Hate of hatred poured on Laeticia Hallyday in two years !!

But what exactly did she do to confuse the media, the netizens, but also the family of her husband? !

The acidic and unfriendly remarks have been raining since the death of Johnny Hallyday.

The lawsuit instituted by David and Laura Smet against the will of their father, in which the two eldest are not listed, is well known.

This summer, the newspaper Libération has dedicated a series of portraits to unloved personalities, trailed in the mud: Laeticia Hallyday appears, called "mygale hoarder", the tone is given ...

Other passages in this crazy portrait go as far as the invective.

"Less nunuche than expected, it would hold the black widow and the seductress old, the funeral dowry collector and the diverting funds hidden since the beginning of taxation. ", Accuses the author of this mood ticket.

And now the lyricist of the Taulier is unleashed in his turn.

"I can only be disturbed by his widow and daughters who, on the Net and elsewhere, communicate on their sadness. It was pathetic and indecent. ", Accuses Michel Mallory.

Michel Mallory was a close friend of Johnny Hallyday: he wrote the greatest hits of the rocker.

Currently the lyricist works with Jean-Baptiste Guégan, vocal double of the Taulier for which he composed an album. And it is on the occasion of the release of the opus that he dropped in an interview with Gala

He gives his undisputed opinion on the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, organized with great pomp on December 9, 2017 at the Madeleine.

"I was not invited to the ceremony and would not have gone anyway. I had no desire to participate in this competition of the best friend, the one who had attended the last dinner ...

At this ballet of mourners who wanted above all to talk about their little people, "he feels angrily.

And to address the question of the legacy of Taulier.Johnny died a second time for the lyricist.

"It's disastrous, for me, Johnny died a second time because of this story, although he is partly responsible for what happens. ". No concessions from former lyricist Johnny Hallyday.

A vitriolic portrait of the black widow, a "holy nitouche a little jug" taken refuge in Los Angeles, far from polemics.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld