The Prince Charming is there ?

I feel sad without the handsome Philippe. It is true that I am contradictory. During confinement I could no longer see him in painting.

As soon as he moved with one ear I fled him because I wanted to kill him.

But then not only do I no longer see him at the office, I no longer hear his heavy valves all day. I no longer see him in the elevator where I felt his gaze scrutinizing me how I was dressed and he couldn't help but flatter me.

But what is wrong with me why I miss him so much.

I speak of my ill-being to my dear cousin Alicia.

So I tell her everything she looks at me with round eyes. I ask her a question, she doesn't answer me. But I begin to wonder if she is small, she has no problems or if she listens to me with her natural tact.

I ask him a question. Me: And hop Alicia you listen to me or you dream.

Alicia getting up: But obviously my very dear adored cousin I listen to you I listen to you. She begins to sing. I who am on the verge of despair.

She goes into the kitchen and comes back singing and there she opens a bottle of champagne that she has shaken before.

And she sprays me screaming Mia is in love Mia is in love.

I am surprised I find myself in less than a few seconds soaked. And its wind of madness can only seduce me. I tell her now that I have a bottle of champagne on me, we can open another and enjoy a glass. She quickly goes to get another bottle, shouting loudly "'Mia is in love' '.

During this time I reflect I am in love but it is not possible I cannot have feelings for Philippe. No, I'm a free woman in everything, I can have sex boys. Alicia sums up for me the situation of everything I have just told her at length. And she agrees on her own with herself.

I love Philippe, I'm not in love with it, I'm crazy for it. She is the only one that she catches once. It is love at first sight love with a capital A. After discussion she explains to me that this story of confinement must have brought me closer to him and especially as she tells me I am wild, 'no man happens to me' catch in his nets.

She tries to convince me that I tried myself as a couple and the result is love with a capital A. I answer him but then how will I do if he is my prince charming. Because I remind you that he went to Miami to have fun surfing but I think that for him there it will surely be open bar.

Alicia: Yes you are right Mia but one thing darling I have to explain it to you long and wide

THE CHARMING PRINCE does not exist !!!!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld