As of Thursday by unions and the Human Rights League, the Council of State ruled in favor of the demonstrations.

The Council of State lifted Saturday June 13, 2020 the ban on the assembling of more than ten people, imposed within the framework of the state of health emergency, put in place because of the coronavirus, restoring the freedom to demonstrate, in compliance with "barrier measures".

Since the end of confinement on May 11, the French have partially recovered their pre-epidemic life, but still could not gather more than ten, as the decree of May 31, 2020 reaffirmed:

"Any gathering, meeting or activity on the public highway (...), bringing together more than ten people simultaneously, is prohibited throughout the territory of the Republic".

The ban "not justified" by the health situation

"The judge of summary proceedings of the Council of State considers that the ban on demonstrations is not justified by the current health situation when the barrier measures can be respected," writes the Council of State after the hearing.

"While the freedom to demonstrate is a fundamental freedom, the President concludes that, except in special circumstances, the prohibition of demonstrations on the public highway is justified by health risks only when the barrier measures cannot be respected or that the event risks bringing together more than 5,000 people. "

"Consequently, the judge in summary proceedings suspends the execution of article 3 of the decree of May 31, 2020, for the demonstrations on the public highway subjected to the obligation of a preliminary declaration", ends the Council of State.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld