Zahia you go and you come between our kidneys !!

Marvelous Zahia, you are turning us down with your beauty, your outspokenness.

Too bad that Gainsbourg is no longer of this world because you would surely become his muse.

After a passage with the bruises that you managed because little details at that time you were minor you have not even filed a complaint against them, the female class.

Because nowadays, this little stroke of the penknife would not pass without problem.

You were right because at that moment, the keys of your fabulous destiny opened the doors for you. We must recognize that you have an air of Brigitte Bardot but more glamorous.

When I look at you I see only a pretty goddess with a nice gluteus bent a chest to fall asleep on it and a small size worthy of Sissi empress.

In your eyes we can drown her pretty pussy eyes with a pulpy mouth. It is normal that in you the great Karl Lagerfeld whom we all regret has seen his muse as well as Jean-Paul Gautier. You became a great model thanks to them.

But knowing this world of fashion has given you the desire to create your lingerie brand in 2012.

You have become a real business woman .....

Not only are you very beautiful but you have not forgotten to have a brain.

We worship when you fight for the animal cause. And we know you're a vegetarian for a good cause.

And there you go in the cinema with the film A girl easy Rebecca Zlotowski a stitched role for you where you see naked with your perfect body and you have a voice so sweet a charming speech with your charisma holds our breath .

Personally I can not wait to be at Caesar so that the world of the cinema will give you the prize of the best actress.

Continue in this voice you have a talent I see in you a great hope of the cinema.

And I would share a personal interview with you, my beautiful princess.

What a success.....

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld