend himself and move forward without ever having a vote. So wish that the Democrats have thus granted this 31st of October.

With this resolution the president and his entourage can no longer keep the same line of defense.

Indeed this resolution not only provides for the organization of public hearings and broadcast on television but also allows Republicans to call their own witnesses during the investigation phase supervised by the Intelligence Committee.

The text then provides for the transfer of evidence to the Judiciary Committee which will be responsible for drafting the articles of indictment of the President. At this point, "the participation of the president and his lawyers will be allowed," according to a copy of the text.

Donald Trump's defense will be able to request further testimony or documents, cross-examine and submit objections. But if the president refuses to cooperate with congressional requests, his demands may be denied.

The American Constitution gives only the outline for dismissing a president: in the House of Representatives it is the responsibility to indict him, in the Senate to judge him.

The upper house being a Republican majority, dismissal seems unlikely.

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The United States has released photos and videos of the US military operation conducted on October 26 against the leader of Daesh.

A "perfectly executed" raid, according to the Pentagon. The US military unveiled on Wednesday first footage and videos of its commando operation in Syria that resulted in the death of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, five other members of the jihadist group, and two "young children."

During the raid, Donald Trump was able to follow the evolution of the situation live thanks to the soldiers' on-board cameras.

The Pentagon has broadcast several photos and video clips where we see a dozen soldiers approach, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the compound of the complex where the jihadist leader was staying in a village in the northwest of the Syria.

We also see drone strikes against the complex.

The Pentagon has made some clarifications about the progress of the operation. Thus, when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detonated the bomb he was carrying in the tunnel in which he was cornered, the detonation killed, in addition to himself, two young children, and not three like the American authorities. initially stated it.

"In addition to the two children," "six Daesh members died in total" during the raid: "four women and two men including Baghadi," said General Kenneth McKenzie, chief of the US Central Command. The women were "threatening" and wearing explosive vests. Eleven other children had been "protected by the assault forces" and two men captured. Electronic equipment and documents in "substantial" quantities have been seized.

Other unidentified fighters were killed in the area when they opened fire on US helicopters, said the general without providing the number.

As for the dog-soldier praised as an "American hero" by President Donald Trump, who preceded the military in the tunnel, he was wounded by electric wires laid bare by the detonation provoked by the jihadist leader, but he is ready to resume service.

The DNA of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was taken from the debris and later compared with that obtained during his stay in a prison in Iraq in 2004, confirming "without a shadow of a doubt" that he he was acting well.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's remains were "submerged at sea according to the laws of war within 24 hours of his death," he added.

Once completed, the complex was "destroyed" to prevent it from becoming "a place of pilgrimage," General McKenzie added.

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The US president confirmed Sunday the death of the self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State terrorist group during a US military operation in northwestern Syria.

US President Donald Trump on Sunday announced the death of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during a US military operation in northwestern Syria.

"Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead," Donald Trump said in a speech from the White House.

"The United States has shot down the world's first terrorist," said Donald Trump, who thanked some countries such as Russia, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, the first two for allowing unhindered the flow of forces. American specials by the airs. He also thanked the Kurds who helped lead the operation started two weeks ago.

The leader of the jihadist group, cornered by US forces, took refuge in a tunnel dug in a house for his protection with three of his children. "He walked the tunnel while our dogs pursued him," said Donald Trump. Then he blew himself up with his "jacket" laden with explosives, killing himself and his three children.

He died like a dog. He died like a coward

"He is not dead like a hero. He died like a dog. He died like a coward, "said the president of the United States. "This brute spent his last hours in panic, fear and terror, terrified by the American force falling on him. "

Public appearance in 2014

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has not given any sign of life since an audio recording broadcast in November 2016, after the start of the Iraqi offensive to retake Mosul in which he exhorted his men to fight to the point of martyrdom.

It was in Mosul that the IS leader made his only known public appearance, in July 2014, at al-Nouri mosque.

Wearing a turban and black coat, with a grizzled beard, he had called on all Muslims to pledge allegiance to him after having been appointed head of the caliphate proclaimed by his group over the vast territories conquered in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

His real name is Ibrahim Awad al-Badri, the head of the IS was born in 1971 in a poor family in the Baghdad region. Passionate about football, he failed to become a lawyer and military before studying theology.

It was during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 that he created a small jihadist group with little radiation before being arrested and imprisoned in the gigantic prison of Bucca.

Released for lack of evidence, he joined a Sunni guerrilla group under al-Qaeda and took the lead a few years later. Taking advantage of the chaos of the civil war, his fighters settled in Syria in 2013 before a blazing offensive in Iraq.

The group, renamed Islamic State, is supplanting Al Qaeda, while its initial military successes and carefully crafted propaganda have attracted thousands of followers around the world.

The military operation is the largest one targeting a senior jihadist leader since the death of Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader killed by US special forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on May 2, 2011.

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Le feuilleton continue au Congrès américain.

Alors que les démocrates se sont jetés le 24 septembre dans la course à la destitution de Donald Trump, ce dernier a tout simplement fait savoir son refus de coopérer avec le Congrès dans le cadre de la procédure d’impeachment.

Le président américain a en effet reçu, vendredi, une injonction officielle lui ordonnant de fournir, avant le 18 octobre, des documents concernant son appel téléphonique de juillet avec Volodymyr Zelensky.

Les démocrates veulent déterminer dans quelle mesure le président américain a fait pression sur son homologue ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky lors d’un échange téléphonique afin qu’il cherche des informations compromettantes sur son rival Joe Biden aux présidentielles.

Une réponse juridique valable

La réponse sans appel de Pat Cipollone, avocat de la présidence, donne les raisons de ce refus. «Étant donné que votre demande n’a pas de fondement constitutionnel légitime ou le moindre semblant d’impartialité (...), le pouvoir exécutif ne peut être tenu d’y participer», a-t-il rappelé.L'avocat met en exergue l’absence de vote formel à la Chambre pour déclencher ce processus de destitution, vote pourtant obligatoire pour ouvrir une mise en accusation du président.

La Maison Blanche est dans son droit. Un argument d'ordre juridique incontestable.

« Un tribunal bidon » de « kangourous », selon Donald Trump

La Maison Blanche a notamment signifié son refus de coopérer en interdisant à l’ambassadeur Gordon Sondland, un « acteur-clé » dans l’affaire ukrainienne, de témoigner. Venu de Bruxelles pour participer volontairement à l’audition, Gordon Sondland a été informé au milieu de la nuit par le département d’Etat qu’il ne devait pas s’y présenter. Donald Trump a justifié cet arbitrage en qualifiant les auditions du Congrès de « tribunal bidon ».

La contre-attaque républicaine

De leur côté les Républicains ont décidé de contra-attaquer. Lindsey Graham, un grand allié du président au Sénat, a annoncé mardi qu’il comptait inviter l’avocat personnel de Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, à témoigner sur des affaires présumées de « corruption » en Ukraine en vue d'étayer les soupçons de corruption contre Joe Biden en Ukraine. Pas sûr alors que le camp démocrate en sorte grandi.

Le pari des démocrates d'ouvrir une procédure de destitution se présente bien comme de plus en plus risqué.

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Sous le coup d’une procédure de destitution pour avoir sollicité son homologue Volodymyr Zelensky. afin d’obtenir des informations compromettantes sur son rival Joe Biden, et sur les affaires de son fils Hunter en Ukraine, voilà que le président américain fait la même demande, mais cette fois devant les caméras de télévision-et non plus au cours d'une conversation téléphonique privée- et à l’adresse de la Chine.

« La Chine devrait lancer une enquête sur les Biden, parce que ce qui s’est passé en Chine est aussi grave que ce qui s’est passé en Ukraine », a estimé jeudi 3 octobre 2019 Donald Trump avant de monter dans son hélicoptère pour un déplacement en Floride.

Hunter Biden a siégé au conseil d’administration d’une entreprise gazière ukrainienne de 2014 à 2019. Il a investi en Chine dans des activités de conseil en 2013, quand son père occupait le poste de vice-président (2009-2017). Et  son père Joe Biden, alors vice-président, aurait obtenu en 2016 le limogeage d’un procureur ukrainien qui enquêtait sur les activités en Ukraine de son fils Hunter...

Mais pourquoi une telle contre-attaque ?

Ultime provocation de la part du locataire de la Maison Blanche ou fuite en avant ?

Chez les républicains, cette déclaration n’a suscité aucun commentaire.

Les démocrates ont, par contre, très vite réagi.« Vous ne pouvez pas extorquer des gouvernements étrangers pour vous aider à être réélu », a aussitôt tweeté le démocrate et ancien vice-président Joe Biden alors qu' Kamala Harris, ancienne procureure de Californie et candidate aux primaires démocrates, a aussitôt demandé que les transcriptions des appels téléphoniques entre Donald Trump et le président chinois soient versées au dossier de la procédure de destitution.

Alors que Donald Trump lançait son appel à la Chine, la Chambre des représentants entendaient à huis clos, l’envoyé spécial des Etats-Unis pour l’Ukraine, le diplomate Kurt Volker, qui a démissionné de ses fonctions le 27 septembre et qui aurait joué un rôle dans l'affaire en question. Volker se serait en effet rendu le lendemain de l’appel Trump-Zelensky afin de « donner des conseils aux autorités ukrainiennes sur la manière de ''composer'' avec les demandes du président ». Ou plus clairement comment donner des informations compromettantes sur Hunter Biden. Les démocrates estiment que le locataire de la Maison Blanche a abusé de son pouvoir à des fins personnelles et cherchent à établir dans quelle mesure il a eu recours aux moyens de l’Etat.

L’intégrité du président pourrait certes être affectée avant les élections mais Donald Trump a échappé jusqu'ici aux accusations de violation de la loi électorale et d’obtention du soutien de la Russie pour gagner l’élection présidentielle ainsi qu ' aux accusations d'avoir  payé une actrice pornographique en échange du silence.

De plus, il.est peu probable que le locataire de la Maison Blanche soit destitué de ses fonctions dans le cadre de la composition actuelle du Sénat américain, majoritairement républicain.

Et  au milliardaire de publier jeudi soir qu’« en tant que président des Etats-Unis, j’ai le droit absolu, voire même le devoir, d’enquêter ou de faire enquêter sur la corruption, même si cela inclut de demander ou de suggérer à d’autres pays de nous aider ! », a-t-il tweeté jeudi soir.
Pas sûr que les démocrates apprécient cette surenchère.

La course à la Maison Blanche est bien lancée avec son lot de coups bas.

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This thirty-year-old American black woman is shaking up all the codes of politics: yes, one can be black and right. With Marion Maréchal, she was the guest of honor at the convention of the right.

It was by chance that Candace Owens, a journalist by training, came to politics. Scandalized by the way the media treat Donald Trump during his campaign, he is experiencing a strong conviction. "He had never been accused of racism before applying to the White House.

It became clear to me that racism was used to manipulate black voting. She told a confrere. According to her, black Americans must turn away from the Democratic party that keeps them in a victim position.

It promotes "Blexit" - to understand "Black-exit" -, the Democrats only bringing racial issues into the political debate for electoral purposes.

This, "to avoid focusing on the real other problems," she explained. She also explains it in her book Blackout : How Black America Can Escape From the Democratic Plantation. "

In April 2018 in Los Angeles, she will go so far as to compare the members of the Black Lives Matter anti-racist movement to "a gang of chouineurs kids who pretend to be oppressed," the singer Kanye West will then say on Twitter "to love his way of thinking".

A veteran youtubeuse, she knows how to use her image and social networks to spread her conservative ideas, ranging from anti-abortion or defense of the port of arms to nationalism against globalization.

Donald Trump's unwavering support, Candace Owens said a few days ago in the US Congress, that white supremacism and white nationalism were not really problems for American minorities, unlike the lack of education, poverty, illegal immigration in particular.

Theses that defeat all clichés racial and controversial across the Atlantic .

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The scandal rocking the White House escalated on Thursday with the release of a whistleblower's charges, whose identity was not revealed. He accuses the White House of keeping secret the appeal in which the US President asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter who worked from 2014 within of a Ukrainian gas group. Democrats have stepped up to denounce immediately a desire to "stifle" the case and asking loudly for the removal of the president who is unlikely to succeed.

"The Ukrainian president said that I had not forced him to do anything wrong. There can be no better testimony than that, "tweeted on his side Thursday night Donald Trump. "The future of the country is at stake," said the White House tenant who has been denouncing for two days "the worst witch hunt in US history."

A phone call between two heads of state locked

It is a July 25 telephone call between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky that raises the alarm of a mysterious whistleblower, a member of the intelligence services. The latter then transmits, in early August, a report on this call. The president "used the capabilities of his office to solicit the interference of a foreign country in the election of 2020", he denounces in this document, made public after a standoff between Congress and the executive.

In the days following this exchange White House lawyers "intervened to" lock "all records related to the phone call," he adds, including ordering to keep them in a "separate electronic system" of the one used usually. For lu i, this proves that the entourage of the president "understood the seriousness of what had happened"

The whistleblower also returns to the consequences of the call. According to him, Donald Trump's lawyer, who is none other than the former mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani and whom the president specifically mentions in his conversation as a possible intermediary, met an emissary of Zelensky in Madrid on 2 August. A meeting described by US officials as "a direct result" of the conversation between the two presidents about the "cases" they had talked about.

The whistleblower, considered "credible" by the inspector general of intelligence services, said he had not directly attended the call, but had exchanged with more than half a dozen officials "very disturbed" by the 'exchange. According to the New York Times, this is a CIA employee, a time away from the White House.

Military aid temporarily frozen by Donald Trump

In addition, the telephone conversation between Trump and Zelensky, published the day before by the White House, called the Democrats who considered it "overwhelming", especially the passage where Donald Trump stresses that the United States was "very, very good for Ukraine "without it being" necessarily reciprocal ", before mentioning Joe Biden and the affairs in Ukraine of his son Hunter. "It would be great if you could look into it," he told Volodymyr Zelensky, a political novice elected in April at the helm of his country heavily dependent on US support.

But a few days before the call between the two leaders, Donald Trump had frozen nearly 400 million dollars in aid to Kiev, which were finally released in early September. Democrats suspect him of using this lever to put pressure on Zelensky.

If the White House downplays the report, "a compilation of third-hand accounts and news articles" that shows "nothing inappropriate", Nancy Pelosi's investigation must be conducted "to clarify the facts" .

" The president's contempt for the Constitution is becoming more evident every day," said Nancy Pelosi, Democrat leader.

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Would Donald Trump have put pressure on the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of Joe Biden, his rival for the 2020 presidential elections? Worse, would he have used US aid as a bargaining chip ?

This is the question that the Democrats are asking and which could well provoke the impeachment procedure.

Their congressional leader, Nancy Pelosi, announced on Tuesday evening, September 24, the opening of a formal investigation - a first step toward a possible vote in the House for a dismissal of Donald Trump who "betrayed his oath of office, (their) national security and the integrity of their (their) elections. "The president must be held responsible for his actions. Nobody is above the law. A little earlier, in a conference, she summed up: "He has made the non-respect of the law a virtue. Before adding: "We do not ask foreign governments to help in elections. "

For his part, the tenant of the White House indicated that he had authorized the publication of his conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky.

"I am currently at the United Nations where I represent our country, but I have authorized the publication tomorrow (Wednesday) of the complete and declassified transcript of my telephone conversation with the Ukrainian President. You will see that it was a very friendly call and not at all out of place. No pressure, unlike Joe Biden and his son, NO quid pro quo, "tweeted Donald Trump from New York.

At the origin of this investigation was a telephone call by Donald Trump on July 25 to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, and a whistleblower.

On 9 September, the inspector general of intelligence services informed the Congress that he had been seized a month earlier an "urgent" problem by a "credible" whistleblower, himself information. But the administration of Donald Trump has refused to convey to parliamentarians the content of this report.

The US media then investigated this mysterious whistleblower who found "troubling" the content of this September 25 phone conversation between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart. Accused of many leaks, the US president admitted Sunday that he spoke in this interview the favorite of the Democratic primary for the presidential 2020, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter.

But a few days before this exchange, Donald Trump ordered the freezing of nearly $ 400 million of military aid to Ukraine.

The Democratic opposition suspects him of using the funds to push Zelensky to launch an investigation into the corruption of Hunter Biden, a member for several years on the board of a Ukrainian gas group, to dirty his father.

"I put no pressure on" Ukraine, Donald Trump retorted. The latter claims to have blocked this aid to encourage other Western countries to contribute to the military budget of Ukraine.

If the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2020 presidential election are, for the most part, in favor of launching a procedure for the removal of the US president, some fear that this fight will not be that of the voters, or even be against "The priority of the Democratic House is not to improve the lives of Americans, but the three-year fixation on the impeachment," mocked Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

In any case, it is unlikely that Donald Trump will lose his place. The Senate must be sentenced to a two-thirds majority. But the Republicans, who support it thoroughly, control the upper house.

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A mysterious whistleblower has sparked a keen interest among Democrats in worrying about some exchanges between the US president and a foreign leader.

The Washington Post and the New York Times both claim that the whistleblower was worried about trade-offs between Donald Trump and a foreign leader, whom the US president reportedly made "a troubling promise".

The two dailies added that part of the report concerns Ukraine.

And the refusal of the acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Joseph Maguire, to send the report to the committee of the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats, raises questions. Some see the intervention of the White House. For Nancy Pelosi, Democratic president of the lower house of Congress, this information "raises serious and urgent issues for our national security".

Relations between Ukraine and the White House

The elected representatives of the Congress had, before this affair exploded, already opened a parliamentary inquiry into relations between the White House and Ukraine. Congressional officials are also considering a telephone conversation in July between the US president and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump, during this appeal, encouraged "about eight times" the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of Joe Biden and to collaborate to do this with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Second son of the former senator, Hunter Biden worked for a Ukrainian gas group from 2014, when his father was vice president of Barack Obama. In an interview Thursday night, Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, acknowledged having asked Kiev to investigate the son of Joe Biden, Hunter. Rudy Giuliani added that he had asked Ukraine to "examine the allegations (...) that indirectly implicated Joe Biden in a big corruption case".

"It's a partial whistleblower"

The President of the United States rejected, Friday, September 20, the charges of a whistleblower against him.

" It's ridiculous ! It's a partial whistleblower, "said Donald Trump from the Oval Office, while assuring that he does not know his identity.

"I have had conversations with many leaders, they are always irreproachable," he continued angrily. Did he specifically mention Joe Biden with the Ukrainian president?

"What I talked about does not matter," he said, adding that "someone should look into Joe Biden," who could be his big rival in the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump's statements against the whistleblower have outraged the Democratic leaders of four powerful congressional commissions, who have denounced a "shameless attempt" of intimidation that "may have a deterrent effect on future whistleblowers," he said. with serious consequences for our democracy and national security ".

They called on the White House to deliver "immediately" the contents of the report made by the whistleblower to the Intelligence Committee.

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The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, is due to launch on Thursday, 12 September, a preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not to initiate an impeachment procedure against the tenant of the White House.

A little over a year from the presidential election, are the Democrats ready to initiate a dismissal procedure against Donald Trump?

If the issue divides the US opposition, the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, it seems, decided to go ahead: Thursday, September 12, 2019, its members should formalize the opening of an investigation to determine s it is necessary to launch a procedure

" Impeachment" against the president

A very broad inquiry by Jerrold Nadler, President of the Commission

This 72-year-old elected Democrat presides over the powerful judicial commission of the House, which is ideally suited to trigger the procedure since the supervision of the functioning of the administration is his responsibility.

According to Jerrold Nadler, the survey of parliamentarians will have a broad field, around three pillars. First, the pressure put by Donald Trump on the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, to determine whether he was guilty of obstruction of justice - the famous "obstruction".

Then, potential conflicts of interest related to the properties of the businessman from Queens. The stay of a military transport plane crew at a Donald Trump hotel complex in Scotland during a stopover en route to Kuwait in the spring raised suspicions.

Finally, Jerrold Nadler's commission will look into paying money to buy the silence of Donald Trump's alleged mistresses during the 2016 campaign, a move that could violate election financing laws.

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"We know the methods of the big tobacco. It is not the first time. They are targeting children, putting them in grave danger, "said former Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York.

A health crisis

The electronic cigarette kills: there are no less than six deaths of young people related to vaping in the United States. Apart from the problem of nicotine addiction that is dangerous for developing brains, 450 people became seriously ill after vaping, and six died of acute lung diseases. .

The sick cough, pant, do not breathe. Many are hospitalized in intensive care and connected to artificial respirators. Healthy young people found themselves in artificial comas.

In many cases, the liquids contained THC, the psychoactive substance of cannabis, but it is likely that this was one of many additives in liquids that damaged the lungs by being vaporized and inhaled. New York State has cited vitamin E oil as a possible cause, but this is not confirmed by the FDA.

Teens heavy consumers of electronic cigarettes

Originally, electronic cigarettes were presented as a substitute, without carcinogenic substance, for smokers. But the studies showed not only that the use of other tobacco products had not declined between 2017 and 2018, but also that the electronic cigarette was a gateway to tobacco, e-cigarettes flavored with strawberry or mango, the most popular among young people, making us forget the presence of nicotine.

Faced with this health crisis Washington is now taking the risks of e-cigarettes among young people seriously. The number of high school students who use e-cigarettes has risen from 3.6 million last year to 5 million this year, according to figures released by the US Department of Health.

While one in five high school students said it was a vape last year, the first figures of the new survey "show that more than a quarter of high school students were users of electronic cigarettes in 2019", says the ministry.

A regulatory offensive to counteract this "epidemic"

Faced with this epidemic Donald Trump wants to take the problem head-on. "It creates a lot of problems [...] We may have to decide something firm," Donald Trump announced from the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday after a meeting with his Secretary of Health and with the regulator of the sector.

The government of Donald Trump announced Wednesday that flavored electronic cigarettes would be banned for sale in colleges and high schools. Health authorities have announced the forthcoming ban on flavored liquids, eg menthol, mango or strawberry, not because the flavors are considered harmful in themselves, but because they attract a whole generation of young people who become addicted to nicotine, erasing years of progress against cigarettes.

Any taste other than tobacco taste will soon be removed from the market, said Health Secretary Alex Azar. The text will appear in "several weeks" and will come into effect 30 days later.

The FDA, considered too lax by some, has just sent a letter to industry leader Juul, pointing to a misleading presentation of its products to students and parents. The Federal Trade Commission has also just opened an investigation into Juul's business practices to verify the conditions under which the Californian start-up is checking the age of buyers of its products.

Some states have begun to take up the subject. San Francisco banned the sale of e-cigarettes in the city starting in 2020 while the governor of Michigan announced last week the ban on flavored products.

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C’est désormais l’usage, c'est par un message publié par le président des Etats-Unis sur son compte Twitter que l'on a appris le limogeage de son conseiller à la sécurité nationale John Bolton.

« J'ai informé John Bolton hier soir que nous n'avions plus besoin de ses services à la Maison Blanche », a tweeté M. Trump,  une heure après l'annonce par l'exécutif d'un point de presse auquel devait participer M. Bolton en compagnie du secrétaire d'Etat Mike Pompeo.

Donald Trump souligne les trop nombreux désaccords sur nombre de dossiers, de l'Iran à la Corée du Nord qui séparaient les deux hommes.

Ancien ambassadeur des Etats-Unis à l'ONU, M. Bolton était notamment hostile à la main tendue de Donald Trump au dirigeant nord-coréen Kim Jong Un, et il avait été directement pris pour cible, au printemps 2018, par le régime de Pyongyang.

« J'étais en désaccord avec nombre de ses suggestions, comme d'autres au sein de cette administration », a ajouté le président.

« J'ai demandé à John sa démission, elle m'a été remise ce matin », a-t-il poursuivi, assurant qu'il nommerait son successeur la semaine prochaine.

Donald Trump aurait douté de la loyauté de son conseiller accusé de faire fuiter des informations. De plus le conseiller va-t-en-guerre de Donald Trump n'avait pas toujours défendu avec ardeur les choix diplomatiques du locataire de la Maison Blanche qu’il lui arrivait même de contester sur les plateaux de télévision

Ce limogeage spectaculaire intervient dans un climat particulièrement tendu entre les Etats-Unis et l'Iran, dossier sur lequel Donald Trump a envoyé des signaux contradictoires ces dernières semaines, entre extrême fermeté et volonté de négocier.

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A l'approche du 18e anniversaire des attentats terroristes du 11-Septembre 2001, New York continue à panser ses plaies. New York n'en finit pas de compter les personnes atteintes de cancers et d'autres maladies graves liées au nuage toxique qui a plané des semaines durant sur le sud de Manhattan.

Selon les nombreuses études c'est ce nuage de débris et de cendres causé par les incendies du World Trade Center qui serait à l'origine de la multiplication des cas de cancers et autres maladies graves constatés depuis 2001.

Au-delà des 2977 morts et 6291 blessés par les attentats du World Trade Center, ce sont des milliers de cas de cancer qui seraient également à imputer à cette tragédie.

Plus de 30 000 cas recensés

Ainsi, les premiers touchés sont les dizaines de milliers de pompiers et bénévoles mobilisés sur le site du WTC , comme l'a montré une étude publiée dés 2011 dans le journal scientifique The Lancet Quelque 10 000 d'entre eux ont ainsi été recensés comme étant atteints d'un cancer par le WTC Health Program, programme fédéral de soins réservé aux rescapés des attentats.

Mais également les travailleurs ou résidents du sud de Manhattan comptent parmi cette catégorie malades. Fin juin 2019, plus de 21 000 de ces « gens ordinaires » figuraient dans le programme de soins. Soit deux fois plus qu'en juin 2016.

Les cas de Jaquelin Febrillet et Richard Fahrer sont notamment symptomatiques. La première Jacquelin Febrillet avait 26 ans et travaillait à deux rues du World Trade Center lorsque les avions détournés par des jihadistes ont percuté les tours jumelles. En 2016, quinze ans après les attentats les plus meurtriers de l'histoire, cette syndicaliste professionnelle, devenue mère de trois enfants, était diagnostiquée d'un cancer métastatique. Avec une seule explication logique: le nuage de cendres et de débris toxiques dans lequel elle s'est retrouvée prisonnière le jour de la catastrophe.

Richard Fahrer, 37 ans aujourd'hui, travaillait lui fréquemment à la pointe de Manhattan comme arpenteur de 2001 à 2003. Il y a 18 mois on détectait sur ce jeune père un cancer agressif du côlon, qui frappe généralement des hommes beaucoup plus âgés et pour lequel il n'avait aucune prédisposition.

« Le taux de cancer a augmenté entre 10 et 30 % chez les gens exposés »

S'il est « impossible, pour un individu précis, de déterminer la cause exacte (du cancer) car aucun test sanguin ne revient estampillé WTC », plusieurs études ont montré que « le taux de cancer a augmenté entre 10 et 30 % chez les gens exposés », explique David Prezant, médecin en chef des pompiers new-yorkais, à l'origine d'études de référence sur le sujet. Et ce taux devrait encore augmenter à l'avenir, dit-il, en raison du vieillissement des personnes exposées et de la nature de certains cancers, comme celui du poumon ou le mésothéliome, qui prennent 20 à 30 ans à se développer.

Un fonds d'indemnisation à la hauteur

Les autorités se doivent de prendre en considération ces victimes post-11-Septembre, il en va d'un enjeu crucial en termes d'image. Fin juillet dernier, Donald Trump a ainsi ratifié une loi repoussant de 2020 à 2090 la date limite à laquelle des demandes pourront être déposées auprès d'un fonds fédéral spécial d'indemnisation.

Le Congrès a en effet récemment reconnu qu'il fallait pouvoir couvrir « une personne qui était bébé (lors des attentats) jusqu'à la fin de sa vie », explique l'avocat Matthew Baione, qui représente Jaquelin Febrillet et Richard Fahrer dans leurs démarches d'indemnisation.

Un réapprovisionnement régulier est donc prévu pour ce fonds dont l' enveloppe initiale s'élevait à 7,3 milliards de dollars, avec une indemnisation moyenne de 240 000 dollars par malade et de 682 000 dollars pour une personne décédée.

« Il n'y a jamais eu d'attaque comparable au 11-Septembre, souligne cet avocat. Personne ne pouvait prévoir ce qui se passerait avec des milliards de tonnes de matériaux de construction en combustion pendant 99 jours », qui ont libéré dans l'air des quantités inédites de produits chimiques, dont des dioxines, de l'amiante et d'autres substances cancérogènes.

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Fighting deadly shootings in Texas and Ohio, supermarket giant Walmart announced Tuesday (September 3rd) that it will stop selling handgun ammunition and some assault rifles.

In a statement saying "unacceptable" the status quo on gun control, group boss Doug McMillon asked Congress and the White House to take "common sense" measures, including by strengthening the background check of weapons buyers.

The move comes a month after a shootout at a Walmart supermarket in El Paso, Texas that killed 22 people.

Another shooting took place last Saturday in this southern state of the country, in the city of Odessa, with a death toll of seven.

Doug McMillon said Walmart, the world's largest grocery retailer, would stop selling ammunition for semi-automatic assault rifles using 5.56-caliber ammunition (or its equivalent.223), once stocks current ones would be sold.

These AR-15 weapons, widely used in the United States, are also used by many hunters, many of whom go to Walmart stores, known for their low prices and known to be places of socialization for part of the world. Rural America.

Walmart also asked its customers to refrain from walking through its banners with firearms in plain view in those states where it is permitted to wear them visibly.

The supermarket giant's boss said the group's share of the US ammunition market, which now stands at around 20 percent, is expected to fall from 6 percent to 9 percent.

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This is the actual people of the moment in the American elite of politics. US boss resigns after an affair with a famous Russian spy

This is Patrick Byrne, the American boss Overstock for no less than 20 years. He resigned Wednesday (August 21st) after revelations about his affair with a Russian spy.

His mistress, Maria Butina, made headlines:

She was sentenced in late April to 18 months in prison by a Washington court for infiltrating the American political apparatus through her links with the powerful NRA gun lobby.

Charged with "conspiracy" to "promote the interests of Russia", Maria Butina was arrested in July 2018.

His affair with Overstock's boss, however, remained in the shadows, until two articles by Fox News, later confirmed by an Overtsock press release with unusual title and content:

"The comments of the CEO on the state of the shadows" do not reveal it.

In this release, Mr. Byrne says he actively collaborated with law enforcement once he realized he had discovered the pot of roses. Curiously, he nicknamed them "Men in Black", or MIB, as the special agents responsible for monitoring the extraterrestrials populating the Earth in the hit movies with Will Smith.

The very expression "State of the Shadow" (Deep State) denotes Mr. Byrne's taste for a conspiracy theory that a clandestine coalition of bureaucrats would control the country.

In an interview with the New York Times, he said he met Maria Butina at a libertarian convention in Las Vegas in 2015.

This is the insistence of the spy for him to meet members of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who would have put the flea in his ear. "In July 2018, I understood," says the boss in the statement of 12 August.

The day of his resignation, in an interview with CNN, Patrick Byrne also said that the FBI had asked him, in the summer of 2016, to continue his relationship with the spy.

His affair with a Russian spy who had seduced the pro-arms lobby of the lobby to infiltrate American politics was too vague and Patrick Byrne had no choice but to resign.

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Would Donald Trump still want to toughen his migration policy ?

Donald Trump's government announced on Wednesday that it intends to remove the strict limits on the time spent in detention centers by migrant children. To the chagrin of the human rights associations and the Democratic opposition, or even some Republicans, who immediately denounced this initiative. However, it still needs to be revised by a federal judge to be applied.

Towards the repeal of the Flores standard

In detail, the US Department of Homeland Security wants to end a 1997 court decision. The "Flores" standard requires federal authorities not to detain children for more than 20 days. If validated, the White House tenant's new rule - to be implemented within 60 days - will no longer limit the time spent by children or their families in detention centers.

"To protect these children from abuses and stop the illegal flow of migrants," we must put an end to these legal loopholes, "said the President of the United States. "This is an urgent humanitarian need. "

Bridging a legal vacuum

Faced with the arrival each month at the border of tens of thousands of migrants, the Republican administration has separated children from their parents, kept in detention, in the name of compliance with the standard "Flores". The reform announced Wednesday aims to "ensure that foreign families can be together during migration formalities," says the White House. "This new rule will ensure that foreign children are safe and take good care of them in detention. "

Deterring migrants

But it is primarily for the Trump administration to discourage the record number of migrants on the border with Mexico, hoping to be released soon after arrest if they are with children and power so stay in the United States.

"This year we saw an unprecedented flow of families, mostly from Central America, arriving at our southwestern border," Kevin McAleenan, acting Minister of Homeland Security, told the press. Nearly 475,000 migrants arriving with their families were arrested between October 2018 and July, three times more than the previous record, he said.

The "Flores" rule has "usually forced the authorities to release families in the country after 20 days, encouraging illegal entry," he added, while migration formalities can take months or even years.

Also a questioning of the right of the soil

Meanwhile, the tenant of the White House has let the specter of a new front hover, reaffirming wanting to tackle the law of the soil that allows children born in the United States to benefit from US citizenship.

Asked about his intention to revisit this right in the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, he replied, "We are looking at this very, very seriously." "You cross the border, you make a baby: congratulations, the baby is an American citizen! He quipped, before pestering, "It's really ridiculous."

"No excuse for the trauma this policy will inflict on families"

Human rights activists immediately responded that they would fight the repeal of the Flores standard. Democratic parliamentarians have called on the courts to "stop this illegal action immediately". "There is no justification for the indefinite detention of children and no excuse for the trauma this policy will inflict on families," said Democratic Party leader Tom Perez.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has provoked strong indignation with his policy of separation of families, including in his own camp. He has since returned back. But more than 900 migrant children have been separated from their families on the border with Mexico for a year, the ACLU said in late July.

Under the governments of Democrat Barack Obama (2009-2017) and Republican George W. Bush (2001-2009) children had also been separated from adults with whom they had entered the United States but in a more exceptional way.

In total, Barack Obama has been much more expelled than his predecessors, with at least 2.4 million people being escorted back to the border or fired .

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Donald Trump, a real estate magnate before becoming president of the United States, would have set his sights on an almost virgin space to match his ambitions:

Greenland. The Wall Street Journal reports indeed that the American president would have inquired several times with his advisers in the White House of the possibility of buying this Danish territory of 56,000 inhabitants for the United States.

New York newspaper sources said the oval office occupant reportedly spoke about the idea at a White House legal council meeting and at a dinner party. A desire that is not to the taste of the government of the island, for which "Greenland is not for sale". A statement made by communiqué, this Friday, August 16. Adding that "Greenland was open for business, not for sale."

"Greenland is rich in precious resources (...). We are open for business, not for sale, "the Greenland Foreign Ministry responded on Twitter. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's cabinet did not wish to comment immediately while former Danish Prime Minister Lars Lars Løkke Rasmussen preferred to see it as "an April Fool's Day".

Greenland is a gigantic Arctic island, as big as France four times, where the effects of global warming are evident. The melting ice, which causes the rise of the sea level, has multiplied by four between 2003 and 2013.

Since his election in 2016, climate-skeptical President Trump has notably withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement seeking to unravel the environmental regulations adopted during the eight-year presidency of Democrat Barack Obama.

The Republican elected does not seem to have totally put behind him his first love real estate: last year, at its summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un, he stressed the potential for tourism development of North Korea. "For example, there are some great beaches," he explained. "We see him every time they detonate their guns in the sea. I say to myself, tell me, look at this view. It would not make great apartments? "

In fact, it is possible to buy a country and some states have acquired territories by military conquest or financial agreements. The purchase of a territory would be far from a first for the United States. The most emblematic example is the purchase of Louisiana, sold by France in 1803 for $ 15 million, to finance the military campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1867, the United States reiterated by buying Alaska to Russia for 7.2 million dollars. Their last purchase dates back 102 years when, in 1917, the country acquired for 25 million dollars, the Virgin Islands and their 26 000 inhabitants ... in Denmark precisely.

And this is not the first time that the White House evokes the idea of ​​acquiring this frozen island. In 1946, President Truman proposed to Denmark to buy Greenland for $ 100 million , to make it a military outpost.

The country was granted autonomy by the Danes in 1979 and, in 2008, obtained by referendum an even greater autonomy compared to Denmark.

