First you have to plan for the outfit to be an active sales person.

This day there first you go out hyper dolled up physically.

Why ?

To seduce the seller, not that this idea can be not bad. But hey there it's just a good brushing be well made up because if you try clothes in firecrackers with a white complexion you will come back empty-handed because each time the result will be the effect of carrying a trash bag plus a depressed from your past twenty years.

So here we dress in super Woman balances, that is to say a jogging because it is less tiring to remove, a short down jacket lighter to wear on the arm and tennis shoes to trample a whole day.

Plus a tote bag like the Louis Vuitton or before leaving you threw a pair of shoes because with dress or jeans or pants it immediately gives a more dynamic silhouette which you see less the pot of yogurt effect. I even knew the sales pro Linda who for this day took with her a shopping cadis so that she put all her finds in it more practical than carrying all the bags of sales in her hand.

Yes, the sales are full of little tricks. Being a Woman Sale is not for everyone it is often the elite of shoppers. So the good sales first you will start by imagining yourself naked. You need thong panties garter belts direction Aubade which is at least 50% you take the panoply of attention guys you will go crazy. Then cotton panties lingerie at Monoprix Etam for the English women arrive. Now minus 50% Calzedonia or there you have socks with cashmere glitter rhinestones at 3 euros but above all it's time to take yourself for Pretty Woman (Julia Robert) who buys her stockings there.

Among other things, leather leggings at 20 euros are not bad to wear with a long tunic and suit jacket with styluses or a sporty way with long sweater and tennis. Let’s move on to the fancies to take at Zara’s, trying to plan for the spring collection, so take blue jeans pants shirt skirt dress and white cream red pink blue sky yellow tops refrain from taking black gray at home. Marine.

Then direction H&M where there we rush on animal themes like zebra leopard for our spring wardrobe but there you should not put too much money in it because you will get bored quickly. The only thing you will never get tired of is the panther thong of your boy sex. After a few Basic pieces then for that as it is an investment to take in good brands: four nice pieces to have oiled jeans, a black Zazig and Voltaire blazer, bi-color tunic from Kooples or Mage or Claudie Pierlot, aviator parka skin preferably cream wool like Carla Bruni or Kardashian from Apostrophe or Mickael Kors. Then provide a reserve of money for the room or the girlfriends will shout you have it. The one that you will keep more or less for life.

We will leave it in her dressing room as an anti-depression room. So here are pieces that we see only in celebrity magazines but that are affordable during sales because they carry the label less 50%. Direction the big brands there you forget your cadi and your jogging that day, it's your day bitch and company. So there you are always wearing makeup with your hair on, but with your most beautiful clothes, the fashion style victim or the foreigner who arrives in the capital and wants to dress in Parisian style (besides these days when you come across the real Parisian she is really pie she usually wears a Uniclo sweater with down jacket jeans.

First round at Philipp Plein Sport where you will find sweatshirts in velvet rhinestones by Swarkoski easy to wear for trendy brunch during the day or to take the plane like starlets, the T-shirts are great for summer a very beautiful stretch cotton, on the other hand, you must have lost your lifebuoy because it fits well with the shapes, so strike the pancakes.

For shoes, let's play it at Vanessa Paradis Chanel, everything is fashion and timeless at the same time. Colorful T-shirts under a black jacket, little spring dress and pumps nothing better than Versace, always at less than 50%. To have a compulsory piece either the sweatshirt or a Kenzo cap. And let's not forget the Balenciagga shoes or sweatshirt or bag or cap. For a nice bag we go directly to Chloé minus 50%. If you don't have a pretty watch at Mauboussin less 50%. If the sales of the great designers are still a little expensive, go to the sales depots you find from the big brand at ten percent of the sale price.

Here is your dressing room is again ready to make your colleagues pale.

And for summer arrival get ready now. Small tip of addict to sales every time you see a room at a high price note the place where you saw it take a photo of it. Then put the amount in a box like this you will have reached 1000 euro quite easy.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld