Meet Nathalie ZOA aka JAINPHOTOGRAPHY a young architecture photographer who by its original photo style transports us into its urban universe and disconcerting.
Be careful because what you thought you might see is not what you should see!

Paul - "How did the orientation of your practice towards the specific field of architectural photography occur ?"

Jainphotographie - During my encounters with Instagram photographers in 2015, I became very interested in the architectural photography I was doing at the time during my many travels.

As luck would have it, I also worked with photographers specialized in architecture during these meetings, with whom I learned many techniques and discovered urban places that I then photographed.

I started to be interested in architecture and especially thinking of a concept more original than simple shots that I found too classic:

the desire to create something new inspired me to do these montages from my architectural photos.

Paul - "How would you define your personal approach to architectural photography?"

Jainphotographie - Architecture photography, as I practice it, is treated in a very personal way because through the architectural details that I'm going to photograph, I will be able to express and represent something completely different.

In my opinion, this is the most suitable medium for creativity that I like to explore and share.

It remains the simplest means of representation for a much more complex concept.

The main challenge is to come to share an original idea through a collage of photographs of very specific architectures.

The images themselves represent hours of work and editing

(see photo 1) may require weeks of work.

In general, I strive to show the photos as accurately as possible in terms of rendering angles and proportions, no editing work is done on the initial forms of the photo.

I try not to distort the original photo but I rather try to aesthetize it by trimming and rotating images.

I am also very attentive to the history of the buildings that I will take pictures and / or the country in which I am, in this way

I am inspired by their stories to create montages that always have a message to convey more a simple photo collage

(example: REMAKE: THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO which is a montage of English vessels in the shape of spaceships against French vessels in the shape of spaceships).

Paul - "What are your achievements and your international ambitions?"

Jainphotographie - I am just starting to exhibit and share my work, besides I participate in the Urban Week at La Défense in partnership with Urban Trace and you can find me there until Sunday, September 23rd in the mall the 4 time.

My goal is to continue to evolve in my practice and photograph more buildings around the world. Photographing in places still unknown allows me to have a different perspective, to bring a point of view and create even more original montages.

Paul - " Where can we see your work?"

Jainphotographie - I am very active on my Instagram and Facebook (Jainphotographie) but I also have my website:

Nathalie ZOA AKA JAINPHOTOGRAPHY a Photographer to Watch ........

Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld