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Un extraordinaire ensemble de chefs-d’œuvres. Quatre ans après la «Collection Chtchoukine», la Fondation Louis Vuitton poursuit son cycle de manifestations dédiées aux icônes de l’art moderne en présentant l’une des plus importantes collections au monde : celle des frères moscovites Mikhaïl Abramovitch Morozov (1870-1903) et Ivan Abramovitch Morozov (1871-1921), nationalisée en 1918.

Présentée pour la première fois hors de Russie cette exposition donne à voir pas moins de 200 œuvres signées des plus grands maîtres de la peinture.

Après avoir fait connaissance avec le clan des Morozov via une succession de portraits, le visiteur se retrouvera face à des toiles se focalisant sur l’univers du café comme «Le Bouchon» d’Édouard Manet, ou encore les «Deux saltimbanques» de Pablo Picasso, premier tableau de l’artiste espagnol à entrer en Russie en 1908 grâce à Ivan Morozov.

Plus loin, sont accrochées des toiles de Paul Gauguin issues de sa période tahitienne, des paysages et natures mortes de Paul Cézanne, ou encore l’imposant triptyque «La Méditerranée» de Pierre Bonnard.

Outre les pastels d'Edgar Degas et les sculptures d'Auguste Rodin, le public pourra admirer des tableaux de Vincent Van Gogh, dont «La Ronde des prisonniers», qui se réfère à l’enfermement subit par le peintre. Parmi les peintres exposés, on peut également citer Maurice Denis, Henri Matisse, André Derain, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, et Claude Monet.

Plusieurs toiles d’artistes emblématiques de l’avant-garde russe, tels que Répine, Vroubel, Korovine, Golovine, Sérov, Larionov, Gontcharova, et Malévitch, sont aussi visibles tout au long des galeries.

Conçue par Anne Baldassari, commissaire général, l’exposition déploie cet ensemble dans une muséographie originale occupant la totalité des espaces de la Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Cet événement, le second volet de la grande manifestation Icônes de l'art moderne, est organisé en partenariat avec le Musée d’État de l’Ermitage (Saint-Pétersbourg), le Musée d’État des Beaux-Arts Pouchkine (Moscou) et la Galerie nationale Trétiakov (Moscou).

La collection Morozov. Icones de l’art moderne, jusqu'au 22 février 2022, Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris 16e).

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Banksy claims authorship of several works that have recently appeared in England. The British street artist published, Friday, August 13, a video of just over three minutes on Instagram, entitled "A Great British Spraycation".

The clip represents the summer journey of the artist who travels aboard a motorhome tired of spray paint in the cooler.

On a concrete buttress of an English beach, Banksy added a rat, his favorite rodent, sipping a cocktail in a deckchair.

Another work, painted just above a bench, represents a funfair machine clamp, making passers-by who sit on it a prize or a plush to win.

Above a bulky dumpster, the artist has made a gull appear ready to feast.

Echoing the environmental crisis, a stencil painting shows three children, one of whom is bailed with a bucket, on a corrugated iron boat resting against a green brick wall, with the inscription "We're all in the same boa ”t (“ We are all in the same boat ”).

In the small town of King's Lynn in eastern England, Banksy gives the statue of engineer Frederick Savage, famous for his steam engines, an ice cream cone and tongue to savor it.

On the roof of a bus shelter, he invites dancers and an accordion player, on a miniature house of the Merrivale Model Village, a mention "Go big or go home".

In recent years, the contemporary Bristol artist, who skilfully maintains the mystery of his identity, has kept contemporary art circles spellbound with his emblematic causes - migrants, opposition to Brexit, denunciation of Islamists - and has driven sales to auction. In March, a work honoring caregivers reached a record amount of 20 million euros, intended for the British public health service.

The art of the engaged Bristol graffiti artist dynamites codes, reinventing his own rules, while questioning the very foundations of urban art.

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Temperatures exceed 40 degrees in Greece which not only causes many fires in the country but also the making of difficult decisions for the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Faced with what he considers "the worst heat wave since 1987", he found himself obliged to close the archaeological sites, which will close their access during the hottest hours.

He added that residents should "limit their electricity consumption" to prevent a blackout from occurring.

Thus, the Acropolis closed its entrance on Monday, August 2, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., but all other open-air sites in Greece will do the same from Tuesday, August 3, according to the culture ministry.

Temperatures approach 40 degrees from the middle of the day, before reaching 43 degrees in Athens or 45 degrees in other regions of Greece.

Something to disappoint tourists who have come to discover the splendours of Greece.

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The Unesco World Heritage Committee has no summer truce. After the announcement of the inscription of the Cordouan lighthouse on its world heritage list on Saturday, it inscribed seven new sites on Monday.

Four of them were chosen “because of their natural attributes”: Amami-Oshima Island, Tokunoshima Island, northern part of Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island (Japan), Getbol, ​​Korean coastal areas (Republic of of Korea), the Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex (Thailand) and the Colchis Rainforests and Wetlands (Georgia).

The other three were added to the list for their cultural value: the archaeological site of the Arslantepe tell (Turkey), the extension of the Amsterdam Defense Line, now referred to as the “Dutch Defense Water Lines” ( The Netherlands) and a transnational site, the charitable colonies (Belgium-Netherlands). On Sunday, four new cultural sites were listed as World Heritage by Unesco, in China, India, Iran and Spain.

The current 44th session of the World Heritage Committee is being held online from Fuzhou (China) and the inscription of sites is expected to continue until July 28.

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The American Chris Ware, undisputed master of the American comic strip, won Wednesday the most prestigious award in comics, the Grand Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême 2021, awarded despite the cancellation of the public events of the famous Festival. international comic strip.

The Angoulême Festival announces it this Wednesday morning, the American cartoonist therefore takes over from the Frenchman Emmanuel Guibert, hoping that “his edition”, next January, will take place under normal conditions. The Chris Ware Grand Prix in Angoulême is a consecration but the author has already been crowned in Charente. In 2003, the American cartoonist , who became cult in the 1990s, received Alph'Art for best album and ACBD's critics' prize for Jimmy Corrigan, his major work. Two distinctions that complete a rich list of 28 Eisner prizes and 22 Harvey prizes in the United States. The author of "Jimmy Corrigan" and "Rusty Brown", 53, sees therefore crowned the whole of a career where he affirmed an immediately recognizable style in the "comic strip".

The genius of Chris Ware, born in 1967 in Omaha, United States, is noticed while still a student. His drawings then appeared in a local newspaper in Texas, where he continued his studies. Famous comic book author Art Spiegelman (Maus) spots them and begins publishing them in the RAW journal he runs. From the early 1990s, Chris Ware became a leading comic book author, with in particular the adventures, first published in the press, of his now cult character Jimmy Corrigan.

In 2012, he published “Building Stories”, a book-object made up of fifteen books of various formats that can be read in an order chosen by the reader - this last book received the Special Jury Prize at the Angoulême Festival in 2013.

Minimalist and precise drawing

Relatively little known to the general public in France, Chris Ware is the author of a very rich, not fully translated work, known to comics fans for his attention to the tiniest detail of ordinary lives. He tackles it with a minimalist and precise design, with soft angles and solid colors, where the characters take reassuring round shapes.

Chris Ware has appropriated over the years the codes and the language of comics to divert them in his own way, with great freedom of narration. The construction of the pages respect a real geometry with boxes and a minimalist design of a wide variety of sizes and an impressive precision.

“For 25 years, it is thus an original work, which oscillates between a sweet melancholy and a deep sadness, that Chris Ware offers, always endeavoring to look under the microscope the daily life of his characters and their most ridiculous gestures. "

American designer Chris Ware succeeds Emmanuel Guibert. he was "in the final" against Pénélope Bagieu and Catherine Meurisse.

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I can't wait for the deconfinement that we reopen our splendid museums !

Let's discover together the most beautiful exhibitions to discover.

Dozens and dozens of exhibitions have therefore been waiting since October 2020 on the walls or in the archives of museums.

Small guide for our Parisian outings.

Magritte in full sun:

his Renoir period at the Musée de l'Orangerie

An exhibition on the Renoir de Magritte period arrives at the Musée de l'Orangerie.

This period, from 1941 to 1947, is defined as a cycle in which the painter wished to see life on the bright side and drew inspiration from the Impressionists in more than a hundred works. On view from February 10 to June 21, 2021.

Paul Signac, the exhibition at the Jacquemart-André Paul Signac Museum

The Jacquemart-André Museum pays tribute to the painter Paul Signac through an eponymous exhibition, presented from March 5 to July 19, 2021. The opportunity to discover some sixty masterful works from a private collection.

The Blue Hour by Peder Severin Krøyer: the exhibition at the Marmottan-Monet Museum

From January 28 to July 25, 2021, the Marmottan-Monet Museum is hosting the exhibition 'The Blue Hour of Peder Severin Krøyer'. This is the opportunity to discover the work of this Danish painter to whom an exhibition of such magnitude is being devoted for the first time in France.

The Origins of the World in Darwin's Century exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay,

The Musée d'Orsay is devoting a major exhibition to the Origins of the World and the invention of nature in Darwin's century. This exhibition, at the crossroads of science and the arts, will look back on this historic upheaval of the 19th century. The exhibition should have taken place from December 15, 2020 to February 14, 2021. It is postponed to an unknown date.

Photos: Gabrielle Chanel exhibition at the Palais Galliera

The Palais Galliera is presenting the first retrospective dedicated to Gabrielle Chanel on the occasion of its reopening on October 1, 2020. The exhibition “Gabrielle Chanel, fashion manifesto” pays tribute to the iconic seamstress until March 14, 2021. The exhibition is closed until further notice.

The reopening of museums must of course be accompanied by a new strict health protocol, to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic from returning for a fourth wave. However, it is likely that this protocol will go through a reduced visitor tonnage.

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Thursday April 8, 2021, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has announced the discovery of the largest ancient city in Egypt, near Luxor, the ancient "Thebes of the hundred gates." Buried for 3000 years, the lost city, in very good state of conservation, dates from the reign of Amenhotep III (1391-1353 BC). This “lost city” of the New Kingdom (1580-1077 BC) would probably have continued to be used under the reigns of Tutankhamun (1336 / 1335-1327 BC) and Aÿ (1327-1323 BC). AD).

The archaeologists who discovered it in September 2020 still cannot believe it. The mission began its excavations in September 2020 between the temples of Ramses III and Amenhotep III near Luxor, about 500 km south of Cairo.

"Within a few weeks, to the team's surprise, clay brick formations began to appear," the statement said.

And the site is "in a good state of conservation, with almost entire walls and rooms full of tools of daily life." For the director of the mission, Zahi Hawass, it is “the largest ancient city in Egypt” that has been discovered.

“The discovery of this lost city is the second most important archaeological discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamun,” said Betsy Brian, professor of Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, also quoted in the press release. In particular, it will allow "to offer us a rare glimpse of the life of the ancient Egyptians during the most prosperous hours of the (New) Empire"

A very well preserved lost city

The team has already unearthed several areas and quarters of the ancient site such as three royal palaces, an administrative and manufacturing center of the Empire as well as spaces of daily life such as a "kitchen", a " bakery 'with a cooking and food preparation area, storage ovens and pottery, residential areas where, buildings that seem to be linked to the administration, a workshop that produced mud bricks and decorations for temples and tombs, a necropolis with rock-cut tombs reminiscent of those of the nobles found in the Valley of the Kings, two graves of cows or bulls and an "unusual" human remains found with outstretched arms and the remains of 'a rope wrapped around his knees.

Everyday objects of the Egyptians

All these structures are full of everyday objects of the Egyptians such as jewelry, pottery, rings, scarabs but also casting molds for the production of amulets and decorative elements, colored pottery vessels and bricks. of clay bearing the seal of King Amenhotep III, allowing to date the period of activity of the city.

The abandonment of the city seems to have been rapid, without yet knowing the causes. The strange reign of Akhenaton could be the key. Son of Amenhotep III, 9th king of the 18th Dynasty, this controversial pharaoh breaks with the religion of the Empire, and turns his back on Thebes, then the capital, to found another. If his successors have reconsidered his radical choices, this brutal abandonment of 150 years has perhaps its role in the unusual preservation of the city. . This new discovery could therefore solve many unresolved mysteries around the reforming pharaoh, often referred to as a heretic.

“It's like a snapshot of history - an Egyptian version of Pompeii,” exclaims Salima Ikram, Egyptologist..

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Twenty two tanks were transported Saturday night mummies of kings and queens of ancient Egypt to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the new home of the royal remains.

Twenty-two floats carrying mummies of kings and queens of ancient Egypt marched, Saturday April 3, 2021, in the evening, in the streets of Cairo during a grandiose spectacle, to join the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization ( NMEC), new home of the royal remains .

In a blue light, the procession left the century-old museum, under the beating of the drums and against the background of symphonic music.

In a blue light, the procession left the century-old museum, under the beating of the drums and against the background of symphonic music.

Framed by a mounted guard, the first black floats adorned with golden and luminous patterns reminiscent of ancient funeral boats left Tahrir Square and the Cairo Museum at 8 p.m., where the mummies had rested for more than a century.

In chronological order, the pharaoh Seqenenre Tâa (16th century BC), nicknamed

"The Courageous", led the way, closed by Ramses IX (12th century BC). Among the most famous mummies are those of the sovereigns Hatshepsut and Ramses II.

Earlier in the evening, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi visited the NMEC, accompanied by its Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouli, and the Director General of Unesco, Audrey Azoulay, to review some of the collections . "With great pride, I look forward to welcoming the kings and queens of Egypt after their journey," Mr. Sissi had tweeted earlier.

The procession was accompanied by extras in Pharaonic costume and horse-drawn chariots.

The NMEC, which occupies a large modern building, is scheduled to open to the public on April 4. But the mummies will not be on public display until April 18.

Discovered near Luxor (south) from 1881, most of the 22 mummies had not left Tahrir Square since the beginning of the 20th century. Since the 1950s, they were exhibited there in a small room, without clear museographic explanations.

At the NMEC, they will appear in more modern boxes "for better temperature and humidity control than in the old museum", explains Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology at the American University of Cairo, specialist in mummification .

They will be presented alongside their sarcophagi, in a setting reminiscent of the underground tombs of kings, with a biography and objects linked to the sovereigns.

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Hommage aux soignants,

« Game Changer » représente un enfant jouant avec la poupée d’une infirmière superhéroïne.

C’est un nouveau record pour Banksy.

Un tableau du street-artiste britannique mettant les soignants à l’honneur a été adjugé aux enchères mardi, à Londres, à 16,75 millions de livres (19,45 millions d’euros).

Une somme qui sera reversée au service de santé britannique.

Il s’agit d’un record pour une œuvre du street-artiste.

Initialement estimée entre 2,5 et 3,5 millions de livres (soit de 2,9 à 4 millions d’euros), cette œuvre en noir et blanc intitulée

"Game Changer"

(« voilà qui a changé la donne ») a finalement été vendue, chez Christie’s, plus de quatre fois plus cher,

dépassant de loin le record précédent de Banksy, dont la toile Le Parlement des singes avait été vendue 9,9 millions de livres

(11,5 millions d’euros au taux actuel) en 2019

.L’œuvre était apparue sur un mur de l’hôpital de Southampton, en Angleterre, au printemps 2020 pendant la première vague de l’épidémie de Covid-19.

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Sixty intact sarcophagi over 2,500 years old were unveiled last month. "Saqqara has not yet revealed all that it conceals," said the Minister of Tourism.

It is the biggest “treasure” unearthed in the country since the beginning of the year. Egypt unveiled, Saturday, November 14, a hundred sarcophagi over two thousand years old in perfect condition, discovered in the necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo.

The sealed wooden coffins, unveiled with fanfare during a ceremony, belonged to senior officials of the late period (between 700 and 300 BC) and the Ptolemaic period (323 to 30 BC). They were discovered in the necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo, where some sixty intact sarcophagi over two thousand five hundred years old were unveiled last month. “Saqqara has not yet revealed all that it holds. It's a treasure, ”said Khaled El-Enani, Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, during the ceremony.

The site of Saqqara, which is just over 9 miles south of the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, is home to the necropolis of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. It is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Revitalize tourism

The hundred sarcophagi unveiled on Saturday were discovered in three funeral pits, 12 meters deep. “The excavations are still in progress. As soon as you empty a funeral shaft with sarcophagi, you discover another, ”added Mr. El-Enani. Archaeologists opened one of the coffins inside which lay a mummy wrapped in a shroud adorned with colorful hieroglyphics . More than 40 statues of ancient deities and funeral masks were also found, according to the minister.

These finds will be distributed in several Egyptian museums, including a new establishment to open on the outskirts of Cairo. According to Mr. El-Enani, these recent discoveries are the result of increased excavation work in recent years. Another discovery in the necropolis must be announced in the coming weeks, he warned.

Archaeologists also hope to soon discover an old workshop for making coffins for mummies, according to the general secretary of the general council of antiquities, Mostafa Waziri.

Egypt hopes that all these finds and its new museum will revitalize tourism undermined by political instability and the attacks after the 2011 revolution that drove Hosni Mubarak from power, and by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Exit the favorites Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood or Annie Ernaux, it was Louise Glück, a rather discreet poet, not translated into French except for reviews, who was chosen. The Nobel for Literature goes to the American poet Louise Glück. She is crowned "for her characteristic poetic voice, which with its austere beauty makes individual existence universal", announced the Swedish Academy by awarding the prize.

The American poet Louise Glück, 77, won the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday, a surprise award crowning her work, which began at the end of the 1960s.

Louise Glück, 77, has published 12 collections as well as essays on poetry. Born in New York, she is an English professor at Yale University.

Louise Glück is "a poet of radical change and renaissance", welcomed the chairman of the committee, Anders Olsson. The childhood and family life of this native of New York, the close relationship between parents and brothers and sisters, constitute a central theme of her work. Louise Glück is considered by many to be one of America's most talented contemporary poets. Poet Robert Hass described Louise Glück as "one of the purest and most accomplished lyric poets who write today".

She said she was "surprised and happy" when she learned of the award very early in the morning in the United States, Swedish Academy Perpetual Secretary Mats Malm reported.

After publishing her first collection in 1968 (“Firstborn”), she has become a figure in contemporary American poetry and has already received numerous awards, such as the Pulitzer in 1993 for “The Wild Iris.” In this collection, she describes notably the miraculous return to life after winter in the poem "Snowdrops", explains the Swedish Academy. She is also the recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award (The Triumph of Achilles) as well as the Academy of American Poets award, of which she is a member. In 2008, she received the Wallace Stevens Award, and in 2015, she received the Gold Medal for Poetry from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

His work "is characterized by a search for clarity", emphasizes the Academy.

Averno (2006) is his masterful collection, a visionary interpretation of the myth of the descent into hell of Persephone in captivity from Hades, the god of death. Another spectacular achievement is his latest collection, “Nuit fidèle et virteuse”.

In French, the translation of this poet has so far remained confidential, due to lack of publication in volume. It is limited to specialized journals. She dedicated one of her poems to Joan of Arc in 1976.

Very feminine Nobel 2020s

Two years after the Polish Olga Tokarczuk, Louise Glück is the 16th woman to be awarded the prize for a very feminine Nobel 2020 vintage.

With three laureates at the Nobel Scientific, this season could break the record for female laureates (five in 2009), while peace on Friday and the economy on Monday remain to be awarded.

After a series of scandals or controversies that have tarnished the world's most famous literary prize for three years, the direction this year's Nobel would take was particularly unpredictable, critics said.

Last year, the 2019 prize was awarded to the Austrian writer Peter Handke, with the sulphurous pro-Milosevic positions, causing a very lively controversy, adding to a sex scandal that had torn the Academy three years ago. , causing the historic postponement of the 2018 price.

This prize sends the Nobel Prize for Literature outside Europe, which had monopolized five of the last six prizes.

This 113th Nobel Prize for Literature was to be one of appeasement after the last tumultuous years, and the 2017 and 2019 prizes awarded to Peter Handke and OlgaTokarczuk.

In the special atmosphere of this edition during the Covid period, the Nobels have not forgotten America, however, by carrying Anglo-Saxon literature high and far from its current president, and even more by recalling the role of poetry.

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Banksy s'est à nouveau illustré dans le métro de Londres avec des graffiti pour rappeler à tous qu'il faut porter des masques de protection contre le coronavirus.

Dans une vidéo publiée sur son compte Instagram, on le voit, déguisé en agent d'entretien avec combinaison, masque et lunettes de, évoluer incognito devant les voyageurs et appliquer plusieurs pochoirs de rats, animal incontournable dans son œuvre.

« If you don't mask - you don't get » (« Si t'as pas de masque, t'as pas compris »), écrit-il en commentaire de la vidéo où l'on découvre un rat en train d'éternuer répandant ses postillons sur la vitre d'un wagon, ou encore un rat la tête dans un masque de protection.

La vidéo se clôt par les mots dessinés sur le mur d'une station de métro « I get locked down, but I get up again », qui fait référence à la chanson Tubthumping de Chumbawamba de 1997 et que l'on entend en fond sonore..

Transport for London (TfL), qui gère le métro, a déclaré par la suite que l'œuvre avait été effacée « en raison de notre politique anti-graffiti stricte ».

La société de transport a néanmoins invité Banksy à recréer son message « dans un endroit approprié ».

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The work, painted on the door of the famous Parisian performance hall, was stolen in June 2019.

The work attributed to Banksy and stolen from Bataclan in 2019, was finally found this Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in Italy, during an operation of the police, the fruit of a long meticulous work and a determination to lead to the well-deserved success of the Italian police.

"We recovered the stolen door at Bataclan with a work by Banksy depicting the sad girl," said a senior officer of the Teramo riflemen.

The operation was carried out in conjunction with French police.

Banksy had claimed authorship of eight works on his Instagram account, including the sad silhouette on the door of the Bataclan, a hijacking of the painting

"Napoleon crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David, a little girl drawing a pink tapestry motif on a swastika near the former "first reception center" for refugees in Paris.

Or a small rat with a masked snout brandishing a pencil (or a cutter), near the Center Pompidou.

Painted on an emergency door of the famous performance hall, this achievement had been stolen on the night of January 26 to 27, 2019.

Designed in stencil and white paint in June 2018, the work presents a character in a state of meditation on a door through which many spectators of the concert of the "Eagles Of Death Metal" had escaped during the terrorist attack of 13 November 2015 which had left many dead and wounded as we can remember.

The British artist, who likes to play with the media as well as the art market, is today one of the most highly rated contemporary artists in the world.

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At the golds that tens of thousands of people in the world beat the pavement during the first weekend of June to express ras-le-bol their racism and police brutality after death George Floyd, Banksy has unveiled a new work inspired by the situation on Instagram.

On the first image shared by the artist with the secret identity, the drawing of a portrait of a black silhouette surrounded by flowers and candles, one of which is lit in close-up. On the second, the same drawing, seen in a larger plan, with the flag of the United States beginning to catch fire.

"It's not their problem, it's mine"

The drawing is accompanied by a few words from the street artist. “At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this problem. But why would I do this?

It's not their problem, it's mine, "Banksy writes on the third part of his slideshow. The famous street artist published on Instagram a drawing where we see a candle, watching next to a photo of a black silhouette, setting fire to the American flag.

“At first, I said to myself that I should be quiet and just listen to black people on the subject. But why would I do that?

It's not their problem, it's mine, ”writes the artist in a message that accompanies his work.

"It's a white problem. And if the white people don't take care of it, someone will have to go upstairs and smash the door, ”concludes Banksy under this drawing which has gathered on Instagram more than two million likes in 24 hours.

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"Jean-Loup Dabadie died today at 1 pm", at the Paris hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière, from a disease other than Covid-19, announced his agent M. de Labbey.

The man of letters was an author, translator, director, lyricist, dialogist and journalist. He was one of the most prolific lyricists of French song and marked popular cinema in the 1970s.

On the big screen, we owe him the scenarios of several films by Claude Sautet, such as "Max and the scrap metal" with Michel Piccoli, "Vincent, François, Paul ... and the others" or "César and Rosalie". He also signed for Yves Robert the scripts of "An elephant, that is very deceiving and" We will all go to paradise ", with Jean Rochefort. We also owe him the screenplay of "La gifle" (1974) with Lino Ventura and Isabelle Adjani.

In music, the list of his collaborations allows us to measure his weight in French song. Michel Polnareff's tube "We will all go to paradise" is him. "Femmes je t'aime" by Julien Clerc, again him. He has also worked with Juliette Gréco, Yves Montand and Jean Gabin. Jean-Loup Dabadie has also written sketches for several comedians, notably Guy Bedos.

And all his talents have won him prizes: the Jean Le Duc prize from the French Academy for "César et Rosalie" and for "La Gifle", the great cinema prize from the French Academy for all of his work (1983), the grand prize (humor) of the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (Sacem) in 1984, the grand prize of the French song of the Sacem (lyricist) in 2000, the Raymond-Devos prize of the French language in 2004, the Henri-Jeanson Prize of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) for all of his work the same year.

He had just finished adapting for the cinema a novel by Georges Simenon, "The green shutters", the first role of which was to be played by Gérard Depardieu.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Do we grow in museums and with movies

1. The Brera Art Gallery

The Pinacoteca de Brera is a national gallery of ancient and modern art, in the homonymous palace, in the heart of old Milan. A characteristic of what differentiates the Pinacoteca from other Italian museums is the presence of great masterpieces from different schools: Lombardy, Tuscany, Central Italy, Veneto, as well as important paintings from the Flemish school. There are works to admire (today) online like Il Bacio by Francesco Hayez and La Città che sale by Umberto Boccioni.

2. The Uffizi-Florence

The Uffizi Gallery is part of the Florentine museum complex called The Uffizi Galleries and includes, in addition to the aforementioned gallery, the Vasari corridor, the collections of Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens in Florence. These days, you can access the online guided tour to discover the wonders contained in the museum on the site of all the masterpieces, such as Primavera, Bacchus, artists ranging from Botticelli to Caravaggio.

3. Moma -New-York

The New York Museum of Modern Art allows you to admire an overview of its collections: MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, is located in Manhattan, New York, and has often been considered the main modern museum in the world. You will have the honor of admiring the works of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock from your sofa, to name a few.

4. The Louvre-Paris Museum

Closed since March 13 and until further notice, the most visited museum in the world offers some alternatives for art lovers. Like a virtual discovery of the treasures of Ancient Egypt or a walk in the Apollon gallery, failing to have access to the very popular Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

centuries like Francisco Goya, Diego Velasquez, Hieronymous Bosch, or Albrecht Durer.

5. Archaeological Museum of Athens

Ancient Greece, sculpture and the worship of the gods can also be admired online on the NAM (National Archaelogical Museum) site. In addition to being the largest museum in Greece, it is also the richest in the world in terms of Hellenic art, as with the presence of the gold masks of Agamemnon, the famous head of Zeus or the sculpture of Aphrodite and Eros.

6.The Dalí Theater-Museum - Spain

Located in the Catalan town of Figueres in Spain, this place pays homage to the master of surrealism. The building, built from the remains of an old municipal theater, is a reflection of the artist's strangeness and excess. A real cabinet of life-size curiosities where the works of the painter unfurl at different stages of his life ... However, it will be necessary to dispense with the explanations associated during the virtual visit.

7. The Prado- Madrid Museum

The most important museum in Spain allows visitors to visit and appreciate works, artists and techniques in the vast online archives. It is therefore necessary to rediscover the most important works, of great painters of the 16th and 17th centuries.

8. The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul

Since late 2013, the MMCA has been honoring contemporary art around the world. On the menu of this cultural site located in Gwacheon (South Korea): three floors, 14,144 m2 of exhibition space and a multitude of facilities to discover.

And artist biopics

Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rodin and Camille Claudel… Here are five exciting films about these famous artists to (re) discover absolutely during this confinement. 1. Basquiat (1996)

Directed by Julian Schnabel, himself a painter and friend of Basquiat, this film offers a dive into the world of the first black artist to have made his mark in contemporary art and in the New York artistic milieu of the time through a gallery of well-tempered characters such as David Bowie (Andy Warhol), Courtney Love (Big Pink)…

2. Frida (2002)

In this biopic produced by Julie Taymor and adapted from the book by Hayden Herrera, the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is interpreted by a Salma Hayek inhabited by her role. From her student life to her international renown, including her terrible accident and her marriage to the painter Diego Rivera, the film highlights the eventful life of this extraordinary woman.

3. Rodin (2017)

Shot by Jacques Doillon, the film takes place in 1880 when Auguste Rodin, camped by Vincent Lindon, finally receives his first commission from the State at 40: La Porte de L'Enfer. In addition to addressing the long creative process of the sculptor, this biopic also returns to his love story with one of his students, Camille Claudel, and their artistic complicity.

4. Camille Claudel (1988)

For those who would like to complete their knowledge of this mythical couple of artists, Bruno Nuytten's film focuses on the young Camille, played by Isabelle Adjani on the initiative of the project, and her devastating relationship with the sculptor, camped by Gérard Depardieu.

5. Pollock (2000)

This adaptation of the book by Steven Naifeh by Ed Harris is the fruit of the latter's fascination for the artist, even to the latter's fascination for the artist, even going so far as to practice painting to endorse himself the role. His experimentation process, his neuroses, his marriage to the painter Lee Krasner, his ill-assumed celebrity ... this biopic reveals all the facets of the master of action painting.

To see.....!!!!!

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She had received the special grand prize at the Angoulême festival in 1982. BD cartoonist Claire Bretécher, author notably of Les Frustrés and d'Agrippine died Monday at the age of 79, we learned on Tuesday with its publisher.

"It is with deep sadness that Dargaud editions announce the death of Claire Bretécher on February 10, 2020, at the age of 79," the editor said in a press release.

"Escape from boredom"

Claire Bretécher had quickly launched into comics "to escape boredom," she said.

In the early 1960s, after dropping Fine Arts, she taught drawing and delivered illustrations to the newspapers of the Bayard group. "Press drawings, strips, comics, whatever, I wanted to draw and my goal was to eat thanks to that," she explained.

Press comics

In 1963, she was invited by Goscinny to draw her Rhesus Factor in The bone marrow. She then collaborated with the Tintin newspaper and then with Spirou where she created the Gnan-Gnan. His collaboration also begins with Pilote, always at the request of Goscinny, where his Season Salads are published, and the adventures of his first great heroine: Cellulite, a completely crazy medieval princess. Then she embarked with Gotlieb and Mandryka on the adventure of L'Echo des savanes. In 1973, she invented her hilarious, libidinous dog character, Le Bolot, for Le Sauvage. She also begins her collaboration with the Nouvel Observateur. It is the birth of the Frustrated. Then later, she gives birth to Agrippina, the unbearable and endearing teenager.

A talent for showing human relationships

Having launched into self-publishing, in 1988 she published the first album of Agrippina's adventures, followed by six others and a series of 26 cartoons broadcast on Canal +. Her gallery of characters allowed her to tackle social issues that she very often identified well before most of her contemporaries. To the point that in 1976 Roland Barthes will say that she is the "sociologist of the year".

Among the pioneers of comics, she was able to impose a style, a tone, an offbeat look of total originality. Observer detached from her time, she crunches through them with immense self-mockery.

She also practiced painting with talent, producing a series of striking portraits of her loved ones and uncompromising self-portraits.

“A personality as disturbing as it is endearing, Claire Bretécher has traced a unique path in comics. His humor and his freedom of spirit were immense, they will be missed by all his readers, we already miss him, ”said his editor.

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Banksy hit again. It is in his country, the United Kingdom, that the mysterious street artist has this time raged. He chose to make a mural in the city of Birmingham.

But not just any fresco:

an evocative trompe-l'oeil denouncing the unsustainable situation of the homeless.

It was filmed and posted on Instagram by the artist Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

We can see Ryan, the protagonist of his work.

This man, presented as a homeless person, settles on a public bench with big bags. Then when the field widens we see a stencil representing two reindeer, which seem to drag this bench.

Ryan would he be Santa on his sled?

"God bless Birmingham. During the 20 minutes Ryan was filmed on his bench, passers-by gave him a hot drink, two candy bars and a lighter, "says the legend.

This work is anything but innocuous in the context of a general - ie legislative - election in the United Kingdom, which will take place on 12 December.

Hugues Renson, the vice-president of the National Assembly, relayed this new work, which he said carried a "powerful message about the need for solidarity".

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A voir ! No Comment !!!
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Le prix Goncourt 2019 a été remis à Jean-Paul Dubois, pour son roman « Tous les hommes n'habitent pas le monde de la même façon ».

Etaient également en lice : Soif, d’Amélie Nothomb (Albin Michel), Extérieur monde, d’Olivier Rolin (Gallimard) et La Part du fils, de Jean-Luc Coatalem (Stock).

L'annonce a été faite ce lundi 4 novembre, à la mi-journée, au restaurant Drouant (Paris).

« La tempête Amélie n'est pas parvenue jusque la table des Goncourt », a commenté Bernard Pivot, président de l'Académie Goncourt.

Né en 1950 à Toulouse, où il vit toujours dans la maison de son enfance, Jean-Paul Dubois a longtemps été grand reporter au Nouvel Observateur.

Jaloux de son temps et de sa liberté, il l’a quitté le jour même de 2004 où Une vie française (L’Olivier) a reçu le prix Femina.

Le Toulousain Jean-Paul Dubois, 69 ans, écrivain discret et populaire, a construit depuis une trentaine d'années une œuvre qui séduit par sa délicatesse et sa profonde humanité.

Le prix Renaudot a quant à lui été attribué à Sylvain Tesson, pour « La panthère des neiges ».

Eric Neuhoff a reçu, pour sa part, le Renaudot essai pour (Très) cher cinéma français.

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Le « Bouquet de Tulipes » de Jeff Koons trône désormais dans les jardins des Champs-Élysées entre le Petit Palais et la place de la Concorde (VIIIe).

Symbole de l’amitié franco-américaine au lendemain des attentats de 2015, l’œuvre controversée, offerte par Jeff Koons, a été inaugurée ce vendredi 4 octobre en présence de l'artiste et d'Anne Hildago.

Il s'agit d'une sculpture monumentale, haute de 10 mètres et pesant 30 tonnes,en bronze, acier et aluminium polychromes.

« Symbole de souvenir, d'optimisme, et de rétablissement pour surmonter ces terribles attentats », cette main tenant un bouquet de tulipes composé de onze fleurs colorées évoque

« la perte, la renaissance et la vitalité de l'esprit humain », a rappelé Jeff Koons au cours de l'inauguration où il a invoqué l'esprit de Bartholdi, l'auteur de la statue de la Liberté.

Son bouquet évoque la main de la statue brandissant la torche et dialogue avec le Bouquet de l'Amitié de Pablo Picasso, a-t-il souligné dans son discours.

L'artiste a prévu de reverser les revenus (à hauteur de 80%) perçus au titre de ses droits d'auteur aux associations des familles de victimes. Les 20% restants doivent aller à la Ville de Paris pour la maintenance de l’œuvre.

Jeff Koons, que l'on connaît pour ses œuvres kitsch et ses clins d’œil appuyés à la pop culture, n'en fini pas de déchaîner les passions.

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Réalisé en 2009, le tableau, du street artist Banksy et intitulé « Le Parlement des singes » - dont le nom officiel est Devolved Parliament - a été cédé à 9,9 millions de livres sterling, jeudi 3 octobre 2019, aux enchères de la maison Sotheby.

Il a été adjugé après 13 minutes « d’enchères disputées » où « dix collectionneurs » ont fait s’envoler le prix, a indiqué Sotheby’s. L’identité de l’acquéreur n’a pas été divulguée.

Le « meilleur moment » pour cette vente avec l'actualité du Brexit

Le célèbre street artist s’immisce à nouveau dans le débat du Brexit après avoir réalisé, à Douvres une fresque représentant un homme en train de casser une étoile du drapeau européen à coups de burin.

La toile met en scène des chimpanzés qui sont assis sur les banquettes vertes de la Chambre des communes, en lieu et place des députés britanniques.

Auparavant baptisé « Question Time » (« La séance des questions »), en référence à la séance hebdomadaire des questions au Premier ministre, le tableau a été retravaillé par l’artiste.

Elle résonne avec l’actualité anglaise, à moins d’un mois de la date prévue du Brexit. « Il n’y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour mettre en vente ce tableau », avait déclaré lors de la présentation de l’œuvre Alex Branczik, chef du département d’art contemporain Europe de Sotheby’s.

La toile souligne « la régression de la plus ancienne démocratie parlementaire du monde dans une attitude tribale et animale ». En remplaçant les députés par des primates, le peintre présente sa propre théorie de l’évolution parlementaire.

Un post instagram ironique

Bansky originaire de Bristol , dont on ne connaît toujours pas l’identité, a partagé avec ironie sur Instagram une citation de Robert Hughes, critique d’art australien, accompagnée de la légende suivante : « Prix record pour une peinture de Banksy atteint ce soir. Dommage, elle ne m’appartenait plus. », a réagi l'artiste qui l’avait vendue en 2011.

Celui qui défend la non-marchandisation de l'art, dans une société consumériste, a une nouvelle fois innové: Il a ainsi ouvert une boutique éphémère dans la banlieue de Londres, dans laquelle les objets affichés ne sont pas à la vente mais "seulement à des fins d'affichages", écrit-il sur son compte instagram.

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120 000 DOLLARS

C'est une banane bien mûre, tout ce qu'il y a de plus ordinaire, scotchée au mur avec un large ruban adhésif gris qui s'est vendue au prix exorbitant de 120 000 dollars à la foire d'art contemporain Art Basel de Miami.

L’œuvre, baptisée The Comedian est vendue avec un certificat d’authenticité mais les propriétaires peuvent remplacer le cher fruit jaune autant de fois qu’ils le souhaitent ! D'autant qu'il va se décomposer...

Comment expliquer un tel prix ?

Si certains estiment que ces ventes sont la parfaite représentation de ce qu'est devenu le monde de l'art contemporain, c'est avant tout l'identité de l'auteur du concept qui explique ce prix démesuré.

Il s'agit de l'artiste italien Maurizio Cattelan,connu pour son art humoristique et provocateur.

L'art provocateur de Maurizio Cattelan

Cet artiste de 59 ans internationalement connu pour ses œuvres subversives a défrayé la chronique plus d'une fois que ce soit avec La Nona Ora, une sculpture hyperréaliste représentant le pape Jean-Paul.

II écrasé sous une météorite,ou avec la sculpture controversée d'Adolf Hitler agenouillé et suppliant vendue aux enchères un peu plus de 15 millions d'euros chez Christie's en 2016 ou encore de l’œuvre intitulée America, simples W.C. plaqués or 18 carats et exposés au musée Guggenheim de New York avant d'être volé, et que les visiteurs pouvaient utiliser librement...

Peut-on encore parler d'art ? On se gardera d'en juger.

Pour le galeriste Emmanuel Perrotin qui expose l’artiste, le travail de Cattelan « nous force à nous interroger sur la valeur qui est accordée aux biens matériels. Ici le spectacle fait autant partie du travail que la banane ».

Toujours est-il qu'un autre artiste a décidé de poursuivre le spectacle, avec un happening très particulier. David Datuna a en effet mangé la banane.

David Datuna, qui se décrit comme un artiste américain d'origine géorgienne installé à New York, a décroché samedi 7 décembre, la banane du mur blanc, l'a pelée puis l'a mangée devant une foule de curieux.

A son tour de  commenter malicieusement son geste comme une « performance artistique » intitulée Hungry Artist  dans une vidéo postée sur son compte Instagram.

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« "It's an immersive exhibition, to better communicate a message. Here, the message is striking. We wanted to stay in the rebellious, revolutionary spirit of street art, "said Hazis Vardar, Lafayette-Drouot's manager.

Large immersive and Parisian exhibition celebrates the world star of street art: Banksky.

The rebellious frescoes of the mysterious Banksy, whose identity nobody knows, are reconstructed life-size alongside paintings of the famous street-artist British, on the occasion of an immersive exhibition

A revolutionary immersive exhibition of street art

The exhibition entitled The World of Banksy: The Immersive Experience occupies 1,200 m² and three levels, partly underground. 42 frescoes were made on concrete walls alongside 51 framed works by the Bristol street-artist, from private collections.

The Espace Lafayette-Drouot, a new place dedicated to "artertainment" ("contraction of art and entertainment"), named after its founder Hazis Vardar, has conceived an immersive journey completely unpublished through the work of the street artist subscribed to splinters.

The latest, the self-destruction of one of his works at auction at Sotheby's last October (see article)

A captivating stroll through an underground space

The graffiti artist 's work can only be understood in a street context. "It's an immersive exhibition, to better communicate a message. Here, the message is striking. We wanted to stay in the rebellious, revolutionary spirit of street art, "said Hazis Vardar, Lafayette-Drouot's manager.

The experiment starts wisely with a series of framed lithographs lent by private collectors: the anarchist rat, the little girl with the red balloon, Pulp Fiction ...

On an ocher-colored wall are the little girl with the balloon, the dove in armor, but also the launcher of flowers, iconic works signed by the mysterious Banksy.

A tribute to Banksy by several artists

The strolling plunges the viewer into the streets of London, New York, Bethlehem, Bristol and of course Paris in the footsteps of the graffiti artist

The viewer then discovers Banksy murals reproduced life-size by street artists from around the world who wanted to remain anonymous.

Working collectively for thirty days, they reconstructed streets "in normal size" to "recontextualize the work of Banksy," said Hazis Vardar, manager Lafayette-Drouot. Bethlehem Land, the mural painted on the wall of Bethlehem as the stencil of the young woman weeping at the door of the Bataclan in Paris, stolen in January, were returned in full size by a dozen graffiti artists from around the world.

Not the original works but reproductions

The Parisian theater offers an immersion in the most emblematic works of the artist. Forty reproductions punctuate the course: "We can not have the original ones.

They have all been vandalized or removed for some. We can not help but make copies. And especially works that are physically around the world, for those that still exist. So even if someone wants to see them, he should do San Francisco, Paris, London ... around the world! ", Details Hazis Vardar, curator of the exhibition.

When on the art market, his works do not fly or are not cut in situ to be resold under the mantle.

The most famous street artist of his time denounces the tricks of a sick society in works that dress the walls of the world.

The frescoes say innocence crushed by force, but also acts of resistance or insolence against Israeli consumerism or occupation, etc.

The art of the committed Bristol graffiti artist dynamizes its codes, reinventing its rules, while questioning the very foundations of urban art.

A stroll as captivating as it is insane !!! A must see.

The World of Banksy Exhibition: The Immersive Experience

From 13/06/2019 to 29/09/2019

Espace Lafayette Drouot, 44, Rue Du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 Paris

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We discovered the cover of the 38th comic of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix!

And it is a teenage heroine aged 17-18 who is there.

Pouting pout, imperious cheerleading pose in becoming, gigantic braid of red hair and gold necklace here is the face of this new character.

Because for the sixty years of Asterix, the two successors of Goscinny and Uderzo have chosen to put at the heart of this album the crisis of adolescence with a central character Adrenaline.

A heroine with a strong character who will land in the quiet little world of the irreducible Gauls.

With for intrigue:

"The daughter of the famous Gallic leader Vercingetorix, hunted down by the Romans, finds refuge in the village of the irreducible Gauls, the only place in Gaul occupied to be able to ensure its protection.

And the least we can say is that the presence of this teenager like no other will cause many intergenerational upheavals ... ".

This new opus, written by Jean-Yves Ferri and designed by Didier Conrad, promises to be thrilling.

" Effervescence and upheaval in perspective! "

At your bookstores on October 24th for the release of the album, entitled:

The Girl of Vercingetorix !

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Toni Morrison, the first African-American author to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, died on August 6 at the age of 88. She has experienced the segregation and racism that are part of the history of blacks and that she retraces, sometimes crudely, through her novels. The writer has explored the whole history of black Americans, slavery in contemporary times.

Chloe Ardelia Wofford, aka Toni Morrison, was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain, an industrial town in a Midwestern, Ohio, rural state. She grew up in a modest family descended from slaves.

At the age of 12, she chose Anthony as her first name - Chloe Anthony Wofford - and the diminutive, Toni, remains.

A passionate academic of literature

Passionate about literature, she went to Washington in 1949 where she enrolled at Howard University, then reserved for blacks. She graduated in literature from the prestigious Cornell University, and began a university career. Married in 1958 to Harold Morrison, an architect, she has two sons. The couple divorced six years later.

In 1964, Toni Morrison moved to Syracuse, New York where she became a textbook publisher. At the same time, she began her writing career with her first book, The Bluest Eye , in 1970. But the young woman is even bigger: the publishing house in which she works has just been bought by the prestigious Random House. Toni Morrison wants to propose to publish books that speak to women, or even blacks.

After all, "Things were very simple at the time," says Morrison. I was young, I started writing when I was 39 years old. It is the summit of life. My children were a real liberation because their needs were simple. (...). The children did not pay attention to my hairstyle, did not care about my appearance. She said in 2012 to a Guardian journalist.

Preserve the memory of the black American people

Ambitious project that this one. How to preserve the memory of the black American people?

Toni Morrison grew up in a time when segregation was still in effect. When it arrives in Washington in 1949, buses still carry signs "reserved for people of color": this separation will be legally abolished in 1964 with the law on civil rights.

From his new office in New York, Toni Morrison moves heaven and earth to find witnesses of the civil revolution that is agitating the United States. 1967 will be the official year of the end of segregation, the beginning of the 70s will be that of the entry of black literature on the American book market.

Toni Morrison offered the opportunity to Mohammed Ali or Angela Davis but also the Black Panther Huey Newton and the poet Henry Dumas to express themselves on paper. A subtle literary revolution that will push its instigator to take the plunge.

A militant writer

"I ended up writing books because I wanted to read. But I could not publish them since no one had written them yet. "

The Bluest Eye (1970) is the story of Pecola praying night and day to have blue eyes and who will lose faith. This first book, Toni Morrison will then take 10 years to write it starting when she is still a professor at Howard University. It was not until 1970 that Chloe Athony Wofford metamorphoses fully into Toni Morrison and reveals her true nature: that of a militant writer.

The themes that are discussed - racism, incest, abuse - will detest the forbidden book in many schools and public libraries. The Bluest Eye will be hated by both blacks and whites. "To romance the daily life of an African-American family in the grip of the reality of white supremacy and the internal violence of the black community risked emulating them. "

An open letter - published in the New York Times in 1988 - signed by the hands of 48 African-American writers will finally point to the immense work of Toni Morrison that literary academies will no longer be able to ignore. The Bluest Eye (1970), Sula (1973), The Song of Solomon (1977), Tar Baby (1981) were recognized by critics after Beloved (1987) caught the attention of the Pulitzer Prize jury.

Five years later, the child of Ohio receiving the first Nobel Prize awarded to an African-American author - installs his work to the world's pantheon of literature.

In all, Toni Morrison leaves a bibliography of 11 novels written between 1970 and 2015 but also essays, children's books, two plays and even an opera libretto. The author has explored the entire history of black Americans since their enslavement until their emancipation in the current American society in an irreplaceable style, always fleeing simplism and Manichaeism.

Délivrances, his latest novel, which unfolds nowadays, is tinged with touches of hope.

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"With this immersive exhibition, we wanted to stay in Banksy's rebellious and revolutionary spirit. I wanted to create an emotional shock so that people better understand his work and his messages of love and peace, "says Hazis Vardar space manager Lafayette-Drouot

Is it still necessary to present the mysterious British artist?

Come re-discover his works at the space Lafayette-Drouot who saw the big picture: the exhibition - which wants to be immersive - extends over 1,200 m² and three floors, partly underground. The necessary place to accommodate the 42 frescoes, made on concrete walls several meters high.

The immersive exhibition devoted to the star artist of street - art opens its doors this Thursday, June 13 in Paris. You will have an exciting walk to better understand the work of Banksy.

The Bristol unknown

Internationally renowned today, after several media hits, the artist loves to shock, provoke, disrupt society and that is what makes all the beauty of his work. It has imposed on the world its ability to break the rules by proposing a complex vision of society

Originally from Bristol, admired from New York to Paris, through Palestine each of its traces leaves on the walls of the detonating memories.

Through the presentation of a hundred works, some original and others reconstructed, the exhibition plunges us into the heart of the world of the mysterious and rebellious artist known worldwide for his fight against injustice and violence.

Frescoes by Banksy, a street-art pope whose face and identity are unknown , are magnificently displayed. The exhibition was also able to count on the loan of private collectors. A total of 51 works by the British street artist are displayed.

A committed work

In a first room the visitor begins the exhibition including seeing rat stencils, animal dear to the artist to denounce the tricks of our society. Then the visitor comes out of the shadows to find himself projected into a concrete decor in the Middle East. "Bethlehem Land", the wall mural of Bethlehem on which Banksy painted a donkey and a soldier side by side is reproduced on a wall 5 m high.

It denounces the Israeli occupation of Palestine. With the sound of a buzzing helicopter, "Fouille in rule", which represents a girl and a soldier, moves the walker, as well as "The dove of peace" or the "Launcher of flowers".

Then the visitor wanders in the vast and dark room dedicated to the Parisian works of Banksy realized last year. It is there that is exposed, repeated identically by several artists, "The young woman weeping at the door of Bataclan" with at his feet, a candle and some roses.

This painting, made in tribute to the 90 victims of November 13, 2015, was stolen six months later, raising widespread indignation. You can also admire "The girl covering a swastika", a drawing discovered along the Paris ring road near a former reception center for migrants.

Frescoes reproduced identically

"With this immersive exhibition, we wanted to stay in Banksy's rebellious and revolutionary spirit. I wanted to create an emotional shock so that people could better understand his work and his messages of love and peace, "says Hazis Vardar, Lafayette-Drouot space manager.

If the fifty or so original works of the artist, framed, comes from private collections, the many frescoes have been made on site by the identical by a dozen street artists from around the world. All at first had refused the proposal of this institution. "But when they realized that they had carte blanche to reconstruct real-scale streets in order to recontextualize Banksy's work, they all agreed," says Hazis Vardar. It was with the help of five workers that they managed to paint collectively 24 hours a day for a month.

And all wished as their master to remain anonymous to prolong the mystery ...

"The World of Banksy Exhibition: The Immersive Experience", from June 13 to July 31, 2019, at Espace Lafayette-Drouot, 44, rue du Faubourg Montmartre. (Paris 9th).

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Would the world's most expensive painting be sailing on the yacht of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman?

At least that's what Kenny Schachter, an art market specialist who believes he has located Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, has been missing since he was bought for a staggering amount a year and a half ago.

The "Salvator Mundi" has disappeared since its purchase a year and a half ago. The painting was acquired for $ 450 million at an auction held in November 2017 by Christie's, spiking all records in the art market.

Since then, the painting where Christ emerges from darkness, blessing the world with one hand while holding a transparent globe in the other, has never been shown in public. Some scholars have judged that it might have been done by Leonardo's disciples and not by the master himself.

While waiting for the development of a cultural site? Officially, it was acquired to complete the Louvre Abu Dhabi collection.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the buyer is actually the Saudi prince Badr ben Abdallah, acting on behalf of the powerful Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, nicknamed MBS, which has never confirmed or denied.

Located on a yacht Kenny Schachter, a collector and art dealer based in London, reinforces this hypothesis on the site, devoted to the art market. For the specialist, the painting will remain at sea until Saudi Arabia manages to transform the Al-Ula region into a cultural site attracting international tourists.

At the beginning of the year, international musicians have already performed there, in a glass auditorium erected in the middle of the pre-Islamic ruins of this desert area of ​​northwestern Saudi Arabia.

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A first in the history of art. This Wednesday, May 15, the Rabbit, a sculpture of Jeff Koons in the shape of a rabbit, sold for not less than 91.1 million dollars, or 81.2 million euros in auction organized by Christie's At New York !

A record-breaking sales price, the latest being held by the British painter David Hockney and his painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), auctioned at $ 90.3 million last November.

For the American artist it is a nice revenge since he was already the record holder with his Balloon Dog, before David Hockney stole the show.

The Rabbit represents the steel casting of a rabbit and is part of a series of three sculptures made by Jeff Koons in 1986.

It is one of the best-known works of the artist who has shaken up the conventions of the world of the arts. Top of 104 centimeters, it comes from the collection of Samuel Irving Newhouse, former boss of the press group Condé Nast, which includes magazines Vanity Fair, Vogue and The New Yorker.

Jeff Koons, aged 64, has been a regular source of controversy since the 1980s, notably with his paintings and sculptures in which he copied with the former Italian film star La Cicciolina, whom he married in 1991, before being divorced in 1994.

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Many have sung the praises of Our Lady of Paris of Aragon, from Nerval to Hugo.

She watched us from the top of her 69 meters and eight centuries before being ravaged by a terrible fire.

All eyes were raised on the basilica, dazed, all the lips murmured slowly, stunned:

"All eyes had risen to the top of the church. What they saw was extraordinary.

On the top of the highest gallery, higher than the central rose window, there was a great flame that rose between the two spiers with whirlwinds of sparks, a large, disordered flame, and rose between the two spiers with swirling whirlpools. sparks, a great, disorderly and furious flame, whose wind at times carried away a rag in the smoke. (...)

Above the flame, the enormous towers, each of which showed two raw and sliced ​​sides, one all black, the other all red, seemed to be still larger with all the immensity of the shade they projected into the sky. "(Book III).

Hugolian words to heal our distress in the face of this terrible tragedy that is killing us all.

The dark and romantic Gérard de Nerval had also devoted a few verses in a poem (1830), evoking the premonitory end of this Great Lady.

"But in a thousand years time will falter

Like a wolf makes an ox, this heavy carcass,

Will twist his nerves of iron, and then a dull tooth

Will sadly gnaw his old rock bones! "

Let's leave the last word to novelist Ken Follett: "Miraculously, a good part of the cathedral has survived. Even part of the vault has survived. The builders of the Middle Ages were even better than we thought.»

Kelly Donalson for DayNewsWorld



Pop art can book beautiful discoveries.

Pauline Boty, the only woman in the British branch of the movement, beautiful as an actress (she was a bit), prominent figure of the swirl called Swinging London is one.

But his career was so fast and fast that his works fell into oblivion (born March 6, 1938-died July 1, 1966).

It was only in the 90s that his name began to be known by art historians specializing in British Pop Art.

And only in 2013 a retrospective was organized for her.

Trained in the art of stained glass at the Royal Academy of Arts, she imposes herself and imposes her femininity in a world of men.

She is the only English painter of this movement alongside Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton or David Hockney. Many members of the London scene fell in love with her.

A young singer named Bob Dylan would have composed the song Liverpool Gal for her.

But everything stopped abruptly in 1965 overwhelmed by cancer.

"She continued to entertain her friends and even sketched The Rolling Stones during her illness. "

* A heroine, we tell you.

Her paintings were like her: sexy and provocative.

His canvases provoke our eyes and our mind by the subjects treated as by his large flat areas of bright colors:

A gluttony close-up-his diptych It's A Man World I & II (1965) pits the machistadors of the time (Kennedy, Elvis ...) to simply naked women- icons of the sixties - Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Vitti ... - or her look at Cuba and the missile crisis.

The French collector, Charles-Henri Filippi, discovering this feminist artist, remained captivated by his paintings.

Come and discover them at the exhibition-sale at the house Piasa.

"The Remains of Love. Last look before Brexit ".

From March 29 to April 18 at Piasa, 118, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Paris VIII.

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld


It will re-open Sunday, April 7 to the public, after a year of work, the house Hauteville House Victor Hugo (1802-1885). After the banishment decreed by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer was exiled to Guernsey, an Anglo-Norman island off the Cotentin Peninsula.

He then moved to Guernsey where he acquired Hauteville House in 1856, thanks to the proceeds of the sale of the collection, Les Contemplations.

Remaining family property until 1927, Hauteville House is donated to the City of Paris, on the occasion of the centenary of Romanticism, by Jeanne Nègreponte, the granddaughter of Victor Hugo, and the children of Georges Hugo, his little -son.

Built on the heights of Saint Peter Port, Hauteville House was the home of Victor Hugo during his exile in Guernsey and the only property of the writer.

Place of writing of many masterpieces - Les Miserables, Sea Workers, The Man Who Laughs, The Legend of the Centuries, The Theater in Freedom ... - it is also a total work of art by its development and his sets designed by Victor Hugo himself.

