On Saturday, March 2, 2019, the Yellow Vests planned to demonstrate for the 16th time.

Some claim that the movement is running out of steam. Nothing is less certain, even though Emmanuel Macron called for the calm of Bordeaux where he was this weekend to "glorify" the clap of the end of the mandate of the mayor of the city for almost 20 years, Alain Juppé.

We wish that there will be no violence and especially no injuries, serious or not, today.

For the President of the Republic this violence would be the sole responsibility of the protesters who should stop these demonstrations and present themselves wisely in the places where the National Debate ... calibrated.

But so far protesters "Yellow Vests" have not evaluated the situation in this form. The most observant of them, the most insightful, just as a certain number of journalists present on the spot drew other conclusions.

One of these conclusions indicates that the committed gendarmerie forces have since distinguished themselves from "police violence and their famous bounty".

It is in any case the thought, heavy meaning, that has just made the Lieutenant Colonel Lefranc, in a statement published in "The letter of the friends of the Gendarmerie".

And the figures seem to confirm this assessment: the gendarmes who accounted for 73% of the troops involved would have fired only 10% of the rubber bullets which are equipped with the famous LBD. By deduction, the police, especially those of the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) would have fired 24 times more. It is these figures, very real, which have allowed some to affirm that during these Saturdays of demonstrations and violence, the gendarmes "who see no way out of the movement of the Yellow Vests" (see Essor Review of the Gendarmerie) stood out.

Better still, the gendarmes would not approve the use of the LBD which Emmanuel Macron justified the use in his interview of January 31, 2019, "because Yellow Vests come to shoot ... some even with rifles"?

Taking colors in the polls, the Head of State even dared this week, qualify the Yellow Vests rioters!

However, even if the Council of State validated in its decision of February 1 the use of the LBD, it is nevertheless necessary to remember that a group of experts of the UN worried about the disproportionate use of the LBD in France, the Council of Europe, for its part, having called for suspending this use!

France, a country of freedom and human rights is therefore nothing exemplary at the moment and that is what would probably justify the position of the gendarmerie forces in the successive episodes of Yellow Vests.

To ensure this analysis, we have taken the history of the beginning of the five-year period of Emmanuel Macron in his relations with the Army, knowing that the Gendarmerie is an Army Corps.

Upon his appointment, Emmanuel Macron manifested his contempt vis-à-vis the General Staff, distancing himself from General de Villiers who eventually resigned.

On July 14, 2018, a significant incident occurred. The Patrouille de France passes over the Champs Elysee with a tricolor very singular flag that none have decoded in figures: 1789 ....

Panic at the highest level of the state which is reinforced "when uncultivated people, poor people and nothings" start demonstrating by blocking roads and highways.

The swagger of the Elysee who had cried out last summer "they come to get me" immediately became afraid. With the help of Florence Parly, the Minister of the Armies, he calls on the reporters in Calvi and Nîmes. The answer falls dry: the General Staff will not engage the troupe against the People of France.

In fear, the Elysée requisition the ban and back of the Police and including BAC, whose policing is not in his remit and whose members do not have, in general, qualifications necessary for handling the LBD.

"These cops, reputed without faith nor law" are very badly received, and this even if some brave as Alexandre Langlois, General Secretary of the Syndicate Vigi-police denounce this police repression, which would be ordered by a certain Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said Rintintin or Gaztaner, who would not hesitate to summon on February 20 "the impertinent" before a Council of Discipline for the sole reason that he had denounced these unfair orders.

These historical episodes are meaningful!

The end of the first half of the Yellow Vests game will be whistled in the aftermath of April 15, 2019 when the executive's proposals "drawn" from the analysis of the grievance books opened since December 15, 2018 will fall. probably possible to assess whether the police violence was justified or whether it only fueled the discontent.

To be continued…......

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld