"I choose peace. These are the terms that Leticia Hallyday used to end the legal battle between her and her stepchildren in a long message posted on her Instagram account.

She appeared after her stepdaughter Laura Smet's revelations about the Taulier's will as a greedy and manipulative mother-in-law. "Many people have blamed me for my husband's last wishes," she says on Instagram.

Like the one who would have put pressure on her husband so that the inheritance returns to him entirely. To her the money! Too bad for the two oldest rockers! It was necessary to protect the last wife and her last two daughters, Jade and Joy, to the detriment of Johnny Hallyday's eldest children.

But French law stipulates that children can not be disinherited by their parents.

Laura and David therefore opened legal hostilities against their mother-in-law at the death of their father, challenging the last will he had written. And the drama began: for two years the two clans clashed without mercy.

Finally, Johnny's widow decided to put an end to this war and to accept the decision of the Nanterre court, which considers itself competent to settle Johnny's inheritance. It is French law and not American law that will apply for inheritance.

"It is time today to clarify and appease, in a constructive and serene dialogue, the misunderstandings and quarrels that have now gone on too long," admits Laeticia on her Instagram account. The hatchet is buried and negotiations will begin between the two parties.

And a compromise should be found especially since Johnny Hallyday owes 30 million French tax...

Kate White for DayNewsWorld