The Breton businessman François Pinault, 82, made possible the renovation of this building whose decoration atypical corresponds to the creativity of Hugo.

"Autograph three-story, a poem in several rooms", according to Charles Hugo, a work in its own right, the house immerses the visitor in a unique atmosphere.

The visitor entering the house is first crushed in a narrow entrance to an alleyway, with narrow halls and staircases, in almost funereal darkness.

The brightness of the third floor of Hauteville House, where the "look-out" in glass, adjacent to a modest room, contrasts with this darkness.

The great writer Victor Hugo worked there in front of the sea and slept in a bed that he folded in the company of a silver cross that this anticlerical believer kept close to him.

Winter garden, oak gallery, red salon and blue salon, Chinese lacquer panels, colonnades and neo-Gothic stalls, family portraits, drawings of the famous series of "souvenirs" of his travels, tapestry, framed hangings of oaks , walls and ceiling covered porcelain:

all assembled heteroclite.

Hugo liked reworking ordinary objects, diverting them. From a curious candelabrum, he wants to make a fire tree through which to raise the gas.

Inscriptions like "Nox, Mors, Lux" ("Night, death, light") or "Perge, surge" ("Get up, stay up") say his obsessions. For Gérard Audinet, director of Victor Hugo's houses, Hauteville House is "a writing house".

All the symbolic Hugo is in this house of exile of the great man who planted the oak of the United States of Europe July 14, 1870, just before his return to France.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld
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L'on sait que la chancelière Angela Merkel aime les opéra de Wagner, l'on savait moins qu'elle aime aussi les tableaux d'Emil Nolde. Dans le vaste bureau de 140 mètres carrés situé au 7e étage de la chancellerie qu'elle occupe maintenant depuis 12 ans, deux tableaux du peintre expressionniste allemand en ornaient les murs. Ces deux toiles sont un prêt de la Stiftung Preussicher Kulturbesitz,la fondation de l'héritage culturel prussien, qui va les récupérer aujourd'hui en échange de deux tableaux de l'expressionniste Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, un contemporain de Nolde,

Pour la chancelière cet échange arrive à point nommé. En effet si Emil Nolde était considéré comme un « peintre dégénéré » par la propagande nazie, avec interdiction par Goebbels d'exercer son métier Nolde était aussi membre du NSDAP, fervent défenseur de l'idéologie nazie.

Une facette beaucoup moins flatteuse qui faisait du peintre un antisémite et un raciste convaincu.

Ce sont des recherches effectuées dans le cadre d'une grande exposition, « Emil Nolde. Une légende allemande. L'artiste sous le national-socialisme », qui ouvre la semaine prochaine au musée Hamburger Bahnhof de Berlin, qui ont permis à un historien d'exhumer ce passé sulfureux.

Les toiles de Nolde sont exposées à la chancellerie depuis l'époque Helmut Schmidt , fervent admirateur du peintre et possédant même plusieurs de ses toiles à titre privé, tout comme l'ancien président Richard von Weizsächer.

Un mythe qui s'effondre...

Jenny Chase pour DayNewsWorld



But where was the stolen painting The Portrait of Dora Maar painted by Picasso in 1938?

The painting, also called Bust of a Woman, had disappeared twenty years ago from the yacht of a Saudi Sheikh.

Twenty years of police research, twenty years in vain until Indiana Johnes of the art market, Arthur Brand, get their hands on it.

For the little story :

The painting, representing the mistress of the Spanish artist, was part of Picasso's private collection until his death before belonging to a Saudi Sheikh who had hung it in his yacht.

In 1999, while the boat was moored in the port of Antibes, the painting was stolen ...

It was only in 2015 that a mysterious letter informs our Detective Brand of the existence of "a Picasso and a boat".

Brand also learns that a "Picasso stolen from a boat" was used as a bargaining chip in illicit transactions in the Netherlands.

Mid-March, it sounds in the middle of the night at the door of Mr. Brand.

A man working for a Dutch businessman gives him the famous cloth wrapped in a sheet and black garbage bags.

It took four years of investigation to our true Indiana Johnes detective.

"Since the theft (in 1999, ed), the painting had to have changed ownership a dozen times," says Brand in Le Monde.

A feat among many others for this hero like no other.

Abby Shelcore for DayNewsWorld



Built the Louvre-Abu Dhabi, one of the most beautiful museums in the world. This time he signed a new masterpiece in Doha with the National Museum of Qatar:

it is Jean Nouvel, the inescapable visionary architect .Inaugured with great pomp on Wednesday, March 27th, the "rose of the sands" is the latest creation of the achitecte-star.

A rose of sands 350 m long and 34 000 square meters surface, which seems to emerge from the sand in the middle of the buildings on the corniche of Doha.

An entanglement of monochrome sand-colored discs. 539 petals ranging from 14 meters to 87 meters in diameter. The building flourishes on a large square, which Jean Nouvel has described as a "caravanserai, place of meetings and entertainment".

A huge pool and its 114 fountains signed Jean-Michel Othoniel.

"The rose of the sands is often considered by desert men as a lucky charm and it is also a mystery as to its manufacture for millennia.

But we did not know how she was inside and we find out today. Inside the museum, all the blades continue to cross and we will live there a series of discoveries of unpredictable spaces. "

Let's dive into this extraordinary institution that offers its visitors a real immersion, made possible by technological innovations, both visual and sound.

The interior is made up of eleven galleries running for 1.5 kilometers, and 7,000 square meters of exhibition space. No vertical, everything is curved, oblique, inclined.

Very advanced technologies to make you dizzy. The floor itself leans a little. "To build a building 350 meters long, with its large curved discs, intersections, cantilevered elements, it was difficult to meet enormous technical challenges," said Jean Nouvel, during the inauguration to the press.

A 1.5 km trail tells the story of Qatar since 7000 years little cluttered archaeological and ethnographic, Bedouins being nomadic.

To compensate for the absence of these pieces videos made by Jacques Perrin, the Mauritanian filmmaker Abderrhamane Sissako (Timbuktu) or the Indo-American Mira Nair. One finds oneself thus projected in a sandstorm, in the middle of the fishermen of pearls or still in the tent with Bedouins.

The museum traces the history of a country with three economic miracles:

the fishing of pearls, the discovery of oil and that of gas. Three "miracles" for this young state of Qatar who, in less than 50 years, went from tents in the desert and pearl fishing to a country with high GDP per capita.

On Wednesday evening, the National Museum of Qatar was inaugurated in the presence of the country's Emir, Prime Minister Philippe, Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, and many stars like Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Rem Koolhaas, or Jeff Koons.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld



A beautiful exhibition awaits you at the Grande Halle de la Villette: it presents the treasure of Tutankhamun discovered intact in 1922 by a British archaeologist. No less than 150 exceptional pieces made the trip, of which sixty had never left Egypt.

Howard Carter found clues suggesting that Tutankhamun was buried in the Valley of the Kings. In 1922 he finally discovered the fabulous tomb of the young pharaoh, lost under the sands.

He then described himself as "dumb with stupor, his hands trembling", lighting up with candle those jewels hidden from view for millennia. It is the only Egyptian royal tomb found intact, the others being abundantly looted over the centuries.

A dazzling discovery: a plethora of furniture, clothes, jewels, objects ornaments, statuettes and other ritual pieces that were to accompany the deceased on his journey to the afterlife and to rebirth.

Objects in a remarkable state of preservation, having slept for nearly three millennia underground.

Tutankhamun, a young minor pharaoh who ruled for ten years around 1340 BC between the ages of nine and 19, was buried with the honors due to his rank, with all the objects that were to accompany him on his journey through the afterlife.

And the visitor to cross the beyond also through the course of the exhibition.

Large openings connect the rooms of the exhibition which symbolize the twelve doors that the deceased had to pass successively to reach the beyond. Threatened that he was by ferocious beasts or supernatural creatures ...

A beautiful statuette of the sovereign, in gilded wood, shows him riding a black panther, divinity capable of protecting him in his nocturnal journey to the beyond. But the pharaoh also protected himself with weapons like the golden ceremonial club, boomerangs, or shields of carved wood. Tutankhamen also grabs a lion by the tail as a sign of power.

What fascination in front of the two headrests, in blue faience, of the color of the sky which symbolized the magic rebirth in the afterlife. Or these wooden boxes inlaid with ebony and ivory then containing the clothes of the pharaoh.

And the large, gilded, real-sized statue - the only obsidian-eyed one of the guardian - marks the transition to rebirth in the afterlife.

The mummy of Tutankhamun, remained in the tomb. She lodged in a succession of coffins nested inside one another. We discover a series of ornaments, amulets and jewels, gold bands encrusted with stones and faience ...

He reigned more than three thousand years ago on the most powerful civilization around the Mediterranean.

We fall in love with these 150 Wonders of Tutankhamun's Treasure - out of 5000 pieces extracted by the team of the British archaeologist!

That we are less convinced by this rather grandiloquent staging - videos, music, enlargements of images - organized by an American team that organizes a world tour in ten cities.

One of the key pieces, however, is missing. Since his visit to France in 1967 during the "exhibition of the century", the funerary mask, symbol of the treasure of the pharaoh, is now forbidden to leave the Egyptian borders.

"Tutankhamun, the treasure of the pharaoh", until September 15, Grande Halle de la Villette, 10 am to 8 pm every day, rates 18-24 €, To read: "The fabulous discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun", Howard Carter (Libretto, € 8) and "Tutankhamun" Zahi Hawass (Citadels & Mazenod, € 49).

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Have you heard of "Guys and Dolls"?

It is a monument of the musical on the other side of the Atlantic since the 50's never played in France.

It was not until the recent reopening of the Théâtre Marigny, and the audacity of its director Jean-Luc Choplin, to discover this masterpiece of Broadway.

Two theaters have a bit of Broadway singing in Paris.

The Mogador Theater annually raises the success of Anglo-Saxon music.

Programming is never wrong with Mamma Mia !, Sister Act, The Lion King, Grease or Chicago.

In the first half of the season, Théâtre Marigny put Jacques Demy's Peau d'Âne in more than magical settings.

And now Guys and Dolls, showing from March 13 to July 27. In Manhattan, however, it has been played since the 1950s.

At the time of its creation, the play had even won five Tony Awards, the Oscars of Drama.

The story is simple: Nathan Detroit (Christopher Howell), a gambling den, challenges Sky Masterson (Matthew Goodgame), an inveterate bettor, to seduce Sarah Brown (Clare Halse), a young Save-a-Soul missionary, kind of Salvation Army.

He must succeed in inviting this girl to Havana, or he will have to pay 1000 dollars.

The whole plot is based on the confrontation of these two worlds:

that of bad boys, robbers in three-piece suits and big cigars, versus that of young girls in flower who dream only of happy marriage.

Guys and Dolls a little condensed with joy and good humor. The magic of Broadway operates!

On display from March 13 to July 27.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld



Andy Warhol is at the heart of an exceptional exhibition in New York.

Until March 31, 2019, the Whitney Museum of Art in New York pays tribute to American artist Andy Warhol. Discover his most beautiful masterpieces!

"Warhol is an artist of our time especially in full-blown selfie, in which everyone is the star of his own photo or his own film," acknowledged Adam Weinberg, director of the Whitney Museum of Art's New York institution.

The Pope of Pop-Art, who died in 1987, is the author of these iconic paintings diverting photos of boxes of soups or portraits of Marylin Monroe.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of its birth, the Whitney Museum of Art in New York offers a complete retrospective of the work of Andy Warhol. To be seen until March 31, 2019. The exhibition is titled "Andy Warhol, From A to B and Back Again" (Andy Wahrol A to B and so on) in tribute to a book title written by Andy Wahrol on his "philosophy".

Under the curation of curator Donna De Salvo, who worked with the artist during the last months of her life, the Whitney Museum, which specializes in modern and contemporary American art in New York, has launched.

More than 350 works of art have been collected

This retrospective organized in chronological order is in any case exceptional because never so many paintings of Andy Warhol have been collected in one place! In total, you can discover 350 works from the largest museums in the world but also from private collections. The organizers insist on the fact that several works are presented together for the first time.

In addition to the paintings, the exhibition also invites you to discover films and videos shot by Andy Wahrol. The Pop-Art spirit will surprise you again!

The exhibition, which is spread over three levels of the museum, embraces the entire career of Warhol, since its beginnings as an advertising illustrator to his journey in abstraction.

Without drowning the visitor, thanks to a demanding selection, "Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again" also presents the artist in all its dimensions: draftsman, painter, photographer, videographer, producer of show, publisher (of the magazine Interview ") and even curator of his own exhibitions.

A significant part of the installation, which includes over 300 works, is dedicated to video, which the silver-haired dandy used for documentaries, experimental films, cultural programs and commercials.

In addition to this multi-media dimension, the exhibition evokes a Warhol in perpetual motion, eager for experiences, moved by the inspiration of others as well as his own, whose imprint endures. "Warhol's themes - mass media, celebrity culture, show business and politics - shape our lives perhaps more today than in life," says Adam Weinberg.

Behind the aesthetic dimension lies an eminently political artist. At the center of everything, the image and the power of representation, a reflection structured by its advertising experience, during the 1950s.

From Campbell's soups to Coca-Cola, from Marilyn Monroe to Mao Tse-tung, Andrew Warhola - from his real name - plays with the icons of his time, while tirelessly documenting his own life and work, to the point of becoming, himself, a mark.

The exhibition reflects his taste for serigraphy, bright colors and these famous repetitive images, it also shows that Warhol has never been locked into this form of expression, even if it owes its success. In 1978, at age 50, he began the Shadows abstract series, purposely stripped of pop imagery.

In the early 1960s, Andy Warhol, recognized advertising, uses a direct technique in his advertising drawings: drawing his creations on waterproof paper, he passes the contours of ink still wet on sheets of absorbent paper, on the principle of the blotter . At that time, many painters are also advertising illustrators, but do so discreetly. Warhol, on the other hand, is so well known as an advertising artist that the rest of his artistic work is not taken seriously.

It was in the 1960s that Warhol began making iconic paintings of American products such as the Campbell Soup Company's Campbell's Soup Cans and Coca-Cola bottles, as well as celebrity paintings such as Marilyn Monroe, Troy Donahue , and Elizabeth Taylor.

He founded "The Factory", his studio, over the years and has gathered around him a wide range of artists, writers, musicians and "underground" celebrities.

Through silkscreening he produced by seeking not only to make "mass-produced" products artistic, but by popularizing the mass production of art itself. By minimizing his role in producing his work and declaring that he wanted to be a "machine", Warhol unleashed a revolution in art.

He has the idea to elevate the images of popular culture to the rank of elitist art, joining the artists of pop art, movement launched in London in the mid-1950s by Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi, who experiment independently of each other. If Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns are the pioneers, Andy Warhol will be the "Pope of the Pop" and is considered the master.

In 1963, he adopted the technique he would use for his most famous works: screen-printed photography on canvas . The simplified photographs in black and white, without gray, are printed in silkscreen on the canvas painted with large areas of color. The pattern is sometimes reproduced several times on the canvas, like a pattern of wallpaper. This is the stereotype of pop art 10

The favorite motives will be registered trademark names, the dollar symbol, the faces of celebrities. The tone, both popular and iconoclastic, is inspired by popular culture.

At Warhol's image, its power within the consumer society is linked to death. The repetition of the figure often refers to its exhaustion.

The choice of subjects is related to this obsession with death, including Marilyn Monroe's famous screen-printed canvases (painted after her death, especially the Diptych Marilyn) or Liz Taylor (painted while the actress was seriously ill). infinitely reproducible icons that become images of consumption.

In the last years of his work, Warhol applied his style to numerous command portraits, while continuing to experiment with other pictorial techniques in his series Shadows, Oxydation paintings, and his covers of paintings by Botticelli or Leonardo da Vinci.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


"The color has me. There is no need to seize it. She owns me, I know it. That's the meaning of the happy moment: the color and I are one. I am a painter. ", Notes Paul Klee in his diary during the trip to Kairouan in April 1914.

The Marmottan Monet museum presents L'Orient des peintres, in a beautiful exhibition from March 7 to July 21, 2019. It is in the mansion house that houses the collections of Paul Marmottan, dedicated to Napoleon and his family that are exhibited works inspired by the breath of Napoleonic conquests that push many European painters to fantasize the East before actually go there.

For this event, the Museum invites us to travel with the exhibition "The Orient of painters, from dream to light", which shows fifty masterpieces, symbols of Orientalism, all from largest public and private collections in Europe and the United States (Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, Augustinian Museum in Toulouse, the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus in Munich, the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection in Madrid, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute of Williamstown).

From the sensuality of harem women to arid landscapes, this passion for the Orient brings out the power of color, which emancipates itself, and sees the emergence of abstraction.

And it is above all a renewal of the spectrum of colors that these travels will bring: in the face of the dazzling light of the Orient and unknown natural spectacles, painters invent new ways of painting.

At the beginning of the exhibition "Orient des Peintres", we find Ingres and Delacroix gone to the East, Ingres immortalizing the Grande Odalisque (editor's note: harem's wife), Delacroix and Chassériau bringing a more real but no less classical vision of the countries .

Then from Gérôme and Landelle to Vallotton, without forgetting Migonney, Bernard, Matisse or even Paul Klee, the exhibition Orient des Peintres reveals to us how during a visit the Orient fantasized turned into an initiatory journey for painters Europeans who come back transformed and then offer unpublished works.

There are also two paths, that of the human figure and that of the landscape with Ingres's "The Little Bather" (1828, Paris, Louvre Museum) and "Innenarchitektur" (Interior Architecture, 1914, Wuppertal, Von der Heydt Museum). ) by Paul Klee.

These two lines enlighten each other throughout the journey increasingly carried by a real knowledge of the East but always nourished tradition and fantasy.

"We must look at this people at the distance where it is convenient for them to show themselves: men at close quarters, women from afar; the bedroom and the mosque, never "as Eugène Fromentin notes in his book" A Summer in the Sahara " .

In her painting "Moorish woman leaving the bath", 1854, Chassériau uses an iconography borrowed from mythology and the classical tradition. The figure of harem, new Venus, can not indeed be portrayed in a faithful way, because it remains invisible to all. Thus Édouard Debat-Ponsan in "The Massage: scene of Hammam" (1883), renews a classic and imaginary iconography in staging it against a backdrop of Islamic mosaic.

The human figure will eventually fade in the dazzling oriental light. From Jean-Léon Gérôme ("The Merchant of Colors" (The Pillar of Colors, circa 1890-1891) to Eugène Fromentin ("The Land of Thirst", circa 1869, Paris, Musée d'Orsay) and Hippolyte Lazerges (" Caravan near Biskra, Algeria ", 1892, Nantes, Museum of Arts) begins a transition from the figure to the landscape, by the presentation of genre scenes with a growing attention to light and structure ever more refined landscapes.

The progressive geometrization of the landscape ends up concentrating on the composition and rhythm of the colors: Jules-Alexis Muenier rubs shoulders Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret, Albert Marquet and Camoin. The geometry and whiteness of the city of Algiers thus inspires Muenier "The Port of Algiers", (1888, Paris, Musée d'Orsay).

Wassily Kandinsky or Paul Klee to cross the threshold of abstraction, linked to the experience of pure color and dazzle as such "Arab City" of Kandinsky, (1905, Paris, MNAM, Center Georges Pompidou) or "Oriental" (1909, Munich, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus and Kunstbau) gradually moving into pure color.

Orientalism then gives way to a radical experiment, at the origin of modern art. pure painting.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld




With a smile on her face, on a furious rhythm, chaining the impressive technical figures, Katelyn Ohashi caused the euphoria on Saturday, January 12th, during an American university gymnastics championship.

In ninety seconds Kately Ohashi stunned the crowd, the coaches, her team-mates, the judges ... and finally the networks.

The judges did not hesitate one second: 10/10, absolutely perfect performance.

"It's going to be hard to do better," said LA Times coach Valorie Kondos Field, the UCLA team coach. The university account has tweeted:

"A 10 is not enough for Katelyn Ohashi's floor exercise. "

With a background of pop music, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Earth Wind & Fire, the 21-year-old prodigy defies gravity on the floor, with a smile to her ears and energetic moves.

Katelyn Ohashi dances, twirls, flies away, falls back into the gap, bounces with joy.

Katelyn Ohashi, a native of Seattle, is not a newcomer.

She spent four years on the national junior team and in 2013, at the age of 16, she had participated in the American Cup, which brings together the best gymnasts in the world. She defeated Simone Biles, a four-time Olympic champion in Rio, in 2016.

Yet she comes back from a distance. If at age 16 she was already a sensation by postponing many awards and was destined for an Olympic career, a series of shoulder injuries will be the reason for her career. For a time, at least.

She had made the decision to give up her Olympic dreams, "It's thanks to my coach and UCLA that I've found the joy of doing gymnastics and being just me.

Before, I suffered many criticisms and pressures on my weight.

So much so that I no longer had the taste for sport, "she said last August.

Now she's back on her feet with talent to impress more than one. "Doing gymnastics is what I prefer. What you see is what I feel, "says Katelyn Ohashi.

The girl revolutionized gymnastics!

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



Who said that amateurs can not compete with professionals?

Amateurs means above all who loves who is passionate!

One thing is certain, the band that burns the boards of this small town around Lyon, precisely in Saint Andrée de Corcy, has a crazy talent!

No wonder it's sold out!

Chasses Croises it is their last piece that it gives on Saint-Andrée de Corcy on two dates on November 10, 2018 with 20:00 and on November 11, 2018 with 15:00.

I will not tell you the plot before but make you want to come see it!

Everything starts like this!

In the lobby of a building, between the mailboxes and the digicode, strange characters cross each other without always understanding each other ...

On the sidewalk of a street are strange stories ..............

If you are in the Lyon region on these dates, do not miss out on disappointment ............

Surely you will have a good time with the troupe DOMINO THEATER ...

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



The Parisian house is selling four works by the mysterious artist. For another shot of brilliance from him?

Suspense at Artcurial! The Parisian auction house is auctioning several works by Banksy, the famous street-artist whose one of the paintings had partially self-destroyed to the surprise, during a similar sale at Sotheby's in London on October 5 latest.

A new blow of brilliance?

In addition to the price of the works, which is likely to fly, a possible new coup de brilliance of the artist, whose face and identity have never been unveiled, will be scrutinized very closely.

A specific security system has been put in place, but so far, no one expects to witness a second destruction of work and for good reason.

"Banksy is not someone who does the same thing twice," says Arnaud Oliveux, expert in charge of the auction.

And for good reason : the frames are not a problem this time:

"These are thin frames, which were not part of these pieces, which were in a rolled tube , " he says. Something other than the thick golden wooden frame of "Girl With Balloon" where the infernal machine was hidden which had allowed its destruction.

Among many lots, three serigraphs and a resin rat must be auctioned. The canvas that has partially self-destruct in London had just been sold for 1.042 million pounds, or 1.185 million euros. This acrylic and aerosol painting reproduction of one of Banksy's most famous works showed a little girl letting go of a red heart-shaped balloon.

In all cases, there were inevitably Banksy's accomplices in the room to trigger the battery allowing the self-destruction of "Girl With Balloon".

If not Banksy himself, had anyone speculated.

The mysterious artist from Bristol had claimed a foothold in the art market, wanting to denounce its " commodification".

This did not stop the work from taking on more value, now estimated at more than two million euros.

On Instagram, a message signed Banksy had put the points on the i: "think it was not cut. Si. Some people think the auction house knew. No. "

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld





Friday evening, October 5, 2018, immediately after being awarded at a staggering price of 1.185 million euros, the acrylic reproduction and aerosol of the "little girl balloon" Bansky, self-destructs under the gaze amazed and entertained by both the audience at Sotheby's.

The painting is a reproduction of one of Banksy's most famous images, "Girl with Balloon", showing a little girl letting go of a red heart-shaped balloon.

It was partially cut into thin strips by a grinder hidden in a thick golden frame, only moments after being sold.

The moment was immortalized by the photographers present, while two employees of the house approached to depend on the half-jagged work.

And the self-destruct work of Banksy has been sold to a collector!

The Sotheby's auction house confirmed Thursday the sale of the canvas "Girl with Balloon" by the British artist Banksy. The buyer of the canvas "has confirmed its decision to acquire the new work that was created that night," said Sotheby's in a statement, stating that the price to which it had been awarded, 1.042 million pounds ( 1.185 million euros) was maintained.

This "European collector" explained in the press release "first shocked". "But gradually I realized that I was going to own my piece of art history ," she added.

"Banksy did not destroy a work at the auction, he created one," said an auction house manager, Alex Branczik. He said it was renamed "Love is in the Bin" after this event.

You will see this new work on display at the Sotheby's premises in London on October 13th and 14th.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


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Vendredi soir, 5 octobre 2018, tout de suite après avoir été adjugée au prix faramineux de 1,185 millions d’euros, la reproduction en acrylique et aérosol de la « petite fille au ballon » de Bansky, s’est autodétruite sous les regards stupéfaits et amusés à la fois du public présent chez Sotheby’s.

L’instant a été immortalisé par les photographes présents, tandis que deux employés de la maison approchaient pour dépendre l’œuvre à demi déchiquetée.

La scène s’est déroulée, en l’absence de l’artiste espiègle, lequel avait néanmoins dû mandater un proche chargé d’actionner la broyeuse à papier cachée sous le cadre.

Depuis, on ne parle plus que de cet événement des deux cotés de la Manche et jusqu’en Amérique.

De son coté, l’artiste s’est contenté de poster la vidéo de l’événement. La publication était accompagnée d’un message laconique : «  le besoin de détruire est aussi un besoin créatif ». La phrase est attribuée généralement à Picasso. En fait, il s’agit d’une citation du théoricien de l’anarchisme Bakounine….

« Cela fait quinze ans que Banksy mène une critique au vitriol du marché de l’art » résume un spécialiste du Street Art, Nicolas Langino Lasserre (sur France Inter). « La plupart de ses performances sont une satire du marché de l’Art dont il dénonce la marchandisation » a-t-il ajouté, en concluant que « l’autodestruction de l’œuvre  - la petite fille au ballon –n’est pas un coup de pub mais un coup de génie ».

Mais qui est donc Banksy ? Tout le monde cherche à savoir, car l’artiste se cache ! Il faudra donc percer le mystère !

Ce que l’on sait à minima, c’est que Banksy  est né dans la ville de Bristol (Angleterre). Ses graffitis de rue étant souvent apparus au moment même où le groupe Massive Attack se produisait, certains ont pensé que le chanteur du groupe et Banksy sont une même et seule personne. Selon le Daily Mail adepte de cette hypothèse, Banksy serait donc Robert de Naja, dissimilé sous sa capuche ?

Les preuves ne sont cependant pas définitivement établies.

Car d’autres chercheurs londoniens pensent que Banksy pourrait être Robin Gunningham, un autre artiste de rue, auteur de fresques qui mêlent satires et poésies, né lui aussi à Bristol.

En l’absence de certitudes sur les origines et le nom exact de Banksy , il faut reconnaitre que ce dernier coup (un de plus) a fait l’effet d’une petite révolution, confirmant que ce faiseur inconnu d’images qui sait faire le buzz autour de lui, est un manipulateur des ventes, des musées, des collectionneurs et plus largement de la société.

En tout état de cause, ce dernier coup de maître a bien embarrassé Sotheby’s ! Il est la preuve en effet d’un changement complet d’échelle, de mentalité et de rapport à une œuvre d’art et à sa notion de valeur.

De quoi donner des frissons à l’ancienne génération de collectionneurs, « les vrais », ceux qui ont cru à leur flair pour acheter avec leurs yeux.

Dès dimanche, depuis son siège de New York (la maison américaine est cotée en bourse) Sotheby’s indiquait qu’elle n’était pas au courant et qu’en aucun cas elle ne pouvait être considérée comme étant impliquée dans la formidable opération de marketing qui venait de se dérouler sous les yeux des amateurs de Street Art.

Mais, au demeurant, une toile détériorée juste après avoir fait un record, c’est du jamais vu.

Sotheby’s se défend donc ; mais des spécialistes s’interrogent :

Comme si Sotheby’s ne savait pas ?

Les habitués qui connaissent bien les ficelles des ventes aux enchères rappellent que  la manière dont a été prise la vidéo sur place et dans l’instant , suppose qu’il fallait avoir une place assise pour faire de telles images ; ils rappellent que pour obtenir une place assise il faut s’enregistrer à l’avance auprès de la maison et obtenir un panel , c'est-à-dire un numéro permettant d’enchérir. Sotheby’s sait donc parfaitement qui était à la place de celui qui a si bien filmé la scène d’autodestruction de l’œuvre « La Petite Fille au ballon ».

D’autres points suscitent également des interrogations ? Quelle est l’origine du vendeur, lequel a déclaré qu’il aurait acheté l’œuvre en 2006, directement auprès de l’artiste.

A cette époque et alors que les cotes de Banksy atteignait en moyenne 100 000 € seulement, cet acheteur pouvait il imaginer que l’œuvre dépasserait les 1 million d’euros en 2018.

Autre question ? Pourquoi le rapport en bonne et due forme qui vérifie l’état de l’œuvre et qui nécessite que celle-ci soit désencadrée et étudiée sous tous ses angles pour éviter que des faux soient mis en circulation, n‘a pas révélé la présence d’un système de destruction et surtout pas été publié ?

Autre argument, plus inquiétant : Sotheby’s pourrait elle, (si elle ne savait rien) laisser entrer n’importe quoi dans ses locaux, y compris … des explosifs.

« Tout cela est très inquiétant », c’est la remarque faite par plus d’un !

A ce stade, il faut se souvenir  de l’exposition illégale de Banksy faite en 2004, sur les murs du Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Londres. Il s’agissait d’une création présentant un rat encadré, surmontée de la mention, « Our time Will come » (notre heure viendra). Cette exposition de 2006 pourrait elle avoir été prémonitoire ?

Les derniers coups de l’artiste laissent en effet présager de sa part qu’après avoir obtenu une reconnaissance commerciale il pourrait enfin  obtenir une reconnaissance artistique réelle ?

Pas sûr que les évènements de vendredi dernier le confortent dans cette démarche, le prix de « La petite fille au ballon rouge », bien qu’à moitié déchiquetée, ayant depuis doublée de valeur ! Et que penser de cette issue ? on se perd en conjecture !

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C'est un immense incendie qui ravage le Musée national de Rio de Janeiro.Le directeur adjoint du Musée a fait part de son "immense colère".

D’immenses flammes ont détruit ce joyau culturel pendant des heures. Le sinistre, d’origine encore inconnue, a débuté vers 19h30 heure locale alors que le musée était fermé au public, ont indiqué les médias brésiliens.

« Jusqu’à présent, il n’y a pas de rapports faisant état de victimes. Il (le feu) s’est propagé très rapidement. Il y a beaucoup de matières inflammables » dans le musée, a indiqué un porte-parole des pompiers de Rio de Janeiro.

Le Musée National de Rio de Janeiro est l’un des plus anciens musées du Brésil, créé par le roi Jean VI et ouvert en 1818. Il compte parmi les musées les plus prestigieux du Brésil. Cette institution possédent plus de 20 millions de pièces de valeur. Le site Internet du Musée national détaille les œuvres présentes dans le bâtiment :

une collection égyptienne, une autre d’art et d’artefacts gréco-romains, bâtiment : une collection égyptienne, une autre d’art et d’artefacts gréco-romains, des collections de paléontologie comprenant un squelette d’un dinosaure trouvé dans la région de Minas Gerais, ainsi que le plus ancien fossile humain découvert au Brésil, connu sous le nom de « Luzia ».

« Aujourd’hui est un jour tragique pour le Brésil. Deux cents ans de travail, de recherche et de connaissance ont été perdus », a déclaré le président Michel Temer dans un communiqué de presse.

« Ce sont 200 ans d’histoire qui ont disparu » a déploré le directeur adjoint du musée, Luiz Fernando Dias Duarte . Il a accusé les autorités brésiliennes de « manque d’attention » soulignant qu’il n’y a jamais eu de « soutien efficace et urgent » pour une adaptation du palais, ancienne résidence officielle de la famille royale et impériale. Liée à l’Université fédérale de Rio de Janeiro, l’institution a subi des coupes budgétaires.

La tristesse s’est mêlée à la colère des chercheurs, des professeurs et des étudiants. Le sénateur Lindbergh Farias a dénoncé le manque de moyens pour soutenir le musée.

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The shippers each have their favorite imaginary couple, which they stage in drawings or stories from movies and television series.

The "shipping " in its current form was born in the fandom of X-Files, one of the first to have seized the Web in the 1990s. The term "shipper" originates from fans in line of this TV series.It would be fans who wanted to see Scully and Mulder develop a romantic relationship

"Shippers", a term from the English word "relationship", refers to people supporting a couple, whether or not the couple exists in the original work. For years, they have been invading the Web and fans' fandoms (their communities) with their stories, their drawings to defend the couple they prefer. There is even a budding love story between Finn and Poe, two new characters from the latest Star Wars!

Potter, he has many stories:

This fantasy is shared with thousands of people who have read his text ... On the Archive of Our Own, one of the main hosts of fanfics, at least 13,000 stories are woven between these two characters.

The Fanlore wiki, dedicated to the fan universe, shows hundreds of couples who make Harry Potter fans dream, from the most classic (Ron and Hermione) to the most surprising ones (Hagrid and Rogue).

With digital and social networks ways to share love stories for some end with pornographic scenes

Of course certain types of scenarios are recurrent so that new keywords in their own right invade the Web:

"First Time" refers to fanfics where the two "shipped" characters will live their love for the first time. "Hurt / Comfort" means that the characters will suffer before finally comforting each other's arms.

And the word "Smut" ("obscene") invades scenes generally in denouement. But some do not bother with context and go straight to the heart of the matter. The keyword: "Plot? What Plot? "(PWP), which means" A plot? What plot? ". The explicit also by the drawings, called "fanarts".

But who are these fans? Mainly women and people of a certain age! who

want to insist on "counter-readings" that often offer an alternative to stereotyped scenarios, and that homosexual couples come to life in these fictions.

And irony of the story: The French netizens thus diverted the shipping recently for the invention of "Vallande" , a story between Manuel Valls and François Hollande with drawings and photo montages.

And even real people are interested in this movement: Thus, two members of One Direction group, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, are among the most "shipped" duets, as are the youtubeurs Dan Howell and Phil Lester !!!! And who says that creators will not follow their shippers ...

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For this prestigious ceremony, which rewards the best talents of the French theater every year, Ariane Mnouchkine, founder of the Théâtre du Soleil, was crowned on Monday, May 28 in her absence, best director at the 30th edition of the Molières for A room in India, written against the backdrop of the attacks in Paris. She also obtained the Molière from the best play of the public theater.

The second big winner of this evening went to Jean-Pierre Daguerre who got two Molières, that of the best play of the private theater and that of the French author living with the moving piece Adieu Monsieur Haffman. Two actors in her play, Julie Cavanna and Franck Desmedt, won an award for their performance.

This ceremony, presented this year by actress Zabou Breitman, gave Jean-Pierre Darroussin the actor's Molière in a private theater show for a reprise of Yasmina Reza's hit play Art. Director Joël Pommerat to receive no less than three Molières, including the best director of a private show (Cinderella).

You will not have my hatred, poignant story of the journalist Antoine Leiris after the death of his wife at the Bataclan in November 2015, won the prize of Alone on stage.

Blanche Gardin's pickling humor, coming to put the Molière back in her own category, ended up blowing a bit of madness in this all-too-wise ceremony.

The complete list of the 30th Molières ceremony:

Molière of the public theater: "A room in India", by Ariane Mnouchkine

Molière Private Theater: "Farewell Mr. Haffman", Jean-Philippe Daguerre

Female Revelation: Julie Cavanna, in "Farewell Mr. Haffman"

Male Revelation: Rod Paradot in "The Son"

Molière de la comédie: "The big diamond of Prince Ludwig", directed by Gwen Aduh

Molière of the actress of a public theater show: Marina Hands in "Actress"

Molière of the comedian of a public theater show: Jacques Gamblin in "1 hour 23'14" and 7 hundredths "

Molière of the actress of a private show: Laure Calamy in "The game of love and chance"

Molière of the comedian of a private show: Jean-Pierre Darroussin in "Art"

Molière of the living French author: Jean-Philippe Daguerre, for "Adieu Monsieur Haffman"

Molière of the director of a public theater show: Ariane Mnouchkine, for "A room in India"

Molière of the director of a private theater show: Joël Pommerat for "Cinderella"

Molière of visual creation: "Cinderella" by Joël Pommerat

Molière of the musical show: "Histoire du soldat" directed by Stéphan Druet

Molière of the young audience: "Little Red Riding Hood", by Joël Pommerat

Molière of humor: Blanche Gardin in "I speak alone"

Molière "Alone on stage": "You will not have my hate", directed by Benjamin Guillard

The founder of the Théâtre du Soleil was crowned Monday in her absence as best director at the 30th edition of Molières.

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Philip Roth, born in Newark, New Jersey, March 19, 1933, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 85, the writer died of congestive heart failure, in a hospital in Manhattan, New York. , according to US media.

A clear-cut witness of American society, he paints a vitriolic portrait of America. His celebrity bothered him: "I was propelled like a human carcass into the celebrity machine to make it a hamburger of celebrities." To such an extent that he uses two literary doubles, Nathan Zuckerman and Peter Tarnopol for his harsh criticism of America, also pretending to be staged in the genre of autofiction. He lives in Connecticut, where he can work in peace.

These books allow him to demystify the American dream up to create the scandal with Portnoy and his complex in 1970 where he writes in the form of a monologue the life of a young Jewish lawyer from Newark, on the couch of his shrink, him confident his teenage urges

He receives for American Pastoral the Pulitzer Prize in 1998.

Throughout his life, and since his early successes in the 1960s, Philip Roth has continued to explore many themes including the fanaticism of Americans for their country and for political commitments, egotism, cynicism, the sexuality sinking in the lust and the excesses of the body of the Man, but also the life in the Jewish families.

In Weequahic, he explained, he had experienced "Jewish life," with the assurance that it can bring. There he did not feel anti-Semitism. "Basically," said Roth, "it was as if we lived in a miniature Europe, a Europe that was boiling hot, without the French and the Spaniards. "

Philip Roth has received all the best American honors: two National Book Awards, as many National Book Critics Circle awards, three times the Faulkner Award.

Among his best known works include The Conspiracy against America , Operation Shylock , American Pastoral or La Tache . In 2001, Philip Roth received the Franz Kafka Award for all of his work. He is also Commander of the Legion of Honor in France in 2013 and has been rewarded all over the world.

"Writing is a huge frustration, it's a daily frustration, not to mention the humiliation," he told reporters. Society magazine. He suddenly stopped taking his pen after Nemesis.

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The State of Affairs

Here is the secret for your couple to last.
The solution is I love you I deceive you.
After several investigations, couples who last are those who have extramarital affairs.

And yes from the United States comes a book The Stage of Affairs which has been a hit on this subject, it comes out Thursday in France.

The author of this book Esther Perel psychotherapist who deals with this subject with a funny open mind moving forward with our society.
But being unfaithful can save your marriage or ruin it.

You have to be smart choose the infidelity punctually and especially do not sleep twice or more with the same person because after you risk either you or the other to attach.

No be unfaithful one shot.
After, you will feel guilty and so be more pleasant with your partner and love him again.

Because in fact you have everything at home, that's why you did it by drive.

In France there are 50 percent unfaithful men and 33 percent women.

So to succeed his marriage must try adultery, you tell me!

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6,000 structures were detected using a technology known as LiDAR .

A consortium of scientists has unearthed a Mayan "megalopolis" in the heart of Guatemala.

This is a "major breakthrough" on Maya that has just been completed by an international consortium of about thirty researchers, reported by National Geographic magazine.

The latter announced that he had discovered houses, fortifications and palaces hidden for centuries in the Guatemalan jungle:

a Mayan city of more than 2,000 km² in the jungle of the Petén region in northern Guatemala.

Nearly 60,000 structures (houses, fortifications, roads, palaces) have been detected thanks to a technology known as LiDAR for "Light detection and ranging".

Archaeologists and researchers have managed to identify the ruins of more than 60,000 houses, palaces, pavements and even pyramids, covered for centuries by the jungle of northern Guatemala.

The technology used is avant-garde: no need to cut trees. It maps the landscape and water movements thanks to drones able to penetrate foliage and equipped with thermal sensors. Then the researchers scan the area by removing "numerically" the vegetation.

This sprawling pre-Columbian civilization has been restored in three dimensions.

Experts estimate that it is no longer 2 to 5 million people who lived in the plains during the period of the classical Mayan civilization (200 to 900 AD) but rather 15 to 20 million.

" This research is the most important culmination of Maya archeology in a century," said Thomas Garrison, archeologist at the head of the project.

Added to this is the discovery of a Maya pyramid near the center of the city and a structure described as "natural looking" which could be the still intact tomb of a Mayan king.

In the city, has been identified.

It was hitherto hidden and considered a natural hill.

Central America would be home to a more advanced civilization than was thought with a functioning comparable to the sophisticated cultures of ancient Greece or China.

In addition to hundreds of previously unknown structures, LiDAR images highlight highways linking urban centers and gravel pits. Complex irrigation systems and terraces supported intensive agriculture that could feed men

The Maya used neither the wheel nor the beasts of burden, and yet it is a "civilization that has literally lifted mountains," marvels Marcello Canuto, an archaeologist at Tulane University, who took part in the project. .

"We have this Western perception that a complex civilization can not develop in the tropics, whereas

"Central America, in the same way as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, was a major development site for complex and innovative civilizations. "

Scientists have to go to the site for more in-depth digs.

The final results of the survey should be made public in a documentary titled "The Mysteries of the Mayan Serpent Dynasty" released in the coming weeks on National Geographic.

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A first in France: at 14h this Thursday, Facebook has appeared in court for censorship Facebook ..

It was in October 2011 that a user had filed a complaint against the social network that had deleted his account because of a post where appeared the painting by Gustave Courbet.

For five years, the American company tried to be tried in the United States to take advantage of a potentially more puritanical context.

But in February 2016, the Court of Appeal of Paris puts an end to any discussion and confirms the competence of the French justice to judge the social network.

The lawyer Marion Cottineau - Jousse, registered with the bar of Grasse, thus pleaded this Thursday, February 1st the cause of a teacher of the Paris area opposed to a giant of Net, in this case Facebook.

The account of this school teacher had been closed by the American platform because of a post on his wall of a painting by Courbet:

This work entitled "The origin of the world" and exhibited at the famous Musée d'Orsay represents a woman's sex so that Facebook has therefore assimilated to the dissemination of pornographic image.

But for the account holder it was simply "to promote a documentary on the life of Gustave Courbet that broadcast the channel Arte".

"Facebook has never agreed to reactivate his account," says Marion Cottineau-Jousse. To rise against this censorship, the latter has therefore seized justice. " First and foremost , " explains the lawyer.

"To show that Facebook does not have all the rights. And to shine the freedom of expression.

For its part, the social network challenged at the hearing before the tribunal de grande instance of Paris to have exercised the slightest "censorship" and pleaded the non-admissibility of his summons. "We did not commit any fault, caused any harm," said Caroline Lyannaz, one of Facebook's lawyers. According to the complainant, the teacher "did not prove the connection between this disconnection and the publication of Gustave Courbet's work".

But for Me Cottineau-Jousse "the rules that Facebook wants to impose can not go against the laws and certain fundamental principles that are freedom of thought and freedom of expression," she pleaded.

"My client felt bruised by this disconnect. He felt assaulted, wondering who it was for: a pornographer? For a man of dubious morals? Besides, some of his friends called him asking if there was not something else behind the deletion of his account. Something more serious. "

Facebook confuses art work and pornography?

"Facebook is a bit like Tartuffe: hide that breast, this sex that I can not see," one of the complainant's lawyers, Stéphane Cottineau, told reporters, rejoicing that we can finally discuss, after six years of proceedings, " the difference between nudity, pornography and work of art".

For the lawyer of the surfer, Maitre Cottineau, this painting of 1866 is "a major work" which "is part of the French cultural heritage". "It is obviously a representation magnified, sublimated, by the talent of the artist", complete-ti

The plaintiff's lawyers asked the court on Thursday afternoon to recognize the "censorship" , to order the reopening of the account and to award 20,000 euros for the damage. For its part, the social network requires 1 euro under the abusive procedure and 10 000 euros for the costs of the trial.

The TGI of Paris has taken its decision under advisement. The verdict will be delivered on March 15th. The decision is now in the hands of justice.

The Musée d'Orsay has posted a small sign under the painting "Courbet has constantly revisited the female nude, sometimes in a vein frankly libertine.But with The Origin of the World, it allows itself a boldness and a frankness that give the painting its power of fascination . "" Thanks to the great virtuosity of Courbet, to the refinement of an amber colored range, the Origin of the world escapes the status of pornographic image, "he concludes.

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The Vagina monologues with Marlene Schiappa and two other former ministers ...

The State Secretary for Equality and two other ministers will resume the Vagina Monologues. No it's not a joke !!!

Roselyne Bachelot, former Minister of Health, and Myriam El Khomri, former Minister of Labor, will be on stage.

The trio will be on stage at the Bobino Theater the day after Women's Rights Day, ie March 8th and March 12th, on March 11th at the Antoine Theater.

The proceeds will be donated to an association.

Remember that this piece on the Vagina went around the world.

Several famous actresses in France have played it.

This piece created in 1986 by Eve Ensler was played on Broadway where she was a huge success.

The playwright asked several women to talk to them about their vaginas by giving them a small name like the kitty, the golden triangle and the utility of the latter ...

This piece is a funny, we imagine very quickly the kind of replica of our funny ladies.

A must see !!!!

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The Boy", Theater of Paris, 18, rue Blanche (IXe). Phone: +33 (0) 1 48 74 25 37. Opening hours: 8.30 pm Tue-Sat, 5 pm Sat.

Places: from 22 to 63 €.

Distribution: According to IAL Diamond, Billy Wilder, adaptation Judith Elmaleh, Gerald Sibleyras, directed by José Paul. With Guillaume de Tonquédec, Claire Keim, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Jacques Fontanel, Benoit Tachoires, Pierre-Olivier Mornas, Muriel Combeau, Sophie Le Tellier, Jean-Yves Roan, Bénédicte Dessombz, Grégory Gerreboo, Anne-Sophie Nallino

In the United States, in the 50s. This is the era of the American Dream and buildings ever higher.

"A gentleman Toutlemende who has ambition". The play is a comedy adapted from the movie The apartment by Billy Wilder. The Bachelor (The Apartment) won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director (1961).

Mr. Baxter, a small office worker with little responsibility in a major New York insurance company, regularly lends his apartment to his superiors who use it as a bachelor.

In return, they promise him a promotion that never happens.

Mr. Sheldrake, the CEO, sees the ride. He asks Baxter to lend him the apartment to take his mistress, but he demands that he be the only one to enjoy it for the discretion of the father he embodies. But when Baxter understands that Sheldrake is taking the one he loves, Miss Novak. Baxter is then faced with a dilemma: to give up his love, or his career.

The actor plays the main role before taking a break in the theater to devote himself to the cinema.

We are in America in the 50s, the skyscrapers and the American dream triumphant. He takes on the role of a man who will have to choose between his love and his career.

As for Claire Keim, she goes back on stage three years after Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's The Guitry's. Meanwhile, she had devoted herself to her film, television and music career.

Trained in the course Florent, the film The First Name allowed him to win a César in 2013 and the series Fais pas ci, do not do it explode on television. Guillaume de Tonquédec finishes the performances of the play Real Life at the Edouard VII Theater and will begin La Garçonnière on January 16th at the Théâtre de Paris.

For La bonnonnière, he is not alone on the boards. The play features twelve actors and returns for forty performances.

"It's a beautiful text, because when he becomes almost equal to the boss, he decides to throw it all in the garbage because he lost the love of his life. love is going to happen to her, there's a very strong moral, it's a very nice story, " concludes the actor, who should pause for one or two seasons at the end of performances.

Guillaume de Tonquédec seems to be clear now with his image and know each other well. The passage of ages can be complicated. " The theater is great because it's the convention first and foremost. If you say that you play an old man, we believe you right away. " " For a long time, I thought that my physique was more of a handicap, I thought, 'With a head so smooth, can I do something?' "He says.

Besides, the comedian would not say no to a less smooth character. "We are all transgressive, we all nightmares at night, we know we will die one day, it's the job of the actor to show this secret, this mystery because we are all mysterious." Incarnate Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, this man not found since the death of his wife and four children in 2011, will please him enough. "What interests me is that he has a name, a face and a body that man.

And it may still be existent. It's a mystery. He is a human being like us. Why can we unscrew in such a way? " Wonders the actor. " There may be a Dupont de Ligonnès in us. Maybe we all can become one. It is a character of a fascinating atrocity. The secret of a character like this is an extraordinary matter for an actor, "he says.

We hasten to see the revival of "La garçonnière" at the Théâtre de Paris!

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Jean Reno quotes Prévert: "Do not mourn"

«But do not mourn / It's me who tell you / It darkens the white of the eye / And it's ugly / The stories of coffins / It's sad and not pretty / Take back your colors / The colors of life " Jean Reno paid tribute to his friend by borrowing the words of Jacques Prévert. In this case, the Song of the snails that go to the funeral. A text that the actor, the small godfather, selected with Jade and Joy, the adoptive girls of Johnny Hallyday.

The blessing given in honor of very believer singer will remain one of the milestones.

Nono (guitar), Laurent Vernerey (bass), Christophe Deschamps (drums), Greg Zlap (harmonica), Robin Le Mesurier (guitar), Philippe Almosnino (guitar) and Alain Lanty (keyboards) settled on the stage set at the exit of the church of the Madeleine.

These musicians played with Johnny. Some of them were still on stage with him last July during the Vieilles Canailles tour.

A repertoire known to all: The music I love, The youth idol, Black is black, The penitentiary, Gabrielle, My mouth, Something Tennessee, Light the fire, Requiem for a madman.

"I will never forget what you did for me, each time with that kindly and fraternal smile. I loved you as a big brother. I think of your audience, David, Laura, Nathalie, Sylvie and your little children. Laeticia, so dignified, and Jade and Joy, who can be proud of their dad. Everything suggested that you are immortal. I can not imagine there will be no more Johnny, " said Patrick Bruel, very moved, who had sung duets with Johnny.

This Saturday, France said goodbye to Johnny Hallyday. The rocker, swept away by cancer at the beginning of the week, was treated to a big day of celebration.

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The Montparnasse tower will be fully rehabilitated by 2023 . The work must begin within two years and be completed in 2023, the fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of the Montparnasse tower and just in time for the Olympic Games the following year. Today obsolete, the tower needs a deep rehabilitation.

After an international architectural competition launched in June 2016, agencies Chartier-Dalix, Franklin Azzi and Hardel and Le Bihan were selected to realize this vast "facelift" of the building, said Tuesday the union of co-owners of Real Estate Tour Maine Montparnasse (EITMM). Tuesday 19 September 2017 evening the French group Nouvelle AOM (New Agency for the Maine-Montparnasse operation) was therefore unanimously chosen , a collective of five architects from three different firms for this metamorphosis of the Tower.

It is true that this building of 58 floors, austere and dark, disfigured for many Paris Haussmann. Moreover a few decades later we discover that it is full of asbestos. Carcinogenic fiber has been removed in 90% of the building since 2006; it still remains in the 10%.

Only the silhouette of the tower, almond-shaped with its triangular notch at the ends will remain . Otherwise for the rest, the skyscraper will have a different look.

From dark and opaque, it will become bright and transparent. The tower will be widened by 2 meters at its base and on the first 13 floors, while 4 patios "will reveal its roots" to allow the light to enter the basement. It will reach 227 meters or 18 meters higher. The 18 meters of an additional floor will house a "greenhouse" and 850 square meters of photovoltaic panels. These will provide "half of the artificial lighting needs" of the tower, said the engineer Raphaël Ménard, Elioth society.

It is that environmental excellence has been one of the defining criteria of the call for tenders.

Many green spaces including urban agriculture will make the ecological tower. Ten times less energy to consume since 70% of the ventilation will come from the use of winds.

In the first third, where most of the services (cafes, restaurants) will be located, an open-air 'hanging garden' will give the building a 'greener' appearance, with green balconies on each floor.

Eventually, the capacity of the building will be doubled with more than 12,000 people.

The project provides multiple uses, with a hotel on 4 floors and a nursery, and a range of services to make this site a hot spot of Parisian life 24 hours a day . "We are going to create a tower that will live 24 hours a day, with a hotel and services that can also be offered to Parisians, so that they are proud of the tower and can take ownership of it with new uses," he explained. the press Gilles Vuillemard, President of the EITMM.

It is a colossal site of more than 300 million euros that the forty co-owners of the building will finance. The work requiring the displacement of 6000 people should be completed "in time for the Olympic Games in 2024," Gilles Vuillemard told the press

The general public can discover Wednesday the seven projects that were competing in an exhibition, open access from September 20 to October 22 at the Pavillon de l'arsenal.

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A little visit to Paris and why not go to the Musée d'Orsay?

The museum itself is the first work to discover.

Indeed, this museum located next to the Seine and in front of the Tuileries Garden was a building built for the 1900 World Fair.

This station still has its old clock.

This building has an Eiffel style architecture.

Right now is the Beyond the Stars exhibit.

It brings together many Impressionists such as Monet, Kandinski, Varlet, Jackson, Arthur Dove , German Expressionists like Edgard Munch etc ....

their works are classified by theme the cosmos the devastated landscapes in other. Personally my favorite painting was Starry Night by Wenzel Hablick.

This exhibition is visible until June 25th.

Otherwise all year you have in permanent collection of famous works like the self-portrait of Van Gogh, the bear becomes Pompon, the dancer in statue of Degas, Gauguin, its splendors of Monet with the water lilies of Giverny ..... .

in the central aisle is Manet, Courbet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cezanne, Daumier, Millet ...

then on the second level of the sculptures Rodin Claudel to finish with the explosion on the last floor of my hobby the impressionists.

Small detail there is a restaurant in the middle of the museum on the second level with a ceiling worthy of the Opera.

Address of the museum: 1 rue de la Legion of Honor Paris 75007 it is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

So if impressionist fan good visit !!!

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L'artiste, dont les œuvres sont régulièrement controversées, est notamment connu pour ses sculptures en acier inoxydable poli à l'extrême, comme Balloon Dog (chien-ballon).

Sur la mythique place du Rockefeller Center à New-York, en plein Manhattan, on peut actuellement admirer depuis vendredi 12 mai 2017, une immense poupée gonflable aux faux-airs de princesse Disney : "Seated Ballerina" ("Danseuse assise"), dernière création du plasticien pop Jeff Koons . La danseuse restera un mois au Rockefeller Center, où Jeff Koons avait déjà installé, en 2000 et 2014, des œuvres géantes faites de fleurs.

Une installation éphémère :

Jeff Koons : cette « danseuse assise » s'inspire d'une petite figurine de porcelaine russe de la fin du XIXe siècle. Réalisée avec un vrai ballon pour imiter une statue métallique, elle trône en hommage au « Mois international des enfants disparus ». Avec ses 14 mètres de haut, elle se dresse au cœur de la ville .C'est un symbole d'espoir : « Je pense que quand les gens verront la danseuse assise, ils auront le sentiment d'un potentiel, un sentiment d'avenir et d'optimisme et ils pourront ressentir quelque chose pour leur propre vie ou celles de leurs enfants. Il faut se rappeler qu'il y a quelques 465 000 enfants disparus rien qu'aux États-Unis chaque année, et que certains d'entre eux ne reviendront jamais », a expliqué l'artiste.

Selon l'artiste, chacun doit pouvoir s'identifier à cette danseuse en tutu de couleur bleu ciel, occupée à enfiler un chausson. Comme elle, «nous nous gonflons, nous sommes gonflables, et ça, c'est une situation optimiste, nous sommes pleins d'une espèce d'énergie de vie».

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La justice espagnole a annoncé exiger, presque 30 ans après sa mort, l'exhumation des restes du peintre Salvador Dali en vue d'un prélèvement d'ADN dans les «restes osseux ou dents». Elle est nécessaire ,«car il n'existe pas d'autres restes biologiques ni personnels pour effectuer une comparaison», lit-on aussi dans le communiqué.

«Le Tribunal de Première instance n° 11 de Madrid a ordonné l'exhumation du cadavre du peintre Salvador Dali, afin d'obtenir des échantillons de ses restes et déterminer s'il est le père biologique d'une femme de Gérone», a annoncé le service de communication du Tribunal supérieur de justice de Madrid.

Une voyante de 61 ans assure être sa fille. La plaignante, une cartomancienne qui serait, si elle avait gain de cause, sa seule fille, a également vu le jour dans la ville catalane.

Cette habitante de la ville de Gérone (Catalogne), Pilar Abel, tente depuis des années de faire valoir devant la justice que l'artiste était son père biologique.

Histoire d'argent et d'héritage!? Sans aucun doute; Besoin de reconnaissance aussi!?

Les parties ont 20 jours ouvrables pour contester la décision . La Fondation Salvador Dali, gérant et protégeant le patrimoine laissé par le peintre, a aussitôt annoncé un recours contre cette procédure civile.

Salvador Dali est un grand nom du surréalisme, il est mort à 84 ans le 24 janvier 1989 dans un hôpital de Figueras,et a mené une vie intense et trépidante en tout en inventant ses créations géniales et ses extravagances.

Richissime et désespéré, il a vécu ses sept dernières années reclus dans son château de Pubol, près de Gérone.

Il est enterré au sein du théâtre-musée de Figueras qu'il avait lui-même imaginé et qui a reçu, en 2016, plus de 1,1 million de visiteurs.

Dali a été enterré en 1989 à Figueras où il est né en 1904.

Ses dernières volontés n'ont même pas été respectées lui qui avait pourtant demandé à reposer à Pubol auprès de sa muse, Gala, qui avait partagé une grande partie de sa vie.

Née en 1956 dans une clinique de Figueras, Pilar Abel soutient que Dali et sa mère ont entretenu une liaison clandestine, quand cette dernière travaillait dans la petite localité côtière de Portlligat où le peintre séjournait souvent.

Dans un témoignage confus diffusé en mars 2015 à la télévision catalane TV3, elle assurait que quand elle avait huit ans, sa grand-mère lui avait confié: «Je sais que tu n'es pas la fille de mon fils, je sais que ton père est un grand peintre». «Elle m'avait dit le nom : Dali», affirmait-elle.

Sa mère, «amoureuse de Dali», lui aurait confirmé cette histoire avant d'être atteinte de démence sénile.Son avocat, Enrique Blánquez, a assuré que l'histoire était «connue dans le village». «Il y a des témoins, s'il n'y avait une base de preuves minimale, cette décision n'aurait pas été prise», a-t-il plaidé.

Un témoin travaillait pour Dali et le peintre payait, selon lui, pour enquêter sur les allées et venues de la mère de Pilar Abel. Il aurait confirmé la version de la voyante !

Une demande en paternité qui aurait peut-être amusé Dali le farceur, qui avait vendu un faux poil de sa moustache 10 000 dollars à Yoko Ono, selon l'actrice et ancienne chanteuse française Amanda Lear !!!


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Après les contes pour enfants, les adolescents comme les adultes se tourneraient vers les superhéros. Un prolongement de notre enfance ?

Le célèbre auteur de « comic books » et père de nombreux super-héros américains revient dans les librairies cette fois-ci.avec Zodiac Legacy, son premier roman, coécrit avec Stuart Moore et Andie Tong .

Ce roman publié en France chez Pika suit les aventures super-héroïques d’un jeune homme qui découvre par accident l’existence de pouvoirs surnaturels liés aux signes du zodiaque chinois.Le zodiaque chinois. comme base du roman loin de l'univers américain....

Stan Lee reviendrait-il à ses origine avec en plus le même nom que le personnage du roman ?

Rien de moins sûr.

Allez-vite le découvrir, il est fait pour vous !

Ce roman est foisonnant de personnages, d'aventures haletantes en Asie mystérieuse . Et de plus il peut se lire comme un comic avec ses belles illustrations qui le parcourent :

car notre auteur du haut de ses 93 ans n'a ps oublié de travailler en binôme avec son dessinateur mais cette fois de manière différente. D'abord l'histoire puis ensuite le dessin.

Tu comprends, cher lecteur, l'approche est quelque peu différente puisque le romancier n'est plus obligé de se conformer strictement aux cases de la BD. Son imagination s'y déploie à merveille dans cet Orient de mystè du jeune Steven Lee obligé subitement de s'y confronter.

Ton quotidien va s'en trouver plus imaginatif que le réel !

Et Stan Lee avec son entreprise Purveyors of Wonders sort l'adaptation de son Docteur Strange sur les écrans.

Gageons que l'imagination de ce conteur prolifique fourmille encore d'idées géantes et de personnages superhéroiques pour continuer son entreprise de fournisseurs d’émerveillement ! En comics comme en adaptations de film !

Allez-vite le découvrir, il est fait pour vous !

Ce roman est foisonnant de personnages, d'aventures haletantes en Asie mystérieuse .

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Pour la première fois la France met à l'honneur Yoko Ono dans une grande rétrospective, comprenant ses travaux depuis 1952 jusqu’à des créations inédites.C'est d’Art Contemporain de Lyon jusqu’au mois de juillet prochain. L’exposition intitulée Lumière de l’aube a besoin de son public pour vivre pleinement.

Comment présenter celle que John Lennon avait baptisée « l'artiste inconnue la plus célèbre du monde » ?

Thierry Raspail , le directeur du MAC, nous le rappelle : « Dans notre pays, il y a une sorte de désunion entre le public et Yoko Ono, perçue au mieux comme naïve, avec ses appels à la paix dans le monde, au pire comme la sorcière à l'origine de la séparation des Beatles. ».

Cette dame de 83 ans née au Japon restera pourtant celle qui a ouvert le public à l'art participatif dès les années Beatles. Et son art conceptuel continue à influencer les jeunes performers d'aujourd'hui.

Un événement a besoin de toute la dévotion participative de son visiteur. 

Physiquement, elle n’est pas là. Et pourtant, elle semble partout. Retenue par une méchante grippe à New-york où elle vit, Yoko Ono se sent investie surtout lorsqu’il s’agit de confronter son travail au public.

Âgée de 83 ans,elle a dû reporter sa venue à Lyon au mois de mai. Elle devrait alors parachever l'exposition par une calligraphie sur le thème d'un conte, Les Sept Joies et les Huit Trésors.

Thierry Raspail a fait le choix de privilégier la participation du public « par fidélité à Yoko Ono, qui interroge sans cesse le statut de l'œuvre d'art ».

Des invitations, des instructions conduisent le spectateur à agir que ce soit physiquement ou spirituellement.Inutile de s'y soustraire sous peine de passer à côté. Il faut donc faire un effort pour entrer dans cette expérience totale.

Allons montons les trois étages de l'expo et arpentons les 3000 m2 de cet art conceptuel.

Ah voici une table avec son jeu d'échec mais tous les pions sont blancs.Qui perd qui gagne se demande le visiteur en jouant sa partie.. C'est au tour de l'échelle qu'il faut grimper pour lire à l'aide d'une loupe le mot « yes » dans Ceiling Paintingnous. Avec Helmets-Pieces of Sky reconstituons le ciel avec des pièces du puzzle déposées dans des casques de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Et l'expérience continue jusqu'à passer de la clarté extrême à l'obscurité la plus complète après avoir planté de partout même sur le plafond des clous.

Et la délivrance.

Des aspects plus sombres d'une Yoko mi-artiste, mi-gourou.

Des aspects sombres de cet art conceptuel attendent parfois le spectateur. Les cercueils dans lesquels poussent des arbres peuvent rebuter le visiteur incapable qu'il peut être de participer à « l'insoutenable légereté » de la composition artistique jouant de la vie et de la mort.

Le passage d'une salle à la clarté éblouissante à celle d'une noirceur insondable participe également de ce jeu morbide d'une Yoko Ono mi-artiste, mi-gourou avec son public. Ou encore l'exposition d' une paire de lunettes ensanglantées.

Quoiqu'il en soit pour chacun de ses visiteurs, aucun n'en ressort inébranlé. Incontestablement l'oeuvre protéiforme de Yoko Ono reste d'une actualité saisissante. 

Et force lui est de poursuivre son expérience artistique dans la capitale gastronomique avec les « Toilets Thoughts » dans les bars lyonnais, ou encore les « Wish Trees » qui attendent les passants écrivant leurs vœux...

"Une paire de lunettes. Elles sont rondes et ensanglantées. d'une extrême actualité ", défend Thierry Raspail. Le directeur du MAC

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DU 07/12/2013 AU 04/03/2014

La beauté d’une femme inspire toujours la jalousie de l’autre, et les dieux de l’Olympe eux-mêmes n’échappent pas à cette règle. C’est ainsi que la beauté de Psyché lui vaut le courroux de ses deux sœurs et de Vénus, pourtant déesse de la beauté.

Cette dernière demande à son fils de se faire l’instrument du châtiment qu’elle veut lui infliger. Comment l’Amour pourrait résister à la beauté de Psyché ?

Voilà une question que Vénus ne s’était pas posée. Ainsi, les deux jeunes gens tombent amoureux dès le premier regard, et Cupidon transforme le cauchemar de sa dulcinée en un rêve merveilleux.

La Beauté rentre alors dans une fureur terrible, son esprit de vengeance prend le dessus.

D’un château extraordinaire, la belle mortelle se retrouve soudain dans le jardin d’Hadès, face à Vénus venue exprimer sa colère.

Mais le malheur de Cupidon est trop grand, il fait appel à sa mère puis à Jupiter et obtient l’immortalité de Psyché, obligeant Vénus à pardonner.

Les mythes font l’objet de réécritures depuis la nuit des temps, et Molière n’en est pas à son coup d’essai lorsqu’il réécrit en quelques semaines le mythe de Psyché pour Louis XIV en 1671. Cette tragédie-ballet, la dernière collaboration entre Lully et le dramaturge, sombre rapidement dans l’oubli notamment par sa réputation d’être « inmontable ».

Quel plaisir alors de trouver cette pièce peu connue du grand public au programme de la salle Richelieu à la Comédie Française ! C’est Véronique Vella qui s’est attelée à la mise en scène de cette œuvre, jouant sur trois temporalités :

le temps du récit, celui de l’écriture ainsi que celui de la représentation, car un mythe se définit bien par son intemporalité, son éternelle actualité. On retrouve donc ces trois temps dans tous les éléments du spectacle :

le texte et sa diction, les costumes, les décors et la musique, tous les moyens possibles dans cette salle de théâtre ont été utilisés.

Au-delà du mythe, de sa portée universelle et de sa morale, la pièce de Molière livre au spectateur un imaginaire bien connu : les relations familiales et parentales, les relations humaines en général, l’amour et ses tourments.

Mais la pièce mise en scène par Véronique Vella invite également le public à virevolter dans un univers onirique, à rêver d’un Olympe différent de la plus haute montagne du monde, de dieux aussi humains que les mortels, …

Si les moyens et la mise en scène diffèrent de la production éblouissante et somptueuse de Molière, on assiste tout de même à un spectacle majestueux mis au goût du jour, raccourcit par rapport à la version originale qui dure 5h ! Véronique Vella opte également pour une modernisation de la musique, Lully étant ainsi remplacé par une musique de cabaret et des airs lyriques composés par Vincent Leterme.

Il faut l’avouer, c’est assez surprenant au premier abord, et on peut regretter la voix coincée au fond de la gorge de Vénus (Sylvia Bergé), ainsi que le manque de cohésion et d’équilibre des chœurs, toutefois, l’ensemble devient agréable à l’oreille.

En bref, une pièce moins longue que l’originale avec une mise en scène moderne, des costumes parfois originaux, et une musique de cabaret, l’ensemble manque de cohérence mais reste magnifique et nous permet de découvrir cette œuvre mal connue du grand dramaturge qu’est Molière.

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Le quatrième mur, c’est ce mur invisible qui sépare acteurs et spectateurs au théâtre, celui qui sépare cette guerre de l’Occident. Au milieu du conflit religieux libanais se dresse une volonté de trêve : Antigone d’Anouilh, un projet fou mené par Samuel. Sous la plume de Sorj Chalandon se dessine peu à peu le contexte sanglant de la guerre du Liban, montrant massacres et tiraillements. 

Le théâtre va-t-il devenir la trêve salutaire du pays ?

Comment Georges, envoyé par Samuel dans la gueule du loup, réagira-t-il à tant de haine ?

Reporter et romancier, l’auteur déjà primé de nombreuses fois livre ici un roman frappant par l’exigence du détail, l’intrigue si bien ficelée et la psychologie complexe de ses personnages. Rencontres, douleurs, sidération, la guerre n’est pas un simple décor pour Le quatrième mur, mais elle en est l’action, le fil rouge, le metteur en scène, le dénoueInvité par la librairie Folies d’encre de Montreuil, Sorj Chalandon dévoile les dessous de l’écriture de son roman.

Après une lecture partielle de ce dernier, l’auteur explique qu’il ne fait pas d’autobiographie, si ses ouvrages ont toujours un rapport avec un élément de sa vie, c’est qu’il part d’une de ses blessures pour écrire de la fiction.

En effet, contrairement au journaliste qui doit rapporter des faits, l’écrivain peut parler de lui, raconter ses propres larmes. Ainsi, il part d’une expérience qu’il a eu en 1982, alors qu’il était reporter de guerre à Beyrouth, pour écrire ce roman dans lequel il a injecté une part de lui dans chacun des trois

personnages principaux : on le retrouve dans Samuel – sa lumière -, dans Georges – son ombre -, et dans Marwan – sa racine. ment. Georges, c’est son double littéraire, son alter ego, qui tout en exerçant un métier différent, progresse dans les mêmes idées et est le spectateur des mêmes horreurs. Pour Sorj Chalandon, il était important que ce personnage ne revienne pas, alors que lui-même est revenu.

Les chemins de l’écrivain et de son personnages se séparent au moment où le premier décide de ne plus être reporter de guerre et de rentrer, alors que le second préfère rester, mener à bien une mission sacrée par une amitié sans faille. Si les deux finissent par se sentir bien dans cette guerre qui leur fait apprécier chaque seconde de leur vie, Sorj Chalandon revient en France, ne parlant pas de ce qu’il a vu, car la guerre « ça emmerde les gens », et finit par comprendre que « revenir en paix, c’est accepter qu’une petite fille pleure pour une boule de glace », ce que ne saisit pas Georges. Ce dernier ne trouvant pas la paix, il retourne au Liban pour ne jamais y revenir.

L’auteur écrit ce livre pour se voir de dos, aller au bout de la guerre, comme pour se délivrer d’un poids, de tout ce qu’il retient depuis tant d’années, laisser couler les larmes retenues par le journaliste. Mais c’est également une remise en mémoire de 1982, une leçon d’Histoire pour les jeunes générations, un livre sur la Paix qui lui valut le prix Goncourt des lycéens, et surtout le prix Goncourt des étudiants de l’Orient.

Pourquoi ce prix est le plus important pour lui ? Parce que c’est un prix sans tâche ni faux semblants, un remerciement de la part des étudiants orientaux, tous réunis à la Foire du livre de Beyrouth, keffieh et kippa assis à côtés. C’est là que Sorj Chalandon a vu la trêve voulue par Samuel dans son roman, tous ces étudiants réunis pour une même cause, remerciant d’un même cœur l’écrivain de leur parler de ce que gardent leurs parents pour eux. Le plus beau prix pour ce livre est très certainement la reconnaissance des libanais et orientaux face à ce livre qui raconte l’indicible, les parents l’offrant à leurs enfants qui font de même pour leurs aînés.

Le quatrième mur, un livre d’espoir pour l’auteur dont les fantômes sont aujourd’hui apaisés, mais également pour cette partie du monde qui est encore aujourd’hui comme une poudrière. Voici un roman frappant, sidérant à tout point de vue, émouvant, à offrir ou à s’offrir.

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DU 20/12/2013 AU 02/03/2014

Lombre puissante de Créon pèse sur Thèbes ! La Comédie française joue pour notre plus grand plaisir la pièce d’Anouilh mise en scène par Marc Paquien au Théâtre du vieux Colombier en 2012.

« Antigone était faite pour mourir » dit Créon, c’est le destin de toute la famille d’Œdipe.

Les deux frères de la jeune fille se sont entretués pour le pouvoir, l’un porté en héros et l’autre en ennemi n’ayant pas le droit à une sépulture. Comment Antigone pouvait-elle laisser l’âme de son frère errer sans but pour l’éternité ?

Bravant l’ordre du roi son oncle, la jeune fille recouvre de terre le corps de son frère Polynice. Démasquée, elle est amenée devant Créon qui tente de la sauver, mais Antigone refuse de se taire, sachant que la mort l’attend.

L’oncle se bat pour sauver sa nièce, mais devant Antigone prête à mourir, sa fonction roi prend le dessus, et la décision fatale tombe comme un couperet : la jeune fille mourra, et tous les autres à sa suite. Créon reste seul de la famille royale, attendant lui-même la mort dans son palais vide.

Bien au-delà du mythe, Anouilh livre dans Antigone une pièce politique mettant en scène une révoltée contre l’Etat, sur fond de drame familial. Créon représente un roi non pas assoiffé de pouvoir, mais un homme dont le métier est celui de roi, le mauvais rôle. Il a dit oui et est donc lié à cette charge, Antigone quant à elle a dit non, ce qui la rend libre de se révolter contre l’injustice. Contrairement à la pièce de Sophocle, celle d’Anouilh met de côté l’importance des dieux, ce sont les décisions des hommes qui priment. Une tragédie mise au goût du jour en 1944 dont le message reste encore aujourd’hui aussi criant.

Avec une programmation comme celle de cette année, la Comédie française ne pouvait esquiver la pièce d’Anouilh et les acteurs montent sur les planches pour nous présenter une seconde fois ce chef d’œuvre mis en scène par Marc Paquien !

Le rideau se lève sur un décor minimaliste : Un mur gigantesque doté de trois portes : le mur des Thèbes, seul décor de toute la pièce, avec quelques chaises. Quoi de mieux pour Anouilh qu’une scène dépouillée ?

Tout est simple ici, et complexe à la fois. La mise en scène, le jeu des acteurs sont un véritable plaisir. On admire le jeu de Bruno Raffaelli qui donne à voir un Créon puissant mais dont l’humanité est visible au grand jour, porteur d’un combat inégal entre un homme imposant et une frêle adolescente ; celui de Clotilde de Bayser qui se fait la voix du chœur de façon admirable, avec un laconisme parfait. Tous les acteurs transpirent leurs personnages, leurs pensées, remportant ainsi le cœur et l’attention sans faille du public.

Même si parfois le jeu de Françoise Gillard peut être exaspérant, on se sent transporté et impliqué dans ce conflit, bouleversé, ayant pitié de chacun, et les tonnerres d’applaudissement sont la meilleure preuve d’un travail réussi. En un mot : splendide !

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Chef d’œuvre du symbolisme pour Louis Langrée, Péllas et Mélisande est depuis toujours un leitmotiv des programmations de l’Opéra Comique. C’est donc sans surprise mais avec plaisir qu’on retrouve ce drame lyrique pour quelques représentations dans la célèbre salle Favart.

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) est l'emblème même de l'entrée de la modernité dans la musique française. Rentré au conservatoire de Paris en 1972, il se fait remarquer par son talent artistique comme par son étourderie, ce qui lui vaut quelques prix sans pour autant lui permettre d'entamer une carrière de pianiste virtuose. En 1979, il compose ses premières mélodies d'après des poèmes d'Alfred de Musset. Persévérant, Debussy obtient le premier prix de Rome en 1884 ainsi qu'une bourse et un séjour de trois ans à la Villa Médicis, grâce auquel il rencontre Litz et Verdi.

Supportant mal l'exil, il donne sa démission au conservatoire et rentre en France, où il commence à se faire connaître. Son opéra Pelléas et Mélisande présenté pour la première fois en 1902 lui vaut une renommée mondiale, et la jalousie de certains ses confrères. Quelques années après, sa santé se dégrade, il meurt en 1918 des suites de cette maladie. Opéra de cinq actes sur une pièce de théâtre de Maurice Maeterlink, Pelléas et Mélisande est une transposition du mythe de Tristan et Iseult, dont l’opéra de Richard Wagner avait marqué Claude Debussy de façon inconditionnelle.

C’est dans une forêt du royaume imaginaire d’Allemonde que le prince Golaud, fils du roi Arkel, rencontre Mélisande. Après l’avoir épousée alors qu’il ne sait rien d’elle, le jeune homme l’emmène au château royal où il la présente à sa famille, et à son demi-frère Pelléas. Immédiatement, Mélisande et ce dernier tissent des liens d’une rare complicité, engendrant ainsi la jalousie de Golaud.

Il fait alors épier les jeunes gens, puis les suit lui-même lors du départ de Pelléas. Alors qu’ils s’avouent leur amour, le prince tue son demi-frère, laissant Mélisande fuir son courroux. Bien qu’ayant échappé à l’épée de son époux, la princesse se meurt d’un mal inconnu, laissant alors son mari rongé par le remord sans lui pardonner ni lui dire si elle aimait Pelléas. Grâce à une musique hypnotique et sensorielle, des enchaînements logique et imprévisibles à la fois, Debussy rompt avec le classique et donne à entendre un opéra « après Wagner et non pas d’après Wagner ».

Donné pour la première fois en 1902 à l’Opéra Comique, Pelléas et Mélisande devient l’emblème de la salle Favart, le renouveau de la musique et de l’opéra français qui ne laisse personne indifférent lors de la générale et de la première en 1902.

Donné en 2010 pour la première fois sous la direction de Louis Langrée, ce drame lyrique qui lui est si cher est rejoué cette année jusqu’au 25 février à l’opéra comique. L’orchestre nous enchante, donnant à chaque note sa légitimité et une âme particulière, la mise en scène figurative attire notre attention, et les voix des solistes nous enchantent, ou presque.

En effet, si Laurent Alvaro est un superbe Golaud, Jérôme Varnier (Arkel) et sa voix de basse nous captivent, Karen Yourc’h (Mélisande) et sa voix aérienne nous séduisent, on reste en suspens quant à l’interprétation de Pelléas par Phillip Addis. On sent un léger manque d’assurance qui entraîne par moment des resserrements dans sa voix, et on regrette également sa tendance à être emphatique alors que cet opéra demande plus de simplicité.

Du 17 au 25 février 2013

Opéra Comique, salle Favart

1 place Boieldieu

75002 Paris

Malgré quelques imperfections, on aime cette vision de Pelléas et Mélisande, c’est un régal pour les yeux comme les oreilles, et une bonne occasion de redécouvrir l’œuvre de Debussy.

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Les dessins animés n’ont pas d’âge ! 

Depuis l’enfance nous sommes bercés par ces histoires que nous offrent en particulier Disney et Pixar.

Le musée d’Art Ludique s’est ouvert le 16 novembre dernier avec une exposition dédiée aux 25 ans de ce dernier producteur de dessins animés.

Pixar, société américaine de production de films d’animations, a été créée en 1979. Rachetée en 1986 par Steve Jobs, puis en 2006 par The Walt Disney Company, la société est à l’origine de nombreux cours métrages et de treize longs métrages, dont 7 ont remporté l’oscar du meilleur film d’animation.

On compte parmi les personnages les plus importants des studios John Lasseter, ancien membre de Walt Disney et réalisateur de la plupart des productions Pixar.

Toy Story, Le Monde de Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille ou encore Rebelle, ces dessins animés cultes nous sont présentés dans cette exposition grâce à 500 œuvres originales :

dessins, aquarelles, peintures numériques, sculptures en résine, tant de supports différents utilisés par les créateurs de ces héros pour nous immerger dans leur monde !

L’exposition, inaugurée à New York en 2006, s’articule de façon à nous faire comprendre l’immense travail effectué sur les scenarii, les mondes et les personnages, tant au niveau graphique qu’au

niveau intellectuel. Au fur et à mesure de l’exposition, on découvre les nouvelles techniques utilisées par les studios, le détail de chaque croquis, la précision de chaque coup de crayon, allant même jusqu’à l’explication du fonctionnement de l’articulation d’une fourmi.

Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour, Pixar non plus, chaque dessin animé représente un travail d’une minutie incroyable, et c’est avec un véritable plaisir que l’on déambule dans l’exposition à la redécouverte des héros de l’enfance et que l’on découvre la genèse de chacun d’eux.

l’exposition coûte cher, c’est un rendez-vous familial à ne pas rater, un plaisir pour les petits comme pour les grands. Un voyage à réaliser avant le 2 mars 2013 !

Et c’est avec impatience que nous attendons l’exposition suivante sur les Super-Héros Marvel, dès le 22 mars 2013 au musée de l’Art ludique !

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Sagmeister, un nom qui pour beaucoup peut ne rien dire, et pourtant c’est avec une irrésistible curiosité qu’on se laisse guider par lui dans cette exploration du bonheur proposée par la Gaîté lyrique.

Tout d’abord, qui est Stefan Sagmeister ?

Né en Autriche en 1962 et aujourd’hui new-yorker, cet illustre personnage est typographe et designer graphique marquant de ces dernières années. Ayant travaillé notamment pour les Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, ou encore HBO et Time Warner. Lauréat de plusieurs prix (Grammy Awards, prix Thumper, prix Lucky Strike,…), le designer n’est pas un personnage commun.

Doté d’une personnalité originale et d’un humour sans faille, son œuvre prend souvent sa source dans la rue, la réalité, sous forme de « happening urbains ». Après une année sabbatique à chercher l’inspiration et travailler pour lui-même, il ouvre cette exposition sur le thème du bonheur.

« The Happy show », voilà de quoi intriguer un public !

Dans cette exposition hors du commun, Stefan Sagmeister présente aux visiteurs son univers, il joue avec eux afin de les mettre de bonne humeur, tout ce qu’il faut après une longue journée de travail !

Comment fait-il ?

Tout simplement avec des constatations simples, parfois enfantines qui font sourire par leur air candide ou leur vérité simple et humoristique. Pour continuer dans cette ambiance bonne-enfant, le designer nous propose de prendre une « carte chance ». 

Une simple carte proposant un petit challenge ou encore une phrase pour nous faire sourire.

Un petit pas de plus vers le bonheur …

Les statistiques du bonheur, mais pour commencer, venez-vous voir une exposition pour y voir des statistiques ?

Non ! Pourtant, Stefan Sagmeister vous en donne le goût :

qui est heureux, quand, pourquoi ?

Et si le bonheur n’était pas seulement une question de circonstances mais une question de décision ?

En suivant le journal de bord du graphiste, le public par avec lui en quête du bonheur, de la joie, puis se voit lui-même sollicité : il peut pédaler afin de décrypter un message, dessiner son symbole du bonheur, déchiffrer le message d’une toile d’araignée (une fausse bien entendu, qui délivre un message lorsque quelqu’un passe devant une caméra), s’asseoir où il pense être à sa place à la table du bonheur, sourire,…

L’éveil du visiteur est donc toujours maintenu de par son implication dans l’exposition, par de petits films, ainsi que les jeux typographiques utilisés par Stefan Sagmeister pour que l’œil ne s’endorme pas face à une typographie unique et monocorde. Et pour ceux qui auraient une baisse de tension (ou d’attention), un bonbon, ou plusieurs pour les gourmands, vous est proposé pour repartir le cœur léger et le sourire aux lèvres.

Le bonheur vient parfois de choses simples, et Stefan Sagmeister sans nous en donner la recette nous donne quelques clefs, à nous de partir à la recherche de ce trésor, prenons un petit temps sabbatique pour goûter à ce bonheur présenté jusqu’au 2 mars à la gaîté lyrique !

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Une mise en scène originale et drôle, un spectacle captivant et une musique persistante, voilà le pari réussi de la Comédie française, qui livre Le songe d’une nuit d’été de William Shakespeare comme un véritable enchantement pour le public !

Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), ce nom somme comme l’évidence de la langue anglaise, l’apogée de la dramaturgie britannique, et c’est encore un euphémisme que de le décrire ainsi. William Shakespeare, acteur, écrivain reconnu dès son époque, est l’auteur de Roméo et Juliette, Richard III ou encore Hamlet. Mais comment pourrait-on réduire son œuvre à ces drames quand elle comprend toutes sortes de comédies, pièces historiques et drames ? C’est en 1594 qu’il écrivit Le songe d’une nuit d’été, pièce qui collait au plus près de l’envie de divertissements qui sévissait joyeusement à l’époque.Le songe d’une nuit d’été

La salle de théâtre devient le premier élément de décors de cette pièce. Il est toujours étonnant et appréciable de voir arriver les acteurs par le parterre ou les balcons, et si souvent ils ne font que passer, cette fois ils y restent !

C’est tout le début de la pièce, ainsi qu’une partie de la fin, que Muriel Mayette-Holtz a décidé de faire jouer au milieu du public, le mettant ainsi littéralement au cœur de l’action.

La pièce permet un certain nombre de libertés pour la mise en scène, alors pourquoi ne pas exploiter l’espace du public de la pièce jouée lorsque le texte présente une mise en abîme du théâtre ?

Ce choix de mise en scène répond à la fois à cette réprésentation du théâtre dans le théâtre mais également à un souci de décors, ce qui rend la décision aussi astucieuse qu’agréable pour le public – bien que le premier rang peut être intimidé par la proximité des comédiens.

On distingue facilement les trois éléments très distincts qu’a voulu faire ressortir Muriel Mayette-Holtz : la cour, le monde des fées, et celui des artisans, du théâtre amateur, les différences entre les trois étant amplifiées par les décors, les costumes ainsi que le jeu des acteurs. On voit ici jouer la perle de la Comédie française, les acteurs ont tous un jeu très agréable mais on retrouve surtout

avec grand plaisir Michel Vuillermoz splendide en Thésée, Christian Hecq superbe en Obéron, et Louis Arène magnifique en Puck.

Si la pièce peut sembler un peu longue (2h15 sans entracte), elle donne à voir un cocktail délicieusement malicieux doté d’un soupçon d’irrévérence, pour le plus grand plaisir de nos sens.

Attention cependant, un air entrainant mais entêtant reste en tête pour le reste de la soirée, ou bien de la semaine ! La magie des fées. À moins que ce ne soit un songe …

(1594) n’a en effet rien d’une tragédie, c’est le moins que l’on puisse dire. Tout se joue dans la bonne humeur, ou presque. La pièce commence par l’annonce du mariage de Thésée et Hippolyta, et quelques palabres au sujet de celui d’Hermia et Démétrius. Ce mariage satisferait le père de la belle, mais cette dernière, amoureuse de Lysandre ne l’entend pas de cette oreille.

Un amour contrarié serait banal, alors le maître anglais a rajouté une personne à ce triangle amoureux : Helena, qui, quant à elle, est amoureuse de Démétrius.

A cela viennent se superposer les disputes d’Obéron et Titania, roi et reine des fées, qui vont être source d’interférences dans le destin de tous ces jeunes cœurs amoureux. Pour couronner le tout, on retrouve quelques athéniens de basse naissance en train de répéter une tragédie pour les noces de Thésée.

Dans ce décor mythologique et féérique les personnages ne sauront plus ce qui est farce, réalité ou rêve, pour le plaisir et l’amusement du public. Mais sous cette légèreté et ce superflu se cache le message de Shakespeare :

il existe une différence entre le désir et l’amour, une différence bien claire, l’un et l’autre n’impliquant pas les mêmes promesses.

Cette différence, de notoriété publique aujourd’hui, n’était certainement pas inconnue à l’époque, mais la présenter directement sur une scène de théâtre donnait à cette pièce une certaine modernité à l’é Shakespeare à la comédie française jusqu’au 15 juin.

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A PARIS AU GRAND PALAIS DU 18/09/2013 AU 20/01/2014

Lœuvre de Félix Vallotton, peintre et écrivain dont l’œuvre est ancrée dans le quotidien, est présentée au Grand Palais selon une nouvelle perspective, non pas chronologique mais esthétique, sociale et politique.

Félix Valloton (1865-1925), né à Lausanne, s’est formé à l’Académie Julian, avant d’être admis dans le groupe de Nabis, mouvement qui promeut le caractère sacré de l’art.

Il est d’abord reconnu mondialement grâce à ses gravures sur bois avant de commencer à produire dès 1899 de nombreuses peintures. En effet, l’artiste laissera à sa mort plus de 1700 tableaux de tous genres : nus, portraits, paysages, natures mortes, sujets mythologiques et allégoriques, guerres.

Sa production intense est reconnaissable par les couleurs chatoyantes, les traits presque photographiques de ses portraits et une précision poussée à l’extrême.

S’inspirant de l’esthétisme d’Ingres et de maniériste italiens tels que Parmigianino, Domenico Beccafum (XVIe siècle), Félix Vallotton invente son propre style froid et cynique à la fois, jouant sur l’ombre et la lumière, les détails.

Chaque œuvre est comme un huis-clos aspirant le visiteur, le faisant entrer dans la toile comme on entre dans une pièce, donnant envie d’ouvrir chaque porte pour s’approcher au plus près de la sensibilité de l’artiste.

La perfection des lignes montre le lien entre la peinture et sa pensée, son observation objective d’un monde embourgeoisé.

Ainsi, le trait montre la réalité, les liens entre les personnages, et la couleur les sentiments.

Sous un air impassible, une peinture qui semble calme, Félix Valloton dévoile un tempérament de feu, une vision du monde qui l’entoure. La peinture est pour lui un rébus permettant d’accéder à une complexité intellectuelle, c’est une grammaire nouvelle dont il maîtrise toutes les règles.

Présentant les tableaux les plus connus de l’artiste, l’exposition livre également des chefs d’œuvres jusque-là inconnus, selon dix axes différents : Idéalisme et pureté de la ligne, perspectives aplaties, refoulement et mensonge, un regard photographique, « la violence tragique d’une tache noire », Le double féminin, érotisme glacé, opulence de la matière, mythologies modernes, c’est la Guerre ! Cette rétrospective nous permet de découvrir cet artiste sous un nouvel angle, d’apprécier son art intellectuel et la précision de ses traits.

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DU 18/09/2013 AU 06/01/2014

Georges Braque, grand peintre du XXe siècle et initiateur du cubisme fait l’objet d’une exposition au Grand Palais qui fermera ses portes début janvier. Profitez donc des vacances et du froid pour venir admirer les œuvres de ce maître !

On connaît peu George Braque (1882-1963), homme discret aujourd’hui évincé par l’ombre imposante de Picasso. Il a pourtant bénéficié d’une grande notoriété: il est le premier artiste français à être exposé au musée du Louvre de son vivant, et bénéficie à sa mort d’un enterrement en présence d’André Malraux, alors ministre de la culture. Peu après son décès, son œuvre est jugée trop sage face aux tumultes de l’époque, il tombe donc dans l’oubli.

L’exposition du Grand Palais vient donc réhabiliter le travail exigeant et pudique de ce grand artiste oublié par toute une génération. La rétrospective suit dans un ordre chronologique les différentes périodes artistiques de Georges Braque, permettant ainsi de comprendre le cheminement du peintre.

Si on parle beaucoup du cubisme chez Braque, il ne faut cependant pas oublier que c’est par le fauvisme que cet admirateur de Cézanne est entré dans la peinture. Cette courte période de deux ans (1906-1907) a été très riche en production, l’artiste peignant de nombreux paysages à l’Estaque et la Ciotat ainsi que des nus aux couleurs vives et morcelées permettant d’embraser la sensibilité de l’homme qui tenait le pinceau.

Très vite, Braque se détourne du fauvisme pour inventer le cubisme, nouvelle vision de l’espace, des formes, de l’horizon. Dès 1908 ses paysages de l’Estaque deviennent géométriques, les natures mortes sont également intégrées dans un nouvel espace tactile, les couleurs fauves sont remplacées par des couleurs simples, plus sombres. Ce qui est frappant dans ce travail, c’est que malgré le mélange des objets et des formes, malgré un symbole géométrique et une confusion de première vue, chaque élément se distingue rapidement, il est facile de le replacer dans son unité ainsi que dans son ensemble. C’est la manifestation de l’éclatement de la forme dans un continuum spatial.

On ne peut négliger la période des papiers-collés de Georges Braque, pour lui retour à ce qui a permis de dissocier la couleur et la forme. C’est également pour lui l’achèvement des conventions de la perspective classique. Après cette période (1912-1914), il revient à la peinture cubiste, imitant le papier collé et introduisant encore plus de figuratif, pour revenir ensuite aux natures mortes mêlées d’instruments (1919-1929) et couleurs vives après la guerre.

Dans les années 30, l’œuvre de Braque se fait plus décorative, prenant pour objet des intérieurs ou encore la Théogonie d’Hésiode sur la naissance de l’univers, tableau marquant de l’artiste. Pendant la seconde guerre mondiale, son travail devient très sombre, la douleur et la violence transparaissent au-delà des œuvres.

Enfin, durant la dernière période de sa vie (1955-1963), Braque peint de nombreux oiseaux et paysages offrant des horizons immenses. Les motifs sont abstraits : deux lignes différentes pour les paysages, celle de la terre et celle du ciel, des pictogrammes inquiétants pour les oiseaux venant chercher la mort.

L’exposition ne laisse rien au hasard, aidant le visiteur à comprendre l’artiste et son cheminement par de nombreux textes de personnes proches de lui, parfois par ses propres propos recueillis lors d’interviews.

On découvre au fur et à mesure de l’exposition un homme sensible, heurté, dont la douleur devient criante, un homme intellectuel. La beauté est subjective, on peut aimer ou ne pas aimer le travail de Braque, mais on ne peut y rester insensible.

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