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while the figure of the American jet-set Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual assault on minors, committed suicide Saturday, August 9 in his cell in New York, France claims Monday the opening of an investigation into the death of the 66-year-old financier who caused stupor and triggered investigations by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Mr. J. Epstein was arrested and charged in early July for organizing for several years, a network of dozens of girls under his control, some college girls, with whom he had sex in his many properties, including Manhattan and Florida . His trial was to open at best in June 2020.

"The US survey has highlighted links with France. It thus seems to us fundamental, for the victims, that an investigation is opened in France so that all the light is made ", write in a release the secretaries of State Marlène Schiappa and Adrien Taquet. His death "must not deprive victims of the justice to which they are entitled," he says. A trial is the "essential condition" for the victims to rebuild themselves and "it is also a condition for more effective protection in the future of other girls facing this type of organized networks, facing this type of predators ".

The US survey revealed the billionaire's ties with France.
The United States has submitted a number of elements to the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office concerning the Epstein case and the first checks are underway. They will make it possible to decide whether or not an investigation should be opened.

What is certain is that Epstein had his habits in Paris for twenty years: regular round trips and a luxurious pied à terre near the Arc-de-Triomphe. This is where one of her accusers, an Australian actress would have been "lent" to one of his friends, a French, director of a modeling agency, based in New York.

A few hours after the request of the two ministers, the custody of the Seals, Nicole Belloubet, recalled that it did not belong to the government to decide "pursuits". "Prosecutions are not government decisions Since 2013, individual instructions are prohibited, in accordance with the principle of independence of the judiciary," said the Minister of Justice.

In a letter to the Paris public prosecutor, the association Innocence in danger indicates that it sent him a report on 23 July and underlines that "France is concerned by this file since investigations carried out by the FBI French nationality ".

The testimonies that emerged through documents and American media media portray this businessman the image of an insatiable predator of young girls, he recruited dozens and come in his sumptuous residences.

His name was already on the sex offender file after a first conviction over 10 years ago for prostitution in Florida - for which he was sentenced to a 13-month sentence after a disputed agreement with a federal prosecutor. A search in early July in his home in the upscale Upper East Side in Manhattan had revealed a massage room where he allegedly dragged his alleged victims. The Miami Herald newspaper investigated the deal in 2018, relaunching the investigation. In July, after Jeffrey Epstein was indicted in New York, former Florida attorney Alexander Acosta, who became Labor Minister of the Trump administration, had to resign.

Jeffrey Epstein was scheduled to appear in US courts in 2020. He was facing 45 years in jail. He was denied bail on 18 July as prosecutors said he was at risk of escaping from abroad.

The death in prison of Jeffrey Epstein gives rise in any case to several theories of conspiracy and a scandal in the United States, some believing more in murder than suicide because of its many connections in the circles of power and in particular Democrats.

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Donald Trump spoke Monday, August 5, 2019 in Washington after two shootings in the United States this weekend.

In his speech, the American president adopted from the White House on Monday a sharp and unpublished tone. After a weekend where two men poured bereavement into the United States by firing on the crowd in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, the US president spoke from the White House .

Recalling that the Texas terrorist was motivated by racist resentment, he said:

"Our nation must unite to condemn racism, sectarianism and white supremacism. Hate has no place in the United States, hatred devours the soul.

"Since Columbine, our nation has watched with horror hundreds of shootings string together and we can not feel helpless. We must honor the memory of the victims by acting as one people. We need to find bipartisan solutions to make the United States safer, "he said.

He also described the tragedies of recent days as "crimes against humanity" . He demanded the death penalty, and as soon as possible, for the perpetrators of such massacres:

"I also order the Ministry of Justice to propose a law guaranteeing that those who commit hate crimes and mass killings are punishable by the death penalty and that the death penalty is implemented quickly, decisively and without delay. years of unnecessary delay, "said President Donald Trump.

Earlier on Twitter, he spoke of his desire to see the political class better regulate the sale of firearms, notably by attributing responsibility for recurring bloodbaths in his country to "disturbed spirits", possibly poisoned by "internet" or even video games :

"We must stop glorifying violence, especially with horrendous and sinister video games."

Former US President Barack Obama has called for rejection of rhetoric likely to encourage shootings such as those that caused the deaths of 32 people in Texas and Ohio this weekend.

"We must firmly reject speeches by any of our leaders, fueling a climate of fear and hatred or normalizing racist sentiments," he wrote on Twitter.

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This is the 250th mass killing in the United States since the beginning of the year. And one of the deadliest of the last 25 years. A shootout erupted on Saturday, August 3 at the Cielo Vista shopping complex in El Paso, Texas. 20 people were killed and at least 26 injured.

The alleged gunman was arrested and placed in custody. El Paso police spokesman Robert Gomez told a press point that "only one person was taken into custody" after surrendering.

On a screenshot of surveillance camera, put online by the local channel KTSM, we see it enter the hypermarket armed with a rifle, the ears covered with a noise-canceling headphones.

He was identified as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old resident of nearby Dallas, nine hours away. The motive of his act would be racist. The alleged gunman denounced a "Hispanic invasion of Texas."

This Sunday, another shootout killed 9 people in Dayton, Ohio. The attacker was shot.

Less than 24 hours later, another attack took place this Sunday in busy Oregon, usually "a very safe downtown area" in Dayton, Ohio, in the northeastern United States. . Nine people lost their lives and 16 others were injured. The murderer whose motives are not yet known was shot down.

Several voices have been raised calling for better regulation of the firearms market, including Democratic primary candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Beto O'Rourke, also a candidate for the Democratic primary, from El Paso, of which he was until recently the representative in Congress, accused Donald Trump of encouraging racism in the United States.

"We have seen an increase in hate crimes every year for three years, under an administration whose president treats Mexicans as rapists and criminals," he said after visiting the victims at a hospital in El Paso. .

"So far this year, 531 people have died in mass killings and 2,066 have been injured."

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The Trump administration had already responded to the French GAFA tax.

And now it's Amazon taking off!

America has always reacted with one voice. Republicans and Democrats are united against a measure of "racketeering" on the part of France, this is what we can hear from all sides in the ruling class and politics in the US!

Robert Lighthizer the US representative for trade, announced Wednesday, July 10, 2019, the opening of an investigation against France in retaliation for the so-called GAFA tax (for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), which must take 3% revenues generated in France by certain operators offering digital services.

The tax concocted by Bruno Le Maire and taxed "stupidity of Macron" by Donald Trump had been voted mid-July by France, making on this subject cavalier alone.

A statement from Robert Lighthizer's office had stated that:

"The structure of the new tax as the statements of officials [French policies] suggest that France, with this tax, unfairly target some US technology companies"

Since France did not intend to put an end to this "smoking GAFA tax", Amazon has just announced this Thursday, August 2nd the parade to support the weight of this tax of 3% on its turnover. How? By passing it, purely and simply, on some of its customers, those who go through the platform of Amazon to sell their products. But in France, it is not less than 10,000 SMEs and TPE who use Amazon to sell their products, to reach a new clientele at the time of the digital revolution and increase their turnover.

Amazon has justified its decision: "This tax directly targeting the services of the marketplace that we make available to companies with which we work, we have no choice but to pass it on to them," defended the group. American.

"Since we operate in the highly competitive and low-margin retail sector and invest heavily in the creation of tools and services for our customers and vendor partners, we are not able to 'absorb an additional tax based on turnover and not on profits,' explains the company.

And indirectly, it is the French, ultimately, who should end up taking the tax Gafa! "Unfortunately, we expect many of these companies to be forced to pass on this tax to consumers, which will lead to higher prices for their products sold online."

Hooray !!! "One more tax" for the French

Many experts had unsuccessfully alerted the government of this possible perverse effect. "The theory of economic impact will certainly apply. This means that the giants of the Net will be able to pass on the cost of the tax directly or indirectly to consumers, "explained economist Nicolas Marques to a colleague.

It's decided thing for Amazon. The other digital giants could soon follow suit.

The GAFA tax in the French way, this desperate maneuver to bring in revenue in the coffers of a country (400 million for 2019) does not seem to take into account the fact that too much taxation kills the taxation and that saving measures must be part of the reflections that the French state must impose !!!

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In the debate between Democrats, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday August 1, the favorite Joe Biden is undoubtedly expected at the turn even if he is one of the moderates among moderates.

On Tuesday, August 31, a dividing line was indeed clear between moderate and more radical Democrats in this theater in Detroit, Michigan, one of the pivotal states won by Donald Trump in 2016 and that Democrats must win back in November 2020.

Figures on the left wing of the party Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren (15% support each) seem to have somewhat disappointed voters.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have defended the creation of a universal health insurance financed by public funds without any role for private insurance, the abandonment of criminal proceedings against migrants who entered the United States illegally or the cancellation student debts. A little too socialist for the other Democrats in the running.

The two candidates, the former vice president of Barack Obama and the Californian senator Kamala Harris, positioning themselves much more in the center, could consequently stand out from the candidates in the running. Still widely ahead in the polls (32%), Joe Biden is however under pressure before the Democratic debate on Wednesday night.

Why ?

Joe Biden had a poor performance against Kamala Harris last June. The latter had reminded him of his opposition to his past positions in the face of racial segregation.

If last April she was credited with only 5 to 8% of the vote, Kamala Harris is now close to 10, 5%. She had then used Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders face-to-face as an outsider, with no one betting on her.

But she has undeniable strengths in the race for the White House. A 54-year-old black woman, first person of color, but also first woman, elected to the post of San Francisco attorney, she then becomes a prosecutor in California before making her Senate entry in January 2017, becoming the second black senator in all 'History.

The one already nicknamed in 2010 by the Daily Beast in 2010 "female Barack Obama" had accused Joe Bernie of having opposed to the public policy which allowed to transport children of the black districts to schools to majority white. "There was a little girl in California who belonged to the second generation to go to her public school, by bus every day. This little girl was me, "she said, moved. There is no doubt that the racial question will come back to the heart of the debate.

The new duel between this veteran of American politics and the fourth in the polls will be scrutinized closely. The former vice president warned: "I will not be polite this time," Biden warned.

Twenty Democrat contenders have qualified for the big debate organized by CNN in Detroit on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. For the moment, this is a four-way race dominated by Joe Biden (31% by RealClearPolitics average), ahead of Elizabeth Warren (14.8%), Bernie Sanders (14.3%) and Kamala Harris (11%).

No doubt also that the duel Biden-Harris will be followed and commented by the one who had already tweeted "The least socialist among two socialists is always socialist! Donald Trump quoted Louisiana Senator John Kennedy as saying.

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Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman, aka "El Chapo", was sentenced on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, by a New York judge to life imprisonment with an additional 30 years in prison. The lawyers of the most powerful drug trafficker since the end of the reign of Colombian Pablo Escobar, in 1993, have already announced that they will appeal this conviction.

The leaders of which El Chapo was convicted on February 12, after a trial of three months, imposed, as a minimum, life imprisonment. Federal Judge Brian Cogan has chosen to add an additional 30 years in prison for the use of automatic weapons, following the prosecutor's requisitions.

In 2016 is the last arrest of this sexagenarian ego excess in a villa in Los Mochis, on the Pacific coast, in his stronghold of Sinaloa. Extradited to the United States on 19 January 2017 in a Manhattan prison, "El Chapo" is no more than the shadow of himself: isolated in his cell 23 hours a day, after two escapes to Mexico, only his lawyers and his seven-year-old twins can visit him. Even his wife Emma Coronel, a 32-year-old beauty queen, is forbidden to visit.

Life sentence

This is the most powerful drug baron in the world sentenced to life.

"The overwhelming evidence presented at the trial showed that [Joaquin Guzman] was the ruthless and bloodthirsty leader of the Sinaloa cartel," which he co-directed between 1989 and 2014, Brooklyn Federal Prosecutor's Office Richard Donoghue wrote in a statement. his indictment before the sentencing. Justice has not been done.

The one also called "Le Courtaud", a nickname due to its small size, about 1.67 m, is judged to have led for 25 years the most powerful drug cartel in the world.

During the trial, the prosecution showed that the Mexican had ordered the assassination or himself killed at least 26 people - sometimes after torturing them - who were informants, traffickers from rival organizations, police officers, collaborators or even members of his own family. Many of the documents remained confidential, as was the list of former associates, employees or rivals of Joaquin Guzman called to testify. Some enjoy the protection of the US government under new identities. Others are held in special prisons to prevent retaliation.

Shortly after the opening of the hearing on Wednesday, Joaquin Guzman spoke orally for the first time since his extradition to the United States in January 2017. He claimed to have been denied a fair trial and denounced his detention conditions, claiming to have been "physically, psychologically and mentally tortured 24 hours a day". "Justice has not been done," said the 62-year-old, who built, in thirty years, the most powerful cartel of Mexico.

"El Chapo" the most powerful narco-trafficker since Colombian Pablo Escobar

The Sinaloa cartel headed by Joaquin Guzman has shipped more than 154 tons of cocaine to the United States, as well as huge quantities of heroin, methamphetamines and marijuana, worth an estimated $ 14 billion. According to American prosecutors, "El Chapo" is the most powerful narco-trafficker since the Colombian Pablo Escobar, who died in 1993.

The downfall is tough for the one who led 25 years during one of the most powerful cartels on the planet, former hero of narco culture and "narcocorridos", these Mexican ballads that tell the cartel leaders.

Born April 4, 1957 to a poor family in a mountain village in Sinaloa, northwestern Mexico, Joaquin Guzman worked from childhood selling oranges, sweets and drinks.

As he tells the actor Sean Penn during an interview in October 2015 supposed to remain secret but which will contribute to his arrest, he begins, teenager, to cultivate marijuana and poppy, for lack of alternatives. "The only way to get money, to buy food, to survive, was to grow the opium poppy, marijuana, so at that age, I started to grow and sell it. He will confide to the American actor.

The chief of the cartel of Guadalajara Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, nicknamed "the godfather" of the modern Mexican cartels recruits him. After the arrest of Gallardo in 1989, Guzman founded with three associates the Sinaloa cartel, in a few years becoming an empire with European and Asian ramifications. "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anyone in the world. I have fleets of submarines, planes, trucks and boats, "he boasted in the interview with Sean Penn, published in Rolling Stone magazine.

His fortune placed him on Forbes magazine's list of the richest men in the world, before escaping in 2013 because of the expenses necessary to protect him.

At least two of his sons are accused by US authorities of playing an "important" role in his cartel. Another son, Edgar, was shot in 2008.

Robin Hood helping the poor and ridiculing the powerful, El Chapo also waged an ultra-violent struggle against rivals, a war between cartels that still ravage Mexico today.

Where is the money ?

On Wednesday, the judge also ordered the seizure of $ 12.6 billion (11.2 billion euros), which corresponds, according to the prosecutor, the profits from drug trafficking. To date, American justice has not seen a single penny. According to the survey, several hundred million dollars would have passed through the banking system and El Chapo would have also invested in an insurance company located in the United States.

El Chapo should serve his sentence at the Administrative Maximum Facility, an institution located in the middle of nowhere, in Florence, Colorado. Nicknamed the "Alcatraz of the Rockies", the prison is considered the safest in the United States and is home to several famous inmates like Terry Nichols (accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing) or Frenchman Zacarias Moussaoui, who participated in the preparation of the attacks Moussaoui, who participated in the preparation of the attacks of 11 September. "A sanitized version of hell," headlined the program 60 Minutes of the channel CBS in 2007.

Bridget Brennan, the New York Special Attorney for drugs, admitted that Joaquin Guzman's switch-off did not detract from the influence of the Sinaloa cartel. "We think it's the one who is responsible for getting most of the drugs into the United States," she said.

"The conviction and imprisonment of Joaquin [...] will not change anything in the war on drugs. Acknowledged Bridget Brennan.

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On Facebook, internet users say they want to storm this ultra-secret military base which, according to urban legends, would house aliens.

This Wednesday, July 17,2019, nearly 1.4 million people worldwide were registered for a Facebook event that plans to "storm" "Area 51" as they suspect the US military base , strictly forbidden access, to host activities related to extraterrestrials.

With a clear stake: to reveal the "truth" to America and the rest of the world after years of "lies". And for this, their watchword and name of their Facebook event is unambiguous: "Let's storm Zone 51 (because) they can not stop us all".

A group attack "Naruto"

"Let's go see these aliens. The description of the Facebook event is short and effective. This US Air Force base is one hour from Las Vegas, in the Nevada desert,

The theoretical plan for this rally, scheduled for September 20, can be summed up in two sentences: "" We meet at the "Alien Center" [a nearby tourist attraction] and we coordinate our entry. as in "Naruto" [the name of a famous manga character who has the particularity to run very fast with the arms extended to the rear], we will go faster than their bullets, let's go see these aliens. " hypothesis being: "they can not stop us all".

Indeed, we must not forget that all around the protected area, signs mentioning "use of the authorized force" are not lacking. This can be translated as "we allow ourselves to shoot you if you enter the area".

Thus, on September 20, the planned day of "the attack", they could well be several hundreds of thousands of people to sweep on this site located about 160 km north of Las Vegas despite the signs of prohibition of access stating that "the use of lethal force is permitted".

The warning of the US Army

The US military is following the event closely and does not seem willing to joke, on the contrary.

Covering an immense area of ​​1.2 million hectares, Area 51 was created in the 1950s, at the initiative of Richard M. Bissell Jr., a CIA officer who was then in charge of overseeing the development of U-2 spy planes with the approval of President Eisenhower. Today, officially, at least, they are tests of weapons and planes that are made there.

It is therefore an ultra-secret and inaccessible zone so that the US Air Force has not failed to react.

Contacted by The Washington Post on Friday, July 12, she and her spokesperson, Laura McAndrews, confirmed that she knew about the planned invasion and wanted to dissuade those who were really ready. to take the step.

"Area 51 is a site used as an open air training camp for the US Air Force and we discourage anyone from trying to come to the site (...) The Air Force is always ready to protect America and its assets, "she said, seeming to imply a possible use of armed force.

Last January, a civilian had managed to break into the base before being shot down by military forces, who are entitled to "the use of lethal force" in such a case. Message received five out of five for some who deflate ..

In this unhelpful context, and as the days go by, some people at the event admit that they are not really interested. "Hello US Government, it's a joke, I do not really intend to implement this plan; I just thought it would be funny and I would not feel responsible if people decided to storm Zone 51, "said Jackson Barnes, one of the organizers of the event. Would he have been afraid of the FBI?

Alien hunters or followers of conspiracy theories

But for some, hunters of aliens and followers of conspiracy theories, area 51 has fueled for decades all fantasies. Supporters of extraterrestrial life also regularly camp around the ultra-protected zone to watch it. So secret that its very existence was only recognized by the CIA in 2013, when the intelligence agency declassified documents on the U2 spy plane.

For them, it is indeed a meeting place between the US Army and the Aliens. They think that this area is the scene of mysterious experiments on extraterrestrials. And, to support their claims, they have been publishing for decades dozens of videos of "evidence" on streaming sites.

The mystery that surrounds the Area 51 has made it a subject of choice , in the pop-culture : we talk about it in X-Files, Roswell, Hill has eyes, Indiana Jones, Doctor Who or Futurama and The Simpsons, and even in the blockbuster movie "Independence Day".

Hoax or not?

But the organizers of the event "Let's storm Zone 51, they can not stop us all" did they not play on these fantasies and the credulity of some followers of the unusual?

Indeed the Facebook event has everything from the joke. Organized by the moderators of a meme site called "Shitposting Cause I'm in Shambles", in collaboration with a famous gamer on the Twitch social streaming network, the event's page is full of satirical publications on how to circumvent the defense system of the base as well as possible.

Hoax or not, some comments and memes about this event are worth seeing.

Let's start perhaps by the web's favorite. A well-motivated character, dressed in a sort of modified Mandalorian mercenary costume (Star Wars universe), giving the 2019 equivalent of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Even the stars, like the singer Lizzo, lent themselves to the game.

And even the very serious Elon Musk would be put (in a fake tweet ...). "I will provide one of my flamethrowers to anyone who tries to storm Area 51".

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The Trump administration is responding to the French GAFA tax.

America reacts with one voice. Republicans and Democrats are united against a measure of "racketeering" on the part of France, this is what we can hear from all sides in the ruling class and politics in the US!

Robert Lighthizer the US representative for trade, announced Wednesday, July 10, 2019, the opening of an investigation against France in retaliation for the so-called GAFA tax (for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), which must take 3% revenues generated in France by some operators offering digital services

The United States has announced the opening of an investigation, a process that will lead to the imposition of tariffs on French products and many other retaliatory measures against France if it does not end session to this "smoking GAFA tax" !!

The United Kingdom had already measured how difficult it would be to negotiate any Donald Trump free trade agreement with the United States after Brexit.

Emmanuel Macron French President and his Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Mayor, will experience the difficulty of attacking Washington alone.

Paris puts forward its sovereignty, but if the GAFA tax in the French, seems to be mostly a desperate maneuver to bring revenue into the coffers of a country that does not seem to understand that too much taxation kills the tax and that measures of economy must be part of the reflections that the French State must impose!

In a statement the office of Robert Lighthizer states that:

"The structure of the new tax as the statements of officials [French policies] suggest that France, with this tax, unfairly target some US technology companies"

"The President has asked us to investigate the effects of this legislation and to determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and weighs on or restricts US trade. "

The French Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, reacted Thursday, July 11, 2019 by saying that allied countries were to settle their "differences other than threat."

Bruno Le Maire added to the Senate:

"France is a sovereign state, it decides sovereignly of its tax provisions, and it will continue to decide sovereignly its tax decisions" and this just before the ultimate vote of the Parliament on the implementation of this tax.

The GAFA tax should be structured as follows:

The companies concerned must achieve 750 million euros in sales, including 25 million euros in France.

The tax would affect about thirty companies, including GAFA, but also European and Chinese companies and only one French, Criteo.

Senators Chuck Grassley (Republican, Iowa) and Ron Wyden (Democrat, Oregon), members of the Senate Finance Committee, sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on June 24 stating that do everything to encourage France to backtrack.

On the other hand they are particularly indignant that the law is retroactive and that it can lead to double taxation, which is intolerable and contrary to any fiscal policy in a democracy that respects itself!

Unanimous senators as a whole (Republican and Democrat) and members of the administration of our President Donald Trump urge France to go back with the implementation of this tax failing which the response of the United States and retaliation are going to be terrible and will hurt a lot !!!

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7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked southern California on Friday night, the second largest in the two-day zone, the USGS said.

Felt to Los Angeles

If the tremors were felt until Los Angeles and Las Vegas, their epicenter was fortunately located in a sparsely populated area and they had made, at the last news, only a few minor injuries. They did damage in the small towns around the epicenter, about 240 km northeast of Los Angeles.

The quake was potentially eleven times more devastating than Thursday morning's 6.4-magnitude Ridgecrest area, about 240 km northeast of Los Angeles. According to the USGS, Thursday's earthquake was presumably a precursor of the one that happened Friday at 20h19 local time. And there is about 10% chance of a new earthquake reaching magnitude 7 or higher in the coming week, said seismologist Lucy Jones, of the California Institute of Technology.

No major damage, it seems

No major damage has been identified, however, according to local authorities. Firefighters in the city reported ground-fault power lines and power outages following the earthquake that lasted about 20 seconds. But the security inspections carried out at the international airport did not detect any damage and the air traffic was in no way disturbed by the earthquake. "The first reports show more damage" than the day before but no death occurred. is to deplore.

The spectrum of the "Big One"

Reaching a vast perimeter to Las Vegas in neighboring Nevada, these two earthquakes revived the specter of "Big One," a potentially devastating mega-earthquake feared in the American West.

Seismologist Lucy Jones of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) said on Twitter that the two earthquakes occurred "on the same fault" and "are part of the same sequence".

The state of emergency was declared Saturday in two counties in southern California at the epicenter of two earthquakes that struck the region on Thursday and Friday, the second largest, with 7.1 magnitude, the largest since 20 years.

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Donald Trump celebrated Thursday the story of Americans for whom "nothing is impossible", in a speech paying tribute to the army and calling for the rally.

"Our nation is stronger today than ever before," said the US president to the applause of thousands of spectators, in a speech interspersed with military music and the spectacular flight of warplanes.

The mighty Air Force One, the Boeing 747 of US presidents, flew over the historic heart of Washington to announce the opening of the ceremony.

"USA, USA," began to scold the public when the Republican billionaire arrived, accompanied by his wife, Melania Trump, at the foot of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a monument to the glory of the 16th American president.

It was from these same marches that Martin Luther King delivered in 1963 his historic speech "I have a dream" in favor of equality for blacks.

"Today, we are coming together as one country for this very special tribute to America," said Donald Trump, before listing the medical, spatial, technological and industrial discoveries and advances made by Americans. We will be back on the moon shortly and one day we will plant the American flag on Mars, "promised Donald Trump.

In the presence of his Vice President Mike Pence, members of his administration, the Congress and representatives of all branches of the military, Donald Trump paid tribute to the military, police, rescuers and volunteers of 9/11 but also to many civilians, including the suffragette movement and several prominent American black figures, including Martin Luther King.

"For Americans, nothing is impossible," proclaimed Donald Trump.

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US National Day is being transformed for the first time into a military parade by President Donald Trump.

The American president upsets the scheduling of the US National Day and will appear at the center of the celebrations, with a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Washington will know this Thursday, July 4, date of the American Independence Day, an unprecedented event: instead of the traditional civil and apolitical rendezvous, it is a military parade, accompanied by a speech by Donald Trump, who is organized this year.

The president of the United States had indeed hidden his favorite French 14-July he had attended when he came to Paris in 2017. He then said he would be inspired.

On July 4, 1776, the representatives of the thirteen American colonies had gathered in Philadelphia to present to the world the declaration by which they broke with the British crown.

An event that led to the independence of the United States.

Donald Trump to organize for this Thursday, July 4, Independence Day, a military parade in Washington.

He will deliver a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The speech of Donald Trump is also a first, for this 4-July American.

This July 4th "will be very different, it will be special," said the president.

There will be "planes above us, the best fighter planes in the world" and "we will have some tanks," he said.

From this monument to the glory of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President and defender of the country's unity during the Civil War, Donald Trump will deliver his "Salute to America" ​​at 18:30 (22:30 GMT) ).

A very patriotic party where tanks are exposed on Thursday in central Washington and fighter planes roar in the sky.

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The second debate of the many Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election took place on Thursday night in Miami, Florida.

Political veteran Joe Biden, 76 year old, was on the defensive several times on Thursday night for the Democratic debate for the US presidential election of 2020. The former vice president of Obama was attacked the senator from California on her courteous relationship with two segregationist senators, which he put forward last week. And Kamala Harris, who has Jamaican and Indian origins, seized her moment as candidates were questioned about the tensions between police and minorities in the United States.

"As the only black person on stage, I would like to speak on this racial issue. And then jugular of looking at him must in the eyes: "I do not believe that you are racist. But it's personal, and it hurt me, to hear you talk about the good reputation of two American senators who built their career on racial segregation in this country. Kamala Harris did not stop there.

She recalled that Joe Biden was opposed at the time to "busing", which aimed to promote racial diversity by transporting black students in predominantly white schools. "There was a little girl in California, who was part of 2nd class to be integrated into a public school [out of area], and she took the bus every day. This little girl was me. "

In addition, the current pollster, 76, was also quickly called to "pass the witness".

"If we want to solve the problems, pass the witness, if we want to solve the climatic chaos, pass the witness, if we want to put an end to the violence by the arms and solve the student debt, pass the witness," repeated Eric Salwell , a little-known parliamentarian of 38 years.

This veteran of politics has concentrated the attacks of the other candidates. In Miami, he presented himself as a moderate rallyer, defender of the middle class and workers. As of April 25, the 76-year-old was trying to stand above the Democratic scrum, in a direct duel with Republican President Donald Trump. "I am ready to lead this country because it is important that we revive the soul of this nation" that the billionaire "trampled", he had advanced. He seems to have been overtaken by his age.

Practicing Christian, South Bend (Indiana) mayor Pete Buttigieg has denounced the separation of families on the Mexican border ordered for a time by the Trump administration, particularly criticizing the Republican party "who likes to wrap itself in a religious speech."

The youngest of the race (37 years old) is the first candidate of weight in a presidential election to declare himself homosexual.

Bernie Sanders, whose third campaign to become president, has decried the Trumpian action. He was the most virulent. "The American people are aware that Trump is an impostor, a pathological liar and a racist, and that he lied to the American people during the campaign. Trump is bogus, he does not defend American families, "said the Vermont senator, who was second in the polls (17%) behind Joe Biden.

In particular, he said that the tax cuts decided by Trump favored the richest and accentuated economic inequalities in the country. "Donald Trump thinks that Wall Street has built America," he said. He put us in a horrible situation. There are huge wage inequalities. "

The other candidates fought to exist, including Andrew Yang, the entrepreneur who advocates for a universal income of $ 1,000 per month against the threat of automation and artificial intelligence. Oprah's spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson delivered a "love of hate" message from Donald Trump.

Observers were more anxiously awaiting the second debate that brought together, on Thursday, June 27, still in Miami, Florida (United States), the heavyweights candidates for the Democratic nomination.

On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massasuchetts distinguished herself. Thursday night, it's Kamala Harris who broke the screen. An average of 32% in national polls, Donald Trump dubbed "Joe-Dodo" ahead of Bernie Sanders (17%), the candidate who had worried Hillary Clinton in 2016. At his age, however, many question his ability to hold the distance of a long race to be completed in November 2020. The young Democrat Pete Buttigieg is also among the main contenders of the race.

After these first two debates, the two favorites of the polls, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, see two women, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, to set themselves up as formidable competitors.

The next leg of this nomination contest will take place in Detroit, Michigan, on July 30 and 31, at CNN's panel discussion.

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Less than 500 days away from the US presidential election, a host of Democratic candidates compete in primaries to confront their programs.

It's about winning the nomination.

The first debate took place Wednesday, June 26 in Miami, Florida for a dozen of them.

The second debate will see on Thursday among others those who are leading the polls at the moment: two male favorites, the centrist Joseph Biden, former vice president of Obama, and the Socialist Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders.

A very codified debate according to very strict rules: of a duration of two hours each candidate is entitled to answers of 60 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of droit de suite so that everyone can express himself.

It was the progressive Elizabeth Warren who dominated the first Democratic debate, beginning and ending the oratorical contest.

The 70-year-old Senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, is already credited with 15% voting intentions in the polls, making her third on the podium. Wall Street defender Elizabeth Warren was the first to speak on the theme of economic inequality.

She dominated the other candidates by the clarity of her proposals, but also by her conviction, especially when she denounced the dysfunctions of American democracy. "For far too long, we have had a Congress that neglects what matters to people in this country.

The country works much better for those who distribute huge sums of money, who hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers for the people. She said. "We need to make structural changes in the way we govern, in our economy and in our country," she said with applause.

It has declined with force and conviction its very left program detonating with the majority of rather progressive candidates.

Warren began with the health issue, arguing for a single payer for health that would end insurance companies .

The leader of the Democratic Party's progressive wing, who believes private insurance benefits Americans, supports government-funded Medicare for All ("Medicare for All").

"Health is a basic human right," she said. The "Medicare for All" championed by Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, would create a government-run health plan that eliminates private insurance. It is modeled after the Medicare government health program for seniors. But most other candidates except Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, opt for the existing public-private mixed system.

In this city where seven in ten inhabitants are Hispanic, the migration crisis has gained importance in the debate caught up by the revelations of an NGO on the poor living conditions of young migrants in a detention center and drowning. a father and his little girl. All are unquestionably opposed to the management of Republican President Donald Trump of the migration crisis on the border with Mexico.

If Mrs. Warren, Wednesday night, has by far imposed on the nine other Democrats present, some worry that she is too vulnerable in a possible presidential duel with Donald Trump, who nicknamed her "Pocahontas", in reference to its distant Amerindian origins.

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Yesterday, 75-year-old E. Jean Carroll, a well-known editorialist of the US version of "Elle" magazine, said in an interview last week at "New York" magazine that she was raped by the tycoon. real estate in the 1990's in a fitting room of a luxury New York store.

She recounts having her cross in Bergdorf Goodman, a store on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

After asking for a gift for a woman, Donald Trump would have told him that the gift was actually for her.

He would then have locked himself up with the autrice in a cabin, thinking that he was "joking" by following her so far.

That's where he would forcefully kiss her before raping her. "It was a struggle," the columnist told CNN on Monday. Finally, E. Jean Carrol managed to escape from the fitting room.

For his part, the president responded on June 24 to the charges when the political site The Hill questioned him about it.

"I will say it with great respect," he began. "First, she's not my type. Secondly, it never happened. It never happened, OK ? ".

And to add: "She is totally lying. I do not know anything about her. I do not know this lady. I do not know anything about her »

Fear of retaliation or promotion of a book ?

The editorialist also mentions his alleged assault in an autobiographical work, What Do We Need Men For ?

A Modest Proposal (For what do we need men ? A modest proposal ).

"She's trying to sell a new book. This should make you understand what are his motives, "denounced the billionaire Republican. "It should be sold to fiction. "

This is not the first time Donald Trump has been charged with sexual assault : E. Jean Carroll is at least the sixteenth woman accusing Donald Trump - nor the first time he uses this kind of defense.

"Believe me, she would not be my first choice," he had denigrated during a meeting about Jessica Leeds, a young woman accusing her of raping her on a plane. And the subject is closed.

"A complete lie," insisted Mr. Trump. "I do not know anything about this woman. It's a terrible thing that people can make such accusations."

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Since May 2018 and the withdrawal of the United States from the international agreement on Iran's nuclear power, the tension in the Gulf region has been growing. It is now reaching its climax. Nothing more is going on between Tehran and Washington and especially after this week, Iran shot down an American drone in the Gulf of Oman.

TRUMP .... On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not ...

" Ten minutes before the strike, I stopped it," said Donald Trump Trump Friday after the destruction of a drone by the Iranians.

The tenant of the White House confirmed Friday, June 21 that he had considered the day before, before changing, strikes against Iranian targets in retaliation for the destruction of an American drone. Attacks targeting three sites that would have killed 150 people.

The US President announced Saturday (June 22nd) that he plans to impose new sanctions against Tehran to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons . However, he added that military actions were still possible. The United States would impose Monday as new "major additional sanctions against Iran Monday. Iran can not have nuclear weapons! "

Donald J. Trump

Iran can not have Nuclear Weapons! Under the terrible Obama plan, they would have been on their way to the United States. We are putting major additional penalties on Iran on Monday. I look forward to the day that .....

Why these reversals of the American president?

The President of the United States first told his version of the events on his Twitter account and then in an interview on NBC for the Sunday show "Face the Nation." He explained that he had changed his mind to save lives.

This strategic zone was the scene, a few days earlier, of attacks against two oil tankers, imputed to the Tehran regime by Washington. Donald Trump reacts mid-morning by posting a threatening message on his Twitter account. "Iran has made a big mistake," he writes, opening the door to a possible military response.

The US President , who alternates martial declarations and calls for dialogue for several weeks, announced on June 22 that he planned to impose new sanctions against Tehran to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

If the Iranians give up nuclear power, he promises to be "their best friend".

The Iranian army warned this Saturday the United States that the slightest attack on its territory would have, according to it, devastating consequences for US interests in the region. "Shooting a ball towards Iran will put the interests of America and its allies" in the region on fire, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, spokesman for the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, said. Iranian.

Days after announcing the dismantling of a "new network" of spies and "new recruits Americans" related to the CIA, Iran has also announced the day the execution for "espionage" a Ministry of Defense claimant alal Haji Zavar was sentenced by a military court for spying for the benefit of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA), according to the semi-official Isna news agency.

Be that as it may, the consequences of such an act of war against Iran would be very heavy for both the Middle East and the United States themselves.

And a war could cost Trump his reelection that promised his constituents not to embark on a new war and to withdraw from all outstanding military conflicts.

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It is a very large US drone that Tehran claims to have shot over its territory, Thursday, June 20, causing an escalation of Iranian-American tensions. The strait of Ormuz is a zone, very disputed, is always delicate to sweep for the western armies.

The RQ-4A Global Hawk, which flew over international waters according to Washington, has a similar scale to that of a Boeing 737. It belongs to the family of the Global Hawk, which are the American historical reconnaissance drones, much larger than the dreaded drones Predator or Reaper, used by the US Army for assassination missions. It is a machine capable of spying ground communications from an altitude of nearly 20 km.

A technological jewel flying spy

The US Navy deploys numerous warships and a full carrier battle group around an aircraft carrier in the Gulf region. It does not act without surveillance drones, able to fly for more than 24 hours. And this, especially since the tanker attacks of mid-June.

The drone monitors from the sky 103 600 km² progressing slowly to collect as much information as possible. The RQ-4A Global Hawk only flies at 400 knots, following a route determined in advance: in the staffs, specialized officers trace the surveillance course point by point, thanks to GPS coordinates.

This drone can spy from an altitude of 19.8 km, about twice as high as a traditional aircraft. It can "provide real-time information on an area of ​​103,600 km², a little less than the size of a US state such as Illinois," says the builder of this drone, Northrop Grumman, on its site.

The RQ-4A Global Hawk is indeed a spy plane used exclusively for reconnaissance missions and, for this purpose, is equipped with radar, sensors and cameras of all kinds. It has a 360 ° maritime surveillance radar and ground-to-air detection, with a long range capability.

This real technological gem makes very precise geographic or photographic readings and is capable of intercepting telephone or radio communications on the ground from high altitudes.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001

The RQ-4A is the first model of the Global Hawk family of drones, and began shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks. This reconnaissance drone was deployed in November 2001 in Afghanistan. It was then used in Iraq, on the outskirts of North Korea and even during the Fukushima disaster in Japan in 2011, to help relief. But in 2013, Northrop Gumman ceased production to sell its successor, the Global Hawk-RQ-4B, which can carry more surveillance equipment.

Northrop Gumman indicates, on its website, that 37 Global Hawk-RQ-4A's are in use and have been used, among other things, to monitor the movements of Islamic State (IS) terrorist group fighters in Syria, to make reconnaissance by Baltic Sea after the annexation of Ukraine by Russia or to participate in the research of high school girls kidnapped in 2014 by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

How to explain this shot of Iran on an American drone ?

According to experts, the US command had no interest in entering the airspace of Iran - the Pentagon ensures that the drone was flying 34 km from the Iranian coast. Still, the area of ​​the Strait of Ormuz is always delicate to sweep. National spaces are touching each other, and riparian countries can make land claims.

Other hypotheses are also envisaged to explain the Iranian shooting.

On the American side we can think of a GPS jamming that momentarily drifted the Global Hawk, or an error in the preparation of the route of his mission.

On the Iranian side one can think of the untimely triggering of an Iranian soil-air system or of taking control of the regime's "tough guys" wanting to test the American will.

A demonstration of Iranian technological strength

In any case, the fact that Iran has managed to destroy a Global Hawk "demonstrates that the country is technologically more advanced than one would have thought.

In a sense, it's a message sent to the United States to warn them not to underestimate their military capability, "said Amy Zegart, co-director of Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation. (California), interviewed by Time.

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Under the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd, Donald Trump launched the campaign for his re-election in Florida on Tuesday night. He is the first to open this campaign, which is likely to be rich in lessons. In a country with a booming economy since the election of Donald Trump, the polls do not give it as a winner.

Yet, far from being moved, the tenant of the White House has resumed its favorite themes of 2016 and violently attacked the Democrats, accused of wanting to "destroy the American dream."

And very comfortable at the microphone and true to his provocative style, the president literally galvanized the 25,000 or so fans who came to listen to him in Orlando. The US president has promised to "Keep America Great," in reference to its previous slogan, Make America Great Again.

"Four more years! Four more years! "Regularly resumed his support in the room, punctuating a speech in the very aggressive tone. "Voting for a democrat, whoever he is, in 2020 is to vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream," he said.

He is already denying the results of polls that place him second in key states like Texas and Wisconsin and continues to trumpet that his approval level exceeds 50%.

Moreover the president already evokes the possibility of scheming democrats if he had to lose the elections of November 2020, especially if the advance of the Democrats on the Republicans is thin.

Has he not also hinted that his base would be agitated if something unpleasant happened to him, recalling that his supporters include bikers, soldiers, policemen, border agents and other hard "trumpists". Moreover, he keeps repeating that the stock market will collapse if he loses.

Trump's main problem is not so much what he does - some of his decisions are excellent, but what he is. Is not Trump his own enemy ?

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"If anyone else takes the reins in 2020, there will be a stock market crash like we've never seen before! He tweeted this weekend. In Florida, Donald Trump launches his 2020 campaign

On Tuesday night in Orlando, US President Donald Trump kicks off his campaign for the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Especially optimistic, he already announces the color: "I feel we will break records."

Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melania Trump will be traveling with him.

The billionaire Republican, 73, knows that he will, as in 2016, win in this key state for a second term as his three predecessors: Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

With its 29 "big voters", Florida is a weighty state in the American system of "electoral college". It is traditionally highly contested in presidential polls.

Some 25,000 people are expected in the Amway Center, the enclosure of the Orlando Magics NBA team, with giant screens outside so that "everyone can enjoy".

The tide of red caps "Make America Great Again" or MAGRA should welcome it with enthusiasm giving the president of septuagenarian opportunity to capture all the light.

Excellent economic results as a shock asset

The President should brand the good figures of what he calls simply "the Trump economy" and shake the specter of an apocalyptic scenario if a Democrat drove him out of the White House. "If anyone else takes the reins in 2020, there will be a stock market crash like we've never seen before! Tweeted this weekend the former businessman.

The fact is that the United States is indeed succeeding economically by extending, beyond what was expected, their growth cycle, with an increase in GDP since the fourth quarter of 2009. We are thus approaching the end of the 11th year of growth.

And with unemployment at 3.6% so with full employment, as an economist explains. In fact, the United States is experimenting with the so-called "theory of overheating" - what economists dislike - by continuing to support demand through its fiscal and monetary policies. The Republican President lowered taxes for businesses and for wealthier households, while public deficits continued to widen. Everyone wins, from businesses to homes.

"The United States of Donald Trump therefore seem to demonstrate that when demand is stimulated, as we approach full employment, we can extend the growth cycle," concludes the analyst.

"The unemployment rate is at its lowest, inflation is almost non-existent and new jobs are being created at an alarming rate. All those who study presidential politics know that strong economies are the most important factor in supporting the outgoing president, "says Forbes.

Towards a victory despite the polls?

Other things to consider: taxes have fallen and the nation is "at peace", as the White House tenant has minimized the presence of his army in countries under tension like Afghanistan and Syria. A promise he also made during his campaign, "bring back the Boys" in the United States, motivated primarily by the economic aspect.

In 2016, the former tycoon of real estate, thanks to crucial victories in a handful of key states, was propelled to the White House. To the extent that he has so far stubbornly refused to pose as a rallying force and to broaden his "electoral map", a re-election requires a new performance on the same lands.

If, at a little over 500 election days, polls at the national level give Donald Trump beaten, an early campaign and his good economic results could allow him to take advantage of the emptiness left on the Democratic side.

Eight days after the Trump show, twenty Democrat candidates will gather in Miami, some 300 kilometers further south, for two crucial debates in a very open primary.

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Municipal employee of a seaside resort on the US East Coast opened fire on Friday in a public building in the city, killing 12 people before being shot dead by the police.

This umpteenth tragedy, in a country marked by gun violence, occurred in Virginia Beach, a city of 450,000 inhabitants about 300 kilometers south of Washington.

"We now have 12" dead victims, Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera told reporters. A first assessment of 11 deaths was made worse with the death of an injured person during his transport to the hospital.

Four other wounded people are being treated in hospitals in the region and others could have gone on their own, he said.

"A war zone"

It was shortly after 16:00 Friday (20:00 GMT) when the suspect, "a long-time employee," entered a municipal building and began "immediately to shoot blind on all the victims," ​​said Mr. Cervera . A victim was killed outside near his vehicle. The others were found in the three floors of the building.

Spotting the floor where the shooter was by the sound of bullets, police intervened. "It was a long exchange of fire between these four policemen and the suspect. "

According to Mr. Cervera, the shooter was armed with a 45 caliber pistol equipped with a silencer and reloaded several times. The weapon and many magazines emptied were found on the spot.

Hit, the shooter that the police tried in vain to resuscitate succumbed to his injuries. Mr. Cervera said a policeman was "saved" by his bullet-proof vest.

A police officer, hit during this exchange of fire, survived thanks to his bulletproof vest.

After scrutinizing "a horrible crime scene", the investigators were still trying Saturday to find out what could have motivated the shooter to act.

According to Mr. Cervera, the police "prevented this individual from committing even worse carnage in this building" likely to accommodate up to 400 people.

Shooter DeWayne C., a man in his forties, had been employed for about 15 years in the city's public works department. According to the local press, he is a former US Army employee.

Prayer by Pharell Williams -

"It's an awful day," Virginia State Governor Ralph Northam, who arrived on the scene, said.

Bobby Dyer, the mayor of this seaside resort, which also houses a major US Navy base, told reporters "the most devastating day in Virginia Beach's history."

"We pray for our city, for lost lives, for their families and all those affected," tweeted singer Pharrell Williams, a native of Virginia Beach.

The United States is regularly bereaved by such shootings.

The state of Virginia, traditionally conservative, was the scene in 2007 of a particularly lethal shootout: a mentally unstable student had shot dead 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech University.

The right to possess a weapon is guaranteed in the country by the second amendment to the Constitution.

There have been 150 shootings that have left more than four victims - dead or dead - since the beginning of 2019, according to Gun Violence Archive, a specialized NGO.

Despite the repetition of these shootings and many calls for change, federal legislation has hardly changed in recent years.

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If the current President of the United States has never made any mystery about his candidacy for the 2020 elections, he put an end to the suspense on Friday by giving a precise timetable: the Republican billionaire will officially launch his campaign for a second term June 18, from Florida, key state he won in the 2016 election.

"I will announce my candidacy (...) with First Lady Melania and Vice President Mike Pence June 18 in Orlando," tweeted Friday the US President.

The The choice of Florida as the starting point of his campaign is not due to chance. He had won this key state in 2016 with just over 1% ahead of Hillary Clinton while Florida was Barack Obama who won every one of his mandates.

The man who keeps his promises

Despite his defeat in the mid-term elections and especially the various scandals that have targeted him since 2016, as the case of Russian interference, the president is very likely to be re-elected. It can already rely on the good economic health of the country with unemployment below 4%, a full employment situation, growth of more than 3% and a salary increase of 3.1% over the year 2018.

Strong arguments even if some economic indicators are less favorable as the precariousness of jobs - partly to explain the decline in unemployment - and especially the stormy relations with China.

But the great asset of Donald Trump is above all his image as a politician who has kept his promises. For his constituents, he did what he promised during his campaign in 2016 whether it is at the economic level or on the themes of immigration. He has thus engaged in a showdown with congressional Democrats over the financing of his wall on the Mexican border.

About twenty candidates

The name of his Democratic opponent in the November 3, 2020 poll is still the big unknown. With 23 men and women candidates for the nomination of the party the race is open. Joe Biden, former vice president of Barack Obama, is currently in the lead in the polls for the Democratic camp, but it is much too early to draw conclusions.

The game will not be easy for the one who prides himself on running the country as a company, he who has never pretended to expand his electorate.........

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Donald Trump has decided Thursday to use the great means against Mexico, accused of laxity on the issue of illegal immigration: it will impose from June 10 tariffs on products from its southern neighbor.

The US president announced that the United States would put in place "5% tariffs on all goods from Mexico" and that these would "gradually increase until the problem of illegal immigration is not resolved.

Tariffs could rise to 10% by 1 July and rise by 5 percentage points each month to the 25% limit in October if Mexico "does not stop the flow of illegal aliens through its territory ", He said in a statement issued by the White House. The United States reserves the right to withdraw these rates at "their sole discretion," he added.

This is the shock announcement made by Donald Trump this Thursday, May 30, to fight against Mexican illegal immigration.

"A disastrous announcement"

The Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, invited him to the dialogue: "I inform you that I do not want the confrontation (...) I propose to deepen the dialogue, to look for alternatives to the problem of immigration He wrote in a letter to his counterpart.

The decision was described immediately as "disastrous" by Mexico, who advocates a dialogue with the United States on the issue of illegal migration and wants to avoid any "confrontation". Earlier, Donald Trump had said he would "not order the closure of the border" between the United States and Mexico, a measure much criticized for several months. But the implementation of these tariffs was also frowned upon in his administration, which fears for the future new free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada (AEUMC) paradoxically launched the same day by the US government.

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, however, tried to separate the two files. "These are not tariffs in the context of the trade dispute, they are tariffs in the context of the immigration problem," he said in a conference call.

Americans overwhelmed

Donald Trump had prepared the ground a few hours ago, announcing that a record group of more than a thousand illegal immigrants had been arrested after crossing the border between Mexico and the United States at El Paso, Texas. .An unprecedented figure.

"Democrats must defend our incredible border police and finally close the breaches at our border! He had tweeted, accompanying his message with a two-minute video over night showing dozens of silhouettes crossing, apparently easily, a barrier.

The majority of this group consisted of families (934 people) and unaccompanied minors (63), according to the Border Police (CBP), which published images showing dozens of people standing in front of a metal fence, watched over by police. agents.

Arrest of "Largest Group Ever Discovered by Border Police Officers Demonstrates the Seriousness of the Humanitarian Crisis and Border Security" in the American South Bordering on Mexico, said CBP's No. 2 Robert E. Perez, in a statement.

"All the members of the group," the statement added, came from Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador, "the three countries from which most of the migrants who come to the United States via Mexico come from.

One of Trump's promises

Donald Trump has made the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico one of the central promises of his 2016 campaign. He tirelessly accuses the Democratic opposition, which controls since January one of the two chambers of Congress , block any initiative on the border.

The standoff with the Democrats over the financing of this wall had plunged the United States into the longest budget impasse, or "shutdown", of their history in December 2018 and January 2019.Face the refusal of the Congress to grant him the budget envelope, Donald Trump declared in February a national emergency at the border and asked the Defense to reallocate billions of dollars to its construction.

Overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants to the Mexican border, US authorities can no longer afford to keep them in detention. They have recently officially decided to release "families" of which no member has a criminal record pending a court review of their case.

A few weeks ago, the President of the United States had threatened to close the border with Mexico, a project that had alarmed even in his own camp, given the tight interweaving of the US and Mexican economies. But the decision on Thursday may penalize both countries by weakening the Mexican economy while penalizing US consumers who will pay the price of imported products.

But a possible weakening of the Mexican economy could lead to a resumption of immigration from this country to the United States, while the latter is at its lowest for two decades...

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There is an air of "The Scarlet Servant" floating over Alabama after the US Senate vote on abortion .......

Abortion becomes a crime again in Alabama, even in the case of rape.

The state of Alabama now has the most restrictive legislation on abortion in the United States: no exception in case of rape, no exception in case of incest either.

Abortion is once again a crime in Alabama, with one exception: if the mother is at risk of life or a lethal abnormality of the fetus.

A text promulgated by the governor of the state, Kay Ivey, Thursday, May 15, for which "all life [is] a gift of God".

The Republican vote of 25 to 6 angered Democratic minority leader in the Alabama Senate Bobby Singleton: "It's a shame, it's a scandal and a parody! (...) you have nothing to do with men abusing women and raping them, and you still want them to bear this child from this rape. "

Some Republicans even hope to have a 1973 law revisit, a decision called "Roe versus Wade" that recognized women's right to abort while the fetus is not viable.

While the powerful civil rights organization ACLU has already indicated that it will quickly seize justice, many American stars are outraged against this anti-abortion law in Alabama. The actress Alyssa Milano, famous for her roles in "Madame is served" and "Charmed" furious, is particularly indignant at the total absence of women among the senators who voted this law ... "Not a womb. NOT ONE UTERUS, "she blasted on Twitter.

The singer Janelle Monáe is also on the rise. "The Alabama Senate adopts the most restrictive national law on abortion. These bastards !!! And this is the first time I've used this word in almost 100,000 tweets and retweets. Even in case of rape or incest !!! "

The case of Alabama illustrates a trend of Republican states (Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi and Georgia in particular) that seem to align with the pro-life positions of Donald Trump.

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The French special forces released four hostages in the north of the country on Thursday night, including one American woman. His identity has not been revealed.

US President Donald Trump said Monday that the French had done a "great job" by releasing hostages, including an American, in northern Burkina Faso, at the cost of the death of two French soldiers.

"The French did a great job. We really appreciate it, "said Donald Trump at the White House. He recalled that the Americans had contributed to this operation by providing information to the French.

The soldiers of the Hubert commando released four hostages in the night from Thursday to Friday: two French, one South Korean and one American. We did not know the presence of these two women in Burkina Faso.

According to the French General François Lecointre, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the two women were held for "28 days" while the two French were captured nine days earlier.

Nothing has filtered around the ex-American hostage who was repatriated independently of the other three hostages. The US authorities have not disclosed the identity or reasons for the visit to Africa of their national. The State Department has justified this discretion by "concern for confidentiality". A spokesman simply thanked Paris and offer his condolences to the families of the two French soldiers killed, Cédric Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello.

A national tribute ceremony to the two French soldiers Cédric de Pierrepont, 33 years old and Alain Bertoncello, 28, killed by freeing these four hostages, is organized this Tuesday at Les Invalides.

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A 19-year-old man killed a 60-year-old man and wounded three others in a machine-gun attack at a synagogue near San Diego, California, USA The young man had entered the Chabad synagogue. after 11:20 am to open fire with an assault rifle AR-15 that apparently stopped, an explanation for the small number of victims while a hundred faithful were gathered.The gunman was arrested and detained.

Reference to Christchurch Attack

Shooter John T. Earnest was not known to the police. According to local media, he publicly announced on the internet his intention to kill Jews.

"We have copies of his social media publications and his open letter, and we will review them to determine their authenticity and what it brings to the investigation," said the sheriff.

The killer was inspired by the text of Brenton Tarrant, a white supremacist Australian who killed 50 people in the mosque attack on March 15 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The sheriff said his services were working with the FBI and the city of Escondido to investigate the possible involvement of the alleged gunman in a mosque fire last month, not injuring anyone.

The mayor of Poway paid tribute to "the members of the congregation who opposed the shooter and thus avoided a much more horrific incident" while US President Donald Trump presented his "most sincere condolences" denouncing a motivated crime by hatred.

"Tonight, the heart of America is with the victims of the horrific shootings in a synagogue (...) Our entire Nation is in mourning, praying for the wounded and expressing solidarity with the Jewish community. We strongly condemn the evils of anti-Semitism and hate, which must be defeated, "said the US president at a public meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"It is time to take action, to declare a determined war [on anti-Semitism], and not to condemn sluggishly, allowing the forces of hate to relive the dark hours of history," he said. Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon.

Eleven people were killed exactly six months earlier, on October 27, in a shootout in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (eastern USA). It was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community ever committed in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the United States has seen a 57% increase in antisemitic incidents in 2017.

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Joe Biden, the former vice president of Barack Obama, announced his candidacy for the Democratic primaries on Thursday (April 25th). This is his third attempt to run for the White House after two failures in 1988 and 2008.

This time, he presents himself as the healer, the rallyer of an America he considers to be sick and divided since the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

"We are in a battle for the soul of this nation," he wrote on Twitter before saying that history could consider Donald Trump's four years in the presidency as an "aberration." "If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever change the identity of this nation, who we are. And I can not remain passive and let that happen.

Faced with his 19 Democrat contenders, Joe Biden believes he is the only one able to beat the billionaire in 2020. Voting intentions put this veteran of politics to the rank of favorite among the candidates eager to challenge Trump in 2020. According to the institutes, he is given a winner with between 13 and 5 points in advance, with an average victory by 7.8 points.

By the way Donald Trump, did not get it wrong and taking the candidacy of Joe Biden seriously cracked a mocking message "Welcome to Joe's run asleep. I just hope you're smart enough, long overdue, to win the elementary campaign. There will be low blows, you will be dealing with people who really have crazy ideas and twisted. But if you succeed, I'll see you on the starting line! "A message in the right line of remarks made by Donald Trump when he speaks of the one he nicknamed" Sleepy Joe ".

The experience, fame and popularity of the former Vice President of Obama are his assets.

Joe Biden is a seasoned and experienced politician. He rose patiently through the ranks of the Senate to the position of Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee, the one dealing with Supreme Court appointments, and twice that of Chairman of the prestigious Foreign Affairs Committee, a rank of quasi -Secretary of State. This unquestionable expertise encourages the winner of the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination, Barack Obama, to choose him as vice-president in 2008.

The decades spent in the Senate, however, did not move this Pennsylvania native away from the lower classes. If his gaffes can feed a book, they are also considered as so many guarantees of authenticity. So he attracts a moderate flank, black as white, for which to beat Donald Trump is the most important. He is counting on the existence of this sort of silent majority within the party to support him and he may well get a small percentage of Trump voters in key states like Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin.

But are among his most glaring weaknesses in a race for the Democratic nomination: his age - 76 -, some of his statements and past positions, and a centrism reminiscent of Hillary Clinton.

He will first have to make amends for certain positions and past statements. In fact, in 1974, he opposed busing, the use of school transportation to promote racial diversity in schools, a decade after the civil rights laws. Joe Biden will also respond to criticism from African Americans about his role in the 1994 adoption of a crime law that paved the way for the massive incarceration of blacks.

Moreover, Senator Delawere, he was condescending to Anita Hill, the law professor who accused Clarence Thomas of harassment. He refused to hear the testimony of women who could have corroborated the lawyer's allegations of sexual harassment against future Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. And more recently, Joe Biden has been accused of kisses and inappropriate contact by several women. His clumsy excuses were not enough.

In addition to its past positions, its centrism constitutes another handicap, the Democratic Party being more and more progressive. The eight years spent in the centrist wake of Barack Obama may indeed penalize Joe Biden in a Democratic Party that is now shifting to his left on the financing of social protection, taxation, and the role of Federal State.Or Joe Biden is resolutely centrist. A Delaware senator for seven terms, he was known for his proximity to banks and businesses.

But above all, the Democratic Party has undergone profound changes over the last decade.

The voices of women and minorities matter enormously. Joe Biden, 76-year-old white man, does not fit the ideal candidate to represent diversity

"The old guard of the Democratic Party has failed to arrest Trump, and we must not count on her today to wage the fight against her policy of divide-and-better-to-rule", so reacted Alexandra Rojas, the Director of Justice Democrats, a group opposed to the candidacy of Joe Biden. Would Joe Biden be a candidate of the past?

Faced with a string of forty and fifty year old, the former vice president will have to prove that he is not only a provisional federator, by default, and that he is able to add generations to generations and moderates to progressives to win against Donald Trump.

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The special prosecutor 's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election seems close: unable to prove collusion with the Republican campaign teams.

The same is true of Donald Trump's possible obstruction of justice. A victory for the tenant of the White House and the Republicans. :

"No collusion, no obstruction. For the haters and the democrats of extreme left: end of part. ! Donald Trump will not be prosecuted.

Rumors and secrets were largely lifted thanks to the publication of Mueller's report by Justice Minister William Barr.

Poor House Democrat Democrat Nancy Pelosi, however, asked to have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller auditioned "by the House and Senate as quickly as possible. The American people have the right to hear the truth. "

Certainly suspicions of obstruction of justice still weigh. The report shows that Donald Trump did everything possible to kill the investigation in the bud.

The President tried to overthrow Mr. Mueller and put pressure on ex-Justice Minister Jeff Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself and put an end to the investigation.

He did everything to have former FBI director James Comey stop investigating his former adviser Michael Flynn, and eventually sacked Mr. Comey following his refusal. He has not said everything about the holding of exchanges between his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Russian nationals in the summer of 2016.

But this investigation had the gift of deeply annoying the tenant of the White House

But this attitude is certainly not enough to accuse the President.

Moreover, the 448-page report, released on Thursday, April 18, is fine.

The rumors, the attacks, the political maneuvers against Donald Trump did not they tended to try to discredit a president who, despite some errors, obtains after two years of mandate enviable results both in employment (full employment) than in the economy ?

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Depuis plusieurs mois, la rumeur d’une arrestation imminente courait dans l’entourage de Julian Assange. Une rumeur qui n'était pas sans fondement puisque le fondateur de Wikileaks a été arrêté dans l'ambassade d’Equateur, où il est réfugié depuis 2012, ce jeudi 11 avril, par la police britannique. « Julian Assange, 47 ans, a été arrêté aujourd'hui, jeudi 11 avril, par des agents du service de la police métropolitain (MPS) à l'ambassade d'Équateur », a annoncé Scotland Yard.

Le lanceur d'alerte s'est fait connaître avec la divulgation de milliers de textos envoyés pendant les attentats du 11 septembre et vivait reclus depuis sept ans au Royaume-Uni.

Les autorités britannique ont expliqué que l'arrestation de ce jeudi a été menée en vertu d'un mandat de juin 2012 délivré par le tribunal londonien de Westminster Magistrates, pour non présentation au tribunal.

L'Australien de 47 ans, teint pâle et barbe blanche, visiblement affaibli, est entré , ce jeudi après-midi, dans une salle d'audience du tribunal de Westminster, chemise et veste foncées. Il a été reconnu coupable par le tribunal de Westminster, d'avoir violé les conditions de sa liberté provisoire. Sa peine exacte sera fixée ultérieurement. Il encourt une peine allant de la simple amende à un an de prison.

Les Etats-Unis ont demandé son extradition

Quelques minutes après avoir annoncé l’arrestation de M. Assange pour avoir enfreint les conditions de sa liberté conditionnelle, Scotland Yard a expliqué avoir reçu une demande d’extradition en provenance des Etats-Unis. .

La question de la demande d'extradition américaine de Julian Assange doit être abordée par le tribunal de Westminster le 2 mai mais son avocat a d'ores et déjà fait savoir qu'Assange aller s'opposer à cette demande. Julian Assange a en effet annoncé qu’il allait « contester et combattre » cette dernière.

Il est accusé par les Etats-Unis de « piratage informatique ». Julian Assange est accusé d’avoir « conspiré » avec Chelsea Manning, une militaire américaine qui avait fourni au site Internet, en 2010, des millions de documents secrets issus de l’armée et de la diplomatie américaine publiées en partie par WikiLeaks. Selon l'acte d'inculpation, qui était jusqu'ici sous scellé, l'Australien est accusé d'avoir aidé l'ex-analyste du renseignement américain Chelsea Manning à obtenir un mot de passe pour accéder à des milliers de documents classés secret-défense ensuite révélés au public.

Mais quel est le degré exact d'implication du lanceur d'alerte Assange dans l’extraction de ces documents ?

Julian Assange encourt une peine maximale de cinq années de prison.

L'avocat M. Pollack s'est  dit « amèrement déçu » que l'Equateur ait permis l'arrestation dans son ambassade de Julian Assange, « à qui il avait accordé la citoyenneté et l'asile ».

L'actrice Pamela Anderson a vivement réagi à l'arrestation de Julian Assange dans un Tweet posté il y a quelques heures.

Se disant « en état de choc », elle demande : « comment pouvez-vous l'Equateur? Comment pouvez-vous le Royaume-Uni? » Des questions rhétoriques auxquelles elle répond, dénonçant des Britanniques à la botte des Etats-Unis, et ajoutant « vous avez besoin d'une diversion face à vos conneries de Brexit idiot. »

« Un jour sombre pour la liberté de la presse »

La possible extradition aux Etats-Unis sur la base de ses travaux journalistiques de 2010 a fait réagir les organisations de défense de la liberté de la presse.

Le lanceur d’alerte Edward Snowden a dénoncé un « jour sombre pour la liberté de la presse ».

Jennifer Robinson, l'une des avocates de Julian Assange s'est exprimée devant les journalistes jeudi soir, quelques heures après l'arrestation de Julian Assange:« Cela instaure un dangereux précédent pour tous les médias et les journalistes en Europe et ailleurs dans le monde. » a-t-elle déclaré. « Ce précédent veut dire que tout journaliste peut être extradé pour être poursuivi aux Etats-Unis pour avoir publié des informations véridiques à propos des Etats-Unis », a-t-elle estimé.

Son avocat, Barry Pollack,de son côté, a dénoncé la volonté américaine d'extrader "un journaliste étranger" qui est poursuivi, selon lui, pour "avoir publié des informations véridiques". La justice britannique "va devoir se prononcer sur ce qui semble être un effort sans précédent des Etats-Unis pour obtenir l'extradition d'un journaliste étranger afin qu'il soit inculpé pour avoir publié des informations véridiques", a déclaré Barry Pollack dans un communiqué diffusé sur le compte Twitter de WikiLeaks.

« Viser Assange en raison de la fourniture d’informations d’intérêt public à des journalistes serait une mesure strictement punitive et constituerait un dangereux précédent pour les journalistes, leurs sources et les lanceurs d’alerte », a réagi le secrétaire général de Reporters sans frontières, Christophe Deloire.

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In the midst of a migration crisis, Trump separates from his Homeland Security Minister and this resignation is added to the previous ones, as the billionaire is a shock team for the presidential campaign.

"Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen is about to step down, and I would like to thank her for her work," the American president said tonight.

Kirstjen Nielsen, an early supporter of Donald Trump, resigned Sunday, April 7.

In December 2017, the forty-year-old had been the youngest minister appointed to lead this sprawling wallet, which, since its creation in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, has been overseeing 22 government agencies.

She was temporarily replaced by Kevin McAleenan, previously Head of Customs and Border Protection. But she gives no explanation on this departure.

"I hope the next secretary will have the support of Congress and the courts to correct the laws that hinder our ability to completely secure US borders, and that have contributed to creating discord in the national conversation," the minister said. in a letter to the president.

The US president had just visited on Friday with his minister at the border between the United States and Mexico, where he began to erect a wall to prevent the passage of candidates for illegal immigration.

He regularly complains about the weakness of US immigration laws and made it his hobby horse for his 2016 campaign.

"Our country is COMPLETE! Donald Trump tweeted again Sunday night, picking up an expression he has been hammering since the visit. An expression that shows the impatience of the White House tenant. Yet according to the border police more than 100,000 arrests of immigrants transiting through Mexico in March have been recorded the number, the highest monthly total for about 10 years.

Kirstjen Nielsen, 46, was a first-time believer: first as a John Kelly collaborator, she became Secretary of Homeland Security in October 2017. The youngest man in her forties was the youngest minister appointed to head the portfolio. sprawling, since its creation in the furrow of the 9/11 attacks, 22 government agencies.

In this role, she embodied Donald Trump's controversial migration policy of "zero tolerance". She was the one who set up the border separation of migrant children from their parents. It was also she who last month defended the declaration of national emergency, aiming to ensure the financing of the wall on the border with Mexico.

Despite her foolproof loyalty and "Despite our progress in reforming Homeland Security (...), I felt it was time for me to leave," she wrote Sunday night.

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She is a woman, black, homosexual and mayor of a large city in Illinois. Her name is Lori Lightfoot Chicago elected Mayor of Chicago.

The former 56-year-old federal prosecutor promised to reduce inequality in a city of gun violence.

The people of Chicago elected Tuesday April 2 a black and openly homosexual woman at the head of their city.

A historic first in this city marked by social inequalities and violence due to firearms.

The southern and western parts of the city, the poorest and inhabited mainly by a black population, are indeed lagging behind the financial center and the north of the city, which have benefited from economic development programs.

Lori Lightfoot led a commission to oversee police activities, won largely against Toni Preckwinkle, Democrat and African-American like her through a campaign on the progressive agenda.

More than 550 murders in 2018

More than 550 murders were recorded in 2018 in Chicago, more than the combined figures of New York and Los Angeles, whose populations are larger.

The poll also reflects a weariness vis-à-vis local politics in this Democratic stronghold.

"Voters seem to be in a state of mind of" turn them all, "said Evan McKenzie, a professor of political science at the University of Illinois.

"They are tired of corruption, federal investigations against municipal officials, police scandals and the budget crisis. ".

"The message is that they want new ideas and a cleaner government," he added.

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Pour la presse américaine, l’exonération de toute collusion avec la Russie est une victoire pour Trump, même si l’intégralité du rapport n’est pas publiée.

C'est la douche froide pour la démocrates.

Donald Trump a triomphé, dimanche 24 mars 2019.

Après 675 jours d'enquête, 2800 réquisitions de documents, l'audition de 500 témoins menée par 19 procureurs et 40 agents du FBI, le rapport du procureur spécial Robert Mueller n'a pas pu établir que Donald Trump ou son entourage

« aient conspiré ou se soient coordonnés avec le gouvernement russe dans ses activités visant à interférer » sur la campagne présidentielle américaine de 2016.

L'attorney général des Etats-Unis William Barr a en outre écarté le soupçon d’obstruction à la justice soulevé notamment par le limogeage abrupt du directeur de la police fédérale, James Comey, en mai 2017.

Le rapport « ne conclut pas que le président a commis un crime, mais il ne l'exonère pas non plus ».

Le ministre de la justice, lui, a affirmé que l’enquête ne mentionnait aucun délit susceptible d’entraîner des poursuites judiciaires sur ce point.

.Sa note de quatre pages met un terme à une saga de près de deux ans.

A un an et demi de la prochaine élection présidentielle, elle écarte définitivement la perspective d’une destitution par le Congrès de Donald Trump.

Ce dernier a rapidement réagi en publiant sur son compte Twitter un communiqué de victoire. « Pas de collusion, pas d’obstruction, DISCULPATION complète et totale ! », s’est-il félicité, après avoir

Donald Trump à parler d'« exonération complète et entière » avant de conclure, en direct des a résidence de Mar-a-Lago en Floride : « Honnêtement, c'est une honte que votre président ait eu à subir ça. »

Les conclusions « renforcent Donald Trump dans ses batailles à venir, y compris sa réélection », estime le New York Times.

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US President Donald Trump and one of his most ardent admirers, Jair Bolsonaro, meet on Tuesday, November 19, two months after the election of the Brazilian president in Washington.

"Brazil and the United States have never been so close," said the US president, receiving his counterpart.

Since coming to power on 1 January, Bolsonaro has indeed displayed a marked pro-Americanism, breaking with the tradition of Brazilian diplomacy that strove to keep equidistant from the great powers.

Beyond a common passion for shock tweets and a claimed taste of provocation, they are in unison on a number of topics:

rejection of multilateralism, restrictive migration policy, decisions about the LGBT community, gender equality, ultra-liberalism or denunciation of the Paris climate agreement. Jair Bolsonaro has even been nicknamed the "Trump Tropical".

During his campaign, Jair Bolsonaro assured that he would take many measures upon his arrival in power to renew the country. And promises kept.

From the first hours of his mandate, the new president signed many decrees and circular restructuring including its ministries. Thus he excluded from the prerogatives of his new Ministry of Human Rights the concerns related to LGBT people.

But if the Brazilian has often been compared to his American counterpart, it turns out however that his policy could actually be dangerous for democracy unlike that of Donald Trump.

Indeed, Brazil is still a relatively young democracy whose counter-powers are fragile because of the fragmentation of Parliament, for lack of strong parties. The largest, the Workers Party, was shaken by the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff. The only candidate who could win the presidential election against the far right, Lula Da Silva, is in prison.

While Donald Trump was completely outside the politics before his election, Bolsonaro, a federal deputy for nearly twenty years (1991-2019) and ex-captain, knows quite the opposite of politics and the army. Moreover, he does not hide his nostalgia for the military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985. Before his election did he not want to "a purge as never Brazil has known"?

Donald Trump has never weighed individual liberties and his opponents are not threatened. In addition, he faces a solid counterpower with the system of "check and balance" in the Constitution. (the failure of the anti-immigration decree is a good example).

Faced with this fragile Congress, Jair Bolsonaro, he has strong support: he relies on the lobby of firearms, agribusiness and Evangelicals (religion booming in Brazil, facing the decline of Catholics) . He seems to have the free hand to pass the laws he wants.

Be that as it may, there has been talk of a conservative alliance, a strengthening of economic relations between the two countries and an increased pressure on Venezuela.

The President of the United States and that of the first power in Latin America insisted on the need for enhanced economic cooperation. The United States has pledged to support Brazil's entry into the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Brazil has authorized the United States to launch satellites from the Alcantara Space Center in the northern state of Maranhao.

A surprising visit was made for a foreign head of state: he went to the headquarters of the CIA.

Before their meeting, the Brazilian president said in a tweet almost inflamed: "For the first time in a long time, a Brazilian president who is not anti-American comes to Washington.This is the beginning of an alliance for freedom and prosperity, as the Brazilians have always wanted."

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Il a annoncé, jeudi 14 mars, sa candidature à l’investiture démocrate pour la présidentielle de 2020.

Il s'appelle Beto O’Rourke. Mais il n'est pas totalement inconnu des Américains.

Ce quadragénaire démocrate a en effet été battu de justesse en novembre face à Ted Cruz, le ténor républicain du Texas, après une campagne qui a fortement accru sa notoriété.

Les démocrates tiennent donc leur 15e candidat, l'étoile montante du parti qui a officialisé sa participation à la primaire.

Une communication bien rodée.

Star des réseaux sociaux et coqueluche des médias, le Texan Beto O'Rourke n'a rien oublié . « La seule manière pour nous d'être fidèles aux promesses de l'Amérique est de tout donner pour elle et tout donner pour nous tous », a-t-il assuré dans une vidéo qui a fuité auprès de la télé d'El Paso, sa ville natale .

La veille, il faisait au contraire la une de Vanity Fair, debout à côté de son pick-up sur la « route vers 2020 ». « Je veux y être. Je suis vraiment né pour ça », a-t-il déclaré au magazine américain dans un très long portrait entrecoupé de photos signées Annie Leibovitz, photographe des stars.

Une campagne sur le charisme et la jeunesse

Beto O'Rourke peut difficilement se targuer de ses succès politiques. Il a été vaincu lors des midterms en novembre dernier et son expérience à la Chambre des représentants des Etats-Unis, entre 2012 et 2018, n'a pas laissé un souvenir impérissable à ses concitoyens. Mais avant sa défaite face à Ted Cruz au Texas, le démocrate a fait sensation dans cet État du sud, tellement ancré à droite, pour ne pas dire ultraconservateur.

Il a parcouru chacun des 254 comtés du grand État du sud américain, ce que personne n'avait jamais fait avant lui. Le Texan Robert Francis (son vrai prénom) O'Rourke s'est distingué par son aisance particulière en meeting, par son don de l'improvisation comme des réseaux sociaux. Comme un certain un certain Barack Obama.

Et sans compter que Beto O'Rourke a pour lui la jeunesse... Et face à Bernie Sanders (77 ans) et en attendant que l'ancien vice-président de Barack Obama, Joe Biden (76 ans) ne se déclare, l'âge pourrait être un sérieux atout à la manière d'un Kennedy, d'un Clinton ou d'un Obama.

O'Rourke est un ancien rocker-punk qui cite même parfois son groupe préféré, les Clash, et ça le rend populaire. Il parle aussi couramment l'espagnol et peut donc faire la différence auprès d'un électorat hispanique qui se cherche toujours un porte-parole crédible. Beaucoup le compare à un Obama blanc.

Un CV politique plutôt maigre mais un tournant idéologique

Mais s'il balaye dans sa vidéo de lancement de campagne, toute une série de sujets chers à son camp comme la santé, le vivre ensemble, le réchauffement climatique et les guerres, il n'annonce pas encore son programme On sait le démocrate plus modéré que Bernie Sanders, mais qu'en est-il vraiment de son projet politique ? « A part dire 'c'est votre campagne' », ' je suis là pour vous' », que pense O'Rourke ?

Son premier grand rendez-vous, a-t-il annoncé, sera le 30 mars pour un meeting de campagne à El Paso, près de la frontière avec le Mexique. Il lui faudra construire un programme qui réponde à une attente générale de la population et à ses difficultés.

On sait déjà de lui qu'il parle à la fois aux centristes, parce qu'il est lui-même modéré, mais également aux plus progressistes, car il a su défendre plusieurs des options qui leur sont chères, comme l'idée d'un protection-santé pour tous, des restrictions du port d'armes, de la défense des droits des femmes, de l'avortement ou du mariage gay. Le libéralisme — au sens américain, c'est-à-dire une pensée très à gauche —, a plus largement progressé qu'il ne l'avait jamais fait en cinquante ans au sein du parti démocrate. Un virage idéologique dont pourrait se saisir Beto O'Rourke !

Dépourvu de tout mandat électif, Beto O’Rourke fait donc figure de phénomène politique. Sa personnalité singulière lui vaut d’échapper pour l’instant à la principale ligne de fracture démocrate. Celle qui sépare les représentants d’une aile gauche assumée, de Bernie Sanders à Elizabeth Warren, des modérés soucieux de rassurer un électorat plus centriste dans les Etats du Midwest et de la Rust Belt, où se jouera probablement la présidentielle de 2020.

À deux ans de l'élection l'hypothèse de la candidature de l'ancienne première dame s'est fait entendre avec de plus en plus de force, en particulier depuis que Michelle Obama a replongé dans la sphère publique et politique  son livre intitulé «Devenir».

Mais Barack Obama lui-même a expliqué que cela n'arriverait pas, lors d'une réunion publique. «Il y a trois choses qui sont absolument certaines dans la vie: la mort, les impôts et le fait que Michelle ne sera jamais candidate à la présidence des États-Unis», a-t-il assuré.

Et face à un parti démocrate au bord de l'implosion, les chances de Donald Trump restent  fortes pour des raisons autant structurelles que liées à ses résultats. Donald Trump peut aussi s'appuyer sur un socle solide, qui ne varie pas et lui reste fidèle.

Mais, surtout, il y a l'économie américaine qui porte sa candidature. Faut-il rappeler tous ces bons chiffres qui ne cessent de surprendre tout le monde? Chômage, inflation, création d'emploi, indice de la croissance: il ne cesse d'enregistrer des bons résultats...

Si les premiers sondages d'opinion placent régulièrement Beto O'Rourke en bonne position parmi de nombreux candidats, il ne faut pas oublier les bons résultats économiques du président sortant.

Une présidentielle qui risque de réserver bien des surprises.

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A powerful US parliamentary commission, led by the Democrats, launched an extensive investigation on Donald Trump on Monday. She has asked 80 personalities and organizations, including two sons of Republican President Eric and Donald Jr., and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to deliver documents to them.

The Judicial Committee of the lower house of Congress is investigating suspicions of "obstruction of justice, corruption and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates and members of his administration," he said. she said in a statement.

She contacted 81 individuals and organizations in total, including Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization's Chief Financial Officer, President Jay Sekulow's own lawyer, former White House officials such as Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Hope Hicks, and as the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

The commission urges them to deliver the documents by March 18.

"In recent years, President Trump has not been held to account for his almost daily attacks on our fundamental legal, ethical and constitutional rules and norms," ​​said Jerrold Nadler, the committee's democratic chairman.

"This is a critical time for our nation and we have the responsibility to investigate," he continues.

On Sunday, Nadler explained that the suspicions of obstruction of justice were based on repeated accusations by the 45th President of the United States of the "witch hunt" against Special Prosecutor Robert's investigation. Mueller on a possible collusion with Russia.

Towards a possible impeachment procedure ?

Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives in January, with the promise of launching numerous parliamentary inquiries against the president after two years of Republican majority. These new investigations, and the multitude of documents required, could provide the Democrats with ammunition if they launched a possible impeachment procedure against Donald Trump.

But congressional Democratic leaders still seem reluctant to play this card, which seems difficult to materialize as long as Republicans control the Senate, and which could galvanize the president's base.

"There is still a long way to impeachment," said Jerry Nadler, speaking in an interview on ABC Sunday.

Donald Trump, who described as "bogus" the vast parliamentary inquiry launched by Democrats, assured that he would cooperate.

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The much anticipated parliamentary hearing of Donald Trump 's former personal advocate, Michael Cohen, began Wednesday (February 27th). At the opening of the hearing, the Democrat Chair of the House of Representatives' Inquiry Committee, Elijah Cummings, introduced Trump's former lawyer:

"The American people can judge for themselves the credibility" of Michael Cohen, sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion, perjury and violation of the electoral code.

The former lawyer, who was removed from the bar and will be incarcerated in May, did not hesitate to paint a vitriolic portrait of his ex-client.

"I'm here to tell the American people what I know about President Trump," said Cohen. "I regret the day I said yes to Mr. Trump (...) I am ashamed" to have collaborated with him, he added.

"[Donald Trump] is a racist, a crook, a cheater." "Mr. Trump is an enigma. It is complicated, just as I am.

He has good and bad things, like all of us. But the bad side far outweighs the good, and since he's in power, he's become the worst version of himself. "

Throughout his audition, Mr. Cohen was harshly attacked by Republican elected officials, who have constantly recalled that he had lied in a previous appearance before the Congress ... What will serve such a portrait? dependent? If not to clear Michael Cohen, the former handyman Donald Trump?

If not to tarnish a little more the image of the tenant of the White House in pre-election campaign?

For Mr Cohen also has no evidence of collusion with Russia. "We wondered if I knew of any direct evidence that Mr. Trump, or his campaign team, had conspired with Russia. I do not have any. I want to be clear. But I have suspicions, "said Michael Cohen.

The Congress was entitled to a sordid unpacking to which he had not been entitled since the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton. It is that in American law freedom of expression is part of the first amendment of the American Constitution.

But the president of the United States could sue his ex-lawyer if he can establish that he has raised false facts.

And as a public figure, the White House tenant can also demonstrate Michael Cohen's "effective intent to harm"...

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Does the United States want to equip Saudi Arabia with the atomic bomb ? "Whistleblowers" suspect Donald Trump to encourage the sale of sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

According to a report issued by the monitoring and reform committee of the lower house of Congress Trump administration officials have attempted to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to Riyadh. Elijah Cummings, chairman of the Control and Reform Commission, requested documents from the White House, especially those about a meeting two months after Donald Trump's inauguration between his son-in-law and close aide Jared Kushner and Mohammed ben Salman, the all-powerful Saudi Crown Prince.

Private conflict of interest

A preliminary report from this commission noted that "strong private commercial interests" had "lobbied aggressively" to obtain this transfer of sensitive technology. The commission highlights a case of conflict of interest with the private group IP3 International.

This conglomerate of several American companies is indeed at the origin of the project of nuclear power stations in Saudi Arabia. General Michael Flynn was one of his advisers from June to December 2016, when he was Donald Trump's special advisor during the presidential campaign and the transitional period.

Once the real estate mogul invested, he would have continued to advocate for the desired plan by IP3. Several meetings have taken place between IP3 officials and members of the Trump administration, even after the resignation of Michael Flynn.

"These business entities would reap billions of dollars from contracts related to the construction and operation of nuclear infrastructure in Saudi Arabia - and have apparently had close and repeated contacts with President Trump and his administration. until today, "the commission noted.

A nuclear bomb for Saudi Arabia ?

The Saudi authorities have never hidden their technological ambitions. "Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire an atomic bomb, but it is obvious that if Iran develops an atomic bomb, we would do the same, and as soon as possible," the Saudi Crown Prince said in 2018.

Did Donald Trump's United States want to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia ?

And this, without compensation for its use and this, in violation of the law on atomic energy which states that the United States can not transfer their nuclear know-how to third countries without guarantee of a peaceful use of this energy. The law would also require that the Saudis agree to keep the equipment safe, let the inspectors check it and never use it to make a nuclear weapon.

In addition to nuclear warheads, the United States would have allowed Saudi Arabia to develop ballistic missile production sites. An existence proven by satellite imagery and when, in general, the United States has always opposed the transfer of missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The Democrats are afraid that this transfer will be done very quickly. "On February 19, 2019, the President met with nuclear energy developers at the White House about sharing nuclear technology with Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia," the commission said. Yet it is up to the Congress to examine compulsorily any potential atomic energy transfer, according to the law on atomic energy.

Who would serve such a sale ?

To the "interests of the United States", or to "those who have financial benefits from this potential change in US foreign policy".

But beyond:

can we consider transferring sensitive nuclear technology to the Middle East without any compensation ?

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"I will say it clearly and openly: Russia will be forced to deploy weapons that can be used not only against the territories, from which a direct threat may come, but also against the territories where the decision-making centers are located. use of missiles threatening us, "Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech to Parliament on Wednesday (February 20th).

The country will respond to any deployment of intermediate-range US nuclear missiles in Europe targeting the countries in which these missiles will be deployed but also the United States.

This is a response to the withdrawal of the United States from the Interim Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, concluded in 1987.

If Vladimir Putin does not seek confrontation in response to the exit of the United States from the FNI, he however said that the reaction of Russia to any deployment of nuclear missiles would be determined and that the US administration would do well to reflect on the consequences such a decision.

A first reaction had already taken place on the part of the Kremlin. By 2021 Russia would acquire new mid-range missiles, according to Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu's announcement two weeks ago. This announcement followed Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from this 1987 treaty within six months to eliminate all US and Russian ballistic and cruise missiles fired from the ground with a range between 500 km and 5,500 km. Washington then justified its decision by accusing Russia of violating the FNI treaty by developing a new missile, the Novator 9M729 (SSC-8 for NATO).

Vladimir Putin reacted by stating that Moscow in turn stopped respecting the treaty. Russia has decided to suspend its participation in this agreement,

because "our American partners should have said things honestly instead of using imaginary accusations against Russia to motivate their unilateral exit from the agreement," said the head of the Kremlin .

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Donald Trump under tapping ?

Donald Trump president spied by the intelligence services of his own country ?

That's what could have happened to the 45th President of the United States in the spring of 2017, according to former FBI chief Andrew McCabe.

He reveals during the American show "60 Minutes" Sunday, February 17 that Rod Rosenstein, No. 2 Justice, also reported a possible sidelining Donald Trump. Rod Rosenstein supervised the Russian investigation.

This possibility of removing Donald Trump from power, would have been possible thanks to amendment 25 of the US Constitution.

This amendment authorizes the vice-president and a majority of the cabinet to declare the president "unfit" to perform his duties.

"He wanted to bug the White House," said Andrew McCabe.

He had "just raised this point and discussed it with me, wondering how many members of the cabinet would be able to support such an effort," continued Andrew McCabe, fired from the FBI in turn in March 2018.

Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Minister of Justice, would have been "very worried about the president, his capacity, his intentions" at that time, ie after the sacking of James Comey in May 2017.

The question that worked Rod Rosenstein was, according to McCabe, the dismissal by Donald Trump of James Comey, former director of the FBI, in May 2017.

Rosenstein was convinced that the departure of the FBI director was linked to investigations into suspicions of Moscow's interference in his election campaign.

In the ranks of the Republicans, an "administrative coup attempt" is denounced

Thursday, February 14, during the broadcast of first extracts of this interview, Donald Trump had counterattacked on Twitter:

"The disgraced interim FBI leader, Andrew McCabe, claims to be a 'poor little angel' when he played a big role in (...) the Russian hoax".

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The compromise, approved by Congress on Thursday, only provides for a quarter of the budget demanded by the US president for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border. Unhappy US President announced Thursday want to declare "national emergency" to build this wall.

The tenant of the White House wants to "end the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border," said Sarah Sanders, spokesman for the White House.

At the same time, the billionaire has agreed to sign a budget compromise obtained in the fight against Congress, after intense negotiations between Republicans and Democrats, to avoid a paralysis of administrations.

If no agreement was found until Friday, midnight, the country could have faced a second shutdown in less than two months. But the technical layoff of 800,000 civil servants for 35 days in January had only lowered Trump's popularity rating in polls and paralyzed the US economy.

The financing law born of this compromise was approved Thursday by a large majority in the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, then the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats.

But this text, which does not mention the word "wall", preferring "barrier" or "fence", includes only a quarter of the budget claimed by Donald Trump to build the wall ($ 1.4 billion against 5.7 billion requested). While signing the text, Donald Trump will declare the "national emergency". Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he supports the president's decision.

A law passed in 1976, the National Emergencies Act, authorizes the President of the United States to invoke a national "emergency" to activate extraordinary powers, which would allow Donald Trump to bypass the Congress by relying for example on the army to erect the wall.

This exceptional procedure is not without bristle many parliamentarians, including in the ranks Republicans. In the Democrats, indignation reigns.

Democrats and various interest groups are preparing to attack the national emergency proclamation before the courts, challenging the White House's arguments about the nature of the border crisis.

"There is no urgency at the border" with Mexico, pledged Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives.

"We will review our options and we will be prepared to respond appropriately," said Nancy Pelosi.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Facing the Congress reunited in full, the US President Donald Trump landed Tuesday as a rally despite strong political tensions between Democrats and Republicans.

He was nevertheless combative on immigration or investigations related to his 2016 campaign. For this traditional speech in prime time on the state of the Union, the US president has launched an appeal for compromise. "The program I'm going to present tonight is neither Republican nor Democrat.

This is the American people, "he said, wearing his iconic red tie, in front of more than 500 elected, including many women democrats dressed in white, in tribute to the centenary of the suffragette movement.

"Together, we can put an end to decades of political blockage, heal old wounds, build new coalitions, outline new solutions," he added.

The wall on the border with Mexico "will be built"

Donald Trump does not give up his promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico, a project criticized by the Democratic opposition and the origin of the longest shutdown in American history. "I'm going to have it built," said Donald Trump.

"The walls work and the walls save lives," continued the White House tenant, who, however, gave up the decree of national emergency authorizing him to finance the wall without congressional approval. Instead, he urged Democrats as Republicans to find a compromise by February 15.

"In the past, most people in this room voted for a wall, but the proper wall was never built.

I will have it built, "he said. The walls "work and save lives, so let's work together, find a compromise and an agreement," he said, adding that he had sent Congress a proposal "in the sense of all," including a "new physical barrier" on the southern border.

The chapter on foreign policy has earned him unequal applause in his camp as some of his decisions are uncomfortable. The Senate approved by an overwhelming majority Monday an amendment criticizing its decision to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, a country about which it discussed "constructive" talks with the Taliban.

Meeting with Kim Jong-a late February in Vietnam

The US President also took the opportunity to announce the venue and date of his next summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which will be held on February 27-28 in Vietnam to continue negotiations on the nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

"As part of our bold diplomacy, we are continuing our historic effort for peace on the Korean peninsula," he said.

Donald Trump welcomed the progress made since the détente that began last year, ensuring that if he had not been elected president, the United States would be "now in a major war with North Korea". "Our hostages have returned home, the nuclear tests have stopped and there has been no missile launch in 15 months," said Donald Trump.

Trump warns China: "the theft of American jobs is over"

Once again, he warned China that it could no longer "steal American jobs and wealth" and demanded "structural changes" from Beijing to end its "unjust" business practices.

"I have great respect for President Xi and we are working on a new trade deal with China, but it must include real structural changes to end unfair trade practices, reduce our chronic deficit and protect American jobs," launched the US president, which sparked a real trade war against China to bring it to the negotiating table.

Finally, he also assured the Venezuelans of American support in their "quest for freedom". The United States, along with some 40 other countries, has recognized Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido as interim president and the only legitimate authority in Caracas.

Ending the AIDS epidemic in the United States in ten years

Referring to health issues, he insisted on lowering the price of drugs and set a goal for the elected representatives of Congress to release the necessary means against AIDS. "My budget will require Democrats and Republicans to find the necessary means to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States within ten years.

Together, we will defeat AIDS in America and beyond, "he said. An announcement received positively by associations and experts and which recalls the proposal, launched at the same place in 2003 by George W. Bush, the Pepfar program against AIDS in the world.

At twenty-one months from the next presidential election, where he intends to seek a second term, the 45th President of the United States concluded his speech on a consensual note that contrasts with his usual speeches.

"We have to choose whether we define ourselves by our differences or whether we have the audacity to transcend them. "

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The Americans put their last October threat into action by deciding on Friday to withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

This treaty signed between the two opposing powers at the end of the Cold War prohibits the testing, production and deployment of any land-based missile with a range of 500 to 5 500 km with or without a nuclear charge.

But according to Washington Moscow does not respect its commitments, accused of testing a new missile, the 9M729, with a range greater than 500 km, which denies Moscow.

"Tomorrow the United States will suspend its obligations under the INF Treaty and launch the withdrawal process", which "will be completed in six months unless Russia meets its obligations by destroying all its missiles, launchers and equipment that violate the text, "said President Donald Trump in a statement.

But this withdrawal of the agreement is mainly motivated by the fact that China is not bound by this Russian-American bilateral treaty, enjoys a strategic advantage in Asia.

Its nuclear arsenal "is made up of missiles that are banned for Americans and Russians under the treaty," said Antoine Bondaz, a researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS).

This arsenal notably allows Beijing to threaten US bases in the Asia-Pacific region, from South Korea to Guam via Japan.

This questioning by the Americans of the INF weakens the architecture of disarmament developed since the Cold War

And "Europe is the great political loser of the withdrawal of a treaty which symbolized for the Europeans the end of the Cold War".

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld


Donald Trump surrendered temporarily. The US president promulgated on Friday 25 January a law guaranteeing the financing of the federal administration until 15 February.

It is therefore the end of the longest shutdown in the history of the United States. "We have reached an agreement to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government," said the US president.

In return, the White House tenant only got Democrats to negotiate "a package of measures on internal security" in ad hoc parliamentary committees.

"In the meantime, a bipartisan commission will be tasked to address the issue of security at the border with Mexico," the US president said at a press conference.

But if no consensus was reached on his proposed wall, Donald Trump threatened to provoke further budget paralysis or declare a "national emergency" situation allowing him to bypass the Congress with a Democratic majority.

Donald Trump has indeed not abandoned his electoral promise concerning the border wall arguing the existence of 1000km of barriers already built for fifteen years. "We have no choice but to build a strong wall or a steel barrier," he insisted.

"We're not talking about a medieval wall, but about a smart wall, metal palisades through which we can see, with advanced technology, sensors and drones. " he added.

The Democrats have not yielded to the president for fear that he will use in the future the brutal lever of "shutdown" for other controversial projects, have been relieved.

"It is sad that it took so long to come to an obvious conclusion," said Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "We do not negotiate taking Americans hostages, hope the president has learned the lesson," has launched Chuck Schumer.

"We have very good ideas on how to secure the border," asserted Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The president once again called on parliamentarians to "put politics aside" to "show the world that we are united to protect our wonderful country.»

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"Let's take the politics out of this, get to work and find an agreement," Donald Trump said.

When will the end of the shutdown paralyze the federal administration for almost five weeks? Donald Trump promised a major announcement likely to "break the deadlock".

He announced it on Saturday, January 19, in a solemn televised speech: to offer a temporary status to migrants, in exchange for the financing of his wall.

A quasi-democratic proposal

It is a more assertive Donald Trump, less vindictive than usual, who spoke to the Americans. The US president has proposed extending temporary statuses for about one million migrants, who risk being expelled from the country, in exchange for congressional funding for his wall at the US-Mexico border.

The president has proposed to extend for three years the temporary residence permit known as the DACA program created by Barack Obama then deleted that concern 700,000 illegal immigrants, the "dreamers", the miners illegally entered on American soil with their parents . The White House tenant also proposed extending a temporary protection status (or TPS) for three years that allows about 300,000 immigrants to work legally without a residence permit.

To these quasi-democratic proposals is added the recruitment of more police officers at the borders as well as immigration judges.

"Compromise based on common sense" against "new hostage taking"

With this offer, the US president spoke of a "common sense compromise". But the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had previously rejected this proposal that had transpired in the media. According to her, what is presented as a presidential concession is only a "compilation of several initiatives already rejected in the past and each one unacceptable". And the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer to drive the point: he recalls that Donald Trump had in the past removed protections for migrants he now proposes to protect. "Offering protection in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but a new hostage crisis," he tweeted.

The Democrats refuse to give Donald Trump the $ 5.7 billion he needs for the construction of his wall, his iconic campaign promise.

The shutdown, with its 800,000 unpaid federal employees, has a bright future ahead of him, it seems...

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld



The virulent remark "Our country is living a hell now" posted on Instagram by American rapper Cardi B against the US president can sum up the country's situation since the "shutdown".

The shutdown, the partial paralysis of the administration with 800,000 federal employees who are either unemployed or required to work without being paid, is the longest in history: it begins its 27th day and no way out.

Some administrations were simply closed. The ministries of Homeland Security, Justice, State Department and Treasury present closed doors as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA.

This is not without negative consequences on the functioning of the country so much that Donald Trump reminded thousands of officials to return to work without pay (for lack of budget) to limit the effects of the paralysis of the administrations ...

At issue: the lack of agreement for the financing of $ 5 billion (4.4 billion euros) of the wall required by Donald Trump on the Mexican border.

This wall is presented as a key element of its strategy to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking and as a matter of "national security" for the White House. For their part, the Democrats do not want to hear about it.

But by taking responsibility for the shutdown, Donald Trump ties his fate to the success of the wall on the border with Mexico.

No side wants to give in and the "shutdown" turns to the settlement of accounts.

Just as Friday of the Democrats and not least ignited the possibility of a dismissal of Donald Trump after information provided by an online media, immediately denied on Saturday. "Listen, if Mueller has several elements alleging the Trump asked Cohen to lie in Congress, we need to be informed as soon as possible, "tweeted Senator Chris Murphy.

And all the moves now seem permissible.

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi have been engaged in an intense standoff since the beginning of the partial budget paralysis. The first on Friday, canceled an official trip until then kept secret. He stunned the Congress by announcing that he was canceling a trip that third state figure Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to perform in Afghanistan aboard a military plane. "Due to the shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed," Trump wrote to Ms. Pelosi, referring to the "public relations" activity trip, Pushing irony he proposed a commercial flight "Of course, if you want to travel by commercial plane, the choice is yours," concluded the tenant of the White House. The day before, Nancy Pelosi had asked to postpone the traditional speech on the state of the Union of the president, scheduled on January 29 for security reasons due to shutdown. Now, according to tradition, it is up to the leader of the lower house to invite the president to this annual speech before the House of Representatives and the Senate together. Private military aircraft by Donald Trump, the leader of US congressional Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, said Friday suspended a trip. "We were informed that by revealing the existence of our trip, the president had made the situation much more dangerous on the ground," Pelosi told reporters.

Would the president want to end this fight?

US President Donald Trump said he planned to make a "major announcement" Saturday afternoon about not only the shutdown but also the construction of the wall.

"I'm going to make a major announcement about the humanitarian crisis on our southern border, and the shutdown, tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm [9 pm in France], live from the White House," tweeted the Republican president. without further specification.

If the stalemate continued, did it not threaten to declare a national "emergency" to activate extraordinary powers to obtain funds from the defense budget, thus bypassing Congress ?

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According to the online media BuzzFeed News, Donald Trump has asked his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie in Congress about an aborted Russian real estate project.

More than a year and a half after the start of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into suspicions of collusion between the US President's campaign team and Russia, a new revelation from ex-trusted man Michael Cohen Donald Trump is the stuff of democrats.

The billionaire would have asked his lawyer at the time to lie under oath about an aborted Trump Tower project in Moscow. Michael Cohen has indeed lied on the timeline of the project of the 100-story building.

Mr. Cohen assured the elected officials that talks with Russian officials ended in January 2016, while they continued until at least June, when Donald Trump was about to win the Republican primary. Why this lie?

To minimize the links between the two countries.

That the real estate mogul was in business was not illegal in itself, but that he asked to lie is a crime.

A lie that could therefore cost him, according to his political enemies because it would be an attempt to hinder the investigation and subordination of a witness.

"If the president ordered Cohen to lie to Congress, it's obstruction of justice. Point bar, "responded the elected Democrat David Cicillin.

The Democrats were quick late Thursday night to go for their small comments reminding including that the same crimes had earned Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton the launch of a removal procedure.

"Oh, for information, the first head of Richard Nixon's impeachment procedure was obstruction of justice," tweeted Democratic Representative Ted Lieu.

"Look, if Mueller has several allegations that Trump has asked Cohen to lie to Congress, we need to be informed as soon as possible," Senator Chris Murphy added on Twitter.

For Adam Schiff, who now chairs the House Intelligence Committee, if the allegations are true, Donald Trump was guilty of "witness tampering".

A crime punishable by five years of imprisonment in the US Penal Code and that Congress could especially consider a "major crime" justifying impeachment.

An impeachment however unlikely. Indeed, if the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority since early January, can launch the procedure of accusation, it is the Senate to make a judgment.

But its elected representatives are in the majority Republicans ...

The public testimony of Michael Cohen, already sentenced to 3 years in prison, before the Congress on February 7, is eagerly awaited by the Democrats.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


All of Washington talks about it. The New York Times made some surprising revelations about the opening of a federal police investigation in 2017 to determine whether the US president had worked for Russia.

Donald Trump a Moscow agent? It was enough to trigger the ire of the tenant of the White House.

"Wow, I just learned in the flawed New York Times that the former corrupt FBI leaders, almost all of them fired or forced to leave the agency for very bad reasons, opened an investigation against me, without any reason or proof when I kicked James Comey's liar, a real junk, "tweeted early in the morning the President of the United States.

"My dismissal of James Comey was a great day for America. He was a crooked cop, "he added, referring to another tweet

"The failures that tried to [him] play a trick".

Trump had lobbied FBI director James Comey to abandon his investigations over a possible collusion of his campaign with Moscow.

But in the face of the latter's refusal he dismissed him. And the FBI to be worried by Trump's behavior and to open an investigation to find out if the president was a Russian agent!

Thus the investigation of the American federal police would have been quickly merged with that opened by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller on suspicions of collusion between Moscow and the Trump team.

The FBI has also been suspicious of Donald Trump's possible ties with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign! without, however, daring to open an investigation.

But from the first months of the Trumpian presidency, the FBI was eager to open its investigation involving a counter-intelligence and a criminal component, following the dismissal of its director James Comey by Donald Trump in May 2017 .

Personally targeted by the White House, former FBI boss James Comey replied with a tweet, repeating a famous quote from former President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "I ask you to judge me by the enemies that I I am made. "

Donald Trump categorically denies collusion with Russia and regularly criticizes Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, for being a "witch hunt" to delegitimize his presidency.

The Russian investigation has nonetheless resulted in charges and convictions of close associates of the president.

For example, his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison, including for offenses against campaign financing legislation, Paul Manafort, director of the campaign team Donald Trump, found guilty of financial malpractices related to activities in Ukraine or Michael Flynn, former president's national security council, pleading guilty to lying to investigators about his links with Russian officials.

Another revelation about Russia also made the White House tenant jump. There is no record of Donald Trump's exchanges with Vladimir Putin at five different locations in the last two years.

That would be simply because the republican billionaire after his meetings with the Russian president would have even taken possession of the notes of his translator. And this while the law requires to keep all the official documents for the archives.

Unusual, totally illegal and ubiquitous ... especially for a president suspected by the intelligence agencies of his country to have collaborated with a rival power.

Since these revelations the tweeting American president nicknamed "Bozos", Jeff Besos the boss of Amazon, and owner of the Washington Post, "Bozo" as Bozo the clown.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


US President Donald Trump threatened Turkey on Sunday (January 13th) with an economic catastrophe in the event of an attack on the Kurds after the next withdrawal of US troops from Syria. "We will devastate Turkey economically if it attacks the Kurds," tweeted Donald Trump. The announcement in December of the withdrawal of US military personnel deployed to Syria to combat ISIL has weakened the situation of Kurdish fighters who fought alongside the United States against the Islamic State (IS) organization.

Indeed, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has never hidden his will to fight the Kurds, members of the militia Protection of the People (YPG). Turkey regards them as "terrorists" because of their alleged links with the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which has been guerrilla fighting in Turkish territory since 1984. It fears the formation of a Kurdish state on its doorstep. able to revive the separatist aspirations of the Turkish Kurds.

No wonder Ankara responded sharply to Donald Trump's tweet, pointing out that Turkey was waiting for the United States to honor its partnership. "Mr @ realDonaldTrump, it is a fatal mistake to equate the Kurds of Syria with the PKK [the Kurdistan Workers' Party], which is on the US list of terrorist organizations, and its Syrian branch of the PYD [Party of Labor]. Democratic Union] - YPG [People's Protection Units], writes on Twitter the spokesman of the Turkish Presidency Ibrahim Kalin.

Turkey is fighting against terrorists, not against Kurds. "Terrorists can not be your partners and your allies. Turkey expects the United States to honor our strategic partnership and does not want it to be overshadowed by terrorist propaganda, "he added.

Donald Trump, who did not give a precise timetable for the withdrawal of 2000 US troops from Syria, asked Kurds not to provoke Turkey. He also called for the creation of a "safety zone" of 30 kilometers, without further details on its location or its financing.

"Russia, Iran and Syria have been the biggest beneficiaries of the long-term US policy of destroying the Islamic State group in Syria - natural enemies. We also benefit but it is now time to bring our troops home.

STOP THE ENDLESS WARS, "concluded the US President.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


Donald Trump traveled Thursday to McAllen, a Texas city bordering Mexico, and defended his controversial "wall" project. "Nothing like a wall," he said

The Democratic opposition, now the majority in the House of Representatives, categorically refuses to release the $ 5.7 billion for the wall.

On Sunday, the shutdown, the partial paralysis of the administration with 800,000 federal employees who are either technically unemployed or required to work without being paid, will officially become the longest in history.

Donald Trump canceled his visit to Davos at the end of January. By taking responsibility for the shutdown, Donald Trump is linking his fate to the success of the wall on the border with Mexico.

And if the stalemate continues, he threatened to declare a national "emergency" to activate extraordinary powers to obtain funds from the defense budget, thus bypassing Congress.

"We have the absolute right to declare a national emergency and it is a matter of security.

It's a national emergency. If you watch what happens, "said Thursday the US president, interviewed by the channel Fox News. At the risk of going from a budget crisis to a politico-legal crisis.

Today, nearly 1,200 km of walls already exist between the two countries. Already in 1978, Jimmy Carter found the funding to erect barriers three meters high, called "Tortilla Curtain" George HW Bush followed suit and even the Democrat Bill Clinton, who had eight new sections erected in jail corrugated steel.

The idea does not come from Donald Trump who, however, wants to make it a symbol of his mandate.

It is with globalization that the need to erect walls is becoming more and more felt among people eager for protection.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld


We propose to regularly open a section on this theme of the place of women in the world in the 21st century, starting from current examples.

Today we will discuss Saudi Arabia, India and France.

Saudi Arabia :

The Saudis have just obtained by law entered into force last Sunday, January 6, 2019, the right to be informed now by text of any change in their marital status, including divorce.

It is the news channel Al Ekhbariya that has just released the information, stating that the courts were now responsible for disseminating this information. Women will simultaneously be able to consult documents related to the breakdown of their marriage on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Informed by text? We could be offended! What nenni! In this country as big as 4 times France (2 150 000 Km2), completely desert, of which each inhabitant or almost owns a Smartphone, it appeared more practical and faster to use this mode of communication rather than nits camel caravans!

The reform was presented as an advance by the new prince, Salman Abdelaziz Al Saoud who in 2018 had already given women the right to drive.

However, it must be remembered that men still have a unilateral right to divorce (which also includes breaking the engagement) without having to provide proof. The divorce is effective immediately the husband is nevertheless obliged to provide his ex-wife, a financial support of 4 months 10 days. Four months and ten days have not yet figured out why?

At the same time, a woman can only get a divorce with the consent of her husband or "if the law proves that she is being abused". In practice, it is still difficult for a woman to obtain a divorce, and the "civilizational" advance, as Emmanuel Macron would say, wanted by Prince Salman, is tiny.

Because the ability of men to divorce results in unlimited polygamy, in this country that tolerates polygamy up to 4 women.

There was in Saudi Arabia in 2013 (source Courrier International) a divorce every 20 minutes!

The Saudi Monarchy is one of the hardest regimes in the world. The regime is intractable in many societal areas and despite some reforms, women's rights in this country have nothing to do with those of their peers in the western world.

Despite this situation, Saudi Arabia obtained from the United Nations, on 21 September 2015, and after a long working session, its appointment as head of the "advisory group" responsible for selecting the rapporteurs in charge of selected themes, including that …. Violence against women We always wonder!

Has the recent decision of the Wahhabi regime been influenced by this new responsibility? It's possible ! But that's not certain either! It must indeed be observed that it took more than four years for the Saudi Monarchy to change the rights of women. At this rate it will take several more decades for Arab women to obtain complementary advances and a status equivalent to that of their Western counterparts.


India has been torn apart for a few days over the access of women to a Hindu temple. Violence has been going on since January 2, 2019 after two women sneaked into a temple in Sabarimala (a port city in Kerala, southern India).

The controversy surrounding the entry of women into a Hindu temple started with a judgment of the Supreme Court (which is the highest Judiciary), which had ruled, in accordance with international law, that the ban on women coming praying violated religious freedom and the principle of gender equality.

In a country where the weight of religion is immense (the prohibition of women is engraved in Hinduism), this judgment does not end to fuel a debate that seems to be dominated by the right.

This case, moreover, highlighted the weakness of the rule of law in India, as the state police still have not resolved to enforce the law.

France :

"Precarious, discriminated, revolted" women's yellow vests were numerous this Sunday, January 6, 2019. They wore that day large banners "black" on which was inscribed their slogan.

The general opinion was that there were no serious incidents or violence, as in the previous day. It should nevertheless be noted that in Paris, the event was circled, Place de l'Opera, by the CRS. A video broadcast on social networks showed "a woman treated crazy, requiring therapy" by said CRS, who wanted to force him to remove his yellow vest. Some newspapers were not more delicate, like the Parisian, treating in a title these women of "chicks marching in the street".

The yellow women vests who had been very active from 17 November, at the beginning of the movement, had wanted to organize their own rally while "stating that their event was not going to be a feminist struggle, but a struggle. feminine ".

They had been discreet until now. They wanted to show on January 6, 2019, that they also represented, wearing a Phrygian cap and crying tears blue and red, "the motherland angry, for themselves and the future of their children."

Beyond the substantive debate, the codes used by the protesters to organize themselves were not trivial. The movement remained nevertheless very protean, the situation and the balance of power with the political power in place giving him little visibility.

In the light of these examples, we see that women, rarely put forward, still struggle to have the word and exist, even in France as we have just seen.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



For 14 days, the shutdown has begun in the United States, in a word, the partial blockage of the federal administrations, and US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is ready for the shutdown to take months or even weeks. more than a year.

Eight hundred thousand federal public servants, a quarter of public service employees, are no longer paid on layoff or forced leave.

Some jurisdictions have been closed. The ministries of internal security, justice, the State Department and the Treasury are closed as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA.

At issue: the lack of agreement for the financing of $ 5 billion (4.4 billion euros) of the wall required by Donald Trump on the Mexican border.

This wall is presented as a key element of its strategy to fight against illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

It is a question of "national security", hammered the tenant of the White House.

"It's not a game," he added. And it is one of his campaign promises to which his most conservative electorate holds.

What agreement to find so that stops the tug of war between the American president and the Democrats on financing the wall?

If the president received for two hours on Friday, January 4, the elected Democrats in the White House, no agreement was found, however.

If the president has threatened to declare the national emergency to build the wall on the border with Mexico then passing the agreement of Congress, he prefers the negotiation.

"We could declare the state of emergency and build it very quickly. It's another way of doing it, but if we can do it in a negotiated way, it's better. He told a reporter.

Discussions should continue on the weekend of 5 and 6 January. A new conciliation attempt with officials of the White House and Senate is scheduled for Saturday.

A compromise could be found notably in an exchange between the financing of the wall and an agreement to protect from expulsion of the "dreamers", these young immigrants arrived minor in the US territory that the Obama administration had allowed to stay, authorization revoked by Donald Trump.

"You can find common ground," Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy (California) said.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


The US president rejected Thursday the 20th of December the budget of the Congress. Reason given: the budget does not include financing the wall with Mexico, its most emblematic campaign promise.

"The President informed us that he would not be signing the law from the Senate last night [Thursday night] because of his legitimate concerns about border security," said House Speaker Paul Ryan after a meeting between Republican parliamentarians and the president at the White House.

Donald Trump expressed himself, accusing the opposition of putting "politics before the country". For him, immigration is closely linked to crime: "Trafficking in human beings and massive arrivals of drugs must be stopped. They are at an extremely high level. ".

The wall on the Mexican border should alleviate this problem and the US president insists that a financing of the wall, up to 5 billion dollars (4.3 billion euros), be included in the budget. Or, failing that, a substantial amount of money is spent on border security.

Republicans in the House of Representatives approved Thursday a new measure that is in line with the demands of the President, including a financing of its wall up to 5.7 billion (4.97 billion euros) but this measure n There is no chance of passing the Senate, where sixty votes are needed, with the Republicans controlling only 51 of the 100 seats in the Upper House.

Very concretely, Donald Trump has indicated that he will not promulgate the law currently under discussion in Congress. This temporary text, voted Wednesday evening in the Senate, proposes to finance the government until 8 February. "What they are just starting to understand is that I will not sign any of their laws, including those on infrastructure, until we have perfect security at the border. "

A lack of agreement between the Parliament and the White House would mean the closure of many federal services during the holiday season, with tens of thousands of layoffs, and the disruption of ministries such as homeland security, justice, the interior or even the State Department.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld


There was Russian interference during the American presidential campaign. This is the conclusion of the reports commissioned by the Senate. In fact, during the presidential campaign, Russia was trying to dissuade the fringes of the population who were rather close to the Democrats to vote.

Russia's propaganda campaign on social media ahead of the 2016 US presidential election was aimed at convincing blacks not to go to the polls, before taking special prosecutor Robert Mueller himself after Donald Trump's victory according to reports commissioned by the Senate.

For the Internet Research Agency Agency (IRA), based in St. Petersburg and considered by the US justice as a farm "trolls" paid by the Kremlin, it was during the presidential campaign to dissuade the fringes of the population rather Democrats, like young people, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community, to vote. In particular, it focused on black voters, as is confirmed by the analysis of thousands of social media messages and publications by the IRA between 2015 and 2017, jointly conducted by Oxford University and specialists in the new Graphika media.

To do this the IRA had created many accounts under false US profiles for the African-American community. One of them, entitled "Blacktivist", was used to send negative messages against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton who was accused of opportunist, only anxious to win votes.

"This campaign was to convince that the best way to improve the cause of the African-American community was to boycott the elections and focus on other topics," the report's authors write.

Meanwhile, part of the 3,841 accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube studied sought instead to encourage white voters close to Republicans to participate in the vote. If at the beginning the messages were content to support republican theses, such as the defense of the carrying of weapons or the fight against immigration, once the candidacy of Donald Trump well in the saddle, the messages of the IRA were clearly favorable, according to this study.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the Russian propaganda campaign would have had an impact on the election results. In fact, the participation rate of white voters increased in 2016, while that of blacks, at 59.6%, was down by five points compared to 2012.

US justice has charged for interfering in the 2016 election several IRA employees, funded by the oligarch Evguéni Prigojine.

The propaganda campaign then turned to a new target: the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, charged with investigating the suspicions of collusion between the republican campaign team and Russia, Washington said Monday night. Post. Using dummy accounts

False accounts fed by Russians on social networks broadcast messages and publications accusing Mr. Mueller of corruption and even collaboration in the past with "radical Islamist groups".

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Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison by a Manhattan federal judge. He was the very incarnation of loyalty for ten years ready to "take a ball" for his boss. But he eventually pleaded guilty, becoming the most formidable enemy of the President as a prosecution witness.

Just before the sentencing, Michael Cohen made his mea culpa declaring in front of a crowded courtroom regret to have served as billionaire's man of confidence .. "It's my weakness and my blind loyalty to this man which led me to choose the path of darkness at the expense of light, "said Michael Cohen at the hearing. "I thought it was my duty to cover up his bad behavior," he added.

He admitted to having paid 280,000 dollars to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal who threatened to evoke supposed links with Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. In buying the silence of the two women, "he deceived the voters by hiding allegations that he thought could have a noticeable effect on the presidential election and violated" one of the basic tenets of US election laws: the transparency ".

He also pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about his contacts with Russians during the campaign. Indeed, Donald Trump was planning the development of a real estate project in Moscow until the summer of 2016.

He finally admitted to having hidden from the tax authorities not less than four million dollars of income from his taxi companies.

According to the recommendations of the federal justice system, Michael Cohen risked up to five years of imprisonment.

The 50-year-old will be detained on 6 March to serve his three-year sentence.

Thanks to his collaboration with Prosecutor Mueller's investigation of Russia, he received a rather lenient sentence for the charges.

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Donald Trump announced Saturday (December 8th) that John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. He did not provide any explanation for his decision. "John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year," Donald Trump told reporters at the White House, saying his successor's name would be announced "in a day or two." The American president has also praised the starter. "He's a great guy," he said. And to add, "I really appreciate what he did."

A former 68-year-old Marine Corps general, John Kelly was summoned to the summer of 2017 to take up the post of secretary general of the White House. A key position. He was the right arm of the president, and the coordinator of the action of the administration. His role was to restore order to the chaos of an administration marked by internal quarrels and the unpredictable reactions of the President. The retired general scrupulously filtered access to the Oval Office. "He's leaving a position that's often ungrateful, but John Kelly has my eternal gratitude," House Speaker Paul Ryan summed up. Attached to this difficult task John Kelly sometimes showed signs of discouragement. "I guess I had to do something wrong and God punished me," he said one day in March.

The announcement of his departure cut short rumors of deep disagreement between the two men circulating for weeks to such a point that, according to some, they no longer spoke.

The stormy relations that "this chief of staff" had lately with the President have been described in the book of the Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward published in September: Fear - Trump at the White House . In this book, we learn that Kelly would have questioned the abilities of Donald Trump, which he said he was "an idiot", "unbalanced". "He derails. It's a madhouse. He would have added.

His name only lengthens the long list of presidential advisers -Jeff Sessions, Nikki Halley or Rex Tillerson- worn out by the first two years of the Trump presidency. According to a Brookings Institution count, 62% of senior administration officials left the White House nearly twice as many as other presidents for the same period

If the first half of the Trump presidency has been marked by a great instability on the key positions of advisers or ministers, the second half will start early next year in a pre-election period in the run-up to the election. from 2020 and needs to be more stable. Donald Trump made no secret that he would seek a second term. Also with the departure of John Kelly and the successive two-day nominations of Republican William Barr at the Justice Department who will oversee the Russian investigation of prosecutor Mueller, and Heather Nauert as US ambassador to the UN replacing Nikki Haley, he clearly shows the willingness to approach the second part of his mandate with a renewed team.

Campaign debuts under the ominous shadow of prosecutor Mueller's investigation for the real estate mogul.

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The State Department spokeswoman and spokesperson since April 2017, Heather Nauert will be the next US representative to the United Nations.

She succeeds Republican Nikki Halay who announced in October her decision to leave her post in New York at the end of the year. Former Fox & Friends presenter on Fox News, the president's favorite channel, this personality was already tipped in November by Donald Trump.

"She is excellent, she has been with us for a long time, she has been supporting us for a long time," he had justified then before the press.

Although she was promoted in March as Acting Undersecretary of Public Diplomacy and accompanying Mike Pompeo last month to Saudi Arabia for a sensitive mission after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, this former journalist 48 years old has no real experience in government and diplomacy.

This nomination, if confirmed by the Republican majority upper house, contrasts sharply with previous appointments. From Madeleine Albright to John Negroponte, Richard Holbrooke to Susan Rice, US ambassadors to the UN have often been heavyweights in politics or diplomacy. As for Nikki Halay, she has a long political career behind her as governor of South Carolina, which has allowed her to quickly establish herself as a listened voice of American diplomacy. The one who supported a hard line, mainly against North Korea and Iran, during his tenure, was supported by the American president who had hailed his "incredible work".

A succession that promises to be difficult given the political scale of Nikki Haley who is among the most promising figures of the Republican Party. In addition, the latter had the rank of minister while Heather Nauert was not a member of the cabinet and would be placed under the hierarchical responsibility of the Secretary of State.

This "degradation" of the function also reflects a desire to diminish the importance of the role of the United States at the United Nations questioned by Washington for its inefficiency or mismanagement.

The United States has withdrawn from several United Nations entities, from Unesco to the Human Rights Committee, and has reduced some of its contributions, particularly to peacekeeping operations.

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Several hundred caravan migrants demonstrated near the border crossing with the United States, as US forces trained to repel a possible entry force.

There are some 4,500 migrants, most of them Hondurans, currently living in Tijuana, where shelters have reached saturation point and some makeshift encampments have begun to appear nearby.

As the procession of migrants is composed of families, men, women and children including Guatemala, then the Mexican riot police, have given up stopping them.

In addition, the Trump administration's political will to separate families at the border to discourage illegal immigration has been abandoned in the face of the reluctance of a majority of Americans. Here they are after more than 4000kms feet agglutinated at the border.

Strong tension at the border post with the United States.

Several hundred of these migrants demonstrated near the border decided to be able to apply for asylum.

Migrants, mostly men, but also women with young children, headed for El Chaparral Bridge, near the entry point to California, while US forces train for repel any entry in force.

The passage between the two countries was closed for fifteen minutes as the US military carried out a "large-scale exercise of operational speed" involving helicopters and several hundred soldiers and police officers, according to the US Customs and Protection Agency Borders. About 6,000 American soldiers are deployed on the border with Mexico ...

The Mexican asylum offered.

On the one hand, agents of the Beta group, which brings together government officials and volunteers from the Mexican government to assist migrants, try to reason with migrants, reminding them that it is necessary to register on a waiting list to file an asylum claim in the United States. Only the study of asylum application files can take more than one year.

The officer also reminds them of the benefits that migrants could gain by seeking asylum in Mexico. The Mexican government offers provisional residence permits, medical coverage, education for their children and work provided they file asylum applications in the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. . While some of them have made claims to this effect - with a spectacular jump of 1,296 in 2013 to 14,596 in 2017 - according to the Mexican government, the majority prefer to seek asylum in the United States.

The threats of Donald Trump.

On the other side Donald Trump threatened again Thursday to close "the whole border", including trade. "If we come to a stage where we lose control or there is violence, we will temporarily close the entry into the country until the situation is under control again," said the president. I mean the whole border, Mexico will no longer be able to sell cars in the United States. "

He assured the passage have allowed the soldiers to use if necessary the lethal force at the border. At the beginning of the month, Donald Trump had suggested that the army could fire in case of aggression, before returning to his remarks the next day. "If necessary, they will use lethal force. I gave them my approval - I hope they will not have to, "Donald Trump told reporters from Palm Beach, Florida.

For the moment, American soldiers sent to the Mexican border on the orders of Donald Trump are content to lay barbed wire, concrete blocks and patrol by helicopter.

But in a note sent Tuesday to the Pentagon, the US president asked them to go further in case of violence with migrants.

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The toll of the devastating fire in northern California has further increased. More than a week after the first flames, firefighters continue to fight Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in California history with 71 dead and more than 1,000. less 71 dead and more than a thousand missing.

A balance sheet still provisional. Tens of thousands of people had to be evacuated.

The fire is only 45% contained and the consequences are visible more than 200 km south of Paradise, until San Francisco where the authorities launched Friday an alert to air pollution

The town of Paradise, located in Butte County, 280 km north of San Francisco, is almost stricken from the map.

An investigation is underway to determine the source of the fires while a complaint was lodged against local electricity supplier Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) who reported a high-voltage line incident just prior to the outbreak of the fire. fire in Paradise. Last year in California, it was found that 17 of the 20 largest fires were caused by power lines that in the United States are not buried due to cost.

In a region of great wind-beaten valleys where sequoias are kings, a spark coming from an electric wire not extinguished on the field is enough to cause a start of fire. Especially since the soil this year is dry for lack of rain.

The other fire located closer to Los Angeles, the "Woolsey Fire", for its part is 80% controlled to have nearly burned nearly 40 000 hectares, including part of the seaside resort Malibu.

President Donald Trump is on site this Saturday.

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California is burning again and again. Forty-four people died in fires in northern and southern California. Nearly 80,000 hectares have been reduced to ashes, as have nearly 7,000 buildings.

The strong winds, both hot and dry, have risen, making it difficult to fight the flames

There are two main fires, Camp Fire in the North and Woolsey Fire in the South.

For the main fire called "Camp Fire" there have been 31 deaths since Thursday. On Sunday night, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said 228 people were missing. The fire destroyed more than 6700 homes and businesses in Paradise, a town of 26,000 inhabitants became a ghost town. According to the authorities it will take at least three weeks to completely control the flames in this area.

Eight hundred kilometers to the south is the "Woolsey Fire" raging on the heights of Malibu, near Los Angeles. More than 250,000 people have left the resort and other localities have also been evacuated to Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

The authorities warned that the spread of fires was faster than in the past. "Ten or 20 years ago you stayed in your homes when there was a fire and you were able to protect them," Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lawrenson told the press. But today "the rate of spread is exponentially higher than it was. He continued. "This is not a new normality, this is a new abnormality. And this new abnormality will continue, probably in 10 to 15 or 20 years, " said the California governor, Jerry Brown, at a press conference Sunday.

Is global warming the cause of ever more violent fires?

In a century, the average temperature in the state of California has increased by three degrees, and every year the fire season extends for a day or two. "Unfortunately, the best science tells us that drought, heat, all these things will intensify," added Jerry Brown, referring to the reasons for the fires.

Donald Trump also denounced the "disastrous management" of California's forests. It has only revived the controversy over clearing and deforestation between environmentalists and the timber industry. Environmentalists suspect government plans to allow logging companies to use chainsaws in Californian forests, 60% of which are on public lands According to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, officials The electrical network indicated to the California authorities that a breakdown had occurred near where it started.

Governor Jerry Brown, who asked the Trump administration to declare a state of emergency in the devastated counties, simply said, " In a moment like this one must work together" , a- he recommended. The state of California is indeed ravaged by the most deadly fires since 1933.

In the face of this disaster, several stars, who have residences in California, posted photos and testimonials on social networks.

Miley Cyrus said she was "completely devastated by the fires that affect [her] community" . The 25-year-old singer says she is "one of the lucky people". "My animals and the love of my life came out alive and that's all that matters now," she wrote. "My house is no longer standing, but the memories I shared with my family and friends remain strong, and I'm thankful for what I have left," she says, sending "all her love and gratitude to firefighters and the services of the Los Angeles Sheriff ".

On Twitter, the singer Lady Gaga said "deeply in thought with all those who suffer from these terrible fires.

Like many of you, I'm sitting there wondering if my house will burn. All we can do is pray. She added.

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The new fire in northern California has killed and wounded, a senior official said Friday, but for the time being can not specify their number. "We know there have been injuries and we know there have been deaths and we are still trying to find out more," said Mark Ghilarducci of the Emergency Services Office. from the governor of California.

"It's my sad duty to confirm that we now have a total of nine dead," said the Butte County Sheriff Friday, Nov. 9.

The toll continues to mount in the Camp Fire fire in the city of Paradise, California, north of the capital Sacramento.

Five of these victims were found in or near their car, trapped by flames trying to escape, after the 26,000 residents of Paradise were ordered to evacuate.

The three forest fires resulted in the evacuation of tens of thousands of people in California. To the north, the city of Paradise is partly destroyed by the flames when, further south, the resort of Malibu is on alert.

Nearly 600 km further south, near Los Angeles, the city of Malibu is in fact on alert, because of another home that started Thursday about twenty kilometers north. Several celebrities, many to live in this opulent region, had to evacuate, like Kim Kardashian, the actress Alyssa Milano and the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro.

Donald Trump has been tough on California, which has just elected a Democratic governor. "There is no reason for these huge fires in California, deadly and expensive, except that the management of forests is so inadequate," tweeted Saturday the US president.

"Billions of dollars are donated every year, with so many lives lost, all because of severe forest mismanagement. Remedy now, otherwise there will be no more federal payments! " He added.

California has been particularly hard hit since the end of 2017 by numerous fires, made particularly violent by drought and weather conditions, which have killed more than a dozen people.

In September, the "Mendocino Complex" was under control after almost two months of struggle. It had ravaged nearly 190,000 ha, becoming the largest forest fire in the state's recent history.

In July and August, eight people, including three firefighters, were killed in the "Carr" fire in the Redding area. It destroyed 93,000 ha before it could be extinguished after six weeks of struggle.

The fires in California have become a real scourge for thirty years.
Involved seismic plates and climatic disturbance.
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Only four hours after the midterms the President of the United States fired his Minister of Justice and suspended the accreditation of a CNN reporter.

At a live press conference on all major chains a clasht broke out with the CNN correspondent at the White House. The latter lost his accreditation on the spot.

Wednesday is the turn of Justice Minister Jeff Sessions to be sacked. "At your request, I submit my resignation" wrote Wednesday the Attorney General to the President.

Donald Trump takes his lead.

Far from a simple reshuffle, this dismissal seems like a dismissal. Jeff Sessions had been one of his faithful supporters since the summer of 2015, but became the pet peeve of the tenant of the White House. Motivation: he had recused himself in the Russian affair having failed to reveal contacts that he had had during the campaign with the Russian ambassador.

As a result, his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, inherited the file and, for reasons of transparency, appointed a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to resume the FBI investigation. Rod Rosenstein had instructed Mueller to investigate suspicions of collusion with Russia and "on any other issue that would be raised by the investigation".

It is Jeff Sessions' chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, who will take over the position, the same one who criticized the prosecutor's investigation last August, saying it was "nearing the red line". "Investigating the finances of Donald Trump or his family is outside the scope of his mission," he wrote.

Donald Trump reiterated all the harm he thought of the investigation, denouncing an "unfair hoax [that costs] millions and millions of dollars [and] shame [to America] . " According to the American press, several of his relatives are in the viewfinder of the prosecutor Mueller, starting with his son Donald Trump Junior.

This announcement came the day after the Democrats' victory in the House of Representatives during the midterms, some of whom immediately called for the protection of the prosecutor.

Thanks to their new majority, the elected Democrats of the House will be able to call witnesses or ask for documents if Robert Mueller was prevented from doing so ...

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When the Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar and Grill was crowded, a man on Wednesday night, November 7, opened fire before being killed.

In this crowded nightclub of Thousand Oaks, a residential suburb of Los Angeles was a student party.

Twelve people were killed, a dozen people injured, according to the Sheriff of Ventura County, Geoff Dean.

A policeman is one of the victims.

He succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The alleged gunman died inside the facility, the police also said.

Hundreds of people were inside the Borderline Bar and Grill at 23:20 (local time), according to Ventura County Captain Garo Kuredjian.

We do not yet know the identity of the shooter and his motives.

Several witnesses described a "man in black coat", "bearded" and holding a large caliber handgun.

Every four days in the United States a shooting causing deaths .
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On Nov. 6, millions of deeply divided Americans between pro and anti-Trump voted for what was the first election test of the US president since being elected in 2016. The result:

the House of Representatives was taken over by the Democrats while the Senate remains well Republican. The "blue wave" anti-Trump a time announced did not happen.

Donald Trump, thinking he was going out of this election, said "a huge success" with the Republicans retaining the Senate while the Democrats won, gaining a majority in the House of Representatives. Democrats have won about thirty seats in the House of Representatives and should get 229 against 206 Republicans, according to the latest estimates. In the Senate, the Republican majority is expected to rise from 51 to 53 seats out of 100.

The American president will now cohabit with the Democratic Party A US-style cohabitation between Democrats and Republicans that reflects the balance of power that is called "checks and balances" in the United States.

After the mid-term elections, Donald Trump largely loses the leverage of power over domestic politics. Indeed, the Democrat-led House of Representatives has not only a subpoena power but also the ability to block its legislative agenda.

Republican politicians will find it difficult to propose new laws to their executive over the next two years. Several key measures of Donald Trump 's program risk being blocked at the legislative level such as the repeal of the Obamacare law, the reduction of budgets for social programs or the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Donald Trump, however, enjoying a power of veto, he will always be able to sign presidential decrees.

With a majority maintained and consolidated in the Senate, Donald Trump will continue to appoint conservative judges and other officials in the administration. The Senate will also be able to block any legislation adopted by the Democratic representatives, thus avoiding the president to use his veto power.

Given the strengthening of Republicans in the Senate, there is no "impeachment" procedure really possible.

The tenant of the White House also retains his power to conduct foreign policy, marked by unilateralism and economic nationalism.

Democrats and Republicans are no longer in agreement on anything: two visions of the world are clashing following divisions maintained and exacerbated by Donald Trump himself.

Despite this, during his press conference on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump assured that he was ready to work with the Democrats but provided they give up their plans to investigate his presidency and finances.

One way to face "less paralysis." "The Democrats will come to us with a plan on infrastructure, on health, on what they want.

And we will negotiate, "he said. But he did not fail to mention the threats of parliamentary inquiries promised by the new masters of the House, especially to obtain the Billionaire 's tax forms, and warned: "We can not do both simultaneously. Can we do both? No. If they do that, they will not do the rest. "

But let us emphasize that the mid-term elections in the United States allowed the victories of several candidates from the diversity, in both houses of Congress, as at the head of American States.

From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest elected in Congressional history, to Jared Polis, the first homosexual governor of a US state to Sharice Davids first Native American, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar Democratic candidates became the first women to confess Muslim to be elected to the US Congress

This election only serves to paint the picture of an increasingly fractured society.

Also Donald Trump can now focus largely on his campaign for re-election in 2020 by mobilizing his base on cleavant issues and taking control of the Republican party.

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Midterms are important elections in the United States, even though they often involve few voters. It is a question of renewing the two chambers of the Congress which passes the laws. These elections occur halfway through the four-year term of the president and therefore affect the end of his term in case of defeat of his camp.

Historically, the ruling party has rarely won the mid-term elections. George W. Bush, in 2002, was recently an exception, after the attacks of 9/11.

But unlike previous presidents, the Republican president can count on a steady popularity curve around 42% of satisfied Americans.

It has a popularity rate between 37 and 43% and an unpopularity rate between 51 and 57%, according to data from the site Five Thirty Eight, which aggregates the results of all surveys.

Why such constancy in the popularity and unpopularity of Donald Trump two years after the election of the billionaire at the head of the United States? US political life is polarized in two like the polarization of the debate in recent days between Donald Trump and Barack Obama clashing with campaign meetings interposed.

On the eve of these elections which will determine the majority in Congress until 2020,

The Obama Democrats defending his reformed health system but also betting on Donald Trump's rejection as a liar and catalyst for the racist and anti-Semitic violence that has plunged the country. He can count on the voices of peri-urban voters and moderate Republicans who are disappointed.

The Republican Donald Trump posing as the guarantor of the good economic health of the United States and as the bulwark against illegal immigration and migrants from Central America who are currently crossing Mexico to the US border.

Two irreconcilable visions of society. Two political tendencies confronting each other head-on, with voters increasingly encapsulating their respective positions.

Another peculiarity of this constant popularity of Donald Trump among the Republicans is, according to the analysis of the specialist Jean-Eric Branaa, the level of commitment of his electoral base mobilized by his account of economic and diplomatic success, and of persecution by media elites.

With such a strategy of bipolarization of public opinion, did not Republicans like Democrats take the risk to deprive themselves of the moderate electorate?

Electors already mobilized do not need to be remobilized while the small core of undecided can rock on one side or another.

But Tuesday, November 6, the 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be renewed for two years and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be renewed for six years. House and Senate are currently Republican-majority. Thirty-six of the 50 state governors will also be elected.

But today, if the Democrats should recover the House of Representatives, Donald Trump can still hope to retain the Senate.

As for the Democrats, they need a new charismatic Democratic figure that can rally their voters in 2020, date of the next presidential election.

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The FBI only took a few days to arrest the man suspected of sending several packages to Donald Trump's political opponents.

The suspect arrested in the case of the thirteen parcels sent to democrats is a 56-year-old man, clearly displaying in his past his anti-Semitism, his racism, his homophobia.

He is also a pro-Trump enthusiast

The suspect, also known as Cesar Altieri, was born on March 17, 1962. He has a criminal record in Florida, where he lives in the city of Aventura, north of Miami.

He is a well-muscled man with a black tank top, short hair and a fine ponytail.

In a white van that allegedly owned photos of Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence, alongside faces covered with a red target, Democrat Hillary Clinton and former Democratic President Barack Obama are lining the Windows.

A sticker also attacks CNN, a channel regularly criticized by Donald Trump. "CNN sucks" ("CNN is void"), proclaims this sticker.

On a photo that Cesar Sayoc had posted on his Facebook account, he wore a red cap marked with Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again".

In tweets often disjointed and misspelled, the man called in recent days to vote Republican November 6 during the midterms.

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At least eight people were killed Saturday in a shootout near a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US media reported

Devotees were gathered for a service in the Tree of Life synagogue.

"It seems like there are several victims," Donald Trump told reporters on Twitter, calling on the population to stay safe.

"Stay on your guard against the shooter," he warned.

"There are many casualties," local police chief Jason Lando told the Pittsburgh police.

After firing shots with the police, the shooter finally surrendered and is currently being held by the police.

The suspect is in custody.

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Donald Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico because of immigration. Indeed, the US president has thrown the threat on Twitter Thursday as thousands of migrants are trying to win the United States.

The US president threatened Thursday to close the border between the United States and Mexico, while thousands of migrants are currently crossing Central America on foot in hopes of reaching the United States.

Illegal immigration qualifies as an assault

Donald Trump did not hesitate to describe Mexican immigration as an "assault" . "I must, in the strongest terms, ask Mexico to stop this assault - and if it is not able to do so I will call the US military and CLOSE OUR SOUTH FRONTIER! .." he wrote on Twitter.

The White House tenant is just picking up one of his main themes from his 2016 victorious presidential campaign, just three weeks away from crucial parliamentary elections for the continuation of his tenure.

Primarily concerned migrants from Central America. They leave home wanting to escape the insecurity and poverty of their country in the hope of joining the United States. For example, Honduras: According to Oxfam International, 74% of the Honduran population live below the poverty line.

Threats of retaliation for neighboring countries.

Donald Trump also renewed his threats to cut financial aid to the Central American countries concerned. Migrants from Honduras, for example, crossed through El Salvador and Guatemala. "The assault on our country on our southern border, including the criminal elements and the DRUGS that are flowing, are much more important to me, as president, than trade," he said in a second message.

Border countries have been warned by Donald Trump. Indeed, if they allow migrants to cross their borders to reach US soil, there will be financial retaliation measures.

"We have today informed Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that if they allow their citizens, or others, to cross their borders to the United States, with the intention of illegally entering our country, all the funding paid to them will be STOPPED " warned the tenant of the White House in a tweet.

He also said that "anyone entering the United States illegally will be arrested and imprisoned, before being sent back to his country"

A possible agreement with Mexico.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Republican candidate had given a whole list of promises to fight against illegal immigration, including the construction of a "big wall" financed by Mexico "100%" . But this crazy idea will not come true. It remains to agree with Mexico on the fight against illegal immigration.

Donald Trump also targeted the members of the Democratic Party, who he said wanted to "open the borders" and on which he rejected the responsibility of "weak laws" .

" I watch the Democratic Party storm our country through Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing nothing to stop this large influx of people, INCLUDING SEVERAL CRIMINALS."

A human caravan from Honduras.

A caravan made up of men, women and children tries to flee Honduras, one of the most violent countries in the world. Trump assures that everything is ready to "stop the assault".

About 3,000 Hondurans on Monday march their way through Mexico to the United States, defying US President Donald Trump, who assured that everything was ready to "stop the assault" of these migrants.

The march to the United States began a week earlier in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, after a call on social networks relayed by a former Honduran deputy.

Honduras is considered one of the most violent countries in the world, with an annual rate of 43 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. As in Guatemala and El Salvador, gangs are terrorizing the country, where 68 percent of the nine million people live below the poverty line.

More than 500,000 people illegally cross the southern border of Mexico each year and then attempt to return to the United States, according to UN figures.

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Out of question for Donald Trump not to react on the case of the disappeared journalist. Not only did the White House tenant talk to King Salmanemais, he sent his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump announced in a tweet on Monday that he spoke with King Salman of Saudi Arabia who told him "to ignore" the fate of the missing Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

The US President also announced that he was sending his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to speak directly with King Salman. "I just spoke to the King of Saudi Arabia who says he does not know what happened to our Saudi citizen ," Donald Trump said in his tweet. "I immediately send our secretary of state to meet the king," he added.

Saudi Arabia categorically denies any involvement in the disappearance of the dissident Saudi journalist who collaborated with the Washington Post and went into exile in the United States in 2017.

Jamal Khashoggi has not been seen since he went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 for an administrative procedure. According to Turkish officials, Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly assassinated by Saudi agents.

The US president, an ally of Saudi Arabia, for the first time during the weekend estimated possible Ryad involvement in his disappearance and threatened the Wahhabi kingdom with "severe punishment." He also said he was pessimistic about his fate. "In the current state of things, it seems that maybe we will not see him again, and it's very sad," he said.

King Salman told President Trump during their conversation that the Saudis "worked closely with Turkey to find an answer," according to the US president's tweet. The Turkish authorities are due to search the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Monday, two weeks after the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

But for what answer?

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The hurricane is expected to cause dangerous floods, especially coastal floods, to discharge very heavy rainfall. The authorities have warned of rising sea levels that could reach nearly four meters in some places.

"It's time to get ready now. This storm is dangerous and if you do not follow the official warnings, this storm could kill you, " said Rick Scott, Republican governor of Florida.

The US President on Tuesday approved the state of emergency declared the day before in 35 counties of Florida by the governor Scott, which makes it possible to release additional material means, as well as federal funds in order to face the consequences of the hurricane . 2,500 soldiers of the National Guard are mobilized.

On Monday, Michael hit the western tip of the island of Cuba causing flooding after provoking off the coast of Honduras over the weekend the death of a dozen people in Central America.

Florida faces this Thursday, October 11, "the most powerful storm in over a hundred years" The eye of the powerful hurricane Michael reached the southern state of the United States, with winds strengthened at 250 km / h, a indicated the National Hurricane Center (NHC). Governor Rick Scott fears that the hurricane is "deadly" . It is "potentially catastrophic," warned US meteorologists.

According to the US Agency, hurricane Michael, ranked in category 4 out of 5, made landfall near the Mexico City city, on the Gulf of Mexico "continuing to intensify".

Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, has become a ghost town.

While some 375,000 people in more than 20 counties in Florida were either ordered or evicted, the authorities said it was now too late to get off the coast.

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L'ambitieuse ambassadrice des États-Unis aux Nations unies, Nikki Haley, première femme dans le gouvernement de Donald Trump, a annoncé sa démission, à la surprise générale.« Elle m'a dit il y a environ six mois qu'elle souhaitait prendre une pause », a justifié mardi le milliardaire républicain, louant le « travail fantastique » de son « amie », présente à ses côtés dans le Bureau ovale. « Elle a été très spéciale pour moi », a-t-il insisté.

Un revers politique créé par le départ de cette personnalité populaire à moins d'un mois de législatives ?

La démission ne sera effective qu' à la fin de l'année .

C'est surtout l'ONU qui a été secouée par la démission surprise de Nikki Haley dans la mesure où en

dix-huit mois, l’ambassadrice des Etats-Unis avait réussi à maintenir le dialogue entre l’organisation et Washington. Avec le secrétaire général Antonio Guterres, qui commençait son mandat au même moment, elle avait su nouer également une relation personnelle permettant une « l’excellente coopération » entre eux , selon les propres propos de ce dernier.

On se souvient pourtant du dédain affiché de Donald Trump à l'égard de cette organisation :« un club où les gens se réunissent, parlent et passent du bon temps », avait-il lancé.

A son arrivée en janvier 2017, Nikki Haley avait fait forte impression, promettant de « prendre les noms » des Etats membres récalcitrant à suivre les directives de Washington et d’engager des mesures de rétorsion notamment financières.

Cette ancienne gouverneure de Caroline du Sud, née en Caroline du Sud au sein d’une famille originaire du Pendjab, en Inde, au verbe tranchant, perchée sur de hauts talons et vêtue de tailleurs colorés, avait piqué la curiosité des membres de l'ONU qui virent ensuite en elle « un animal politique », aux qualités « pragmatiques en privé, sa capacité d’écoute et sa volonté de réformer l’ONU ».

Dès sa nomination, Nikki Haley a su en effet se dégager une marge de manœuvre politique face à l’omniprésence de Donald Trump sur les sujets internationaux, n’hésitant pas à rendre publics ses désaccords avec le président. « Je ne suis pas d’accord avec lui sur tout », a-t-elle écrit dans une tribune publiée dans le Washington Post, au début du mois de septembre.

L’ancienne gouverneure de Caroline du Sud s’est notamment distinguée en portant une ligne dure notamment contre la Corée du Nord et l’Iran, les deux principaux dossiers de politique étrangère de ce gouvernement. Elle a également défendu une position pro-israélienne devant les Nations unies, s' impliquant dans le dossier du transfert de l’ambassade américaine à Jérusalem.

Aux Etats-Unis bloquer de plus, ces derniers mois, des résolutions condamnant la politique israélienne vis-à-vis des territoires palestiniens.

Nikki Haley n'a pas réussi cependant à emporter l'adhésion de ses pairs concernant la décision de Donald Trump de reconnaître fin 2017 Jérusalem comme la capitale d'Israël. Elle s'est aussi mis à dos les plus proches alliés européens des Etats-Unis, Paris et Londres, lors du retrait américain de l'accord sur le nucléaire iranien de 2015, qu'elle a soutenu bec et ongles.

En outre,depuis la nomination de Mike Pompeo à la tête du département d’Etat un responsable politique très proche de Donald Trump, Nikki Haley apparaissait davantage en retrait. Il était temps pour elle « tourner la page » selon ses propres dires.

A 46 ans, Nikki Haley affirme tranquillement que« ce fut l’honneur d’une vie » de servir en tant qu’ambassadrice, a déclaré Nikki Haley depuis le bureau ovale de la Maison blanche, où elle s’est entretenue avec Donald Trump, devant plusieurs journalistes. « Non, je ne serai pas candidate en 2020 » a-t-elle ajouté, démentant toute ambition à se présenter aux prochaines élections présidentielles.

Elle a déclaré vouloir soutenir la campagne de Donald Trump pour sa réélection.

Une nomination de sa fille Ivanka au poste d'ambassadrice des Etats-Unis à l'ONU ? Ce « serait de la dynamite », a estimé mardi Donald Trump qui était interrogé sur les rumeurs qui la voient succéder à Nikki Haley. Au risque d'être accusé de népotisme.

Il a également évoqué le nom de Dina Powell, ancienne responsable du Conseil de sécurité national de la présidence américaine, « une personne à laquelle je réfléchirais ».

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Le Sénat américain a approuvé ce samedi la nomination du juge Brett Kavanaugh à la Cour suprême, offrant à Donald Trump, après trois semaines de tourmente politique, une nouvelle victoire qui devrait satisfaire son électorat conservateur à un mois, jour pour jour, des élections parlementaires.

« J'applaudis et je félicite le Sénat pour la confirmation de notre formidable candidat », a salué sur Twitter le président américain, qui a défendu bec et ongles Brett Kavanaugh. Donald Trump a ajouté qu'il signerait « au plus tard aujourd'hui l'acte de nomination et il prêtera serment officiellement. Très palpitant! ».

Avec ce vote à une très courte majorité (50-48), les sénateurs ont mis un terme à un processus de confirmation difficile, marqué par des accusations d'agression sexuelle remontant à la jeunesse du magistrat.

Celle notamment de Christine Blasey Ford, une professeure de psychologie de 51 ans. Elle a raconté devant tout le pays, jeudi 27 septembre, comment un adolescent ivre, Brett Kavanaugh, l'aurait agressée il y a 36 ans, lorsqu'elle avait 15 ans. Elle a affirmé, sûre d'elle « à 100% », qu'avec Mark Judge, il l'avait isolée dans une chambre, avant de la plaquer sur un lit et de tenter de la déshabiller. Profitant de leur ébriété elle serait parvenue à fuir. Et de résumer: « Je croyais qu'il allait me violer » lors d'une soirée improvisée de l'été 1982 dans la banlieue de Washington.

En colère, le magistrat avait alors clamé son innocence se disant victime d'une campagne de dénigrement orchestrée par l'extrême gauche.

Malgré le climat passionnel dans lequel s'est déroulé le vote, Brett Kavanaugh a obtenu le poste avec le soutien inconditionnel du président et celui des Républicains.

Le juge Kavanaugh va rejoindre la plus haute juridiction des Etats-Unis, qui vérifie la constitutionnalité des lois et arbitre les conflits les plus épineux de la société américaine (droit à l'avortement, peine de mort, encadrement des armes à feu, mariage homosexuel, protection de l'environnement...)

L'arrivée de ce fervent défenseur des valeurs conservatrices met les juges progressistes - quatre sur neuf - minoritaire pour de nombreuses années.

Un revers pour les démocrates et défenseurs des droits civiques.

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Usa President Donald Trump openly mocked the woman who accuses her Supreme Court sexual assault candidate on Tuesday evening, 2 October. He was ironic, on the lack of precision of his testimony due to the absorption of a beer.

"I had a beer, I had a beer ..." , he said during a campaign rally in Mississippi. He then went to heart to mime the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate about facts dating back to the early 1980s.

"How did you get home? I do not remember. How did you go there? I do not remember.

How many years ago?

I do not know, I do not know, I do not know. In which neighborhood did it happen?

I do not know. Where is the house ?

I do not know. On the first floor, on the ground floor, where?

I do not know.

But I had a beer, that's the only thing I remember. Added the US president. But the 51-year-old academic said he was "100% sure" of being assaulted in his youth by Brett Kavanaugh. And to conclude with a thunder of applause:

"And the life of a man is in tatters, the life of a man was broken . " This followed a rant against the elected Democrats, whom he accused of obstruction.

It must be kept in mind that behind these hearings and meetings is Republican Brett Kavanaugh's life-long post at the United States Supreme Court where Republicans currently hold a narrow majority with only 51 seats out of 100.

It is a race against the clock that is also played for the tenant of the White House who wants the Senate to vote for his candidate before midterms mid-October.

But among the Republican senators three of them have expressed doubts about the proposed candidate but accused of "sexual assault", while the US president was forced to order the FBI Friday to "conduct a further investigation On Brett Kavanaugh, the day after his accuser's hearing in the Senate.

When will the Senate vote for this position at the Supreme Court, arbitrator of the most delicate social issues?

For what issue ?

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On November 6, the Americans will vote in mid-term elections to renew the full membership of the House of Representatives (435 seats) and some senators (35 seats out of 100). , some governors and elected officials in local assemblies, state by state. A judge must be appointed to the Supreme Court, which adjudicates the toughest issues of society, such as the right to abortion or the regulation of firearms. His decisions have a real weight in the United States.

Republican Brett Kavanaugh is the judge chosen by Donald Trump to sit on the Supreme Court, and the latter has publicly supported him and continues to support him "His testimony was powerful, honest and captivating," he tweeted. calling on the Senate to move quickly to the vote.

If the Senate validates the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump would be assured of holding a majority in this instance. The arrival of Judge Kavanaugh in this American institution would indeed place the moderate or progressive judges in the minority in this institution which has 9 judges.

If Judge Kavanaugh is not appointed by the Senate to the Supreme Court before the November elections, in case of defeat and loss of majority in the Senate, he would be appointed a Democrat who could tip the highest US court , so far right.

That's why the nomination of Republican Brett Kavanaugh is a crucial issue for Donald Trump and his side.

But here is Brett Kavanaugh accused of sexual abuse by three women (and even "gang rapes" by Julie Swetnick, a federal official).

Christine Blasey Ford, a 51-year-old psychology professor, told the nation on Thursday, Sept. 27, how a drunken teenager, Brett Kavanaugh, allegedly assaulted her 36 years ago when she was 15 years old. She said, sure of herself "100%", that with Mark Judge, he had isolated her in a room, before putting her on a bed and trying to undress her. Taking advantage of their drunkenness she managed to escape. And to summarize: "I thought he was going to rape me" at an improvised party in the summer of 1982 in the suburbs of Washington.

After her, Brett Kavanaugh, who is sitting in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, denied the facts en bloc and claimed his innocence.

Judge Kavanaugh seemed two weeks ago still on track to get the green light from the Senate to join the Supreme Court. But her conservative image, a good family man, was severely damaged by the testimony of Mrs. Blasey Ford and two other women emerging from the shadows in the process.

Especially as the United States is aware of the damage inflicted on women by sexual violence with the #Metoo movement. Democrats say confirming Brett Kavanaugh's appointment would be an outrage to women. Monday, September 24, moreover, women wearing black T-shirts crossed creeds "vote no" or "believe women" had organized demonstrations in front of several senators' offices to ask them not to confirm the nomination of Donald Trump's candidate .

The White House tenant has given the accused judge his unconditional support for accusations against Brett Kavanaugh in light of his own experience.

The charges of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, the judge chosen by Donald Trump to sit on the Supreme Court, are "a scam mounted by the Democrats," said the US president.

While refusing to "fall into a trap" by treating the three accusers as liars, he admits that his "personal experience has an impact on [his] judgment. I was accused by four or five women who received a lot of money to mount false accusations against me, he said.

But the American Bar Association (ABA), the organization's main organization, has called for a postponement of the vote pending an FBI investigation, arguing that an appointment to the Supreme Court "is just too important to rush to a vote.

"Deciding to go ahead without conducting a follow-up investigation would not only have a lasting impact on the reputation of the Senate, but would also affect the great confidence Americans must have in the Supreme Court," according to a letter from the President of the Senate. the ABA to the main members of the commission broadcast by the American media.

Several senators expressed their indecision in this case after Thursday's hearings. Some of the press also thought it was premature to hold a vote on Friday.

A few weeks away from the mid-term elections do the Democrats want to turn the midterms into an anti-Trump referendum?

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Tension continues to rise between Washington and Beijing.

In question the commercial conflict between the two economic giants.

This conflict was further aggravated on Monday with the entry into force of additional tariffs of 10% on Chinese goods representing 200 billion annual imports.

China retaliated with new tariffs on US goods worth $ 60 billion.

And as the trade war unleashed by Donald Trump escalates, the conflict is becoming more and more political.

On Wednesday, in the very solemn setting of the United Nations Security Council, the US president accused Beijing of trying to "interfere" in the mid-term US elections in November.

According to the US president, Beijing does not want a victory of the Republican camp, because the US administration in place defies Beijing in the field of trade . "They do not want me to win, or we win, because I am the first president to challenge China on trade, " he said.

The US president calls for greater opening of the Chinese market to the made in USA.

Donald Trump assured that there was "plenty of evidence" of this Chinese attempt to destabilize elections but without going into details. Later, on Twitter, he mentions a four-page supplement of China's state-run China Daily newspaper, inserted in the Iowa Daily's Des Moines Register.

An agricultural state, whose population is representative of the electoral base of Donald Trump, key for the next election. This state has suffered retaliation from Beijing to the tariff increases imposed by Washington.

The passage of the China Daily points to the fact that the trade war launched by Trump will penalize American soybean producers, who will have more trouble exporting ...

During this meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reacted strongly to this accusation:

China has always respected the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a country. "We reject the accusations against China and ask other countries to respect the UN Charter and not to interfere in our internal affairs. "

The White House tenant is aware that his personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping could be felt!

"He may not be my friend anymore ," he said.

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Echanges good processes? In a letter, Kim Jong-un proposed a second summit to Donald Trump, as announced by the White House. Letter that it describes as "very warm", "very positive" and in which the North Korean president wants "a new meeting" with the President of the United States. This could take place by the end of the year, says one American side.

"The main purpose of the letter was to organize a new meeting with the president. We are open to it and we have already begun to co- ordinate " for such a summit, said US presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders without giving more details about the timing and possible venue.

According to Sarah Sanders, "this letter is a new proof of progress in the relationship" between the two enemy countries. She also hailed and felt that and the military parade without intercontinental missiles, Sunday in Pyongyang, marks "progress" on the denuclearization of North Korea and "a pledge of good faith". "At the end of the day, it will always be better if the two leaders meet. Mostly on the North Korean side, most decisions will have to go through Kim Jong-un, " said Sarah Sanders.

Yet Donald Trump had canceled in late August a trip to Pyongyang US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo because of insufficient progress on denuclearization. This is why part of the American administration remains more circumspect and less open to a "gangster" meeting ...

"President Trump can not take the door he has opened for North Koreans. They are the ones who must take steps to denuclearize their country, " said John Bolton, a White House national security adviser to a journalist who pointed out the stalemate in the negotiations on nuclear disarmament. North Korea. "We are still waiting for them," he added. According to him, "the possibility of another summit between the two presidents exists, of course" .

The United States is waiting for the North Korean regime to turn its word to denuclearization, warned President Donald Trump's national security adviser on Monday. And not sure that the North Korean regime has an interest in a "complete denuclearization of the peninsula".

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The United States is preparing for hurricane Florence, which is getting stronger. On Monday night, President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that the hurricane was "very dangerous" calling on all residents of the East Coast to "take the necessary precautions . "

Indeed hurricane Florence, likely to be the most important to hit the United States s "for decades" , was high Monday from the existing category 4 to 5.

The governor of South Carolina to order the evacuation of a million people.

This is to remove people living on the coast of this state of the southeastern United States in the approach of hurricane Florence Category 4.

"It's a very dangerous hurricane , " said Governor Henry McMaster. "We do not want to risk any life," he said.

"It is expected that Florence will further strengthen and that it is until Thursday a major hurricane extremely dangerous," said the NHC, calling on the US states of the southeastern and central Atlantic Coastline to closely monitor its trajectory

After North Carolina and South Carolina, the state of Virginia has, in turn, declared a state of emergency over the weekend. In North Carolina evacuations have been ordered for residents of Hatteras Island and for other areas of the Outer Banks coastal tourist region.

The hurricane moves at a speed of 20 km / h in a northwesterly direction to pass Tuesday and Wednesday between the Bahamas and Bermuda. It will then normally move to the US coast to reach Thursday. .

The state of Virginia has also asked its people to prepare for the arrival of this hurricane.

"The majority of the weather forecasts point to significant potential impacts for Virginia, in the form of storm surges, catastrophic inland floods, high winds, and potential large scale power outages , " warned. Sunday the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, in a statement.

The US Navy ordered ships from its Hampton Roads, Virginia base to go out at sea as a precautionary measure.

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We know that Melania Trump is not a fan of com '.

But faced with the gravity of the situation Mélania testified Thursday this support for her husband in full turmoil.

She accused the anonymous author of a tribune targeting her husband to "sabotage the country" .

The First Lady on Thursday accused an unnamed senior official, author of a New York Times anti-Trump tribune, of "sabotaging" the country.

"To the author of this tribune: you do not protect this country, you sabotage it by your cowardly acts , " wrote Melania Trump, whose political and public interventions are rare.

CNN broadcast the message.

"Unidentified sources have become the majority in today's news," regretted the First Lady.

She added that the author of the anonymous platform, which denounces the erratic and disturbing behavior of Donald Trump in the White House, was to make itself known.

The publication of this forum Wednesday launched a game of riddles among Americans and a "traitor hunt" at the White House to find out who could be the author.

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In a text published by the New York Times on Wednesday, a senior Trump administration official explains how he is trying to fight from the inside against the "worst inclinations" of the US president ...

The controversial publication of this testimony comes the day after the publication of excerpts from an explosive book by investigative journalist Bob Woodward, portraying an angry and paranoid president.

The book Fear: Trump in the White House , released September 11, portrays a real hell in the White House. Bob Woodward, one of Watergate's reporters, also ruthlessly observed half a dozen presidents.

In the anonymous NYT tribune Donald Trump is described as "petty", "impetuous" and "inefficient", "amoral" brief "a pupil of CM2" !

This anonymous and explosive tribune comes from inside the White House, it would have been written by a "resistant" within its own administration. "I'm part of the resistance within the Trump administration , " says the author saying it is not for him to support the democrats, but to protect his country against the behavior of its 45th president .

"We think that we have first of all a duty towards our country and that the president continues to act in a way harmful to the good health of our republic", writes the anonymous manager. "This is why we are committed to doing what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while counteracting Trump's most unfortunate impulses until he leaves office," he added . there.

"A quasi-conspiracy of great state clerks" devoted entirely to the control of a president deemed unworthy of the functions he holds? "There is a silent resistance within the administration, gathering people who have chosen to privilege first their country," says the anonymous signatory, which is reassuring: "The Americans must know that there is still adults on board. "

Furious at this "silent resistance," the US president spoke in a pithy tweet of "TRASH" and called on the newspaper to denounce "immediately" this "coward" in the name of national security. But the US economic machine operates with 4.2% growth in the 2nd quarter.

To be continued...........

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« L’Amérique de John McCain n’a pas besoin de retrouver sa grandeur car l’Amérique est toujours grande », a lancé Meghan McCain en référence au slogan trumpien « Make America Great Again »

Retransmissions en direct sur les chaînes nationales, hommages sur les réseaux sociaux... Le temps s'est comme arrêté ce samedi aux Etats-Unis, où se déroulent les funérailles nationales de John McCain. Des funérailles auxquelles assiste l’ensemble de la classe politique américaine, gauche comme droite confondu, à l’exception de Donald Trump, prié par le sénateur défunt de ne pas venir.

Cette cérémonie constitue le point d’orgue d’une semaine d’hommages au « héros américain », connu pour son anticonformisme et pour sa capacité à transgresser les lignes politiques . Sur le chemin de la cathédrale, le cortège funèbre a fait halte brièvement au Monument aux anciens combattants du Vietnam, où sa veuve, Cindy McCain, a déposé une gerbe à la mémoire des soldats tombés durant la guerre.

L'élu de l'Arizona, qui avait préparé son propre enterrement depuis un an, a vu la nation entière s'incliner devant son cercueil, les éloges et les hommages se succéder, comme pour mieux souligner l'affection et le respect devant le bilan d'une vie.

Les obsèques célébrées samedi dans la cathédrale nationale de Washington ont réuni toutes les élites politiques du pays, y compris des membres éminents de l'actuelle Administration .

Trois présidents et leurs épouses occupaient les premiers rangs - Barack et Michelle Obama, George et Laura Bush, Bill et Hillary Clinton - et autant de vice-présidents - Dick Cheney, Al Gore et Joe Biden.

Invité à ouvrir la série d'éloges funèbres, l'ancien sénateur Joe Lieberman, un ami intime, a évoqué «un homme honnête, juste et civilisé, qui n'a jamais prononcé un mot sectaire envers quiconque». George W. Bush a salué le «code moral» de John McCain, sa conception «d'une dignité qui ne s'arrête pas aux frontières» et son combat «jusqu'au bout contre des politiques et des pratiques qu'il jugeait indignes de ce pays.»

De Barack Obama à George W. Bush, en passant par sa fille Meghan, les hommages au défunt sénateur républicain ont rappelé ce qu'était l’Amérique de Donald Trump.

Atteint par un mal qu’il savait incurable, le sénateur républicain de l’Arizona, décédé le 25 août, candidat malheureux à l’investiture républicaine de 2000, puis à l’élection présidentielle de 2008, avait souhaité que ce soit ses adversaires d’alors, George W. Bush et Barack Obama, qui se chargent d’un hommage. Il souhaitait ainsi transcender les partis politiques et rappeler les Etats-Unis à leurs valeurs, loin des divisions attisées par Donald Trump à qui ce vétéran de la guerre du Vietnam avait fait comprendre qu'il ne serait pas le bienvenu dans la cathédrale de Washington, samedi 1er septembre.

La cérémonie de samedi s’est transformée en défense vibrante de « l’Amérique de John McCain » qui, selon la fille du disparu, Meghan McCain, « n’a pas besoin d’être grande à nouveau », le slogan de campagne du locataire de la Maison Blanche, « parce qu’elle l’a toujours été ». Une tirade accueillie par des applaudissements, rares en pareille circonstance.

« Nous sommes réunis ici pour pleurer la grandeur de l’Amérique, pas la rhétorique bon marché d’hommes qui ne s’approcheront jamais du sacrifice qu’il a volontairement donné, ni son appropriation opportuniste par ceux qui vivaient dans le confort et les privilèges », a-t-elle dit, rapprochant le sort de l’ancien prisonnier de guerre au Vietnam (McCain) de celui qui avait évité à cette époque la conscription (Trump) avant de dénier à John McCain le statut de héros pendant sa campagne...

A travers la voix d’Obama et de Bush l’Amérique a également rendu hommage vibrant à l’ancien sénateur républicain, contre lequel il fut opposé lors de la présidentielle de 2008. « Il a fait de nous de meilleurs présidents, (...) et il a rendu ce pays meilleur », a lancé l’ex-président démocrate (2008-2016).Son prédécesseur républicain George W. Bush (2000-2008), opposé à M. McCain lors de la primaire de 2000, a quant à lui rappelé qu’il « reconnaissait toujours que ses opposants étaient malgré tout des patriotes et des êtres humains ». « Il aimait la liberté avec la passion d’un homme qui a connu son absence », a-t-il poursuivi, en référence à la captivité de l’ancien pilote de chasse au Vietnam.

« Nous partagions, malgré nos différences, une fidélité à quelque chose de plus élevé, les idéaux pour lesquels des générations entières d’Américains et d’immigrés se sont battues et se sont sacrifiées », a dit aussi de lui Barack Obama, dont le discours a été le temps fort des cérémonies.

John McCain, adversaire de Barack Obama en 2008, sauva néanmoins sa réforme du système de santé, l’Obamacare, une dizaine d’années plus tard au Sénat, en votant contre un projet de réforme voulu par Donald Trump. Mais c’est plus récemment qu’il s'était montré ulcéré contre l’actuel président, qualifiant à la mi-juillet sa rencontre controversée avec Vladimir Poutine à Helsinki d’« un des pires moments de l’histoire de la présidence américaine ».

Vendredi, plus de 10 000 personnes étaient venues s’incliner devant sa dépouille lors d’une première cérémonie d’hommages au Capitole, marquée par la présence, digne de sa mère Roberta McCain, 106 ans, au côté de sa veuve Cindy McCain, et de leurs sept enfants.

Pour porter son cercueil, au côté de figures politiques démocrates et républicaines, dont l'ex-vice-président Joe Biden, ainsi que de l'acteur Warren Beatty, un ami personnel de trente ans, John McCain avait choisi Vladimir Kara-Murza, un dissident russe ayant survécu à deux tentatives d'empoisonnement

L’ancien sénateur et ancien pilote de chasse sera inhumé dimanche lors d’une cérémonie privée à l’Académie navale d’Annapolis, non loin de Washington, dont il fut dans les années 1950 un élève déjà remarqué.

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Ce n’est pas la première fois que Donald Trump met en garde contre des violences si les choses ne vont pas comme il l’entend.

En effet déjà pendant la campagne électorale de 2016, il avait ainsi dit que ses partisans réagiraient probablement par « des émeutes » s’il ne remportait pas la nomination républicaine.

En novembre vont avoir lieu les élections de mi-mandat qui pourrait faire basculer la majorité au Congrès

Trump espère qu'il n'y aura pas de violences en cas de victoires des démocrates aux législatives « Il y a beaucoup de violences inutiles à travers le monde mais aussi dans ce pays et je ne veux pas voir ça », a insisté le 45e président des Etats-Unis,

Si les républicains ne remportaient pas l'élection de mi-mandat aux Etats-Unis, Donald Trump estime que cela pourrait déclencher des violences. Il dit espérer qu'il n'en sera rien.

Le président américain a fait part de ses craintes devant un parterre de pasteurs conviées à la Maison Blanche pour parler d’avortement, de liberté religieuse et de chômage des jeunes.Puis une fois les journalistes présents sortis la conversation s’est portée sur les élections de novembre.

Le milliardaire républicain estime que les démocrates allaient procéder « vite et de manière violente » à des changements si les républicains perdent le contrôle du Congrès, selon une révélation du New York Times.

Lors de sa rencontre avec ces pasteurs à la Maison Blanche lundi soir, Donald Trump a averti que son programme conservateur était en jeu si son parti perdait le scrutin de mi-mandat

Les démocrates « vont annuler tout ce que nous avons fait et ils le feront vite et de manière violente", a-t-il dit. "Ils mettront immédiatement fin à tout » « Je vous demande juste de sortir et de vous assurer que tous vos gens votent », demande Donald Trump aux pasteurs présents.

« Parce que s'ils ne votent pas nous allons avoir deux années affreuses (jusqu'à la présidentielle de 2020) et nous allons passer, franchement, par une période très dure parce qu'on n'a qu'une élection. Vous êtes à une élection près de perdre tout ce que vous avez ».

Une façon singulière de motiver ses troupes.
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President Donald Trump would seem to be on the verge of a legal storm, so he attacked his own justice minister, Jeff Sessions, head on.

Attack against his Minister of Justice

In an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump attacked his minister on Thursday. "Democrats are really powerful within the Department of Justice (....) Jeff Sessions has never really taken control of the Department of Justice is something pretty incredible," he said. declared.

When asked if he intended to dismiss his minister, the American president had very harsh words. "I said it, I did not want to interfere. But everyone sees what is happening at the Department of Justice. I always put 'justice' in quotation marks, " continued Trump. Moreover, Donald Trump regularly criticizes Jeff Sessions, an ultra-conservative Republican, for having recused himself from the Russian investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller in March 2017. The US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has vigorously this time, rejected Thursday the renewed criticism of Donald Trump on Russian business background. He has publicly argued that he will not give in to political pressure.

"As long as I'm the Minister of Justice, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be influenced unduly by political considerations , " said the former Alabama senator.

Role of the condemnation of Paul Manafort, and the decision of Michael Cohen.

The conviction of former campaign director Paul Manafort, and the decision of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to implicate him in a violation of campaign finance rules has indeed angered Donald Trump on Thursday. August, against his ministry of justice.

As part of the Mueller investigation, Paul Manafort was found guilty Tuesday of tax and banking fraud.

Michael Cohen, on Monday, decided to plead guilty to eight counts, including the disclosure of $ 130,000 and $ 150,000 in the 2016 election campaign against X Stormy Daniels and playmate Karen McDougal. that they each keep an affair with Donald Trump. And this "at the request of the candidate" and "with the intention of influencing the election" .

But these revelations by Cohen on the payment of money to the two women could violate the legal rules of election financing.

But the billionaire said he poured the money out of his own funds. There would be no hidden funding at this level ...

In any case a new front was opened when several American media announced that the boss of the tabloid National Enquirer, David Pecker, cooperated in exchange for immunity with the investigators working on the case of alleged mistresses.

The "donors" ("pinball")

His weekly had bought the exclusive story of one of them, the playmate Karen McDougal, for 150,000 dollars. In a recording made by Michael Cohen unbeknownst to Donald Trump, two months before the November 2016 presidential election, the two men can be heard talking about buying rights. David Pecker is also said to have played a role in the dealings with former pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, also known as "Stormy Daniels" scene.

In addition to Mr. Cohen, who also has a negotiated sentence agreement with the judicial authorities, the two leaders of the magazine "National Enquirer " who obtained the judicial immunity, in exchange for information on the American president, are added.

In his interview with Fox News, Donald Trump has also blasted the "givers" (pinballs), the term he used to refer to people who enter into an agreement with the judicial authorities to obtain clemency.

Difficult to unravel the skeins in this American political-judicial soap opera!
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Former Trump campaign leader Paul Manafort was convicted of bank and tax fraud, while Michael Cohen, the US president's former lawyer, pleaded guilty to Stormy Daniels.

Former Donald Trump campaign leader Paul Manafort was sentenced on Tuesday for bank and tax fraud, but the jury failed to reach a verdict on 10 counts. He was also sued for later misleading banks on his finances to obtain loans.This lawsuit concerned only the personal finances of Paul Manafort.Ce was accused indeed of tax fraud and bank related tens of millions of dollars drawn from his consulting activities with Viktor Yanukovych,

It should be noted that Russia and the US President were hardly mentioned during the 12 days of the hearing ...

This is the first trial to come out of the investigation by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who was charged with investigating a possible collusion between Donald Trump's campaign team in 2016 and Moscow.

Michael Cohen, on Monday, decided to plead guilty to eight counts, including the disclosure of $ 130,000 and $ 150,000 in the 2016 election campaign against X Stormy Daniels and playmate Karen McDougal. that they each keep an affair with Donald Trump. And this "at the request of the candidate" and "with the intention of influencing the election" . So it's a long time ago when Trump's former council said he was "ready to take a ball for the president . " These revelations by Cohen on the payment of money to the two women, could contravene the legal rules of election financing.

In a meeting in Virginia, however, he did not say anything about the Cohen affair. The US president, who does not want to show any sign of destabilization, has again appeared with his supporters Tuesday night at a meeting in West Virginia.

In the wake of the double judicial coup that involved two former advisers to the American president, during this day of August 21, 2018, what to remember?

Justice is getting closer to Trump who remains for the moment safe from possible impeachment thanks to the Republican majority in Congress

That the outcome of the hearing represents a victory, albeit incomplete, for the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, in charge of investigating a possible collusion between Donald Trump's campaign team in 2016 and Moscow.

That the condemnation of Paul Manafort weakens the position of President Donald Trump, who continues to denounce a "witch hunt".

That this trial marked a "very sad day" for the United States according to Donald Trump.

The US president's mandate is poisoned by court cases that involve several of his relatives and threaten to reach him directly.

But what does Donald Trump really risk?

In theory, the Manhattan federal prosecutor could sue the president because unlike France, a president of the United States does not have constitutional judicial immunity.

But the US Department of Justice issued two memos several years ago, which serve as an internal regulation, explaining that a federal prosecutor should not sue an incumbent president. The US Constitution provides that if a president is to be prosecuted, it is through the political procedure of impeachment.

It takes place in two stages: the House of Representatives must first vote an indictment ("impeachment"), then it is up to the Senate to try the President, in order to condemn him by a two-thirds majority, or pay it.

This idea remains very hypothetical with a Republican majority in Congress still very loyal to Donald Trump.

Impeachment would be possible in theory because Michael Cohen accuses Donald Trump of having sought to influence the outcome of the elections by resorting to illegal means. But in practice improbable.

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Here the Mormon Church has adopted new guidelines and no longer wishes this term to be used to present it, preferring other expressions. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. She no longer wants to use the term "Mormon" to describe her followers.

What does this religion advocate? A semantic change

Instead, it wants to be identified by one of the following expressions: "The Church," "The Church of Jesus Christ," or "The Restored Church of Jesus Christ," insisting that the phrase "Mormon Church" ", although common," is not a registered designation ". "

"We do not change names. We are correcting a name, " Russell Nelson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, quoted Deseret News, a Mormon newspaper in Utah, as saying, where Mormons are in the majority. .

16 million members

From now on, call them "members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". In the United States, Mormons no longer want the term "Mormon" to be used to qualify them.

Founded in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims 16 million members and is dedicated to restoring the true Church in its primitive purity to prepare for the return of Christ.

It is based on the "Book of Mormon," named after an ancient prophet, a "restored" version of the true word of Jesus, as opposed to the classical version resulting from the "great apostasy" of Christianity

In France 20,000 practitioners in metropolitan France. A special place in Tahiti.

In metropolitan France, 38,000 people were baptized according to the Mormon rite, which corresponds to about 20,000 practitioners. They are present in France in the nineteenth century A first small parish was installed in France in 1850, twenty years after the publication in the United States of the "Book of Mormon" by the founder Joseph Smith.

But in proportion, the Mormonism is more present in Overseas, where one counts more than 28.000 faithfuls. And especially in the Pacific, territory that remains focused on the United States.

Believers very strict.

Mormons, who claim to be Christians, without being Protestant or Catholic, are strict believers, modest or even austere. They are conservative on morals, abstinent in front of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea. It is a Christian religion that relies on the Bible and another revelation, the Book of Mormons The theology of Mormonism is the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is based on the Holy Scriptures and modern revelation through the prophets. This doctrine, recognized by Mormons as having been revealed by Jesus Christ, includes the Plan of Salvation which consists of a system of laws and eternal ordinances such that the person who strictly conforms to them has the assurance of being able to enter in the presence of God. These laws and ordinances would be the system of government of the kingdom of God. According to Mormon doctrine, most humans will be saved in the celestial kingdom.

Rituals too.

Practitioners follow very special rituals. They practice the vicarious baptism of the dead, so that the Mormon is bound to all his family, but also the eternal marriage, a marriage that would last beyond death.

Mormons also devote part of their time to genealogical research, fasting once a month and paying 10% of their income to the Mormon community. They are believers who are very involved in the social life, the Mormons are in all the professions but one finds them more present in the cities to be close to the churches where they practice their faith (110 Mormon churches of France).

The temple, place of power and rites

The temple is equivalent to the cathedral. Building with Gothic architecture, it aims to show the power of the Church.

The recently built French temple in the Yvelines, funded by the parent company in Salt Lake City, USA, is no exception. The building, about twenty meters is imposing and very clean, very similar to American temples. Inside is interwoven several rooms in which Mormons perform rites for themselves and their ancestors. There are lounges, a room dedicated to the baptisms of members or a so-called "heavenly" room.

Until then, French Mormons had to go to Madrid or Frankfurt to perform these rituals.

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In an interview with Reuters from the Oval Office, the US President spoke of his international relations and his strategy:

in turn he cited his good relations with his Russian and North Korean counterparts, pleaded for the release of Pastor Brunson and expressed reservations about Fed policy.

On the Middle Kingdom

The US president does not expect much of the trade talks with China planned this week in Washington, he said.

The US president added that he did not set a limit in time to exit the commercial dispute between Beijing and Washington. "Like them, I have a long-term strategy ," he said.

He has also accused China, like the countries of the euro area, of manipulating their respective currencies.

A "great alchemy" with Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump said it was "likely" that he would see North Korean leader Kim Jong-un following their historic June summit in Singapore. "It's most likely, but I do not want to comment. " He mentions the "great alchemy" that Kim and he has set up, which has made it possible to distance the prospects for a new Korean war in summer 2017, when tensions were at their height between Washington and Pyongyang. .

"I like him, he likes me. (...) I have very good personal relations with President Kim, and I think that's what keeps things going, " he said, referring to the stopping of ballistic tests of the Democratic People's Republic the stopping of the ballistic tests of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

He did not fail to praise his three months of work on the North Korean issue to get more than his predecessors in thirty years. "I stopped the nuclear tests [of North Korea]. I stopped the missile tests. Japan is packed. What's going to happen ? Who knows ? We will see, "he adds.

No concession to Turkey

The US president has also ruled out any concessions to Ankara in exchange for the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson, accused of terrorism by Turkish justice. Do Pastor Brunson, accused of being linked to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, spent more than 20 months in detention before being placed under house arrest last July in Turkey.

Donald Trump also said he thought he had an agreement with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, when he intervened with Israel to obtain the release of a Turkish national. "I took this person out for him. I expect him to let this totally innocent and wonderful man, a grandfather and a great Christian, get out of Turkey. "

He is not concerned about the consequences of the tariffs he has imposed in response.

On his meeting with Putin

Donald Trump described his two-hour meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin last month in Helsinki as "excellent" . "We talked about Israel, Syria, Ukraine," he says , adding that he "mentioned Crimea, as always when I talk about Ukraine."

Trump assures that at no time did Putin ask him to lift US sanctions against Moscow. "I do not plan to do it. I will only consider it if they do something that is good for us, " added the US president.

On Iran

The head of the White House says he has "never said" that he will meet the Iranian leaders. "If [Iranian President Hassan Rohani] wants us to meet, either. If he does not want us to see each other, I do not care.

On the Russian investigation

Despite his concerns, Mr. Trump did not want to say whether he would accept being questioned by Mr. Mueller, who is investigating the suspicions of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and a possible collusion between the two. Trump campaign team and Russian officials. But he wanted to emphasize the difficulty of interpretation that could arise from his remarks.

The US president has also stressed the power to intervene in this investigation, but have decided not to do so far. He again refused to blame Russia for any interference in the 2016 election.

Criticism of the Fed's monetary policy

Trump is not "thrilled" by the policy of rising interest rates followed by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

We negotiate strongly and forcefully with other nations. We will come out victorious. But during this period, I should be supported by the Fed. Other countries have accommodative monetary policies.

Trump is not "thrilled" by the interest rate hike by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, whom he has named to replace Janet Yellen.

The US president believes that the Fed should be more accommodating.

By raising rates, the central bank is boosting the dollar, which has a counterproductive effect as US products become more expensive for export. But the price is going against President Trump's objectives of reducing the trade deficit.

The US president is attacking the Federal Reserve for the third time, breaking with the tradition of not commenting on its decisions publicly to preserve its independence.

"Like them, I have a long-term strategy," says Donald Trump satisfied with his international policy.

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"Today we have in the United States a president who has created a mantra that any media that does not openly support the politics of the current administration is" the enemy of the people "" , lamented the Boston Globe, the newspaper at the initiative of this media campaign  "Trump is not the first politician to attack the media, but he may be the most bitter," writes the Star, Minnesota's leading newspaper .

In the United States, the tone shows between Donald Trump and the media. Attacked by Trump, describing the "Fake News" envy any press organ publishing information that displease him, the American newspapers defend the freedom of the press

Donald Trump does not hesitate to describe some media as "enemies of the people", so that a hundred American newspapers have taken the pen to defend the freedom of the press on Thursday.

"Journalists are not the enemy" : Honored by Donald Trump, more than 350 newspapers publish editorials Thursday to reaffirm their right and duty to inform

As so often, Donald Trump responded to criticism with attacks. Widely criticized by the US press for his conciliatory tone towards Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit on July 16, the US president described the media as "real enemies of the people". This is one of the many lies spread by our president as a quack of yesteryear that threw dust or "magic water" on a crowd full of hope, "continues The Boston Globe.

"Insisting that the truths you do not like are fake news is dangerous for democracy," the Times writes.

"Dangerous for democracy"

An attack on the fourth power that this time has mobilized the country's press that has published articles and editorials to defend the freedom of the press undermined.

Sites and magazines gather behind the hashtag #EnemyOfNone (no one's enemy). Local or national, their editorial line progressive or conservative, hundreds of journalists insist, Thursday, August 16, on the importance of the independence of the media.

The Massachusetts daily even goes so far as to say that Trump's attitude encourages presidents like Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayyip Erdogan to treat journalists as enemies.

Even the New York Post, generally pro-Trump, participated in the Boston Globe initiative. "Who are we to disagree? We support a free and dynamic press, a nation where the powerful are accountable to the fourth power, " writes Le Journal.

"It has always been in the interests of the powerful to dismiss and discredit those who could control their power ," the Star Tribune, Minnesota's leading newspaper, acknowledges in its editorial.

"Criticizing the media - because they have underestimated or overestimated facts, because they made a mistake - is quite normal," the New York Times quoted the New York daily as saying. "Journalists are human and make mistakes. Correcting these mistakes is at the heart of our work. But insist that truths that you do not like are "fake news" is dangerous for democracy. And calling journalists "enemies of the people" is dangerous, period. "

For media advocates, the stakes are far too high to accept that presidential statements are out of control even though according to a recent Ipsos poll, 43 percent of Republicans believe that the president should have the authority to close media outlets with a " bad attitude ".

The enemies of whom and what?

But who and what are the journalists really enemies, questions the Chicago Sun-Times with reason. "We are the enemies of uncontrolled authority and undeserved privileges. We are the enemies of deadly streets and violent gangs. We are the enemies of the gangsters who shoot in the crowd. We are the enemies of societal failures in our city and country who created these gangsters and gave them space, " says the Illinois daily.

Assieged, Donald Trump has as usual replied Thursday, August 16 in one of his Tweet morning:

"THE MEDIA BIDONS ARE THE PARTY OF OPPOSITION It is very bad for our big country ... BUT WE WIN". Not so sure ...

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Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former director of communication at the Office of Public Liaison - an organization whose goal is to "cultivate support outside the president's program" in religious or business circles - has spent nearly a year in the administration under the orders of President Donald Trump.

Here she has broadcast recordings made in the White House in violation of security protocols.

Licensed by the "Chief of Staff " of the White House, she claims to have recorded John Kelly for protection, because she felt threatened: "They took me to the Situation Room, the doors are closed, they tell me that I can not leave and start to threaten me, instilling fear in myself, forcing myself.

I have protected myself because it is a White House where everyone lies: the president lies to the American people, Sarah Huckabee is facing the country and lies every day. You have to take care of yourself, otherwise you will turn around and find 17 knives in the back, " she told NBC News. "This is a White House in which everyone is lying," said the former high councilor to justify her decision to make public her interview with John Kelly in the White House crisis room and her recorded conversations with Donald Trump.

John Kelly would have implied that his reputation could be tainted if it did not calmly leave the Trump administration. "It's important to protect yourself in the Trump world, because everyone builds their own reality. The people around him are trying to reinforce this constructed reality , "she added in the New York Times.

The reason for this dismissal by John Kelly would be "major problems of integrity" . A likely reference to the photo session organized at the White House in April 2017, on the occasion of the wedding of the young woman whose photos taken with the 39 guests of the wedding could not have been broadcast on the internet, at the times for reasons of security and ethics.

Who is Omarosa Manigault Newman?

She was once close to Donald Trump, whom she has known since 2003 and participated in the very first season of "The Apprentice", the reality show produced by the billionaire . Her meteoric rise led her to the senior position of councilor and director of the public relations organization destined to establish relations with religious and business circles. She was the black person at the highest position. This young woman owed everything to Donald Trump professionally.

Now Omarosa Manigault Newman openly criticizes the latter. She says she heard a video, shot in early 2015, in which the US president uses the term "negro" , confirming "what she feared" : "Donald Trump is a hustler who masquerades as someone open to communities, "she told NBC News. She also doubts the mental capacity of the White House tenant, weakened according to her.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders brushed aside these harsh criticisms in a statement: "Instead of telling the truth about all the good that President Trump and his administration are doing to make the America safe and prosperous, the book is full of lies and false accusations. It's sad to see a former employee who is angry with the White House trying to take advantage of these false attacks, and far worse than the media gives him a platform, after not taking it seriously when she had positive things to say about the President during his time with the administration. "

Donald Trump, also recorded without his knowledge by Omarosa Manigault Newman, did not hide his anger in his tweets on Monday. "Crazy crazy Omarosa, who has been fired 3 times from The Apprentice, has now been fired for the last time. She never did anything, never will. She begged me to give him a job, tears in my eyes, I said OK. The people of the White House hated her. She was fierce but not smart, "he castigates. And to add

"Even though I know it's not 'presidential' to pick on rogues like Omarosa, and I'd rather not do it, it's a form of modern communication and I know that Fake News Media are going to work overtime to make even crazy crazy Omarosa as legitimate as possible. Sorry!"

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There is "no room for white supremacism, racism and neo-Nazism in our great country" tweeted Ivanka Trump on Sunday

Donald Trump's daughter and advisor marked her political imprint with an unequivocal tweet about the manifestation of white supremacists. For her there is "no place for white supremacism, racism and neo-Nazism in our great country". She went further than her father, who said Saturday "condemn all types of racism and acts of violence", but without referring to the extreme right or neo-Nazi.

A year after the rally in Charlottesville, where a 32-year-old counter-protester had died, ripped by a car ram, supremacists and radical right wing parade Sunday in Washington. In August 2017, they had chosen the campus of the city where is the statue of Confederate General Lee, now considered a symbol of slavery and the municipality wanted to move.

The latter were expected firmly in the city. But only a handful of American neo-Nazis gathered Sunday in front of the White House, under increased police surveillance and against hundreds of counter-protesters. They had received permission for a procession of 400 people but barely 20 of the supremacists walked in the afternoon from a metro station in central Washington to Lafayette Square, just across the White House.

Among them was event organizer Jason Kessler, who was already behind last year's meeting in Charlottesville. The protesters were greeted by at least 300 anti-racist activists who shouted "Shame on you" and "Leave my city." While the city of Washington granted the informal organization "Unite the Right" ) , the origin of the Charlottesville (Virginia) rally in 2017, a slot from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, the group of protesters dispersed around 18h.

Of course a large police device had been set up, with several arteries prohibited to traffic which prevented any contact between protesters and counter-protesters thus avoiding any serious incident or even deadly: in memory the death of Heather Heyer, a young woman 32 years old. Firearms had been banned for all protesters, without exception.

After the far-right sympathizers left, the police used tear gas for some of the "antifa" militants to leave.

"Antifa", activists of the movement "Black Lives Matter" (against the violence against the blacks) or simple citizens came to express their rejection of the neo-Nazis, they were hundreds in the center of Washington Sunday. Some carried signs including "No to the Nazis, no to the Ku Klux Klan, no to a fascist America".

Charlottesville, Virginia, had denied Kessler, the initiator of last year's protest, the permission to hit the streets not wanting to stir up tension and relive the events of August 12, 2017.

A failure for the Supremacist demonstrators and Jason Kessler mocked on the social networks!

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The Americans would normally be able, from 1 August, to ignore their own arms control system, legally. Those who are prohibited from buying firearms, and those who want to possess an illegal weapon in their state, could easily have circumvented the law.

3D printable firearms? Why ?

The story: An American crypto-anarchist had obtained permission to release plans for manufacturing firearms in 3D.

After several years of judicial vicissitudes, the site Defense Distributed had the authorization to distribute - legally - the files of 3D printing of several types of firearms.

Among them, AR-15 style rifles, used in several mass shootings like that of Las Vegas or Parkland.

And this Wednesday each inhabitant was prepared to be able to make a gun "do it yourself" thanks to a simple 3D printer, from home and without any restriction. The plans were to be published on the web this Wednesday !! These weapons are all plastic, but have the capacity and power to shoot live ammunition.

These functional weapons, nicknamed "ghost weapons", from a digitized plan are perfectly anonymous, and without it being possible to trace them unlike those produced by an authorized manufacturer.

The creation and publication of these weapons plans was made possible by an agreement in June between the government and Cody Wilson. On the homepage of his website is indicated: "August 1, 2018: the era of downloadable weapons officially begins."

But prosecutors in eight US states have announced that they will ask a federal judge to block the release of this 3D printing program of plastic weapons.

The embarrassment of the White House was such that Donald Trump himself said Tuesday, before the court decision is rendered, that the sale of plastic guns had in his eyes "not much sense."

"The dissemination of these files is now illegal," said Judge Lasnik. But Cody Wilson, the founder of the Texas-based Defense Distributed organization, at the Liberator's initiative, anticipated the bans and posted plans for seven pistol models as early as Friday, July 27.

Judge Robert Lasnik said in his injunction that the online distribution of these files undermines the safety of Americans. "There are 3D printers in universities and public places and there is a risk of irreparable damage," said the magistrate at the end of the one-hour hearing

"It's just crazy to give criminals the tools to print untraceable and undetectable weapons in 3D at the push of a button," said New York State Attorney Barbara Underwood. attached to the proceedings in the courts.

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Would Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Donald Trump share the world as one insinuates?

Since their meeting in Helsinki July 16, the two leaders multiply the amabilities.

The US president invited a few days ago his Russian counterpart in Washington who responded favorably and in return invited Donald Trump to Moscow.

"President Trump looks forward to receiving President Putin in Washington after the New Year, and is open to a visit to Moscow after receiving a formal invitation , " the White House said in a statement.

The first summit of the two leaders held on July 16 in Helsinki caused an uproar in the United States even among Republicans for whom the statements of the US President were found too conciliatory vis-à-vis his Russian counterpart.

And sadness for them Donald Trump reiterates his invitation for a next Trump-Putin summit "next year", sweeping away the investigation of the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the United States. United and on suspicion of collusion between the team of the candidate Trump and the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin. While the White House speaks of "witch-hunt" , the Kremlin emphasizes that "no matter what the difficulties are, here are difficulties in the domestic politics of the United States, life goes on and our contacts continue" , according to the Russian head of state.

For his part, Vladimir Putin ruled the Helsinki talks "very successful" , while Donald Trump described them as "great success" . These meetings with Donald Trump are "useful" , added Friday Vladimir Putin. "Contacts at the highest political level are necessary" , ensuring that the two leaders "can not discuss everything by phone" .

Moreover, the Kremlin master notably mentioned among the important topics of discussion the treaty of reduction of the number of nuclear weapons between Russia and the United States, the New START, which must expire in 2021. "Will we extend it or not? [...] If we do not start negotiations today, in 2021, this treaty will cease to exist " is the question posed by President Putin.

Faced with this apparent good agreement between the two great powers of the post-war period, the reactions across the Atlantic are fusing and accusing. Thus two days ago The Financial Times published a news announcing that "Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin want to create a new world order". In parallel, the publication of an equally alarming report by the influential analytical center Brookings Institution relayed by The Economist magazine , publishes a text entitled "Destroying the liberal world order. Trump, Putin and the transatlantic alliance under threat ",

It is certain that Putin's Russia plans to increase its influence around the world. Its assistance to African countries in terms of energy development made by President Vladimir Putin on 27th July as part of the 10th BRICS summit, is a clear example. Russia intends to further assist some African countries, including Angola, Mozambique and Gabon, in developing their national energy sector, primarily through the "realization of oil and gas projects".

"We propose to our African partners to create" turnkey "an entire industry. Agreements on cooperation in the peaceful exploration of the atom are signed with a number of countries in the region, while we are already carrying out practical projects with some of them, " said Putin . To name just one example.

But the withdrawal of Donald Trump in the Atlantic alliance to deal only with the well-being of Americans is also a sign ..

Can we say, in a surprising shorthand, that we would witness the dismantling of the world order and its replacement by a certain new anti-liberal world order to cite only the article or the subjects of the chains as CNN?

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North Korea begins the return of US military corps to the United States.

The remains of US soldiers killed in the Korean War (1950-53) have been restored by North Korea to the United States, the White House announced on Thursday (July 26th).

A US Air Force plane carrying several of these bodies arrived in South Korea on Friday.

"Thanks to Kim Jong-un," responded Donald Trump on Twitter.

A promise put into execution

In accepting the US request, the North Korean government honors one of the four commitments of the agreement signed on June 12 by President Donald Trump and his counterpart Kim Jong-un.

This restitution, which begins on July 27, owes nothing to chance coinciding with the anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953, even though no formal peace treaty has ever been concluded. .

US and North Korean officials met last week in the border village of Panmunjom, where the Korean War truce was signed in the demilitarized zone to discuss the issue.

In total, there are 5,300 Americans who "never came home" and that the United States hope to find, according to Washington.

But the fulfillment of this promise is for the moment all relative: according to Washington, this is a "significant first step to resume repatriation" but also "field operations in North Korea to find the approximately 5,300 Americans who have never returned home . " "The United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea pledge to recover the remains of prisoners of war and missing soldiers."

While Donald Trump praised the Pyongyang regime's dismantling of the infrastructure of its main satellite launching base, the US president has seen a new encouraging sign in this new phase.

But even if the Trump administration welcomes this transfer, the fact remains that are expected from the dictator gestures more significant.

Where is the total denuclearization required by Washington?

Indeed the total denuclearization of North Korea remains the main stake of this summit where the negotiations skate between the two long enemy countries.

"We are engaged in a patient diplomacy, but we will not let this drag on for ever , " warned Mike Pompeo on Wednesday, while acknowledging before the US Congress that North Korea continues to produce fissile materials.

Apart from the start of the dismantling of a site still to be verified, no concrete progress has been announced since June 12th. The negotiations, modalities and timetable for the "complete" and "verified" dismantling of the Pyongyang nuclear program have not yet been determined.

Not sure that denuclearization "without delay" would be completed by the end of 2020 at the end of Donald Trump's first term, as the US administration recently said there was "no deadline". ..

Do the muscular methods of the businessman always suit the game and diplomatic issues?
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Daesh claimed deadly Sunday attack The shooter who randomly fired pedestrians strolling down Danforth Avenue also targeted crowded restaurants.

Daesh claimed on Wednesday the Sunday night shootout targeting passersby on a Toronto street, according to a message broadcast by its propaganda agency, Amaq.

The group's propaganda body said that "one of the Daesh soldiers" perpetrated the attack, targeting nationals of the international anti-jihadist coalition countries.

An attack that killed two, including an 18-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl, 13 wounded, some seriously by a 29-year-old gunman identified as Faisal Hussain of Toronto, police chief of police said Monday. the city Mark Saunders.

The police quickly arrived at the scene opened fire on the man discovered dead a few moments later in an alley, indicated the investigators.

According to the family of the shooter, this person suffered from his childhood "serious mental problems" never overcome despite the treatment and psychiatric follow-up.

"One more tragedy in our city"

Toronto was not spared this year by the attacks.

Last April, it was a man driving a van that had hit pedestrians in Toronto, targeting women and killing 10 people, one of the deadliest attacks in the country.

" It's an attack on innocent families and against the whole city. It's a tragedy, another tragedy in our city this year, " said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

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According to a CBS News poll released on Thursday, only one-third (32%) of Americans approve of the way Donald Trump managed the Helsinki meeting. In the Republican camp, however, the approval rate rises to 68%.

But despite the outcry over his meeting with the Kremlin master three days ago, the US president wants to go further in his relationship with his Russian counterpart and mocking

remonstrances Donald Trump chooses to invite his Russian counterpart to Washington.

"To get along with President Putin is positive, not negative," he said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said today that the resumption of summits between US and Russian presidents was normal and considered positive that Donald Trump invites Vladimir Putin to the United States.

" I look forward to every meeting (...) when there is a dialogue, especially between these two countries, it's a good thing for everyone. The fact that no Russian president has been to the United States since 2005, I believe, should not be normal, " she said at her annual press conference before the government holidays.

The criticism of the Trump presidency has never been so unanimous since Monday and the Helsinki meeting. The Republicans join the Democrats in denouncing the strange presidential russophilia that prompted Donald Trump to disavow the US secret service and vindicate the Russian president at their joint press conference in Finland.

On Monday, US intelligence chief Dan Coats put forward "clear" assessments of his services on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and spoke of Moscow's "ongoing efforts" to "undermine" American democracy. Has the Kremlin intervened to influence the 2016 presidential campaign in favor of the Republican candidate? ? We will never really know but the services fear that the Russians will repeat their coup in mid-term elections in November 2018.

Visit of Putin in autumn

Critics seem to pass far above the Oval Office and John Bolton was instructed to organize the coming of Vladimir Putin to Washington in the fall.

Is it still possible to trust the president to ensure national security, especially against Russia? For non Democrats, who are trying to find out in vain what Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin said during their interview in Finland! What is known: the summit between the Russian President and his American counterpart, the first meeting of such a level in nine years, took place on July 16 in Helsinki. The two heads of state first met for one to one for more than two hours. Then, the enlarged delegations took part in a lunch before answering questions from the journalists. At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their interest in improving relations between the two countries. But what did they really say?

"Until we know what happened at this two-hour meeting in Helsinki, the President must not have any individual interactions with Putin in the United States, Russia or anywhere else," Chuck warned. Schumer, chairman of the Senate Democratic Group.

The firmness of Trump

In an interview with CNBC, the White House tenant claims that "developing relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia is positive and not negative," while warning that if it does not work, it will be "the worst enemy [that the Russian president] never had. In the same interview, Trump blasted his predecessor, Barack Obama, for being a "total pigeon" in relations with Moscow, while claiming he was "much harder on Russia than any president. since much harder on Russia than any president for many years "

As proof of his steadfastness towards Moscow, Trump said he had lectured Angela Merkel about a new gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany and making Berlin dependent on the Kremlin. Other evidence advanced, the sanctions taken against Moscow. "Look at the number of diplomats I have expelled," says Donald Trump. In March about sixty Russians, suspected of being spies, had had to pack their bags, after a history of poisoning in Britain.

But less than a week after the summit with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump repeated once again that he was trying to get along with Moscow, while waving threats in case his project would not work. "I look forward to our second meeting so that we can begin to put in place some of the things we talked about," he added, citing, pell-mell, the fight against terrorism, "security for Israel " , cyberattacks, trade, Ukraine, peace in the Middle East or North Korea.

"Some DETEST the fact that I got on well with President Putin of Russia," he still tweeted on Wednesday. " They would rather go to war than see that."

Putin delights in his victory

In Moscow, Vladimir Putin rubs his hands. "We see that there are forces in the United States that are ready simply to sacrifice Russian-American relations, in the context of a US political battle for their ambitions alone, as part of an internal political battle. He simply commented.

"The summit with Russia was a great success, except for the real enemy of the people, the media fake News," he tweeted, resuming a particularly aggressive expression that he had already used in 2017.

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"Part of the world is about to rebel towards an old, more brutal order," said Barack Obama.

Some 15,000 people, including distinguished guests such as Nelson Mandela's last wife, Graça Machel, Liberia's former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, were invited to the stadium. Wanderers cricket.

Each year, the Mandela Foundation entrusts a prestigious guest to give a speech on the occasion of the birthday of "Madiba", born on July 18, 1918 and deceased on December 5, 2013. This year the choice was focused on Barack Obama.

The American president had made the trip to South Africa for the funeral of "Madiba", "giant of history, which according to him, led a nation to justice".

Tuesday in Johannesburg, during a very political speech for the centenary of the birth of Mandela, the former American president has landed as a bulwark of democracy. Barack Obama delivered a message of tolerance, inclusion and democracy at a time when Mandela's legacy is being questioned around the world, a direct reference to the policy of his successor to the White House, Donald Trump.

Vibrant tribute to Nelson Mandela

The former US president paid tribute to the "last great liberator of the twentieth century . " The two men share a common destiny that has made them into history by becoming the first two black presidents of their countries.

After twenty-seven years in the jails of the white racist regime, Nelson Mandela was elected to the presidency in 1994, a post he retained until 1999. Barack Obama held him the top position in the United States from 2009 to 2017.

The latter hailed the memory of "a true giant of history" . "The light of" Madiba "[nickname of Nelson Mandela] always shines brightly," he said, defending the "vision" of the South African Nobel Peace Prize.

"A hundred years ago, Madiba was born in the village of Mvezo. Nothing could have suggested, at that time, in this place, that a young black boy would change the course of history. South Africa had already begun to introduce racial segregation measures, a legislative package known as apartheid. The majority of Africa, including my father's country [Kenya], was under colonial rule. The dominant European powers, after a horrific world war that ended a few months after the birth of Madiba, considered this continent and its inhabitants a booty to share, a territory abundant in natural resources and cheap labor .

Criticism of Donald Trump

Taking care never to name the current tenant of the White House, however, the former US president has made many allusions to Donald Trump who have not failed to challenge in the Wanderers Stadium the 15,000 people, which was him totally acquired. Barack Obama has thus multiplied attacks by attacking climate-skeptics, "authoritarian" leaders who "constantly lie" and "race- based " immigration policies:

"Given the uncertain and strange times in which we live, the information brings every day their lot of disturbing titles that make us dizzy. "

"Politicians seem to reject the concept of objective truth, people invent," he said, triggering loud laughter. "Denying the facts can undermine democracy," he warned, while his successor denounces fake news all day long.

"I can not find common ground with someone who says that climate change does not exist, when all scientists say the opposite," Barack Obama continued. As soon as he arrived at the White House, Donald Trump took the United States out of the Paris climate deal, saying it was "unfair" for his country's industry.

On immigration policy again, Barack Obama did not hesitate to attack his successor directly. "It is not wrong to insist that national borders matter (...) but that can not be an excuse for race-based immigration policies, " he said.

"The [South African] apartheid [1994] regime was entirely artificial," said the former US president, quoting from Nelson Mandela. "What was true at the time still is today. (...) We see each other, we share hopes and common dreams. It is a truth that is incompatible with any form of discrimination based on race, religion or sex, " he continued: And it is a truth that bears fruit in a very practical way, since it allows a society to take advantage of the energy and qualities of all those people. Look at the France team that has just won the World Cup. "

Nelson Mandela has dedicated his life to this long march towards freedom and justice. For the oppressed peoples of the world, he has become the embodiment of hope, of the aspiration to a better life.

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, his foundation called on the people to "act and inspire change" in the name of "Madiba".

Because racism still stirs tensions across South Africa and poverty persists in the most unequal country in the world according to the World Bank.

Nearly 25 years after the end of apartheid, even Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela's widow, has claimed that South Africa has "just started its long march" towards freedom, taking up the title of the famous autobiography of his late husband The long march towards freedom.

And the festivities will end with a huge concert in December in Johannesburg with American stars Beyoncé, Jay-Z or Pharrell Williams

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At the beginning of May 2018, after a year as President, French economic circles had welcomed the upturn in French GDP, which had politically and mediately benefited Emmanuel Macron.

The turn signals were green. France's GDP grew by 2% over the whole of 2017 ending, according to some experts, a "soft growth".

For some economists, it was due to the effect MACRON (previously Minister of Economy and Finance), which effect was reflected in these figures.

The burst of the tricolor economy would have mainly found its source in the reinforcement of the image of France carried by "a young president" and the renewed confidence of business leaders that was followed.

Since the clouds have accumulated.

A number of factors would slow down the tricolor economy, such as the trade tensions between China and the United States that have already caused a slowdown in world trade or the uncertainties that weigh at European level on some reforms that hamper the delicate relations. between France and Germany.

On the other hand, INSEE indicated at the same time that there had been tensions on the highly sought-after productive apparatus of some companies facing recruitment difficulties.

These predictions augured, according to specialists, a slowdown in the coming quarters, the creation of jobs.

Added to this is the decline in household consumption due to lower purchasing power.

And as a misfortune never happens alone, here we have just learned that France has just moved back to the 7th place of the world economy in terms of GDP.

We will have to quickly update the books of economics and political economy of French students ...

Because it is India that has just ravished France 6 th place (it had already dropped from 5 th to 6 th a few years ago) according to the data just published by the World Bank.

India has surpassed surely and gently the stronghold that occupied France which was left on the wall with its 2582 billion dollars of GDP against 2597 billion for the country of Mahatma Gandhi.

In recent years, India has found the benefit of its well-known assets such as the mastery of English of its population or the relocation of value-added services companies (especially computer).

Population growth also contributed to this growth, with India having a population of 1.325 billion.

Even if the development indexes (GDP per capita or Human Development Index / HDI or the level of education) still register large differences between the two countries, the rapid evolution of India will have to make reflect the French.

Because it's not over!

According to some expectations, France could be downgraded to ninth in the world in about fifteen years. By 2050, it could no longer be in the Top 10 Top Countries.

To meditate !

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Donald Trump mocks some of the journalists who did not believe he would become president

The US president used his Twitter account to broadcast a video with a compilation of critics on his face, which contrast with his election victory in 2016.

"They just did not understand it, but now they do it!" Was the message of US President Donald Trump when he posted a video on his Twitter account Sunday that mocked journalists who did not think to win. the elections of 2016.

The video begins with the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, then continues with a series of questions from journalists from different channels and television programs.

Donald Trump arrives in Europe, at the worst moment of relations

What the American president is trying to show with these images is that no one believed in him and that, wrongly, many regarded Hillary Clinton as a winner. Some unbelievers laughed, while others underestimated him.

Among the figures who question him include actor George Clooney, former President Barack Obama and conductor Stephen Colbert. The polls also gave as winner the Democrat candidate.

However, in the second half of the video, they start counting each of the states in which Trump won, to the surprise of a CNN reporter who could not believe the "return" of the American tycoon.

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A man opened fire in a newsroom of a US newspaper and killed five people

The attack took place at the Annapolis Capital Gazette. The causes of the event are ignored. There are many wounded.

An armed attack again rocked the United States: a gunman entered the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, 45 minutes from Washington, Thursday, and caused at least five deaths and "several serious injuries." The assailant, a "white adult" man whose name was not disclosed, was armed with a "long gun" and was arrested. For the moment, we do not know the motives of the murderer, who is questioned.

Anne Arundel County Police confirmed that a man entered at 3:15 pm in the Bestgate Street building at 888, where the newspaper's offices, which belong to the Baltimore Sun group, are located. They said that the killer had used a "long gun" (it would be a shotgun, as mentioned unofficially) and that the police had not shot at the suspect. They also stated that they found what appeared to be an "explosive device" and that there were 170 people in the building at the time of the massacre.

Phil Davis, a Gazette reporter, tweeted from the attacked location noting that several people had at least been injured. "The shooter fired through the glass door into the press room and opened fire on several employees." "I can not say much more ..." The journalist, who usually covers the Judiciary, wrote: "There is nothing more frightening than listening to several people being shot at while you're under your office that you hear the attacker reload his gun. "

The police did not immediately confirm the number of casualties and took care to evacuate the building and look for the gunman, who was arrested, apparently in a mall near the newspaper. They then announced that there were five dead and "several people seriously injured," according to authorities at a press conference. The wounded were transferred to nearby hospitals. Frashure explained that, thanks to the quick response of the emergency teams, the "suspect was already in custody" waiting to be questioned by the authorities.

Anne Arundel County government chief Steven Schuh also praised the emergency services because, he said, "if they had not arrived as quickly as they did, it could have been a lot worse. " The authorities did not want to go into details about the type of weapon used by the shooter, but said the shooting had concentrated on the editorial desk of the newspaper Capital Gazette, founded in 1884, with a print run of about 30,000 copies a day.

President Donald Trump has used social networks to convey his condolences to the families of the victims and to thank the emergency services. "Before leaving for Wisconsin, I learned about the Capital Gazette shootings in Annapolis, Maryland, my thoughts and prayers are for the victims and their families, and thank you to all the emergency service members who are on the spot, "he wrote.

Maryland State Governor Larry Hogan said on Twitter: "Absolutely ravaged by this tragedy in Annapolis". "Please follow all the alerts and stay out of the area, we pray for all who are in the place and for our community."

New York police immediately reinforced security in several media in the city following the attack.

Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland and is about 45 minutes from Washington. About 40 000 inhabitants, it is a quiet place on the edge of the gigantic Chesapeake Bay, crossed by sailboats and pleasure boats. The city is home to the Naval Academy, one of the oldest military schools in the country.

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The US Supreme Court validated Donald Trump's anti-immigration decree on Tuesday, June 26, after a bitter court battle over this extremely controversial measure with a majority of five judges against four. The high court, in its judgment written by the president of the institution, John Roberts, believes that the president has only legitimate use of its prerogatives in immigration "The President of the United States has an extraordinary power to speak to his fellow citizens and on their behalf. Our presidents have often used this power to espouse the principles of religious freedom and tolerance on which this nation was founded, " he wrote.

This decree therefore entails - far from the above-mentioned principles - the permanent ban on nationals from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran and Somalia, but also North Korea, about 150 million people are concerned. It also prohibits entry to certain Venezuelan government officials.

US President Donald Trump hastened to applaud the validation of his migration decree. "The Supreme Court is triumphing the decree. Wow! " He tweeted, seeing it as " a fantastic victory " for the American people after " months of hysteria " on the part of the media and the Democrats.

"As long as I'm president, I will defend the sovereignty and security of the American people and fight for an immigration system that serves the national interest of the United States and its citizens. He pounded.

For opponents this text is similar to an "anti-Muslim decree".

It was implemented by the White House on January 27, 2017, a week after Trump took office. The American Union for Civil Liberties (ACLU) had done everything possible to prove the existence of anti-Muslim prejudices in the US president in reference to his presidential campaign. Federal judges, including in Hawaii, California, Maryland and Virginia, rejected the decree. Unlike the judges in Hawaii or California, the Court did not take into account what Trump had said about "Muslim ban" and said "Islam hates us" during the campaign.

Adrian Vermeule, professor of constitutional law at Harvard, believes that this decision "reaffirms the deference to the presidential authority over foreign affairs and immigration."

If Trump won part of the inning and can claim victory, the fact remains that the nine judges have exempted people with a "connection" with family or business, while waiting to decide on the background of the file in October.

It is thus a temporary decision, the time that the bottom of the file is analyzed. The High Court will pronounce definitively in October.

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Wednesday Donald Trump had to take into account the outcry provoked by the implementation of the "zero tolerance" established by the Ministry of Justice with its approval. The US president has signed a decree - using the executive route - which stipulates that parents and children will be detained together. After an in-camera meeting with Republican congressional officials on Wednesday, June 20, the US president announced he would sign a text to prevent the separation of families. "We want to keep families together," Trump said from the White House.

A turnaround in the tough US President's policy on immigration. "I'll sign something soon," he said. It's finally done.

Donald Trump has signed a decree to prevent the separation of migrant families who illegally crossed the border with Mexico on Wednesday. While waiting for the Congress to pass a reform on Thursday, June 21, the Trump administration's new policy is to "detain families together" while their asylum applications are being considered.

But here again this means of parrying in a hurry solves only very temporarily the problems posed by the separation of families.

In fact, a 1997 court decision, the "Flores judgment" , theoretically limits the length of detention of children to 20 days, and obliges the State to release these funds later, generally in centers or families. Home. Given the congestion of the courts, even doubling the number of judges according to the proposal of the Republican elected Ted Cruz, it is unlikely that asylum applications can be examined in 14 days. The prelude to a new standoff with justice.

Moreover incarceration for children turns out to be a traumatic experience for them. "Instead of protecting traumatized children, the president has ordered his Attorney General to pave the way for the long-term imprisonment of families in prison conditions , " said Nancy Pelosia, the leader of the Democratic minority at the time. House of Representatives.

The White House can only wait for its salvation from Congress this Thursday, June 21 to reach a compromise on immigration "zero tolerance".

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It is more than a year since the United States threatened to leave the UN Human Rights Council. It's done: the threat was put into effect Tuesday night. Indeed the announcement of this departure took place on Tuesday, June 19, at 9 pm in Washington, during a speech by the American ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who did not hesitate to describe the institution of "Cloaca of political partisanship".

"We are taking this step because our commitment does not allow us to continue to be part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization, which makes human rights a mockery," she said.

This is another withdrawal from the long list of US disengagements since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House in early 2017.

The United States has already withdrawn from Unesco, from the Paris Climate Agreement, from the nuclear deal with Iran, and has also cut off funding to UN bodies.

The United States is now leaving the UN Human Rights Council, based in Geneva. "In doing so, I want to make it very clear that this decision is not a withdrawal of our commitments to human rights. "Man," she added alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

US call for a profound reform of the HRC

In mid-2017, the United States representative to the United Nations called for a major reform of the CHR. In particular, it called for the exclusion of Member States committing serious human rights violations to be passed by a simple majority and not two-thirds. It had also called for a strengthening of the selection process of the Member States. "Look at the board and you see a terrible disrespect for the most basic rights," Haley said in a speech on Tuesday, June 19, citing Venezuela, China, Cuba and the Democratic Republic of Congo . But it does not mention either Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, which have been conducting a military offensive for three years in Yemen ...

She also pointed to the biased judgment about their ally Israel, with the issue of "human rights in Palestine" being systematically on the agenda of each session of the HRC, three times a year. " Five resolutions were voted against [the Hebrew State]. That's more than all the resolutions combined against North Korea, Iran and Syria, "said Nikki Haley. According to the diplomats, Washington is mainly paying the HRC for its supposed bias against Israel, which is the focus of an exclusive point - item 7 - on the agenda. Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu did not fail to greet in the night a "courageous decision against the hypocrisy and lies of the so-called UN Human Rights Council"

A regrettable decision

Former US diplomat Suzanne Nossel, who worked to secure a seat on the UNHRC under Obama, reacted to Washington's decision. "No multilateral instrument can be pure or almost perfect (...). Its flaws are the failings of member states that sometimes sacrifice human rights in favor of political or economic objectives, "she said while lamenting the withdrawal of the United States from this body.

Human rights organizations, themselves, denounce a contestable body as long as it welcomes states qualified as authoritarian within it. But it must be recognized that the latter nevertheless allows the opening of investigations into rights violations in Syria, Yemen, Burundi, Burma and South Sudan, for example. This decision "will put the country on the sidelines of the global initiatives crucial to defend human rights", deplored the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, saying in a statement that the HRC had " played an important role in countries like North Korea, Syria, Burma and South Sudan.

If this departure comes in the wake of strong criticism from the highest official of the institution against the migration policy of "zero tolerance" of Donald Trump, it shows above all the unilateral policy and isolationist Washington.

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The controversy swells as images showing children parked in cages have been broadcast and can only move. Melania Trump has even left her reserve. Her communications director told CNN on Sunday (June 17th) that the First Lady said "hate seeing children separated from their families" and called "to govern with heart . " Two former First Ladies, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, have also condemned this policy.

The UN is on the rise. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has joined the growing criticism of the Trump administration's policy of separating children from migrants and refugees from their parents on the border with Mexico.

"The unity of families must be preserved," UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric told reporters on Monday. "The Secretary-General believes that refugees and migrants must always be treated with respect and dignity, and in accordance with international law ," he added.

The administration of Donald Trump is beset by the most virulent criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for separating nearly 2,000 children from their parents on the Mexican border, a strategy aimed at deterring illegal immigration.

While Pope Francis has also urged Donald Trump to put an end to these separations, and that the demonstrations are multiplying all over the country, Donald Trump camps on his positions while lambasting the Democrats who refuse to vote the laws and by blaming the latter for this crisis.

President Donald Trump reiterated on Monday that the United States would not be a "migrant camp" and he again accused the Democrats of not agreeing to negotiate an immigration law. "The United States will not be a migrant camp, " he told the White House. "And they will not be a shelter for refugees either - no! Look what's happening in Europe, look what's happening elsewhere - we can not allow that in the United States, not as long as I'm here, " Trump told the White House. On Twitter, he also believed that migrants were responsible for the rise in crime in Europe and a violent change in European culture.

Democrats, for their part, accuse the president of kidnapping migrant children in the context of congressional debates to pass immigration legislation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last month a "zero tolerance" immigration policy. "If you do not want your child to be separated from you, then do not take him away," Jeff Sessions warned; Supporter of a hard line on immigration, he announced on May 7 before the press the systematic separation of the parents of their children in case of illegal crossing of the border between Mexico and the United States.

This policy of zero tolerance, which was not practiced under the Bush and Obama presidencies, is considered necessary by the current government's representatives to secure borders and curb illegal immigration. "We do the right thing. We take care of these children, they are not subject to abuse, " said Attorney General Jeff Sessions Monday night on Fox TV.

In Congress, elected officials say they are "revolted" by these practices. "Our message to Mr. Trump is this: stop this inhuman and barbaric policy," said Nancy Pelosi, Democrat House Leader, returning from a visit to a detention center in San Diego. Southern California. Republican Senator Ted Cruz, an unfortunate candidate for Republican primaries in 2016, announced he would table a bill to stop these separations.

"All Americans are justifiably horrified by the images we see in the news, these crying children who have been taken away from their mothers and fathers. This must stop. Now. We will be able to put an end to this crisis by adopting the proposal of law that I will present " , said this elected of Texas, another State border of Mexico. "We do not want children to be separated from their parents. That's why I think an [immigration] law is needed, " said Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Two bills are currently being debated in Congress. Both are of republican inspiration but one is the result of a compromise made with elected Democrats. A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night at the White House between Trump and Republican parliamentarians to work on the initiative in Congress.

Finally, a hope of ending this reprehensible crisis ...

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The Trump administration revealed for the first time Friday the impact of its new zero tolerance policy at the border with Mexico,

Despite the calls of the pope and many political leaders, the practice continues. Nearly 2,000 children have been separated since mid-April from their parents arrested for crossing the US borderless, the Trump administration said Friday, claiming the practice in the name of "zero tolerance" against illegal immigration.

Between 19 April and 31 May, 1995 minors were separated from 1940 adults arrested and detained by border police pending prosecution, a spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security told a conference telephone. Children can not be sent to the prison where their loved ones are held, he reiterated Thursday, which leads to their separations. "We are currently in a situation where either we choose to apply the law, or we decide to ignore it," said a spokesman during the appeal. The Trump administration made it clear that " we will no longer ignore the law, " he said during the call that was made by officials of Homeland Security and Justice.

President Donald Trump denounces the blockages in Congress on an immigration reform while referring accordingly the fault of this situation on the Democratic opposition. According to him the policy applied especially under the Obama administration, that families arrested were released pending their appearances before a judge, created an appeal effect

The scandal swells in the United States, causing discomfort even in the Republican ranks and the indignation of Democrats and powerful religious leaders.

"It's an immoral, atrocious policy," influential Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said on Twitter on Friday .

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Secret data was stolen from a US Navy subcontractor by pirates serving Beijing.

According to experts, the US submarine fleet - be it nuclear attack submarines or ships carrying intercontinental nuclear missiles - gives the country a clear advantage over opponents such as Russia or China developing their own fleets of submarines forced march.

Hackers in the service of the Chinese government stole a lot of secret data from a US Navy subcontractor, including plans for an anti-ship missile (a supersonic craft) that could be launched from a submarine, says the Washington Post Friday.

The Washington Post claims that the hackers managed to steal 614 gigabytes of data including sensors, encryption systems and a little-known project codenamed "Sea Dragon" . This provides for the creation of a supersonic anti-ship missile to equip submarines by 2020.

The media indicates that, despite the sensitive nature of these data, they were stored on an insecure network of the company in charge of the research and development of this project.

This incident challenges the ability of the US military to control the companies to which they entrust the creation of advanced weapons.

Investigators said that the attack on the subcontractor's servers was carried out in January and February by "hackers" from the Ministry of State Security in Guangdong Province.

This is not the first time that Chinese hackers have managed to loot secret data: they had already managed to steal crucial information on the F-35, the fifth generation multi-role stealth aircraft deployed in recent years but also on the new version of the famous Patriot anti-missile missile system.

According to The Washington Post, these attacks are part of the Chinese government's efforts to reduce the US military advantage and become the preeminent power in East Asia.

Navy spokesman, Commander Bill Speaks, remained silent on the newspaper article, citing security concerns.

He merely indicated that the Pentagon was continually adapting to the cyber threat.

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The White House tenant accused Special Prosecutor Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between his political entourage and Russia, of leaking documents to the press.

"There was no collusion with Russia (except by the Democrats). When will this very expensive witch hunt end? " Tweeted the US president. Then he asked himself: "Do the Special Prosecutor / Ministry of Justice leak media to fake news the letters from my " Do the Special Prosecutor / Ministry of Justice leak to the media fake news the letters of my lawyers? Should we investigate Democratic corruption instead? " He asked in the wake

The publication by the "New York Times" Saturday of a confidential letter of 20 pages sent in January by the team of lawyers of the American president to Robert Mueller, and another sent in June 2017 sparked the ire Of the president.

In these letters, the President's counsels oppose the interrogation of the latter by the investigators, arguing that "in our political system, the president can not be available for questioning".

Another argument used: Donald Trump can not be accused of obstruction of justice because he has the constitutional power to terminate the investigation supervised by the Department of Justice. Rudolph Giuliani, who belongs to Donald Trump's defense team, warned special prosecutor Robert Mueller on Saturday if he risked summoning the US president to appear. "We will go to court," he said on the ABC TV channel.

Appointed special prosecutor in May 2017 a few days after the dismissal of FBI director James Comey, Robert Mueller is investigating a possible collusion between his political entourage and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. He also tries to verify if the president illegally tried to obstruct the investigation.

The special prosecutor's inquiry touches the first circle of the billionaire New York. Among the many relatives and collaborators interviewed, four of them were charged with financial or other offenses, having no direct link to possible collusion.

So far, no concrete evidence of collaboration between Mr. Trump's team and the Russian government has been demonstrated.

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heavy toll: 10 dead, 10 wounded in a shootout at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas.

A shootout occurred on Friday, May 18, shortly after 7:30, at Santa Fe High School in the US state of Texas. A student opened fire.

According to Ed Gonzalez, sheriff of Harris County, the attack was over when he arrived there with the police at 7:55 (15:55 in France).

The district had earlier announced on its website that a containment had been put in place.

A man is in custody, and a second was arrested, also announced on Twitter the sheriff. In a press conference, he added that the two men, including the alleged gunman, "would appear to be students at the school" .

The gunman would be a high school student, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, aged 17. He was wearing a long black coat that hid a rifle and a revolver when he entered a classroom around 8:00 am (1300 GMT), and opened fire.

The carnage was operated by bullets, it turns out that the author also intended to use explosives. "Explosive devices have been found in high school and around the campus," the Santa Fe school district revealed on Twitter. Other deadly weapons were mobilized for the killing.

Later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the gunman left explosives in a house and a vehicle. "One of the reasons we are concerned about explosives is that we have detected different types," he said, referring to a Molotov cocktail.

Greg Abbott also revealed that the killer had used his father's weapons: a shotgun and a revolver. "According to my information, the shooter recovered these two weapons from his father (...) his father owned these weapons legally. I do not know if he was aware that his son had recovered these weapons, " he said. "He wanted to not only perpetrate this shooting but also commit suicide , " said state governor Greg Abbott. He preferred to surrender to the security officers after an exchange of fire.

This high school student was part of the school's football team, but was a victim of harassment. "The coaches harassed and insulted him and he did not have many friends," he said.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that "we can expect bad news" and denounced in a press conference "a horrible attack".

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld



D onald Trump had to face new revelations about Russian interference and Stormy Daniels He encountered two bad news on Wednesday, May 16th. Indeed the investigation of a meeting between his son and Russians during the campaign of 2016 would progress.

A US Senate committee has published 2,000 documents from its investigation into a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russians promising compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

But in his testimony, the American leader's eldest son said he had not spoken to his father before this meeting at the Trump Tower in New York with a lawyer linked to the Kremlin.

. In a statement, Donald Trump Jr., whose full testimony appears in the documents made public, said Wednesday he appreciated " the opportunity to help the judicial commission in its investigation." "Everyone can now see that for five hours I have answered every question and that I have been frank and sincere with the commission," Donald Trump Jr. said in a statement.

Donald Trump Jr had already explained that he believed the lawyer could provide compromising information on the rival of his father, Hillary Clinton. He later stated that Ms. Veselnitskaya did not have any information to give, and she herself denied having any connection with the Kremlin, who said she did not know her.

The Republican president of the commission said he made the documents public so that " the Americans can now examine this information in an unfiltered way and reach their own conclusions".

Investigation of Russian interference: Trump can not be charged, according to his lawyer .

But the lawyer Rudy Giuliani following the publication of 2,000 investigative documents on a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russians immediately intervened to end the witch hunt that is engaged by Attorney General Robert Mueller.

For Donald Trump's lawyer, an accusation by the White House tenant is unlikely. On CNN and Fox News, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani assured Wednesday, May 16 that "the special prosecutor's team has concluded that it can not charge a sitting president," regardless of the evidence that she may be hitting against him in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

"They can not charge. In any case, they recognized it with us after we struggled, they recognized it. "

Indeed, according to Mr. Giuliani, Robert Mueller, in charge of determining whether there was a collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's campaign team in the 2016 election, agreed to abide by a text from the Ministry of Justice. The legal interpretation of this document, never mentioned before, is that a sitting president can not be charged. "All they can do is make a report [to the Department of Justice]," CNN told reporters who joined Trump's team of lawyers in April.

But according to the American channel, "the question remains open if investigators find evidence of wrongdoing; then Mueller's teams will try to challenge these recommendations . "

The report, and the evidence, could serve as a basis for eventual dismissal by Congress.

For the moment Donald Trump's entourage remains in the role of the persecuted, and the special prosecutor Robert Mueller in that of the grand inquisitor.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld



O kidney sufferer Monday, the First Lady Melania Trump is "in a good mood," according to her husband who visited him at the hospital.

She will remain hospitalized until the end of the week.

On Monday, the US president was photographed as he boarded the presidential helicopter heading for the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where his wife was admitted for a kidney operation.

Successful operation, she is in a good mood.

"Thank you to everyone who sent words of support!"

The news of the First Lady's operation was followed by many messages of support shared on Twitter, anonymous and personalities.

New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer wrote :

"I just learned that @FLOTUS had surgery today. I sincerely wish him a quick recovery. "

A good recovery to Mélania!
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Donald Trump, announced that the United States would "withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal" , Tuesday , May 8. Speaking from the White House in Washington (USA), the leader also announced the reinstatement of sanctions against Iran.

This agreement on Iran's nuclear power was concluded in 2015 by the United States and six other powers including Iran. An agreement of 2015. This agreement, signed by Tehran, members of the UN Security Council and Germany, aims to ban Iran from seeking the atomic bomb, in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions international organizations and provided that its nuclear sites are inspected.

The US president has decided to reconsider the suspension of sanctions, lifted in return for Tehran's pledge not to equip itself with nuclear weapons.

The US Administration wants to force Tehran to accept concessions on its nuclear program, ballistic missiles and activities in the Middle East

A few months before the mid-term congressional elections, the American President represents the incarnation of the anger of an America victim of globalization.

Out of the question to deal with Iran, evil power, the source of all the evils of the Middle East.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had succeeded in persuading Donald Trump to continue honoring this "disastrous deal."

The two hawks John Bolton and Mike Pompeo at the head of the State Department have long advocated for an exit from the agreement, military strikes against Iran and a regime change. "No correction will cure the diplomatic Waterloo negotiated by Obama," wrote John Bolton January 2018 . "America's declared policy must be to end the Islamic Revolution before its 40th anniversary. "

The American demonization of Iran dates back to the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the hostage-taking of US diplomats. Washington's animosity towards "vicious imperialism" and Tehran's "hegemonic ambitions" is, moreover, part of the traditional policy of protecting the free flow of energy resources of allies in the region, particularly Israel and the United States. 'Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the Russian enemy

The likely collapse of the deal may lead to escalating tensions between Iran, the United States and their respective allies. On all theaters where they are present - Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Gulf - any incident could easily turn into military confrontation

The European Union, worried, reiterated on Tuesday its support for the nuclear deal at a meeting in Brussels with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi and "reiterate their support for further implementation. full and effective joint action plan (JCPOA) by all parties "

The announced end of the Iran nuclear deal will not fail to provoke an Iranian reaction.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld



The former personal physician of Donald Trump asserts that when he was a candidate for the presidency, he "dictated" to him a letter presenting him as being in perfect health.

Donald Trump "completely dictated this letter.

I did not write this letter, " said Dr. Harold Bornstein in statements to CNN television on Tuesday.

"Trump dictated the letter to me and I told him what he could not put," said the doctor at CNN, explaining that he had " invented as and when".

Dr. Bornstein practicing in New York's Manhattan neighborhood said he had hastily written this text while Donald Trump's car was waiting.

The medical bulletin of Donald Trump, then a simple presidential candidate, reported "his extraordinary physical strength and endurance".

In September 2016, when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was slow to reveal that she was suffering from pneumonia, the doctor assured that the real estate mogul was "in excellent health" .

He also told NBC that the president's relatives had made a "descent" to retrieve his medical records in February 2017.

The White House denied ...

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Does rump see a possible deal with Macron over Iran? After quoting the name of Arnaud Beltrame, the gendarme killed during the terrorist attack in Trèbes the tenant of the White House has reaffirmed his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

No objective obtained.

As part of his state visit, Emmanuel Macron and his wife were received with great fanfare on Tuesday at the White House by Donald and Melania Trump.

The US president praised Lafayette's memory and his role in the independence of the United States. He also cited the name of Arnaud Beltrame, the gendarme killed during the terrorist attack in Trèbes (Aude) . "Just a few weeks ago, we added a new name to this list of our great heroes, (that of) a brave French policeman named Arnaud Beltrame. He looked evil in the face and did not blink. He gave his life for his neighbors, for evil face and did not blink. He gave his life for his neighbors, for his country and for the civilization itself, " said the President of the United States.

After an interview lasting more than an hour and a half, the two leaders spoke at a press conference. For Donald Trump Iran would be behind all the problems hence its strong condemnation of the Iranian agreement. He also spoke about international issues and asked Middle East countries to fund military operations more.

Emmanuel Macron started with Iran. "Neither you nor I are changing position with the wind," he said, welcoming "a very in-depth, one-to-one discussion on this topic". The tenant of the Elysee Palace has described the 2015 agreement as "not enough" but "it allows us to have until 2025 an agreement on nuclear". He now wants to work on a new agreement, to "stop ballistic activities" and "better contain the Iranian influence" . Dressing up a disagreement for a new deal. The diplomatic alliance of carp and rabbit? "On Iran, we will put this topic in the challenges of the region. There is the situation in Syria, security throughout the region, " he said. "We have one goal in common, which is to prevent escalation and nuclear proliferation in the region. The question is what is the best way, " added the French president when he said before his arrival in Washington that " there is no plan B " to prevent Tehran to get the bomb atomic.

On Syria and climate, little progress. Only American troops will stay a little before returning home. On the trade the French president asked that one respects the international law and trade between allies, while Washington imposes customs duties on steel and aluminum!

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



A car-ram knocked down pedestrians and broke pedestrians for several hundred meters on Monday at midday. A heavy toll: 10 dead and 15 wounded. According to the authorities, the act was deliberate.

"Twenty-five minutes of horror," describes The Globe and Mail.

It was nearly two kilometers when a white van drove down one of the busiest thoroughfares and dragged corpses and wounded behind her at lunchtime.

The white rental van that had been used as a ram was stopped on a sidewalk on a major street in the city surrounded by police vehicles.

" Our thoughts are with all those affected, " Prime Minister Justin told the House of Commons.

"My thoughts are with those who have been struck by this event and with the rescuers," said Mayor John Tory.

The driver, Alek Minassian, was arrested 26 minutes after the start of the crime.

He is 25 years old and from north of Toronto.

His Linkedin page now disabled indicated student status.

He "crushed everything, he destroyed a bench, (...) we can see exactly where he went because of the tire tracks , " CP24 television channel Jamie Eopni told a witness.

"I saw a white van come up on the sidewalk crushing people (...) thrown in the air one by one, and (the driver) driving at a brisk pace," said a second witness, Alex Shaker, to the CTV television channel.

In front of a police officer, the man seems to be holding up an object and asks the officer:

"Shoot me in the head!" He finally gets rid of it, and the policeman manages to stop him and handcuff him without opening the fire. The driver was not armed, the police said.

Ambulances and police vehicles were quickly deployed and the area was cordoned off. .

This part of the Canadian economic capital " will be closed for several days, the investigation will be long with several witnesses to hear and many images of surveillance cameras to watch," said Peter Yuen, Deputy Chief of Toronto Police .

"This tragic event does not represent who we are," said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

In his youth, he attended a high school for students with "special needs," a term used in Canada to designate both students with learning and behavioral difficulties and those with physical disabilities.

There would be no connection to the Public Safety G7 at the same time in Toronto.

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The agglomeration of Victorville (123 000 inhabitants) Californian suffered a strange phenomenon on April 18th:

no less than 150 houses were blocked by the massive arrival of tumbleweeds.

Because of their number, their migrations sometimes look like an invasion.

We know them by looking at the sets of westerns, but these twirling bushes, spherical, pushed by the winds, can also be invasive !!

These bushes, round, dry, run in the streets of the small towns of the western United States, pushed by the hot winds that blow for several days in Colorado and Oklahoma.

There, they are called "tumbleweeds", "twirling" .

This plant grows only in deserts or arid lands. After maturity, these plants stand out from their roots.

Some residents had to appeal to the municipality to come help them "brush off" and they can go home.

Firefighters are called because of potential fire hazards with these "weeds".

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Increased in the negotiations on North Korea, the Japanese Prime Minister is visiting the United States on Tuesday, April 17 for two days.

Donald Trump invited to Mar-a-Lago in the " Winter White House" , Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie, US President Donald Trump left Washington for Florida, heading to Mar-a-Lago .

The two leaders met Tuesday night in the billionaire's golf club, accompanied by his wife Melania Trump - who, rare enough to be stressed, held his hand. In February 2017, just weeks after coming to power, Donald Trump had already received the Japanese couple in Mar-a-Lago.

When they saw each other in 2017, North Korea fired a missile in the middle of dinner. This time, the security situation certainly improves in Northeast Asia but the process places Japan in a position on the sidelines of the diplomatic game. Yet Tokyo has interests to defend including those of his own security that he believes should be prioritized in the meeting scheduled for June between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

But Donald Trump stressed the unity of view of Japan and the United States on this issue promising to raise the issue of the Japanese kidnapped in the 1970s-1980s by agents of Pyongyang "Problems related to North Korea would have had to be solved decades ago, said Donald Trump. I will address the issue of kidnappings, " he said. (following article).

Two important topics will also be on the agenda:

1 ° Japan in the US customs list

2 ° Japan on the security chessboard of North-East Asia

1 ° Japan in the list of US customs

Indeed, the White House did not exempt Japan from the new customs duties it imposed on imports of aluminum and steel, as it did for South Korea or the Union. European. Although the Japanese manufacturers could escape in part this customs tax to the extent that US customers are able to request a waiver for their suppliers of unavailable products on US soil ... On the sidelines of their sixth meeting, Donald Trump not did not hesitate to tweet as usual that Japan was "a country that hurt us for years on the trade".

Mr. Abe's ambition is to return the United States to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free-trade agreement involving 12 Pacific Rim countries that he has continued to carry despite the withdrawal of the United States from day of Mr. Trump's entry into office, and that's normal !.

But the summit just started, the incorrigible Trump wrote on Twitter about the TPP: "Too many constraints and no way out if it does not work. Bilateral agreements are much more efficient, cost-effective and better for our workers. Look at how bad the World Trade Organization is for the United States. "

Yet the United States under pressure could well return to this treaty. Faced with his isolation, returning to the TPP would be a return to the strategy of encircling his predecessor. Quoted by the Washington Post , Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse summed up the position of Republicans in favor of free trade: "The best way to stop cheating China would be to take the leadership of the other eleven Pacific countries that believe in Rule of law and free trade, " he said. Because the TPP contained many favorable clauses in the United States and even resolved some of the Trump administration's grievances against the North American Free Trade Agreement (Alena) with Canada and Mexico, which is being renegotiated. So why not ? Even if Mr. Trump would prefer a bilateral trade treaty ...

2 ° Japan on the security chessboard of North-East Asia

During the negotiations that will open between the United States and North Korea, Abe hopes that Donald Trump will not be content to insist on the abandonment by Pyonyang of its intercontinental ballistic missiles directly threatening the territory - but it will also include the renunciation of intermediate-range missiles, capable of reaching Japan.

Donald Trump about North Korea: "They respect us. We respect them. The time has come to speak, to solve problems. There is a real chance of solving a global problem. This is not a problem for the United States, Japan or any other country, it is a problem for the world. "

According to the Washington Post , CIA boss and next Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang on Easter and met with the North Korean head of state.

Japan fears, however, that Donald Trump is linking security issues to the advancement of trade negotiations: the US military presence in Japan, which Tokyo currently finances to the tune of 70%.

The entourage of the Japanese prime minister has relied on the game of golf. "I hope it will serve to deepen their friendship," said Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide.

Joannes Courbet for DayNewsWorld



Tuesday night at the UN Security Council meeting in emergency Moscow vetoed the US resolution to set up a mechanism to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

Donald Trump warned Russia on Wednesday that missiles would be launched in Syria, while France and the United States have threatened retaliation after the alleged chemical attack in eastern Ghouta that they blame the Syrian regime.

"In the event of a US strike (...), the missiles will be shot down and even the sources from which these missiles come will be targeted," said the same day the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zassipkin, asked about the Hezbollah Al Manar TV channel.

This morning in response to the Russian veto Donald Trump affirmed his determination to send missiles towards Syria. "Get ready, Russia, because they are coming, beautiful, new and 'smart!' You should not associate with an animal that kills with gas, which kills its people and likes that. "

The US president has directly threatened Russia, ally of Bashar al-Assad, on his Twitter account. He added in a second tweet saying that relations with Russia were worse than during the Cold War.

"Our relationship with Russia is worse today than it has ever been, including during the Cold War.

There is no reason for that. Russia needs help with its economy, which should be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race? " Tweeted President Trump.

This new threat from Trump who had already promised on Monday that he would take "a major decision in the next 24 to 48 hours" therefore foreshadows an impending US attack on Syria, in response to the regime's alleged chemical attack. Syrian in Douma.

Moscow, for its part, has always denied any use of chemical weapons and warned the United States against strikes that would have "serious consequences" .

The Russian army has already promised " direct response measures" in case of threat to the lives of Russian soldiers stationed in Syria.

Moscow also promises to shoot down all the missiles fired in Syria and insinuates that Washington wants to "erase the traces of provocations" that Westerners denounce as a chemical weapon attack in the rebel enclave of Duma "by intelligent missile strikes. and inspectors will have nothing to find in terms of evidence . "

US missiles that Donald Trump says he wants to send to Syria must aim "the terrorists" and not the "legitimate government" of Damascus, said Wednesday the Russian diplomacy.

"Smart missiles must fly to terrorists and not to the legitimate government, which has been fighting international terrorism for several years on its territory," spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy Maria Zakharova reacted on Wednesday. .

Syria, for its part, has described the threat of US strikes as a "dangerous escalation".

"We are not surprised by this dangerous escalation from a regime like the one in the United States that has sponsored and is still sponsoring terrorism in Syria," said a source from the Foreign Ministry, quoted by Sana. as a chemical weapon attack in the rebel enclave of Duma.

The relations between Moscow and Washington will never have been so strained since the Cold War ...
Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld



The North Korean leader, after weeks of silence, formalized his willingness to engage in a "dialogue" with Washington. The historic meeting would be held in May or early June at the latest.

Kim Jong Un presented a report to senior single party officials "on the situation on the Korean Peninsula", which clearly referred to "the prospect of dialogue between the United States and the DPRK" (official acronym for Korea north), reported Tuesday the North Korean official agency KCNA. US President announced Monday that his historic meeting with Mr. Kim would be held "In May or early June" . "We will meet them (North Koreans, ed) in May or early June," he told reporters.

Pyongyang, however, did not communicate on a possible discussion with the White House on the denuclearization of the peninsula, sent by a South Korean envoy to Washington.

Kim Jong Un's report also includes the date of the next summit with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, scheduled for April 27, according to KCNA. The North Korean leader "provided a deep analysis and assessment of the current development orientation of North-South relations," according to the agency.

After months of powerful threats between Washington and Pyongyang around the North Korean nuclear program, negotiations are taking place right now for the preparation of this historic summit. On Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal North Korea has confirmed directly with the United States that it was ready to negotiate on denuclearization.

"I think there will be great mutual respect and we hope there will be an agreement on denuclearization at this meeting," said Donald Trump. "We hope that the (new) relationship will be very different from what it has been for many, many years," added the US president.

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The US president promised in his election campaign to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Meanwhile to fight illegal immigration Donald Trump made the decision Thursday, to send "between 2,000 and 4,000" men of the National Guard on the border with Mexico.

US Army Reserve Corps, the National Guard has already intervened at the border in 2010, on the orders of Barack Obama, and in 2006-2008 under George W. Bush. Each time, the deployment lasted around one year. The president indicated that he would probably keep them "or at least a large part" on site until the wall was built.

The Pentagon also said it has set up a "Border Security Support Cell" to coordinate the work of the Ministries of Defense and Homeland Security.

As the National Guard is under the jurisdiction of the governors, the Pentagon will be obliged to cooperate with each of the four American states bordering Mexico for the operation. " The National Guard's efforts will include air assets, engineering, surveillance, communications, maintenance vehicles and logistical support , " Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said earlier.

This could foreshadow a long-term deployment, as the cost of construction is still being "examined" by the White House, acknowledged the President.

This $ 18-billion infrastructure gives the White House tenant almost no funding for the Congressional Budget Review. The latter granted only a tenth of the cost knowing that the Democrats are most reluctant to this project.

On Thursday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto did not fail to reject the "threatening attitudes" and denounce "the lack of respect" of his American counterpart Donald Trump, against a backdrop of increasing tensions on the border between the two countries on the question of migrants.

The relationship between Mexico and the United States "is intense and dynamic, and naturally presents challenges. But these challenges can in no way justify threatening attitudes or disrespect between our two countries, " said the Mexican president.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


In 800 US cities, young students, millions of future voters, have decided to mobilize against the gun policy.

The most important "March For Our Lives" rally was held in Washington. Nearly 800,000 people descended this Saturday on the streets of Washington for a historic gun protest, following the killing of Parkland High School in Florida, which killed 17 people last February.

The children of Parkland, the survivors of the 14 February killings, chose to act denouncing the powerful lobby of the National Rifle Association (NRA), very influential in Congress.

Among them in Washington, Emma Gonzalez, a student rescued from shooting at Parkland, paid a heartbreaking tribute to her missing comrades who lasted 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the duration of the shooting in his high school.

The 9-year-old daughter of Martin Luther King spoke during the march organized by American youth this Saturday against the free movement of arms in the United States.

Inspired by the famous speech of her grandfather, civil rights activist, Yolanda Renee King launched: "I have a dream in which too much is too much. And there should not be weapons in this world. "

They also came with their families to demand and, it is important to emphasize, not a total ban, but a stricter control of weapons such as the prohibition of the sale of assault rifles, such as the one used to the killing of Parkland.

Indeed the right to own a weapon for the American citizen is part of the Constitution (Amendment 2) and the vast majority of Americans are very attached to it.

Many personalities joined this movement of magnitude. George Clooney and his wife went to the Washington rally where singer Ariana Grande was also expected. In New York, former Beatles Paul McCartney, in the crowd, reminded CNN that he had a personal reason to be present: "One of my best friends was shot down not far from here," he said referring to the assassination of John Lennon near Central Park in 1980.

Former Democratic President Barack Obama wrote Saturday on Twitter that "nothing can stand up to millions of voices calling for change."

Remember that the weapons make more than 30 000 deaths per year in the United States and that the schooled youth is sometimes presented as the "mass shooting generation". The most affected by gun death remains the African-American community.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Donald Trump announced this Friday, March 23, the appointment of his new national security advisor, the neoconservative John Bolton, analyst of Fox News. After ephemeral Michael Flynn, forced to resign less than four weeks after Trump's inauguration, and three-star general McMaster, he is the third national security advisor appointed by the US president in 14 months .

A name far from unknown overseas. John Bolton is a popular neoconservator for his tough stance on Iraq or Iran, or even going to war with North Korea. The man is one of the leaders of unilateralist "hawks" within the Republicans, those advocates of the use of force on the international scene.

At 69, John Bolton has a long career behind him. He was one of the leaders of "hawks" - a term given to American neoconservatives - in the administration of George W. Bush. He was his ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006.

Prior to his UN appointment, he held various government positions under the presidency of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.

In the State Department, he was in charge of relations with international organizations (1989-1993). Prior to that, he had worked at the Department of Justice (1985-1989) and the US Agency for Development USAID (1981-1983).

" It's a man who sees any international agreement not as countries working together, but as a loss of American sovereignty and power," said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the non-proliferation program in East Asia at Middlebury Institute.

And this appointment comes at a key moment in the foreign policy of the United States.

Indeed, not only will historical negotiations with North Korea begin in May but also a crucial deadline for the future of the Iranian nuclear deal will take place including this former US Ambassador to the United States. UN is a big slayer.

1 ° Regarding the historical summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un:

As the White House and the State Department prepare a historic and unprecedented summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, by the end of May, the appointment of John Bolton is puzzling. In recent years, John Bolton has continued to advocate a hard line against North Korea . "Bolton has long advocated for pre-emptive military action against North Korea, and his appointment as National Security Advisor is a strong signal that President Trump remains open to this option," said Abraham Denmark, who is responsible for East Asia to the State Department under the presidency of Barack Obama.

2 ° With regard to the Iran agreement:

Moreover, this reshuffle also comes as the US President has given until May 12 to Germany, France and Great Britain, the three European powers signatories of the 2015 agreement on Iran's nuclear, to revise this text, "the worst" of the agreements according to him. "The Iranian nuclear deal was a strategic mistake in 2015. This deal must be repealed and America must shape a new reality that reflects the actions of the Iranian regime , " tweeted Bolton on Jan. 29 ... slayer, it is will have understood from the Iranian agreement. The new security advisor is also among those who plead to "break the Iranian agreement" signed in 2015 by the major powers with Tehran to prevent it from acquiring the nuclear weapon. On this, in agreement with Donald Trump, who also threatens to withdraw if this text is not reinforced. ..

Moreover, the appointment John Bolton comes just ten days after the head of the American diplomacy of the current director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, who is also a "hawk" in favor of a hard line on the Iran. Aaron David Miller, a veteran diplomat who worked in Republican and Democratic administrations, had fun on Thursday: "Courage, Jim Mattis," he said in reference to the Pentagon leader seen by many analysts as the last voice of moderation within the Trump team, particularly on North Korea and Iran.

This appointment, in one of the most strategic positions of the US administration, she augurs a possible change of strategy on the part of the Republican leader on several international files?

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld


I have musical chairs at the White House: again Donald Trump proceeds to a dismissal and two appointments in the high sphere of administration. Donald Trump has decided to thank his Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) Rex Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

"Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. It will do a fantastic job. Thanks to Rex Tillerson, " Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. And it is Gina Haspel who takes the place of Mike Pompéo at the head of the CIA.

Why this new big upheaval in the Trump administration?

Trump wanted to have a new team for negotiations with North Korea, said a senior US official.

Mike Pompeo takes the head of the State Department just days after the announcement of a summit meeting between US President and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Who is Gina Haspel?

Gina Haspel becomes the first woman head of the intelligence agency.A lightning trajectory for this spy named last February deputy director of the famous US intelligence agency.

"Gina is an exemplary spy agent and a dedicated patriot who brings more than 30 years of experience in the agency. She is also an experienced leader with a fantastic ability to do things and inspire those around her, " said Mike Pompeo just over a year ago, when Gina Haspel was named number two of the CIA.

A spy with extensive experience in undercover operations, she joined the agency in 1985 and served in several locations around the world, including London in the late 2000s.

In 2013 she was named head of the CIA's National Underground Service, but had been replaced after only a few weeks. This change would have occurred because of doubts about his responsibility for the setting up after 11 September 2001 of secret prisons abroad where methods assimilated to torture, were used to interrogate the suspects.

According to the Washington Post at the time, she had "run a secret prison in Thailand where the detainees were subjected to simulations of drowning and other ill-treatment . "

The American daily also claimed that Gina Haspel had been involved in the destruction in 2005 of compromising videos on these "intensive interrogation" techniques applied to several detainees in Thailand, alleged members of Al Qaeda.

Her controversial spy spree had already created controversy when she was nominated as CIA No. 2 on February 12, 2017.

Three former CIA directors and other officials, including James Clapper, former director of US intelligence, had given their support to Gina Haspel.

Two Democratic senators, however, had expressed reservations about the nomination in a letter to President Donald Trump. "Her career makes her not suited for this job," said Senators Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich.

"I appreciate Ms. Haspel's many years of service to the CIA, but I want her assurance that she will respect the spirit and the letter of the law," said Mark Warner, a member of the Commission. Senate on Intelligence, in a statement.

The appointment of this woman with a troubled past comes as a certain vagueness reigns over the intentions of the new President Donald Trump on torture. He expressed the view that torture "works" . A blur that is not close to being lifted.

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld



The Obama couple had left the White House after two terms with a host of projects already to come. Writing respectively their memoirs was part of it.

A little more than a year ago, a publication agreement for two books signed respectively by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama had been signed with Penguin Random House for $ 60 million (about $ 48.5 million). euros.

In fact, the memoirs of former US First Lady Michelle Obama will be available worldwide on November 13 in 24 languages. In this book called Becoming , "I talk about my roots, I tell how a girl from the South Side of Chicago found her way and strong enough to train others by her side," said Michelle Obama, quoted in the press release of the Fayard editions, in charge of the French version. And to continue: " Writing Becoming has been a unique personal adventure. The writing of this book allowed me, for the very first time, to take the time to reconsider, without makeup, a course for the least unexpected . In addition to writing his memoirs Barack Obama, for his part, gives lectures at high prices.

And now Barack Obama will soon be producing for Netflix? According to the New York Times, the former US president and his wife Michelle could indeed produce several exclusive programs for the streaming giant. The former tenant of the White House would have been offered a contract by the video platform.

These programs would not be intended as a platform to directly criticize Donald Trump or the Conservatives.

Rather, they would be a forum for enlightening citizens through a series of debates on the themes that have marked its mandate, such as health, the right to vote, foreign policy, climate change and immigration. Michelle Obama would talk about things like nutrition, for example, one of her hobby horses when she was first lady.

Rather than talk about the policy of his successor at the White House, Barack Obama would have suggested highlighting stories of inspiration, says the New York Times.

"President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire others," says Eric Schultz, an advisor to the former president. " Throughout their lives, Obama has highlighted the stories of individuals whose efforts have made the world a better place," he adds. " They want to continue in this direction, including finding new ways to help others share their stories. "

Leaders of Apple and Amazon have also expressed interest in finding an agreement with the Obama ...

According to the New York newspaper, this possible collaboration demonstrates Barack Obama's willingness to "remain engaged in the civic affairs of the nation, although he has carefully avoided direct clashes with Mr. Trump."

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld


President Donald Trump, ignoring repeated warnings from many of his allies,

Leading the European Union, made a sharp protectionist shift on Thursday (March 8th) by taxing imports of steel at 25% and aluminum at 10%.

"I have a promise I made in the field," said Trump. According to him, the United States, would have undergone for decades of commercial practices that he did not hesitate to compare to an "aggression" .

Two neighboring countries are currently spared: Canada, the largest trading partner and largest supplier of steel and aluminum in the United States, as well as Mexico.

The fate of these two countries over the medium term will be linked to the progress of the ongoing renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

These taxes, of 25% on imports of steel and 10% on those of aluminum, will come into effect in fifteen days.

To do this, the White House tenant used section 232 of US trade legislation that relies on national defense arguments to limit the importation of goods and goods into the United States. Why the White House considers the Alena as part of its "economic security" ...

In a tweet, however, Donald Trump spoke of the need to protect the US steel and aluminum industries while demonstrating "great flexibility and cooperation with those who are true friends and treat us fairly in both trade and defense. "