Does Burton remake Tim Burton ? While some would argue that Big Fish is his last masterpiece, others believe that Miss Peregrine and individual children already symbolized her rebirth.

And what about "Dumbo" which arrives in theaters this Wednesday, March 27?

Tim Burton accepted this time to take the classic Dumbo but with a shift in point of view. Dumbo new generation abandons the look of the baby elephant for that of new protagonists.

Tim Burton's film is more than just a remake, above all thanks to Ehren Kruger's script, very faithful to the spirit of the original while inventing characters and adventures very coherent with the universe of the flying elephant.

Like Holt Farrier (Colin Firth), veteran of the First World War, with one arm less, back in the circus he was once the star.

There he finds his two children, Milly and Joe, struggling with the recent death of their mother. The time is not over: Max Medici (Danny DeVito), owner of the place, sees his small business know the crisis.

Then arises the solution to all its evils: an elephant, quick to attract crowds under its tent. The sequel is known to all: Dumbo finds himself separated from his mother, discovered, then flew into a memorable finale.

Disney's animated cartoon only lasted an hour, Tim Burton was able to develop the frame at leisure. Aesthetically, the leg of the filmmaker is felt from the introduction: the faces of freaks scrolling on a train.

It is especially in the pure circus scenes that the film stands out, rediscovering the childlike magic of the original. Special mentions for the fabulous soap bubble issue and all the scenes where Dumbo flies over the floor.

After this familiar beginning, the feature film turns into an anti-capitalist charge, crossed by a figure of unscrupulous businessman. VA Vandevere (Michael Keaton), owner of Dreamland Amusement Park, buys Dumbo and hosts the Medici troupe in his entertainment empire. We then find in "Dumbo" the criticism of businessmen who think they can buy everything, and who, by transforming a craft into an industry, kill all the poetry.

It is also rather piquant that this "Dumbo" by Burton, a true ode to fragile and defenseless artists, is produced by the current Disney group , become the giant of the show industry in Hollywood and around the world .

Tale about the perils of selling his soul to a multinational, Dumbo also apprehends as a mirror on the relationship between directors and major studios.

To this metaphor, we prefer the visual deluge offered by the filmmaker, barely entered this lair of excess. What to compensate for the defects of the film ... When the camera lingers on Dumbo, observing the crowd in a subjective camera, or dotted to the rhythm of the music of Danny Elfman, the film finally finds its true magic .

In the cast, we find Eva Green in the role of Colette Marchant, a beautiful trapeze artist locked in her golden cage. Colin Farrell, the cowboy back from war. But also Nico Talking, Finley Hobbins, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVit.

Between emotions and thrills, the film holds its promises of visual and childish magic at a time. A licked feature film that offers burst moments of brilliance.

Dumbo, Tim Burton's fantasy film with: Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito ...

Duration: 1 h 52.

Abby Shelcore for DayNewsWorld