The fashion of this summer is to arrive refreshed while being natural.

But it is not really feasible because we are tired of the year the heat has killed our hair our legs are as white as our buttocks to the it is sure no trace of the shirt but rather the dark circles are out.

Let it be said even on awakening, the " top models " do not look like the pictures of the commercials that we see.

To arrive natural on the beach there is a little work.

Let's start with the head and the body we are going to make a good scrub it is necessary to exfoliate to remove the gray face dead skin to revive the circulation we advise you for the face exfoliating lotion P50 of Biologique Recherche.

And then hydrate a maximum for that argan oil is great.

We are going to finally give a little shape to our face by using hyaluronic acid serum on our forehead every day.

Finally final touch must put the tan on the face and body by spreading well.

We agree: you removed the planet effect of the monkeys and everything is shaved .....

For the nails the colors are forgotten a french manicure on the feet and natural beige on the hands if possible all in semi permanent that lasts a month without retouching.

For the hair a tour at the hairdresser locks or color more cut we will do we have always heard that it is in September that it is necessary to do all that but it is these summer holidays that we will find our prince charming or our real toy sex no ?

The reunion of lovers !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld
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Comment choisir le tracé qui mettre le plus en valeur ton visage, qu’il soit rond, allongé ou carré

La forme et l’épaisseur des sourcils suit aussi des modes. Les années 90 limitaient réduisaient les sourcils à un trait de crayon, comme Pamela Anderson.

Il en est autrement pour nous qui lui préférons plutôt les sourcils fournis et épais de Cara Delevingne.

Le bon réflexe :

Les confier aux mains d’une experte pour une première fois.

°.Sourcils en accent circonflexe pour égayer .

°Sourcils en arrondis pour adoucir un visage carré.

°Sourcils légèrement ailés et remontant sur les tempes au coin externe pour rajeunir.

°Sourcils,un peu « cassés » pour donner du tonus à un visage rond.

Par contre si tu as naturellement une ligne bien dessinée, quelques coups bien placés de pince à épiler suffisent. Attention : 

N'épile surtout pas au-dessus des sourcils pour ne pas briser leur ligne naturelle.

Comment trouver la taille idéale de tes sourcils ? !

Placez un crayon à la verticale contre l’aile de votre nez pour déterminer le début du sourcil : 

il ne doit pas dépasser vers l’intérieur ou commencer plus loin. Épilez ce qui dépasse. 

Placez ensuite le crayon de l’aile du nez au coin externe de l’œil pour définir l’endroit où doit s’arrêter votre sourcil. 

La ligne du crayon délimite ce qui doit être épilé.

Ce qui dépasse alourdit le regard. Le sourcil doit rester plus fourni au coin interne.

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld


You only dream of sun and hot sand for a most scented summer. Some warm fragrances deposited in the hollow of your neck for your summer evenings

Light Blue Sun, Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, (Limited Edition)

This signature Light Blue fragrance is refreshed at the top by a tangy Italian lemon and a Granny Smith apple, and warms up in the background with coconut water, amber and Bourbon vanilla.

Frangipani Flower Cologne, Jo Malone

Ode to the flower of frangipani, this Cologne invites to a walk in the garden of a temple in Bali and recalls the stone heated by the sun. With the scent of jasmine, ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

Light di Gioia, Giorgio Armani

Your skin is caressed by a light touch of bergamot, a generous heart and floral jasmine and gardenia. A feeling of warmth lasts all day thanks to the white musk and the woody notes.

White Sun Water, Tom Ford

White Sun Water is sensual. Here, the sun is invigorating, made of sparkling citrus fruit contrasted by the warmth of the tonka bean, benzoin and sea coconut.

Come on, go ! go !! go !!! On the way, the perfume of your choice !

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



I wanted to share with you a little discovery that changed my beauty routine and allowed me to feel beautiful and sexy in all circumstances: waterproof makeup.

Seriously, it's a revelation !

You know how frustrating it can be to spend time doing your makeup in the morning, only to have all that work ruined by rain, sweat, or even a small emotional tear. With waterproof makeup, this problem is a thing of the past. 

Whether it's a bold eyeliner, a mascara that gives dreamy lashes, or a lipstick that stays flawless even after a meal, these products are precious allies.

Imagine yourself swimming at the pool or dancing the night away without fear of touch-ups. Waterproof makeup ensures your look stays intact, no matter the conditions. It's a real confidence boost, especially during special occasions like weddings or summer evenings where you want to stay fresh and radiant from start to finish.

In addition, today there are a multitude of products that combine fit and comfort. Formulas are often enriched with nourishing ingredients, so no need to sacrifice the health of our skin or eyelashes for good looks.

I especially loved trying waterproof eyeshadows that don't crease and waterproof foundations that provide flawless coverage all day long.

For an even sexier effect, don't hesitate to add a touch of waterproof highlighter for an irresistible glow.

And of course, don't forget makeup removal! Choose a good makeup remover specific to waterproof products in order to take care of your skin and clean well without excessive rubbing.

The anti-slip

How does a formula resist water ?

It resists water thanks to its pigments which are coated in a fatty substance.

Hence the need to use gloss and powders with a creamy finish.

But ban all silicone bases, this molecule causes anything to slide on it.


You know that underwater 60% of UVB and 80% of UVA are present.

So you need protection with an SPF in the form of an oil to strengthen the hold of your makeup.

The oily texture pencil

Everything must be worked with pencil with its super tenacious oily texture.

Come on, let's carefully line our lips then apply the gloss.

Then flat areas on the eyelids.

And why not make little stars around the eyes to highlight the complexion.

Of course those in a hurry can use waterproof directly !

But only on ultra dry skin. The manicure

Beautiful from head to toe !

We anoint our lacquered nails with nourishing oil and say goodbye to small cracks !

So girls, if you haven't tried waterproof makeup yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

You'll love that feeling of freedom and confidence knowing your makeup stays flawless, no matter what. Give it a try and share your thoughts with me, I can't wait to hear what you think!

So ready !

Yes !

Ready to jump into the water and come out like a goddess that all men fall for !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



But why some skins do not hold perfume and some yes ?

You may have never calculated it but the skin is alive, it breathes, it sweats, it is even acid sometimes.

That's what leads us to say "this perfume is better than me".

The final scent is not the same as on the perfume paper strip or your best friend.

The lucky ones have a skin that makes the perfume last while others have an epidermis that does not hold it.

How to smell good all day ?

Your skin does not retain the scent ?

Perfume_you elsewhere on your body.

Have you noticed how the hair feels cold tobacco a day after night ?

This is because they absorb and retain the smells perfectly.

Its conditioning and composition allow it to hold much longer on the skin.

One or two pschitt of perfume in your hair and you're sure to smell good all day. Be careful not to use scented hair products before spraying.

Be careful not to spray perfume on light clothing or you'll try to stain it

And if you had a solid perfume ?

a very concentrated fragrance presented in the form of a wax.

To perfume, warm a dab of product in your hands and apply it.
The disadvantage ?
Its price is often excessive.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


To face this season and arrive at the radiant summer a few steps are essential.

During the winter the skin has thickened from where you have to chase the toxins gently.

Already we will do the spring cleaning from the inside.

1 ° Take each morning a glass of hot water with a lemon juice.

2 ° We will remove this veil of dull complexion by doing a cleansing of skin which will revitalize your cells and your blood circulation. You have an effective trait '' Clay Pure Purifying Cleansing Gel Of L'Oreal ''. By posing it we try to drain manually. Know that your physiotherapist can also drain your face thanks to his Cellule M6 machine. Your circulation will get back in shape.

3 ° .Pause a moisturizing mask you find very good at Marionnaud or Sephora. Another solution is to make a homemade mask: mix a half of very ripe avocado with a teaspoon of honey. Leave for 10 minutes.

4 ° For your day cream use a light anti uva fluid (in La Roche-Posay Anhelios pharmacy) (DayWear D'Estée Lauder cream) and a little secret to add a little self-tanner.

5 ° In the evening take richer creams to moisturize like the traditional blue box Nivéa.

Finally if you really want to really have a bright face go to your dermatologist and ask -the two three hyaluronic acid punctures at the corner of the lips of the eyes and then if the fatigue is felt on the forehead a sting of botox.

You must suffer to be beautiful.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


The e-containment allows us to rejuvenate.

And yes thank you for teleworking !

Well we are getting fat a bit, of course, because our best friend is the refrigerator and the cupboards.

But do not panic, the surgical clinics have remained open.

Hence a little liposuction over there over here and voila.

You can also have a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Easier small bites on the forehead from botox or hyaluronic acid.

But if not here is the new fad to remove your wrinkles here is the secret.

This ritual is to be done at least for a month either in the morning or in the evening or when you have the courage.

First with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil to remove makeup.

Then rinse the face with hot water and dry it, finally remove make-up with micelar water.

Then rinse her face again with ice water, then day cream and night cream serum and the ritual is over.

With these gestures your face will be smoother and you will gain five years.

Towards the bathroom, I will begin my ritual.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


First get a manicure for this either you go to a nail bar or at home.

Remember grandmother's recipes:

they are effective and remarkable.

For yellow nails, there's nothing better than soaking the varnish-free nails in a bowl of warm, lemony water for a good 10 minutes.

Guaranteed effect.

Are your nails breaking ?

THEN dip them in olive oil otherwise buy hardener found in the supermarket or pharmacy (the best is the hardener from Mavala). Oh you bite your nails ?!

So go to the pharmacy where you can find the best tangy products but above all the best thing is to spot the moments when you compulsively chew them and analyze the cause of this nasty habit.

And think of the photos in our article with all the pretty nails that you would love to have. Otherwise in the nail bars that you find everywhere you even have a manicure for a bluff effect for thirty euros.

Already with sufficient length apply permanent varnish, you will have impeccable nails for three weeks. Adding a drawing sometimes. The only problem: you have to go back to their place to remove it. If you are short on length we can give you false nails which are capsules or gel which looks more natural.

And there for the spring-summer season we can have designs on French manicure nails in the nail bar.

Big news that we are starting to notice on American stars.

It's the Flip Manicure: one color on the back of your nails and another color on top.

Like for example glittery blue on top and red below it can be nice even for Valentine's Day in February !

Phenomenon copied from a famous Louboutin shoe.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



How to dress for the big night on Valentine's Day?
It all depends on whether that Valentine's Day invites you to the restaurant or if you are having a romantic dinner at home.
For the restaurant try that night even if you do not really have the habit of putting on a pretty black dress or skirt for this occasion let the traditional pants or worst jeans' that are not very feminine.

For Valentine's Day it is essential to have a red accessory.
If possible, make red nails and put on red lipstick, get well done a good makeup woman well capped changes everything. Surprise your Valentine and honor him because he thought of you.

Especially do not forget with the skirt or the dress not to put tights tummy dish even if it clears the morning croissants and the nun at the cafe, bet on the dim up it's sexier with lingerie.

And if you feel it coming back from the restaurant stop under a porch or in the car and for once take things in hand.

And yes a little spice in the couple it feels good.

In addition I am sure that your half will strut the next day in front of his friends and you will have the honor to be the best Valentine.

Because know that these gentlemen do not talk about work between them but sex too.
If you stay at home a little lighter outfit and also nice and provocative enough.

A nice black kimono hot lingerie with a thong and garter belt not to mention the famous heels.

You can also put under your kimono caches nipple shaped red heart that is easily found in lingerie shops like at Aubade, Agent Provocateur with a panties with slot on the internet there are full.
Otherwise also what is very cute is to dress with a little disguise that you find in sex shops or on the internet as the site concords and hop you become a police nurse etc ...

For a Valentine my advice is to smear the body of a scented cream and I say everywhere and finish by putting a few drops of perfume on your upper breasts legs and finally in your neck.
Happy Valentine's Day

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


We are going to bring them up to date, a little fashionable, with argan oil, which is making a strong comeback this year.

Maybe argan will make you a making off holiday.

Summer has dried out our hair and bleached it.

The blondes have become green with a curly surfer look, the browns have lightened up there however it's pretty it gives a bit of highlights.

So first you have to go to a hairdresser as quickly as possible to just have the ends cut; another cut will be done in November. Enjoy your longer hair a little longer.

Then you get down to business and with each wash I shout loud and clear, with each wash you are going to take a little time not for your lover but for your hair.

Let's not forget that Sissi, to maintain her silky hair, gave herself a hundred strokes of the hairbrush every morning and evening to dust it off and make it neat.

So an hour before washing your hair you must hydrate it as much as possible to give it tone and this will shape it at the same time.

Put argan oil on the ends then wash your hair with a keratin-based shampoo. If you don't have argan oil, olive oil can do the trick.

In addition, the day you have time you are going to cook for your hair no I'm kidding you are going to make yourself a homemade hair mask: for this put in a bowl an egg yolk two tablespoons of honey and four tablespoons argan oil soup mix well apply to your hair then leave for an hour, after shampooing gently.

Try using a conditioner or blow-dry mist to prevent hair from drying out.

For the color wait fifteen days.

With all this you will find the hair of a lioness.......!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld
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Quelques petites astuces à exploiter.

Le shampooing sec

Les cheveux un peu gras ? 

On a pas le temps de les laver. Qu'a cela ne tienne. On a la solution miracle : le shampoing sec. 

En spray ou en poudre. Quelques minutes d'application sur les cheveux et on retrouve une chevelure facile à démêler, soyeuse avec un fini brillant , même si on n'a pas eu Mais mieux vaut ne l'utiliser qu'une seule fois entre deux lavages.

Le gel douche surgras

On sort de la douche la peau toute douce. Plus de temps à perdre à appliquer une crème hydratante. Le gel douche surgras, enrichi en huile a déjà déposé un film protecteur sur la peau.

Le blush lèvres et joues

Une idée géniale : le blush lèvres et joues en un ! Un gain de temps considérable pour les pressées du matin .Pas besoin de farfouiller en urgence dans sa coiffeuse. En liquide ou en stick ce blush révolutionnaire s'appliquent aussi bien sur les lèvres que sur les joues. De quoi se faire de jolies pommettes et des lèvres rosées en deux temps trois mouvements !

La brosse lissante ou un lisseur

Tout dépend de votre dextérité. Avec la brosse chauffante on discipline facilement la chevelure et un brushing rapidement est rapidement exécuté, tout en démêlant. On peut choisir la température afin de l'adapter à notre nature du cheveu.

Avec le lisseur on obtiendra certes un rendu plus sophistiqué mais mieux vaut l'avoir bien en main.

Les faux-cils magnétiques

C'est la marque américaine OneTwoLash qui a fait cette trouvaille géniale.Ce sont les seuls que l'on trouve pour l'instant sur le marché. Enfin finie la galère des faux-cils à colle ou l'on s'en met plus souvent sur le doigt que sur la paupière. Grâce au système magnétique les faux cils s'appliquent avec une facilité déconcertante . Yeux de biches garantis ! À partir de 50 €, en pré-commande seulement.

L'éponge Beauty Blender

'C'est une éponge en mousse en forme de goutte d'eau.Avec on applique le fond de teint et/ou toutes les textures liquides (blush, illuminateur) sans faire de vilaines traces de doigts. Surtout ne pas oublier de nettoyer l'éponge au moins une fois par semaine !

La CC crème

La CC unifie et hydrate le teint en apportant une protection solaire assez élevée. Impeccable pour les matins où l'on n'a pas le temps de se maquiller et le teint ne paraît pas nu .

L'accélérateur de séchage pour ongles

On le trouve sous forme de top coat ou de spray . l'accélérateur de séchage pénètre rapidement dans toutes les couches du vernis : en dix minutes au plus vos ongles sont parfaitement secs.

L'inséparable donut à cheveux

Qui n'a pas son petit donut qui traîne dans la salle de bain ? 

Une crinière indomptable ce matin !,  pas envie d'utiliser le lisseur ?. 

Alors on fait une queue de cheval, on la passe dans le donut.

Ensuite, on enroule les longueurs autour.

On attache avec un élastique discret et l'on dompte les quelques mèches qui pourraient laisser découvrir le donut avec un peu de laque à 20 cm des cheveux. 

En quelques gestes, nous voilà coiffée !

Kate White pour DayNewsWorld


You post a buxom 28A !.

Is having a small breast complexing ?

No: make it a strength and assume!

The positives and negatives :

For the former, you don't suffer from back pain, pain during a race, you can walk for whole days without a bra...

For the latter, hard to find a 28A !

Then you turn to H&M !

It's up to lingerie brands to stick to these small sizes !

Key moment : you find yourself for the first time in the dark in a bed with your boyfriend.

Hi ! hey !! your boyfriend doesn't care about having to deal with a 35D or a 28A !!!


Finally, the chest measurement is far from being as important as we would have us believe. Goodbye Nabila and Bella Habib !

NO your boyfriend is not going to leave you because you do not go beyond cup A.

If he dares to make you a reflection, LEAVE !!

Because there are many guys who don't care about your chest size !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld
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"Cléopâtre ne jurait que par l’huile de ricin ou  " castor oil  " Pourquoi ?

Ses vertus pour la peau et les ongles , une belle frange de cils et une ligne de sourcils naturellement fournie cette huile est incontournable.

Sur tes ongles également.

Et pour tes cheveux cassants, rêches par l'effet du soleil, du sel de la mer – eh oui les vacances s'estompent ! une merveille !!

L’huile de ricin ?

Le ricin c'est une plante dont les piquants des fruits rouges ou verts abritent des graines riches en huile. Pressées à froid, les graines libèrent un liquide à la densité particulièrement visqueuse et aux vertus adoucissantes, cicatrisantes et purifiantes.

Tu comprends maintenant pourquoi elle ne peut qu'embellir ta crinière.

En masque :

Applique sur tes cheveux secs, fourchus et ternes généreusement de l'huile de ricin et patiente une petite demi heure avant de les laver soigneusement. Ta chevelure sera régénérée, belle, brillante à faire pâlir tes amies.

En sérum :

Tous les soirs tu en mets délicatement sur les cils se trouvent qui se trouveront plus longs et plus fournis.

L’huile de ricin mélangée à d’autres huiles !

Pourquoi ne pas l’associer à d’autres huiles essentielles ou végétales.

Avec l’ huile de coco ou l’huile d’argan, elle décuple ses bienfaits sur notre crinière.

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld



Yes ! throw yourself in the water with your face all makeup finished for an aquatic selfie.

The non-slip

How does a formula resist water ?

It resists water thanks to its pigments which are coated in a fatty substance.

Hence the need to use gloss and powders with a creamy finish.

But banish all silicone bases, this molecule dragging what would like to get on it.

The waterproofing agent

You know that under water 60% of UVB and 80% of UVA are invited. So you need protection with an SPF in the form of an oil to strengthen the hold of the make-up.

Oily-textured pencil

Everything has to be worked in pencil with its super tenacious greasy texture.

Come on, we conscientiously outline the lips and then apply the gloss.

Then flat areas on the eyelids.

And why not make small stars around the eyes to constellate the complexion.

Of course those in a hurry can use waterproof directly !

But only on ultra dry skin.

The manicure

Beautiful from head to toe !

We anoint her lacquered nails with nourishing oil and say goodbye to small cracks !

Ready to jump into the water to come out like a goddess on which all men crack !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


How to have a peach complexion in the morning ?

And not having drawn features and suitcases under your eyes when you wake up enough to shoot a six-foot-long mine in your mirror ! Banish difficult mornings with a few essential evening rituals.

Before going to bed you have to go through the make-up removal box!

Go no excuse not to take cotton, wipe and cleansing lotion. We're not talking about an exhausting day at work or a crazy evening with your crush of the year, the make-up removal box in the bathroom is mandatory for hunting down impurities !

Make a new look

We apply on her freshly cleansed skin a lotion which tones the skin while avoiding the eye contour, then a night cream and why not an eye contour serum. And now your skin is well hydrated for the night.

So far, nothing extraordinary, just super banal, will you retort ?

Yes, but have you thought about the small facial massage in the evening ?

No, of course, we are in too much of a hurry to slip under the duvet. Go a little more effort.

Do a little facial massage.

This is the infallible technique for not looking dug up early in the morning.

It decongests the skin while being effective in evacuating toxins

So no more hesitation, let's get started.

When applying your night cream, you pinch the skin quite firmly between your thumb and index finger, reproducing the movement centimeter by centimeter on each side of the face with both hands.

Repeat the exercise from the cheekbones towards the temples, from the mouth towards the ears, from the chin towards the jaw and finally from the chin towards the birth of the neck.

The guarantee of a peachy complexion the next day.

Evening food hygiene.

It is better to avoid all foods that are too fatty and bet on a good plate of vegetables with a portion of starch so as not to be peckish in the evening.

And above all, beware of snacking before going to bed !

Sleep the sleep of the wise.

Adopt regular schedules and listen to your biological clock:

from the first yawns your body signals its fatigue. Restorative sleep lasts between 6 and 9 hours depending on the person.

Addicted to your screen, you certainly are, so turn it off for a good half hour before falling into the arms of Morpheus

And by following all these little tips you will be on top when you wake up  !!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



To wear perfume is to reveal a little piece of yourself by showing yourself in your true light.

So choose the fragrance that suits you because your trail will leave an indelible mark of your identity .

This is therefore the first determining step.

Go to a perfumery in good company likely to advise you well !

Or seek advice from a saleswoman, she knows her business well.

Warning: the final scent is not the same on the strip of paper from the perfumery or on your buddy as it is on your skin...

But this is not the only step! To wear good perfume, spraying the fragrance in the right place is essential!

Your perfume must exhale all its aromas!!!

°The perfume sprayed on the skin

Of course, your epidermis is the best physical support. It will sublimate the scents of your fragrance but specific areas are to be preferred:

the famous pulse points, i.e. the parts of the body where the heat is concentrated such as the neck, the nape of the neck, the ankles, behind the ears, the neckline or the wrists.

Finally, the hair can also be a privileged place.

Ah! cool to feel beautiful with her perfume. You love !!!

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Here comes the summer. You can have fun playing with colors. Everything is allowed goodbye black. We start with the complexion that we illuminate by playing with a mirror effect.

How ?
Here is the trick of the Dior make-up artist from the summer show, silence is an undisclosed secret

Take a gold or pink or iridescent champagne foundation then put some in your palm, put a few drops of sweet almond oil, mix.

With your finger or brush apply a little of our mixture on the bridge of the nose, on the eyelid in a thick layer and finally lightly on the cheekbones.

There already you have the beginning of a holiday look but let's continue it's not over.

You can find it fluid at Dior, Gemay, the L'Oréal brand, sculpt bronze bourgeois. You can combine a little glitter without exaggerating so as not to look like a clown. Let's move on to the eyes, the palettes are for the summer neon pink green take them in water-proff we break them in broad strokes a bit like the features of Indians.

To enhance the look we will put electric blue mascara for the most fashionable neon pink, yellow. You can find this make-up almost everywhere. The yellow and pink mac mascara is very nice, makes long eyelashes.

For the mouth we will avoid the red to stay on the natural like a light rosé a shiny transparent an orange

Go have fun at Sephora, Monoprix among others and come and dance on the tropical sunlihts !!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


Little sweet word for my buttocks of my love handles of my coated thighs.

Winter is over and here I see the time when I will have to put myself in a swimsuit.

Certainly this year is the fashion of one-piece swimsuits. So I can stay there and continue to eat my morning croissants my cakes 2 hours and my little chocolate in the evening in front of the television without forgetting my coke and chips.

But no ! I decided to come and dislodge the fat and fight these few extra pounds! Yes I will put my little swimsuit and the little flowered skirt last year that went so well and we have a whole where we can not even close the closing. My physiotherapist calls this the test garment.

Yes, here we go, here are some tips.

First Mr. Belly Myths Buttocks Hand Grips And Thighs you will no longer receive your daily dose the bad food. We are going to forget all the fatty foods all the biscuits all the junk we are taking. We will write and make a list of what is not good for our organization.

Once the list is written we will hang it over our sink in the bathroom like that every time we wash our teeth we see it, take a picture and put it in the background. Why on our phone because we will always have the list before our eyes the list of foods to ban.

We will do a month of detox.

Personally I'm going on the detox month, I'm Rocky control kilo.

Arrived in summer there is always in pharmacy full of products to help you refine. You can take draining products like Anaca 3 Drainer. Or the latest fashion burner is from Forte Pharma the Xtra Slim 700 there is the famous Konjac plant and you will have the right to a little book coach.

Here are the meals to follow for a month.

We eliminate all that is starchy cheese oil butter fresh cream bread.

For the morning snack an elongated coffee or tea without sugar and two rusks with a little jam.

For lunch choose white meat fish cooked without fat or two boiled eggs. Accompaniment of all the vegetables that one wants and the quantity that one needs to be satiated but especially with a cooking steam.

For dessert a fruit.

For dinner dinner will be only vegetables with a yoghurt at 0%.

If during the day we feel a little hollow we have the right to eat green apple a handful of almonds.

By cons the important and SECRET is to drink a glass of water every hour but not any water that we will manufacture.

You will buy a cucumber and fresh mint leaves. Remove the skin of the cucumbers cut in small strips clean the mint and put all in a glass bottle with water in the fridge let infuse a few hours and recover this water this mixture is valid for two days.
Thanks to my water I see my little can melt and my love handles disappear do not worry and my thighs will follow the same path.
I say goodbye and go in September to round up again.
As soon as I can I walk for half an hour at least walking a day and every time we walk our mind think I'm carving my new silhouette.

I leave you I will choose my two-piece jersey !!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


You want to have pretty nails, no mystery, you have to maintain them. After the manicure of the feet it is the turn of the one of the hand. At home, 4 stages are enough to obtain perfect nails.

1 ° It is the moment to use its file to give a rounded or square aspect.

The trick?

File always remaining parallel to the nails and do not go back and not damage the keratin.

2 ° For square nails, lightly file on the side to round.

For a more rounded finish, this time, we must linger on the edges to accentuate the curve.

In a solution based on repairing or moisturizing oil, the fingertips are plunged to soften the cuticles before repelling them with a boxwood stick.

3 ° It is also the moment to take a polisher, one smooths the surface of the nails to make them shine and facilitate the application of the varnish.

4 ° Finally we apply a varnish base coat to protect and strengthen the nails.

A beautiful manicure is a sign of health and elegance.

Once the manicure is over, we can finally give way to his creativity and apply the varnish of his choice.

In summer, we prefer pastel and flashy tones (coral, lagoon blue or water green). In winter, we calm the game with more discreet colors (nude, burgundy, gray, bottle green ...).

Natural products enthusiasts can now opt for varnishes whose formulas contain less chemical components (the latter have been replaced by potato starch, corn ...), reputed to be more respectful of the nail. .

And to be "beauty trend of the summer", we adopt the manicure of this spring-summer which comes in multicolored colors:

the rainbow manicure. It is furious across the Atlantic. Two trends: one that mixes parma, khaki, navy blue and sunflower yellow, and one that opts for a more subtle gradient, made in a shades of shades.

The nail artist Betina Goldstein, American jewelry designer, has declined her art on the nails of Amber Valletta, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway. On Instagram, she publishes daily her nail creations....

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


Avocado, banana, cucumber: our kitchen cupboards are full of ingredients to make your own hydrating face mask. Here is a small overview of these economical and 100% natural facial treatments.

A few bananas, a jar of honey, eggs or olive oil, you don't need more ingredients to make a quick, economical and natural face mask.

Attention, remove makeup before application carefully to promote the penetration of the moisturizing properties of the treatment. These homemade treatments are composed of natural ingredients and without preservatives. Do not wait too long before using them.

The hydrating power of cucumber

A key ingredient in Alicia Keys' skincare routine, the cucumber, made up of more than 90% water, contains antioxidant and hydrating benefits that are very effective in fighting dry skin and dull complexion.

Leave on for twenty minutes then rinse with warm water.

A banana and avocado mask

Avocado and banana are two fruits particularly known for their moisturizing properties. The fatty acids from avocado and vitamins B, C and E from bananas will nourish and soften the skin. Mix a whole avocado with half a banana and leave the mask on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

You can also add a tablespoon of honey, an ingredient known for its soothing and healing effect.

An egg face mask

Egg yolk contains effective moisturizing properties to nourish and restore radiance to dry skin. Do not apply the mixture alone on your face. By drying it will form a kind of crust which is particularly difficult to remove, especially at the eyebrows. To avoid this inconvenience, dilute two egg yolks with a vegetable oil like argan oil for example. The texture will be more oily and the nourishing virtues of the oil will reinforce the hydrating effect of this homemade mask.

Honey and olive oil to soothe the skin

The moisturizing and soothing virtues of olive oil, combined with the antibacterial and healing properties of honey will nourish and soften the skin.

Mix four tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of olive oil and apply for 20 minutes on your skin before rinsing off with warm water. You can also heat the mixture slightly in a double boiler or microwave. The heat will open the pores of the skin and penetrate deeper into the moisturizing active ingredients.

Green tea and honey for a radiant complexion

Your green tea bag once brewed can also be reused in a skincare routine. The antioxidant properties of green tea will protect the skin from skin aging. Open your tea bag and mix its contents with a few spoons of honey. Enough for the mixture to become pasty enough to spread and hold on your face. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Long live natural beauty !!!

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


Well, let's make spring resolutions.

After the detox of the wardrobe, we are going to get down to the detox of our compressed body under the down jackets this winter and the boots !

How about starting with the feet ?

Strange idea and yet they need it !!

So the first piece of advice is to massage them every evening for 10 to 15 seconds with a moisturizer while pulling our toes. It is necessary to massage the posterior heel, the anterior, the toes….

If you can feel "grains" it is the density of fat that can be worked to reinflate the fat pads like a pillow.

Of course we choose a very moisturizing cream because the skin on the feet is thick: seven times thicker than on the face!

An essential treatment is also exfoliation.

Again the advice is to rub, pinch and massage.

When you erase, you moisturize the foot well with water to remove dead skin.

Watch out for your fragile feet.

They should not be erased dry at the risk of attacking the skin which will then become horny...and will cease to be elastic.

Another important tip. Leave your cuticles alone, neither cut them nor push them.

They prevent bacteria from going under the skin at the risk of inflammation, dilated blood vessels and deformation of the nail. So they need to be fed.

Let's come to the cut of the nails. Neither too square nor too round. Never cut too deep in the furrows to avoid ingrown toenails.

And you can file them regularly with glass files to avoid having to cut them.

And a little pedicure trick: you can cover your foot with talc, talc protecting against compression

Go with these pro tips we can put on our spring shoes and start on the right foot.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


Walk around with a mask without looking like a pie

First the hair a nice cut the square is de rigueur with the mask because long hair with the elastic is not top.

Besides all the different franchises as Jacques Dessange Jean Louis David understood.

Hence the square cut is done either plunging or on straight hair or in wave to give a summer taste of lightness.

For the hair it's done.

In addition we will give everything on the make-up of the eyes the mascara must be passed in at least three layers of the concealer to look rested.

For once we ask you to make an exception on the clothes try to match them with the color of your masks ...

Wear your masks

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


On your marks before the pre-deconfining

It quickly arrives at your marks, let's go.

First we rush in front of a mirror and you look naked naked when you wake up without makeup. I'm not doing this to demoralize you but to make you move. So what does a Boterro painting give first answer. And you whale good no problem we are all equal no jealous it is rare to have been able to become the playmate of the month.

No Elia adds that she is Tarzan's mother, that is to say that she looks like the woman from the planet of the apes. How yes it has braids at the armpits a nice lawn at the level of the golden triangle and on the legs the lawn of Versailles. So there I shout no no to help no more possible no portable pants where we manage to enter a hamster hair neither cut nor color rotten nails. May the force be with you .Go high, go to the scales. I don't need to know it's a secret of confinement, moreover, politicians don't tell us everything, so we too have the right to have our little secrets.

Quick resolutions and miracle cures then it is out of the question to have hair so exceptionally even if you are used to seeing Brigitte your beautician I authorize you on behalf of women freed from pussy to use the big means you poke the razor to your man and you shave in the shower the legs the underarms plus the pretty kitty who feels all tight in the lace thong. Or another solution you buy yourself depilatory cream or for the more courageous strips of disposable cold wax and we quickly get rid of this unsightly point.

Second easy point on the nails so we file and in front of its series we put varnish on the hands and feet with bright red or coral or beige seasonal colors with glitter of turquoise from yellow

Magic potion of your choice for your little belly, boil water and then put cinnamon or ginger in it, cook for ten minutes and then drink it until the end. To make absolutely liters of our magic potion is first an appetite suppressant effect and two it helps to lose weight. In addition to two meals a week to make a mega plate of asparagus another day of artichoke in wartime great means. The balance after four days will make you smile again. On a balcony or in a garden on a sunny day, sunbathing in the spring is always more effective.

The other important thing is to mark your territory. What territory that of your man and yours. You have to exhaust yourself sexually so drink squeezed oranges eat kiwis and take out your nicest negligees. Yes minimum kiss your partner three times a day and in addition it will help the diet because making love makes you lose weight. Last week take the tigress out of your body claws in the back hickeys in the neck on the arms. Like that if Monsieur has a mistress he cannot say that he has made a separate bed. And if he doesn't have one then he won't be able to complain to his colleagues for bothering you.

For the hair patiently wait for your hairdresser not to have the idea of ​​cutting them or making a color so adopt the buns, the ponytails and the band around the hair in the Grace Kelly way to hide the roots.

I leave you I will take my magic cinnamon.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


Change of haircuts for the winter.

The hit for your hair this winter is the bangs.

This can be a straight or gradient fringe.

The gradient has an advantage is that the day you pull your hair your bangs you can camouflage with bars on the side.

Jennifer (The voice) adopted it.

Then it's the end of the blond for the most beautiful example of the châten Gigi Hadid or honeys like Kate Middleton.

The square is de rigueur cut cut it will give tone to your hair for the summer especially in November because the hair at this time always fall.

Put yourself in the Italian fashion as Monica Belluci who will always surprise us or like Celine Dion.

And if it takes you to have long hair for the holidays the barrettes additions are top the Americans use them a lot like Rihanna or Kim Kardarshian.

So head to the hairdresser send us the before after


Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


The new trend is the shag hairstyle.

Straight landed in the 1970s, the hairstyle "shag" is on everyone's head.

If early in the year the "long bob" and the triple buns were among the most popular hairstyles of 2019 it has been supplanted by the cut "shag".

What does this word mean?

It is the diminutive of the English term "shaggy" which means "in battle", "hirsute" or "bushy".

This hairstyle was created by a hairdresser named Paul McGregor in the 1970s, it is characterized by different lengths that frame the face with the base of this hairstyle gradient.

A hairstyle that is often worn in the middle with a curtain fringe. Do you know of another hairstyle that is so flippant and so easy to make?

Because yes, this hair-tousled does not ask to drag on in his bathroom in the morning. On the contrary.

Obviously the curly manes are really advantageous!

But it can also be worn on smooth hair previously ruffled with a Spray volume.

His little casual side, a bit bohemian, a bit wild plunges us into the years Hippie.

A hairstyle for an undeniable beauty adopted happily by the English model Alexa Chung, superga solar, or Natasha Lyonne the heroine of Netflix series "Russian Doll".

Come on, it's up to you to play the muses !!!

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


Exit the traditional bun and a little too much seen "messy bun".

Now, the bun is worn overlay and three!

Discover the new hairdressing trend that has been bugging Instagram since the Duchess of Sussex brought it to the spotlight.

A bold way to wear the bun in all circumstances!

And to go out at night ...

Place the triple bun !!

First, make sure to crimp the hair to maximize the voluminous effect

Then we divide the hair into three parts and form three messy buns or three elegant mini-buns that are superimposed over the neck ...

A choice !!!

We finalize by texturing the buns.

Pressed but eager to appear a bit primed, we love it !

So much for our falsely neglected chignon !

Emily Jackson  for DayNewsWorld


At the vegetarian vegetarian vegan time we can ask ourselves make-up or not make-up such is the question?

Logically maybe we should stay natural without making up. like the stars.

On Instagram, celebrities show their faces naturally.

This is how we see Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Laury Thilleman, Blake Lively, Cindy Crawford ...

But be careful there is natural and natural.

That is to say, ok for the natural but always having well-drawn eyebrows, absolutely remove the mustache between the nose and the lip for the brunettes because the brunettes do not count for plums.

It's gone Mia and her girlfriends are natural.

First benefit we gain half an hour of sleep, life without makeup is too good.

We no longer need to be careful when we put on our red blouse and for some reason we decide to put on a white blouse plus trace of make-up on the awesome necks no.

Small detail we lose ten minutes to tell us in front of the mirror mirror tell me who is the most beautiful, he replied that it is forcing us otherwise without makeup we are more natural, we love ourselves naturally.

We are also convinced that men like women without makeup it's true the fatal red on the lips it's a little cliché nowadays!

We are revolutionary why Sephora and Marionnaud and all these brands Chanel Yves Saint Laurent continue to advertise us for makeup abba make-up.

Then a week passes after this new revolution we give ourselves all appointment for a brunch: yes to the make-up or not?

Results of the races personally when I arrived at the office without make-up my colleague asked me if I had a gastro because I was so white ...

I told him no, I just did not put powder.

She answered me kindly take mine because really you scare me to see.
There the girlfriends laughed.

Another told us about her date without a make-up. The future ex at dinner asked her four times if she was cold.

Then, going to the bathroom, she noticed that her lips were purple by the tannin of the wine.
Daniela immediately spoke saying me worse than you girls.

I was in the office with my boss who asked me if I did not have a food allergy. I asked him why he answered me because you have pimples on the forehead.

And yes in the feminine period I hide them with beige buttons cache plus baby cream on it is operation camouflage.

From where I told him that it must be sushi !!

From where we notice by discussing that we are maybe Vegan mode, gluten free but we are at the Make-Up. We are all working girls who love makeup.
And here I notice that we are Sunday and we are all makeup. There, Clotilde throws us girls that tells you a trip Sephora.
A Yes sounds ... Long live the Make-Up.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


Cleopatra swore by castor oil or "Beaver oil" . Why ?

Its virtues for the skin and the nails, a beautiful fringe of eyelashes and a line of eyebrows naturally provided this oil is unavoidable.

And for your brittle hair, rough by the effect of the sun, salt of the sea - yes the holidays are fading! - a wonder !

Castor oil ?

The castor is a plant whose quills of red or green fruits shelter seeds rich in oil.

Pressed cold, the seeds release a liquid with a particularly viscous density and with softening, healing and purifying virtues.

You understand now why she can only beautify your mane.

In mask:

Apply on your dry, forked and dull hair generously castor oil and wait a half hour before washing them thoroughly. Your hair will be regenerated, beautiful, brilliant to make your friends pale.

In serum:

Every night you put them gently on your eyelashes, which will be longer and longer.

On your nails too.

Castor oil mixed with other oils

Why not combine it with other essential or vegetable oils.

With coconut oil or argan oil, it boosts its benefits on our mane.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld.


The winter has arrived it is not for all that we must forget to pamper his face.

The epidermis of our skin is more weakened during the winter because of the temperature drops. In addition we arrive at parties and generally we do more food excess.

The skin with the cold undergoes aggressions that imply dryness, redness, sensitivity.

First, you must always remove your makeup.

So let's change our habits!

We give up our Micellar water.

We replace it with a cleansing milk or a cleansing oil simply because it is a little fatter.


Progressive Carita, very pleasant, foam so I advise you to apply it by performing small circles with the fingertips: a real small massage!

There is also the extraordinary L'Oréal oil which is at the same time a milk.

The cleansing milk with argan oil is nice we tested for you the brand

The Petit Olivier with pleasant scents. Try to do a little scrub once a week.

Do it after your bath or shower because water vapor and heat dissolve the lipid film protecting the epidermis. You have the fresh scrub from Nivea, exfoliant scrub from Evoluderm.

Then once the scrub done, make a good hydrating mask. This will boost your blood microcirculation. Put it in a light massage.

This will allow your skin to regain elasticity. There is a top in pharmacy is the soothing mask moisturizing Avene, it all skin can use it is antiallergic.

At Nuxe we find the moisturizing fresh mask that has a multi-active relaxation treatment.

After all this cocooning do not forget to put a very moisturizing cream because the cold abyss our skin. If you have the habit of putting serum put a drop in your day or night cream.

The cream is put in the morning and evening before going to bed.

Above all, do not forget the one before going to bed because this is where the skin regenerates itself. The Clarins Multi Regenerating Day Cream is fine.

The clinic Moisture Serge has the advantage of being able to be used in the morning and in the evening. Let's also find the famous cream Nivea blue box, but we can also find at Nivea creams less greasy like Nivea Soft .

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld
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Miam ! Rien qu’à lire le titre, je pense que vous avez les papilles qui frétillent ... et une folle envie de manger.... du chocolat.

Les Fêtes de Noël et de fin d’année approchent à grand pas et nous allons tous, à cette occasion, plonger dans le chocolat.

Patientez donc encore un peu , car d’ici quelques semaines boîtes de chocolats, papillotes au chocolat, boules en chocolat, Père Noël en chocolat et nounours en chocolat pour les enfants, chocolat blanc, chocolat à la noix de coco, chocolat noir, chocolat au lait  chocolat crème ganache et ....

le must du must le chocolat à la truffe, vont arriver dans nos maisons sous forme de cadeaux ou parce que vous aurez été en acheter dans  des chocolateries ... professionnelles et réputées  si possible.

Je vous en conseille une de chocolaterie... la chocolaterie Bouillet de Lyon qui exploite 3 magasins dans la capitale des Gaules.

-15 Place de la Croix Rousse (la Maison Mère)

-14 rue des Archers

-6 Avenue du Marechal Leclerc à Tassin la Demi -Lune.

Sébastien Bouillet , Maître Chocolatier a aussi une boutique à Tokyo.

Toutes les boutiques de Sébastien Bouillet, un pâtissier chocolatier  pétillant et gourmand, sont des temples de la gourmandise.

Mais ce chocolatier de haut niveau est aussi un créatif.

Vous trouverez certainement chez lui des idées cadeaux. Parmi elles, nous vous suggérons le rouge à lèvre en chocolat pour soi- même mesdames, ou à offrir, messieurs, aux jeunes filles et aux jeunes femmes qui les mettront dans leur poche, pour s’en servir le moment venu.

Avec une bouche sexy, elles pourront échanger ainsi des baisers en chocolat, un plaisir gustatif assuré, associé au plaisir charnel ? Essayez donc !

Le chocolatier lyonnais a lancé, il y a quelque temps déjà, la fabrication de rouges à lèvres en chocolat, de toutes les couleurs et de tous les goûts.

Toujours à la recherche de l’innovation, Sébastien Bouillet a des créations étourdissantes pour les yeux et le plaisir du goût, des produits qui font la renommée de son enseigne.

Il existe dans sa boutique en effet, d’autres créations ludiques ou originales, comme le saucisson de Lyon.... en chocolat ou encore des bouchées à la reine en chocolat..

N’hésitez pas à aller visiter ses pâtisseries chocolateries, notamment celle de la Croix Rousse, marketée joliment où s’étalent fontaine murale en chocolat, bibliotheque de tablettes de chocolat etc ....

La matière première de base du chocolat est bien sûr d’une qualité exceptionnelle, travaillée avec grand soin ensuite dans l’atelier de production, fermé par une baie vitrée, ce qui permet aux clients d’avoir un aperçu de son processus de transformation.

La visite du magasin commence, en principe, par un chocolat chaud (bien agréable en saison d’hiver). Vous aurez ainsi un avant goût d’une production somptueuse qui devrait vous conduire à ne pas quitter la boutique sans avoir fait quelques achats.

Le temps passe vite et  Noel n’est pas loin ! Prenez- soin de  passer vos commandes un peu en avance pour échapper à la bousculade qui inévitablement aura lieu au dernier moment pour accéder au magasin.

Par ailleurs, Sébastien Bouillet livre dans toute la France !

Clara Maybac pour DayNewsWorld
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Pour la rentrée vous avez le choix entre trois look complètement différents. Le maquillage suit la mode,la fashion week.

On a le maquillage gothique, le maquillage nude, le maquillage arty. A chacune son style mais je vous conseille le arty pour une soirée ou un événement exceptionnel on l'a vu sur les podiums Chanel Yves Saint Laurent.

Le maquillage gothique est inspiré un peu de celui de Kate Moss.

Pour les yeux on choisit sur la paupière un trait noir de eye liner que l'on fera assez large,on a pu le remarquer sur les mannequins du défilé Chloé ou Alexander Sang

On peut choisir de se faire un œil charbonneux avec du far à paupières noires mates comme le smoky de Prada.

Il y a une nouvelle mode c'est de se mettre des faux cils pour intensifier le regard on peut se les faire poser dans les instituts ou un qui est pro en cela c'est Atelier du Sourcil.

Pour la bouche on la sublime d'un rouge à lèvres prune, noir mate, rouge vif,on peut aussi mettre un de couleur lie de vin. Ce que l'on vous conseille c'est de vous souligner avec un crayon à lèvres avant le contour à lèvres assorti à votre rouge à lèvres puis de poser votre rouge à lèvres il tiendra toute la journée. Une qui adore ce look c'est Rihanna.

Le Maquillage Nude.

Il demande certes d'avoir une belle peau. Et le matin il vous prend moins de temps dans la salle de bain.

Donc plus de temps au lit,allez commençons. Sur une peau bien nettoyé,masquer avec du cache- bouton les imperfections.

Puis un peu d' anti- cernes, après appliquez une bb crème de une ou deux teintes au dessus de la vôtre.

Un peu de fard à joue rosé sur vos pommettes, plus un rouge à lèvres naturel ou juste du brillant à lèvres.

On peut mettre un peu de mascara éventuellement. Voilà vous êtes prête.

Ce look a été repéré dans les défilés de Céline,Marc Jacobs,Mc Queen.Petit secret des défilés le highlight a été souvent utilisé cela illumine le teint on en trouve un très bon chez Mac.

Le maquillage Arty est particulier. Il est très flashy il faut oser se maquiller de cette façon. Sur les podiums de défilé d'accord mais dans la journée un peu plus difficile. Gardez- le pour une soirée.

On se maquille façon tribale. Avec des eyeliners flashy orange turquoise vert émeraude on se fait un trait large sur la paupière supérieure et un juste en dessous de l'œil. Du blush pigmenté sur les joues teintes orangées, on peut utiliser des blush pailletés. Pour finir ce look un rouge à lèvres métallisé.

Pour faire tous ces look courez chez Sephora vous y trouverez tout le maquillage mais chez Monoprix ou Carrefour on peut y trouver ces produits avec Gemay, L'Oréal.

Pour ma part je choisirai les deux premiers looks

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld
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Voici l'été tralala envie de jeter au placard les bottines tennis.

Allez dehors les petons vous allez prendre l'air. On se met aux escarpins ouverts aux nus-pieds et l'on retrouve nos tropéziennes enfin il fait chaud.

Mais horreur !! malheur !!! on a oublié de prendre soin de nos pieds. Et les pieds c'est tellement laids.

Alors go go on les met en premier dans une bassine eau chaude avec un peu de savon on les fait tremper dix minutes de préférence on s'installe devant la télé avec tout notre matériel sur une serviette sur la table basse puis une autre à côté de nous.

On regarde comédie de nana pour ce moment je me remets le film « Britney Jones » cela me motive même à prendre des bonnes résolutions pour faire un régime lol.

Bon j ai eu le temps de faire trempette avec pierre ponce je les frottais de toutes mes forces au revoir peau morte.

Puis je m' attaque aux ongles je leur redonne une forme arrondie carrée en les limant.

Puis une couche de durcisseur je laisse sécher. Je me mets à rire en regardant film c'est sec première couche de vernis. pour été corail le rose barbie et tendance le jaune si vous êtes halé beige blanc aussi sympa.

Allez on remet deuxième couche. J'ai pris corail. Puis je rigole encore Bridget avec sa fameuse culotte hallucinante et je mets le gloss et là mes pied en jettent et je peux les sortir . Pour trouver de jolies vernis courrez chez Sephora, Monop même Carrefour rayon beauté il y a plein de couleurs sympa !

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld




To be beautiful all day and not to go back to make up for a dinner is possible . After a hectic night you can still be almost drunk a bomb when you wake up.

Nowadays we have permanent makeup for eyebrows that always give a beautiful line, bring depth to the eye and help if we are not very good at knowing what hair unsightly we must depilate.

This is done with a tattoo created by the insertion into the surface of the skin of small needles containing colored pigments.

The color of the pigments is chosen according to the incarnation of your skin and hair to make the most natural possible.

You will find specialist salons such as The eyebrow workshop or if not the must where you meet all the stars in Paris Studio Olivier Gay.

You can get a tattoo of Eye liner which is great when you bathe: we always have makeup, a pencil line around the lips.

And also make you pigmentation lips. Why not. But beware of those who like to choose his lipstick compared to his outfit.

You must know that these tattoos are not for life! Every six months, do a touch up.

You will also find semi-permanent makeup.

These makeups are practical because you do not need to remix in the day.

Often even when you wake up, some traces remain if you have not had time to remove your makeup.

But for a beautiful skin it is still advisable to remove makeup every night !

At Sephora we find the eye liner of KAT VON D: awesome.

We will use mascaras water proof one that is top brand PIE or TOO FACED which avoids having mascara flowing in the day or evening.

But really the revolution in this area is the lipstick that lasts 24 hours that avoids inadvertently put on a cup or a glass.

When you kiss his darling he does not look like a clown and if it's your lover no trace on his shirt. The top is the Superday color 24 hours from L'OREAL which declines in several colors.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld


I know, you all dream of having a beautiful tan this summer. And especially to get it quickly. I have something for you! Blonde, brunette, redhead, a ritual for you Ladies !




First of all the day before your sunbath and only the day before do you a little personal pleasure, a good scrub from head to foot, nothing easier !

Then moisturize yourself well With the sweet cream with almond oil for example, for its pleasure.






The next day take your sunbath but do not forget The cream or milk Solar otherwise hello sunburn!

Remember to hydrate yourself and not only the exterior but also the interior.

In the evening also you can pass on your body a monoi oil

Then I remind you that the best sun exposures for a perfect tan are in the morning between 9 am and 11 am and then in the afternoon from 4 pm

Tanning also passes through food!

Yes, ladies!

It is therefore necessary to eat certain foods, fruits or vegetables rich in béat-carotene: carrots, carrot juice, baked sweet potato, apricot, melon,

Mash, red pepper ..

Foods rich in vitamin A: bluefin tuna, salad, spinach.

Foods rich in vitamin E: kiwi, avocados, almonds, fried eggs.

And of course drink plenty of water!

Go hop to me this beautiful blonde tan !


Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld
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Même si les les femmes connaissent l'épilation depuis toujours on observe de nouvelles pratiques pratiquées au Japon chez les jeunes :

l'épilation des poils pubiens

Un petit nombre de femmes se soumette à l'épilation complète, cette pratique concernant particulièrement les 18-24 ans (6%) et quasi aucune femmes après 50 ans.

Le rasage intégral s'avère quant à lui beaucoup plus fréquent :

ils constituent 99 % des actes dépilatoires et varient selon la tranche d'âge, la plus grande proportion chez les plus jeunes.


N 'oublions déjà pas que la pilosité a toujours été jugée socialement négative surtout sous les aisselles et les jambes à tel point qu'une femme non épilée rencontre plus de difficulté dans ses relations amoureuses intenses.

Les adeptes du pubis nus,eux, y trouveraient un plaisir et un épanouissement sexuel plus intenses.

Des partenaires pensent également que l'hygiène et la propreté passent par un pubis nu.

D’autres, femmes ou hommes, évoquent le côté esthétique et se trouvent plus sexy .

Restent cependant encore des adeptes de poils nubiens chez les jeunes certainement envoûtés inconsciemment par ces odeurs excitantes que sont les phéromones...

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Le mot « tresse » et sa traduction anglaise « braid » apparaissent plus de 6 millions de fois sur les réseaux sociaux.

Quant à Pinterest, le réseau de partage d’images inspirantes, les « épingles » d’idées de tresses au nombre de 200 000 ont augmenté de 21 % l’année dernière.

Et la tresse bandeau fait également des ravages chez les filles stylées.

Même les coiffeurs de célébrités rivalisent de créativité en inventant des tresses hollywoodiennes pour les événements glorieux à l’image d’Olivia Wilde et son chignon tressé aux Oscars, ou de Cara Delevingne dont les nattes sophistiquées ne laissent pas indifférent lors du défilé Chanel haute couture à Paris, en janvier.

La tendance s’est imposée depuis plusieurs saisons .

Cette coiffure somme toute classique n’a de cesse de se renouveler.

Elle nous surprend avec des déclinaisons toujours plus audacieuses.

A Londres et à Paris on se presse dans les tout nouveaux

« braid bars » ouverts chez Selfridges et Colette pour se faire tresser, entre deux rendez-vous, la Gisele, la Kate ou la Naomi...

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We know that tattoo and sun do not mix well . But for all that, we must not despair
Just take a few precautions before exposing yourself if the tattoo allows it.

During healing, of course, there is no question of exposing the tattoo to the sun or bathing in the sea .

This is because the tatoo remains very fragile, the skin having just suffered a small trauma with the tattooist 's needle.

The sun may damage it and the side effects are not the least:

the color may ooze but more serious it is the risk of  burning ! A burned skin over a tattoo is not the foot !

So how ?

Well, you have to protect your tatoo so you do not let him admire you. But for a short time only There is a cream provided for this purpose : the Bépanthène for example.

Tattoo artists can offer another equally effective product.

One anointed his tatoo with cream or balm, before putting a small compress on the tatoo the time of your solar exposure.

The rest of the time, the skin must breathe.

After the cicatrization there are still
some small cares not to neglect but one can expose oneself.
In moderation however ...

After healing, the tattoo will not change even in contact with the sun but if it has colors they can tarnish, and the lines may fade a little. Basically the tatoo passes a little.

So at the price that it costs so much to take care of it.

At each exposure , we draw a sunscreen: the index 50 is a good compromise.

Very sensitive skin takes a total screen.

No index lower, totally insufficient.Better to hit hard. And to know :

even dark or dark skin is concerned.

To not be bothered you have better take long-lasting products story not to spread every hour and waterproof for a little dive.

Go with all his little things more trouble to be for his beautiful tatoo!!!

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