What role did actress Allison Mack play in the Nxivm sect?

It will be for justice to determine but the facts of which it is accused are extremely serious. She faces a minimum sentence of 15 years if she is found guilty. Arrested Friday morning, Allison Mack is charged with trafficking human beings for sexual purposes. She went to federal court in New York on Friday and pleaded not guilty.

Allison Mack played Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, a 10-year television series about Superman's childhood in this small Kansas town where he grew up with a family of farmers.

Allison Mack would have played a most sordid role in the sex slave case. She was arrested Friday in the United States, accused of sex trafficking for recruiting women and men in a sect where they were then forced to have sex with his guru Keith Raniere finally behind bars. These women were also marked with the guru's initials on the pubis using a cauterizer pen, which burned flesh in addition to being starved, beaten, and sexually abused by a charismatic leader.

Allison Mack was present during the "tagging" , a moment always filmed, and told them to "feel the pain" and "think of their master," according to the newspaper.

The victims were "exploited, both sexually and for their work, for the benefit of the accused," said New York federal prosecutor Richard Donoghue.

The heroine television series of the 2000s has just been stopped in New York by the FBI for sex trafficking. She reportedly recruited women to force them to have sex with a cult's guru.

"She started as a slave and became a mistress," said Frank Parlato, who worked as press secretary for the group, and the nickname the group's deserters gave him was "Pimp Mack" ('pimp 'translates to mackerel)' according to the 'New York Post'.

Keith Raniere founded in 1998 an organization called the Executive Success Program (ESP), which held series of workshops to "realize the human potential" of the participants. In 2003, he created a second entity, named Nxivm (pronounced Nexium) captaining ESP, according to the complaint filed in mid-February by the Crown in a federal court in Brooklyn. To participate in the training sessions you had to pay up to $ 5,000 per 5-day workshops. Of course the participants often found themselves in debt so they are forced to work for Nxivm against reimbursement!

In Albany, the state capital of New York, centers had been opened in several cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other Central American countries. In 2015, Keith Raniere reportedly created an organization. parallel pyramid, called DOS, including "slaves" and "masters".

Allison Mack is accused of creating with the alleged guru Nxivm, secret entity in charge of recruiting women. According to the prosecutor, she was at the first level of the pyramid, just below Keith Raniere. The latter was arrested in late March in Mexico and extradited to the United States.

If these facts were proven, the actress incurs a sentence ranging from fifteen years imprisonment to life imprisonment. No actress Smallville arrested: she risks life imprisonment

The 57-year-old guru, named Keith Raniere, is said to have convinced dozens of women to join a secret society called DOS with the help of actress Allison Mack.

The actress, accused of being number two in the organization and contributing to the recruitment of female victims, was arrested this week by the FBI in Albany, USA.

This Friday, in front of Brooklyn federal court, the 35-year-old actress pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and forced labor.

She was charged with sex trafficking, criminal conspiracy in connection with sex trafficking and forced labor, this Friday, April 20th. She is believed to be part of a sect living in upstate New York.

But the charge would be in possession of messages written by Allison Mack to Keith Raniere where she affirms to dedicate her life to her and promising to offer her the children she would have in the future as well as her house if she ever broke her vows! !!

Kate White for DayNewsWorld