Long live squeegees fondues badfood is good this winter you can let go a little over the restriction because the fashion is to the woman who looks like the beautiful Demi Lovato.

Yes now we proudly show off his cellulite goodbye small bread boards 28.

Finally we will be obliged to go to taste good cakes to strengthen our wrists of love and try to end up with beautiful buttocks in the way Kim Kardasian.

Moreover if you do not have the buttocks of Aya Nakamura you can not do the dance of the buttocks dancing twerk.

Another big argument at Victoria Secret is a famous angel going for the first time to size 33.

Our friends the French have changed the average size which is the 33 instead of the 28.

And yes the little Parisian has changed she might want to unpack us because we with our hamburger pizzas the 28 was a dream.

Or else we would arrive at this size thanks to our pretty beige or black sheaths, which we call "love-kills" or those we kept for the night of Bridget Jones sex.

Just the time to project with a Hugh Grant.

The vocabulary changes evolves and yes it's politely incorrect to say you make a diet you have to say you do a nutrition plan or a food plan. Just listen to the commercial As I love the CEO never talks about diet he says you will lose weight.

Even if you see or think that one of your relations has done a small liposuction because in less than a month she lost thirty pounds you must tell him:

My darling you did a sports coaching that is going too well.

Normally she will answer you this little moment of freshness did me a lot of good.

I confess I do not have the big nice ass same as Kim so I took a subscription at the Macaron maker in Paris named Ladurée !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld