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Après la statue de Faidherbe à Lille, ou celle du général Gallieni à Paris, celle de Jean-Baptiste Colbert, devant l'Assemblée nationale, a été vandalisée, mardi 24 juin, en étant recouverte de peinture rouge au torse et aux jambes et d’une inscription « Négrophobie d’Etat ». L’auteur des dégradations, qui a été arrêté, revendique une action antiraciste. Une vidéo postée sur Twitter par la « Brigade antinégrophobie » montre l'auteur du tag être interpellé par la police et se justifier : « Ce qui est interdit, c'est le racisme. Cet homme-là (Colbert, ndlr) fait l'apologie de la négrophobie ». Ministre de Louis XIV, Colbert est considéré comme à l’initiative du Code noir, rédigé en 1685 et qui a légiféré sur l’esclavage dans les colonies françaises.

Face à la recrudescence de ces actes de vandalisme et aux appels à déboulonner les statues jugées racistes, le président de la République avait réagi, le 15 juin dernier. « La République n’effacera aucune trace ni aucun nom de son Histoire. La République ne déboulonnera pas de statue. Nous devons plutôt lucidement regarder ensemble toute notre Histoire, toutes nos mémoires », avait-il martelé.

Cet acte prétend s'inscrire dans le sillage des manifestations antiracistes dans le monde à la suite de la mort de l’Américain George Floyd. Mais plusieurs responsables politiques ont dénoncé avec justesse, mercredi, une tentative de « censurer » l'Histoire ou de « culpabilisation ». Côté LR, le député souverainiste Julien Aubert a estimé sur Twitter « purement consternante » le tag apposé sur la statue de Colbert, « grand serviteur de l'État et promoteur de notre industrie ».

« Arrêtons cette culpabilisation permanente qui est vraiment ridicule », a surenchéri sur Public Senat le député LR des Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti, pour qui « on juge avec des valeurs qui viennent d'autres pays, et nous n'avons pas la même histoire que les Etats-Unis ».

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Appeal of June 18, part of the commemorative cycle of "the year of Gaulle", the Head of State pays tribute this Thursday to General de Gaulle. The President of the Republic calls, on this occasion, to the unity of the nation, while all his opponents compete for the heritage of General de Gaulle.

"Revive the embers" of the nation's values.

Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by many political figures, attended the traditional military ceremony at the Mont-Valérien memorial, west of Paris, to honor the memory of the roughly one thousand hostages and resistance fighters executed by the Nazis during the Second World War.

The Patrouille de France and the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force patrol, flew over the memorial and the Invalides.

Before going to Mont-Valérien, Emmanuel Macron spent an hour at the Musée de la Liberation, with Hubert Germain, 99, one of the first companions in Free France in 1940 and one of the four last Companions of the Liberation still alive.

“We have to be inspired by this strength of soul. Even when the love of the fatherland seems to fade (...) the example of the General must inspire the young generations.

Do not give in to confusion and doubt. The embers can be rekindled and they can burn again, ”he told the former resistance fighter.

The President of the Republic then had to fly to London to pay homage to the city which was the capital of free France.

In the presence of Prince Charles, Mr. Macron will deliver the Legion of Honor to the city of London, the seventh city thus decorated after Algiers, Belgrade, Brazzaville, Liège, Luxembourg and Volgograd.

The day after his arrival in London, General de Gaulle had called on the French military, engineers and workers to join him to continue the fight against Nazi Germany, despite the armistice requested by Marshal Pétain. "Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not go out and will not go out," he said in concluding his speech. Emmanuel Macron will be received at Clarence House, residence of Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, and his wife, Camilla.

This trip will be for the Head of State the second event in the framework of "the year of Gaulle" after the celebration, on May 17, of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Montcornet (Aisne) and before the 50th anniversary of the death of the general in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, November 9. The historian Serge Berstein summarizes, for the newspaper L'Opinion, the Elysian intentions behind these productions.

“What is striking for historians is that it commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Moncornet, a small local victory that had no effect in a France that completely collapsed in 1940. Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to celebrate 'the French spirit of resistance'. He implicitly poses as heir to the General. After all, that’s what history is for politicians: to rise to the height of one who is considered a role model, ”he said.

"The DNA of our family"

Emmanuel Macron is not the only one to claim to be General de Gaulle, in particular as the defender of the "sovereignty" of France, a word now used by the entire political class.

Right and left parties claim, in this moment of social crisis against a background of health and economic crisis, of General de Gaulle. While for the Republicans (LR) the general is "the DNA of our family", according to the leader of the party, Christian Jacob, he is a man who “never joined the invisible hand of the market and preferred planning”, for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of La France insoumise (LFI). For its part Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Rally (RN), went on Wednesday to the island of Sein to commemorate the call of June 18. Citing as an example its defense of the independence of France, it now considers that the RN is the real heir to the values ​​of De Gaulle.

But who can today rise to the level of providential men like General de Gaulle was ?

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As of Thursday by unions and the Human Rights League, the Council of State ruled in favor of the demonstrations.

The Council of State lifted Saturday June 13, 2020 the ban on the assembling of more than ten people, imposed within the framework of the state of health emergency, put in place because of the coronavirus, restoring the freedom to demonstrate, in compliance with "barrier measures".

Since the end of confinement on May 11, the French have partially recovered their pre-epidemic life, but still could not gather more than ten, as the decree of May 31, 2020 reaffirmed:

"Any gathering, meeting or activity on the public highway (...), bringing together more than ten people simultaneously, is prohibited throughout the territory of the Republic".

The ban "not justified" by the health situation

"The judge of summary proceedings of the Council of State considers that the ban on demonstrations is not justified by the current health situation when the barrier measures can be respected," writes the Council of State after the hearing.

"While the freedom to demonstrate is a fundamental freedom, the President concludes that, except in special circumstances, the prohibition of demonstrations on the public highway is justified by health risks only when the barrier measures cannot be respected or that the event risks bringing together more than 5,000 people. "

"Consequently, the judge in summary proceedings suspends the execution of article 3 of the decree of May 31, 2020, for the demonstrations on the public highway subjected to the obligation of a preliminary declaration", ends the Council of State.

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The Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, announced the opening on Monday June 8 of a vast preliminary investigation into the criticized management of the Covid-19 crisis in France.

It mainly targets the crimes of "endangering the life of others", "homicide and involuntary injury" and "failure to assist a person in danger".

These complaints against X sometimes target by name officials of the administration, in particular the general director of health Jérôme Salomon, or even Public health France. Also included are the prison administration and the ministry of labor.

The survey does not concern Ehpad

These investigations, entrusted to the Central Office for the fight against damage to the environment and public health (Oclaesp), relate to the main grievances expressed since the beginning of the epidemic: protection at work, provision of masks and tests, etc.

This national survey does not concern accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad), which are the subject of local surveys to date, including two in Paris, but also in Nanterre or Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes).

This survey "is not there to define political or administrative responsibilities," explained Rémy Heitz, "but to uncover possible criminal offenses" of national decision-makers. With the exception of the Head of State, who is criminally irresponsible, and members of the government, whose responsibility falls to the Court of Justice of the Republic, hearing eighty complaints.

"If there are criminal faults, they are very likely - it is a hypothesis - unintentional faults. However, the law sets precise conditions for establishing these crimes: it requires proof of a “qualified fault” which is not mere recklessness or negligence, ”explained the prosecutor.

Combining these investigations will, according to the prosecutor, establish a common documentary fund on the state of scientific knowledge. Because "for this type of offense, the penal code says that we must assess the responsibilities" of the decision-makers "in the light of the means and knowledge they had at the time of the decisions," he stressed.

The Paris prosecutor anticipates “considerable” work, in a “historic situation”:

"This is the first time that complaints have been filed while the crisis is in full swing," he revealed, while until then "in major public health cases (contaminated blood, asbestos ...) , justice intervened well a posteriori ".

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Despite the prefectural ban, some 20,000 demonstrators gathered in court Tuesday evening to answer the call of the family support committee for Adama Traoré, the 24-year-old black man who died in 2016 after his arrest.

A parallel with the death of Georges Floyd and the American police violence

On the signs we could read many references to Eric Garner, who died in 2014 in New York during his arrest, or to Zyed and Bouna, who died in 2005 in Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) after a race- prosecution with the police. Three featured letters: "BLM", for "Black Lives Matter [". On the masks we sometimes read "I can't breathe", words spoken in their respective languages, shortly before their death, by George Floyd and Adama Traoré. "The death of George Floyd is modeled on the death of Adama Traore" claims his sister, Assa Traore.

Certain members of the security forces in France have been accused in recent years of disproportionate use of force, in particular during the opposition to the Sivens dam project in 2014, demonstrations against the El Khomri law in 2016, or more recently during the Yellow Vests demonstrations in 2018 and 2019. The current government has always rejected the term "police violence", denounced by human rights organizations

Violent clashes and 18 arrests in a prohibited demonstration

This rally in tribute to Adama Traore and against police violence, which took place in peace until 9 p.m., then degenerated into sometimes violent incidents. Street furniture fires were lit and participants blocked the ring road while the police were trying to evacuate the premises.

Eighteen people were arrested. 13 were carried out in Paris and gave rise to 12 police custody, including 4 against minors. Individuals placed in police custody are suspected of having carried a weapon without legitimate reason, participated in a crowd after summons, committed degradations, aggravated violence or insults on any person holding public authority. "Violence has no place in democracy," tweeted the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner. Nothing justifies the excesses which occurred this evening in Paris, whereas the rallies of public way are prohibited to protect the health of all. "

The demonstration, which had been announced since May 29 on social networks but had not been the subject of a prior declaration, had been banned by the Prefecture, on the grounds that it was "not authorized by the decree of May 31, 2020 relating to the health emergency, which prohibits any gathering, in the public space, of more than ten people.

Four years after the death of Adama Traoré, on July 19, 2016, this case became a battle between legal experts who dismiss the responsibility of the gendarmes and the doctors chosen by the family who sweep their conclusions.

Condemnation of the government and the right

French government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye on Wednesday called for caution over the comparison between police violence in the United States, where the death of a 46-year-old black man during a police check continues to cause outrage and monster protests in the United States. "I believe that the situation of our two countries is not entirely comparable either in terms of history or in terms of the organization of society, I call to approach these subjects with great caution" she said.

The right, meanwhile, condemned this Wednesday the prohibited rally organized the day before in Paris at the call of the support committee for the family of Adama Traore. "It is inadmissible because I remind you that we are still in the grip of a state of health emergency and that normally the gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited", indignant the leader of the senators LR Bruno Retailleau on Cnews. "What is also unacceptable is that some of the Adama Traore memory support committee want to link what happened in the United States to what supposedly happened, four years ago, here in France, "he added in connection with accusations of police violence.

"Such a demonstration, in full state of emergency, is to flout the law", also denounced the president LR of the Senate Gérard Larcher on RTL.

"In a state of law, justice is rendered by the judges, neither by social networks, nor by the street", he added, estimating that "what is happening in the United States is another nature ".

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The Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced, Thursday, May 28, 2020, new measures decontainment. This second phase, which runs between June 2 and June 22, allows the French to find more freedom. The presence of the disease is indeed declining on the national territory. "The results are good in terms of health", announced Edouard Philippe, even if he specified that it was not necessary to be casual to avoid any risk, the virus continuing to circulate and new clusters forming.

But for Edouard Philippe the urgency, from now on, is economic: the country will have to face a historic recession, announces the Prime Minister.

The new map of departments

No more departments are in red, but the orange of the first presentations is making a comeback. "Today, all indicators are green, with the notable exception of Val d'Oise and Mayotte," said Edouard Philippe. The news is "good", but not good enough for "everything to be normal". The departments of Île-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte are the three areas where the virus circulates more than elsewhere so that the deconfinement will be more "careful than in the rest of the territory".

Reopening of bars, cafes and restaurants

1 ° Restaurants, bars and cafes can reopen from June 2.

2 ° People who have chosen to have lunch together can meet up to 10 at the most. Each table must be separated by one meter.

3 ° Wearing a mask is compulsory for customers who travel and for staff.

4 ° In bars, standing consumption will be prohibited to avoid grouping.

5 ° In the orange departments, only the terraces may open on June 2.

6 ° Parks and gardens will reopen Beaches and museums will also be reopened. Wearing a mask will be mandatory, says Édouard Philippe.

7 ° In the green zones, theaters, gymnasiums, sports halls and leisure parks will reopen on June 2.

8 ° In the orange zones, theaters, gymnasiums, sports halls and leisure parks will reopen on June 22.

9 ° Cinemas will reopen everywhere on June 22.

But contact sports, nightclubs or gatherings in covered places will remain prohibited.

Travel ban lifted in France

In Europe, France is in favor of reopening the borders of Europe without a fortnight. For the time being, the country's borders remain closed, except for French nationals who will be able to return to the country. Outside Europe, borders remain closed.

Measures for national education

The Minister of Education intervened to speak about the reopening d . at school. In phase 2 all schools will be opened, announced Mr. Blanquer. "All schools must offer a welcome for families", up to a maximum of 15 students per class.

As for the colleges, 95.5% of the colleges were opened in the green zone. In phase 2, in the green zone, all classes will resume, from 6th to 3rd. In the orange zone, pupils in grades 6 and 5 will be given priority. The health program is maintained and “sport, culture and civics” courses will be offered.

Regarding high schools, in the green zone, all high schools will open on June 2 (general, technological and professional), at least on one of the three levels, at technological and professional appreciation), at least on one of the three levels, at the discretion of the principals. In the orange zone, only professional high schools open. Students from technological and vocational high schools can have recourse to individual interviews.

StopCovid app

Edouard Philippe did not fail to recall the supposed interest of StopCovid, voted the day before. The mobile application, he says, is not a "magic weapon against the epidemic", but an instrument to fight the epidemic more effectively.

It will be available on June 2, for the second phase of deconfinement, said Édouard Philippe.

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The Parliament approved on Wednesday evening the StopCovid smartphone application, supposed to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, but deemed "liberticide" by its detractors, with a cleavage between deputies and right-wing senators and some dissonant voices at LREM.

The government intends to launch this digital tracking tool in the coming days, to support the second phase of deconfinement.

The deputies approved this controversial project by a comfortable majority, by 338 votes against 215, and 21 abstentions. In the Senate, after a debate, 186 senators voted for (majority of the LR group, LREM, Independent), 127 voted against (PS, CRCE with communist majority, major part of RDSE with radical majority) and 29 senators (mainly centrists) abstained.


As soon as it is downloaded, and each time the user meets a person within a meter, and this for more than a quarter of an hour, the phone records the references of the other person in an encrypted manner.

Thus, if one or the other comes to contract the Covid-19 during the following days, the user who has been in contact receives a notification informing him of this “risk of exposure” with advice on walking. to be continued

The government targets in particular the “active urban”, who take “public transport”, cross “unknown” in the stores…

The application uses the bluetooth function and not the geolocation.

Cédric O, secretary of state for digital technology and the linchpin of the device, estimated that the application would make it possible to fill certain gaps in the current strategy for detecting contact cases, particularly in transport or restaurants.

The guarantees surrounding this application

Before the Assembly and then the Senate in the evening, the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet insisted at length on the "guarantees" surrounding this "temporary, voluntary installation, non-identifying and transparent" application.

“This application is not intended to become the alpha and omega in the fight against Covid-19. Nor is it a pretext for the state to transform itself into a police state controlling the actions of our fellow citizens, "defended the Keeper of the Seals.

The application only works if both people have downloaded the application and are using it. On the other hand, StopCovid is anonymous and does not have access to the directory of the phone that hosts it.

Bruno Retailleau, leader of LR in the Senate, explained that a significant part of his support was due to the "digital sovereignty" of France, which chose not to use the tools designed by Apple and Google to follow up of contact cases. In fact, unlike other countries, the French government chose not to use Google and Apple solutions, and asked researchers from Inria, the French IT research institute.

The government, for its part, has repeatedly reminded the green light of the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (Cnil). This body estimated Tuesday that StopCovid respects the legislation relating to the private life, while demanding a regular evaluation and a detailed information for the users.

A dangerous and liberticidal tool ?

However, this application raises questions from its critics about respect for private life.

For Paula Forteza, digital expert and former member of the majority group, this application "presents significant technical risks", pleading for a "digital precautionary principle". She also denounced an effort intended to "force the social acceptability of this technology which digitizes our social interactions through a massive deployment driven by the State ”.

Philippe Gosselin, deputy (LR) of La Manche and member of the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL), meanwhile, denounced “the frog syndrome, guilty falling asleep, slouching in the fight against collective and individual freedoms ”. "Let's not create a precedent! ", He enjoined.

If this double positive vote in the National Assembly then in the Senate removes the last uncertainties on the future of StopCovid, the final decision returns to Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

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The defections continue.

This Tuesday morning, seven new deputies leave the LaREM group in the National Assembly to join a new group, called "Acting together". Despite this departure, the group presents itself in its press release as a "pillar of the majority".

At present, there are therefore 281 deputies in the LaREM group at the Palais-Bourbon. In fact, the loss of the absolute majority (289 seats) is widening. The new group, called "Acting together", whose spirit aims to be "constructive", includes 17 elected officials in all.

Barely a week ago, "walkers" and ex "walkers" officially tabled in the National Assembly a ninth political group called "Ecology democracy solidarity" so that La République en Marche (LREM) thus lost the absolute majority. politicians elected.

A new thunderbolt in the political landscape: the party of Emmanuel Macron not only no longer knows its absolute majority at the Palais-Bourbon, set at 289 deputies. But since 2017, would lose an average of one deputy every two and a half months. The movement now has only 281 - against 314 at the start of the legislature three years ago.

But what are the reasons given by the interested parties ?

Why are these elected officials leaving the ship ?

A colleague from Franceinfo explains the flight of "walkers". With the exception of the case of deputy M'jid El Guerrab who left in September 2017 after being accused of intentional violence with a weapon, Jean-Michel Clément, MP for Vienna, is the first to leave the macronist movement. He slams the door in April 2018, after several political disappointments.

Security laws that put off leftist deputies.

The former socialist did not appreciate the extension of the state of emergency in June 2017, the law on the transparency of political life, which, according to him, omits the question of lobbies but especially the asylum and immigration law, in April 2018, which precipitates his departure.

The security texts put off a myriad of deputies from the PS or with a left-wing sensitivity. Thus Albane Gaillot, elected in the Val-de-Marne, who first stood back from the group by sitting among the related in September 2019, before finally leaving his former comrades in March 2020. “It was a gradual evolution.

There was the asylum and immigration law and the anti-breakers law. I was more and more uncomfortable on these subjects, and then the government's response to the crisis of 'yellow vests' was not up to par, ”she explains for France-info. The use of 49.3, this article of the Constitution brandished by the government to push through the pension reform was the last straw that broke the camel's back, she explains.Sébastien Nadot also joined Ecology, democracy, solidarity after having been excluded from the LREM group in December 2018, for not having voted the budget ...

Lack of political culture and aides-de-camp.

In addition to their political disagreement on certain texts, these deserting deputies also advance another major dysfunction specific to the young macronist movement and likely to explain in part their departure. “LREM is an empty ideological shell. The deputies have no other choice but to put themselves in phase with the text of the minister because they have no ideological basis to get in the way.

There are no resources collectively, explains Sébastien Nadot. At the PS and at LR's, when a minister came to present his text, he would eventually get into it. It was not necessarily visible, but the text was evolving ”. An observation shared by all those who left. "It is a plethora of unexpectedly elected people, with no political background or culture, and who do notwere not in the sense of disobeying, "says Jean-Michel Clément. We do not have an ideological corpus, we have not worked on it and therefore we do not have this political depth, which is lacking in all this architecture ", continues Albane Gaillot, ex-deputy LREM on franceinfo

LREM deputies would have no room for maneuver. “It is run like a business with four out of five MPs who decide in relation to the government. The others are aides-de-camp, ”says Sébastien Nadot.

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Figures that are cold in the back : in France, a child disappears every ten minutes.

Police and gendarmerie services counted more than 51,000 disappearances of children in 2019. These include runaways or abduction by a separate parent. But sometimes the reason for these disappearances remains unknown.

Every May 25, the International Day of Missing Children raises public awareness of these tragedies and publicizes 116,000, a free, European number that allows families to find a child. This issue processed nearly 1,200 cases in 2019. It provides social and psychological assistance to families, offers support and provides care for parents in distress.

Fortunately, most of the missing children are found. "A third of these young people return or are found within seventy-two hours, a second third in the first quarter following their disappearance" explains Parisian Laureen Burbau, director of communication at Droit d'Enfance. But another third, that is to say thousands, disappears definitively each year, without being able to trace them.

In the majority of cases, these untraceable children are adolescents who have run away from the family home.

They fall into wandering and when they reach the age of majority, they disappear from the Register of wanted persons.

Many of them fall into drugs, prostitution or become marginalized.

The police and gendarmerie services are also focusing their research on these voluntary departures, a wandering minor being always vulnerable.

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At midnight on Monday, the hour of deconfinement in France struck. After fifty-five days of unprecedented confinement throughout the territory, certain trips, and the reopening of most businesses are again authorized, with however rules to be respected. To avoid a second wave

But it is with a major failure for the government that this deconfinement begins: the law of state of health emergency was not promulgated in time by the Constitutional Council seized by Emmanuel Macron. In a joint press release, the Elysée and Matignon explain that the Constitutional Council will not finally give its opinion until Monday on this emergency law adopted Saturday by the Parliament.

This postpones until Monday evening, subject to this approval, the entry into force of two flagship provisions: limiting travel to 100 km and compulsory certification in public transport.

The executive is therefore forced this Monday to appeal to the "responsibility of the French" for limiting travel and the use of public transport while stressing that it was "in any event expected that the news measures had to be subject to a tolerance period ”Failure to present the employer certificate requested to use public transport in Ile-de-France between 6.30 am and 9.30 am and between 4 pm and 7 pm will not be fined that from Wednesday, had also announced Sunday the president of the region Valérie Pécresse.

As for the other deconfinement measures, they will enter into force on Monday morning since, "taking into account these exceptional circumstances", a temporary decree was published in the Official Journal on Monday to have them applied with immediate effect. These are the end of the restrictions on leaving the home, the obligation to wear a mask in public transport, the reopening of shops provided that the barrier gestures are respected and the distance and limitation to 10 people rallies in public places.

Another decree will finally be, after the CNIL's opinion "taken before the end of the week" to authorize, still subject to the decision of the Constitutional Council, "the information systems necessary for epidemiological investigations".

In particular, monitoring of coronavirus patients and contact cases, thanks to a file linked to Health Insurance, the data of which will only be kept for three months.

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The Charles de Gaulle is the second officially contaminated aircraft carrier in the world, after the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, in the Pacific.

Over a third of seafarers infected

More than a third of the sailors of the French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle have tested positive for Covid-19 since their early return to France on Sunday, after the discovery of fifty cases of coronavirus on board, according to a report provisional published, Wednesday, April 15, by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The 1,900 seafarers were placed in solitary confinement for 14 days before being able to return to their homes.

“As of April 14 in the evening, 1,767 sailors of the carrier strike group were tested. The vast majority of these tests concern sailors of the aircraft carrier at this stage. 668 were positive, ”details the ministry. Among them, "31 are now hospitalized at the Sainte-Anne army training hospital in Toulon (south), including one in intensive care," he said. This temporary assessment is set to swell further because "30% of these tests have not yet delivered their results", and "the test campaign is still in progress", according to the ministry.

In parallel, "the disinfection operations of aircraft and surface buildings have started", carried out by the armies in association with industrialists, underlines the ministry. High temperature steam and anti-virus product will be used.

"The army played with our health, our life"

The origin of the contamination of the aircraft carrier is not yet known. The crew had not been in contact with an outside element since a stopover in Brest from March 13 to 15. The first confined sailors, ten, were around March 10, according to some sources. The ship had been refueled by the Somme, and could have been contaminated even before the stopover on March 13-15 which precipitated the contagion, when the sailors were in town. The French general staff first followed its officers who, again in early April, announced to the sailors of the ship that the mission was continuing despite the numerous cases of Covid-19 detected on board.

Testimonies from sailors and relatives raise questions on how to manage the crisis on board, on condition of anonymity. The Médiapart site claims to have identified two cases of sailors presenting symptoms without being confined. "From April 3 or 4, the situation worsened very quickly, according to a relative of a sailor. According to information from Mediapart, not all precautions have been taken on board in order to limit the spread of the virus.

France Bleu Provence, for its part, published the testimony of a crew member, father of the family, tested positive. "The army has played with our health, our life," he said, assuring that the commander of the aircraft carrier would have proposed to interrupt the mission in Brest, when several sailors he said were already showing symptoms of coronavirus. Still according to this anonymous sailor, this proposal was refused by the ministry.

“The Covid-19 changes our plans and our operations”

Continuing military operations in the Sahel, in France or at sea, this is the priority set by President Macron for the armies. But at what cost when the coronavirus epidemic gains ranks ?

This is the first time in the armies.

“Does the Covid-19 change our plans and our operations, yes, sometimes. But does it deflect us from our objectives, no, "assured Minister Florence Parly on April 10 before the senators of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Armed Forces.

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On the evening of April 13, Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the strictest confinement until May 11. Date on which “progressive” deconfinement should start to take place, with respect for civic responsibility and that the progression of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic will be halted.

May 11 is a goal

The horizon of May 11 to begin a gradual deconfinement is a date to "conquer by respecting confinement", said this Tuesday April 14 Interior Minister Christophe Castaner

“May 11 is a target date.

What the President of the Republic announced yesterday, it is not the deconfinement on May 11, it is the confinement until May 11 ", underlined on France Inter Christophe Castaner reminding the French the" discipline "q who must prevail while respecting confinement

"It is necessary not to project ourselves by saying May 12, it is the month of May and we do what we please and well no, we will have to keep fighting," continued the minister.

Resumption of classes

Jean-Michel Blanquer, for his part, indicated that all the students will not return to school, or classes, "at the same time".

"It is out of the question to have crowded classes in this situation," he said, adding: "We can only imagine small groups. "

Without further details, which will have to be provided by the deconfinement plan to be unveiled within the fortnight, the Minister of National Education simply implied that vocational high schools could be led to resume classes first.

Summer vacation ...

Asked several times about the prospects for deconfinement in this or that area, for example departures on summer holidays abroad, Christophe Castaner stressed that there was "no precise answer at the time" when he was aimed at journalists and listeners.

"I would advise my family not to rush on reservations especially in foreign countries", he only commented, before adding elliptical: "I think there will be summer holidays" .

Longer containment for the most vulnerable

"We will ask the most vulnerable, the elderly with severe disabilities, people with chronic diseases, to stay, even after May 11, confined at least initially," said the President of the Republic , but without specifying who can be described as "vulnerable".

Tests on people with symptoms

Emmanuel Macron has promised that as of May 11, "anyone with symptoms" of Covid-19 can be tested.

The next day, Christophe Castaner added that the possibility of tests for the entire population had been ruled out. "It is necessary to do the tests when there is a risk, he insisted. On the other hand, to imagine that we test all the French every day would perhaps be something that could answer media expectations, but that doesn't meet medical expectations. "

Asked about the interest of systematic tests of the whole population, many carriers of SARS-CoV-2 being asymptomatic, Christophe Castaner took refuge behind the fact that these tests "were not necessarily reliable".

Seen from abroad, we are worried by so many incompetences and lies.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld


The Drôme was the scene on Saturday April 4, 2020 of a stabbing attack which claimed the lives of two people. Two Sudanese were arrested on Saturday.

A third Sudanese man was arrested Saturday evening in the investigation into the knife attack perpetrated in Romans-sur-Isère by a Sudanese refugee in south-eastern France.

He is "a young Sudanese man who lived in the same home" as the respondent, said the National Counterterrorism Prosecutor's Office. This brings the number of Sudanese men in police custody in this investigation to three. There is the author of the attack born in 1987 and refugee in France since June 2017, a second man presented as "one of his acquaintances"; he was arrested "at the latter's but did not live at home", according to a source close to the investigation.

Terrorist track ?

Armed with a knife, the first attacked passers-by on the street and people in a tobacconist, a butcher and a bakery on Saturday morning in Romans-sur-Isère. Two people died, and two injured are in intensive but stable care, a third is in the recovery room and two others have left the hospital, according to the source close to the investigation. .

The perpetrator obtained refugee status on June 29, 2017 and a ten-year residence permit in July of the same year. He is unknown to the French or European police or intelligence services, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has opened an investigation in particular for "assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise" and "criminal criminal criminals association".

The assailant first lived in Moras-en-Valloire, in the north of Drôme, "accompanied by state services and Catholic Relief", and "followed a professionalization contract and training in leather goods" , according to a press release from the mayor of the town, Aurélien Ferlay. He would have settled in late 2019 in the center of Romans-sur-Isère.

"Land of unbelievers"

The first elements of the investigation "highlighted a murderous course determined to seriously disturb public order by intimidation or terror", the same source. According to a source close to the investigation, the assailant said "do not remember what happened". His hearing had been delayed a bit because he was very agitated after his arrest. A psychiatric assessment is scheduled for Sunday.

During a search of his home were found "handwritten documents with a religious connotation in which the author of the lines complains in particular of living in a country of unbelievers", according to the prosecution, "a priori" written by him.

The Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT) and the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) were seized, in addition to the judicial police of Lyon.

France has lived under a constant terrorist threat since the wave of unprecedented jihadist attacks that began in 2015, which left a total of 258 dead after Saturday's attack.

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A visibility of a few hours. After the lack of masks, beds and respirators, caregivers alerted to the shortage of drugs.

In Moselle, this is already a reality. Morphine, curares, propofol…

For certain essential treatments in intensive care, "the reserves are between twenty-four hours and five days", alert 10 elected Moselleans of all stripes in a letter sent yesterday to the Minister of Health.

After the transfer of six patients from Metz to Toulouse today, they make two requests:

1 ° Revise the quota of medicines, to restock the Great East;

2 ° Operate new patient transfers to less affected French regions.

"We need national solidarity," insisted Les Républicains member Fabien Di Filippo, who signed this letter. It is a way of saying to the rest of France:

"Don't abandon the Moselle! ' but also 'Get ready! ".

Yesterday, while Edouard Philippe conceded "very strong tensions" on TF1, a decree authorized the use of drugs intended for veterinary use.

To believe that the French health system is out of breath !

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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel behind closed doors on March 10, 2020 at a meeting of the CDU / CSU fraction of the Bundestag had already announced that "60 to 70% of the Germans will be infected by the coronavirus".

The French Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, estimated, for his part, this Sunday March 13 on the chain of a colleague that the coronavirus epidemic would "probably" affect more than half of the French population.

"We consider, and here, I am only repeating what the scientists say, that 50 to 70% of the population in the end ends up being contaminated by the virus, and it is moreover that which puts an end to the virus since it creates a form of majority immunity, and therefore the virus dies out by itself. "

With twelve deaths and 839 additional confirmed cases in twenty-four hours, France now has 4,500 confirmed cases of contamination, including 91 fatalities. More than 300 patients are in serious condition and are in intensive care, announced Saturday March 14, Jérôme Salomon while specifying that more than 50% of them are aged under 60 years.

"We have a doubling of the number of cases in 72 hours," he insisted during his daily press briefing, an evolution, he said, which gives an idea of ​​the speed with which the virus is spreading. spreads in France.

Faced with such a speed of spread of the virus throughout the territory and, at the same time, a first round of municipal elections maintained it was time for France to enter phase 3. This Sunday, March 15, 2020, the French are waking up with an extraordinary scenario to counter the epidemic. Have the citizens been too disrespectful of preventive security measures, as the Prime Minister explained ?

The fact remains that the government has decided to close all "non essential" public places since midnight on Saturday.

The prohibition measures announced by Edouard Philippe were also specified by a decree of March 14, 2020 published on March 15 in the Official Journal.

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Would France take the same path as Italy ?

Transmission chains of the new coronavirus appear clearly in at least two of its departments, that of Oise, in the north of the country, and in Haute-Savoie, in the east. The number of confirmed cases of contamination has more than doubled, from 18 to 40, of which 26 are currently hospitalized.

It is in the Hauts-de-France region that the coronavirus has developed its highest contamination:

12 people are affected, who were in contact with the teacher of the college Jean de La Fontaine in Crépy-en-Valois, who died at 60 in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Paris, or in connection with another man of 55 years old, who is hospitalized in Amiens and is in serious condition. Neither of them had yet traveled to a country at risk.

Consultation or confinement

In the college of 700 students where the deceased professor worked, classes will not resume until next Thursday. But Monday and Tuesday, middle school students and all staff of the establishment will be able to be received in consultation by doctors, in coordination with the infectiology services of the University Hospital of Amiens and Lille.

"Around 2,000 students" have not returned to school and are currently staying at home because they have returned from an area affected by the coronavirus, a figure likely to increase next week, said the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer. Jean-Michel Blanquer also assured that a distance education device could be deployed on a large scale if necessary: ​​"We have been preparing for it for several weeks with the Cned".

Finally, some organizations expect the government to make binding decisions. The Synerpa Federation of Aid to the Elderly calls for directives limiting access to retirement homes and senior residences for people from "China, South Korea, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore and Italy (Lombardy and Veneto)" , "Or anyone who has been in contact with a traveler from these countries".

Measures for companies

For their part, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, and Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor, announced exceptional measures to deal with the epidemic of Coronavirus which is considered as "a case of force majeure for the business, employees and employers ”.

The minister announced to companies working for the state that they will not be penalized in the event of delays in delivery. He also announced "possibilities of recourse to partial activity" and "the spreading of social and fiscal charges for the companies which will need it". Local communities will have to do the same.

The Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud, meanwhile, announced the posting of a question and answer online on the rules to follow for companies and employees. It underlines in particular that the employer can set up teleworking without the employee's agreement, contrary to the usual practice, or modify the dates of leave already set. The Ministry of Health also recalls that "the employer is responsible for the health and safety of the employees of his company in accordance with the provisions of article L. 4121-1 of the Labor Code".

It also confirmed that the parents of confined children can be "put on sick leave" without a waiting day and with coverage for daily social security benefits.

For their part, large companies are multiplying the precautions: if some are content to restrict travel to Asia, L'Oréal has just implemented a travel ban for the entire month of March for its employees.

No cancellation a priori for events

For his part, the new Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, agreed with his counterparts from the countries bordering Italy, Tuesday, to exchange information on the situation in their respective countries. The ministers undertook to harmonize the alerts sent to travelers and not to cancel a priori cultural and sporting events. The goal is not to create panic.

The message is already struggling to get across, however. Wednesday, the arrival of Turin's Juventus supporters in Lyon was criticized by opposition leaders, while the same day, we learned of the postponement of the Ireland-Italy rugby match scheduled for March 7 in Dublin in the as part of the Six Nations Tournament.

The arrival of Turin supporters is "not reasonable", judged the president of the RN, Marine Le Pen, and "not consistent", said the socialist Ségolène Royal. And in Nice, the mayor LR Christian Estrosi decided to shorten the carnival which was planned until Saturday.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld


Hundreds of thousands of French people responded to the union's call on December 5 to protest the government's pension reform. The strike, renewed, affects many sectors: transport, education, health ...

The CGT announces more than 1.5 million demonstrators "spread over more than 250 events".

No comment !! To be continued........

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In order to maintain the vagueness of his pension reform, Édouard Philippe tried to take over the file. Eight days of a day of mobilization against this reform, the French Prime Minister says "more than ever determined" to implement a new system by points and universal but with amenities.

"We will not compromise on the target but we will take the time it takes to get there," said the Prime Minister. We will put an end to the special diets, but we do not want to stigmatize those who are there today. In other words, universality yes, brutality, no.

Between "determination" and "appeasement". This is the line that wanted to adopt this Wednesday Edouard Philippe after the consultations he had with the social partners on pension reform. This, after weeks where the words of the executive alternated between great flexibility to consider "the clause of the grandfather" and haro on special diets "of another time".

Find the right cursor

What is not negotiable for Édouard Philippe is the change of system. What is still negotiable, on the other hand, is the "transition", that is, the date of entry into force of this new system. The prime minister said it was "open" Wednesday that the first generation concerned by the pension reform is no longer the generation 1963. "I do not believe that an immediate and brutal transition is acceptable and legitimate, and I do not believe that a slow transition to the point of returning to decades the effect of reform is timely, "continued the head of government He also slipped that the transition mechanisms must be equitable between the regimes ... while taking into account "the history of public enterprises", where the transitions will certainly be longer.

Rights granted to unions

He assured that he heard "the importance" of the CFTC family rights and committed to guaranteeing them (the question of the eight quarters of career bonus for children already born is particularly on the table, as well as the 10 pension bonus for families with three children), in the wake of a controversy over the impact of the reform for mothers With regard to the CFDT, he highlighted the issue of the work of seniors and that of hardship, which will have to be extended to the public service or will have to evolve for night work (for the health care staff in the hospital, in particular). On the employment of seniors, he - form of pressure - says wait for solutions Medef and CPME. The report Bellon-Soussan-Mériaux, expected in December, should indeed be made in January.

At the attention of Unsa, Edouard Philippe promised to write "in the law guarantees for teachers for example". And for U2P, he promised to continue to discuss the situation of the liberal professions. Finally, the Prime Minister has reiterated that social partners such as Parliament will have an important place in the future governance of the system.

The Prime Minister has thus occupied the ground since the beginning of the week to do what he calls "pedagogy" but above all, to show the French that the executive is already preparing after December 5.

The after December 5th

In communication, this is called a sequence, and this sequence is Emmanuel Macron who launched it after his trip to Amiens late last week with a goal: to try to show that he is not paralyzed while waiting for the December 5th strike. A Edouard Philippe to launch in turn a tone of matamore. "I do not feel like someone who is paralyzed, usually people say I'm determined, sometimes they say I'm calm. I recognize myself quite well in these two qualifiers, "he explained.

The head of the government specified that the main lines of the reform will be presented around mid-December: Jean-Paul Delevoye would give his conclusions of the consultations on December 9 or 10 before he himself gives the arbitrations of the government before Christmas for a bill presentation in early 2020. An acceleration of the timetable to try to remove doubts about the executive's willingness to carry out a major reform.

One way also to allow yourself the opportunity to make ads likely to defuse the movement while trying to sell a "refoundation" of "social justice", a "system common to all French with the same rules for all.»

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The Court of Cassation announced Thursday that the dismissal, following a complaint for rape, which benefited the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gerald Darmanin, in 2018, will be reviewed.

Indeed, an examining magistrate refused on 16 August 2018 to restart the investigations after a dismissal by the Paris prosecutor of the initial complaint of Sophie Patterson-Spatz. The latter had appealed this decision, but her appeal had been judged out of time by the Paris Court of Appeal.

But the highest court of the judiciary on Thursday said that "the proof of the notification of the order (no place, Ed) was not established, the time for appeal had not begun to run As expected on the day of the decision, made in the middle of the summer. Consequently, the Court of Cassation ordered the investigating chamber to reconsider Mrs Patterson-Spatz's appeal against this dismissal.

Gérald Darmanin, 37 years old, is accused by this 46-year-old woman of having raped her in 2009. At the time, she spoke to the elected representative, who was then in charge of the legal affairs department of the UMP. , to try to cancel a 2004 conviction for blackmail and malicious appeals against a former mate. According to her, Mr. Darmanin would have shown him his support to the Chancellery, in exchange for sexual favors.

At the height of this affair, a second accuser, a resident of Tourcoing (North), whose minister was mayor from 2014 to 2017, had lodged a complaint of "abuse of weakness", claiming that the elected representative had asked her for sexual favors. in exchange for housing. This procedure was also dismissed by the Paris prosecutor's office in spring 2018.

Benjamin Griveaux, still spokesman of the government, had excluded any resignation of the tenant of Bercy: "the questioning (...) against Gerald Darmanin is not an indictment, so we must leave the justice do its job.»

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Black day in public hospitals. All hospital staff, from doctors to caregivers, deans to students, is called Thursday, November 14 to demonstrate throughout France, to demand more resources and staff.

It is a question of putting pressure on the government, which is expected to announce a long-awaited "support plan" in the near future.

A widespread challenge

Rarely, all unions in the hospital public service have rallied, especially the CGT, FO and CFDT, which are struggling so much to agree on other topics at the national level.

In practice, Snphare anesthetists rely on "historic mobilization", while the gynecologists of Syngof "prepared the strike by avoiding any non-emergency care programming". At AP-HP, which has 37 hospitals in Île-de-France, 80% of all paramedics (nurses, caregivers) should declare themselves strikers, even requisitioned ..

Even the discrete chiefs of service have started a "coding strike". This is the case in Marseille and the AP-HP, where 380 services are affected by this practice which penalizes the finances of the 39 hospitals of the group.

The claims have not changed since the start of the emergency crisis eight months ago: the recovery of hospital debt estimated at nearly 30 billion euros salary increase of 300 euros, increase in staff and reopening of beds removed.

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn has already failed with her plan of rebuilding in September and the premium of 100 € to come out of this conflict which lasts for eight months, so that the demonstrators intend to be received at Matignon.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld
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A l'occasion des commémorations du 11 novembre, Emmanuel Macron inaugure lundi à Paris un monument pour les 549 militaires « morts pour la France », en opérations extérieures depuis 1963.

Le mémorial est une haute sculpture de bronze dans un espace tranquille du parc André-Citroën. Il représente six soldats de chaque armée - cinq hommes et une femme portant un cercueil invisible.« Matérialiser le cercueil par le vide est la meilleure forme symbolique pour rendre hommage à nos soldats disparus », explique le sculpteur, Stéphane Vigny.

À côté, sur un mur,on peut lire les noms de 549 militaires, dont deux femmes, tués par l'ennemi ou morts à la suite de blessures de guerre, de maladie ou d'accident au cours des « Opex », ces interventions des forces militaires françaises menées en dehors du territoire national depuis la fin de la guerre d'Algérie. Un « mur des noms » qui permettra à chaque famille de soldat mort pour la France « de se recueillir, passer un moment paisible », la secrétaire d' Etat aux anciens combattants Geneviève Darrieussecq.

Ces représentants de « la quatrième génération du feu », comme l’appelle l’armée, sont morts sur 17 théâtres d’opération, dont 141 au Liban, 129 au Tchad, 85 en Afghanistan et 78 en ex-Yougoslavie.

« La France n'oublie pas ceux qui sont morts pour elle. Elle n'oublie aucun de ses enfants. C'est notre devoir et notre honneur », avait déclaré le chef de l'Etat le 13 juillet 2018 dans un discours aux armées.

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Malgré les propos qui se sont voulus rassurants, tenus hier au soir, 30 septembre 2019, par le Premier Ministre Edouard Philippe, la population de l’agglomération rouennaise est au bord de la crise de nerf.

Cinq cent (500) personnes étaient massées hier au soir devant les locaux où se tenait une réunion organisée à l’initiative du Préfet ,devant les élus eux aussi inquiets et demandeurs d’informations précises.

La foule hurlait : « on veut savoir » !

Il faut dire que depuis plusieurs heures les choses se sont singulièrement compliquées, cette évolution étant due aux contradictions successives de la communication gouvernementale .

Hier, le PDG de LUBRIZOL qui déclarait qu’il n’y avait aucune activité humaine dans la nuit du 25 au 26 septembre dans le secteur du stockage, a fait savoir simultanément qu’en s’appuyant sur des vidéos et témoignages de riverains, il avait déposé plainte.

Il faut convenir que non seulement la zone de stockage de Lubrizol a brûlée mais que le feu s’est étendu aussi à un entrepôt voisin, appartenant à la Société SCMT (Société Commerciale de Magasinage et de Transports).

Ce qui est sûr, en tout état de cause, c’est que le nuage de fumée s’est répandu bien au delà de l’agglomération rouennaise, jusque dans les Hauts de France, peut-être même au-delà de la frontière belge.

La campagne environnante a été si sérieusement touchée par les retombées de suies, que décision a été prise d’interdire aux agriculteurs de vendre leurs produits, conduisant par suite le Ministre de l‘agriculture à promettre des indemnités de réparations. Qui va payer ? Pour l’instant ! On ne sait pas !

Les informations contradictoires recueillies heure après heure par les élus locaux, directement concernés et en charge de leurs concitoyens, ont mis ces derniers en colère, à la sortie de la réunion préfectorale d’hier soir certains n’ont pas hésité à déclarer que l’on se retrouvait en face du Syndrome de Tchernobyl ( le nuage s’était soi-disant arrêté aux frontières) ou encore devant celui plus récent de l’incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris dont on ignore encore tout des résultats de l’enquête, toujours inachevée après l’incendie spectaculaire du 15 avril 2019

Pour contrecarrer le silence des autorités: Corinne Lepage, Présidente de Cap 21, avocate spécialisée dans le droit de l’environnement et ancienne ministre de l’Environnement sous les gouvernements Juppé 1 et Juppé 2 (Présidence Jacques Chirac).

A la demande de l’association « Respire » elle vient de déposer, dans le cadre d’une procédure d’urgence, un référé dont l’objectif est de savoir quels sont exactement les produits qui ont brûlé dans l’incendie, quels sont les polluants qui ont été découverts. Selon elle, il se pourrait que des métaux lourds soient découverts dans les suies qui sont retombées sur le sol, dans les prés et les champs et dans les habitations et leur environnement. Elle s’appuie pour lancer cette procédure sur diverses informations :

- Réalisations de travaux d’extension, en juin 2019, dans la zone de stockage de Lubrizol où l’incendie s’est développé rapidement
- Informations qui n’auraient pas été données à temps en raison d’une simplification excessive des procédures de contrôle initiées par Emmanuel Macron et ses équipes.

Ajoutons, parallèlement qu’une enquête parlementaire a été demandée par des élus nationaux

Pour ne rien arranger, mais aussi pour aider encore mieux à comprendre le niveau de défiance et de colère des habitants de Rouen, nous rappellerons que l’entreprise Lubrizol, qui est installée depuis 1954, (et qui vient d’être mise à l’arrêt) appartient au groupe de Chimie américain Lubrizol, lui-même propriété de Berkshire Hatthaway, holding du milliardaire Warren Buffet aujourd’hui âgé de 87 ans.

A 80 ans, Warren Buffet, troisième fortune mondiale selon le magazine Forbes (85 milliards de dollars) s’est offert Lubrizol, pour 9 milliards de dollars.

L’homme, qui n’a jamais investi dans les technologies internet, aime les sociétés qui rapportent de l’argent de façon quasi mécanique.

Selon le milliardaire lui-même, lorsqu’il a fait cette acquisition « il avait le fusil de chasse rechargé et le doigt sur la gâchette le démangeait ».

Son choix est tombé sur Lubrizol « qui vend des composants chimiques aux industries du bâtiment, aux industries cosmétiques, des lubrifiants pour les moteurs de voitures et de bateaux, comme Coca Cola vend son sirop (sic), en imposant ses prix à ses clients car sa technologie n’est pas imitable ».

Ces déclarations risquent de redonner du corps à l’idéologie de ceux qui pensent que le capitalisme nuit à la santé…..

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The Prime Minister wanted reassurance on the construction site of the retreats. But hardly lost, three days after the unprecedented strike of the RATP agents of other categories beat the pavement this Monday, September 16 in Paris, between Opera and Nation to oppose the reform.

"For the first time in the social history of this country, lawyers, healthcare professionals and employees of the air transport together will march together to denounce the project of capturing without summation of their autonomous retirement plans," he said. the collective "SOS Retraites" created by these professions to defend the specificity of their schemes.

At the forefront of the mobilization is the National Council of Bars (CNB): this event is coupled with a strike hearings with almost all 164 French bars "mobilized" according to the Conference of the bâtonniers. Almost everywhere, the lawyers decided not to plead any case and to request the referral of the lawsuits.

These "unprofessional" professions go out on the streets to defend their "self-governing" retirement systems against the "universal system" desired by the executive. "The common point is that each of us has autonomous plans," says Ghislaine Sicre, president of Convergence Nurse (CI).

The "universal system" promised by the head of state must indeed result in a sharp rise in contributions "that many of us can not support," she says. regimes that are all bound to merge, in the long run, into the universal system promised by Mr. Macron.

This scenario involves a "collection of reserves" accumulated by the various funds involved with significant sums involved. At lawyers, it is two billion euros. As for the Carpimko - the fund of paramedical professions - the amounts amounted to 3.4 billion "We do not want a hold-up takes place," says the president of CI.

Moreover for several professions the contribution rate could be higher for less pension: thus lawyers to whom it should double. Similarly in paramedical professions where contributions are expected to increase by fourteen points which will bring the rate of load to 60%. To Mrs. Sicre to conclude "In the end, there will be more punctures for less pensions. "

To curb the nascent revolt, High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye will meet "by October 15" the representatives of the 42 regimes will be extinguished, to "draw up an inventory" and "set a timetable of work ".

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld
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Pour leur 44e semaine consécutive de mobilisation, plusieurs groupes de Gilets jaunes se sont donnés rendez-vous dans la ville de Nantes pour une manifestation nationale. La cité des ducs n’a pas été choisie au hasard.

Elle est est le fief de l’ancien ministre, François de Rugy, qui a dû démissionner après une série de révélations de Mediapart. C'est également une ville marquée par la mort de Steve Maia Caniço, 24 ans, qui avait disparu le soir de la Fête de la musique après une intervention policière controversée et dont le corps avait été retrouvé cinq semaines plus tard dans la Loire.

Des heurts à Nantes avec les blackblocs

«Contre le pouvoir en place, manifestation», peut-on lire sur les affiches ornées d’un homard en référence aux fastueux dîners organisée par l’ancien minnistre de la Transition écologique.

Dans un communiqué, le collectif citoyen Justice pour Steve a appelé à se joindre à la manifestations des Gilets jaunes, ce 14 septembre 2019, «contre un pouvoir qui utilise la violence policière pour réprimer les mouvements sociaux, les réfugiés ou les rassemblements festifs de jeunes [...]

Face à la violence et au cynisme de l’État... Pour dire non à une police qui ressemble de plus en plus souvent à une milice d’extrême droite».

La situation a rapidement dégénéré. Dans le cortège, des manifestants ont scandé des messages contre la police et plusieurs commerces et abribus ont été vandalisés.

Des poubelles ont été incendiées. Des projectiles ont été tirés contre la police qui a répliqué par du gaz lacrymogène. Au total, 30 interpellations ont eu lieu à Nantes dans la journée.

Des manifestations ont eu lieu dans plusieurs autres villes.

À Paris, ce sont environ 500 personnes qui ont manifesté dans le calme entre la porte de Choisy et le boulevard de Grenelle, tandis qu'à l'aéroport d'Orly une centaine de «gilets jaunes» ont manifesté contre la privatisation d'Aéroports de Paris (ADP). A Lyon, 400 manifestants se sont rassemblées malgré l'interdiction de la préfecture.

Les forces de l'ordre ont procédé à 9 interpellations pour « attroupements illégaux en vue de commettre une infraction et au port d'armes illégal », selon la préfecture.

Environ 700 personnes, selon la police, ont défilé à Nancy, plusieurs centaines de personnes à Toulouse, Marseille, Montpellier ou 150 à Bordeaux.

Si peu de manifestants arboraient le gilet jaune, le gouvernement n'en sait pas moins qu'il faut compter désormais avec l'opinion pour mener à bien ses réformes.

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Le président LREM de l'Assemblée nationale a été mis en examen, dans la nuit du mercredi 11 au jeudi 12 septembre 2019 à Lille (Nord), pour « prise illégale d'intérêts » dans l'affaire des Mutuelles de Bretagne. Il a été entendu par trois juges d'instruction lors d'un "interrogatoire de première comparution" au tribunal de grande instance de Lille, où l'affaire a été dépaysée

Sandrine Doucen entendue à son tour, la compagne de Richard Ferrand est entendue, jeudi, par les juges lillois en charge du dossier. Sandrine Doucen est au cœur de l'affaire.

En effet, alors que Richard Ferrand était directeur général des Mutuelles de Bretagne, celles-ci ont voulu louer des locaux commerciaux à Brest.

Entre trois propositions, elles ont choisi celle d'une société civile immobilière appartenant à Sandrine Doucen.

Quelle est vraiment cette affaire ?

Les faits remontent à 2011, quand Richard Ferrand était directeur général des Mutuelles de Bretagne. L'organisme à but non lucratif recherchait des locaux commerciaux à Brest pour ouvrir un centre de soins.

Trois propositions: l'établissement choisit une société civile immobilière, la Saca pour un loyer annuel de 42.000 euros annuel.

Mais petit problème : Saca, qui propose un « petit » loyer appartient à la compagne de Richard Ferrand, Sandrine Doucen, avocate. Ce serait Richard Ferrand lui-même qui aurait quelque mois plus tôt acheté les locaux concernés. Il aurait notamment signé en décembre 2010 une promesse de vente conditionnée à la conclusion d'un bail commercial entre une SCI, devant se substituer à lui, et les Mutuelles de Bretagne. De plus la promesse de location aurait permis à sa compagne d'obtenir un prêt bancaire.

Offre de Sandrine Doucen la mieux-disante ? La proposition de Mme Doucen était certes la moins chère MAIS sans prendre en compte le coût important des travaux pris en charge par les Mutuelles par la suite soit la bagatelle de 184 000 euros.

On a l’impression de nager en eaux troubles dans le rôle joué par Richard Ferrand autour des Mutuelles de Bretagne.

Précisons qu'il a été directeur général des Mutuelles de Bretagne de 1998 à 2012, avant d’y conserver un poste de chargé de mission de 2012 à 2017. ..

La SCI Saca appartient aujourd’hui à Sandrine Doucen (99 % des parts) et à la fille qu’elle a eue avec Richard Ferrand (1 %). Les loyers de ces locaux brestois ont permis à la SCI d’acquérir en 2013 un appartement de 353 000 euros à Paris. Une belle opération immobilière !

Juste après l'annonce de sa mise en examen, Richard Ferrand a annoncé être « déterminé à poursuivre [sa] mission à la tête de l'Assemblée ».

Il a également assuré « rester serein sur l'issue de la procédure, au regard du classement sans suite de l'ensemble des griefs de la première plainte » en octobre 2017, « d'autant plus qu'aucun élément nouveau n'a été versé à ce dossier dans lequel il n'y a ni préjudice ni victime ».

Jérôme Karsenti, avocat de l'association anticorruption Anticor qui s'est portée partie civile dans ce dossier, a expliqué : "Pour nous, Richard Ferrand doit partir, en raison de l'équilibre des pouvoirs et de la manière dont les institutions doivent fonctionner". Il a également jugé que "cette mise en examen [allait] perturber les institutions".

Jamais un président de l'Assemblée nationale n'avait été mis en examen !

Alyson Braxton pour DayNewsWorld



The meeting takes place in the center of Biarritz, at the Hotel du Palais, an establishment overlooking the Grande Plage.

The press center is planned at the Halle d'Iraty, 1 km away.

What is the official program of the summit?

The reception of G7 leaders organized in Biarritz will take place from Saturday at 19:30.

Here is the official program of the summit organized until Monday in the Basque city.

Saturday, August 24

19:30: Reception of the G7 leaders by Emmanuel Macron

8.30 pm: Informal dinner of Heads of State and Government

Sunday, August 25

9:30: Working Session "International Economy / Trade and continuing discussions on the international security agenda"

11:15: Bilateral interviews

12:45 pm: Welcome of the leaders of the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the International Labor Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, of the African Union and the African Development Bank

1 pm: Working lunch "Fight against inequalities"

2 pm: Presentation of the report of the Consultative Council for Gender Equality

14:45: Welcoming Heads of State and Government of South Africa, Burkina Faso, 2:45 pm: Welcoming Heads of State and Government of South Africa, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Senegal and Rwanda by the President of the Republic and representatives of the African Development Bank and the African Union.

15h: Working session "G7 Partnership with Africa".

4:45 pm: Press briefing Sahel

17h: Bilateral interviews

5:15 pm: Press Briefing on Women's Entrepreneurship in Africa

7:15 pm: Welcome of the leaders of Spain, Australia, Chile and India by Emmanuel Macron

19:30: Family photo

8:45 pm: Official dinner

Monday, August 26

9am: Bilateral interviews

10am: Working session "Climate, Biodiversity, Oceans"

12h: Bilateral interviews

1 pm: Working lunch "Digital Transformation"

14.45: Closing session of the G7

3 pm: Closing press conferences

The summit of the G7 that opens this Saturday in Biarritz (until Monday 26th) in the South of France promises to be electric with leaders at the antipodes on the major issues of the world.

To President Emmanuel Macron, who sees himself as the architect of a new world order, deploying treasures of diplomacy and skill to bring his peers in tune.

From Iran to taxes on GAFA through Brexit, the lines of fracture are multiplying.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld




The Paris prosecutor's office on Friday opened an investigation into "rape" and "sexual assault," particularly on minors, in the Jeffrey Epstein case, prosecutor Remy Heitz said.

The investigations, entrusted to the Central Office for the Repression of Violence against Persons, will aim to uncover possible offenses committed not only on the national territory, but also abroad to the prejudice of French victims or to against authors of French nationality, "said the prosecutor in a statement.

"Several victims" French

Upon the arrest of the American financier, the French association Innocence in danger had alerted the prosecution. "From a reliable source, Innocence in danger has been confirmed recently that several victims of the prostitutional network, created by Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplices, are also of French nationality" wrote the association to the public prosecutor of Paris on Monday, August 12th.

The association announced Thursday, August 22 that it held "ten testimonies", "mainly victims," ​​concerning acts related to the case Jeffrey Epstein "committed on French soil," according to President Homayra Sellier.

As "surprise birthday gift"

The prosecution made this decision after carrying out "checks and cross-checks on the basis of the elements" that had been transmitted to it and having had "exchanges" with the competent US authorities, the statement said.

In a testimony dating from 2011 but recently made public in the United States, a complainant also accused the financier and jet-setter of abusing very young French women who had been sent to her as a "surprise birthday present".

According to Anglo-Saxon media, she also assured that these girls had been sent to the United States by a former close friend of Epstein, the French Jean-Luc Brunel, founder of modeling agencies Karin Models and MC2 Model Management.

Sexual crimes on minors

The American businessman was accused of organizing a network of exploitation of girls and sexual assault on minors. Already convicted in the United States in 2008, he avoided a trial and was sentenced to 13 months in prison thanks to a plea bargain.

He was arrested again on 6 July 2019 and charged with sexual exploitation of minors. The facts alleged against him date from the period from 2002 to 2005, at least.

According to the indictment, he allegedly "brought minors (some 40 and some 14 years old) to his residences in Manhattan and Palm Beach (Florida) and on an island in the Caribbean to engage in sexual acts with him. him, after which he gave them hundreds of dollars in cash. "

He was found dead on August 10 in his New York cell, the results of the autopsy confirming a suicide by hanging.

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François De Rugy resigns and says: "I privileged the sense of responsibility for the president and the government"

The French Minister of the Ecological Transition after the multiple cascading revelations of MEDIAPART resigned this Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

At the center of a controversy over excessive spending, François de Rugy announced his resignation from the government, while considering himself victim of a "media lynching", and announcing to have filed a complaint of defamation against the site of investigation MEDIAPART .

François de Rugy:

"I feel good even if I feel a great feeling of injustice with the methods of MEDIAPART ".

Since last week, the site of investigation revealed that the interested party had organized sumptuous dinners at the Hotel de Lassay at the time when he was president of the National Assembly from June 2017 to September 2018.

MEDIAPART also reveals work worth 63,000 euros in its company housing.

One thing is certain: the torch burns between the French people and their leaders (political class) who seem to abuse public money in the eyes of citizens, while at the same time poverty and difficulties only increase with a taxation become unbearable, France being the world champion of taxes, taxes and levies of all kinds !!!

Simon Freeman for DayNewsWorld



The latest episode in a 20-year-old judicial serial, marked by many reversals, the Paris Criminal Court decided on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, to relax former Minister Bernard Tapie and the five other defendants in Arbitration of the case of Addidas / Credit Lyonnais

Bernard Tapie: "My cancer has just taken a dirty blow in the mouth" launched the former minister, under chemotherapy for a double cancer

"It's proof that you always have to fight to the end."

Dominique Tapie, the wife of the former minister commented:

"It's the best day of my husband's life because his honor has been recognized"

Hervé Temime Bernard Tapie's lawyer:

"The court has rendered with rare independence a judgment of exceptional clarity and it is for us (...) an immense satisfaction and a great liberation"

Prosecuted for fraud and embezzlement of public funds, former minister Bernard Tapie, a five-year prison sentence and 375,000 euros fine that was required on April 1, 2019, against the businessman, He was reproached for organizing, with his former lawyer Maurice Lantourne, arbitration "rigged" in consultation with one of the three members of the arbitral tribunal, the high magistrate Pierre Estoup to settle the dispute between Bernard Tapie and Credit Lyonnais, bound on the resale of Adidas in the 1990s.

For the public prosecutor, who has not yet announced whether he would appeal, Bernard Tapie had "rigged" the arbitration which had granted him in July 2008 the unprecedented sum of 45 million euros in respect of non-pecuniary damage .

This judgment does not, however, call into question the judgment of the Paris Court of Cassation in the civil part of the case.

The court annulled the arbitration in 2016, deeming it "fraudulent" and sentenced Bernard Tapie to repay the 404 million euros obtained.

A decision that appears today at odds with the relaxation pronounced in the criminal aspect.

However, the two procedures were not exactly the same thing.

- In the civil part, it was a question of judging the decision taken during the arbitration itself.

- In the criminal section, judges were interested in the conditions under which this procedure was chosen and executed.

- The court has not retried Adidas litigation, it was not seized, said Hervé Temime, the lawyer Bernard Tapie.

- But for me there is no consistency between these decisions.

Other relaxed person Stéphane Richard, 57, Orange CEO at the head of the telecom operator, at the time of the case, Stephane Richard was Chief of Staff of the Minister of Economy and Finance Christine Lagarde, for which the public prosecutor had requested against him three years of prison of which 18 months firm, 100,000 euros fine and a prohibition of any civil service during five years

Stéphane Richard, said on leaving the court:

"Today there is this relief to have my innocence totally recognized by this court, it's the feeling that dominates me, the court said the arbitration was legal, it even said it was legitimate" .

Seen from here (USA)

This judgment is only the beginning of a right return of things, because if the memory is missing a certain it is necessary to remember on the bottom of the facts which generated this situation !!

Indeed the case Addidas Bernard Tapie is not the only one in which the Credit Lyonnais has been involved !!!

Jean-Maxime Lévêque former president of Crédit Lyonnais but also owner of an exotic bank, International Bankers, is one of the actors of the Crédit Lyonnais disaster and its 120 billion losses of the nationalized bank!

Jean Maxime graduated from the ENA in 1948, senior official, inspector of finance, he accumulates prestigious appointments and represents France at the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

He left his post of economic adviser at the Elysée in 1964 for the Crédit commercial de France (CCF), of which he became president in 1976.

In 1982 that turns the fate of Jean-Maxime Lévêque. This year he created a promising small bank, the International Bankers Incorporated Cy NV Holding (IBI), which he lives in the Netherlands Antilles.

The sulphurous story of Jean-Maxime Lévêque begins in Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles.

This tax haven will be the home of IBI. The Bank's operational headquarters, International Bankers SA, is located in Luxembourg.

In addition to the mysterious Sheikh Baroum, IBI's round table brings together three former CCF clients. There is the Syrian Akram Ojjeh, the Saudi Adnan Kashoggi and the Lebanese Samir Traboulsi.

With 130 million initial capital, the small IBI has great ambitions.

Jean-Maxime Lévêque, who wants to make it a star of international trading, quickly creates branches of the bank in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Geneva.

The bank's range of services is vast and particularly suited to companies and business people who want financial flows to be lost in specially created exotic companies.

In the field of the administration of offshore companies, explains a report of the direction of the economic and financial studies of Credit Lyonnais, IBI is able to intervene on twenty types of companies, located legally in Luxembourg or on other offshore places (Jersey, Panama, Netherlands Antilles, etc.).

The appointment of Jean-Maxime Lévêque in July 1986 as President of Crédit Lyonnais.

After the defeat of the right in the parliamentary elections of 1988, Jean-Maxime Lévêque is dismissed from the presidency of Lyonnais and regains the seat of president of an IBI he had not really left, since he had taken great care to maintain, in the meantime, the functions of vice-president of the bank.

In 1994, IBI's losses amounted to several billion francs, and Crédit Lyonnais, the leading shareholder, paid the bill alone.

On the money of the French taxpayer !!!

The most extravagant records of this financial madness:

Altus Finances, MGM, Addidas, Sasea and its accounts in Switzerland ...

With many influential businessmen like Robert Maxwell, Bernard Tapie, Florio Fiorini, Giancarlo Parretti ........ !!

Crédit Lyonnais innocent?

That's a lot of business !!

All guilty except the Credit Lyonnais ???

The case Addidas Bernard Tapie / Credit Lyonnais is too long, the compensation of Bernard Tapie seems normal, even if the sum of 404 million euros may seem important to the general public.

Simon Freeman for DayNewsWorld



The information was passed at the time, almost unnoticed, except for the residents who had been recipients.

In a press release dated April 27, 2019, the Prefecture of Police of Paris and the ARS (Regional Health Agency of the Ile de France) had invited the residents of the Cathedral to carry out a meticulous household of their home or their premises, using wet wipes, to remove any dust likely to contain dust containing a high lead content from the combustion residues of the smoked frame of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

However, in this note, the two administrations indicated that "no poisoning was reported in the days following the fire".

We had wanted to believe it ... notwithstanding the fact that, at the same time, pregnant women and children were asked to dose their lead levels?

What everyone had learned simultaneously was General Gorgerin, a devout Catholic, cultivated but also politically savvy, whom Emmanuel Macron had appointed on April 27 to oversee the operations of reconstruction "of the Cathedral.

Since radio silence!

Until our colleague Médiapart makes last Thursday, July 4, disturbing revelations on the subject.

This is how we learned that:
According to documents dated May 3, sampling to measure lead in the debris revealed rates up to 740 times the authorized thresholds. On the forecourt, the measured rates are around 500 times, while on some bridges, squares or streets nearby, the rates are up to 800 times higher.
That during a meeting of May 6, organized in the offices of the ARS where were found officials of the Police Laboratory, the City of Paris, the Antipoison Center, the CRAM of Paris and the Direction of the Work we asked ourselves whether we should communicate on the subject? One person at the meeting revealed that "the ARS was playing the watch by refusing to communicate and even forcing individuals and associations to seize the CADA", thus paving the way for a real obstacle course for the victims.
The law of silence that had settled seemed nevertheless to be perfectly suitable for the Ministry of Culture and the health authorities.

The only concern of the government was to vote the bill on our Lady of Paris which provides for the creation of a Public Establishment and derogations to the rules of urban planning and environmental protection.

On the construction site, the prospects are worrying: companies that do not want to be the scapegoat for the event and its consequences; but also all stakeholders according to which, the dangers to health and the environment may increase due to the opacity that has developed.

As a result, some protagonists began to show their embarrassment at the example of the Prefecture of Police, some of whose premises were affected by lead pollution, or the bottle-feeding room or "Thousand Paws" of the nursery of the said prefecture. had to be closed for emergency decontamination. Functional apartments have also been decontaminated.

Safety checks on the construction site revealed that workers were working on site with bare hands, without gloves, handling rubble in protection, without a mask. Decontamination showers verified by the Labor Inspectorate do not work. The workers go home with the lead dust?

Sources close to the site even indicate that Franck Riester, the Minister (former LR / Macron-compatible) would not be dissatisfied that workers walk on the site without protections, thus not arousing any fear or residents or tourists.

With the fire of Notre Dame de Paris which caused the melting then the evaporation of some 500 tons of lead, the file which had at the beginning already triggered a scandal and doubts now takes the appearance of a scandal Sanitary, in-situ, near the building but also in the capital intra and extra muros, the cloud of lead dust having not as Chernobyl respected borders.

The malaise is even giving rise to the vocations of investigators whether it is on the side of those who plan to launch the American "class actions" to obtain compensation or pensions or on the part of those who have never believed in the accidental thesis of the fire.

They rely on the fact that the "guilty" have enemies from everywhere who will not miss the opportunity to deprive themselves of delivering sensitive information to put a spoke in the wheels of the state, owner of the monument.

It will be recalled that lead poisoning by ingestion or inhalation that causes serious damage to the central nervous system is called lead poisoning. And so, the saturnism, taken from the name of Saturn, (the disturbing Roman God) which would have caused the fall of the Roman Empire, could at the beginning of XXI century cause the fall of Jupiter / Saturn.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


Case Alstom, the Elysée again pointed the finger.

1000 employees of General Electric, Belfort in particular will lose their job!

The news fell on May 29, 2019, three days after the European elections, even though the American company had promised, during the Alstom takeover, to create a thousand!

Mayor LR Belfort, Damien Beslot and employees immediately shouted scandal, going so far as to denounce a state scandal.

From an internal source, the details of these dismissals will be presented to the unions around mid-June 2019.

It was Hugh Bailey, a former adviser to Emmanuel Macron in Bercy, who confirmed what had been going on for weeks and that he could not ignore because on April 22 he became the boss of General Electric.

But, cross of wood-iron cross, the Elysee assures for his part that he knew nothing before May 26:

"We were not more aware than the people concerned" swore on France Info the Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance, (Bruno Le Mayor) Agnès Pannier Runnacher who nevertheless wished to recall " that General Electric had been required to set up a 50 million euro fund to finance industrial revitalization plans ".

Just believe it and especially believe that the Elysee has not maneuvered for information to fall after the European elections.

However, early June 2019, we learned that the deputy of Eure et Loir, Olivier Marleix had been heard May 29 by investigators of the Central Office of the fight against corruption.

The MP reported to the floor last January the sale of Alstom's energy activities to General Electric and the merger of Tecnip FMC, in order to know if personalities who have contributed financially and operationally to them, were not on the list of supporters to Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election campaign.

And to add that during his two years at Bercy, Emmanuel Macron authorized mergers for colossal amounts: Alstom / General Electric for 13 billion €, Lafarge for 17 billion €, Tecnip for 8 billion €.

Each time the sums involved have been considerable, in unprecedented acceleration in the history of mergers and acquisitions. Each time, they have provided the Bankers with success fees ranging from 10 to 15 million euros.

These sales were examined by the Ministry of Defense for activities concerning it (for example the turbines that equip our submarine) but the procedures of control provided by decree were largely bypassed each time, according to Olivier Marleix, who presided over the Commission of Investigations to examine the decisions of the State in matters of industrial policy, including that of Alstom.

In April 2018, MP LR had already expressed his damning conclusions in the role played by the Elysee Palace in the sale of the French flagship of his American competitor. "We must, of course be careful," said Jacques Myard, former deputy and mayor LR Maison Lafitte who also interested in the file; but Olivier Marleix, whom he knows well, is, according to him, "a precise and serious deputy" who never ceases to denounce the mixing of genres in these cases, due to the fact that they are the treasurers of Emmanuel Macron's campaign, Alexis Köhler former Secretary General of the Elysee, resigned and under investigation in the case of Benalla and Julien Denormandie, Minister of the City and Housing, who were in charge of these cases in the Cabinet. "This is an extremely serious matter," added Jacques Myard; "It is a matter of sovereignty and industrial power but also of justice because today hundreds of jobs are threatened".

In the 4-page letter published by the newspaper "Le Monde" on January 17, 2019, Olivier Marleix had already noted that the two consulting banks that had been called upon for the sale of Alstom-Activities Energies at General Electric were Bank Of America / Merill Lynch and Rothschild & Co, two banks that have come back to be mandated in the privatization of ADP (Paris Airport). We recall in passing that Emmanuel Macron was manager of Banque Rothschild from 2008 to 2012.

We will also like to remind you that four years ago, on May 25, 2015, Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy and Finance, visiting the industrial site Energy and Transport had assured that "Belfort had an industrial future "(sic) We understand the anger of local elected officials and employees.

The state scandal seems to be looming on the horizon which has already allowed several observers to say that the sinking of Alstom could well cause that of Emmanuel Macron.

Case to follow ...

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



Images are looping on social networks:

several ministers of Emmanuel Macaron went to sleep in front of the cameras during the press conference of Emmanuel Macron of April 25, 2019.

Obviously, indeed, the presidential purr was far more effective than the Prozac.

Besides, fortunately the event happened in France, a Republic, still (but for how long?) Democratic and liberal. In North Korea, Hyon Yong Chol, the Minister of Defense who had fallen asleep during military celebrations, was executed by air gun ...

Of course, the continuous news TV channels have seen nothing and heard nothing!

And yet, while Emmanuel Macron was talking about the pension reform that called on the French to work more, his ministers began to sleep.

The images have raised hilarity and mockery on social networks: "the pipo player, sandman (remember good night little ones) a man named Emmanuel Macron, went well that night.

It is true that the scene we followed from end to end was soporific.

Before the presidential election of 2017, we had been announced a new world, happy, alive and satisfying, led by a brilliant man, charismatic, with a good knowledge of France, a man with a feather new to rhyme poetry, philosophy and politics .

The French found themselves in fact, less than 2 years after the said election, in the face of an austere man, pronouncing endless monologues, in a tone and by means of proposals that sound wrong, so much Emmanuel Macron overplay his score facing the events of more and more agitated.

Even Christophe Castaner, who usually drinks the words of the monarch and who seems, again, the most "motivated" minister, has given the impression of anger. ... thinking maybe, according to some nasty languages, at his last night out.

What we have seen in any event, April 25 is that, or Emmanuel Macron exhausted or they became, one after another zombies against a president, prophet of misfortune who debits " complex sentences ", more and more irrational, disconnected from the daily life of the French.

It is also true that on the side of the floor of some 300 journalists, handpicked (some have not managed to get an access badge) the impression was no better. The eyecups of the cameras swept that evening a public amazed or even annihilated.

The introductory speech that was announced to last 20 minutes actually lasted 1:30, leaving a small hour available for questions and answers where, it should be noted, women journalists and their impertinence, were the brightest.

But then, if LREM falls asleep, imagine what could happen in response to the 3.4 million viewers who, at a prime time, had agreed to listen to the speech of the Head of State.

Let us point out, from the same point of view, that Emmanuel Macron had had more exceptional hearings during the last six months: on December 10, 2018, the President of the Republic's speech, devoted to the violence during the Yellow Vest demonstrations, had gathered 23 million listeners (3 times more) ...

A Harris Interactive-Agence Epoka survey, commented on Saturday (April 27th) shows that Emmanuel Macron only convinced 37% of the French; 63% were therefore not persuaded of the correctness of the speech in relation to the current situation and their demands.

Also, it seems vain to believe, as Jean Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, who has come to do after sales service on France Info, suggested, that hope could come "when people will see concrete measures"? ? We will have to wait again!

Discontent therefore remains important. Far from lulling the French, Emmanuel Macron and his acolytes annoy more and more, preventing a large majority of French to fall asleep in front of wallets or empty fridges.

On the other hand, while the great debate had somewhat anesthetized opinion today, the day of the XXIV episode of the Yellow Vests, the context of the demonstrations could prove that the trap of the Great Debate, could close soon on Emmanuel Macron.

A few weeks before the European elections, the hardest will indeed start for the executive who was expected at the turn for the press conference Thursday night.

Because many have not yet found "there had been a before and after Yellow Vests" or even a change of course, Emmanuel Macron remained straight in his boots.

Let's be honest nonetheless! Edouard Philippe had warned and prepared the ground: "after the Great Debate would be deceptive"; but deceptive! I invite you to consult the Larousse is synonymous with "deception".

The French would have been deceived which would explain the anger that is still expressed in the streets, during the demonstrations during which we heard: "Macron resignation" or "dissolution of the National Assembly" next to the RIC ...

A good look at the images of Ministers sleeping in front of the cameras during the speech of Emmanuel Macron one is taken to the impression that the somnolences macron-diurnal some ministers could soon end, tired that are some of them, of always hear the same speech that fails to convince and does not interrupt the sometimes violent manifestations.

If our impression was good, it could soon (in the aftermath of the European elections ?) A schism appears on awakening, in the government, the "and left and right" can not continue for a long time.

The awakening will then be hard for Emmanuel Macron, who has not long ago dreamed of a European leader ship ...

But if this was still his state of mind, the Head of State could have at least told us about Europe during its Press Conference and reform, priority, of the ECB (European Central Bank), a dossier which will inevitably be tackled immediately.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


How to respond to the crisis of yellow vests that require more purchasing power?

This is the question that tears the government and especially Emmanuel Macron two days of his speech in the form of a press conference, the first of his quinquennium. The president would be prepared to advocate for longer working hours as a response to the tax cut.

Emmanuel Macron wants the French to "work harder" to finance the tax cuts. But the solutions envisaged can be explosive ...

"I asked the government to implement this tax cut by funding it by removing some tax loopholes, the need to work more and cuts in our public spending. "

This excerpt from Emmanuel Macron's address, recorded last Monday but not broadcast because of the Notre-Dame fire, highlights a new, unconventional axis of the President's policy, even explosive in a social context. very degraded especially as 54% of the French voted against an extension of the work in an Ifop survey published Sunday by the JDD. Ian Brossat, head of the PCF list for Europeans, is one of them.

"When I hear President Macron tell us he will have to work more to earn as much, it is insulting for millions of French (...) while the number of billionaires in France has increased threefold in the last ten years He said on RFI.

In what form? A holiday worked for free, like what had made Pierre Raffarin then prime minister under Jacques Chirac for the financing of solidarity. May 8, for example, for a single memorial day on November 11, the elimination of certain tax loopholes or even the decline in the legal retirement age.

The subject divides the political class even among the LREMs.

For Nicolas Bay of the National Rally, the French are "ready" to work more "conditions are favorable", while calling "gadget" the idea of ​​removing a holiday to establish a day of solidarity that would bring only three billion euros per year to the State The subject divides up within the LREM.

While Aurélien Taché, deputy of the left wing of LREM, advocates "privileging tracks where we will not ask the French to work more" and allocate the contribution for the repayment of the social debt (CRDS) to the dependence, Aurore Bergé, another MEP LREM, defends the proposal for a new day of solidarity.

France is one of the countries where we work the least and one of those who redistribute the most towards the most disadvantaged.

The executive will have to be convincing in the battle of working time.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld





It is by a brief statement of about thirty lines that the FDJ (French Games) announced on April 9, 2019 that Raphaële Rabatel had been appointed Director of Communication and Sustainable Development of the company, a function that she will join in early May.

The information immediately aroused an uproar, Raphaele Rabatel being the wife of Gilles Legendre, macronist of the first hour, deputy of the 2nd district of Paris and President, since the cabinet reshuffle of September 2018, the LREM Group of the 'National Assembly.

The reasons for the bronca: the information fell in the middle of the adoption of the PACT law, which provides for the privatization of the FDJ. (Adopted definitively on April 11, 2019).

The weekend of week 15 was certainly put to good use to endorse the decision, in the pipes before April 11th. The phones have to heat up this weekend!

"Curious mix of genres", "Bravo the new world", "deeply shocking"! The opposition has given it to heart, denouncing in bulk, serious suspicion of conflict of interest and nepotism.

In their creaky remarks, most of the opponents point out that they would never have been on the front line of criticism, if Gilles Legendre, who for months campaigned on the theme of probity and moralization of public life had been deported during the PACTE vote.

Given the timetable described above, Gilles Legendre could not ignore that his wife had been approached for several weeks to occupy the post of Director of Communication and Sustainable Development at the FDJ and that this decision would be taken the day after its privatization!

New world or not, we see that the small arrangements between friends still have long life and that the arrival of Emmanuel Macron did not change anything to this unbearable phenomenon, despite the protests, the hand on the heart of the executive .

In the LREM camp it is objected that the case of Raphaële Rabatel is malicious attacks ... without convincing, the Penelope Gate (Fillon case) is not so old.

Protestant of his good faith and the "proven" competence of his wife, retained by him regularly by recruiters, the Paris MP who had chosen, certainly, to formalize the appointment of his companion, has just backed down.

To put an end to the controversy, he announced today, April 15, that he had seized the deontologist of the Assembly.

The position was created in April 2011. He is currently occupied by Agnès Roblot-Troizier, doctor in public law. She was appointed to this post on the proposal of François de Rugy.

Since the passing of the law of moralisation of public life, the deontologist has a power of investigation. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the closure of his investigation.

According to Gilles Legendre it would be the only way to definitively remove doubts about the conditions surrounding the vote on the law providing for the privatization of the FDJ, a vote he nevertheless participated in "forgetting to withdraw"?

Meanwhile, and to parody Arnault Montebourg, it is possible to say that the biggest fault of Gilles Legendre is his wife….

Clara Mitchell pour DayNewsWorld



Et hop ! Here is a small decree quickly signed, Friday, March 15, 2019, before leaving (Emmanuel Macron) ski at Mongie!

The Official Gazette (OJ) published on 16 March 2019 a decree which had been signed the day before by the President of the Republic and which ends the functions of Director of Active Service of the Prefecture of Police, and, Director of the Public Order and Circulation of the Prefecture of Paris occupied until that date by Alain Gibelin who is reinstated in his original body of Commissioner General of Police.

This decree gave Alain Gibelin the provisions of a decree of 16 June 2016 establishing the rank of Commissioner General of Police. The decree of March 15, 2019 has 4 lines, succinct!

Phew! we have just heard from Alain Gibelin, who was told by our colleague "Le Point" that he had been hospitalized in the Emergency Department of the Salpetriere Hospital on February 28, 2019, in a probable state of burnout. ?

We purposely use the terminology "probable state" because we do not know much about what exactly happened that day.

What we are sure nevertheless is that Alain Gibelin was not hospitalized in the emergency for a burn out following a heartache ...

It will be recalled, moreover, that the decision to suspend this senior police officer was taken with complete discretion.

It will also be recalled that this decision was put on the account of the back-pedaling of the latter before the Commission of Inquiries of the National Assembly, a back-pedaling that had not been the taste of the Elysee and even less the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand who for the occasion had invented the "corrigendum of declaration under oath".

But it will also be recalled that Alain Gibelin was decorated with the Order of National Merit on November 5, 2018, which decoration was given to him by Michel Delpuech, Prefect of Police of Paris, who today, at the same time as we write risk, (we have just learned this moment), to be also dismissed, attacked from all sides that it is following the incidents that occurred on the Champs Elysees Saturday, March 16th.

The day of the publication by the JO of the reinstatement decree of Alain Gibelin, was also published the decree appointing Jerome Foucault to replace Alain Gibelin. Jerome Foucault is also a senior police official, heard by the Senate Investigations Committee.

Alain Gibelin was, however, in the opinion of all a specialist of public order. From this point of view, one can imagine that his presence in police headquarters last Saturday, during the incidents that occurred on the Avenue des Champs Elysees could have been very useful, as could have been useful also the presence of 3 police officers , very competent, suspended in the Benalla case, all decisions that beheaded the Parisian National Police.

We are not finished, obviously, with the Benalla affair!

But the authority that sits at the Elysee since May 2017 is misguided in the words of Philippe Bilger (see twitter account # Philippe Bilger, former Attorney General near the Court of Appeal of Paris) and it is necessary Admittedly, it was not because of the doglit reign on Paris that Alain Gibelin was sacked but because the latter had simply contradicted the Elysee Palace in the Benalla affair.

As a result of this latest information, we have waited impatiently for the decision of the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, "the first institutional opponent of Macron".

Indeed, Gerard Larcher promised to convene the highest instances of the Senate on March 21, 2019 to decide whether or not the referral to the prosecution in the case of Benalla, following the report of the Senate Inquiry Commission.

All French citizens, whether they are Yellow Vests or not, are waiting with interest and impatience for the decision of the President of the Senate. Unless …

We have just announced that hand in hand, Gerard Larcher and Richard Ferrand are expected to make several trips in the coming weeks "to bring the democratic voice in this period when institutions are attacked."

Their first trip is scheduled for Friday, March 22. Their first meeting must take place at Sciences Po Lilles.

Hopefully, in the closed-door of a smoked-glass sedan or in the cabin of a Falcon aircraft, the two men will not agree ... to conclude that there is no urgency in this case Benalla, democracy being in danger, since the violence of last Saturday?

It will be recalled that in September 2018, Emmanuel Macron, himself, had telephoned Gerard Larcher, to complain about the attitude of Philippe Bas, Senator of the Channel and President of the Senate Inquiry Commission, and to solicit indulgence against Alexandre Benalla. The event took a public turn, Gerard Larcher then promised not to let insult the Senate ....

NB At 3:23 this morning, March 17, 2019, Alain Gibelin published on his twitter account a message at the end of which he said: "To put definitely (?). A term to false rumors about me, it was not terminated by the government as seems to say the media obviously not well informed. I have had a stroke for a month and will be hospitalized for several months. It is impossible for me to assume my duties.

At 3:23? this stroke victim seems particularly awake........

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld
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«On va vendre une infrastructure qui rapporte à la France, qui produit des dividendes et qui est bien gérée, pour la placer sur un fonds qui va rapporter au budget 2 à 3 fois moins » et «  qui va faire la transaction ? » ajoute-t-il : « C’est la Bank of America ». Et qui « s’occupe de ce dossier chez Bank of America ?  … c’est Bernard Mourad un soutien fidèle d’Emmanuel Macron ».

Ces propos ont été tenus devant un public gêné et à l’air constipé sur le plateau de l’émission de RMC , Les Grandes Gueules où officiaient, nos confrères médusés ce jour là , Alain Marshall et Olivier Truchot .

L’attaque a fait bredouiller Thibault Lanxade (le fils de l’ancien amiral) PDG du Groupe Jouve, une entreprise financière de services numériques et d’impressions spécialisées dans les datas dont on apprend qu’il a été nommé le 10 janvier 2018, par la Ministre du Travail , Muriel Pénicaud et par le Ministre des Finances et de l’Economie, Bruno Le Maire, ambassadeur à l’intéressement et à la participation ?

Que sa quo ?

Savait-il ou ne savait-il pas ?

Nous penchons pour la seconde hypothèse, car Thibault Lanxade a cherché à esquiver la question , tout en niant, quelques secondes après, une situations de conflit d’intérêts.

Pour sauver l’affaire sur le plateau, quelques voix se sont élevées pour indiquer que c’est l’UE qui ordonnait à la France de vendre ses bijoux de famille ( ?), et « de la dépecer comme cela s’est passé en Grèce… ».

Une très mauvaise argumentation en tout état de cause à quelques semaines des élections européennes du 26 mai .

Mais qui est donc Bernard Mourad ?

Bernard Mourad est un banquier qui vient (lui aussi) d’être nommé (en septembre 2018/ l’annonce de la privatisation d’ADP a été faites officiellement en octobre 2018) à la direction du Siège Parisien de la Bank of América-Merryl Lynch.

Bernard Mourad , 43 ans, est le grand copain d’Emmanuel Macron depuis 2008. Il fait toujours parti du premier cercle, notamment de celui qui s’est engagé dans la conquête du pouvoir.

En dehors du dossier d’Aéroport de Paris (ADP) de gros dossiers sont dans les mains du banquier qui est assisté depuis septembre 2018 de 200 traders rapatriés de la City (400 personnes au total) en raison du Brexit qui s’approche (comme on le voit, tout le monde ne sera pas perdant dans cette affaire du Brexit).

Bank of America a signé un bail pour plus de 10 000 m2 de bureaux , rue de la Béotie, dans les anciens locaux de la Poste (adieu services publics) rénovés à grands frais .

Les deux hommes ont toujours été proches. Quand Bernard Mourad appelle le Président de la République (ou précédemment le candidat à la Présidentielle d’En Marche) on s’échange des « mon lapin » ; Bernard Mourad bombarde Emmanuel Macron de « Forza, tient bon mon chou !». Par messagerie chiffrée Telegram , il lui susurre « Love U.. » (voir enquête interview faite par notre excellente collègue Sophie des Déserts pour Vanity Fair publiée en décembre 2018, n°24)

Avant qu’Emmanuel Macron devienne le résident de l’Elysée les deux hommes se rencontraient souvent dans un bar parisien, devant une bière ou un déjeuner.

Là, ils se donnaient rendez vous pour le prochain meeting de campagne .Le magasine Vanity Fair déroule dans son papier la confiance de l’époque qui règne entre Bernard Mourad et celui qui fut son poulain et à qui il lançait régulièrement avant de se quitter : « je viens avec une perruque rose et un string En Marche… t’as intérêt à être bon » ! Ce à quoi Emmanuel Macron répliquait « qu’il allait balancer la sauce » !

Les échanges sur ce ton ont duré encore longtemps, car le nouvel occupant de l’Elysée avait encore besoin des conseils de son ami qui connait le Tout Paris de la finance et de la politique. En décembre 2018, le banquier était parait il encore fier de son ami Président. Il avouait néanmoins que, les mois défilant, il s’agaçait, en se mettant à ne plus reconnaitre son ami de l’époque Rothschild. Certains pensaient même que les liens étaient coupés.

L’affaire ADP vient de démontrer le contraire… on ne se voyait plus, pour des raisons stratégiques ?

Les liens personnels sont de toute évidence encore très forts, pouvant aller jusqu’au conflit d’intérêts que Nicolas Dupont Aignan (Debout la France/Droite Nationaliste) compare à une opération de  pillage de la France.

Le projet de privatisation de ADP , défendu par Edouard Philippe et Bruno Le Maire suscite de nombreuses critiques . A l’heure où nous écrivons l’Assembée Nationale vient de voter pour le dossier de privatisation d’ADP, et ceci même si le Sénat l’avait rejeté à l’automne.

Selon Nicolas Dupont Aignan, le gouvernement espère retirer 300 millions d’€ de l’opération, alors qu’elle rapporte beaucoup plus aujourd’hui !

Les députés PS, PCF et LFI ont déjà annoncé qu’ils saisiront le Conseil Constitutionnel où l’arrivée d’Alain Juppé début mars 2019 (mais est ce un hasard) va donner au gouvernement une majorité de soutien.

Face à la levée de boucliers contre son projet, Bruno Le Maire a donné des gages aux députés, notamment en ce qui concerne le contenu du Cahier des Charges qui sera imposé au concessionnaire et qui sera révisé tous les 10 ans (ce qui n’est pas le cas pour les concessions d’autoroutes)

Le  ministre de l’Economie et des Finances accuse néanmoins Nicolas Dupont Aignan « d’abuser l’esprit public » et de « renforcer les théories du complot ».

Sauf que, il faut en convenir les révélations de NDA ont fait tomber à plat les accusations de Bruno Le Maire, en caractérisant tout aussi bien les liens malsains qui existent entre Emmanuel Macron et Bernard Mourad que la précision du jeu de chaises musicales qui s’est joué depuis le début du mandat présidentiel.

Les Gilets Jaunes auront une fois de plus des raisons d’être en colère !

Clara Mitchell pour DayNewsWorld



Looting of luxury shops on the Champs-Elysees, Fouquet's ransacked.

Saturday is marked by renewed violence in Paris. The 18th Saturday of Yellow Vest mobilization takes place in a much more tense climate than the previous ones. Clashes take place since mid-morning in Paris in the Champs-Elysees district

A mobilization "Act 18" of "yellow vests" sounds like an "ultimatum" for President Emmanuel Macron a day after the closing of the "great national debate". Four months of the movement.

In the morning, hundreds of people converged on the Place de l'Etoile, at the top of the Champs-Elysees, in Paris. Meetings were also organized near the train stations, where protesters from all over France arrived.

Eric Drouet, had indeed invited, in a video, the sympathizers to converge towards the capital, evoking even the reinforcement of sympathizers of Italy, Belgium, Netherlands or Poland.

Some dressed in yellow but others dressed in black and hooded.

Clashes with the police broke out at the end of the morning. The gendarmerie's Twitter account called the "yellow vests" to "dissociate" from the thugs.

At midday, barricades were on fire and groups were attacking the shops of the Champs-Elysées and restaurants.

The famous Le Fouquet's brewery, listed as an historic monument, was also ransacked, as well as a burned newsstand.

"It's the mobilization of the ultra-violent ones who are there. There are 7000 to 8000 people in Paris. Within them, more than 1500 ultras who came to break and fight. "Said Christophe Castaner.

A major fire was also reported in a building on Roosevelt Avenue, near the Champs. "Two people were saved from the flames.

A woman and her baby were stuck on the second floor, "said the fire department. The fire started from a bank on the ground floor. A fire that left 11 people injured, according to a provisional report.

The investigation will determine whether the incident is the result of clashes on the sidelines of the demonstration of "yellow vests" in the area of ​​the Champs-Elysees.

"The individuals who committed this act are neither protesters nor thugs: they are assassins," responded Christophe Castaner on Twitter. 94 people were arrested.

The Great National Debate ends, but the Yellow Vests do not totally disarm. The mobilization has been declining for several weeks, but the leaders of the movement have called for a resurgence this Saturday, March 16, for "act 18" presented as that of "the ultimatum".

Paris is the epicenter of the movement. s of people were arrested. The interior minister called for "the utmost firmness". The cap of 100 arrests in Paris has passed.

Everywhere in France14,500 people were mobilized, including 10,000 in Paris, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

There were 7,000 people across the country, including 2,800 in the capital, at the same time last weekend.

A last demonstration of Yellow Vests before other types of actions?

"After this day, at least for me, it will be the end of the demonstrations, it will be real actions for the future," had for its part warned Eric Drouet, a figure of the movement.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


On Saturday, several multi-event protests took place all over France, before the big national day on March 16th marked the end of the great debate. At 14h, there were 7000 "yellow vests", including 2800 in Paris according to the Interior.

In total, according to the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, 2,800 demonstrators were identified in Paris at 14 hours, against 1320 in the act 16. This increase in participation is also recorded in the regions, since 7,000 people were counted throughout France, against 5,600 on March 2.

While the latter evoked a "decisive act" by multiplying the various actions.

Nearly four months after the beginning of the movement, the "yellow vests" did not flag but last week-end, mobilization was out of breath. For the "act 17", the time is therefore to revive with new actions such as sit-in, flash-mob, parades with feminist collectives ...

The cortege started at 11 am from the Champs-Elysees towards the Luxembourg Gardens. At the head, the "pink vests", these maternal assistance mobilized since February 2 against the reform of their unemployment compensation, as well as the collective # 8mars15h40 which calls to wear a purple scarf to denounce pay inequalities and sexist and sexual violence.

But on the Champs-Elysees, the situation is somewhat confusing. Part of the procession did not follow the main, led by women.

The avenue was cut in two by a CRS dam with trucks and water cannon, at Galileo Street. Many "yellow vests" remained static for several hours, before being joined a little later by protesters who had left with the first procession, after the dispersion of the latter.

The Parisian sit-in was "to set up our roundabouts in the heart of the capital, where we will be visible to all and heard," explained Priscillia Ludosky. This figure of "yellow vests" participated Saturday morning in a blocking action of the bridge of Iena with the associations on the climate. Under the Eiffel Tower, this Saturday morning, about fifty demonstrators were gathered in front of a banner half yellow, half green, proclaiming: "Climate and social justice same fight."

A sit-in that quickly turned short.

A "giant flashmob" at Terminal 1 of Paris Roissy Airport also took place at midday, to protest against the privatization of Aéroports de Paris. A hundred "yellow vests" danced while protesting against the privatization project of Aéroports de Paris

Elsewhere in France, demonstrations took place in Lyon, Besançon, Strasbourg, Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Avignon, St. Etienne, Poitiers, Quimper.

The events were held without major incident in Lyon, Saint-Brieuc, Caen, Rouen, Dijon, Lille, Strasbourg or Nancy while the atmosphere was more tense in Nantes, Montpellier or at Puy-en-Velay. Around 2000 people marched through the streets of the capital of the Haute-Loire, sometimes with projectile jets on the police.

This is for the "yellow vests" to reconnect with the spirit of the beginnings, when the movement had gathered 282,000 people across France on November 17.

Scheduled on March 16, the "act XVIII" of the movement will take place the day after the official end of the great debate with the objective of bringing together "the whole of France in Paris" by way of "ultimatum" for the government.

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld



The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is asking on Wednesday for France to investigate the police violence that has occurred during the Yellow Vest demonstrations since mid-November.

In a speech to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Michelle Bachelet said that yellow vests are protesting against

"What they consider to be (their) exclusion from economic rights and from (their) participation in public affairs".

"We encourage the (French) government to continue the dialogue and urgently call for a thorough investigation of all reports of excessive use of force," said Michelle Bachelet .

High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet also recalled that "inequality affects all countries" and that "even in prosperous states, people feel excluded from the benefits of development and deprived of economic and social rights" .

However, she cited France as a prosperous country, but denounced the violent repression of recent protests in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Haiti.

"France assured Wednesday that it would follow the recommendations of the UN, while" surprising " to be on the same list as Venezuela or Haiti.

Would it have become a banana republic?

"Obviously we will follow the recommendations with the necessary diligence , " said government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux during the minutes of the council of ministers at the Elysee.

"It is necessary, I say it nevertheless, to be astonished all the same to be found quoted in a list between Venezuela and Haiti where there were deaths, I remind it, of the numerous deaths, following demonstrations", a he added.

And how many deaths since the Yellow Vests demonstrations in France?

Benjamin Griveaux also recalls that "162 investigations were opened as of March 1".

The protesters "demand a respectful dialogue and real reforms. And yet, in many cases, they are greeted by violent and excessive use of force, by arbitrary detentions ... ", she lamented.

Several demonstrators claim to have been injured by launcher shots of defense (LBD) in France . Videos taken during events reveal particularly severe injuries, such as the loss of an eye or a hand torn off ...

The High Commissioner for Human Rights is not the first representative of a European or international body to denounce the excessive use of force in demonstrations of "yellow vests".

On February 14, it was up to a group of experts from the UN Human Rights Council to issue a ground-breaking communiqué on the subject, saying that "the right to demonstrate in France has been disproportionately restricted." While giving the figure of 1700 wounded.

On 25 February, it was the Council of Europe's turn to call on France to suspend the use of LBDs.

"The injuries caused by LBD shots reveal a disproportionate use of force, as well as the maladjustment of this type of weapon in the context of law enforcement operations," noted the Commissioner of Human Rights. Man of the ECHR, Dunja Mijatovic, in a ten-page memorandum.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld



The Agriculture Fair closed its doors this weekend, leaving farmers once more "hungry" (no pun intended), despite the ballet and bowing of almost all politicians. Yet they were treated with all the attention and extreme sympathy of all the French ruling class.

However, this ballet of politics or economic leaders has not reassured the agricultural world which has been for many months in great difficulties either globally or individually (for each farmer).

At the end of the show, several questions remained unanswered:

CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)

This is the first item of expenditure, ie 37.6% of the budget of the European Union. Since the Lisbon Treaty (2005), the CAP has been part of a five-year binding multiannual framework. But whereas before, it was the Commission alone which controlled all the decisions of the agricultural budget, since 2005 the Parliament holds more power.

With the European elections approaching, it is easy to imagine all the interest that farmers will have in the future of the CAP and the place it will have in the proposals of the programs of the different political parties that will present lists for these elections.

However, the European Commission, by voice, in the Agriculture Committee of Phil Hogan, has already developed its own proposals for the future budget of the CAP for the period 2021-2027.

2021, it's almost tomorrow! The talks have already made good progress, in a period of shortfall of around 12 billion euros caused by the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, as a consequence of Brexit.

Because, following the first proposals of the European Commission, which provides for a reduction of 5% of the total budget of the CAP France would receive only € 7.147 billion of direct aid after 2020.

The reduction of the CAP budget will therefore have a very negative impact on farmers' incomes ... who see this shift come to fright.

The Commission is aware of this situation. Under (political) pressure in the run-up to the European elections, it dropped the ballast and left each country free (it is not customary) to increase its national contributions "to finance the aid for sustainable development, the safeguarding of diversity, product quality and societal expectations of health ".

But everyone knows that the budget of France is bloodless and that the margins of action are virtually non-existent as a result of the explosion of Yellow Vests.

It is very exactly and for this reason, because it is also in campaign, that Emmanuel Macron walked during 14H30 (a record) the alleys of the Salon of the Agriculture, punctuating his stops of exchanges improvised, promising a Europe that protects, cradling in its arms a kid, named Désir (it does not invent!) Offered by a farmer, promising to regulate the "population of bears and wolves pragmatically", caressing the asses of cows as the Jacques Chirac was doing ... In short! All in all, a vertiginous sum of gossip which has not come out very much and which leaves questions about the concrete intentions of the executive in matters of national agricultural policy.

The Agriculture and Food Law promulgated on November 1, 2018:

Coming into force on February 1, 2019, the law's main objective is to prohibit the sale at cost price of appeal products (Coca Cola, Ricard, Nestle, Nutella, etc.) and to require increases of 10% . According to the law, the resulting increase in turnover should, in theory, better pay agricultural suppliers and the work of farmers. Consumers held their breath, expecting massive increases in their shopping carts.

In fact, the measure has paradoxically benefited large stores once again ... who, using their considerable financial weight, forced manufacturers to lower their prices (3% on average) and which also played on the margins of distributors, not subject to the minimum margins provided by law. Extravagant!

As a result, the peasants are still waiting for the "runoff" promised to them

Certainly the Minister of Agriculture, has raised the tone, recently. He promised controls and sanctions ... a posteriori!

But in detail, too busy also with his obsequious genuflections made to the profession during the Salon de l'Agriculture, he says he has not yet had time to deal with the problem. Farmers will wait again!

The arms passes between ecology and agriculture:

On these two points, the atmosphere was very tense between Nicolas Hulot and Stéphane Travers, the former Minister of Agriculture. Moreover, both of them having resigned in 2018, it was hoped that the knives would return to the cupboards.

What nay! None of this happened. The duel between ecology and agriculture left more beautiful! Didier Guillaume, the new Minister of Agriculture unsheathed the first by denouncing agri-bashing. The reply of François de Rugy was not long in coming: "we must be aware that every time concessions were made to the agricultural world, it caused irritation in the opinion (reference to the Glysophate affair) ".

Poor farmers, drowned under the presidential logorrhea at the Salon de l'Agriculture. Poor farmers fooled once again, because as Charles Pasqua said "the promises are binding only those who receive them".

Ever since Emmanuel Macron was elected, farmers have been empty-handed, systematically.

Also, suicides are linked in the countryside (1 every two days) so that, vote after vote the National Gathering (formerly FN) reap the voices in quantity.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



On Saturday, March 2, 2019, the Yellow Vests planned to demonstrate for the 16th time.

Some claim that the movement is running out of steam. Nothing is less certain, even though Emmanuel Macron called for the calm of Bordeaux where he was this weekend to "glorify" the clap of the end of the mandate of the mayor of the city for almost 20 years, Alain Juppé.

We wish that there will be no violence and especially no injuries, serious or not, today.

For the President of the Republic this violence would be the sole responsibility of the protesters who should stop these demonstrations and present themselves wisely in the places where the National Debate ... calibrated.

But so far protesters "Yellow Vests" have not evaluated the situation in this form. The most observant of them, the most insightful, just as a certain number of journalists present on the spot drew other conclusions.

One of these conclusions indicates that the committed gendarmerie forces have since distinguished themselves from "police violence and their famous bounty".

It is in any case the thought, heavy meaning, that has just made the Lieutenant Colonel Lefranc, in a statement published in "The letter of the friends of the Gendarmerie".

And the figures seem to confirm this assessment: the gendarmes who accounted for 73% of the troops involved would have fired only 10% of the rubber bullets which are equipped with the famous LBD. By deduction, the police, especially those of the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) would have fired 24 times more. It is these figures, very real, which have allowed some to affirm that during these Saturdays of demonstrations and violence, the gendarmes "who see no way out of the movement of the Yellow Vests" (see Essor Review of the Gendarmerie) stood out.

Better still, the gendarmes would not approve the use of the LBD which Emmanuel Macron justified the use in his interview of January 31, 2019, "because Yellow Vests come to shoot ... some even with rifles"?

Taking colors in the polls, the Head of State even dared this week, qualify the Yellow Vests rioters!

However, even if the Council of State validated in its decision of February 1 the use of the LBD, it is nevertheless necessary to remember that a group of experts of the UN worried about the disproportionate use of the LBD in France, the Council of Europe, for its part, having called for suspending this use!

France, a country of freedom and human rights is therefore nothing exemplary at the moment and that is what would probably justify the position of the gendarmerie forces in the successive episodes of Yellow Vests.

To ensure this analysis, we have taken the history of the beginning of the five-year period of Emmanuel Macron in his relations with the Army, knowing that the Gendarmerie is an Army Corps.

Upon his appointment, Emmanuel Macron manifested his contempt vis-à-vis the General Staff, distancing himself from General de Villiers who eventually resigned.

On July 14, 2018, a significant incident occurred. The Patrouille de France passes over the Champs Elysee with a tricolor very singular flag that none have decoded in figures: 1789 ....

Panic at the highest level of the state which is reinforced "when uncultivated people, poor people and nothings" start demonstrating by blocking roads and highways.

The swagger of the Elysee who had cried out last summer "they come to get me" immediately became afraid. With the help of Florence Parly, the Minister of the Armies, he calls on the reporters in Calvi and Nîmes. The answer falls dry: the General Staff will not engage the troupe against the People of France.

In fear, the Elysée requisition the ban and back of the Police and including BAC, whose policing is not in his remit and whose members do not have, in general, qualifications necessary for handling the LBD.

"These cops, reputed without faith nor law" are very badly received, and this even if some brave as Alexandre Langlois, General Secretary of the Syndicate Vigi-police denounce this police repression, which would be ordered by a certain Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said Rintintin or Gaztaner, who would not hesitate to summon on February 20 "the impertinent" before a Council of Discipline for the sole reason that he had denounced these unfair orders.

These historical episodes are meaningful!

The end of the first half of the Yellow Vests game will be whistled in the aftermath of April 15, 2019 when the executive's proposals "drawn" from the analysis of the grievance books opened since December 15, 2018 will fall. probably possible to assess whether the police violence was justified or whether it only fueled the discontent.

To be continued…......

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


"The overrepresentation of the government and its supporters on the radio and television broadcasts, especially during the great debate, seriously threatens the balance of representation of the various political expressions that form the basis of our democratic system," he said. writes the Socialist Party in a statement issued on 25 February that accompanied the sending of a referral to the CSA.

Everyone is wondering how President Macron's prolific speech will be accounted for in the big debate. And for good reason: When Emmanuel Macron speaks in the context of the great debate, his time must be counted because it falls within the framework of what the CSA calls "the debate of national policy". Only his regal interventions do not fall within this field of counting. And info channels devote time to big masses, sometimes broadcasting them in their entirety.

The National Front, the Republicans, insubordinate France and recently the Socialist Party have seized the CSA denouncing all a distortion of speaking time with a much too unbalanced airtime in favor of the President of the Republic and his majority.

The rule in force which applies since January 1, 2018, outside the electoral period, as is the case for Europeans only opening in April, is as follows:

Speaking time is broken down into one-third for the executive (president, prime minister, ministers and their collaborators) and two-thirds for political parties according to election results, the number of elected officials and polls.

And the balance demanded of the media must be respected not on a week but on a quarter based on a monthly count sent by the chains to the CSA. At the beginning of March the figures of December are not yet communicated ...

When are the figures for the months of January and February? Not before the Europeans, it seems ...

A thorny issue for the chairman of the CSA Roch-Olivier Maistre

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


French jihadist Fabien Clain was reportedly killed in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 20, in Syria, by an international coalition strike, and his brother, Jean-Michel, was reportedly seriously injured. Fabien Clain was killed by an air strike in Baghouz, the last bastion of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria.

The French government is still waiting for a DNA analysis to formalize his death.

The French authorities have not officially confirmed the death of Fabien Clain.

"During the operations of reconquest of the last stronghold of Daech led by the coalition, it is possible indeed that Fabien Clain was killed, tweeted in the evening the French Minister of the Armies Florence Parly.

If this is the case, the French who remember his calls for murder and his role in the pseudo-Islamic state, will surely be relieved. We remain vigilant, this information is not confirmed, "she added.

The Clain brothers were quickly identified in the claim of the Islamic State group after the attacks of 13 November in Paris as the voices of the message. Fabien Clain, 41, was the voice of the terrorist group's sound message broadcast in the aftermath of the attacks perpetrated by three commandos of men returning from Syria. His brother Jean-Michel, 38, had been recognized in the Anasheeds - religious songs - of the recording.

Veterans of the jihad, they were in the sights of anti-terrorist services for years. After demonstrating their involvement in the attacks of 13-November, the investigating judges issued an arrest warrant against them in June 2018.

Many "high value" targets were reportedly killed by the French or American army on the spot.

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The rallies took place on Tuesday evening, 19 February 2019, to protest the latest anti-Semitic acts that France has just known.

In Paris, Place de la République, 20,000 people gathered to listen to the few speakers asked to intervene, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy; to listen but also to commune together in memory of the victims of racism and anti-Semitism.

A large number of elected officials joined the movement, including the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the President of the Region of Ile de France, Valérie Pécresse or the leader of Generation (former PS), Benoit Hamon, initiator of the operation. A large part of Edouard Philippe's government was there, even though the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had decided not to open the march.

All the protesters present called for firmness following the latest violent anti-Semitic acts that France has just known. All also shared the fear, anger or outrage aroused by these acts.

Everything started with insults addressed to Alain Finkielkraut, who returned home after having lunch with the family at the restaurant was found by the greatest chance in front of a group of yellow jackets the previous Sunday. The desecration the same day of a hundred graves of the Jewish Cemetery Quatzenhein, a small village located north west of Strasbourg was also in all heads because of the swastikas that had been discovered there. It is also in this small village, inside the cemetery that the Head of State had chosen to meet the Jewish community.

These have sounded the charge against a reviving anti-Semitism; Had not Christophe Castaner himself announced on 11 February 2019 that anti-Semitic acts were on the rise by 74%, the number of acts having jumped from 311 to 541? In front of the sawn and bare trunk of the tree planted in memory of Ilan Halimi, Christophe Castaner denounced that day "the winds of anti-Semitism that spreads like a poison".

In short! As our excellent colleague, Elisabeth Levy has just stated, the evening was "a festival of republican proclamations". But after all, she added, "any excess of feelings in this area is better than indifference."

But under the background of "kiss us crazy city" there was still a lot of hiccups!

So, in the face of the unitary display and the purity of the cause, many questions arose as to where this resurgence of anti-Semitism came from?

Of course, and since they have been disturbing for several weeks, Yellow Jackets have been accused.

The first attacks came from Benjamin Grivaux, the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament.

One of his old tweet, dated December 22, 2018 resurfaced: "So we lynch, we sing the Quenelle de Dieudonné in Montmartre, we take the codes of the 1930s to overthrow the Republic, we decapitate the effigy of the President of the Republic…. Behind this one, there is only one face, cowardly, racist, anti-Semitic , putschist "he had written then. Just that!

Benjamin Grivaux in the text, mixing insult and foolishness! But also a tweet expressing the hypocrisy that dominates in France in the heavy atmosphere and aggressiveness that prevails in France.

Because what has actually happened these days, with the aggression of an immense man of culture and academician that is Alain Finkielkraut, who from the very beginning had declared to support the movement of Yellow Vests, which comes from to appear in full light, it is indeed the Islamic anti-Semitism, that some describes as gaucho-islamist.

This ideology is consubstantial with post-modern cultural leftism, well analyzed by Jean Pierre Le Goff. This gaucho-Islamist is the one who killed Ilan Halimi and led the left to close his eyes for years?

In this context we are all more or less obliged to put back to the heart of the debate "the recognition of the lost territories of the Republic and the correlative idea of ​​living together".

We must also remember that the left, all the left, socialist and related had not supported Alain Finkielkraut in 2005! She had even dragged him into the mud, following the riots in which he had denounced, already, the ethnic and religious aspects of these intifadas imported on the national territory. By laziness? By clientelism?

We ourselves will choose clientelism.

For it must not be forgotten that Emmanuel Macron himself had appealed to the suburban Muslim communities through imams. A support that had been very useful, while the one, who is now Head of State, deliberately gave up evaluating whether these supports came from a communitarian ideology that as a "red plague" had developed in suburbs, but also in nurseries (see Baby Lou case), schools, colleges, high schools, swimming pools, the street (with the identity veil), the subway, trains and even in companies obliged by new legislation, to accept the hours of prayer during working hours or even to create, to help, rooms of worship ...

Evidence contrary to that in December 2018 had declared Jean Yves Camus, Director of the Observatory of Political Radicals and researcher at IRIS who still accused in block, only the extreme rights, the newspaper Rivarol, the networks conspiracy internet, the young followers of Dieudonné and Alain Soral, some RN militants suspected of having had an antisemitic past, Robert Faurisson ...

The researcher recently stated with aplomb "that he did not know an antisemite with a left spine"! At the same time, the same researcher considers that the events in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not responsible for the antisemitic background noise that has been heard for many years.

Understand that, especially since yesterday, Marlene Schiappa went there, too, of her diatribe by declaring that "she wanted to emphasize the existence of an ideological convergence between the Manif For All and the terrorist attacks". If ridicule killed, she would be dead!

On the other hand, what many of us are beginning to understand is that the dominant LA, which has been insinuating since the end of the 1939-1945 war, is globalist and standardizing, is certainly not the one all citizens of the world, including Isalmists, want.

The vast majority of Yellow Vests, non-racist and non-anti-Semitic, seemed to have understood that the LAW that crushes, impoverishes, enslaves, excludes, crushes is increasingly challenged.

Unfortunately, the return to the forefront of anti-Semitism, "brown plague" for the current majority will inevitably stifle their movement, because of discredited by some "hate Islamists" creating the scandal.

In this ideological maelstrom and like Elisabeth Levy we will have a thought for other groups like the Catholics who also come to suffer terrible images of soiled altars, broken or degraded statues and tabernacles dumped, and this when even though or because the newspapers have not made their own on these supposedly diverse facts, more than sad for them.

In their great majority, the French agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, are all in spite of themselves embarked in the Macronist boat which rocks and which could possibly be sinking unless the French wake up?

To conclude and once again we will repeat the words of Elizabeth Levy who "believes that anti-Semitism today is more a red plague (color blood of Islamist attacks) than a brown plague."

In any case, we will not end without having given our full support to Alain Finkielkraut.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



On 15 February, the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office opened a preliminary inquiry into "obstruction of the manifestation of the truth". Is there "concealment of evidence" in the various investigations against Alexandre Benalla?

Justice is interested in two statements by Alexander Benalla, according to a source close to the survey.

The first is the disappearance of the safe that he owned at his home for his weapons.

This safe "had to be taken to a safe place by a person but it was not me who took care of that," he told investigators on July 21.

The public prosecutor's office had not found it appropriate to expand the scope of investigations to find this safe no offense in connection with weapons being blamed to the former chargé de mission Emmanuel Macron.

According to Libération, on February 14, Chokri Wakrim was the author of this move.

What the latter denied.

The second statement concerns the removal of SMS with Vincent Crase. The former collaborator of Emmanuel Macron says in this exchange:

"And we erase everything each time. You erased everything in your phone? ".

The announcement of the opening of this inquiry comes a few hours after the Senate Law Commission delivered its report. Justice must work.

This commission calls to seize justice suspecting Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase to have lied and three collaborators of Emmanuel Macron to have omitted certain elements voluntarily.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



There has been a disturbing rise in anti-Semitism in Europe over the last ten years.

This is evidenced by the European barometer of the EU. In France the Minister of the Interior has announced a leap anti-Semitic acts over a year of 74%, unfortunately illustrated recently by the face of Simone Veil crossed with a swastika, the degradation of trees planted in memory of Ilan Halimi or anti-Semitic insults against the essayist and academician Alain Finkelkraut.

On February 12, 2019 in the Assembly, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared: "I share this anger (...) in front of more and more acts, which target the people or the places, the anti-Semitic acts against the memory of Ilan Halimi, the anti-Semitic acts against the memory of Simone Veil, the inscriptions placed here and there on such and such a sign ". This phenomenon is not recent and is not unique to France.

The situation in other European countries is not good either. Germany is no more spared: in 2017, the Ministry of the Interior has noted an increase in anti-Semitic acts.

681 reports during the first semester, 27 more than the previous year (+ 4%). Faced with the worsening of the situation, Germany appointed in May the lawyer and diplomat Felix Klein as the head of the fight against anti-Semitism with the federal government.

According to the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST), which lists antisemitic incidents in the United Kingdom since 1984 and has just published its 2018 report, these acts increased by 16% last year, from 1420 to 1652.

In Poland, on 27 January, the extreme right organized for the first time a demonstration on the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau on the occasion of the annual day in memory of the victims where dozens of Polish nationalists had gathered.

"The Jewish nation and Israel are doing everything to change the history of the Polish nation," said Piotr Rybak of the Polish Independence Movement, the organizer of the protest. "Polish patriots can not admit that," he added. Across Europe, far-right political parties are accused of fanning anti-Semitism.

In the image of the AfD in Germany, several leaders were criticized for making statements pretending to minimize the Holocaust. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Fidesz last year led a virulent campaign against migrants, as well as George Soros, the American Jewish billionaire of Hungarian origin.

According to the anti-Semitism barometer of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, published in November 2018, the outbreak of anti-Semitism was almost universal in Europe between 2007 and 2017, with outbreaks simultaneous measures that are not exactly the same from one country to another.

Last January, the Israeli Minister of the Diaspora, Naftali Bennett denounced an increase of these phenomena in the world. "The year 2018 has been marked by records of anti-Semitism on the streets, online and on the political scene in the world," insisted Naftali Bennett.

Attacks that are in 70% of cases, "anti-Israeli nature," he said. Violence against Jews in Europe can therefore be correlated with Israeli - Palestinian tensions such as the summer of 2014 the "Gaza war", or that of 2008-2009. The Israeli report also highlights the number of anti-Semitic acts attributed to neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Every year, since 2004, in its annual report, the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights has pointed out that the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts no longer belong, "the great majority of them to groups influenced in a significant way by extremist ideology of the right, but to the backgrounds of Arab-Muslim origin ".

There is a sense of insecurity in Europe's Jewish communities: "Jewish communities too often live in fear of being discriminated against, abused and even abused," said the First Vice President of Commission, Frans Timmermans. "Four in 10 Jews are thinking of leaving Europe," Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

"When Jews left Europe in the past, it was never a good sign of the state of Europe," she added.

"Several decades after the Holocaust, the European Union remains plagued by shocking and growing levels of anti-Semitism," said in December Michael O'Flaherty, director of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union.

Across Europe, the scars of anti-Semitism are becoming more and more visible, so much so that the FRA evokes a "surge" that threatens "not only our Jewish communities, but also the very values ​​of fundamental and human rights on which the European Union was built ".

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld



To the amazement of many, and it seems, feigned or not, the person concerned, Alain Juppé has just been named "Sage among the Sages" member of the Constitutional Council to replace Lionel Jospin.

The Constitutional Council comprises 9 members, plus one ex officio member, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, in his capacity as former President of the Republic. It is renewable by 1/3, the unique mandate of a member not exceeding 9 years.

It was necessary at the beginning of the year 2019 to appoint 3 new "magistrates" to replace those positioned on the starting line or deceased.

According to the Constitution, the power of appointment belongs to:

- President of the Republic who has just appointed Jacques Mézard, former Secretary of State, Senator

- Speaker of the Senate who has just appointed Jean Jacques Hyest, Senator

- President of the National Assembly who has just appointed Alain Juppé

It is within the scope of his attributions that Richard Ferrand has appointed Alain Juppé.

This decision, which was made public on 14 February 2019, immediately gave rise to comments, mostly acidic, with the exception, for example, of François Baroin, a long-time friend of Alain Juppé and President of the Association of Mayors of France.

The fireworks of the critics began the day after the announcement with, the first of them, that we had to notice, namely that of Nicolas Canteloup who did not hesitate to qualify " this democratic bug, agree between reprinted justice ".

It is true that Alain Juppé was convicted in 2004 in the famous case of the fictitious jobs of the mayor of Paris then chaired by Jacques Chirac, but also that Richard Ferrand is today put in review in the context of a dark case of personal enrichment, embezzlement and fraud to the detriment of Mutuelles de Bretagne.

A chabada chabada affair (Ferrand / Juppé) on Valentine's Day!

There was more bad!

Alain Juppe fearing to take "a jerk" in the upcoming municipal elections in Bordeaux, would have preferred to join the paradise (near the Grévin Museum) policies, namely the Constitutional Council or the average age is 70 years and over.

The Constitutional Council is, it is true, in the process of becoming a political cemetery where we recase the friends or those who we wish to see definitively leave the political life or those who through the questions submitted could make the decisions expected by the power.

The next day, Alain Juppé immediately gave a press conference, whose main point, "sobs in his voice" was addressed to the Bordelais to whom he had promised to remain until the end of his mandate?

In the ranks of the Bordeaux opposition, we have obviously hammered the nail: "Pharaonic expenditure (see our previous editions) committed by Alain Juppé, to make Bordeaux, a beautiful, emptied the boxes! Alain Juppé does not leave Bordeaux by the main door; he has simply secured a golden retirement at the Constitutional Council ". The social crisis has indeed passed through the city of Bordeaux where Yellow Vests have massively manifested, the popular layers have been boosted outside the city as a result of the changes promoted by Alain Juppé and its Municipal Council. Bordeaux have seen red for many weeks.

But the rejection of Alain Juppé by the Bordelais may not be the only reason for his departure?

The news fell by means of a sober statement made by the person concerned to the press on 14 February. Even his closest associates were not, it seems, in the secret. In their vast majority the Bordelais were not aware too.

Yet there had been some early warning signs. Alain Juppé, out of rupture for many months with the Republicans, since the election of Emmanuel Macron, had he not announced in January that he would not renew his membership in the party? The rapprochement with the President of the Republic had not materialized by the appointment of his former protégé, Edouard Philippe to Matignon, a symbol!

Yet it is said behind the scenes that the appointment of Alain Juppé to the Constitutional Council would have created collateral damage in the macronie itself and in the macronie of the Elysée more precisely, which for 3 months had expressed its disagreement vis-à-vis Richard Ferrand's intentions and to the end sought to convince him of another choice, to no avail.

The President of the National Assembly who wanted to "make a coup" remained deaf to the recommendations of the Elysee who also organized a game of musical chairs. The appointment of Alain Juppé has, contrary to appearances much upset the Elysee.

Alain Juppe will therefore land on rue Montpensier where he will sit alongside Laurent Fabius, the current President of the Constitutional Council, also convicted in the case of tainted blood.

Having become Sage, Alain Juppé will now be on the reserve and will not be able to support the Macron / LREM list of the next European elections, a support that would certainly have been very useful.

Yet the two men had lunch together on Tuesday, February 12th?

In spite of everything, Alain Juppe, who had been beaten by François Fillon in the primaries of the right, had remained against the odds of a right-wing figure.

As a result, his appointment to the Constitutional Council will leave the field open to those who intend to take over the torch of the current of the social and moderate right he represented, like the example of Valérie Pecresse or Xavier Bertrand, who will certainly not resume the slogan of "happy identity" that made a large part of the right electorate go back.

Because, at this end of the game, it should be noted that Alain Juppé had put the worm in the fruit of the French right that it disintegrated from the inside.

And from this point of view, it will be noted that the one who was "the best of us" is demonstrating the opposite of Edouard Herriot's famous formula "the intelligent man is the one who measures that he can understand. In fact, since the dawn of his political career Alain Juppé has understood nothing of France and the French.

Good luck, Mr. Juppé to the Constitutional Council !

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



Several events were underway this Saturday afternoon, three months after the start of the movement. At 2 pm, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 10,200 demonstrators throughout France, including 3,000 in Paris. According to the official figures, challenged by the "yellow vests", the mobilization for this day would be down compared to the previous week at the same time, where 12,100 demonstrators had been identified in France by the Ministry including 4000 in Paris

Towards an exhaustion of mobilization

The mobilization decreases overall every Saturday since mid-January. According to the authorities' figures, on 19 January the number of "yellow vests" reached 84,000, they were 69,000 on January 26, then 58,600 on February 2 and finally 51,400 people on February 9. Figures, however, contest the "yellow vests" that had identified Saturday, February 9 at least 110,000 protesters

A feeling of weariness among the French

This drying up of the mobilization seems to go hand in hand with a feeling of weariness of a majority of French (56%) who wish that the movement stops. If a majority of French (58%) continue to approve the fight of the "yellow vests", two thirds think that the type of mobilization of Saturday does not correspond any more to the initial claims around the purchasing power.

The executive gave $ 10 billion and taxed overtime and satisfied a number of claims. In the same way, the debate responds to this demand to be heard and to express oneself.

In addition, acts of violence are condemned by the population. Even if the tension seemed to diminish 26 people were arrested Saturday in Paris. Clashes took place in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon. At Le Mans, the residence of Sarthe MP Damien Pichereau (LREM) was completely destroyed, "and in Rouen, four yellow vests were slightly injured by a car.

In Paris, the writer and essayist Alain Finkielkraut suffered anti-Semitic insults.

Moreover, the movement is struggling to find a unity.

The "yellow vest" Ingrid Levavasseur announced on Wednesday 13 February that she was abandoning the list of the "Citizens' Initiative Rally" (RIC) she wanted to run for the European elections, explaining that she wanted to "get back on track" and " smooth the name RIC "without, however," giving up ". "I officially disassociate myself from the rallying of citizen initiative (which does not mean that I give up presenting a list for European women)," she insisted on her Twitter account.

This is not the first time that the RIC list has known since its debut in January some disappointments. Hayk Shahinyan, had announced "take a step back" at the end of January by renouncing his role as director of the campaign. Two members of the list then announced to give up.

On January 31, it was Brigitte Lapeyronie who was deploring "that his application to the European forces him to abandon the defense of employees." Then Marc Doyer who said he was the target of death threats and "fake news" because of his support for Emmanuel Macron.

Thus emerging figures are challenged or deemed unrepresentative.

The movement is struggling to structure itself politically: four lists of "yellow vests" were announced in early February for the European elections none being complete.

Wednesday, February 13, Ingrid Levavasseur, therefore threw in the towel by abandoning the list of the "Citizens' Initiative Rally" (RIC) she intended to lead. Meanwhile, Hayk Shahinyan, who had withdrawn from the first list led by Ingrid Levavasseur, announced Sunday, February 10, that he was going to found a new party, the Alternative Citizens Movement (MAC)...

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The "yellow vest" Ingrid Levavasseur announced on Wednesday that she was abandoning the list of the "Citizens' Initiative Rally" (RIC) she intended to conduct for the European elections, explaining that she wanted to "get back on track" and "smooth the name RIC "without however" giving up ".

Asked about possible divisions that led to this decision, the 31 year old caregiver said: "Absolutely not, I have companions who follow me, we just smooth the name RIC and we start on a good basis" .

"I officially disassociate myself from the rallying of citizen initiative (which does not mean that I give up presenting a list for European women)," she insisted on her Twitter account.

This is not the first time that the RIC list has known since its debut in January some disappointments. Hayk Shahinyan, had announced "take a step back" at the end of January by renouncing his role as director of the campaign. Two members of the list then announced to give up.

On January 31, it was Brigitte Lapeyronie who was deploring "that his application to the European forces him to abandon the defense of employees . " Then Marc Doyer who said he was the target of death threats and "fake news" because of his support for Emmanuel Macron.

Who for a head of the list?

Is not that a little premature?

Difficult to find political solutions...

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For the 13th time the Yellow Vests paraded in Paris and in the streets of the main provincial cities.

The Ministry of the Interior, which appears to be the only one to have reliable metering measuring instruments, has counted 51400.

A figure that according to government analysts shows a decline in mobilization.

The Yellow Vests and their supporters have for their part counted 110 000 participants throughout France, yesterday, Saturday, February 9, 2019!

A figure similar to that of last week that does not allow to say that the movement is weakening!

Leaving the Place de l'Etoile around 10:30 am, the Parisian motorcade was once again hit by the police.

The first tensions occurred at the level of the National Assembly around 1 pm. At jets street furniture the police responded with jets of tear gas.

A demonstrator had his hand torn off during these clashes, a opening grenade GLI-FU ("weapons" that contain 24 grams of TNT) that exploded in his hand.

A Vigipirate car belonging to the Sentinel Force was set on fire near the Champ de Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Seen from abroad, it was perfectly possible to wonder if Paris Brulait?

The movement of Yellow Vests would give some signs of shortness of breath? Nothing is less certain?

The movement is still largely supported by French public opinion.

According to a survey of YouGov broadcast Thursday, February 7, 2019, 2 French out of 3 still support the Yellow Vests (64%) ... 2 more points in a month and 77% consider mobilization justified (+ 3%).

This poll shows that even if tensions remain all weekend due to (?) Yellow Vests, the situation is not rotten.

This is in any case what has just declared today Nicolas Dupont Aignan (candidate and head of the list of Debout France for the next European elections) on the TV sets of LCI ...

According to the tenor of the French right, the responsibility for this rottenness should be on the account of Emmanuel Macron and his government

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



"Extreme declarations", "baseless and unprecedented attacks" and "repeated accusations" on the part of Rome. These are the main reasons why France has decided to recall its ambassador to Italy for "consultations". Until then, the tensions between Paris and Rome, particularly acute since the arrival of the nationalist and antisystem coalition (the League and the 5-Star Movement) in power in Italy, had been limited to invective or dispute over settled at intergovernmental level.

But the Quai d'Orsay had already denounced Thursday an "unacceptable provocation" after a meeting in France on the sly, the day before, between the Vice-President of the Italian Council and political leader of the Movement 5 Stars, Luigi Di Maio, and extremist representatives "yellow vests", mobilized for several weeks against President Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Di Maio seeking to unite the anti-elites for the Europeans ...

"The latest interference is an additional and unacceptable provocation. They violate the respect due to the democratic choice, made by a friendly and allied people. They violate the respect that democratic and freely elected governments must have among themselves, "Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnès von der Mühll said in a statement.

The strong man of the Conte Matteo Salvini government had hoped that the French people would soon be released from a "very bad president", utterly unpublished remarks by leaders of the founding countries of the European Union. The Italian interior minister is trying to organize a far-right European front against pro-Europeans, notably the French head of state, in view of the 26 May poll.

Today, Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior and boss of the Italian far right, reacted to the French ambassador's recall for consultations, assuring that the Rome government did not want controversy. "We do not want to get angry with anyone, polemics do not interest us : we are concrete people and we defend the interests of Italians," wrote Matteo Salvini in a statement.

If the strength of the French reaction has been surprising, since the recall of an ambassador of France in Italy is unprecedented since 1940, this reaction, in the diplomatic scale, is proportionate.

The French ambassador to Rome returned to Paris for "consultations". The recall is first of all symbolic and constitutes the first step towards freezing or breaking off diplomatic relations between two countries.

This French reminder is not a first. On 25 August 2017, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjarto announced the Hungarian ambassador's recall for "consultations" in The Hague, after strong criticism by the Dutch ambassador in Budapest against the government. Hungarian. On 6 February 2012, the Belgian ambassador to Syria, Françoise Gustin, was recalled immediately in consultation by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, a few months after the beginning of the conflict. Generally, ambassador reminders are not surprising. They can be done but they are more rare, on the other hand, between European countries.

However, this escalation between two founding member states of the European Union is unprecedented and indicative of the deep political clash that has been undermining Europe for more than three years. "We believe in a Europe that is more united, more united, stronger, facing the great transformations of the world," French President Emmanuel Macron explained in Brussels on 19 November 2018.

With this reminder, the "United Europe" takes a serious blow three months on the back of elections to the European Parliament on May 26.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld



We have so far been accustomed to reporting the soap opera Benalla under the titles of Season (s) 1, 2 or 3.

The chapter which has been open for a few days now leads us to renumber the episodes, it being specified that, considering the turn that the affair has just taken, we will probably have to come back to it.

The National Financial Procuratorate has opened, this Thursday, February 7, 2019, a corruption investigation concerning the signing of a contract negotiated by Alexander Benalla with a Russian oligarch.

On what basis?

First of all, this is a new investigation aimed at Alexandre Benalla, on a subject mentioned by the Médiapart Journal last week when this major media broadcast a discussion dated July 26, 2018 between Alexandre Benalla and Bertrand crushes.

The oligarch concerned is a certain Iskander Makhmudov, close to Vladimir Putin. Iskander Makhmudov is suspected of having links with the Russian mafia.

After the publication of the article Médiapart journalists tried to check with Matignon, the assumption that prevails today, that the conversation was recorded at the home of the Chief of the Security Group Prime Minister (GSPM) .

The recording is overwhelming. It is even more damning that on July 26, 2018, the judicial control of Alexandre Benalla and Bertrand Crase formally forbade them to see each other.

However, on this occasion we have just discovered a central character in the case of Benalla, a character whose name had never appeared before.

It's about 34-year-old Chokri Wakrim, a soldier who is said to be "the course would be opaque".

Our colleague Libération has been investigating for several weeks the latter who would be seriously involved in the famous security contract in question, negotiated with the oligarch Iskander Makhmudov, cited above.

We fell from the chair, taking cognizance of the first elements of Liberation's investigation, which indicates that Chokri Wakrim, first introduced and sober as a friend, is none other than the companion of Marie Elodie Poitout, the head of the Safety of Matignon, promoted to Divisional Commissioner in January 2018.

Several documents consulted by our colleague attest to the proximity between Chokri Wakrim and Alexandre Benalla.

The "sulphurous" soldier accompanied him in the Château of Vincent Miclet in the Dordogne (see our previous editions).

In a video, Emmanuel Macron's "bodyguard" appears during a rifle shooting session in the Château gardens.

In another video, we see Alexandre Benalla in the Parisian home of Mohamad Izzat Khatab, a sulphurous Syrian businessman. Mohamad Khatab hosted Alexandre Benalla for several weeks after leaving the Elysee Palace.

The proximity of Alexandre Benalla with these individuals raises many questions and the first of which, that the National Prosecutor landed seeking to search the premises of Médiapart, Monday, February 4 after opening a preliminary investigation " for invasion of privacy "and" unlawful possession of devices or devices allowing the interception of telecommunications or conversations ".

On this last blow, Matignon nevertheless claims to be transparent (?) Assuring, in the face of the controversy born of the celerity with which the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office began its investigation, that no instruction had been given in this sense.

The resignation February 7 of Marie Elodie Poitout (who has been on all trips abroad of the Prime Minister) however shows that the situation becomes "critical".

At the Elysee as at Matignon we cut the branches at high speed!

Despite this, the head of Security said "remained serene"?

She just said that she just wanted to protect Edouard Philippe, which did not convince!

This is the reason why it is difficult to believe that Matignon knew nothing and many people are already questioning "the truth" of Edouard Philippe!

The Benalla affair is starting to make an ugly plaster. It would even be becoming a state affair, as Guillaume Larrivé, MP, has just declared, today:

"There is gradually a feeling of nausea vis-à-vis this case, which we saw so far only the visible face of the iceberg.

The state summit has not yet faltered.

But the sewage odors that the successive sequences of the Benalla Affair release, begin to become heavy.

The latest twists have tainted the Executive as Justice.

Therefore, it seems that we will certainly have the opportunity very soon to write the scene 2 of Act II, the malice of macronist power seemingly endless……..

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


Prime Minister Edouard Philippe informed Parliament Wednesday night that the French armed forces were conducting offensive operations in Chad against armed groups from Libya.

French aviation has indeed carried out several raids since last weekend in northern Chad. These raids took place east of the Tibesti Massif in the Ennedi region.

A statement issued by the French army staff on Wednesday, February 6, acknowledges that "from February 3 to 6, 2019, Mirage 2000 of the French armed forces intervened [in the] north-east of Chad, in coordination with the Chadian army, so as to counter the incursion of an armed column from Libya into Chadian territory ".

On several occasions since Sunday, February 3, Paris has indeed launched its Mirage 2000, based in N'Djamena, to bomb a rebel column of the Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) from southern Libya, and that Chadian army did not seem able to stop. In total, French fighter planes reportedly conducted about 20 strikes, according to a military source, and destroyed some 20 vehicles that can transport up to 10 fighters each.

Legal framework of intervention

The head of the government invoked article 35 of the Constitution which defines the conditions for the implementation of the war and the intervention of armed forces abroad. "The French government has decided to involve our armed forces in Chad (...) in response to the request for assistance [from] the President of the Republic of Chad, Idriss Déby Itno". This clarification aims to remove the ambiguity on the legality of the French intervention. Officially, the two countries are bound by a "technical military cooperation agreement" dating back to 1976 and which allows the French military to intervene only if requested.

Technically, these operations in Chad are therefore not part of the fight against terrorism and as part of Operation Barkhane. Nowhere does the official French communiqué mention the mention of a terrorist threat. It is therefore a French intervention in support of an allied regime, in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law, as specified by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Risk of destabilization of Chad and Barkham operation

The critics have quickly rocketed. Interference, defense of a corrupt regime estimate Chadian opponents and French elected officials. But the intervention of the French army aims to avoid the destabilization of Chad by the entry of these rebels.

"The raid of this armed column in the depths of Chadian territory was likely to destabilize this country. The Chadian armed forces are an essential partner of France in the fight against terrorism, both in Mali, within the Minusma, and in the joint force of G5 Sahel through its commitment against Boko Haram [ present in Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria], "said the EMA, without mentioning who was the target.

"The security of Chad and the Sahel are part of the same subregional framework, so the intervention of" Barkhane "is justified," said government spokesman Oumar Yaya Hissein.

These pickup columns actually belong to a rebel Chadian movement, the Union of Resistance Forces, led by President Déby's nephew, Timan Erdimi, and made up of Zaghawa fighters, the ethnic group of the President. They wanted to establish a rear base in northeastern Chad or Sudan. Another rebel group is located in northern Chad: the Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic. This CCMSR was born in Libya in 2016 from a split of the UFR. But "since President [Deby] proposed [in 2018] an amnesty to rebels who lay down arms, we consider that there are no more rebels in Chad, but only outlaws, mercenaries and terrorists, "said the spokesman for the government.

Reinforced French device

The tactical French strike force is considerable. The French army can count on the SRI (air intelligence) assets deployed from Niamey. One of the French Reaper drones took part in the actions, providing real-time information on the location and movements of rebel columns. Several drones were mobilized to ensure the permanence of the ISR watch over northern Chad.

Fifty years after Operation Limousin, France continues to fly to the aid of the Chadian regime.

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld


MAY 26  2019

The question of the referendum has become in a few days a sea serpent that feeds all conversations.

Will there be or will there not be a referendum on May 26, 2019, the day of European elections?

What does Emmanuel Macron really have in mind today on this issue?

The question was put on the table by the JDD (Journal du Dimanche) of February 3, which devoted a long analysis to him under the pen of our colleague Hervé Gattegno.

The only thing we can say today is that the government is thinking strongly about this solution to get out of the crisis resulting from the popular revolt of Yellow Vests just offset by the yellow scarves.

To interpret, we have been forced for some days to rely on confidences cleverly distilled by some close to the President of the Republic or by some learned analysts whose views are often diametrically opposed.

We will leave, immediately, aside the confidences of the affidés, not verifiable for the moment. We only know that these confidences are based on the information that the Ministry of the Interior has spoken, late last week with printers and paper manufacturers, "to be caught off guard and be ready the D-day because the final decision will have to be taken very quickly ".

We will analyze only the political and legal opinions including those of some who believe that the rapid organization of a referendum would be an asset for Emmanuel Macron, heckled by a public opinion that overwhelmingly has continued to show his anger. .

The sling of Yellow Vests and the rage she caused to emerge throughout France had caused Emmanuel Macron to lose the first round.

The Great Debate, widely relayed by the media, especially those in power, and the main issues he has emerged have convinced, he seems to the Head of State and prepare the beautiful by organizing to do this. referendum some of whom claim that it could take place on May 26, 2019.

Technically and practically the choice of this date would have advantages. Voters would only have to move once and the organizing councils could limit the material and human burden of their organization.

This scenario is however disputed by the opposition but also by some political experts who consider that the idea of ​​organizing a referendum on May 26 is anything but good. And the arguments are not lacking!

In the first place, because the results of the Great Debate, which began on December 15, 2018, must be published between March 9 and 16, via general meetings of citizens drawn by lot. So we do not really know what are the major issues that will come out of the debate and what will be the issues to be included in the referendum.

Knowing that Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior pleads for a referendum with multiple questions (a QCM of Sciences Po) the time available to organize the campaign risk the day after March 16 to be too short! Moreover, and given that in general, a referendum is a very strong citizen moment it will be necessary that the value of the questions is powerful enough that the result generates something that is not binary and the stake would be summed up to be for or against the line of the President of the Republic

This is also the reason why support for the Head of State has drawn this idea of ​​multiple issues by not limiting them to institutional issues. But even on this point, the analyzes diverge!

Macronist senators like François Patriat (Cote d'Or) argue for the introduction of societal and socio-economic themes, a first in France since the advent of the Fifth Republic.

On the occasion of his informal and unexpected interview last Friday, February 2, 2019, Emmanuel Macron did not close the door to a referendum to be held on May 26, 2019, "to encourage openness to permanent public deliberation". he added "to satisfy the people who want to regain control of their destiny".

In the presidential camp, moreover, some voices were raised to say that the bet was risky. The main risk could be abstention. In 2005, participation in the referendum on the Maastricht Treaty was 30%, a very low turnout, which, if it were to renew itself, may not re-credibilize and re-legitimize Emmanuel Macron.

The fiercest opponents denounce a political maneuver and a political calculation! For Gilbert Collard, lawyer and deputy RN, "the referendum is a good idea that Emmanuel Macron prostitutes"! The opposition forces as a whole denounce the circle and one more smoking.

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, two senators have addressed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe present during the current affairs. On this occasion, Edouard Philippe was cautious "in the face of the possibility of a referendum on the day of the European elections which would have the main drawback of calling into question the clarity of the debate on Europe". For Edouard Philippe France has everything to gain from a clear European debate.

Responding to Roger Karouchi (Senator LR) but also Hervé Marseille (Centrist Group), the Prime Minister said he had heard the remark on "a form of disagreement on the idea of ​​a referendum on European elections day. ". "I hear these remarks," he added, "and I take note of them. A number of arguments are perfectly legitimate. Edouard Philippe also said that nothing had been decided and that the reflection and consultations were continuing! It was nevertheless understood on this occasion that there would be more than the thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper between the Elysee and Matignon on the subject.

The appetite for the debate that currently animates French citizens, Yellow Vests or not, advocates for the rapid holding of a referendum, May 26, for example.

But this referendum could be risky with regard to the political survival of Emmanuel Macron. This is what Mattéo Ghisalberti (editor-in-chief of Putsch) has just said, who, like all foreign journalists, observes what is happening in France at the moment and who has just invited the President of the Republic to look at what passed the other side of the Alps in December 2016.

From 2014 the Democratic Party of Mattéo Renzi chained success. The international visibility of the latter had become enormous, with a highlight at the time of the World Expo in Milan. This success gave the impression that nothing was impossible for him, a perception comparable to that of the Elysee at this moment. Despite this, a majority of Italian voters, also forced to live in precarious conditions and hardship, with unvalued wages and unemployment exceeding 10%, rejected the proposal for reform by referendum of the institutions proposed by the Prime Minister (39). years). The majority NON ipso facto led to the fall of Mattéo Renzi.

The French executive should ponder the Italian example, with Italy becoming the laboratory of Europe.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


Nothing more, it seems for the presidential couple but especially nothing has been going for some time for Brigitte Macron who had been initially relatively spared.

In a few weeks, the wife of the President of the Republic was put on the spot by shock revelations or derogatory comments.

It all started with the statements of Alexandre Benalla who, at the beginning of 2019, in an interview with Médiapart, declared that the First Lady would have continued to exchange SMS, "on various themes" with the bodyguard of her husband, now indicted.

Brigitte Macron has formally denied but her allegations have aroused strong reactions including "some were linked to the arrest of Eric Drouet and the desire to quell the scandal".

It will be remembered that in full Benalla business, the First Lady, very very annoyed, had left the Elysee to take refuge in his villa Le Touquet.

She had then made the choice to remain lurking in the shadows and not to be noticed, while still declaring "that she had been stunned" by this business "that she had not seen coming ...".

However, we already knew that Emmanuel Macron, more than ever shifted after the departure of two of his ministers (Nicolas Hulot-Gérard Collomb) could only rely on his favorite asset: his wife!

The First Lady is since, more and more in retreat, even if she says she is solid and "armored".

She was nevertheless very shocked by the surge of hatred against them. She lives very badly this situation and no longer looks at the social accounts. To stay informed (and she is!) She listens to the radio and watches television.

It is nevertheless thanks to social networks that we learned that she had completely redone the hall of the Elysée. Less golden, brighter ... the room has changed. But the cost went wrong in full sequence of yellow vests. "All this for that": € 500,000?

Social networks exclaimed by noting that the tapestries of the Gobelins had disappeared and pointing out that now this famous piece looked like a station hall or, worse, a funeral parlor. It is true that the gray which is dominant and which was the favorite color of Marie Antoinette had not succeeded to the wife of Louis XVI!

Brigitte Macron was again criticized on the occasion of the official trip to Egypt of her husband, whom she accompanied. Past official ceremonies, the couple went to visit the Grand Temple of Abu Simbel. Wearing a mouse gray trousers (?), The First Lady wore Louis Vuitton branded sneakers. According to the Dailymail, these sneakers would have been estimated at 750 €, "the salary of a cashier part time".

Brigitte Macron immediately protested, indicating that these sneakers were lent and that they were intended to highlight the French creators. That does not seem to have convinced you?

Monday, February 4, 2019, will release the highly anticipated book "Madame La Président" at Plon Editions. The book was written by two journalists Ava Djamshide and Nathalie Schuk. Good leaves have already been released on newsstands on February 1 (Elle). This book will rehabilitate may be Brigitte Macron, now also very attacked and who shows, usually according to his relatives of a usually disarming natural.

Moreover, we will know more quickly about the role (or roles) she plays with her husband: Amante! Wife! Mother ! Tutor! Communicating! We already know that, according to Philippe de Villiers, she would be the woman who breathes in the ear of the artist. To be continued !

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


Twelfth episode of protest for the movement of "yellow vests" this Saturday.

Every Saturday, tens of thousands of people wear "yellow vests" who gather in France: they claim more purchasing power and denounce the government policy.

For Act XII is planned a "white march" in Paris for injured protesters.

"Today, there are 2,000 of which a hundred seriously affected," says Maxime Nicolle, one of the figures of the dispute. This is confirmed by the militant group "Disarm them".

I They lost an eye after a LBD firing, a hand after the GLI-F4 tear gas blast, or were injured by DMP dismantling grenades. Among them, Jerome Rodrigues wounded in the eye last week by a shot of LBD or fragments of grenade DMP, he who filmed the rally place de la Bastille.

As much as they are to parade, they denounce the use of these weapons by the police while denouncing "police violence".

The government, for its part, defends the need for these weapons to avoid violent direct contacts and more injuries between protesters and law enforcement.

"What I know is that if we take them away from our police, what's left of them?

They still have the body-to-body or their service weapon. I do not wish that they use their service weapon, and I wish to avoid the body-to-body. ". And the Council of State, seized in urgency, to reject Friday the requests for suspension of the use of the launcher of defense balls (LBD), believing that the risk of violence made it "necessary to allow the police to use these weapons. "

In the capital, several hundred "yellow vests" gathered in the late morning place Felix Éboué, in the XIIth arrondissement; in many provincial towns they met at the beginning of the afternoon.

While the mobilization is declining in Paris, it remains strong in several provincial cities, including Toulouse and Bordeaux. In Valencia, where Emmanuel Macron had moved on January 24, the authorities expect "between 8,000 and 10,000 protesters" for a "regional march" scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

"After Emmanuel Macron's coming last week in Valencia for a charade of debate, they are now 10,000 to want to come," said Nicolas Daragon, mayor LR of Valencia, who fears the presence of a thousand breakers.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld



ALain Gibelin, the DOPC (Public Order Director) charged with maintaining order in Paris was, on January 29, 2019, admitted to intensive care.

Alain Gibelin is the high-ranking police officer who made revelations about the Benalla case before the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, "swearing" (all the people questioned were sworn to tell the truth), wooden cross, cross iron, that his word had more weight than that of Alexander Benalla.

This policeman with a long career and esteemed, had indeed "hinted" that Alexander Benalla had participated in security meetings when he was officially suspended from his duties (for 15 days).

Alain Gibelin had even on this occasion provided additional details by recalling that he had exchanged on the observer status that wished to obtain Alexandre Benalla for the demonstrations of May 1 st .

This exchange took place on the occasion of a luncheon, April 25, 2018, lunch which also attended the Commander of the Elysee, Eric Bio Farina.

At his first hearing before the Parliamentary Committee he had also recalled that he had warned Alexander Benalla on the conditions of regularity of his participation, regularities which were to be satisfied mainly by a prior authorization of the Prefecture to seek by the interested party. On May 1, he added, no request had reached him!

In the same way, Alain Gibelin had assured not to know how Alexandre Benalla had procured his armband and his police radio.

The statements of Alain Gibelin had made a great noise, even within the Parliamentary Commission, but also among all observers of this strange case.

They had made all the more noise that Alexander Benalla had some time later questioned the testimony of the Director of Public Order?

The Elysee then, also denied the statements of Alain Gibelin, the latter, very embarrassed, had felt obliged to step back, and retropedal on the occasion of a second hearing.

The episode made headlines and creates a huge commotion among the police and especially the police in the field. The Benalla affair has since thrown suspicion into the ranks of police officers but has also created a breach of trust with French citizens.

The popularity of Emmanuel Macron had plummeted immediately to reach the end of 2018 its lowest level and the Yellow Vests were, a few weeks later, settled on the roundabouts.

The first announcements on the announcement of the hospitalization of Alain Gibelin came from Aziz Zemouri, journalist in the newspaper "Le Point" on January 29, 2019.

Since then, no major media has communicated about the hospitalization, urgently seems it, Alain Gibelin and the case (in the case) seems to have been placed under Omerta?

As a result, we have to lose ourselves in conjectures! What happened to Alain Gibelin who according to some information distilled with caution would have made a "burn out"? Naturally this did not convince and social networks, with caution, began to get carried away. We read here or there:

"Diplomatic disease or little French political police? You will see that he will die for reasons of state.

Or: "" Another one who risks being killed with 3 bullets in the back "

Or again: "Basically, they grabbed him and put him under chemical shooting; he is not going to stay much of his brain, which is the goal "

And finally: "There are quite a few who have kindly left life this way; burn out or cancer ... it's also an honorable end ... with the Legion of Honor. "

This gives chills in the back!

And we wonder? Why the police who accused the Head of State and who had retracted is today in intensive care. Why the police prefecture refuses to explain the exact reason for the hospitalization of Alain Gibelin?

From the moment when there is no transparency, it is that there is something unspeakable and compromising.

That being the case, along with this disturbing incident, we have just learned that Alexandre Benalla was reported to have lost one of his passports a few hours before returning them. Weird! You said weird!

He would spend happy days abroad, with his small family .. Most likely in London where he had to find Alexandre Djouri, one of the protagonists of the Libyan case in which Nicolas Sarkozy is seriously implicated with 3 bets in exams.

We wish a good recovery to Alain Gibelin, that we would like to see fast standing!

However, we can only be exasperated once again by noting that the Republic of Barbouzes is not over!

Yet Emmanuel Macron had promised us to do politics differently !

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



It is a great first. France had never organized such an important repatriation of jihadists. They will be 130 to return to France in the coming weeks.

They are currently being held in camps in Syria under Kurdish surveillance and the French authorities are afraid of losing their track after the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria. Many of them are known to the French intelligence services.

Jihadists will be "judiciarized"

Asked about the issue on Tuesday 29 January on BFMTV, Christophe Castaner assured that "all those who return to France will be judiciarized and entrusted to judges."

"When the judge thinks that it will be necessary to put them in prison - and that will be the main case - they will be put in jail", continued the Minister of the Interior.

Each case will be examined and judged individually.

On their arrival in France, jihadists who are not the subject of an international arrest warrant will be handed over to the anti-terrorist police to be heard while those who are already wanted will be directly brought before the judge. They will then be indicted and placed in pre-trial detention pending trial.

500 suspects of jihadism already incarcerated in France

To date, more than 500 people are detained in France, in the context of a pre-trial detention or a conviction, for suspicions of jihadism.

French prisons have "impervious" neighborhoods including neighborhoods for the evaluation of radicalization and care.

And this to avoid any proselytism...

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



Jacline Mouraud launches Sunday his political party "Emerging" in Orleans.

Morbihan's Jacline Mouraud, a moderate figure in the yellow vests movement, chose to launch her political party in Orléans.

She had been one of the first to denounce the price of fuel and "hunt down motorists" in a video that became viral.

For this founding committee "barely a dozen people" are expected this Sunday, January 27, in Orleans, a city chosen for its geographical location in the center of the country but city of Joan of Arc.

"Today is the reign of money. We want to consider everyone by working for a better distribution of wealth, "said the hypnotherapist and artist of 51." We want to redo politics with heart and empathy. "

If this new party does not attempt to stand for the European elections in May - "The Europeans, it is too early, we do not create a project to the French people in a month," said Jacline Mouraud-, he considers, however, to appear in the municipal elections of 2020 and "during potential legislative".

The party's program will be drawn at the beginning of the year before the first elections, with the declared desire to "redo politics with heart and empathy. ". "Today is the reign of money. We want to consider everyone by working for a better distribution of wealth, "said this hypnotherapist and artist of 51 years.

"The time for claims has passed: phase A is done, everyone knows what is happening in France. We must go to phase B, and go into the construction and the proposal. Claiming without offering is a bit incoherent! Said the party's founder.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld


The "Republican March of Freedoms" is the first major event organized by the "red scarves". Declared in prefecture, it is fixed Sunday, January 27, with a departure at 14 o'clock place of the Republic then a route leading to the place de la Bastille.

According to its initiators it is "Silent France that respects democracy" that comes this Sunday, January 27 to beat the pavement of Paris to "defend [the] freedoms" during a march "Republican, peaceful, joyous and hopeful" .

"Red scarves" against "yellow vests"?

In the aftermath of act XI of the mobilization of "yellow vests" having gathered some 67,000 people throughout France, French people come together to defend "democracy and institutions".

The two leaders of the movement, Laurent Soulie, a Toulouse engineer, and Théo Poulard, a Breton baker, say they simply want to end the "excesses, incivilities, assaults and misdemeanors" of certain "yellow vests". This group was formed in response to the violence that enamelled the demonstrations of "yellow vests", including the rampage of the Arc de Triomphe on December 1st.

But this march does not want to register against the "yellow vests". "The" red scarves "are not anti" yellow vests ", says Theo Poulard, 23 years old. "The causes of" yellow vests "are defensible; myself, I could have gone down the street protesting against rising fuels.

Everyone has the right to express themselves and to manifest. But when we see how it turned, it becomes dangerous. The movement was recovered by the extremes, right or left. We are committed to respect for institutions and democracy. "

"The anger was heard, the claims were legitimate but we denounce the form, systematic violence, hatred against elected officials, journalists. Today, we are no longer in a social challenge, "said Laurent Soulié, at a press point that did not hesitate to say that" what is happening is a putsch ! "

10,000 participants mobilized?

The "scarves rouges" intend to mobilize a maximum of protesters. Some 10,000 people have expressed interest in this event on Facebook and their intention to participate. "If we are 20,000, it will be a success, 40,000 a very big success," said Théo Poulard, vice president of "scarves rouges"

If they defend a citizen movement, many French sees above all a pro-Macron mobilization. "Our call goes beyond all partisan considerations.

We intend to provoke a citizen burst ", assures his side Laurent Segnis, founder of the" blue vests ", rallied to the" scarves red ". This march is "neither pro-Macron nor anti-yellow vests".

It is important to remember, however, that before joining the movement of "red vests" Laurent Soulié had created a Facebook page calling for a march of support to Emmanuel Macron without hiding his sympathy LaREM.

A pro-Macron mobilization?

Officially, the Elysee refuses to encourage this march. The presidential party and the majority stand apart from this initiative, which is sympathetic to it, but comes in opposition to the spirit of appeasement desired for the great national debate.

Many elected members of the majority have already planned to show their support Sunday.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld



Jean of Orleans, Duke of Vendome, son of the Comte de Paris , announced, in these terms, from the Royal domain of Dreux the death of his father.

The Count of Paris died on January 21, 2019, a special date for him and for the dynasty he represented. It was indeed that day, in 1793, that Louis XVI, his ancestor was beheaded after being condemned to death by the Convention where sat the cousin of the king, Philippe d'Orléans, nicknamed Philippe Egalité.

A task for this dynastic branch whose ancestor was accused and remains accused of having voted for the death of the King.

The head of the Maison de France was 85 years old.

It is his second son, Jean who soberly made the announcement, in the preceding terms, of the disappearance of his father, on the social networks.

The Count of Paris, Duke of France called himself Henry VII, to recall that his family, descendant of St. Louis, had ruled for nine centuries over France.

Henri, Philippe Pierre Marie d'Orleans was born June 14, 1933 at the Manor of Anjou, in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (near Brussels) in Belgium where his parents then resided, following the law of exile which had struck the family since 1886. His mother, Isabelle d'Orléans Braganza was a great-granddaughter of the last Emperor of Brazil.

Although descendant of Louis XIV, the Prince of Orleans belonged to the Orleanist branch of the monarchy.

It must be remembered that the monarchists have been divided since 1871, once peace was made with Germany and after the defeat of Sedan.

The Orleanists (junior branch of the Bourbons) are liberal supporters of a constitutional and parliamentary monarchy while the legitimists represented by the last Bourbon, Louis XVIII are conservatives still in favor of an authoritarian power by divine right. The direct dynasty of the Bourbons died out with Louis XVIII who had no descendants and who had to leave the throne following the Revolution of 1830.

The branch of the Bourbons could however have continued if the Duke of Chambord, future Henry V, son of the Duchess of Berry and Ferdinand d'Artois, murdered at the exit of the Opera on February 3, 1820 had not created, very clumsily the incident of the tricolor flag that helped the arrival in power of Marechal Mac Mahon, a Republican.

This affair of the flag will definitely found the Republic.

The Count of Paris, considered by the Orleanists as the head of the House of France will leave a modest but real footprint.

The life of Henry of Orleans has been complicated. After having been born in a manor in the suburbs of Brussels, the Count of Paris had a childhood (like that of his brothers and sisters / they are 11) wandering between Brazil, Morocco, Spain, Portugal until the repeal of the law of exile in June 1950. This law allowed the return to France of the family.

Henri d'Orléans passes his baccalaureate at the end of high school at Montesquieu high school in Bordeaux where he was registered, the law of exile not yet reported, thanks to the intercession of President Auriol.

Although attracted by the arts and sport, the heir to the throne will Sciences Po then a military career, Noblesse oblige!

His first union with Princess Marie Thérèse of Württemberg on July 5, 1957 in Dreux, was a disaster. He divorced Princess Marie Thérèse in 1984 after having five children, including two disabled children (their mother had contracted toxoplasmosis in Algeria).

Henri d'Orléans will exercise his military skills in the French army by fighting first in Algeria, then integrating the General Secretariat of Defense before being assigned to a regiment of hussars in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Count of Paris is however a touch to everything: bank, perfume (area in which he was supported by Pierre Cardin). His side epicurean and science lover inclines him to the kitchen and old grimoires, fantasies that did not have the good fortune to please his father who dismissed him on the occasion of his remarriage with the one he has truly loved, Micaêla Cousino Quinones de Léon (a daughter of a Great of Spain). It was a marriage of love and discord!

Henri d'Orléans will regain his status as dolphin after the cancellation in 2008 of his first marriage by the Holy See, a decision that will allow him to religiously marry Macaëla.

He is the second son of Henri de France who will succeed his father, the eldest son, François, Count of Clermont, disabled and unable to rule having died on December 31, 2017.

Upon the announcement of the death of Henry of Orleans, the Royalists were able to proclaim: "The King is dead, Long live the King".

The Count of Paris will be buried in the Funeral Chapel of Dreux where his ancestors, of the lineage of Orleans, are buried since the beginning of the XIX century.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



Some 27,000 yellow vests, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, have demonstrated across France. Many rallies took place this Saturday, January 19th for the tenth act of the Yellow Vests.

This new mobilization Saturday is also the first since the launch of the Great National Debate. In Paris, the procession, framed and structured, started quietly towards noon towards the Invalides. Clashes at the end of the procession took place between the police and the rioters, some of blacks dressed in masks who had come to battle.

Events are also taking place in other cities, such as Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes and Angers.

An important security device has been put in place while the controversy swells on the accumulation of serious injuries of demonstrators caused by the launchers of defense balls. About 80,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized, including 5,000 in Paris, according to the police headquarters.

The yellow jackets that marched peacefully this Saturday, January 19 do not seem to want to "change rooms" and move to the "Great National Debate", as called by the Secretary of the Interior Christophe Castaner.

Social discontent continues to speak on the street.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld


The level of remuneration of politicians, a particularly sensitive subject, is one of the demands of "yellow vests":

they want to reduce the salaries of elected officials and senior officials so that they are closer to "the reality of the French".

After the salary of Chantal Jouanno, it is that of Jacques Toubon that has been pinned recently. And to the ambitious spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, to assert in front of the camera of Brut Wednesday not be able to own an apartment in Paris with his salary of 7900 euros net per month. "I do not live in a castle.

I am a tenant. I do not own property in Paris because the price per square meter is too expensive. I did not inherit, I do not have any money hidden, "said the former deputy from Paris," I do not have a car. I do not dress in very expensive costumes, I can give you great addresses not far from here, that's it, it's like that.

We must bring down this kind of myth, "insists Benjamin Griveaux. The purpose of this release?

Bring down the myth of the remuneration of politicians decried by the "yellow vests". The former local elected representative and MP assures him:

"It's not a financial benefit to be elected. ". Secretary of State also states that he divided his salary

"By three" - or rather "two and a half", he rectifies - entering the government.

"Before, I was in a big box and I made a very good living," he says, then Unibail-Rodamco's director of communications and public affairs. His remuneration was at that time more than 20,000 euros monthly.

But these statements can not seem very indecent for a smicard who earns only € 1,525.47 gross per month?

They have in any case triggered an outcry of outrage on social networks even if some users have been keen to recall the excessive price per square meter in Paris.

Like Benjamin Martinez, a surfer who posted on Facebook that "7,900 € / month to relay the word of the government of the 5th power of the world, it is not excessive especially when you see the cost of living in Paris".

And know that he is not, as he himself says, sympathetic to LaREM.

Let's keep the sense of humor like the many Internet users who offered a pot to this notary and lawyer son, who is himself married to a lawyer from the Paris Bar.

And we bet he was better communicator at his former employer Unibail-Rodamco this time !

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


Certainly Alexandre Benalla is giving trouble to the authorities so much so that this Friday Christophe Castaner attacked directly to the latter:

"His behavior annoys me when we discover that, including to ask for official documents, he would have produced false documents. He vituperated.

Placed in custody on Thursday, January 17, the former chargé de mission of the Elysée was referred to the Paris prosecutor's office on Friday to be presented to an examining magistrate for a possible indictment.

A possible forgery

It is for the justice system to clarify how the diplomatic and service passports in Mr. Benalla's possession were obtained and used.

A judicial inquiry was opened Friday morning, said the prosecutor's office, which had launched on 29 December a preliminary investigation for "breach of trust" and "use without right of a document justifying a professional quality." The former deputy chief of staff of the Elysée is also being prosecuted for

"Performing an activity under conditions that create confusion in the public mind with the exercise of a public office".

The investigation was launched after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs transmitted an article 40 concerning suspicions about the improper use he had made of two diplomatic passports after his dismissal from the Elysee Palace.

Indeed, with the diplomatic passports that the holder should have returned after his dismissal on August 1, Mr. Benalla had traveled to Cameroon, Congo or Israel alongside the businessman Philippe Solomon.

And he had used them almost twenty times between August 1st and December 31st. The first time, from August 1st to 7th, and the others in October, November and December, "said the President of the Republic's chief of staff, Patrick Strzoda, visibly annoyed. , Wednesday in front of the senators,

Moreover the investigation was extended Wednesday to the heads of "false, use of forgery and undue receipt of an administrative document", following a report transmitted by the services of the Presidency of the Republic.

According to Mr Strzoda, Mr Benalla, who was still in office at the Elysee Palace, sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry to the Chief of Staff of the Elysée to obtain a service passport.

"The chief of staff is not the author of this note," said Strzoda, during his hearing before the Senate commission of inquiry, adding: "This is an additional document that comes to feed a file that , in my opinion, is already very heavy.

However, according to the Penal Code, forgery in public writing by a person entrusted with the public authority or charged with a public service mission acting in the performance of his duties or his mission is a crime punishable by fifteen years. criminal imprisonment and a fine of € 225,000.

A very heavy and explosive file that certainly cringe at the top of the state and could reveal dysfunctions at the Elysee.

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In the episode of the new French television series produced by the Elysee a beautiful story of encrypted mobile phone just spice up this series to rebound.

Good to be more serious and not take all this to the second degree even if it can make you laugh must say things!

First of all a clarification if you want to eat a pizza, it is totally impossible to order one with such a device. Indeed, an encrypted phone only allows to call another encrypted phone of the same type (having the same encryption) that belongs to a series broadcast to a group of users so that the conversations they can exchange between them do not can be the object of any listening of some kind !!!

Indeed the use of listening equipment (scanner, various receiver ...) will certainly receive a signal but this signal is encrypted it becomes a noise without interest!

The progress of cryptographic computing with complex mathematical algorithms allows for such powerful encryption that even with Hyper-Calculators, breaking cryptography to retrieve information can take years (200/300 years or more) which makes vain any attempt of listening !!!

As you begin to understand also this type of phone is only of interest to call that some people holding this type of phone.

Question to ask

Who owns one of his phones that can be called?

Ministers, some very high officials (Defense, Security, etc ...), and of course the members of Elysee, and finally the President of the Republic.

Not the encrypted phone of Mr Alexandre Benalla could not serve him to order a pizza !!

Another question to ask

Who could Alexander Benalla call who owns such a phone ???

Surely friends he has kept in power !!!!

In any case I hope that his few lines have opened your eyes and allow you to analyze the rest of this story, to think, not to believe and not to drink everything that can be served on a platter like cash !!!

Speaking of money, and in this matter as in many others, the promises are binding only those who want to believe them !!!

So open your eyes and ears, think first, be careful the best illusionists are not the family of the great Merlin the enchanter but in the caste of men and women politicians !!!

Steve McQuillan for DayNewsWorld


A hard Brexit of with the Old Continent becomes the most likely outcome after the vote of the British deputies.

Also Édouard Philippe announced Thursday the triggering of a "plan linked to a Brexit without agreement" to counter the eventuality "less and less unlikely" of a brutal exit of the United Kingdom Union European.

This plan "includes legislative measures and legal measures that aim to ensure that there is no interruption of rights and that the rights of our fellow citizens or our businesses are effectively protected," said the chief. of the government.

After the National Assembly the day before, the Senate must definitively adopt a bill of authorization to this effect on Thursday.

The government will then submit to the Council of Ministers five orders to be adopted within three weeks

These include protecting the interests of French citizens residing in the United Kingdom, finding a status for British citizens in France and again introducing measures to reinstate border controls.

Fifty million euros will be invested in ports and airports, "the places most concerned by the changes to make given the hard Brexit," said Edouard Philippe.

"Six hundred recruitments will be made in the coming weeks," he added, referring to customs officers, veterinarians and government officials "who will, once again, be at the height of the stakes, to be at the level of the necessary controls, "he insisted.

A plan to accompany the fishing sector, which is "most likely to be hit hard by this exit without agreement", is also planned.

"The responsibility of the government is that our country is ready, that the interests of our citizens are preserved and defended," assured the Prime Minister.

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In fact, the revelations about Alexandre Benalla never stop raining. And this character got a service passport thanks to a fake! And this borderline character has made about twenty trips abroad!

As Wednesday begins the second round of hearings of the Senate inquiry committee on the Benalla affair, Le Canard chained up, published today, reveals that the former representative of the Elysee has kept his phone encrypted "secret-defense" until January 11, as well as a service passport.

Licensed after his indictment for "violence voluntary" on May 1 protesters, Alexandre Benalla had to return the phone and passport to his departure from the Elysee.

But, strange fact, never the Elysee would have asked for the restitution.

It should be noted that the service passport facilitates the crossing of borders by allowing in particular to travel without visa in certain countries.

So despite the recent return on January 9 of the two diplomatic passports that still had Benalla after his dismissal, the latter could still use a service passport to travel with ease abroad ...

As for the phone, it is a Teorem phone, a mobile flapper, archaic design, but ultra secure.

Developed by the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) and Thales Group and worth 2500 euros, it is used by the highest officials of the state, including the President of the Republic and some military officials, for make important calls.

For keeping this valuable equipment, a former collaborator could face up to three years in prison and 45,000 euros fine, according to the satirical weekly.

Why so many favors granted to Alexander Benalla who, after his dismissal, went, remember, in several African countries and in Israel?

This Wednesday, the Senate commission of inquiry into the Benalla affair is to hear again Patrick Strzoda, chief of staff of Emmanuel Macron, and Christophe Castaner, and for the first time Jean-Yves Le Drian, following the revelations on the Alexander Benalla's use of diplomatic passports.

Alexandre Benalla will have to explain himself Monday, January 21 before the senators on the use made of his passports.

Clarifications will also be requested by the commission concerning possible private activities, particularly in the security field, by the former ex-chargé de mission and his sidekick, Vincent Crase, former employee of LaREM and squadron leader in the gendarmerie operational reserve.

Hard to get rid of the plaster Benalla .....

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On Tuesday and March 15th, Emmanuel Macron is launching in Grand Bourgtheroulde (Eure), the "great national debate", a consultation announced at the end of November to try to get out of the "yellow vests" crisis. In his letter to the French, released on Sunday, the President of the Republic set the framework for this consultation and called "the largest number" to participate in order to find solutions for the future of the country on major issues.

The organizers of the debate

The role of organization is vested in a duo of ministers. Sébastien Lecornu and Emmanuelle Wargon, respectively Minister in charge of Local Government and Secretary of State for the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, have been appointed by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.They will be responsible for coordinating the mission of the great national debate. The first will deal with mayors, the second with representatives of civil society. Taking an "essential" role according to the President of the Republic in his letter to the French they are "in charge of making live the debate and to follow the evolution", officialized Matignon.

A replacement at short notice after the resignation of Chantal Jouanno, president of the National Commission of Public Debate (CNDP) caught up in a controversy over her salary (14.666 euros gross per month), salary she has retained.

The guarantors of independence

To avoid unwanted intervention by the executive on the final report of the grand debate through its two ministers, this mission will also be conducted by a panel of five personalities supposed to guarantee the independence and transparency of the operation.

Two of these five will be appointed by the government, while the other three will be appointed respectively by the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand (LRM), the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher (LR), and that of the Economic Council, and the environment (EESC), Patrick Bernasconi.All five guarantors to ensure "the regularity of the method and that of the work of analysis and synthesis of contributions collected" and formulate "all the recommendations they deem necessary for meet the requirements of transparency and impartiality, "according to the Prime Minister's Office.

The organization

"We wanted, in the organization of this debate, that it can be held closer to the French. Not in Paris, not in the major regional capitals, not in classic places of debate, but close to the French, "said the Prime Minister.

Everyone can organize a debate whether it's a neighborhood, a village or a region or an association. It can be based on a methodological "kit" that includes maps and data to organize a debate.

These meetings must be declared seven days before their holding by specifying the date, the place and the number of participants expected.

All contributions will be remitted to allow a thorough analysis and thus feed a restitution placed under the control and responsibility of the guarantors.

The participation

Many tools are deployed to allow the greatest number of French to take part in the discussions.

The elected officials of communes have made available during a month of notebooks of grievances in their town hall to collect the requests of their administered. In addition, meetings of local initiatives must be held in various locations (town halls, markets, train stations or workplaces). One or more themes (among the four selected by the government) will have to be chosen during these meetings.

From Tuesday, the great national debate will "unfold" from "local initiatives meetings". These public meetings "will allow everyone to debate, to be heard and to convince," says the statement.

At the end of the various exchanges, citizens will be drawn to discuss and analyze, at local initiative meetings, the proposals that have emerged. From 1 March, "regional citizens' conferences will be organized, bringing together French people drawn by lot in each region to representatives of various stakeholders," according to the government statement. The participants will be able to give their opinion on "what emerges from the first weeks of the great national debate and will thus feed the reflection on the follow-up to be given".

Setting up a digital platform

A digital platform,, already exists and can be used from Tuesday, with all the practical information. Debates will therefore also take place on the Internet. The

The French can also send their contributions by post to Mission Grand Debate, 244 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris. Finally, a toll-free number, the 0800.97.11.11 and the for the Overseas and the calls of French citizens abroad, are also dedicated to the questions of individuals.

The themes

In his letter, the chair proposes to frame the debate around 35 questions. Four main themes are proposed: purchasing power and taxation, democracy and citizenship, state reform and ecological transition. Emmanuel Macron suggests reflecting on the citizens' initiative referendum (RIC) or the annual immigration quotas.

Certainly "no forbidden questions", but many sensitive issues can not be renegotiated as the removal of the ISF, the right of asylum, abortion, the death penalty and marriage for all.

"This is an unprecedented exercise that should allow the French to say what they want. It must be well organized, with principles of transparency and impartiality, "said Philippe in the court of Matignon after the release of the communiqué.

The great debate "will lead to concrete translations in the daily life of our compatriots," said Edouard Philippe. Emmanuel Macron has promised to respond in the month following its scheduled end on March 15, before the European elections on May 26.

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The President of the Republic has published this Sunday evening his "letter to the French" in view of the great national debate to be officially launched Tuesday, January 15. He is speaking directly to his compatriots to launch this unprecedented democratic exercise. It is, after a ninth day of mobilization of "yellow vests", to "transform the anger in solutions".

In this long missive Emmanuel Macron proposed 32 questions as an example "at the heart of our questions" ensuring that "there are no forbidden questions".

The letter from Emmanuel Macron.

Letter to the French

Dear French, dear French,

my dear compatriots,

In a period of questioning and uncertainty like the one we are going through, we must remember who we are.

France is not a country like the others.

The meaning of injustice is more vivid than elsewhere. The need for mutual aid and solidarity stronger.

At home, those who work pay for retirees' pensions. At home, a large number of citizens pay an income tax, sometimes heavy, which reduces inequalities. At home, education, health, security, justice are accessible to all regardless of the situation and wealth. The vagaries of life, such as unemployment, can be overcome, thanks to the effort shared by all.

That is why France is, of all nations, one of the most fraternal and the most egalitarian.

It is also one of the freest, since everyone is protected in his rights and in his freedom of opinion, conscience, belief or philosophy.

And every citizen has the right to choose those who will bear his voice in the conduct of the country, in the design of laws, in the major decisions to be taken.

Everyone shares the fate of others and everyone is called to decide the fate of all: it is all that, the French nation. How not to feel the pride of being French?

I know, of course, that some of us today are dissatisfied or angry. Because taxes are too high for them, public services too far away, because wages are too low for some to be able to live with dignity because of the fact that our country does not offer the same chances of succeeding according to the where the family comes from. All would like a more prosperous country and a more just society.

This impatience, I share it. The society we want is a society in which to succeed one should not need relationships or fortune, but effort and work.

In France, but also in Europe and in the world, not only a great anxiety, but also a great trouble have won the spirits. We must answer them with clear ideas. But there is a condition for this: to accept no form of violence. I do not accept, and do not have the right to accept pressure and insult, for example on the people's elected representatives, I do not accept and do not have the right to accept the indictment such as the media, journalists, institutions and officials. If everyone attacks everyone, society gets rid of it!

In order for hopes to dominate fears, it is necessary and legitimate for us to rest together the great questions of our future.

That is why I proposed and I launch today a great national debate that will run until March 15.

In recent weeks, many mayors have opened their town halls so that you can express your expectations. I had many feedbacks that I could take into account. We will now enter a larger phase and you will be able to participate in debates near your home or express yourself on the internet to put forward your proposals and your ideas. In France, overseas and with French residents abroad. In villages, towns, neighborhoods, on the initiative of mayors, elected officials, community leaders, or ordinary citizens ... In parliamentary assemblies as regional or departmental.

Mayors will have an essential role because they are your elected representatives and therefore the legitimate intermediary of the expression of citizens.

For me, there are no forbidden questions. We will not agree on everything, it's normal, it's democracy. But at least we will show that we are a people who are not afraid to speak, to exchange, to debate.

And perhaps we will discover that we can agree, mostly, beyond our preferences, more often than we think.

I have not forgotten that I was elected on a project, on major orientations to which I remain faithful. I always think that we must restore France's prosperity so that it can be generous, because one goes with the other. I always think that the fight against unemployment must be our top priority, and that employment is created first and foremost in companies, so that we must give them the means to develop. I still think that we need to rebuild a school of trust, a renovated social system to better protect the French and reduce the inequalities at the root. I still think that depletion of natural resources and climate change compel us to rethink our development model. We must invent a new productive, social, educational, environmental and European project that is more just and more effective. On these major orientations, my determination has not changed.

But I also think that from this debate can come a clarification of our national and European project, new ways of looking at the future, new ideas.

In this debate, I hope that the greatest number of French people, the greatest number of us, can participate.

This debate will have to answer key questions that have emerged in recent weeks. That is why, with the Government, we have chosen four major themes that cover many of the major issues of the nation: taxation and public spending, the organization of the state and public services, the ecological transition, democracy and citizenship. On each of these themes, proposals, questions are already expressed. I wish to formulate some that do not exhaust the debate but seem to me at the heart of our questions.

The first topic deals with our taxes, our expenses and public action. Tax is at the heart of our national solidarity. He is the one who finances our public services. It pays teachers, firefighters, police, military, magistrates, nurses and all the public servants who work for you. It makes it possible to pay to the most fragile social benefits but also to finance some big future projects, our research, our culture, or to maintain our infrastructures. It is also the tax that pays the interest on the very important debt that our country has incurred over time.

But taxes, when they are too high, deprive our economy of resources that could usefully invest in businesses, thereby creating jobs and growth. And he deprives the workers of the fruit of their efforts. We will not revisit the steps we have taken to correct this to encourage investment and make work pay more. They have just been voted and are just beginning to show their effects. Parliament will evaluate them in a transparent way and with the necessary hindsight. On the other hand, we must question ourselves in order to go further. How could we make our tax system fairer and more effective? What taxes do you think should be lowered first?

We can not, in any case, pursue tax cuts without lowering the overall level of our public spending.

What are the savings that you think are priorities?

Should we remove some public services that are outdated or too expensive compared to their utility? Conversely, do you see new needs for public services and how to finance them?

Our social model is also questioned. Some consider it insufficient, others too expensive because of the contributions they pay. The effectiveness of training as employment services is often criticized. The government has started to respond to it, after wide consultations, through a strategy for our health, to fight against poverty, and to fight against unemployment.

How to better organize our social pact? Which objectives should be prioritized?

The second subject on which we must make decisions is the organization of the State and public authorities. Public services have a cost, but they are vital: school, police, army, hospitals, courts are essential to our social cohesion.

Are there too many administrative levels or levels of local government? Should we reinforce decentralization and give more power of decision and action closer to the citizens? At what levels and for which services?

How would you like the state to be organized and how can it improve its action? Should we review the functioning of the administration and how?

How can the state and local authorities improve to better respond to the challenges of our most troubled territories and what do you propose?

The ecological transition is the third theme, essential to our future. I am committed to objectives of preserving biodiversity and combating global warming and air pollution. Today no one disputes the urgent need to act quickly. The longer we delay questioning ourselves, the more painful these transformations will be. Making the ecological transition helps to reduce the expenditure on household fuel, heating, waste management and transportation. But to succeed in this transition, we must invest heavily and support our most modest fellow citizens.

National solidarity is necessary so that all the French can achieve this.

How do we finance the ecological transition: by taxes, by taxes and who should be concerned in priority?

How do we make concrete solutions accessible to all, for example to replace the old boiler or old car? What are the simplest and most financially sustainable solutions?

What are the solutions to move, to lodge, to heat oneself, what are the solutions to move, to lodge, to warm themselves, to feed oneself which should be conceived rather at the local than national level? What concrete proposals would you make to accelerate our environmental transition?

The issue of biodiversity is also an issue for us all.

How do we guarantee scientifically the choices we have to make in this regard? How to share these choices at European and international level so that our producers are not penalized compared to their foreign competitors?

Finally, it is clear that the period that our country is going through shows that we need to give more strength to democracy and citizenship. Being a citizen means helping to decide the future of the country by electing representatives at the local, national or European level. This system of representation is the foundation of our Republic, but it must be improved because many do not feel represented at the end of the elections. Should it recognize the white vote? Should we make voting compulsory?

What is the right dose of proportional to the parliamentary elections for a fairer representation of all political projects?

Should and in what proportions, limit the number of parliamentarians or other categories of elected?

What role should our assemblies, including the Senate and the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, play in representing our territories and civil society? Should we transform them and how?

In addition, a great democracy like France must be able to listen more often to the voice of its citizens.

What changes would you like to make citizen participation more active, democracy more participative, and should more and more directly associate unelected citizens, for example by lot, with public decision-making?

Should we increase the use of referendums and who should have the initiative?

Citizenship is also about living together.

Our country has always known how to welcome those who have fled wars, persecutions and sought refuge on our soil: it is the duty of asylum, which can not be called into question. Our national community has also always been open to those who, born elsewhere, chose France in search of a better future: this is how it was built. However, this tradition is today shaken by tensions and doubts related to immigration and the failures of our integration system.

What do you propose to improve integration in our Nation? What are you proposing to improve integration in our Nation? When it comes to immigration, once our asylum obligations are fulfilled, do you want us to be able to set annual targets set by Parliament? What do you propose to answer this challenge that will last?

The question of secularism is still in France subject to important debates. Secularism is the primary value so that different beliefs, religious or philosophical, can live together in harmony and harmony. It is synonymous with freedom because it allows everyone to live according to their choices.

How to strengthen the principles of French secularism, in the relationship between the state and the religions of our country? How to ensure respect by all of the reciprocal understanding and intangible values ​​of the Republic?

In the coming weeks, I invite you to debate to answer these crucial questions for the future of our nation. I want to talk about any concrete topic that you would feel could improve your daily life.

This debate is an unprecedented initiative of which I am determined to draw all the conclusions. This is neither an election nor a referendum. It is your personal expression, corresponding to your history, your opinions, your priorities, which is here required, without distinction of age or social condition. It is, I believe, a great step forward for our Republic to consult its citizens in this way. To guarantee your freedom of speech, I want this consultation to be organized in complete independence, and be framed by all the guarantees of loyalty and transparency.

This is how I intend to transform anger with you.

Your proposals will therefore make it possible to build a new contract for the Nation, to structure the action of the Government and the Parliament, but also the positions of France at European and international level. I will report to you directly in the month following the end of the debate.

French, French, I wish that as many of you as possible can participate in this great debate in order to make a useful contribution to the future of our country.

In trust,

Emmanuel MACRON

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld


We are aware of the mistrust of the yellow vests vis-à-vis the traditional media whose journalists in the field are systematically attacked by the latter and sometimes even prevented from covering the mobilization. Several deliveries of regional newspapers of the Center France group printed on the spot were prevented, notably those of the Journal du Center and that of an edition of the Republic of the Center by yellow vests. The latter, for the information, turn preferably towards the social networks which favor the direct one.

The live or the codes of the reality show

The first appointment of "yellow vests" with the Prime Minister, on November 30, had already fallen into the water for a direct question: "I asked several times that this interview be filmed and broadcast in Direct on television, this was denied, "Jason Herbert, one of the appointed representatives, told the press to justify leaving the meeting. "With the live we have time to show things over the long time".

In the Facebook groups and on Twitter, the main personalities of the movement, which begins its act IX this Saturday, January 12, multiplies the speeches face camera, live, and are followed by many netizens.

On "Vécu", a Facebook page launched in late December, the young "yellow vest" Gabin Formont, live in the demonstrations, broadcasts what protesters have to say, without taking them back or correcting factual errors. Self-proclaimed "the media of yellow vests", Vécu has attracted no less than 30,000 Internet users since its launch in December. "We stay in the truth but we show another side," Gabin Formont told Loopsider.

The reporter Rémy Buisine has developed this follow-up live and in vertical video from the movement "Nuit debout" in 2016. Become a journalist for the online media Brut, he films the events live for hours, on a motorcycle, armed with his smartphone . Rémy Buisine, who records millions of views with his videos, is the only journalist to be cheered by the "yellow vests".

Faced with the "mistrust" and the "thirst for transparency" of "yellow vests", "the live is a kind of anti-institutional promise," says the philosopher Vincent Cespedes, who launched in 2016 a platform of citizen videos. "They reject the essence of journalism: editorialization, the point of view," said Vincent Cespedes, in favor of live images that reflect certain codes of reality. Videographers who are successful among the "yellow vests" "immerse themselves with benevolence, questioning only the people who make the event," continues the philosopher. A posture also adopted by the Russian media RT, which is followed by many protesters.

An immediate speech

At the beginning of the movement, very quickly invited on the television sets, the Yellow Vests were "constrained by the media device of the emissions", according to the semiologist Marie-France Chambat-Houillon. They prefer him "an immediate speech." "There is in the traditional media time constraints, a regime of representation of the facts," says the semiologist. "The live gives a greater margin of freedom in its interpretation to the viewer, who can find out in other media elsewhere. The confrontation of points of view is only in comments. "

Going to the end of logic, ex-paparazzo Marc Rylewski's mission is to challenge people in the street, asking them about their salary, their positions or fantasized collusions, before spreading the news. videos on the Internet.

"I have lived in America for years and have seen that they can practice journalism far more in your face," says Marc Rylewski.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld



On the eve of a new day of mobilization of "yellow vests", the little murderous sentence of the president of the republic has aroused many reactions.

In front of the master bakers, Emmanuel Macron praised, Friday, January 11, "the meaning of the effort", lamenting that "the troubles that our society goes through are sometimes due to the fact that far too many of our fellow citizens think we can get Something "without this effort being made" .

"And if there is not this sense of effort, has taken the head of state, the fact that every citizen brings his stone to the building by his commitment to work, our country can never fully recover its strength, its cohesion, which makes its history, its present and its future. Learning is at the heart of this philosophy. "

While Emmanuel Macron did not directly discuss the movement of "yellow vests" during this statement, many politicians have made the link with the demonstrations of Saturday, November 17.

"At this stage, it is not clumsiness, but a cynical provocation: President Emmanuel Macron seeks to excite popular anger to cleave and pose as the only alternative to the far right and extreme left. This is outrageous, "indignant MP LR Julien Aubert on Twitter.

For his part, Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Republicans, said on Twitter that "in this period where the priority is the return to serenity, the president must have a sense of responsibility and not cause further tension."

The first secretary of the Socialist Party said that "At first we believe that it is a fake, not a president does not throw oil on the fire while the country lives on, and then if ... "

"Macron recurs in insult against his people! "

For his part the president of the Patriots, Florian Philippot, on Twitter replies with derision "Let's make sense of the effort tomorrow: ActeIX! ".

often forgotten that beside the rights of everyone in the Republic (...) there are homework. "

Monday the president of the republic must publish his letter to the French.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld



In Paris, the prefect of police said he feared "more radical" for "act 9" of the movement of yellow vests while on the whole territory, the national police provides a level of mobilization close to that of rallies. before the holidays.

While the number of people mobilized fell during the weekends of the end of December, the demonstrations of Saturday, January 5 were marked by a further rise in participation with more than 50,000 protesters according to the authorities.

If Paris remained privileged these last weeks, some yellow vests wish to relocate the event in province and Bourges seems designated. The question of a call to a national gathering in a city other than Paris has indeed regularly fueled the discussions on Facebook after the violence of November 24 and December 1.

The two figures of the movement Priscillia Ludosky and Maxime Nicolle chose Bourges, the capital of the Cher, as epicenter of the mobilization of 12 January.

This prefecture is "a city a little less known to the police to avoid that there is 'nassage' (encirclement, ed) in fact, that the tension goes up," said Breton, better known under the pseudonym of Fly Rider, in an interview with the Konbini media.

The other reason for this choice is the geographical position in the center of France Bourges as announced the name of the event "Act 9: Rally of Yellow Vests in the center of France."

Thursday evening, no request for permission to protest had been filed, according to the prefecture, while 2700 participants said they wanted to go on Facebook and 13,000 people were interested this Friday morning.

The prefect of Cher has announced Friday, the ban of any demonstration in the city center of Bourges for the day Saturday.

In a statement, Catherine Fourrier stresses that the "predictable magnitude" of Saturday's demonstration promises "incommensurate with the previous peaceful marches that have taken place in the commune of Bourges in recent weeks" and which gathered, at the more, 400 people according to the prefecture.

[12/01/2019] Arrested by C. FERRIER @ Prefet18 prohibiting any event inside the city center of Bourges (see annex).

- Prefect of Cher (@ Prefet18) January 11, 2019

Mayor MRSL of the city, Pascal Blanc, for its part, published an open letter Friday morning in which it details the measures taken, in agreement with the prefecture. He has removed some of the parking meters and decided to close several public places on Saturday.

If the city of Bourges is targeted, Paris is also. The road driver Eric Drouet, another figure in the movement of yellow vests, seems to favor Paris. The meeting place, announced at La Défense on Facebook - should be revealed at the last moment, as on other Saturdays so as to catch the police force by surprise.

"Acts 9: Paris Nous Revoila !!!" collects 3100 participants and 16.000 interested people this Friday morning while "Act 9 All in Paris" gathers 2800 participants and 19.000 interested.

The Paris police chief, Michel Delpuech, said that the police system would return to its level of mid-December, with 80,000 police and gendarmes mobilized, including 5,000 in Paris and the mobilization of 14 armored vehicles.

"We believe that the mobilization will be stronger than last Saturday on the one hand and that the behavior within the groups that will be present will be marked by more radical, more temptations of violence", for its part announced the prefect of police .

The security system for rallies on Saturday, in Bourges as in Paris, but also in other cities in France promises to be "considerable" according to Prime Minister Philippe.

In addition, the protesters also expect a resumption of blockages and some call to withdraw their money from banks.

Contrary to what the government was hoping for, the movement is not running out of steam and seems to be bouncing back.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld


The money collected will be donated to the Amicale of the National Police, a "mutual aid association" that works for gendarmes, police and firefighters and can distribute it between the police injured, explained the former Secretary of State. "I am pleasantly surprised, it proves that there are many people in this country who do not condone acts of violence. The average donation being 27 euros, it proves that it is a political commitment in the service of the police. I wish we exceeded the million, "said Renaud Muselier this Thursday morning.

This kitty symbolizes "A political commitment in the service of the police".

"Participate in the pot for the police, gendarmes and firefighters! We must protect and help our law enforcement agencies. We owe them so much! Explains the accompanying text of the pot, published on the site Leetchi.

Renaud Muselier says he wants to support the 1,050 police officers, gendarmes and firefighters wounded since the beginning of the yellow vests movement. "It is now a question of defending the fundamental values ​​of France which are inscribed on the pediment of our town halls: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity! Can we read in the description of the pot.

The money collected will be donated to the National Police Association, a "mutual aid association" that works for the police but also for police and firefighters. These donations will be divided between the injured security forces, said a spokesman for Renaud Muselier.

Tuesday, faced with the many reactions of outrage, the Leetchi platform has decided to close the pot support to Christophe Dettinger, the boxer accused of hitting a gendarme during "Act 8" of the mobilization of "yellow vests" . More than 117,000 euros had been collected.

For his part, Eric Drouet, one of the figures of the movement of "yellow vests", launched on Wednesday, a jackpot of support to injured protesters, via the Paypal platform.

Would the jackpots symbolize the break between the silent French and the Yellow Vests as suggested by some commentators ?

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld



When is the end of the housing tax for everyone? No one can say it today after the new slip-up in government communication.

After opening the door on Sunday, January 6, during the program "The Great Rendez-Vous" to maintain the housing tax for the 20% of the most affluent households, this is Tuesday, January 8 the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, wants to "clarify" his positions saying they had been "misunderstood"!

We must go "after the abolition of the housing tax," said Tuesday the Minister of Finance Bruno Mayor, seeming to distance himself from the assumption of a maintenance of this tax for the 20% of households the richer as he had mentioned two days ago at the "Grand Rendez-Vous" Europe 1-CNews-Les Echos.

"I said Sunday that we had to go after the abolition of the housing tax. Going to the end of the abolition of the housing tax means going to the end of the abolition of the housing tax, "insisted the minister at a conference in Bercy on the green economy. Brilliant palpation ...

On Sunday, Bruno Le Maire had, in fact, assured that Bercy could review his copy if a request in this direction was to be formulated in the context of the national debate launched by Emmanuel Macron under the pressure of yellow vests. Criticism by the latter had indeed emerged against the government's fiscal policy deemed unequal.

"It is essential" that this suppression "be completed (...) but we can very well ask the French is what you think that for the richest 20% it is legitimate or not to remove the tax of housing" said the tenant Bercy Sunday.

"If we answer no to every request of the French, that we are not able to listen to the request for justice, we will not succeed the great debate, which should open in the coming weeks," he had justified. .

To the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, to give his informed opinion by favoring that the better-off remain subject to this local tax recalling that "the abolition of the housing tax is up to 2.500 euros of income if you are single.

But the Constitutional Council, in its opinion on the 2018 budget law, had not he questioned the feasibility of maintaining this local tax for the 20% of the wealthiest French, given the principle of equality before tax? Not taking a stand, he left the question open.

It is the government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux who, adding his own score, seems to have decided:

"We can not always explain that we must involve those who have more and, when it does, invoke equality before the tax," he said Monday on France Inter. "It is a question of law that has been raised by the Constitutional Council and will be decided in the context of a debate in Parliament. "

Is this again a deception towards the French citizen already bending under the burden of taxes?

Abby Shelcore for DayNewsWorld



The first demonstration of the yellow vests took place on November 17, 2018. That Saturday, the mobilization was marked by an undeniable success. Since, although some comments had estimated from the end of December, that the movement began to weaken and was going to be exhausted, it is clear that today, January 5, 2019, it took again more end of last year and Eric Drouet under the threat of a sentence possibly very vigorous.

A provocation whose power should have abstained. The streets of Paris, like those of a large number of provincial towns, are richly colored with yellow and blue, yellow vests against the police ... The images are once again shocking! All the more shocking that Emmanuel Macron promised in his vows of December 31, 2018 that he would fully assume his mission of guarantor of security and public liberties.

The Republic in March does not like the movement, we know, the reason put forward mainly based on the urban violence noted on December 12, 2018, but also on the acts of vandalism or the destruction of permanence of some LREM deputies .

Faced with looting and destruction we see again today, January 5, 2019 an identical situation with the same comments seeking to disqualify the movement.

So almost two months since France is boiling, not far from sinking into chaos. But it is almost two months since Emmanuel Macron still did not understand the deep reasons for this movement of Yellow Vests, a movement straight out of deep anger that has since ignited French citizens who had not yet obtained the right to express their claims.

On the other hand, it must be recognized that the claims of Yellow Vests appear more and more consistent. Reason why the movement is hardening, taking for example the first revolts of the French Revolution of 1789 ...

This revolt was, week after week, fueled by the silences, clumsiness and scorn of the President of the Republic and his government. Hence the desire of a hundred rebels to approach the Elysee, bunkerized, panicked and silent, this for the purpose that Emmanuel Macron "hear the sounds of anger with his own ears and not through media outlets ".

But what today begins to be defined as an insurrection has been mainly nourished by the successive infringements of freedoms, those "stolen before the movement begins" and expressed by this proclamation made to the Head of State: "with our cash you take our liberties.

It is freedom that we are talking about today, in the foreground and in opposition to beautiful words and hollow words.

The warnings with fines and imprisonment, consecrated by nearly 300 actual subsequent convictions of which a certain number to prison, all being the expression of a ruthless repression, did nothing about it.

"The people" no longer accept the obstacles to the fundamental freedom of movement, but also freedom of expression.

And we understand it; the latest index of Libertex published in November 2018, placed France in 7th place, behind Hungary and Russia in terms of interference with freedom of expression! And on this point the written conclusions of Libertex are worrying.

Until now, we have never heard such overtly repressive speech in France, against a social movement (before being political?) That denounces frontally the impoverishment and rampant downgrading of a whole section of society. , not concerned before and objecting: "What about freedom when we are still forced to work to pay more (more taxes and more taxes) while the 15th of the month we have more nothing ! "

The crystallization of the discontents expressed by this jacquerie, this revolt against the costly life were opposed to the incomprehension of the power vis-à-vis "the true life of real people".

It is this misunderstanding that has been described in his latest book, "No Society" Christophe de Guilly, a book devoted to the evolution of Western middle classes.

Christophe de Guilly is a geographer (trained at Panthéon-Sorbonne) who joined the cohort of philosophers, demographers, sociologists and other reputed political scientists from the left but who at one point, in their soul and conscience broke with ideology dominant as it appeared to them to be encysted in the denial of reality.

The explosion of the Yellow Vest movement has just revealed the long-standing opposition between the ruling class and the popular class, the "middle class" being nothing more than a myth.

Obviously the highlighting of this confrontation between social classes has nothing to do with Marxist theory, "has been".

But this opposition between these two social classes is the expression of the social disintegration observed for decades under the blows of globalization (which is not happy for all) of immigration and multiculturalism.

According to a recent survey, it is well over 50% of French people who, today, mark their attachment to more identity, more security (including financial) more sedentarity and rooting both geographical and cultural ; and it is not the application of the "Quart d'heure de haine" as narrated by Georges Orwell in his 1984 masterpiece that will allow the media-political caste to be out of reach of the movement, which has just led to a deep movement of anger (to be related to the hateful glances evoked by the President of the Republic on the occasion of his wishes to the nation).

In fact, the "herd of morons that manifests" could be the sign of the "Twilight of France from above" (subject and title of one of the books of Christophe de Guilly), putting the representative of the said France of High in May 2017, in great danger.

We suspect that this threat has even become obvious to many, just a few months away from the next European elections, so obvious that it is proven that the government is accused of having turned its eyes on "the riffraff" (in the words of Some politicians) from the suburbs who meanwhile quietly continue his traffic of all kinds, in many urban ghettos in which the armored vehicles requisitioned to protect places of power against a visit of Yellow Vests, have never gone, even occasionally.

To be even clearer and to conclude, we affirm that the suburbs where "the riffraff" is a chance for France, according to Christophe Castaner, suburbs who live off the hook, traffic of all kinds and some of their inhabitants have looted under the eyes of the cameras the upscale shops of the gentrified city centers (the stolen goods will be as usual resold fallen from the truck) did not worry the Minister of the Interior or even the Elysee, unlike Yellow Vests.

It is true that they are in great need of this suppletive militia, which is indispensable for "taking charge in the next elections" and for punching in the face of frightened sores ... who no longer hold the reins of power as firmly as they do. we could hope for it.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


while Emmanuel Macron called, as recently as two days ago, the "unity found" of the French during his vows, he is far from sure that the new decree of application of the law For the freedom to choose one's professional future, there is no unanimity among those who are also called to "accept reality".

Five months after the final adoption, an important implementing decree that specifies practical terms of the text, has indeed been discreetly published in the Official Journal, Sunday, December 30. It states a tightening of sanctions against jobseekers who fail to fulfill their obligations in their job searches.

The reality for the unemployed is likely to be under even more cruel days than hitherto: these sanctions are more severe than what the government initially announced in March.

1 ° The notions of "reduction" and "suspension" of the allowance (which made it possible to retain one's rights) disappear from the labor code in case of insufficient job search.

While gradual sanctions, such as suspension of the allowance for one month after a first refusal of offer considered "reasonable", (then two months the second time and four months the third time) had been mentioned by the executive , the sanction will not be the suspension but rather the removal of the allowance from the first breach.

This control must be done via a digital "logbook", where jobseekers will provide monthly information on their job search. A device tested for one year in two or three regions from mid-2019,

2 ° And in addition to the abolition of allowances during the cancellation, this decree also entails a modification of the definition of what is a "reasonable" job offer by limiting the possibilities of refusing a job that is too poorly paid. The text "repeals the definition of previously received salary that was taken into account in determining the reasonable offer of employment". A formulation of jurist who conceals the fact that it will no longer be possible to refuse a job center offer on the grounds that the salary is lower than the one he received during his last job.

3 ° The control and the sanctions will be organized by a single entity which is called Pole employment whereas the control of the effective search for employment and its sanction were legally the responsibility of the regional direction of the Ministry of Labor. Pôle emploi could until now only suspend unemployment benefits in the event of absences at the convocations.

The hardening of the sanctions is justified "simply in a logic which is a logic of justice", according to the spokesperson of the deputies of the Republic in march (LaRem) Aurore Bergé ... but these measures do not bother to worry the unions . "Emmanuel Macron has not changed in his desire to" hunt "the unemployed, continuing to blithely mix the 0.4% fraud and the vast majority of unemployed who seek to work with dignity," says Denis Gravouil ( CGT) in the World.

Why stigmatize the whole of the unemployed for a handful of free riders while it is obvious that France does not generate more emplosi. Indeed a country that has destroyed its industry and relies only on its services can not work! Moreover, was the industry not a consumer of services?

The vast majority of the French political class, which too often takes the German model as the squaring of the circle, should not it pose questions because if, admittedly, Germany owns service companies it also has an industry of high performance ubiquitous in the economic fabric of the country. The industry in Germany represents a very strong GDP.

If France wants to get out of this situation and find full employment it is obvious that it must reindustrialise.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



The first season of the Benalla affair drove Emmanuel Macron into the polls.

Since then, we have just started the act two which may last once more over time and we wonder: what will it be this time in a few weeks, in the explosion period yellow vests, a popular movement that visibly bends but does not break?

The first act of the soap opera Benalla was reduced to a news item, stinking certainly but caused by a disconcerting casting error.

In a few days from what we read or hear here and there, the case could really turn to the state affair.

First remark, this case Benalla sticks to Emmanuel Macron as the plaster of Captain Hadock and the head of state is once again in a situation of great political risk Alexandre Benalla has publicly become the black cat of the President.

Because this case Benalla, season 2, this time asks many questions, even more questions than the first.

It all started with Alexandre Benalla's trip to Chad in early December, a trip revealed by our colleague Médiapart. We learn on this occasion that the Elysee was aware (or could not be unaware) of this trip, since the Embassy of France had made public, via the publication of "The Letter of the Continent" ( African) published on December 12, 2018.

Emmanuel Macron was in turn in Chad on 22 and December 23, 2018, that is about two weeks later, and that the passage of his former adviser did not question him or worried?

In N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, the 27-year-old was received by President Idriss Deby himself and his brother Oumar, the head of the Directorate General of the Strategic Reserve.

It is easy to deduce that in this function, Oumar Deby has the upper hand on Chad's military orders ...

Alexandre Benalla, who had arrived from Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon by private plane, was expected at the airport. All business done, he went quietly, two days later, to Istanbul in Turkey.

The nights at the Djamena Hilton were settled by a discreet (?) Franco-Israeli businessman, a specialist in private diplomacy in Africa, Philippe Hababou Solomon, the former special adviser to the former South African president , Jacob Zuma!

This "old road" seemed to have taken a liking to young Alexandre Benalla. The two men would have known through a common knowledge that would have contacted the former advisor Emmanuel Macron after the scandal this summer. Alexandre Benalla would be today at the confluence of the networks françafricains and israeloafricain?

But who exactly is Philippe Hababou Solomon?

Jeweler by training (Place Vendôme) Philippe Hababou Solomon owns a network of friends and a long judicial locker like Oubangui Chari. After doing business in the United States, then in Tel Aviv, he returned to France to buy in 2002 AeroLyon, an operation that ended in 2004 landed on the office of the Prosecutor of the TGI of Paris.

Philippe Solomon (this is how he calls himself) meets and collaborates during his various activities with Thierry Herzog, the lawyer of Nicolas Sarkozy (with whom he spent holidays ... only once he specifies) ), Bernard Tapie for which he tries a rescue operation of one of his companies, Brice Hortefeux, Patrick Balkany, Loic The Floc Prigent, the former boss of the Elf affair, the Russian billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak, but also Bill Clinton at the time of the Monica affair, a few emissaries from the Gulf, but also, moreover, what is the strangest Captain Barril and the founder of GIGN Christian Prouteau.

But, moreover, Alexandre Benalla stayed this summer at Vincent Miclet, the gatsby of France Africa in the luxurious villa that he owns in Marrakech. One of Vincent Miclet's three Bentley Mulsanns was waiting for him at the Marrakech airport, driven by a white-glove driver, to take him to the palm grove protected by large walls, called the "Golden Horse Estate", built nearby. of the Palace of the King of Morocco.

Vincent Miclet who knows Philippe Solomon, is the 180 th fortune of France.

The first meeting between Vincent Miclet and Alexandre Benalla took place in Paris in 2017 thanks to the help of a former girlfriend of the former adviser to the Elysee.

You said 2017? Yes ! Yes ! I said 2017. But then? The attacks explaining that Alexander Benalla did indeed use his functions, his position and the doors that it opened to him to do business are therefore accurate?

It therefore seems very obvious and logical to ask today the question of what Alexander Benalla was doing in Chad, a few days before Emmanuel Macron's trip, in addition to the possession of two diplomatic passports that he still had not returned!

And once again, we affirm, the Elysee could not ignore these details!

Vincent Miclet who was born in Chad (his parents were cooperating and his mother worked at the French embassy) has for some time been suspected of embezzling 400 million dollars in Angola.

We have our heads spinning and we understand even better the mistrust of yellow vests (and many French citizens) vis-à-vis the elite, yellow vests parading today, once again in Paris and the major cities province to express their great anger.

We do not want to believe the latest statements of the Elysee recalling "that Alexander Benalla is not an official or unofficial emissary".

It is also not believed that the visit to Chad of Alexandre Benalla would be a mere coincidence. Chance has a good back!

On the other hand, it is even better to understand why Alexandre Benalla began to release his sulphates: "I will not be silent anymore," he warned in his umpteenth statement to AFP in response to "the defamatory remarks made by some people in Elysee ".

We still do not believe (or understand too well!) Why Alexandre Benalla has kept his two diplomatic passports (issued end of May 2018 for a period of 10 years) and why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Elysee did not eager to ask him for it.

In such a maelstrom we want to laugh or smile on this beautiful joke whose scenario is swelling, if only through it is the credibility of France and its interests generals who are at stake.

Also, we grit our teeth when we hear the Elysée harden, by letter, the tone against Alexandre Benalla or the deputy LREM Bruno Questel wishing the opening of an administrative investigation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... just that ... what on what , is it a new coincidence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Yves Le Drian has just seized the Parquet of Paris ... against Alexandre Benalla ...

All indications are that Alexandre Benalla is not a man like the others, even if the power has sought to play down his role and the importance of the case (remember there is little Emmanuel Macron claimed the indulgence for his former advisor).

The turn that the Benalla affair has just taken with regard to its relations with almost exclusively authoritarian regimes risks discrediting not only the President of the Republic (it is already done) but also the France whose citizens have been expressing since the beginning of December. their anger.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



Alexandre Benalla  was reopened,  just six months after being dismissed  from the Elysee and  indicted for
"willful violence" and "prohibited port and without right of insignia regulated by the public authority" and "recel images from a videoprotection system ", after his participation in a muscled arrest May 1st.

The former deputy chief of staff of the Elysee, would have visited Chad in early December.

He met with the Chadian president and his brother Oumar Déby, who is in charge of leading the Chadian strategic reserve (DGRS).

It was in his new quality of businessman and consultant that he would have gone there.

But Emmanuel Macron, during his official visit to Chad a few days later on December 22, thought it best to explain to his African counterpart that the former collaborator of the Elysée Alexandre Benalla, was "in no way an intermediary official or official "of the French Presidency.

"Only the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the diplomatic adviser to the President, Philippe Etienne, and Franck Paris, his adviser Africa, can claim the Head of State" on the continent, recalled the presidency of the Republic Tuesday.

The annoying coincidence of the agendas questions.

The Elysee was not aware of this move after the fact that the thirty-year-old businessman claims to have been unaware of the presidential visit. Alexandre Benalla evokes "a combination of circumstances". "I did not know that the President of the Republic was going to Chad a few days later," he says on a radio station.

The mission of the former advisor also.

Alexandre Benalla would have reconverted in international relations having no connection with the Elysee. "I do consulting assignments. All that I do is legal "he still asserted" particularly shocked and scandalized by the irresponsible remarks made by 'the Elysee', implying that I would have in the course of my travels in Africa could prevail a function, title, or power for the purposes of professional solicitation. "

What also caused trouble is that Alexandre Benalla Chad was accompanied by half a dozen people on board a private plane, paying the fees by Carte bleue, including his stay at the Hilton Hotel N N'Djamena. .

According to Benalla he was in N'Djamena with a delegation of foreign entrepreneurs - mainly from the Middle East - likely to create 3,000 jobs in Chad for an industrial project representing an investment of 250 million euros.

"I went to Chad, accompanying a foreign economic delegation in the context of investments they will make on the spot, all the expenses concerning this trip was taken in charge by the head of this delegation," he said. -he assures

These activities related to personalities abroad are obviously not new. In July, Le Monde had already revealed that in March 2017, in parallel with his activities as safety officer for candidate Emmanuel Macron, Alexandre Benalla had assured the protection of Iraqi Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari during his visits to Paris.

Benalla would have traveled for business also in several other African states...

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld


In Niger last year at the same time, Emmanuel Macron went to N'Djamena, Chad, on Saturday and Sunday, accompanied by Minister of Armies Florence Parly, to celebrate with the soldiers of the Barkhane force before meeting the President. Chadian, Idriss Déby, ally of France in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.

Last year, he had woken up with the 500 or so French Barkhane soldiers based in Niamey, Niger. The traditional Christmas meal will be prepared by the head of the kitchens of the Elysee, Guillaume Gomez who tweeted Thursday the photos of the supplies brought on the spot for the occasion.

This trip shows the strategic importance for France of this Sahel-Saharan strip where many issues, including diplomatic, security, migratory issues, are colliding.

On the N'Djamena base, where the Operation Barkhane command post is located, as well as an air detachment and support and transmission elements, the Head of State and the Minister of Armies must meet General Frederic Blachon, commander of Barkhane since July, for a record of operations.

Operation Barkhane, launched by France in the Sahel since 2014 and currently has 4500 soldiers, has managed to push back the positions of jihadists in the region, according to the Elysee. Most of the terrorist groups in Northern Mali have been defeated, however, in the center of the country and in neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger.

France plans to increase its partnership with the new G5 Sahel anti-Jihadist force, set up with the support of France between five Sahel countries (Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad). Of the 400 million euros pledged by the international community for the deployment of this force alone 100 million euros have been paid.

Emmanuel Macron and Idriss Déby will lunch together on Sunday to take stock of the deployment of the G5 Sahel force and the growing presence of Russia in Central Africa feared by France, former colonial power in the region.

Emmanuel Macron will close his visit with a meeting Sunday morning with Chadian women in the House of Women in N'Djamena, "only place in the Sahel dedicated to women," according to the Elysee.

"This place of rather exceptional local mobilization on the equality between men and women, which proposes professional trainings, will be the occasion of a meeting with a very structured and very demanding civil society", noted the French presidency. In Chad 80 % of women are illiterate and 70% married before their 18th birthday.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



The growing malaise of the police is back on the scene. After an intense month of demonstrations and the constant management of the terrorist threat, police unions are asking for a "return on investment". They are received this Tuesday by Christophe Castaner.

The unions have waved on Monday, December 17 the specter of a social movement within the police who denounce their working conditions and remuneration.

The three major peacekeeping organizations and senior officers, the main body in the National Police, each called for action in the coming days. SGP-Police-FO unit on Saturday, December 15, called for an "act I" of the mobilization in January, echoing the weekly demonstrations of "yellow vests".

National Police Alliance decreed Monday, December 17, a "black day" Wednesday, 19: officials to close the police stations and to answer only emergency calls. Finally, the UNSA-Police lobbied on Tuesday and summoned his troops to do the "minimum service" on Tuesday, December 18, by not verbalising the offenders.

For its part the Ministry of the Interior has reacted very quickly knowing the high rate of unionization of the profession. "The unions will be received Tuesday in Beauvau by the Minister" Christophe Castaner, says the Ministry of the Interior. Secretary of State for the Interior Laurent Nuñez assured Monday night that "the door is open" for the unions for a meeting "on the topics they wanted".

But it is unlikely that all claims will be honored so long the list of claims can be honored as long as the list of claims is provided and engages heavy budgets. The exceptional bonus for agents mobilized for "yellow vests" announced by Emmanuel Macron was not enough.

Among the "social advances" claimed include the payment of some 23 million overtime, a state effort on the assumption of certain social security contributions, an increase of 115 euros on 1 January for all guards peace in particular, like the "yellow vests" close to the smic.

The claims go far beyond the financial aspect. The unions demand that a global reflection be made on the working conditions of police officers with the implementation of a "Marshall Plan" of the police.

If the demands are not fulfilled at the beginning of the year, SGP-Police-FO Unit will call the other organizations for a big demonstration on the 26th of January.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld



No new upswing in the Benalla affair. Vincent Crase, the security agent of the Elysee Palace would have received a large sum from a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin suspected of links with the mafia.

He had been implicated on 19 July in the violence against protesters on 1 May at the Place de la Contrescarpe. The annoying detail: the payment was made before his dismissal on July 31, 2018.

The Benalla affair is experiencing another embarrassing rebound for the Élysée.

Indeed, on June 28, Vincent Crase received the sum of 294,000 euros from a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin while he was at the same time still security agent for the Republic in March (LREM) and with the 'Elysium.

This sum would have been paid to the Mars Conseil company, a luxury concierge offering services to wealthy clients, from the driver to the bodyguard. Vincent Crase is the only shareholder.

The contract concerned the protection of relatives and property of Mr. Makhmudov, who is at the head of an industrial empire and owner of several properties in France.

.Connections with the Moscow Mafia?

This Russian oligarch, close to Vladimir Putin, is the 211th world fortune, according to Forbes magazine. But the Russian businessman is especially suspected "by several European magistrates to be linked to the Russian mafia," says Mediapart, and more particularly to the Moscow crime group Ismajlovskaya, known as one of the most dangerous in the world.

The amount of the transaction attracted the attention of Tracfin, the Ministry of the Economy's service in charge of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

To fulfill the contract, Vincent Crase had recourse to the security company Velours, the former employer of Alexandre Benalla. The latter told Le Point that "Vincent Crase [presented] it to the leaders of Velvet in 2012.

He knew them before [him]. "He himself worked for the company from 2013 to 2015.

Alexandre Benalla has denied any involvement and added "[have nothing] to do with this story.We continue to want to get dirty while this contract is the private and professional life of Mr. Crase who is my friend, displeased to some. "

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld




That is the main question that arises today as we write. Will Act V of Saturday, December 15, 2018 mark the end of the play that began on November 17?

Emmanuel Macron who, in the wake of a devastating and violent act IV, hoped to think so if one believes the terms of his intervention of December 10 which was meant to be a turn.

Some hope, tired by the disorder and economic losses caused by several weeks of popular fury.

As far as we are concerned, we will be more careful!

While the violence and daring of the rioters indignant many French, including French wearing a yellow vest, but they also frightened the country's external partners.

Of course Emmanuel Macron's recent promises were a start, marking a shift that certainly favored the decline in the physical mobilization of yellow vests, especially in Paris.

But the fact remains that the social measures announced have been for many of them only measures, fuzzy contours surcrot which can not, in view of the overall situation, be satisfied only by a process of budgetary cavalry .

The coup de maitre of the yellow vests was to force "Jupiter" to change .. finally .. of course, a feat for the one swore by Europe and the World, in contemptuous and haughty terms. "Jupiter" was forced to make concessions, finally!

It was time unless, as François Bayrou, the mentor of the Head of State often says, "when it's late, it's already too late".

Emmanuel Macron, like his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe lost much in this revolt of yellow vests.

Both have unscrewed in the polls. According to the last of the FIFG published in "Le Journal du Dimanche" yesterday, December 16th, the percentage of disaffected Emmanuel Macron increased once more by 3%, passing the number of these from 73 to 76 %. This is a lot, 18 months of a presidential election that was to renew and refresh the French political life.

Reading these% it is easy to understand that the decrease in the participation of the yellow vests in the demonstrations in Paris (and Province) on Saturday (15/12/2018) can in no way be interpreted as a landing in gentleness that would allow the Head of State to extricate himself from the most serious political crisis of the quinquennium.

In fact, the decrease in participation is explained by the fact that the cold reigns at the end of 2018; that there is the approach of the holidays and that the police and safety devices of previous Saturdays frightened more than one (which were not obviously breakers).

It is in this context that the former Minister of Sports, Chantal Jouanno was entrusted with "operational coordination" of the great public debate and announced by the President of the Republic.

It will be recalled first of all, and not only for the record that the Public Debate Committee, chaired since 2016 by Chantal Jouanno herself, created in February 1995, which saw its missions extended in 2016, will have a budget in 2019 4 million euros that its managers consider yet insufficient.

Nothing else! For a much smaller blow, the yellow vests have had the merit of opening the public debate!

One thing is certain, is that contrary to announcements made a few days ago by the executive "there will be no big public debate next week". It's already starting badly! Especially when one learns that the issue of immigration which was originally to be the 5th theme debated, has disappeared, relegated it appears to be a sub-theme?

The battle is far from won for Emmanuel Macron, knowing moreover that the Truce confectioners will be short.

In certain geographical areas the yellow vests have remained physically the weapon at the foot, while at the same time the digital agoras will not stop.

It is therefore unlikely that Emmanuel Macaron capitalizes on the parenthesis that has just opened, thanks to the end of year festivities.

The social crisis has revealed in depth that the current governance arrangements are outdated, which explains in large part the great anger that has erupted but has been brewing for a long time, anger provoked by feelings of loss of meaning, and , for fear of downgrading and the future.

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Rumors are rife around the name of the spokesman for the National Gathering.

The boss of the former FN would she chose the young regional councilor of Ile-de-France Jordan Bardella as head of list in the European elections next May? It is in any case the rumor that circulates but it will be necessary to wait for the "convention" organized by the National Rally on January 13, Mutualité to have confirmation.

Jordan Bardella, 23, has a blistering political career with a full resume. Born in Drancy in 1995, he grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis.

It is in this department that his political commitment is born. He joined the National Front at age 16, then became departmental secretary of Seine-Saint-Denis at age 19 before being elected regional councilor of Ile-de-France at age 20. Noticed by Marine Le Pen it reaches in September 2017, after the resignation of Florian Philippot , the party spokesman, only 22 years old.

A few months later, in March 2018, he took the national leadership of "Generation Nation", the young movement of the far-right party.

Jordan Bardella, whose family is of Italian origin, masters the Italian language. This allowed him to form important links with the League of Matteo Salvini, the populist and Eurosceptic Italian party. At the end of September, Mr. Bardella participated in the League meeting in Genoa.

Bardella's choice is not unanimous at the National Rally summit. For some of the party's caciques, Jordan Bardella's youth may be a disadvantage at a time when the inexperience of the head of state is pointed to as a weakness. For others this youth is the perfect symbol to position itself as the main opponent to Emmanuel Macron. "The new world is us. "

In any case the Bardella option would present significant assets for the leader of the French far-right. Not only this "loyal apparatchik", unlike many of the leaders of his party, has no "pan" judicial to his credit, but still not giving shade to Marine Le Pen, it would allow the latter to ensure the campaign on the front line, tour that it is already towards the presidential 2022.

Driven by the news around the movement of "yellow vests", Marine Le Pen would nevertheless rely more and more on the option Bardella to try to consolidate the polls that currently give it top European elections in May 2019.

According to the latest figures published by Ifop on Sunday, Marine Le Pense is 24% against 18% for Walkers and 11% for Republicans.

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If the complaints of "yellow vests" are characterized by their heterogeneity, a claim, however, seems almost unanimous.

The representatives of the yellow vests claim the introduction in the Constitution of the popular or popular initiative referendum, the RIC.

This device is presented as the solution to give the floor back to the people.

The referendum already exists in our institutions in different forms.

1 ° The referendum initiated by the executive or the parliamentarians.

Article 11 of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, adopted on October 4, 1958, makes it possible to organize a referendum on "any draft law on the organization of public authorities, including the approval of a Community agreement, or tending to authorize the ratification of a treaty ". The initiative then falls under the government or a joint proposal of the National Assembly and the Senate. A constitutional revision in 1995, broadened the referendum object to the bills on economic, social or environmental policy.

2 ° The constitutional referendum.

Governed by Article 89, it allows the approval or rejection of a revision of the Constitution. Its use by the president is not mandatory. The latter may prefer the vote of the Congress (meeting of the National Assembly and the Senate in Versailles).

3 ° The referendum of shared initiative.

The constitutional reform of 2008 under the five-year term of Nicolas Sarkozy has already included the possibility, under strict conditions, of "referendums of shared initiative". To organize these referendums, it is necessary "a fifth of the members of Parliament, supported by a tenth of the voters registered on the electoral lists", ie at least 185 deputies and senators (on 925) and more than 4.5 million voters. Difficult to implement, the provision has never been applied, even if a website has been designed to support any "referendum bill".

For protesters yellow vests must go further in the powers of the referendum. They propose the establishment of a citizens' initiative referendum, or "RIC", so that citizens can be consulted on the main economic and social orientations, in the image of what exists in Switzerland or Italy. The idea is to give back power to the people by allowing him to reinvest the political field between two elections, the five-year period does not allow it.

The "RIC" would in particular "give the people the right to draft or repeal a law on the subject he chooses". Even to revoke the mandate of an elected official and even that of the president.

The terms of this are detailed:

"Creating a readable and effective site, supervised by an independent control body where people can make a proposal for a law. If this bill obtains 700,000 signatures then this bill will have to be discussed, completed and amended by the National Assembly, which will have the obligation (one year to the day after obtaining 700,000 signatures) to submit it. to the vote of all the French. "

A claim also defended by several political parties in various forms. This referendum aims at facilitating the consultation of the people, without involving Parliament upstream.

The review of the draft constitutional revision will resume in March, at the end of three-month local consultations decided by the executive face the movement of "yellow vests" to leave the door open to additions.
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At the beginning of the evening, shots were fired in the city center of Strasbourg, near the Christmas market.

The provisional toll is three deaths, nine serious and five minor injuries.

The gunman, fugitive and actively searched, has been identified and is stuck S.

A manhunt is underway with nearly 350 police and gendarmes on the heels of the assailant who escaped by taxi.

He was to be arrested that morning in a case of attempted homicide and extortion. At his grenades were discovered Tuesday morning at his home. He had already been convicted in France and Germany for common law offenses.

The Antiterrorist Section of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office seized the investigation and opened an investigation into "assassinations and attempted assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise" and "criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy".


The Paris prosecutor goes to Strasbourg.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who is monitoring the situation, said that

" The security and rescue services are mobilized. Do not spread rumors and follow the advice of the authorities.

The "White Plan" is activated in Strasbourg hospitals

"The President of the Republic has been informed in real time of events in Strasbourg.

He therefore decided to shorten his current meeting and wanted the Minister of the Interior to go there, "said the Elysée.

The city hall and the Ministry of the Interior invited the inhabitants to stay at home.

"Avoid the area of ​​the police station", then added the prefecture, which specifies that the people of the sector Neudorf and the park of the Star must remain confined. The city center is currently closed.

The Vigipirate plan was raised to the "emergency bombing" level.

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At the beginning of the evening, shots were fired in the city center of Strasbourg, near the Christmas market.

The provisional toll is three deaths, nine serious and five minor injuries.

The gunman, fugitive and actively searched, has been identified and is stuck S.

A manhunt is underway with nearly 350 police and gendarmes on the heels of the assailant who escaped by taxi.

He was to be arrested that morning in a case of attempted homicide and extortion. At his grenades were discovered Tuesday morning at his home. He had already been convicted in France and Germany for common law offenses.

The Antiterrorist Section of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office seized the investigation and opened an investigation into "assassinations and attempted assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise" and "criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy".


The Paris prosecutor goes to Strasbourg.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who is monitoring the situation, said that

" The security and rescue services are mobilized. Do not spread rumors and follow the advice of the authorities.

The "White Plan" is activated in Strasbourg hospitals

"The President of the Republic has been informed in real time of events in Strasbourg.

He therefore decided to shorten his current meeting and wanted the Minister of the Interior to go there, "said the Elysée.

The city hall and the Ministry of the Interior invited the inhabitants to stay at home.

"Avoid the area of ​​the police station", then added the prefecture, which specifies that the people of the sector Neudorf and the park of the Star must remain confined. The city center is currently closed.

The Vigipirate plan was raised to the "emergency bombing" level.

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At nearly four weeks of slingshot of "yellow vests" the President of the Republic broke the silence to speak in a televised speech.

Faced with the finding of "the state of economic and social emergency" France Emmanuel Macron announced several measures, Monday, December 10, during a televised speech recorded at the Elysee.

"We want a France where we can live worthily from our work, on this point we went too slowly I ask the government and the parliament to do what is necessary so that we can live better of his work from the beginning of the year next. "Conceded the head of state judging the claims of the yellow vests legitimate.

A mea culpa-culpa hollow but does not hide its intentions not to change course.

He declined the following measures:

1 ° Increase of 100 euros per month of the smic thanks to the premium of activity.

"The wage of a worker at the SMIC will increase by 100 euros per month from 2019 without it costing one more euro for the employer," he said. However, no details have been provided on this increase, which is added to the increase of 1.8% expected in January. Currently the monthly gross minimum is € 1,498.47, or € 1,184.93 net . With the automatic revaluation, it was to increase to 1,210 euros net in January.

The 80 euros difference comes from the activity bonus paid by the state via the family allowance funds. This bonus was already planned before the "yellow vests", with the base 30 euros in April 2019, 20 euros in October 2020 and 20 euros in October 2021, or 70 euros by the end of the five-year period. A simple advance on the calendar ...

2 ° Increase in the activity premium

The activity bonus paid to some 2.6 million people, will increase by 30 euros in April 2019 and 20 euros in 2020. This "boost" for compensation between 0.5 and 1.2 smic.

3 ° Cancellation of the increase of the CSG for retirees receiving less than 2,000 euros per month

The increase in the generalized social contribution, contribution on all income financing Social Security ,, "suffered this year" (in 2018), will be canceled for retirees receiving less than 2 000 euros net per month instead of 1 280 euros.

The CSG had increased from 6.6% to 8.3% of pensions without compensation in contrast to assets and civil servants.

4 ° An end-of-year bonus requested from employers "who can"

The government will also "ask all employers who can pay an end-of-year bonus to their employees," which will be tax-free.

5 ° The tax exemption for overtime

Overtime will be "paid without taxes or charges from 2019", a measure taken by Nicolas Sarkozy and repealed by Francois Hollande. These are the hours worked beyond the legal duration of the 35 hours. They are often increased by 25%.

6 ° No recovery of the ISF

Emmanuel Macron does not return to the abolition of wealth tax (ISF) at the beginning of his five-year term replaced by the property tax estate (IFI).

7 ° The fight against tax evasion

The head of state reaffirmed that the leaders of large French companies will pay "their taxes in France".

These measures, evaluated between 10 and 13 billion euros, must be presented Wednesday at the National Assembly by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

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Automatic radars crystallize the anger of Yellow Vests since the beginning of their movement on November 17th.

Half of the automatic radars would be out of order in France whether they are ransacked, painted or covered with tarpaulins. The phenomenon had already begun last summer with the passage to 80 km / h refused by motorists and had been imposed by the Prime Minister despite severe warnings of elected officials.

Of the 3,275 automatic radars implanted along the roads of France one count has 1,500 radars concerned.

From the first week of mobilization 20% of the automatic devices - 600 cabins - no longer worked. In some rural departments, destruction affects almost all devices.

250 cabins have been destroyed since the beginning of the movement. Just last night, there were still six destroyed in the Ain, Isère and Martinique. By way of comparison, in its last report, the Court of Auditors noted that in 2017, 40 radars had been completely destroyed over the whole year.

The road safety delegation, attached to the Ministry of the Interior, refuses to communicate on these figures for fear of "contagion" while agreeing that degradation has experienced a sharp increase since November 17.

The ministry, which emphasizes its concern about the possible consequences for road safety, is trying to repair the damaged cabins promptly.

Economically the fallout is heavy. The loss of revenue for tax services would amount to several million euros.

The replacement of radars will weigh down the bill. It is necessary to count for a conventional radar between 60.000 and 80.000 euros, for an autonomous radar, 75.000 euros, more than double for a radar section, its price of up to 200.000 euros

The perpetrators of automatic radar damage are liable to up to 7 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros. But it is difficult to apprehend them.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld


while the Elysee said fear of protests "of great violence" this Saturday during "Act 4" Yellow Vests, 89,000 members of the police are mobilized, including 8,000 in the streets of the capital .

Since this morning, demonstrations have multiplied throughout France. The Interior Ministry, which had anticipated a level of violence "at least equal" on 1 December, particularly in Paris, sent 89,000 law enforcement personnel throughout France, including 8,000 in Paris, as well as twelve armored gendarmerie.

The events that took place around Place de l'Etoile on the 1st of November and in the western part of Paris, on 8th December, have created new gathering places like the east and south of the capital. In the Champs-Elysées, the situation remained calm all morning. Then the processions spread throughout the north-west of Paris,

The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez, announced at midday 31,000 demonstrators in France, and 1,000 arrests throughout the territory. At 4:45 pm, the Paris prefecture announced 673 arrests, including 551 police custody.Julien Coupat was arrested Saturday morning, on the sidelines of act 4 "yellow vests" in his car in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

The former leader of the "Tarnac group" was arrested by the ISB, who had been following him for several weeks. He was taken into custody by the head of "participation in a group formed to commit violence or degrading".

In the car were a yellow vest, a mask and bombs of paintings. The forty-year-old is one of the 1,000 or so arrests that the police have made on this Saturday of protests throughout France. Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior Laurent Nuñez announced that 29 leaders of the ultra-right, ultra-left and the fringe radicalized "yellow vests" were arrested on Friday night and this morning.

In Paris, the police prefecture reports 55 wounded people, including 3 among the police.

In Lyon, yellow vests joined the march for the climate, and some 7,000 people marched. Clashes erupted in Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux and Besançon. The situation seemed quieter in Lille and Marseille.

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"The insurrection is at the gates of France and we do not want there to be deaths this weekend," explained the yellow vest Benjamin Cauchy.

Despite the suspension of several tax measures, the call for "Act IV" of the mobilization of "yellow vests", Saturday, December 8, is maintained on social networks so that the fear of a surge of violence and dead tears the executive.

After the 4 dead and more than 800 injured recorded since the beginning of the movement on November 17, the executive anticipates a "very great violence" for this new day of mobilization. According to the Elysee, several thousand people are expected in Paris "to break and kill."

The Elysee, however, refuses to receive yellow jackets are free "who asked to see him Friday to try to defuse the social sling before Saturday. "Yellow jackets have already failed the Prime Minister," said the Elysee, which enjoins spokesmen for the movement to address the Prime Minister.

"The door of Matignon remains open" he recalls. Jacqueline Mouraud and Benjamin Cauchy are part of the "yellow vests" who launched an appeal in the JDD to condemn the violence and propose a way out of crisis "constructive" to the government. They are aware of the risk of insurrection in which lies France.

Indeed, the tension only goes up.

Some demonstrations of high school students who joined the social protest movement escalated into scenes of violence with incidents such as clashes with the police and burning cars near the settlements.

A in Mantes-la-Jolie in the Yvelines, in a sensitive neighborhood, 151 high school students, adolescents or young adults were arrested for "participation in an armed crowd". These arrests took place after new incidents on Thursday near Saint-Exupery high school, where two cars were burned and violent clashes broke out with the police.

A video of this arrest turned on social networks and scandalized more than one policy: "When I saw these images myself, I was obviously shocked," responded Jean-Michel Blanquer. The Minister of National Education, however, called for "putting the images in their context" stating that "there were shocking images because we are in a climate of exceptional violence."

For the event scheduled Saturday in Paris Eric Drouet, a spokesman for the movement, influence Facebook, calls to "return to Paris" "near places of power, the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, Concorde". .. "Next Saturday, it's over. Next Saturday, this will be the final result.

Saturday, it is we who will have the stranglehold on all this, it is we who will decide what will happen, "he explains in a video. The driver calls to invest the Elysee. An investigation for "provocation to the commission of a crime or offense and organization of an illegal event" has also been opened by the Paris prosecutor.

How to deal with a possible surge of violence this Saturday during the event?

Saturday, December 8, the security system is radically revised compared to Act III.

While 65,000 members of the security forces, including 5,000 in Paris, had been deployed on Saturday, December 1, Édouard Philippe said Thursday that more than 89,000 members of law enforcement would be mobilized this Saturday in France, including 8,000 in the capital. In fact 100% of the number of police personnel namely police relief, territorial brigades, the BAC or the security companies and intervention.

A "dozen armored vehicles" wheeled gendarmerie (VBRG) will also be used in Paris to clear the barricades and blocked lanes in particular.

These vehicles, which were used in 2005 during the riots in the suburbs, as well as this year in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, will be 4 × 4 armored vehicles of 13 tons that can carry 13 gendarmes equipped with a blade.

During his press conference Friday, Christophe Castaner however did not want to detail the device in the details for "security reasons".

The "yellow vests" would end up between "an ultra-rogue who dreams of revolution and an ultragauche who advocates insurrection," according to a source at the Ministry of the Interior.

And polls are worrying with 37% of French respondents who say "understand" the violence. Will the executive's call for calm, transpartisan and republican suffice to stem the emergence of an insurrectional movement?

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


To try to appease the social revolt and not relive new scenes of riots on Saturday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced Tuesday the suspension of several fuel tax increases and the freezing of the increase in tariffs. gas and electricity during the winter.

"The increases in three tax measures were to come into effect on January 1 ... I suspend them for six months.

They will not apply, "said Philippe. "No tax deserves to endanger the unity of the Nation. He also argued.

Also the carbon tax, the convergence of the taxation between gasoline and diesel as well as the alignment on the taxation of the individuals of the taxation of GNR (diesel of entrepreneurs) are they momentarily only suspended and not simply withdrawn.

"In this time we want to identify and implement just and effective support measures.

If we do not find them, we will draw the consequences, "added the Prime Minister.

No increase either of electricity and gas "during the consultation and therefore during the coming winter".

These measures taken late, the government has counted badly on a decay of the movement, will they be enough to calm the game?

The answer is no .

The few concessions are not enough anymore. The power is today grappling with a broader protest made of various claims, sometimes contradictory. (the reduction of all taxes, the increase of the Smic as pensions, the abolition of the Senate for example).

And it is not the "great concertation in the territories" from December 15 to March 1 announced Emmanuel Macron a week ago that will resume dialogue with the French.

Trust is definitely broken.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld



After the violence in Paris during the third day of mobilization of "yellow vests", the government, obviously overwhelmed by a deep social anger that he had not anticipated, trying to regain control.

Barely arrived from the G20 President Emmanuel Macron went to the scene of the violence before congratulating the police in the presence of Prime Minister.

A crisis meeting was convened Sunday at midday at the Elysee Palace by Emmanuel Macron Matignon. The police have never known such an outburst of violence, he was asked by the head of state to the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, to lead "a reflection on the possible need for a adaptation of the law enforcement apparatus in the coming days ". Emmanuel Macron also reaffirmed his willingness to leave no act unpunished.

In order not to turn a deaf ear, the head of state urged his prime minister Edouard Philippe to receive, on Monday, "the party leaders represented in Parliament and representatives of the demonstrators".

The head of government will again receive a delegation of yellow vests, because it has expressed its willingness to enter into a dialogue with the government.

A group meeting between LaREM MPs "exceptional" is also on the agenda on Tuesday morning at the National Assembly in the presence of Edouard Philippe.

The President of the Republic, who has not made any statement so far, is thus reconnecting with the "old world", that of the intermediary bodies to get out of the blockage.

Will this extended hand of the executive suffice to calm the spirits?

For the opposition as part of the yellow vests a strong gesture to the government is expected from the government, starting with a moratorium or a freeze on rising fuel taxes.

If part of the majority is convinced that backing away now would be the end of the reformist quinquennium, others believe that the executive has no choice but to give in. How far ? Among the disparate requests for yellow vests are also the increase of the Smic or the restoration of the ISF.

"The government is not entitled to a third black Saturday," warned the Senate Speaker, Gerard Larcher at a time when we deplore 3 dead and 263 wounded in France.

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No Comment !!
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In a long speech the head of state addressed the "yellow vests" claiming to understand their anger. But does he think this is understanding when it is argued that previous governments did not have enough consideration for them, the yellow vests, to protect them by offering them the energy transition?

Certainly the head of state addressed them: "I do not confuse the breakers with citizens who want to get a message." But did he really understand the "social alarm"

do not change course on ecological transition, not giving up taxes. He merely presented his transformation program to "detoxify fossil fuels".

Also in these announcements, the head of state mixes the main lines of the EPP (the multi-year programming of energy) and the answers -rares- more short-term to the movement of the yellow vests. The president dwelt on the process of the electricity mix, reducing France's dependence on nuclear power.

He notably announced the closure of two nuclear reactors in addition to those of Fessenheim. France will develop solar, wind power and reduce energy consumption. He pleaded for a popular ecology and launched a large consultation at the local level with elected representatives, associations and "yellow vests".

But that yellow vests do not dream. Nothing for the ends of difficult months. Nothing to lower the energy bill of the French. In the face of the slingshot, the Elysee recreates a "new system" (which existed under Lionel Jospin) to regulate the carbon tax, which will allow the government, after Parliament's approval, to "erase" the taxation of fuel in the event of soaring oil prices.

If Emmanuel Macron hears the anger of the citizens, he does not seem to want to extinguish it, not wanting to give up anything. "We have to hear the protests of social alarm, but we must not do it by renouncing our responsibilities for today or tomorrow," he said. But "the situation of citizens who live in rural or peri-urban areas" will not be heard, it seems. Two representatives of the "yellow vests" are received this Tuesday evening at the Ministry of Ecology and meet the Minister of Ecological Transition François de Rugy.

And "yellow vests" escaping political parties as well as trade unions continue their struggle. Does the government count on the slowdown of the movement?

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld



Emmanuel Macron has not yet spoken directly to the "yellow vests", which led on Saturday their second big day of protest. However, the executive has been facing a spontaneous protest against rising fuel prices for the last ten days, which has gradually widened to a more comprehensive denunciation of taxes and has given rise to demonstrations and blocking operations. across France. A second, Saturday, gathered more than 106,000 people, including the Champs-Elysees.

But the Elysee has already announced wanting to stay the course of ecological transition, but with a "social pact" support. These measures, detailed this Monday in the Council of Ministers, will be presented Tuesday by the Head of State.

Emmanuel Macron has condemned the violence whose images on the Champs-Elysees have been around the world, the head of state acknowledged Sunday in Brussels: "There is no project of society and it will not There is no political project - at national and European level - if we do not provide a clear answer to our middle classes and working classes. "

They were still more than 100,000 "yellow vests" to demonstrate Saturday against the rise in fuels and the decline in purchasing power.

The president, for his part, wants to renew the dialogue to "give a new direction in terms of the energy transition". And he "will give a new method to make this transition as fair as possible," said a spokeswoman for the Elysee. The executive thus plans to "build a social pact of the ecological transition" which would rest on two pillars namely the mobilization of intermediate bodies absent from the movement that directly the French "through a tour of France" to involve local actors .

Emmanuel Macron also plans to rely on the creation of a "High Council for Climate" he will officially install Tuesday, said the Elysee. One more denounce his detractors.

But the head of state will he really loosen the vice?

The accounting vice or the Bercy lock first.

In the government there are indeed those who, like François Bayrou and several shadow advisers, urge Emmanuel Macron to refocus his policy towards more social while Bercy is bent on the criteria of Brussels. Gérald Darmanin and Bruno Le Maire have in fact repeated that, certainly, it was necessary to hear the anger of the street while stressing that the coffers of the state were empty ...

And what about the outstretched hands of unions, associations, NGOs?

They have so far been kept at bay by the head of state, who preferred to place himself in direct line with his people. But it's a failure! Emmanuel Macron has therefore clearly suggested that the summit on the ecological transition, this Tuesday at the Elysee, would lead to a new mode of consultation ...

In the absence of an answer that will be wanted, Tuesday, at the same time "economic, social, but also cultural and of sense", according to the president of the republic, does not it prepare itself an umpteenth clogging which will not restrain social discontent?

That is without counting with the "delegation" of eight "official communicators" of the movement which was created to "engage a serious and necessary contact with the representatives of the State and its government", announces a statement published Monday . This delegation addresses "two main proposals" to the government: "downward revision of all taxes" and "creation of a citizens' assembly" to discuss the themes of the ecological transition, the "taking into account the voice of citizens" , the increase of the purchasing power or the precariousness, details this text.

Not sure that the supporters of Bercy always have the last word. Laborious classes, dangerous classes, it must be remembered.

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld




The 101st Mayors' Congress opened in an atmosphere of discontent and malaise in the absence of Emmanuel Macron, despite his promise made a year ago. Instead, the head of state sent a letter to the city council explaining his roadmap. What was badly perceived by all the mayors, seeing only a form of arrogance while local elected officials are more likely to make their scarf. Indeed, a mayor in two would not intend to run again in 2020, according to a recent Cevipof survey.

Rather than go to the congress of the Association of Mayors of France, organization led by Sarkozyist François Baroin, too politicized organization in the eyes of the Elysee, the President of the Republic must receive, this Wednesday at the Elysee, the Association of Mayors of France surrounded by the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe and the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault. He also invited several hundred mayors to the Elysee, where he has to deliver a speech. Many of them will not go there.

The hour of truth between the executive and the Association of Mayors of France (AMF)?

The AMF's office - about 20 members including its president, François Baroin - will go to the Elysee to express his complaints to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. And they are multiple: from the integral compensation of the abolition of the tax of dwelling to the constitutional revision by passing in particular by the law NOTRe, the revival of the housing, the helped jobs, the contracting, the endowments ... Closing of the congress On November 22, the president of the AMF will put to the vote a resolution to set up a common platform of negotiations with the departments and regions to weigh against the state.

"We will work with the departments and regions on a common platform," warns Mr. Baroin, determined to give content to the alliance formed in late September, under the label United Territories, with the Assembly of departments of France (ADF) and Regions of France. "We want a working method and a timetable," adds the mayor (LR) of Troyes. This is a chance for the state, what we propose. It's up to him, but we need an answer on all these topics before the end of the first half of 2019, because after we enter the pre-municipal period. "

What will Emmanuel Macron answer to the many demands?

The executive will no doubt repeat this formula at the end of the presidential letter: "That is why I will always stand by you. Because to be at the side of the mayors of France is to be at the side of the French. Perhaps they will say more about the bill to overhaul local taxation planned for the first quarter of 2019 ...

But for the majority of mayors a reception at the Elysee, Wednesday, does not replace a visit to the congress of mayors, Porte de Versailles.

The elected officials on the ground, they know the population well and could have traced in exchanges with the room of the precious information. It does not govern alone.

Especially since the deputies en Marche as a transmission belt are powerless, the party Republic en Marche has little anchor on the ground.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld




It is the national commission of the accounts of campaign which was alerted on the unknown origin and trouble of 144 000 € of donations paid to the LREM party of Emmanuel Macron which opened on Tuesday 20 November 2018 a preliminary investigation

What does Emmanuel Macron risk if an offense is established?

Alerted by the national commission of campaign accounts and political financing (CNCCFP), the Paris prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation.

The amount of these donations paid in checks, bank transfers or electronic payments, whose origin remains unknown, amounts to 144,000 euros.

The justice was informed last November 12th of this anomaly, when the CNCCFP finished peeling the receipts of receipts transmitted by the association in charge of the financing of the party LREM and the presidential campaign.

Suspicions of fraud or illegal financing, these are the assumptions.

The Paris magistrates entrusted the files to the investigators of the Central Office of fight against corruption (OCLCIFF),

Initially, it will be a question of identifying the mysterious contributors and to make sure that none has paid more than 7500 €, indeed the maximum sum that a donor can offer to a political party.

Finally, it will be necessary to establish, if necessary, a violation of the legislation on the transparency of public life.

Already in September 2018, a complaint from Anticor had led to an investigation into the integrity of Emmanuel Macron's campaign accounts, which was closed for lack of proof!

This is not the first time that LREM campaign accounts are in the crosshairs of justice.

Faced with this investigation that starts Jean-Luc questions Mélenchon wonders?

"Will there also be house searches?"

"The file of members and donors will be confiscated too?"

"Or will it be openly double standards?"

Alas, if an offense is established, Emmanuel Macron does not risk anything, because, in French law, the President of the Republic is irresponsible for all acts that he has done in this capacity.

He also enjoys inviolability which prevents any administrative, civil or criminal proceedings against him for acts committed outside his presidential functions.

This inviolability ends one month after the end of his term.

This disposition inherited from the monarchy has been affirmed in all Constitutions since that of 1791.

Irresponsibility can, however, be challenged by the International Criminal Court in cases of genocide, crimes against humanity, the crime of aggression and the crime of war.

The President of the French Republic may finally be dismissed by parliamentarians meeting in the High Court "in case of breach of his duties manifestly incompatible with the exercise of his mandate".

But for now it seems obvious that for violations of the campaign accounts, Emmanuel Macron risk nothing, only a few lampists risk convictions and still ...........!!!

Simon Freeman for DayNewsWorld



A new social front to manage for the government. This Tuesday, 16 nursing organizations sign a call to strike.

Feeling the big "forgotten" of the government, it is after yellow vests and white blouses that come down, Tuesday, November 20, in the street. A day of mobilization that dissociates itself from the movement of "yellow vests".

It is the disappointment born of the presentation of the health plan in September by the president Emmanuel Macron, a catalog of measures "decided around the only doctors" that left the anger.

Macron's medical assistants deemed irrelevant

In the viewfinder of the nurses actually the announcement of the creation of 4,000 positions of medical assistants. They will be trained in one year to support the liberal doctors by relieving them of simple medical tasks, such as blood pressure, and thus free them from medical time. For an annual cost estimated at nearly 200 million euros for Social Security. Why create a new profession instead of relying on the 660,000 existing nurses?

Moreover, the funding of medical assistant positions should have "been used to create posts in nursing homes", institutions particularly under pressure in this area. "It would have been more consistent to spend this money creating residential accommodation for dependent elderly people (Ehpad), a place where working conditions are execrable," say the sixteen organizations in a joint document.

The tensions also concern, in terms of status, the prerogatives provided for advanced practice nurses (IPA), that is to say extended skills. This new position was to open professional perspectives but in fact it will concern only a minority of professionals who will be kept "under the yoke of the medical profession", regrets the vice-president of the FNI, Daniel Guillerm, the outlines of the profession having have been cut off by doctors, worried about the questioning of the path of care.

An ingratitude which is also found in the lack of valorization of the acts of the liberal nurses. The ambulatory turn taken to reduce hospital deficits and the performance of certain acts at home, is, according to the unions, not assumed by the health insurance, which does not return to current rates.

In a country with an aging population and experiencing medical desertification in certain areas of France, the Macron Health Plan does not seem to meet the challenges ahead.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld




The "yellow vests" continue their mobilization on Monday 19 November and protesters are now blocking several oil depots throughout France.

One thing is certain: the prime minister, invited the "20 hours" of France 2 Sunday night, in the aftermath of the movement against rising fuel taxes has not responded to the demands of the protesters.

"We heard anger but we also heard suffering, the lack of prospects, the idea that the authorities for a long time did not respond to the concerns and the feeling of downgrading, abandonment felt by a part of the population, "acknowledged Philippe about Saturday's mobilization.

He returned to the duty of security that was to be guaranteed for citizens deploring scenes of "very violent" and a heavy balance sheet including a death. "Security has been a constant of our attitude," said the head of government.

But it does not seem to take into consideration the demands of the protesters, reaffirming the commitments made by Emmanuel Macron to lower taxes and pay better work, even more taxing pollution ...

For his part Emmanuel Macron s'immure in the silence pursuing his travels abroad. It is true that its maintenance on the aircraft carrier did not have the desired effects. What strategy then to adopt on the side of the executive to defuse this movement of "yellow vests" that continues on Monday?

Questioned during his visit to Belgium by a journalist on the movement of yellow vests, Emmanuel Macron said that he "would not answer" this question and that it was not the place. "I will respond in due course but this is not the place today," continued the President of the Republic. And yet the Head of State had a special predilection to launch the French a few vexations well felt from foreign stands.

An Elyos silence of impotence in the face of rising anger that could be translated into European ballot boxes.

The "yellow vests" prepare the sequel, an event entitled "Act 2 All France in Paris".

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld


Elected from right and left are the government to hear the anger of the French while this Sunday the mobilization of yellow vests continue in the regions.

The ongoing mobilization

Indeed demonstrators having even, for some, decided to spend the night there set up snail operations as on the A1 in the Pas-de-Calais, the Setques toll, already occupied Saturday, is still a place of demonstration this Sunday morning with a "toll free" operation.

In the south of France, several dams have reformed just like in Alsace. The blocks continue so this Sunday. According to the Ministry of the Interior, 150 actions are currently carried out in the territory.

Vinci reports about fifty meeting points on its motorway network, including the A10, A62, A9 or A7 and observes points of tension.

But what future for this social movement?

In the aftermath of the national "yellow vests" movement, which mobilized at least 400,000 people in more than 2,000 assembly points nationwide, there is the question of how long it will last.

If this day of mobilization was an opportunity for the French to express their anger over the rise in taxes as the government with the slogan "Macron resignation", if the policies of the opposition parties have pointed power in place, Gerald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, in the context of the "Forum" of Radio J broadcast Sunday has certainly said that "the government heard this event, which is important, who wanted to show that there was a cheap tax on the French.

But he completely cleared the government that can not be accountable for past increases, a "legacy" that Emmanuel Macron must "manage".

Government maintains its course

"The truth," the minister argued, "is that we are in the position where we are the first to put forward the fact that we are lowering taxes. For its part, the Minister of Energy Transition, in the aftermath of this popular action, announced not to give up the increase in fuels for the sake of ecology.

"In terms of ecological taxation, we will continue the planned trajectory. Do not do it would be unconscious, "said the Minister of ecological transition and solidarity, François de Rugy, in an interview this Sunday in Paris. The image of the executive takes a hit. According to a poll published by the Journal du Dimanche,.

It seems that the government does not want to back down while the French who do not perceive any tax reduction, do not hear it as well.

Other upcoming events?

Faced with this attitude of denial on the part of the government, the popularity of Emmanuel Macron drops again who loses 4 points in November, reaching his lowest score at 25% of popularity, and Edouard Philippe drops by 7 points to 34%.

Without a leader and without supervision by political and trade union organizations, this self-organized movement is in fact unpredictable. Although the sequence of events is not yet written, however, it appears with certainty that some "yellow vests" want to continue the movement.

Thus Laetitia Dewalle, figure of the movement of yellow vests in the Val d'Oise: "Until the state takes into account our demands," she hammered. She hopes the truckers or paramedics will take over in the week, and intends to mobilize again next weekend.

This social fronde of the French sounds like a serious warning to the government.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld



"Our level of anxiety is maximum," said Christophe Castaner.

The day of mobilization of "yellow vests" began with a drama, Saturday, November 17.

A protester died in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Savoie, at the level of an undeclared dam, announced the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castan er.

A motorist driving his daughter to the doctor hit a woman e.

Panic when the protesters started banging on her car, she stepped on them, said the interior minister.

In shock, the driver was taken into custody.

47 people were injured, three of them seriously. 24 people were arrested for rebellion or because they were trying to force the protesters' barrages, 17 of which were held in custody.

"Our level of anxiety is maximum," said Christophe Castaner urging the s protesters to "take all the provisions of prevention and security . "

In the middle of the day, around 2,000 gatherings were organized throughout France, with

Some 585,000 protesters also communicated Mr. Castaner with several blocked access points.

The forces of authority used tear gas.

A new, unprecedented social phenomenon that wants to be peaceful.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld




Hundreds of collectives have called for a road blocking day on Saturday to protest rising fuel prices.

Calls for blocking Saturday, November 17 multiply for several weeks on social networks, including Facebook.

This diffuse, apolitical movement, which aggregates many discontents, intends to paralyze the country to make itself heard by the government.

And the government is expressing concern. Monday Muriel Pénicaud had expressed his fears for "the safety of people" during the mobilizations, recalling that the "yellow vests" were not a "structured" organization .

"When there are strikes and demonstrations, there are responsible people who make it possible for those who are demonstrating to be safe," the minister told Public Sénat.

"There, we are not sure, it is still necessary that people are protected and we do not know what will happen."

Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, shares the same concern about the upcoming movement . "What is difficult is that we do not have a trade union organization that is used to organizing a demonstration.

For example, a demonstration is declared in the prefecture. There, very few declared it. I call those who listen to us to declare it. I call those who listen to us to declare the place of the demonstration. The government intends to be firm. Christophe Castaner has warned that the police will intervene to lift any "total blockage".

"I ask that there be no total blockage. (...) Wherever there will be a blockage, and therefore a risk for safety interventions and also free movement, we will intervene " , he warned, while ensuring that no event will be prohibited " if it does not threaten public order and if it does not hinder freedom of movement "

While the mobilization has received support from oppositions, including the National Assembly, Debout France, insubordinate France or the PS, its magnitude remains difficult to measure today.

Movement with unknown contours without leader, without union or political leadership, the call of "yellow vests" also worries the Elysée. "I'm always suspicious of these movements where everything is mixed , " Emmanuel Macron said Friday, November 9 during his memorial roaming.

In an interview recorded Monday in Verdun and broadcast Tuesday, November 6, the president warned against a form of "demagoguery . "
"I'm always suspicious of these big calls for mobilization to block everything, because usually we find a little bit of everything ," he said, scratching the "people" once again.

"Things that have nothing to do together and people who do not have many plans for the country, except to put it to a standstill," he added.

Yet during his pilgrimage in eastern and northern France Emmanuel Macron rubbed himself against the anger of the French. He has been criticized for the purchasing power, the rise in taxes or the decline in pensions. The French have not ceased to express their "ras-le-bol" general.

For a month now, more and more people are putting their safety vests behind their windshields to signal their dissatisfaction.

This demonstration of the "yellow vests" planned Saturday to fight against the increase of the fuel tariffs, points in fact the failure of the intermediate bodies which, in our representative democracy, are supposed to serve as link between the citizens and the power. Much more than a simple tension related to the mere decline in purchasing power, there is the feeling that the transmission belts of political parties, unions and municipalities no longer work.

Public opinion is no longer channeled by structures capable of responding to this mounting anger. The latter does not result only from the French but a series of poorly accepted measures: speed limit to 80 km / h, multiplication of taxes, controls, in a word the tax racket of the middle classes but also classes popular today that pushes the movement of yellow vests

Yet the government seems autistic. Where the Minister of the Interior only wants to see it as "a form of political demonstration" and "the recovery of the National Gathering", rather scolds a deep anger that can explode at any moment. . And it is not the barely veiled threats of a Castener, Minister of Interior fresh three weeks, which will repel the inclinations of the French.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld



French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe discusses the "relentless" figures of anti-Semitic acts over the last nine months in a forum published on Facebook on Friday.

After two years of decline, anti-Semitic acts in France are up sharply (+ 69%) in the first nine months of 2018!

"Every aggression perpetrated against one of our fellow citizens because he is Jewish sounds like a new breakage of crystal," the head of the government continues in this rostrum published exactly eighty years after the fatal Crystal Night against Jews in Germany, November 9, 1938.

These figures are all the more worrying because they "are trend-setting, homogenous over nine months," says Frédéric Potier, the inter-ministerial delegate to the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred.

They include about two-thirds of threats and one-third of action without counting anti-Semitic content on the Internet. This increase in antisemitic acts also affects other countries such as the United States with the Pittsburgh bombing in late October or Germany.

Francis Kalifat, the president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, showed no surprise at this increase not hesitating to speak of "cancer that gangrene our society. "

To effectively curb this phenomenon, it is to strengthen the fight against cyberhaine.

The government is preparing for 2019 an amendment to the law to strengthen the fight against the cyberhaine, putting pressure on operators Net.Furthermore a national team will be mobilized "permanently" to the Ministry of Education to intervene in schools facing antisemitism.

"A network of investigators and magistrates specifically trained in the fight against hate" will also be tested before being extended to the national level.

This fight against anti-Semitism must not let anything pass.

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld




Emmanuel Macron was on Tuesday in Verdun, northeastern France, as part of ceremonies marking the centenary of the end of the First World War.

On Monday, during the installation of the new Director of the DGSI, Nicolas Lerner, the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said he was "attentive" to the threats coming in particular from "extremist movements of right and left, very active on our territory

On Tuesday, six people who apparently planned an attack on French President Emmanuel Macron were arrested and now face preliminary terrorism charges.

"This investigation is aimed at a project, imprecise and ill-defined at this stage, violent action" against the President of the Republic, said an investigator.

The suspects were reportedly arrested in the Alps, in Brittany and near the border with Belgium. Their intention to attack Mr. Macron.

No further details are available regarding the six suspects. It is also not known whether they worked together or separately.

Investigations in progress must establish the reality and exact nature of this threat

Many world leaders are expected in France at the end of the week for the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice of 11 November.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld




The discontent continues to grow in recent weeks with petitions gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures and a call to block the roads on November 17th. Movement supported by some elected officials, including the National Rally and Republicans.

Asked about this slur anti-tax Emmanuel Macron certainly said "understand" this "anger" in an interview recorded Monday in Verdun and broadcast Tuesday morning on Europe 1 while putting in.

on guard Tuesday against a form of "demagoguery". "I'm always suspicious of these big calls for mobilization to block everything, because we usually find a little bit of everything ," he said, scratching the "people" once again. "Things who have nothing to do together and people who do not have a lot of plans for the country, other than to stop it, " he added.

The fact remains that the president is aware of the citizens' ill-being and tries to provide answers from DIY projects such as the redesign of the energy check or the tax exemption of transport aids, promising to "improve" the aid for the most vulnerable households. modest. He mentions the daily lives of those who have to do "30 or 40 kilometers every day to go to work".

Created to replace the social tariffs for electricity and gas, the energy check will be increased in 2019 to 200 euros per year on average, against 150 euros this year. It is paid to about 3.7 million households in precarious situation .

The extension of the tax exemption of the transport aid set up in the Hauts-de-France to the whole of France could be put in place all over France. Not sure that this announcement of tax transfer does not please the regions!

As for the rise in fuels, it is justified.The President defended the increase in taxes on diesel "to reduce the gap with the unleaded, because it is no longer justified" . The government is going in the right direction. You have to tax work less, which is the case: you have seen your contributions that have fallen, and you will continue to see this movement, and we must tax more what pollutes, " said the head of state who did not fail to emphasize the dependence of fuel prices on the global geopolitical situation. "When it goes up, more than three quarters of the explanation, it's not taxes, it's the rest of the world. And we think about the situation with Iran.

Wanting to clarify things in this interview to Europe 1 on the sidelines of his "memorial roaming" to celebrate the Great War, Emmanuel Macron is not the most worried preferring to denounce "this type of movement, because aggregate all forms demagoguery, all things that have nothing to do. There are people who do not have many plans except to put the country to a standstill, "he denounces.

The increase in fuel taxes will continue as planned, the government to work hard to defuse the grumbling of citizens ... must we understand!

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld




About 175,000 voters in this French archipelago, colonized in 1853 and with large reserves of nickel, were asked to say whether they wanted "that New Caledonia attains full sovereignty and becomes independent". The "no" to independence in the referendum in New Caledonia was 56.4%. The polls predicted a much sharper "no" victory, over 60% of the vote.

The inhabitants were waiting for this referendum since the Nouméa agreements, some of them voting for the first time.

After counting all the votes of the referendum on the independence of this territory, held Sunday, November 4, the "no" has won 56.4% of the vote, according to the High Commission of the Republic in New Caledonia with a high participation rate of 80.63%.

Emmanuel Macron expressed Sunday his "immense pride that we have spent this historic step together" after New Caledonia has chosen by referendum to stay in the French fold.

The result of this election nonetheless highlights the deep political and sociological divides that are fracturing Caledonian society. In the southern province concentrating most of the population and wealth, with very marked inequalities, the non collects 73.7%. In Noumea itself, the "capital" , it reaches 80.5%.

On the other hand, yes is very much in the northern province with 75.8% and in the Loyalty Islands with 82.2%.

The unitary campaign led by the two independentist components represented in the Congress (FLNKS-Union calédonienne and National Union for Independence) mobilized part of their electorate, which until then had tended not to vote.

Especially among young people, who wanted on the occasion of this election to express a strong sense of identity and a pride of their community belonging. Still on the separatist side, let us note the failure of the call to take part in the vote launched by the Labor Party of Louis Kotra Uregeï and supported by the Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers Union (USTKE).

The polls predicted for several weeks a very wide gap, the score of non-independentists being evaluated in a range of 60% to 70%. According to the final results published by the Office of the High Commissioner, the "no" capped at 56.40%, the "yes" reaching an unexpected 43.6%. Another balance of power that is in line with previous elections, which averaged similar results across the four provincial elections held from 1999 to 2014. With the exception of the next consultation, the three provincial assemblies will be appointed in May 2019.

The dynamics of the separatists are therefore clear and their score much better than expected. Although the Kanaks are a minority in New Caledonia, where the statistics on ethnic origin are legal, and that this movement is increasing (44.83% of the population in 1989 and 39.05% in 2014), their score is numerically superior.

The economic problems of New Caledonia, whose "counter economy" , colonial survival, is in the hands of half a dozen oligarchic families must be settled as soon as possible ...

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld




The Mélenchon case , which completely overshadowed the recent cabinet reshuffle, has diverted our attention somewhat from it even though it should have given rise to a more detailed study of the pedigree of some ministers.

There is indeed a lot to say !

That is why we wanted to fill this gap and to study the case of Emmanuelle Wargon, a 47 year old enarque who has just arrived with arms and luggage to replace Sébastien Le Cornu as Secretary of State for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

But who is Emmanuelle Wargon, knowing that his appointment has just caused a public outcry not reassuring?

Emmanuelle Wargon , formerly of Sciences Po and HEC, is the only daughter of Lionel Stoleru, a Romanian polytechnician, who died on November 30, 2016 in Paris. Lionel Stoleru was a politician, minister of Valery Giscard d'Estaing (who wanted to send half a million supernumerary immigrants back home, a measure that Simone Veil opposed and led Lionel Stoleru to write a book at disruptive title: Immigration, a chance for France) and François Mitterrand. Lionel Stoleru was the father of the RMI, an idea he brought back from the USA to have it accepted by Michel Rocard.

Emmanuelle Wargon who made the ENA was the comrade of a certain Edouard Philippe (Promotion Marc Bloch) Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron since June 2017. This accuracy is important as will be discussed later.

Emmanuelle Wargon was unknown to the general public only a few weeks ago, just before her appointment as Secretary of State for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, and just before, too, that Nicolas Hulot resigned in the tumult that we knew because he wanted to escape the crumbling macronie. It replaced in this function Sebastien Le Cornu, who was called, with a view to the reconquest of the territories, with Jacqueline Gourault, became Minister in the Government Philippe 2 to be Minister of Cohesion of the Territories and relations with the Local Authorities (precise mission: calinotherapy of local elected officials!). Recall that Sébastien Le Cornu, reserve policeman was the commander of Alexandre Benalla, the man at the center of the state scandal this summer.

Since October 16, 2018, the appointment of Emmanuelle Wargon has not ceased to be controversial. And this controversy originated in his academic and professional curriculum.

After having been a senior civil servant (referendary adviser to the Court of Auditors) she went through the Ministry of Health, as technical advisor to the Minister Delegate for Health (Jospin government), Bernard Kouchner (who since October 16 does not dry up in praise of the Philip 2) government to become then Martin Hirsch's Director of Cabinet.

In 2015, Emmanuelle Wargon made a professional turn 180 ° from public action to the private economy. She becomes indeed that year, Director of Communication at Danone, that is to say, lobbyist. His appointment as a Minister is a perfect illustration of retro-ramouflage or when a senior official passed to private returns to perform important functions in the heart of the state!

And that's where it hurts !

Because in fact in this post, she has not only promoted the CEO of Danone, Franck Riboud. It also holds, for example, the microphone at the 11 th Forum de Convergence, an international organization advocating "zero exclusion, zero carbon, zero poverty" . The intention is laudable! But we are disappointed when we learn that Jean Marc Borello, the good old king of the "social" network is at the head of Convergence, while waiting "for the prediction of the Mage Attali on the advent of a peaceful world arrives with Jerusalem for Capital ". But Jean Marc Borello (who was a professor at Sciences Po Emmanuel Macron) has been, and still is, a powerful supporter of the Head of State.

We swim in full euphoria globalism ...!

For all that, it did not escape us, with such an appointment, that the campaign for the European elections started on October 16, 2018;

Everything is said in these few words!

Remains the political means to obtain for the Macron clan to achieve its goals!

And, for the second time, we argue that's where the rub is still!

We must indeed recall the statements of Nicolas Hulot, affirming during his spectacular and unexpected resignation of the government Philippe 1 that the lobbies were at the doors of power. In fact, the appointment of Emmanuelle Wargon has just revealed that the lobbies were no longer at the doors of power but inside it.

The former minister of ecological transition could indeed not say as well!

Groupe Danone is one of the biggest polluters in the world in terms of plastics. Last week, Break Free From Plastics, a coalition of 1,300 environmental organizations from around the world, revealed that of the 180,000 tonnes of plastic waste collected between June and September 2018 in the environment of 42 countries, those produced by Danone were in fourth position. after those of Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestle. According to the WWF-NGO, Danone is one of the 25 companies that deplete ecosystems the most.

In fact, in the field of lobbying, Emmanuelle Wargon has joined other ministers such as Brune Poirson, former executive of Veolia, a company that received in 2013, the award (anti) Pinocchio friends of the Earth, in the category "One for all, and all for me", as well as Murielle Penicaud, who would have won 1 million euros on the back of 900 Danone licensees, and who is on his side already pinned following the revelations on insider trading which she would have been guilty of organizing Emmanuel Macron's trip to Las Vegas.

Of course the new Minister, Emmanuelle Wargon, defended herself. With her hand on her heart, she recently declared that her work as a lobbyist had always been done in the greatest transparency and that she would deport herself in case of necessity?

Except that the worm is already in the fruit because of the suspicion that concerns it.

This being the case, it is questioned that Emmanuelle Wargon accepted her appointment so easily, whereas in the past she had been a rapporteur before the Ethics Commission. The plasticity of his personality, as the alleged elasticity of his ethics are surprising because of their disturbing nature?

Because it makes sense perfectly know the definition of the conflict of interest?

All this could be a theoretical controversy, if we had not seen and heard Emmanuelle Wargon defend in July 2018 (that is to say, very recently) palm oil, which public knowledge has caused the deforestation of a large area like New Zealand in Indonesia, transforming the tropical forest into a "green desert", and causing the disappearance of rare species such as orangutan, or pygmy elephants but also, and it is more serious, the expulsion of Indonesian peasants and their impoverishment. A subject yet suitable for Convergence ... What have he thought?

In her defense the Minister said that palm oil was used by Danone for the composition of infant milk (to bring breast milk), which should be added palmic acid, a hydrogen saturated fatty acid that would not present no risk of toxicity for babies but which would be the cause of ... obesity.

Faced with this situation, Emmanuelle Wargon, who is not an expert on environmental issues, defended herself again, declaring "that today her only commitment is to serve the general interest and to put herself at the service of ecological transition ". For the moment we only ask to believe it!

It was understood, however, that she was going to be a good little soldier for Emmanuel Macron, a president who has just received the United Nations "Earth Champion" award.

It remains to be seen whether this president will not be too "pale green" in the eyes of experts and NGOs that defend the environment when France fails to achieve its climate objectives ?

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld




Responsibility of families, specialized structures, use of disciplinary councils, coordination with the Interior ... this is the little music of the Minister of Education that promises several measures to stem violence in schools.

"It's a phenomenon that is growing, I've done some studies for ten years that show a very significant growth of aggression vis-à-vis the staff of the National Education" , says on our branch Georges Fotinos, former Inspector General of National Education (IGEN).

"This is a phenomenon that has rarely been taken into account by the administration and the minister," he laments, assuring however that "we are breaking a taboo that is the physical and moral respect of the teacher ".

The word is released in the teachers. Hundreds of teachers denounce on Twitter, since Sunday, October 21, the lack of reactions of the National Education face the violence that they undergo.

So since this case, teachers are coming out of silence on Twitter with the hashtag #pasdevague.

Jean-Michel Blanquer promises a "battery of answers" after the aggression of a teacher Thursday, October 18 at the high school Edouard-Branly of Créteil, in Val-de-Marne. A 15-year-old student pointed at his teacher with a dummy weapon so that she would note it. He was indicted on Sunday for "aggravated violence . "

The Minister of Education promises Monday a coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, which he will meet the new minister this week in order to "set up a strategic committee . " The stated goal is to coordinate security inside and outside schools. But is not that the display? Because this violence has been known for many years and was voluntarily put under the carpet.

It takes more than the reaction on the part of the government, it takes reaction!

"We will restore order and authority in all institutions that are in a degraded situation , " promises Jean-Michel Blanquer, which encourages the management of institutions to hold disciplinary councils "as soon as necessary" : it will be the case for the young incriminated to Créteil, as soon as the return of the holidays of All Saints' Day.

"Empower" the families of the incriminated miners too! Family allowances could be withdrawn when the family no longer plays its role, as proposed by MP Eric Ciotti LR.

Following the broadcast of the video filming the incident that took place in Creteil, right and far right policies called for a "firm government response " on Monday. The video is "scandalous and shocking but it is the result (...) of years of laxity that finally leads to lost generations and a form of fatality," said Rachida Dati, MEP Republicans (LR), on Public Senate. LR MP Eric Ciotti proposed the removal of "family allowances to parents of disruptive students".

On the far right, National Rally President Marine Le Pen said teachers have been "silenced for too long"

."Congratulations to those who break the omerta," she wrote on Twitter, referring to #pasdevague.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld




Expected for two weeks, the government reshuffle was announced on Tuesday morning.

Among notable movements, Christophe Castaner is promoted to the Interior, Didier Guillaume arrives at Agriculture and Marc Fesneau will deal with Relations with Parliament.

After two weeks of floating, the government reshuffle was announced Tuesday morning.

This movement of musical chairs was to be known Monday, but the deadly floods of the Aude forced the executive to shift by one day the appointment of new members of the government, now composed of 35 members, against 31 previously.

What to remember

It would be a "renewed team but whose political mandate remains the same" according to the Elysee

Indeed Christophe Castaner is appointed in the Interior and will be supported by Laurent Nunez, current boss of the interior intelligence.

A pair: Support from the first hour Emmanuel Macron, delegate general of La République en marche, he is supported by Laurent Nuñez, current head of the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), the domestic intelligence, after being prefect police station.

Didier Guillaume becomes Minister of Agriculture, Franck Riester replaces Françoise Nyssen in Culture. Exit Nyssen and Travert.

The latter, who leaves the government, could assume responsibilities within The Republic in progress. In Relations with Parliament, he is replaced by Marc Fesneau, current president of the MoDem group in the National Assembly.

New young secretaries of state are appointed.

On the side of the new secretaries of state, the government records several arrivals of young personalities:

Emmanuelle Wargo: 46 years old, Secretary of State to the Minister of State François de Rugy, Minister of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, replaces Sébastien Lecornu. She was a former advisor to Bernard Kouchner before joining the Danone Group's Communications Department.

Christelle Dubos: 42 years Secretary of State to the Minister of Solidarities and Health Agnès Buzyn. Graduate of the social sector, she was until now LREM deputy of the Gironde, elected in June 2017.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher: 44 years old, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire. She was up to now number 2 of Compagnie des Alpes, a leisure company and subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

Gabriel Attal: 29 years old, is appointed Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth Jean-Michel Blanquer. He was until now LREM deputy of Hauts-de-Seine, elected in June 2017, as well as spokesman of the presidential movement.

Opposition from left and right criticized a reshuffle, epilogue of a "pathetic soap opera" according to Republican spokesman Laurence Sailliet. " All that for this.

It is a perimeter that tightens around the very close to the President and the Prime Minister and serves the last circle of its last supporters " criticizes the head of the EELV David Cormand, while the LFI MP Alexis Corbière evokes a " tinkering " and a " DIY, " which allows " second knives " to enter the government for the communist Ian Brossat.

A cosmetic reorganization that does not bring out any strong personality. The new world has its limits !
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Mélenchon denounces a "coup" after the raids on Tuesday morning. The home of the insubordinate France leader was searched in two cases.

Searches were held Tuesday morning at the headquarters of the insubordinate France (LFI) and the Left Party, as well as at Jean-Luc Mélenchon and former assistants of the LFI, said France insubordinate Tuesday.

According to a source close to the case, these searches are conducted by the Central Office of fight against corruption and offenses in two preliminary investigations initiated by the Paris prosecutor.

The first concerns alleged fictitious jobs of European parliamentary assistants. The second is on the campaign accounts of Mr. Mélenchon during the presidential election following the report of the President of the National Commission of Campaign Accounts and Political Financing.

The LFI has denounced a "political, police and judicial coup against Jean-Luc Mélenchon and La France rebellious" , and an "attack on the basis of fanciful elements".

"We are raided by everyone. The general secretary of the group in the Assembly, my former assistants who saw the cops come out at 7:00 am, pick up their phones and take their computers. At the headquarters of the left party of which I am a member, at the headquarters of the movement, France rebels, " protested Mr. Mélenchon in a video posted on Facebook.

"This is the beginning of the new Minister of the Interior (Christophe Castaner) and the Minister of Justice (Nicole Belloubet), this is what they are doing throughout the country, to intimidate and frighten. I ask you not to be afraid, and to protest, because it's not justice, it's not the police, " he added. The beginning of a call to civil resistance ...

Moreover, Jean-Luc Mélenchon called for a rally in front of the headquarters of LFI in Paris at 11:30. In a statement, LFI stresses that the investigation into the fictitious jobs of the European Parliament was opened as a result of "a denunciation of a right-wing elected, Sophie Montel, who admitted herself that she was not serious. She spoke indeed of a snub .

"Regarding the campaign accounts for the 2017 presidential election, the National Commission of Campaign Accounts validated on February 13, 2018 the accounts of Jean-Luc Mélenchon without any irregularities. This is not the case for those Emmanuel Macron for which irregularities were noted. In order to publicly prove his honesty, Jean-Luc Mélenchon asked on June 8, 2018 the re-examination of all the campaign accounts ", justifies the movement.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has called the Prime Minister virulently from the rostrum of the National Assembly. Edouard Philippe then answered him.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon first clarified his position: "I do not complain about being searched, I complain about this staging and this concrete result to which we come. He then defeated the second part of his legal troubles, denouncing in the National Commission of Campaign Accounts "a way to denounce people and send them to the pillory" "This, what I have to say to you, is it still the rule of law? He asked himself.

"I hear in your question an emotion and anger that I think I can understand. It is the emotion and anger of a citizen, in this case a politician, in good faith, because I believe in your good faith, who is confronted with a judicial procedure. You are not the first, Mr. President Mélenchon to suffer this emotion and this anger. Answered Edouard Philippe.

"It is up to me, as Prime Minister, because I am respectful of the law and the constitutional text, to make the independence of justice prevail in all circumstances. Independence which means that there is no individual instruction given to the prosecutor, which makes that the decisions of the prosecutor are subject to the control of a judge of freedoms and detention, obviously perfectly independent, " he said. .

However, this concomitance between the appointment of Mr. Castener as head of the Ministry of the Interior and the raids undertaken have as a taste of political police for some.

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Following the unexpected resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb, Emmanuel Macron has since been looking for candidates to occupy the various chairs of ministers who have become vacant.

The situation is serious. Emmanuel Macron is looking for a government that can not be found, which combines his objectives and those of the Prime Minister. Hence the suspense that France has been living since October 2, 2018!

The operation is all the more complicated as the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe has decided not to resign and that of his government, suggesting that relations between the two men are no longer good.

Despite the protests, the hand on the heart, made by the Prime Minister on October 10, 2018, on the occasion of the session of current affairs in the government ("there is no beginning of the ½ of a cigarette sheet between the President of the Republic and me ") it seems indeed that the two men do not walk very exactly on the same path and that from this point of view the resignation of Gerard Collomb does not seem to be " an insignificant incident that would not obstruct the future, " as stated.

It will therefore probably take almost fifteen days to designate a new government .... The decision should be taken upon the return of the Head of State of Armenia where he went to preside a summit on the Francophonie.

In this unprecedented episode of ministerial reshuffle, Matignon claims the pure and simple application of Article 8 of the Constitution which grants him the prerogative of the choice of his ministers, the President of the Republic having only the charge of their appointment. This is the literal exegesis of our institutions.

In fact, since the birth of the Fifth Republic, it is the President of the Republic who has always (with the exception of periods of cohabitation) chosen members of his government, generally from the majority out of the polls after the legislative elections.

However, constitutionally, the President of the Republic can not dismiss his Prime Minister.

Except that it is a tradition that, at the time of his appointment, a minister (like the Prime Minister) signs in blank a letter of resignation carefully kept in a safe to serve as needed.

Do not worry, we're not there yet!

However, the situation seemed somewhat difficult, so we took the initiative to write a job description to help recruit a new Minister of the Interior and new ministers.


1. Minister of the Interior: Research for employment in fixed-term contracts:

- Man or woman of authority (with a handle!) Able to hold the dragée high to the numerous unions of policemen or gendarmes which populate the ministry and which hold a considerable number of sensitive information which could be dangerous

- Man or Woman having close ties with the Freemasonry, because many are the policemen or the gendarmes who attend the lodges of the different masonic Obediences

- Man or Woman dedicated to the cause of the President of the Republic and very flexible backbone.

- Brave man or woman accepting daily, without complaining and without protest a role of punching Ball

- Man or Woman trained in arm wrestling, entirely subject to the orders and protection of the President of the Republic (a certificate of capacity will be required).

- Man or Woman, not necessarily technically competent, but capable of understanding the presidential visions and the political stakes that are emerging: penal reform / prisons, fight against Islamism, preparations for the European and municipal elections and having a good knowledge of the map electoral process which should be modified following the constitutional reform ...

- Man or Woman with a thick shell to face the blows (including low) and orders or whims of a President of the Republic deemed "narcissistic and psychopathic" . Note, the shell will not be incompatible with the flexible spine, but it will require continuing education ... (imposed).

2- Ministers or Secretary of State: the recruitment will take place in fixed-term also

Nearly identical qualities will be required; given the specificity of each department, a technical plus is requested. The technicality will not be the essential criterion, however, the advisers of the Elysee already having the main purpose "to ensure this obligation" in the areas assigned to them.

Important and to conclude: we have only wanted to make our meager contribution to the fight against the current political and institutional disorder. We wish, for the good of France and the French, the victory of the clairvoyants, wherever they come from; otherwise "it is democracy that will be hidden under our feet. » (Henri Guaino)

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«Cirque Pinder », « Grand Guignol », « Mauvais Vaudeville » …C’est le spectacle ubuesque auquel les députés ont assisté mardi 2 octobre 2018, pendant la session des questions au gouvernement et au moment même où le Premier Ministre, Edouard Philippe assurait aux députés « que les institutions fonctionnent et que tous les ministres sont au travail ». « Chaque ministre qui compose ce gouvernement doit se consacrer à son travail » ajoutait-il même en répondant à une question posée par Eric Ciotti sur la première démission, refusée,  de Gérard Collomb et devant une « standing ovation » des députés LREM. Il était 15 h.

A cet instant, Gérard Collomb était absent de l’hémicycle. Et pour cause : il préparait de la Place Beauvau l’annonce du maintien de sa démission qu’Emmanuel va finir par accepter.

Une heure après … patatras…il était donc 16 h ! Le chef du gouvernement était contraint de prendre acte, en direct (les questions d’actualités sont diffusées en ligne) de la démission de son ministre, assurant « qu’il allait désormais exercer la totalité des attributions constitutionnelles qui sont les siennes ». En clair, Edouard Philippe reconnaissait qu’il devait trouver un remplaçant à Gérard Collomb….

Sur FR3, Gérard Collomb est revenu il y a quelques heures sur cet instant improbable dans une vie ordinaire d’élu : l’annonce de sa démission devait être publiée vers 18 h, le 2 octobre. Elle est sortie plus tôt, juste au moment où le Premier Ministre intervenait dans l’hémicycle. Ce dernier a donc pris en pleine figure, l’annonce faite par le Figaro suite à l’entretien que Gérard Collomb leur avait réservé plus tôt dans la journée.

« Je comprends pour lui que cela a du être un moment de solitude » a commenté un peu plus tard Gérard Collomb, qui a indiqué qu’il s’était excusé depuis auprès du Premier Ministre.

En mettant le Président de la République au pied du mur pour le contraindre d’accepter sa démission, Gérard Collomb a  sans conteste, signé le départ du gouvernement le plus improbable de ces dernières années. « De mémoire, je n’ai jamais rien vu d’équivalent » vient de confesser le politologue Bruno Cautrès, lequel a ajouté « que la démission de Gérard Collomb a quelque chose de mystérieux …surtout quand c’est l’ancien monde qui claque la porte ».

Un Président n’a pas le pouvoir de retenir un ministre contre son gré. Il n'est néanmoins pas normal, à ce niveau de l’Etat, d’assister à la double démission d’un ministre dans un entretien de Presse, glisse le chercheur du CEVIPOF.

Problème en effet ! C’est la seconde fois en l’espace de 2 mois que l’Elysée est contraint de subir un tel camouflet. L’abdication improvisée, en direct, sur France Inter de Nicolas Hulot avait pourtant, on le croyait, fixé un nouveau standard en matière de transgression protocolaire. La forme surprenante du renoncement de Nicolas Hulot, avait au demeurant été mise très vite, mise sur le compte de la personnalité de cette figure populaire ?

Il n’en est pas de même avec Gérard Collomb, dont le départ n’a pas, dans un  premier temps, trouvé de justification.

Depuis l’annonce de la démission de l’ex-ministre de l’Intérieur, on s’est perdu en conjecture. Faute d’explication, c’est la piste municipale qui s’est imposée tout d’abord. A l’appui de cette explication lyonnaise, la présence mardi dernier, Place Beauvau du Maire de Lyon, Georges Képenekian.

Depuis Georges Képenekian a démissionné du fauteuil de Maire pour permettre à Gérard Collomb de se faire réélire dans la fonction dont il avait démissionné lors de sa nomination au poste de Ministre de l’Intérieur.

L’analyse n’a cependant pas convaincu. Les élections municipales auront lieu en 2020, après les élections européennes de 2019. Gérard Collomb aurait  donc  eu largement le temps de se préparer pour un quatrième mandat à Lyon après ces dernières élections.

En fait, l’affaire Benalla serait au cœur du délitement des relations entre Emmanuel Macron et Gérard Collomb.

D’après le journaliste Jean Michel Apathie, la rupture entre les deux hommes serait intervenue le 10 septembre, à l’occasion d’un diner à l’Elysée. Ce dernier réunissait Gérard Collomb d’un coté, de l’autre coté Brigitte Macron et Emmanuel Macron.

Ce soir là, Brigitte Macron aurait reproché assez vivement à Gérard Collomb de ne pas les avoir soutenus dans l’affaire Benalla.

Jean Michel Apathie a fait l’annonce de l’événement ce mardi 3 octobre 2018 sur l’antenne d’Europe 1. L’Elysée a immédiatement démenti…Mais les Français qui ont entendu l’annonce n’en on pas cru leurs oreilles : ce serait donc Brigitte Macron qui mènerait la danse ?

C’est en tout cas la démonstration que vient d’en faire l’hebdomadaire « The economist » qui vient de consacrer sa première page à la Première Dame dans son édition d’Octobre/Novembre.

L’hebdomadaire présente Brigitte Macron en totalement look, toute de noir vêtue, « en James Bond Girl ». Elle est décrite dans l’hebdomadaire britannique comme « la femme qui prend des galons » (Brigitte comes of age). Dans la biographie d’Emmanuel Macron que vient de signer Sophie Pedder, l’ancienne professeure de français est qualifiée «  d’agent provocatrice ». En James Bond Girl provocatrice, elle serait donc devenue la confidente et la conseillère d’Emmanuel Macron, comme le fut la Marquise de Pompadour au XVIII siècle avec Louis XV…

Ainsi va la France en ce moment !

Les péripéties politiques que le pays vient de vivre en quelques jours, compte-tenu du point de vue des Anglais sur la Première Dame de France, viennent en effet de signer l’état de délabrement dans lequel évolue la monarchie républicaine française, coupée du terrain et évoluant dans l’entre-soi des courtisans.

Telle est aussi, incarnée après de  nombreuses dérives, la Constitution de là Vème République dont on fête aujourd’hui le 60ème anniversaire (1958).

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Depuis l'élection d'Emmanuel Macron, sept ministres ont quitté son gouvernement. En outre le Président perd son troisième ministre d'État depuis son arrivée, après la démission de François Bayrou en juin 2017 et celle de Nicolas Hulot en septembre, Gérard Collomb a annoncé lui-même dans l'Express son départ avant les européennes, en septembre dernier, pour la mairie de Lyon ; Puis sa démission effective mercredi 3 octobre.

C'est Edouard Philippe qui s'est vu demander d'assurer l'intérim, en attendant de trouver un successeur au ministre de l'Intérieur. La passation de pouvoir du mercredi matin a été glaciale.

Le mercredi après-midi, le chef de l'État a assuré qu'il n'y avait pas de crise politique après le départ de Gérard Collomb. «Rien de ce qui se passe depuis 48 heures ne s'apparente à une crise politique. L'État fonctionne», a déclaré le président, selon des propos rapportés par le porte-parole du gouvernement, Benjamin Griveaux.

S'il ne s'agit pas d'une crise d’État parce que la Constitution, dont Emmanuel Macron célébrera les 60 ans aujourd’hui, protège le président, il s'agit bien cependant d'une crise de l'exécutif, donc du gouvernement et de l'Élysée

En effet il est inédit sous la Ve République, qu'un ministre annonce sa démission plusieurs mois à l'avance surtout de la part d'un ministre d'État, numéro deux du gouvernement et titulaire du poste régalien de l'Intérieur.

De plus cette annonce intempestive n' a contribué qu' à affaiblir davantage l'autorité du chef de l'État, déjà bien écornée par l'affaire Benalla. Selon l'article 8 de la Constitution, n'est-ce pas au Président de nommer les membres du gouvernement et mettre fin à leur fonction, sur proposition du Premier ministre ? Gérard Collomb « le plus fidèle des fidèles » court-circuitait ainsi non seulement le président mais aussi le chef du gouvernement en leur imposant sa volonté politique .

Il s'agit bien d'une crise gouvernementale inédite qui vient couronner un été des plus désastreux pour la présidence. Le départ de M. Collomb, qui a défié le pouvoir, a plongé ce dernier, déjà fragilisé dans ses derniers retranchements.

Désormais Emmanuel Macron doit reprendre la barre. Il lui faut certainement procéder à un remaniement plus large tout en trouvant une personnalité forte pour le ministère de l’Intérieur dans un contexte de menace terroriste et de pression migratoire. Et des collaborateurs compétents dans les autres postes ministériels, et non des fidèles de la première heure.

Cette réorganisation à l'Élysée suffira-t-elle à réinstaller autorité du Chef de l'Etat ?

Emmanuel Macron est également attendu sur les réformes, sa marque de fabrique. A l'évidence il sera difficile de surmonter une crise de telle ampleur !

«Le Titanic s'enfonce de plus en plus vite et l'orchestre a arrêté de jouer», a ainsi ironisé Éric Ciotti, député Les Républicains (LR.)

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Alexander Benalla takes the pose, gun in hand without authorization port.

Here is Benalla who finds himself once again in the visor of revelations. But this time, it is he who has his finger on the trigger.

More specifically, the former collaborator of the Elysee was photographed on April 28, 2017.

He drew his weapon for a selfie with a waitress at a restaurant where the candidate Macron was moving, according to revelations from Mediapart.

An inconvenient fact for the person who was not allowed to carry a pistol, not having received a weapon from 13 October 2017.

The interested party had also made the request " to acquire and hold weapons in the HQ of En Marche! during the campaign. The police prefecture had agreed.

But swearing his great gods he would never unsheathe by pure deontology.

" No never. We are not mabouls, there is a risk for the reputation of the candidate ... " he had replied to a reporter.

But he has indeed drawn his Glock in front of the waitress of the restaurant

Les Archives in Poitiers in this period between the two rounds.

He was then "director of safety and security" , and therefore had no authorization to carry weapons outside the headquarters of En Marche! "I never had a picture taken with any weapon during the campaign,"

he said before denouncing a "fake news" and a "photomontage"

. In the middle of the presidential campaign, Alexandre Benalla, who told senators "never having been Emmanuel Macron's bodyguard", carried a weapon during the candidate's travels.

What lies in this bad political soap opera!

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On September 19, Benalla was to be heard by the commission of inquiry of the Palais du Luxembourg. The object of this commission: to seek to establish really its functions at the Elysee. The former chargé de mission initially refused to go there, then he agreed, saying "forced".

The former bodyguard Emmanuel Macron finally agreed to appear before the senators, although unwillingly : "I am forced.

They explain to me that they will send me gendarmes and policemen. So, I will come to the convocation. Because they threaten me, in a direct way.

I will come to explain to the commission of inquiry. But she has no rights. It flouts our democracy. Said Alexandre Benalla on France-Inter.

Nevertheless, he ended up giving in to the force of law. Any parliamentary commission of inquiry has a right of direct quotation, which obliges any person summoned to accept the convocation :

an order of 17 November 1958 states that "the person who does not appear or refuses to testify or to take an oath before a commission of inquiry is liable to two years' imprisonment and a 7500 euro fine". The president of such a commission may even compel the person summoned to appear by a bailiff or a police officer

His lawyer criticizes this hearing imposed on his client and sought all "possible remedies" , saying that "many people today used Alexandre Benalla as the torpedo to swing Emmanuel Macron.

The lawyer is not the only one to criticize this hearing. Emmanuel Macron himself and several of his followers oppose this initiative of the senatorial commission of inquiry.

The president and ministers are increasing pressure on senators, whom they accuse of using the affair to weaken the head of state.

Indeed Emmanuel Macron called on Tuesday, September 11th, the president of the Senate to ask him to guarantee the institutional balances, estimating in essence that the Senate commission on the Benalla affair was moving away from it.

Gerard Larcher 's entourage confirmed the call of the President of the Republic, without revealing its content. The interview focused, among other things, on the senate commission of inquiry, but also on legislative subjects, simply specified the presidency of the Senate. On the other hand the Elysée refused any comment.

Asked about this call, the delegate general of the Republic in motion, Christophe Castaner, on the contrary assured that it was for the president to recall the separation of powers, " the essence of the Fifth Republic . "

"There is today - and this was the meaning of the exchange between the President of the Senate and the President of the Republic - some people who confuse the mission of Parliament, which is to control the government, with a mission, that the Parliament would self-attribute - to control the executive and the presidency of the Republic " according to Christophe Castaner, delegate general of LREM

The delegate general of the Republic en march, himself fired, senators on Friday morning at a press conference. "A commission of inquiry that has political ambitions" and thinks "that it can play its role of controlling the government to bring down a President of the Republic would commit a constitutional fault ," he said. If some think that they can arrogate to themselves a power of impeachment of the President of the Republic, they are themselves threats for the Republic ". he continued.

For Gerard Larcher the Senate is in his role, neither more nor less, in the perimeter that was granted him seeking to dismiss anyone.

Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet in turn warned the Senate commission of inquiry against the risk of "encroachment on the judicial field" during its work on the Alexandre Benalla case. In an article published in Le Monde, Nicole Belloubet warns: "An interference of the executive power in a judicial procedure would be shocking," she wrote. "All that concerns the presidential function can not be the subject of a commission of inquiry. "It would in fact make the head of state (...) accountable to Parliament. The Constitution forbids it formally. She added. The custody of the Seals had already taken part in the debate on Tuesday, saying that "there can be no interference" between a commission of inquiry and a judicial inquiry.

But the judicial information evoked by Ms. Belloubet does not make the hearing of 19 September illegitimate. According to the law, a parliamentary commission of inquiry "can not be created on facts that have given rise to legal proceedings and as long as these proceedings are in progress" . Thus, the commission of inquiry in charge of the Benalla case must, in order not to "interfere" with the work of justice, focus on facts in the margin of the subject of the ongoing judicial inquiry, in this case the violence that has occurred. during the Paris demonstration of May 1, 2018. Philippe Bas, the chairman of the commission, said he wanted to "remove the inconsistencies that remain" in this case.

These particular questions could arise: Who authorized Mr. Benalla to go on the ground on May 1st? Who knew about this authorization? What were then the exact functions of Mr. Benalla at the Elysee? Shadow areas for many ...

The three senators LREM members of the commission of inquiry of the Senate on the Benalla affair announced that they would not take part in the hearing of the former collaborator of the Élysée on Wednesday seeing there "a diversion of mission".

In opposition, insubordinate France leader Jean-Luc Melenchon blasted "the unprecedented escalation of tensions between the executive and the Senate".

"The battle of Macron, Castaner and Benalla with the Senate is unheard of ," he reacted on Facebook.

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Starting with a tribute to anti-poverty associations, President Emmanuel Macron wanted to stimulate a social turning point in his policy, even if he inscribed it in the logical continuation of his policy of the past 15 months. In fact, in 2016, France has some 8.8 million poor people, or 14% of the population, according to INSEE.

Poor people are those who receive less than 1,026 euros per month (for a single person), ie less than 60% of the median income of the population.

Hence the need for the state to intervene. The cost of the "poverty plan" is estimated at eight billion euros over four years.

What are the main lines of this "national strategy for preventing and combating poverty" ?

The public authorities will tackle two main pillars of action:

1 ° That of education to prevent precariousness

2 ° That of professional reintegration.

The main measures therefore concern childhood and access to employment with a main advertisement, the creation of a universal income of activity.

Education is a priority for the executive for whom it is a question of "refusing social fatality". To do this we must "fight against this determinism that, from childhood, destroyed life trajectories (...). There is in every child, starting with a child who is born in a poor family, a Mozart who is assassinated because it is decided that he has no chance of becoming Mozart, " said the head of the State, taking up an expression of Saint-Exupéry in his novel Terre des Hommes

The President went into detail to outline these two priorities

1 ° meals in the canteen at 1 euro for the most disadvantaged children "by developing meals to one euro" in small towns and priority neighborhoods,

2 ° More nurseries in priority neighborhoods

some more specifically with vocation of professional insertion going from 40 at present to 300 nurseries by 2020. children. A total of 50 million euros will be spent on child welfare.

3 ° Increase in the number of insertion contracts by economic activity (IAE), subsidized contracts addressed to people away from employment. It will increase from 100,000 to 240,000 over 4 years.

4 ° The training obligation will increase from 16 to 18 years with additional resources so that local missions can better identify dropouts in the school system by offering them training.

5 ° The creation of a "public integration service" as a one-stop shop for those who subscribe to the active solidarity income (RSA). "The objective is to 'rehumanise' the return to work path , " said Emmanuel Macron, an objective for which "the state must regain its place" .

Finally the President announced an expected measure namely the creation of a universal income of activity, via a law in 2020, to get out of the "scrub of existing aid (which) does not help out of poverty . "

6 ° This new system will merge several social benefits - from RSA to APL to disabled adult allowance - and will be subject to "rights and duties". The contours of this income are yet to be defined but we know that it will be subject to "rights and duties". "Simple, fair and transparent", it "guarantee (a) a minimum threshold of dignity" to all.

The "poverty plan" singularly distorts its political discourse, but are public policies best placed to overcome poverty?

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"It's a vote of confidence and adherence to the proposals I was able to make," Richard Ferrand told reporters just after the announcement of the results. "You will forgive me for not being a woman," he added.

The deputies elected unsurprisingly their candidate for the presidency of the hemicycle, it is Richard Ferrand largely designated by the majority party for this post.

Because of the absolute majority of his party, the nominee is assured of being elected president by all deputies on Wednesday.

He won with 187 votes out of 299 votes and 291 votes cast.

He will replace François de Rugy to hold the helm

Candidate of the Elysee Palace, he was preferred to the other three contenders:

the former secretary of state under Hollande and current chair of the Assembly's sustainable development committee Barbara Pompili (EELV) won 85 votes;

the elected of Isère Cendra Motin fifteen voices, and the deputy of Tarn Philippe Folliot (ex-UDI) four voices.

"I am not a darling, but a democratically elected man. ".

We will remember ! Notice to school children!

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A man attacked several people in Paris on Sunday night.

Seven wounded are to be deplored, including four in a state of absolute urgency. The facts took place on the quai de Loire, along the basin of Villette, in the 19th district of the capital, around 22:48.

At 22:56, the perpetrator was arrested by the police.

The man attacked several people with knives and iron bars.

Witnesses of the scene, who played petanque, intervened, one of them throwing a ball that reached him in the head.

Moments later, the attacker attacked two other passers-by, British tourists.

The aggressor would be a man "a priori of Afghan nationality" . An investigation was opened for "attempted homicide" .

The investigations were entrusted to the judicial police. For the moment the terrorist track is not retained.

Gerard Collomb " wanted to salute the great reactivity and courage shown by many citizens during the attacks committed yesterday evening shortly before 23 hours in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. "

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La cote d'Emmanuel Macron se trouve au plus bas après la démission de Nicolas Hulot. A 34% elle est à la même époque de son mandat très en dessous de celle de Nicolas Sarkozy (47%). Il faut dire que la séquence estivale Benalla n'a pas arrangé ses petites affaires et que les Français ont découvert les coulisses d'un pouvoir gangrené par les petits arrangements entre amis des plus malsains et les rivalités les plus sordides.

La popularité du chef de l'Etat, ainsi que celle de son Premier ministre chute en effet de 5 points, selon le baromètre mensuel BVA pour Orange, RTL et La Tribune, diffusé vendredi 31 août. Avec respectivement 34% et 38% d'opinions favorables, le président de la République et Edouard Philippe sont à leur plus bas niveau dans ce baromètre depuis leur prise de fonction.

Seules 28% des personnes interrogées considèrent que la politique de l'exécutif est "juste" et 27% "efficace".

Emmanuel Macron cède du terrain auprès de toutes les tranches d’âge, mais surtout chez les Français de 50 à 64 ans, qui ne sont plus que 29% à lui faire confiance (-8), et les plus de 65 ans (33%, –5).

La cote de confiance des ministres du gouvernement suit cette tendance, avec une baisse de quatre points de la confiance dans le gouvernement, également à son plus bas niveau depuis son entrée en fonction (26%).

Au lendemain de sa démission,Nicolas Hulot devient lui la personnalité politique en qui les Français ont le plus confiance avec 47% d’opinion favorable (+5), loin devant Alain Juppé (36%, pas d’évolution) et devant Xavier Bertrand (30%, -1) .

Surtout, plus de deux Français interrogés sur trois (66%, +7 par rapport à juillet) ont désormais une « mauvaise opinion » d'Emmanuel Macron et 61% (-7) d'Edouard Philippe.

Comment pourrait-il en être autrement après toutes les petites phrases assassines et méprisantes lancées à l'égard des Français depuis l'étranger. Drôle de façon d'aimer son pays …jusqu'aux gaulois réfractaires . Nous vous faisons grâce de la liste exhaustive de ses petites gentillesses...

'Et à l'ancien présentateur d'"Ushuaïa Nicolas Hulot de dire : « C'est chiant du matin au soir »!!

Et à l'animateur télé Stéphane Bern de menacer, vendredi 3 août, de quitter à la fin de l'année la mission sur le patrimoine que lui a confiée Emmanuel Macron s'il estimait finalement n'être qu'un « cache-misère » ou un « pantin ».

« Si je vois que je ne sers à rien, que je n'étais qu'un pantin et qu'on s'est servi de moi, je reviendrai à mon travail" » en continuant le combat pour le patrimoine, a-t-il confié dans un entretien de presse régionale tout en rappelant qu'il était engagé dans ce domaine « quand le président Macron n'était pas encore né » !!.

Et les Français ont-ils envie également d'être des marionnettes ?

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When everything seemed ready for the introduction of the withholding tax in January, the president expressed doubts on Thursday in Finland. Doubts that sow the shambles, four months from the deadline.

Is the withholding tax really going to be implemented on January 1, 2019? Theoretically, this is what the timetable for the reform provides. But the head of state has expressed doubts. "I rather intend to bring this reform to an end but I have asked the competent ministers to answer all the questions that still arise, before giving a final directive , " said Tuesday, from Finland, the president of the Republic.

The administration is ready and let it know

And this worry at the top of the state makes Bercy cringe ...

For proof barely one hour after the declaration of Emmanuel Macron in Helsinki, Bercy split, on Twitter, a non-diplomatic message to the Head of State : "We are confident that all the answers to his questions will be brought to him and that the calendar will be held #goodspasrefractaire " . This is to say the atmosphere that reigns in this government where everyone hates cordially

The president fears negative repercussions in the opinion. With the deduction at source, the salary will indeed be reduced by the tax on the pay slip in January and some could see a loss of purchasing power, even if in fact it will not be the case.

For the "Gauloispasréfrractaire" a brief explanation of the withholding tax:

Withholding tax is expected to come into effect at the beginning of 2019. The major interest of the withholding tax is to collect the real-time household tax, that is at the time of the payment of the income. taxable. Currently, as the tax is levied a year late, taxpayers who see their income drop (retirement, unemployment), must wait one year before their tax will drop, which puts them in a difficult situation.

The Terra Nova think tank considered that such a reform is "useful for the economy" (which is not spared is consumed) but also allows to "strengthen" the effect of social stabilizers (a person falling in unemployment will no longer have to pay the same tax) and "improve the efficiency of tax policy" (by removing the important time lag between the vote of a measure and its financial impact on households).

But let's be clear: the executive begins to doubt in the final stretch not only because of a possible computer bug, but above all because of the popularity of Emmanuel Macron who seems to be afraid of his shadow.

The executive is worried about the effects of the psychological shock of the declining pay statement. This year, the government decided to immediately apply a tax increase and spread the reductions in employee contributions. And after the introduction of eight new taxes ... and soon the tax on salt (the Gabelle)!

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«Sa volonté de ménager la chèvre écologique et le chou productiviste n’a pas contribué à créer la condition d’une politique écologique cohérente » écrivent 10 ONG après la démission de Nicolas Hulot, dans une tribune publiée jeudi 30 août sur France Info.

Emmanuel Macron « aurait tort de mésestimer le symbole que représente cette démission surprise » qui est « le symptôme d’une immense incompréhension », conseillent dix ONG écologistes au président Emmanuel Macron sur la question de la transition écologique.

Elles ajoute que « la transition écologique n’est ni une promenade de santé ni un supplément d’âme pour politiciens sans imagination ».

Selon elles, « la volonté d’Emmanuel Macron de ménager la chèvre écologique et le chou productiviste n’a pas contribué à créer la condition d’une politique écologique lisible et cohérente ».

« En matière écologique, nous ne pouvons plus soutenir l’agriculture biologique et “en même temps” le glyphosate, la sobriété énergétique et “en même temps” le nucléaire, une redynamisation des centres-villes et “en même temps” (le mégacomplexe) Europacity et l’artificialisation des terres agricoles, la nécessaire préservation de la biodiversité et “en même temps” la baisse du prix du permis de chasse, la mise en œuvre de la COP21 et “en même temps” la multiplication des projets autoroutiers, les fermes-usines et “en même temps” une agriculture paysanne, le libéralisme et “en même temps” l’écologie ».

Sauf qu'un rapport choc sur le nucléaire commandé par le ministre de l’Économie, Bruno Le Maire, et le désormais ancien ministre de la Transition énergétique, Nicolas Hulot, a bien vu le jour et il contredit NicolasHulot !

En e ce rapport prône rien de moins que la construction de six réacteurs nucléaires de type EPR à compter de 2025. pour le « le maintien des capacités industrielles de la filière nucléaire en vue de potentielles nouvelles constructions de réacteurs »,selon la lettre de mission à l'origine du rapport Ni Bercy ni l'entourage de Hulot n'a d'ailleurs souhaité réagir.

Nicolas Hulot a, lors de l'annonce de sa démission mardi, fustigé l'énergie atomique, « cette folie inutile économiquement, l'énergie atomique, « cette folie inutile économiquement, techniquement, dans laquelle on s'entête ».Le ton est donné !

La France prépare actuellement sa « programmation pluriannuelle de l'énergie » (PPE) pour les périodes 2018-2023 et 2024-2028. « de l'énergie" (PPE) pour les périodes 2018-2023 et 2024-2028.

« Le gouvernement a logiquement engagé plusieurs missions et expertises préparatoires à ses décisions. Ce sujet sera examiné dans le cadre de la préparation de la PPE au cours de l'automne », a indiqué le ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire, en réaction à ces informations.

Nicolas Hulot devait sans doute pressentir ce nouveau coup dur. Et après avoir dû avaler bien des couleuvres, il lui était impossible d'avaler un cobra. Il avait prévenu.

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When he praised Denmark for being both "completely open to the rest of the world and attached to its own culture" he launched a pique for France which "has never been itself closed to rest of the world ".

Emmanuel Macron, on a state visit, did not fail to compare the Danes, "Lutheran people" open to transformations, and the French, "Gauls refractory to change", claiming identities both national and European.

He has constantly evoked before the French community in Denmark his admiration for the Danish model of "flexicurity", while conceding that the cultural differences between French and Danish did not allow to copy the identical Danish model. "It's not about being naïve, it's about a culture, a people marked by its history.

This Lutheran people, who has experienced the transformations of recent years, is not exactly the Gaul who is resistant to change! Though ! But we have in common that part of European that unites us, "he quipped.

Did he want to respond to the nationalists who, from Hungary to Italy, loudly claim their identity during their recent meeting?

The fact remains that the head of Emmanuel Macron also during his visit to Denmark talked a lot about identity.

First, there were the French who "hate reforms" in Romania. Then there were the "slackers", in front of the French community of Athens. In order not to make the adage "never two without three" lie, Emmanuel Macron has offered a new critical exit for the French from abroad.

But the French president believes he has succeeded since his election to provoke a "cultural change" among the French who "have regained a taste for risk," he declared before the Danish employers in good? Ambassador of France.

Always delicate to dance to the rhythm of "at the same time". To the French to judge.

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Growth was confirmed at 0.2% in the second quarter, although it did capped at 0.2% in France in the second quarter, mainly because of a drop in consumption, which is running out of steam.

An air hole crossed for several months by the French economy, struggling to regain momentum after a very dynamic 2017, marked by quarterly growth rates of 0.7%.

For good reason: household consumption fell by 0.1% between April and June. Consumption of goods thus fell by 0.3% while that of services capped at 0.1%, with a 2.7% drop in transport, "mainly in rail transport".

French economic growth slowed sharply in the second quarter of 2018, compared to the encouraging results of 2017. With a rise of 0.2% between April and June, the government's target of reaching 2% economic growth in 2018 therefore seems more and more unattainable.

Is the economic downturn important?

According to a recent INSEE report, French gross domestic product (GDP) grew by only 0.2% in the second quarter of 2018, compared to the first three months of the year. This figure is not encouraging, compared to the 0.7% rebound recorded between October and December 2017, which strongly challenges the government's goal of 2% growth in 2018.

"These numbers speak for themselves. Between last year and today, we see a huge slowdown in growth: it has almost been divided by three, "says Patrick Artus, director of research and studies at Natixis. An air hole with explanations related to international markets with the slowdown by a "rising price of oil and energy" , the uncertain policy of Donald Trump, including the customs barriers implemented in the sector of international trade, the fear of a new crisis with Italy or Brexit. As many uncertainties that weaken investments

But that's not all: these external elements do not explain everything.

In France, "the economic slowdown is more present than elsewhere," says economist Mathieu Plane, OFCE. This deceleration is closely linked to the tax calendar. The measures put in place in the first quarter of 2018 (increase in the CSG, taxation on tobacco, tax on hydrocarbons) had a very negative impact on the purchasing power of households.

"There is currently a huge recruitment problem in French companies, which slows the pace of job creation , " Patrick Artus adds.

Public finances

The government could not keep its growth forecasts, announced before the summer break by Gérald Darmanin. Even The goal of 1.7% is seems too optimistic for some experts.

Another problem: the goal of reducing the public deficit to 2.3% this year, in line with the promises made by France to the European Commission, seems unachievable.

The employers were seduced by the arrival in power of Emmanuel Macron, a president deemed pro-business, but now the French bosses are now doubting.

This former banker of business promised to "transform France" and revive growth previously sluggish. But even if decisions are going in the right direction (relaxation of the rules and tax exemption for overtime), executives are now waiting for the Pact Act on corporate financing, profit-sharing and employee participation.

The president of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, "We prefer proofs of love to declarations of love," said boss bosses, who sees in a postponement of nine months of a drop in charges announced Monday a "very bad signal.

Given the growth that is slowing to only 1.7% this year according to INSEE, instead of the 2% expected by the government gives terror to the government ..

In just three months, Emmanuel Macron plummeted from 64% to 34% of favorable opinions in the French population, according to an Ifop survey for the JDD. For the man who saw himself as "Jupiterian president", the fall in popularity is overwhelming.

Not to mention business ... A high risk return ...

Alyson Braxon for DayNewsWorld



They were killed and at least one other seriously injured, Thursday, August 23, during a knife attack in Trappes (Yvelines), said a police source.

The author of the stab wounds was shot.

It was filed S, convicted in 2016 for "apology of terrorism . "

Several witnesses claim to have heard this man shout "Allah Akbar" at the time of the facts.

The mother and sister of the attacker are among the victims.

An attack claimed by the Islamic State group .

"The author of the attack (...) is one of the fighters of the Islamic State," said the jihadist formation in a statement shortly after the announcement of the death of the attacker.

The authorities are on site.

Despite a statement of claim by the terrorist organization Daesh, the hypothesis of a family drama is retained: it would be an act committed by a person suffering from "major psychiatric disorders" However the profile of the attacker, shot by the police, calls on anti-terrorist agencies who continue to monitor the progress of the investigation.

After stabbing her older sister and her mother, who was seriously wounded, a neighbor Kamel S., 36, yells at the arrival of the police: "Allahou akbar! If you enter, I smoke you all! "

The first elements may suggest terrorist action, especially since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, who was being given for dead, called for the fight against unbelievers ". In a message broadcast on encrypted telegram, he called for continued "jihad".

Kamel S. was known to the intelligence services. He was registered with the FSPRT, the so-called "radicalized" file , and was subjected to surveillance by means of a form S. He had also been implicated, in the aftermath of the Nice attack, for "direct apology and public of an act of terrorism " . An employee at RATP in Nanterre had initiated a disciplinary procedure leading to his dismissal.

But the Interior favors the gesture of "unbalanced" rather than that of a jihadist.

After his father's death there was a family dispute over the inheritance that led to a complaint.

Moreover he was known for his psychiatric problems and had been interned at Charcot de Plaisir hospital. Kamel S. separated from her partner and returned to live with her mother in Trappes

The investigation was entrusted to the Criminal Brigade of the judicial police of Versailles.

Terrorist act or act of a mental imbalance?

Paul Emison Trappes for DayNewsWorld



Macron 's popularity is now at its lowest after the Benalla state affair, which reveals serious dysfunctions in a Republic that can not help but that could be astonishing.

In the YouGov barometer for Le HuffPost and Cnews in August, the action of the President of the Republic is supported by only 27% of French, down five points from July!

No effect World Cup despite the coronation of the team of France. It must be said that "after a year of mandate, Emmanuel Macron disappointed, much disappointed

For, humiliations into exasperation, the behavior of the Head of State have dissatisfied, angry, tense, irritated ... Gay Pride pornographic Elysee for July 14, embarrassing exhibitionism of the celebration of the World Cup football and a few other incidents, caused by the goats who were elected at the Palais Bourbon in June 2017 in the wake of the presidential election, have done the rest.

The Benalla affair is in fact only a Macron affair, which testifies to the courtesy that the King had granted himself and granted to his courtiers. According to our sister Clara Maybac

The drama of the end of July around the actions of some of his staff hits a blow all the harder it is not the first receipt.

He loses points in each political formation. His management of the crisis, the successive lies of collaborators, the sudden denials or amnesias did not deceive anyone.

That they come to get me ... Just go to contemplate the pool of Fort Brégançon, a whim of the presidential couple.

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Obviously, the last protrusion of Emmanuel Macron's playground, in the form of an arm of honor: "that they come to look for me" seems to have been revealing a mistake of tactics that will be expensive.

One of the answers came, against all odds, from the search of the offices of the Elysee. Never seen ! Remember?

In much more serious circumstances, Jacques Chirac had held the judges of instructions, come to search the palace of the Elysee, at a distance, in front of the doors of the Castle.

But the very first answer came from the newspaper "Le Monde" owned by the banker Matthieu Pigasse.

Matthieu Pigasse? Those who know him are still wondering if he is genius or imposture!

Matthieu Pigasse was born 50 years ago. Born in May 1968, it is an Enarque stranded in a merchant bank, but the most prestigious of them, the Lazard Bank that he manages 121 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

Matthieu Pigasse defines himself as a Punk banker, sailing without barriers, with rage in his heart and full pockets, between business, media and politics.

Everything is said about Matthieu Pigasse who nourished from his adolescence Elysian ambitions, the same at the same age as those of his enemy forever, Emmanuel Macron, his double in younger.

No wonder, therefore, that at the first misstep of the tenant of the Elysee, it is the World, via Ariane Chemin, who fired the first red ball, because the animal Pigasse has tenacious grudge.

It is not surprising that Matthieu Pigasse, who in his time had conquered Dominique Strauss Khan and who declares himself on the left, has repeatedly declared himself convinced, "that it was more interesting to advise countries in crisis rather than 'to be on the side of institutions'.

It is also known that Matthieu Pigasse and his newspaper le Monde, which he co-owns for several months with Xavier Niel, is still in the circles of power and its conquest.

It is therefore natural that Le Monde has supported Emmanuel Macron in 2017, Le Monde and Matthieu Pigasse himself as well as his friends around the world and their knowledge.

But Matthieu Pigasse had from the second round (he did not go to vote in the second round) warned "that there would be a second round because the story Macron is not over."

Here we are ! And this is why we must now try to understand the U-turn of the World (and Matthieu Pigasse) who sent a destructive missile on the existence and behavior of the Chairman's Screamer, who has just summarily invoked the Article 73 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in order to minimize the skewings of offenses he has committed.

The missile Ariane Path is not free, it is impossible today to believe that nobody (or people) has (together) pressed the button ...

The choice of Emmanuel Macron for the 2017 presidential elections was, it must be remembered, that of the High Public Service and the support of the media oligarchy, which via the Enchainé Duck had launched a few weeks before the first round, the raid that we know about François Fillon, a bad candidate who in addition defended himself like a sleeve.

But after a year in office, Emmanuel Macron disappointed, much disappointed

For, humiliations into exasperation, the behavior of the Head of State have displeased, angry, tense, irritated ...

The pornographic Gay Pride at the Elysée for July 14, the awkward exhibitionism of the celebration of the World Cup football and a few other incidents, caused by the goats who were elected at the Palais Bourbon in June 2017 in the stride of the presidential, did the rest.

The Benalla affair is in fact only a Macron affair, which testifies to the courtesy that the King had granted himself and granted to his courtiers.

The investigating judges gave the charge.

They had already, a few weeks earlier, spoiled the holidays of Murielle Pénicaud, the Minister of Labor, otherwise designated as the Shiva of the government, named after the Hindu goddess who represents with her firecracker hair, destruction for the purpose of creation of a new world, placing it under the status of assisted witness in the Business France affair (case related to the financing of Emmanuel Macron's election campaign), thus placing the summer of the President and his government under the sign " of a murderous summer ".

Except, that in any case, the Elysee is already Ko standing!

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



riday, July 27, 2018, we could see in the Parisian sky a huge black smoke and an awful smell that came from Issy les Moulineaux around 11:30.
This fire was quickly stopped but caused the interruption of traffic train station Montparnasse.

Thousands of travelers are blocked. The trains start to work again.

Traffic should return to normal tomorrow. This is due to
the electrical transformer company RTE that caught fire.

In addition, homes located nearby are still without electricity (Clamart, Chatillon, Vanves, Issy les Moulineaux).
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It is a series of SMS, that Le Monde has managed to obtain, which gives a new light to the Benalla affair occupying the French political scene for nearly a week. Finally, we know who proposed to the project manager at the Elysee then to go to the May Day demonstration equipped with police equipment.

According to the SMS exchanges consulted by the journalists of the daily newspaper it would be the chief of staff of the police headquarters, Laurent Simonin - also indicted in the procedure for "breach of professional secrecy" and "misappropriation of images from a videoprotection system "- which would have allowed Benalla to come to the demonstration.

Mr. Benalla was therefore invited not by the prefecture but by a senior officer of the prefecture, Laurent Simonin, who did not refer to his hierarchy.

On March 26, at 11:33 am, Mr. Simonin sent a text message to Mr. Benalla: "Hello Alexandre.

The first of May will see a major demonstration with a black block at the head of procession.

Like last Thursday, there will be hot moments between the far left and the police.

I will be responsible for May Day as I was last Thursday.

I suggest you to participate in the field with one of the intervention units as an observer if your schedule permits.

You told me to be interested and I already did it with the prefect Latron two years ago .

"You just have to warn Yann Drouet of your coming so that the prefect of police is aware," adds Mr. Simonin, referring to the former chief of staff of the police chief of Paris.

"If it's possible for you," says the SMS , "I'll take care of finding you a helmet, gas mask and other protections if you want. Good to you. Laurent ".

"Good warm-up for tomorrow"

Friday, April 27 in the late afternoon, Mr. Benalla sent, still via texting, his measurements to Mr. Simonin, for equipment.

Monday, April 30, at 7:36, Mr. Simonin informed Mr. Benalla that the "Censier School [was] evacuated in 35 minutes this morning at 04:30".

"Tolbiac record beaten and good warm-up for tomorrow.

We took a black block banner.

On Tuesday, May 1st, at 13:52, Mr. Simonin sends a text to Mr. Benalla to communicate "the number of your companion Philippe.

Call him when you arrive at rue de la Cité .

He attaches the coordinates of Philippe Mizerski, commissioner of the direction of the public order and the circulation (DOPC) to the Paris police prefecture which "framed" the Elysée project manager all the day of May 1st.

The reality of the events that have unfolded since then begins to clear, even if contradictions remain.

Alexandre Benalla said he received two days before May 1 a bag containing all the equipment he had during the event: "a helmet, a leather belt, a gas mask, a police armband and a blue coat marked police and a rank captain on it. He says he also received "rangers and a radio" but we do not know at this point who provided it.

The French daily newspaper Le Monde is once again on the initiative.
Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld




At the time we write, there has been a lot of water under the bridges since the Benalla affair broke out, in the evening of July 18, 2018, following the publication of an excellent article published by Le Monde under the pen of our sister Ariane Chemin.

But since then, the political class at first, then the whole of the French citizens went from surprise to surprise as the multiple twists which enamelled the political life for 5 days exploded.

Let's go back to the unfolding of the case and to the facts that have raised more and more vivid criticisms, even to mention the existence of a parallel police force under the orders of the Elysée.

And let us also observe beforehand that the affair could only break out thanks to the Press, which nevertheless had to wait for the cessation of the inertia of the services of the State due to the bridges of the month of May and that falls the pressure of the World Cup, so that everyone understands the seriousness of the situation.

So, the affair gets underway after the social media broadcast of images filmed by a former parliamentary candidate in Isère, showing Alexandre Benalla, beating up, after throwing him on the ground, a demonstrator present at the events of May 1, Place de la Contrescarpe in Paris. These images, become "viral" .It are further confirmed by the official videos.

And the scandal begins when we learn that in his capacity as Project Manager, Alexandre Benalla is also the bodyguard of the President of the Republic and responsible for the safety of his private and public travel.

The tone goes up a notch in the afternoon of May 19 when after heated debate in the National Assembly, peppered with suspensions of meetings, the deputies of France Insoumise (Mélenchonistes) get the executive, put under pressure the creation of a commission of inquiry by transformation of the Commission of laws, this because of the urgency.

For its part, the Senate also sets up its own commission of investigations.

Since yesterday, Monday, July 23rd, (day of Saint Brigitte) the hearings began before the commissions of inquiry; that of the National Assembly, public, is diffused, is broadcasted on the chains of TV of information and that of Public Senate.

And we learn beautiful!

First of all, who is Alexandre Benalla?

The exact name of Alexandre Benalla is Lahcene Benalhia. Lahcene was born in Evreux in 1991. He is now 26 years old. He grew up in the Madeleine ZUP, a sensitive neighborhood of this well-known Norman town. His parents are from Morocco.

During his studies at the Collège Foch de l'Aigle, in the Oise, he acquired a reputation as a violent, impulsive, fiery brawler as witnessed by a former student.

But Alexandre Benalla likes politics.

He obtained his Bac and at the end of two years of university studies, he joined the ranks of the Socialist Party in 2010 where he often provides security and policing operations during the party's demonstrations. .

In 2012, he puts himself at the service of the candidate Hollande; he is engaged during the campaign of the presidential elections and participates in the service of order of the meetings of the candidate. It is also François Hollande who would have helped him to frenchify his surname and his name.

During the term of François Hollande, he spent a few days as chauffeurs on behalf of Arnaud Montebourg who turned manu militari after he caused an accident in his presence and wanted to flee without recognizing his responsibility. (Hit and run).

Alexandre Benalla is among the first to join Emmanuel Macron when he declares his candidacy for the presidential elections of May 2017. We know the rest ... Emmanuel Macron elected, Alexandre Benalla is hired immediately as chargé de mission to the Presidency of the Republic. It is Patrick Strzodal who would have signed the decision, this in his soul and conscience, to hire the

Patrick Strzodal, who is a former prefect and who should claim his rights to retirement in October, assumed the role of fuse ...

Alexandre Benalla is said to be sensitive to the Muslim cause; in any case, what has just revealed a lawyer, usual defender of the great figures of banditry, Karim Achoui, who has been around for 2 years. Note that Karim Achoui who was removed from the Paris Bar in 2012 is now in Algiers.

So a security officer beats two protesters is certainly deplorable, but over the days we understood that the scandal was elsewhere, because it is the entire Macron system that these days is "indicted".

And we learn that Alexander Benalla is not just an obscure advisor to the President of the Republic; he is also a man of confidence, which earned him all the prebends that would have been granted to him and which are scandalous today.

Alexandre Benalla always accompanies Emmanuel Macron in his public but also private trips: he accompanies him to the sea, to the mountains ... he had to follow the Presidential couple during his holidays at Fort Brégançon. He performs these duties even though the President of the Republic enjoys the official protection of a dozen police officers. But it seems that it has become indispensable to Emmanuel Macron, to whom he gives daily special services ...

Because how to explain that a simple bodyguard benefits:
Of a Renault Talisman luxury car with flashing light Type VO
From an office apartment in Quai Branly, where François Mitterrand had housed his mistress and his daughter Mazarine
Access to the Command Room of the Presidency of the Republic
Access badge of the "vice presidency" level in the National Assembly (to terrorize the deputies in march who do not agree with the orders)
A recent firearms clearance (the previous two had been refused because of the bodyguard's personality
An unofficial title of "real chief of security" Emmanuel Macron, a function that allowed him to give orders to the police hierarchy that he "terrorized" it seems, acting like a little cowboy
A possible future appointment to the functions of sub-prefect, nothing that to 26 years
More recently, a prominent role in the reorganization / overhaul of protection services (reform of the GSPR) with a long-term promise to take the lead

But because of all these prebends, abnormal in the world of police and intelligence, Chouchou-Kakou was not in the odor of sanctity and the first opportunity, relayed by the press allowed some to settle their accounts.

The case is turning to state scandal!

Except that for the Elysee there is no state affair, no case of parallel police, no business of barbouzes, but only a case of individual drift.

Despite the elements of language that were given to MEPs LREM statements of Gerard Columbus yesterday (Ben my colon, he knew nothing and ignored everything!) And that of the Prefect Michel Delpuech weakened the theory of the Elysee whose role appears more and more disturbing.

Over the days and hours, the future darkens for Emmanuel Macron, who sends his nerves to the front on the example of the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe who has just been questioned vigorously this afternoon at the National Assembly during current issues in government.

Benalla could become the blessed lampblower to whom the blame will be attributed, all the faults, those which have already been worth to him to be dismissed without any other form of lawsuit and presented to a judge of instruction following a custody.

Funny game of fake asses!

This case, which reflects the feeling of all power that reigns at the Elysee since the election of Emmanuel Macron may end badly, the state lies becoming more and more obvious.

It may end badly indeed, because as everyone knows "the wife of Caesar should not be suspected".

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld


Benalla was an obscure collaborator on paper, but now revelations from the world have suddenly brought him to light.

The setting aside of justice (until the revelations of the World), but also the way in which the sovereign powers aiming at the order and security of the presidency were organized around Alexandre Benalla, made this individual compromising for the Macronian power that hung up until now in its superb.

Alexandre Benalla has been indicted since Sunday, July 22 by an examining magistrate in charge of unraveling the skein of responsibility in the beating of protesters on May 1.

He is only 26 years old, and this young activist LREM was carried by the victory of his mentor in May 2017 to a post of "assistant to the chef de cabinet".

He became thanks to the confidence he enjoyed from Emmanuel Macron a powerful protagonist of power, omnipresent closer to the head of state and his wife.

He thus organized the small group in charge of the private sphere which each president gets, dedicated to the secret affairs of the head of the State. "Dedicated" to the Head of State on all fronts, it seems, he had previously served in the ranks of the police service of the PS before enjoying a nearby rarely seen for a civilian suddenly in charge of protecting the President of the Republic and his wife. Note that he had no real training in the matter ... But he had undeniable power in the device of the Elysee:

Permit to detain and then carry weapons, shooting sessions with the president's protection teams, boxing training with the GSPR, the Elysee car, access to the National Assembly to name a few. Alexandre Benalla also benefited from an office apartment in Branly quai, in a residence of the Republic in which 180 000 euros of work would have been done for the renovation.

Why so many favors?

Previously he lived in the small world of private security and he even renewed in 2014 his card CNAPS, the regulator of private security companies.

But his powers at the Elysee Palace were such that this 26-year-old man " could recruit or have a security officer fired with a simple snap of his fingers," as one union boss pointed out. Along with "privates" or bouncers of clubs, he had hired former military officers who had become cops, some of whom had become available to serve as big boys during Emmanuel Macron's campaign in 2017.

It was the " band of Alexander," as Le Monde described it: Vincent Crase, also indicted following the events of May 1; Pierre-Yves Baratier, a former soldier; Christian Guédon, a former GIGN, who became the 2017 campaign for En Marche, " siege" of Emmanuel Macron, that is to say, the security officer seated next to the driver of the president; Stéphane M., a soldier who became a police officer, also passed through the Macron campaign, propelled to the GSPR.

And, at the request of Macron, under the leadership of his dircab Patrick Strzoda (another secret adviser nicknamed "the ninja"), Benalla was entrusted with the task of thinking about a reorganization of the close protection of the Head of State and Security of the Elysée Palace - walking on the borders of the SDLP and the military command of the presidency!

We are witnessing the dysfunction of the Jupiterian power, which quickly fell out of favor ...
Do not be surprised!
Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld



No comment !
Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld





Elected with 66.10% of the votes in the second round of the presidential elections of 2017, Emmanuel Macron just dropped violently in the latest polls in late June / early July 2018).

At the beginning of July, the total number of French people who approve of his action is only 27%, ie almost 50% loss of confidence and esteem, in a little over a year, which is a lot!

The image of the President of the Republic has deteriorated considerably and his political action is more disavowed than ever. The French judge severely today the Head of State.

Controversy and disenchantment stem as much from Emmanuel Macron's personality as from the political choices he has made since he was elected.

Regarding his personality, the young 40-year-old head of state, impresses less and less; he passes in the eyes of the French "like a stranger to the Elysee".

His image has worn out very quickly and the French today describe a distant president, arrogant, contemptuous, haughty, too literary, without empathy and insensitive to their problems.

The micro-polemics on the lifestyle of the presidential couple that have multiplied in recent weeks, proceed from these feelings this while a number of French have seen, for most of them, their purchasing power back .

The replacement of the dishes of the Elysee has provoked violent criticism, since the average French learned by the Enchainé duck of June 27, 2018, that the Presidency of the Republic has 5365 pieces of dishes for large diners, to which you have to add myriads of plates, cups and saucers for more intimate lunches and dinners. The very official commission of proofing which did not finish its last inventory even enumerated 83 464 pieces of porcelain of Sèvres, at the disposal of the presidential residences. And there has never been a problem with broken parts; upon request, the Manufacture replaces for free and identically.

It was the same with the Brégançon pool, an equipment that the former Presidents of the Republic had never demanded so far. It is also mainly for this reason that the last whim of the couple Macron has been the subject of squeaky comments, the argument invoked officially concerning the protection of the intimacy of the couple not convinced, after the photos, in couples' swimwear, taken on a public beach and published in 2016 on the cover of Paris Match. Communication has its limits. The French have begun to understand his mechanics and his real usefulness.

Also proceeds from this analysis, the reframing at Mont Valerian a schoolboy, whose humiliation in front of cameras was very poorly perceived in the moment. But the lesson of respectability given by Emmanuel Macron to this young college student goes even worse in recent days following his official visit to Nigeria.

Back at the age of 26, when he had just been admitted to the ENA, (Léopold Serdar Senghor promotion) Emmanuel Macron did his obligatory internship at the French Embassy in Abuja (Nigeria). During this training he had visited Shine, an emblematic night club of the African capital. And it is remembering this time, he had his official visit of July 3, 2018, visit to which he wished to give a relaxed, far from the formal parties. Thus, having fallen jacket and tie he was spotted on the dance floor of the nigth-club, unfolding chthonic infernal swaying (expression from Greek mythology) not consistent with the image usually returned by a President of the Republic of good presentation. However lucidly claiming the grotesque of the situation, he also challenged the spectators present, saying that "what happens in Shine, stay in Shine". Close the bench! There is nothing to see ! The holidays have already begun for the Macron couple.

So, the warning that followed all these events turned out to be severe.

But the political choices of management and reform of the Head of State are also beginning to worry.

So far, the French had not yet wanted to speak too much, giving the President of the Republic time to implement the reforms he had proposed, "at the same time" before judging.

But gradually the first effects of the new policy are felt and in the absence of concrete results, with simultaneous tax levies increasingly unbearable, especially for the middle classes, the choices of the President of the rich have just raised winds bad who are turning against him.

The anti-macron waves have been observed by all polling institutes and the President of the Republic has already taken sea packets, fueled by this strong current of discontent.

Concretely, the policy of Emmanuel Macron is indeed considered globally inefficient and it is not certain that the speech before the congress will change this perception.

But this time on the other hand, the President of the Republic will not be able to say that it is the fault with Mélenchon .... or that of Laurent Wauqiez .... or even that of Marine Le Pen, which one or the other do not benefit from this turnaround for the moment.

In any case, mechanically it has provoked even more sarcasm and criticism, which the French have not failed to hear and understand ... or even to notice.

Even worse, even the "chiefs" supporters are beginning to doubt. The rating of Emmanuel Macron in early July 2018 fell by 7% among its supporters.

So that the embarrassment and worry begin to worry ... well ... the Elysee Palace, especially since Philippe Philippe also dropped by 5% in the same polls, the fall of the executive mechanically entailing Moreover, that of the entire government team (-3%) which records its lowest level with 27% of confidence votes.

Certainly at the beginning of summer, the French installed on the beaches will be a little disconnected from the reality and forget politics; but the fear of a crystallization of discontent begins to become clear among some of Emmanuel Macron's relatives.

The good student Macron disappeared radars and a good result of France on the occasion of the World Cup football will not be enough to go up the slope? This especially if it is still turbulent in the cabin of the plane France.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld



More than disturbing the observation made by a member of the parliamentary committee of inquiry on safety and security of facilities that made his report public Thursday, July 5:

S data have had access to nuclear power plants, according to a deputy.

"The experts heard [...] think that the danger could come from within" .

The findings of the report indicate:

"The surveys on the agents of EDF are well done, on the French subcontractors, quite well done but on the foreign subcontractors, they are very questionable"

is what points out the deputy of the Ardèche, Hervé Saulignac ( PS) vice-chairman of the parliamentary committee.

According to the member, "Obviously, there were S data that had access to the plants through subcontractors".

But knowing that the rate of outsourcing in French power plants is around 80 to 90% ...

Alize Marion for DayNewsWorld




Simone Veil and her husband Antoine entered the Pantheon on Sunday after a moving ceremony.

Carried by members of the Republican Guard, the coffins of Simone and Antoine Veil went up, under a blazing sun, the street Soufflot towards the Pantheon, where the couple entered Sunday, July 1st. Simone Veil is the fifth woman to be buried in this republican temple, after Sophie Berthelot in 1907, Marie Cuie in 1995, Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz in 2015.

The convoy rocked from 10:30 am Sunday of the memorial of the Shoah, then stopped on the Edmond Rostand square, at the foot of the street Soufflot, covered with a blue carpet, color of peace and Europe. The coffins then went up the street, under the applause of a crowd of diverse, consisting of families, elderly but especially younger audiences, many came from 9 am Sunday morning.

The three major battles led by Simone Veil, the fifth woman on the list of Great Men, resulted in three judgments: the first for women's rights was the adoption of the law authorizing the voluntary termination of pregnancy, in 1974, the second for Europe, of which she was the first woman to take the presidency of parliament, in 1979 and the third to mark the memory of the deportation, of which she is one of the survivor.

On arrival at the Place du Pantheon, around 11:30 am, ninety-two singers sang "Le Chant des Marais" , then let the President of the Republic give a speech for half an hour. "The decision to bring Simone Veil to the Pantheon was not only mine but that of his family, but that of all French," said Emmanuel Macron early in his speech.

"She who had lived the unspeakable experience of savagery and arbitrariness knew that only dialogue and concord between peoples would prevent Auschwitz from reborn on the cold ashes of its victims, hammered the president. When she decides to testify, it is first of all to pay homage to the righteous of France. To recall the incredible courage of French families who, at the risk of their lives, had hidden Jewish children , "he adds.

Covered with the French flag, the coffins are then entered through the monumental portal of the Pantheon in the presence of the President of the Republic and his wife Brigitte, two sons still alive of the couple Veil and their descendants.

The bodies of Antoine and Simone Veil will be buried in the sixth vault of the Pantheon, Monday, July 2, during a private ceremony. They will sit alongside Jean Moulin, André Malraux, René Cassin and Jean Monnet.

The Parisians came in large numbers to pay a last tribute to one of the favorite personalities of the French .

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld





Preliminary declaration ... we wanted to use our freedom of expression, unconditional, by commenting on the events that took place in Paris, since the Fête de la Musique. And who says free, does not mean insulting, abusive, defamatory or discriminatory! We respected this principle!

Formerly Paris was the city of Enlightenment. It became these days the city Rainbow, to our astonishment ... critical.

It is Emmanuel Macron who opened his transformation, on June 21, 2018 on the occasion of the Festival of the Music and the adventures of the concert which took place in the courtyard of the Elysée where Nicola Sirkis occurred, the leader of the group "Indochina", concert after which the presidential couple agreed to be photographed surrounded by the LGBT community.

The example was given and ..

François de Rugy, the President of the National Assembly followed the movement by making the Palais Bourbon stand out with Rainbow flags.

But the Lady of the Town Hall who had not thought about it did not remain in the rest. She did even stronger! she painted the pedestrian crosswalks in the colors of the Rainbow, a story that the lesson returned by the feet in case it would not have entered by the head, forgetting stupidly that the dogs were likely to stain the multicolored bands.

In his Palace of Luxembourg, Gerard Larcher however did not flinch! The Senate has proudly planted, its traditional flags, the French flag and the European flag, with its twelve stars on a blue background, the flag symbol of the Virgin Mary as it appeared to Saint John in the Apocalypse: " a great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars ... "

Gerard Larcher has therefore not yielded to LGBT lobbying, while in the same week the government had removed the religious associations from the official list of lobbies; but obviously lobbying is like cholesterol, there is good and bad?

Since, in retaliation, tags and graffiti infamous appeared here and there, in the Marais district more particularly.

Anne Hidalgo therefore immediately took the necessary decisions to measure this outbreak of violence "which she said has disfigured Paris ." " The rainbow passages will be repainted " she just said, adding "we will even make some additional" , all to calm the fire that had declared on Paris during the press conference held by the LGBT spokesperson, a press conference that looked like a nuclear fire.

All of these events, where everyone overplayed his score, sounded like a whirlwind that curled ridicule.

And in this room it is the presidential couple that has been the most pointed and has made the most costs.

And yet! The intention of Brigitte and Emmanuel had not been to add their chic and trendy stone to the Fête de la Musique! neglecting in passing the French / basic voter, supposedly uneducated who understands nothing of modern art!

It was to forget that France is in full social decomposition and that many French, not necessarily the least advised, declared themselves offended by the histrionism that the capital has just lived, all camps confused; a histrionism triggered by the highest level of the state and declined in a provocative way, sign in our opinion of the stubborn "peopolisante" presidential attitude that has prevailed since the 2017 elections.

And quickly, it appeared to us that these French were more and more numerous, in all strata of society.

Several voices that carry are indeed raised to criticize this situation, like the example of Philippe Bilgger, honorary magistrate, who has just declared: "I am tired of the decadence of a society which reverses with a masochistic voluptuousness and with the help of a higher authority, the fundamental values, even though the said higher authority should, on the contrary, maintain them, safeguard them and protect them from vulgarity ".

We share this point of view!

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld





Déclaration liminaire… nous avons voulu user de notre liberté d’expression, inconditionnelle, en commentant les événements qui se sont déroulés sur Paris, depuis la Fête de la Musique. Et qui dit libre, ne veut pas dire insultant, injurieux, diffamatoire ou discriminatoire ! Nous avons respecté ce principe !

Autrefois Paris était la ville des Lumières. Elle est devenue ces derniers jours la ville Arc en Ciel, à notre grand étonnement…critique.

C’est Emmanuel Macron qui a ouvert sa transformation, le 21 juin 2018 à l’occasion de la Fête de la Musique et des péripéties du concert qui s’est déroulé dans la cour de l’Elysée où s’est produit Nicola Sirkis, le leader du groupe « Indochine », concert à l’issue duquel le couple présidentiel a accepté de se faire photographier entouré de la communauté LGBT.

L’exemple était donné et ..

François de Rugy, le Président de l’Assemblée nationale a suivi le mouvement en faisant pavoiser le Palais Bourbon avec des drapeaux Arc en Ciel.

Mais la Dame de l’Hôtel de Ville qui n’y avait pas pensé n’est pas restée en reste. Elle a fait encore plus fort ! elle a fait peinturlurer les passages piétons aux couleurs de l’Arc en Ciel, histoire que la leçon rentre par les pieds au cas où elle ne serait pas entrée par la tête, oubliant étourdiment que les chiens étaient susceptibles de maculer les bandes multicolores.

Dans son Palais du Luxembourg, Gérard Larcher n’a toutefois pas bronché ! Le Sénat a conservé fièrement plantés, ses traditionnels drapeaux, le drapeau français tricolore et le drapeau européen, avec ses douze étoiles sur fond bleu, le drapeau symbole de la Vierge Marie telle qu’elle est apparue à Saint Jean dans l’Apocalypse : «  un signe grandiose est apparu dans le ciel, une femme revêtue du soleil, la lune sous ses pieds et sur sa tête une couronne de douze étoiles … »

Gérard Larcher n’a donc pas cédé au lobbying LGBT, alors que dans la même semaine le gouvernement avait fait radier les associations religieuses de la liste officielles des lobbies ; mais visiblement le lobbying est comme le cholestérol, il y a le bon et le mauvais ?

Depuis, en représailles, des tags et des graffitis infâmes sont apparus ici et là, dans le quartier du Marais plus particulièrement.

Anne Hidalgo a donc pris immédiatement les décisions qui s’imposaient, à la mesures de cette flambée de violences « qui selon elle a défiguré Paris ». « Les passages Arc en Ciel seront repeints »  vient-elle de déclarer, ajoutant « nous en feront même quelques uns supplémentaires » , tout ceci pour calmer l’incendie qui s’était déclaré sur Paris à l’occasion de la conférence de Presse tenue par la porte parole LGBT , conférence de Presse qui avait pris l’air d’un incendie nucléaire.

Tous ces événements ou chacun a surjoué sa partition ont ressemblé à une pantalonnade qui a frisé le ridicule.

Et dans cette pièce c’est le couple présidentiel qui a le plus été pointé du doigt et en a fait le plus les frais.

Et pourtant ! L’intention de Brigitte et Emmanuel n’avait-elle pas été d’ajouter leur pierre chic et branchée à la Fête de la Musique ! négligeant au passage le français/électeur de base, supposé inculte qui ne comprend rien à l’art...moderne !
C’était oublié que la France est en pleine décomposition sociale et que de nombreux français, pas forcement les moins avisés, se sont déclarés offensés par l’histrionisme que la capitale vient de vivre, tous camps confondus; un histrionisme déclenché par le plus haut niveau de l’Etat et décliné sur un mode provocateur, signe selon nous de l’attitude présidentielle « peopolisante » abrutissante qui règne depuis les élections de 2017.

Et rapidement, il nous est apparu que ces français étaient des plus en plus nombreux, dans toutes les strates de la société.

Plusieurs voix qui portent se sont en effet élevées pour critiquer cette situation, à l’exemple de Philippe Bilgger, magistrat honoraire, qui vient de déclarer : « j’en ai assez de la décadence d’une société qui inverse avec une volupté masochiste et avec le concours d’une autorité supérieure, les valeurs fondamentales, alors même que ladite autorité supérieure devrait au contraire les maintenir, les sauvegarder et les protéger de la vulgarité ».

Nous partageons ce point de vue !

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The ship Lifeline , chartered by the German NGO of the same name, has been waiting for a week for a port to welcome it. It will finally land in Malta, then the 230 migrants on board will be divided between several European countries, including France, Italy and Portugal.

Indeed, Emmanuel Macron announced that France would be part of states welcoming passengers at a press conference after his visit to the Vatican and his meeting with Pope Francis. "France will be one of the few (EU) member states that will take people who are now on the Lifeline when they arrive in a European port and OFPRA is already on its way to Malta to this mission, " confirmed Emmanuel Macron during a press conference at the Vatican.

He wanted to clarify that it will be "dozens of individuals per country" host. Economic migrants or political refugees? And the countries of Visegrad?

In parallel, the French president has not failed to criticize the German NGO Lifeline for having "acted in violation of all the rules and the Libyan coastguard" and "the game of smugglers". "We can not accept this situation durably because in the name of the humanitarian it means that there is no control. In the end we make the game of smugglers by reducing the cost of risks of passage, " said Emmanuel Macron.

Giuseppe Conte, President of the Italian Council of Ministers, which hosts part of the migrants, also denounced the non-compliance with the rules of international law and announced that the ship will be "subject to an investigation to ensure its nationality and respect rules of international law on the part of its crew " .

The fact remains that the President of the French Republic still sets no course in its migration policy and remains once again in the ambiguity, saying simply that France acts by European solidarity.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld




In 2016, the departmental council of Haut-Rhin, had taken a controversial step: to force the beneficiaries of the RSA to achieve seven hours of volunteer work per week in exchange for RSA Solidarity Income.

Anyone without resources can claim, without conditions.

This controversial measure by both the prefect of the time and the associations helping people in need was declared illegal by the Administrative Court of Nancy and its Court of Appeal in 2016.

But the highest French administrative court, the Council of State has considered, this Friday, June 15, that it is not illegal to ask beneficiaries to volunteer, at the risk of being deprived of the RSA.

Seven hours of volunteering a week in exchange for the RSA, which corresponds to an allowance of 550 euros per month: this is the measure validated by the Council of State

For the Conseil d'Etat, the court "erred in law by relying, in order to annul the deliberation (of the departmental council, ed), on the fact that the beneficiary of the active solidarity income (...) could not to be offered volunteer actions as part of his integration ".

The RSA must be "individually tailored", it can "legally provide for volunteer actions provided that they can contribute to a better professional integration of the beneficiary and remain compatible with the search for a job".

As a result, the decision of the Council of State breaks the cancellation of the deliberation and returns the case to the Administrative Court of Appeal of Nancy.

And beware of fraudsters who will simply be removed their allowance.

Now chaired by Brigitte Klinkert, "the departmental council of Haut-Rhin expresses its satisfaction following this decision" of the Council of State, he said in a statement. positive, "says the county council.

A method that could inspire other departments in the coming months.

Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld


A survey of the interregional specialized jurisdiction of Rennes (Jirs), assisted by Europol, revealed a new illegal trade in the circles of clandestine resellers.

Assault rifles, handguns and submachine guns

An extraordinary netting carried out 600 gendarmes has allowed the seizure of 700 pieces.

In two days, the latter - accompanied by their colleagues specialized in the search for explosives and firearms and by the judicial division of the gendarmerie based in Pontoise - raided 113 homes.

No less than 250 handguns, more than thirty assault rifles and nearly 50 machine guns were found often hidden in false partitions, cut books or fake hot water balloons.

The operation also found explosives and rocket launchers. 90 suspects were heard and 34 people were taken into custody and 4 people were also indicted.

This is the third transaction in an investigation that began two years ago and is preceded by two other transactions.

In all not less than 1,900 weapons of all types were seized that "fed the crime" under cover of a collection ...

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Fight by railway workers since early April, the reform of the SNCF is in the process of being definitively adopted.

Indeed the National Assembly adopted last Wednesday, by a very large majority of 452 votes against 80, and 27 abstentions. In addition to the majority The Republic On the Move (LRM) -MoDem and the IDU-Agir, three quarters of the deputies The Republicans (LR) voted for. The leftist groups (Socialists, Communists and Insubmis) and the elected National Front spoke against it.

Ultimate step of his parliamentary career, the Senate will vote on Thursday the bill that plans to transform the SNCF into a public limited company, to set the schedule for opening to competition at the European level and to remove the hiring to the status of railway employee in the historical enterprise.

For three months the two chambers have retouched the text, in the background of consultations with the unions, with new guarantees for employees of the rail group including the non-transferability of the capital of SNCF, SNCF Réseau and SNCF Mobilités of the company to avoid a privatization feared and a recovery of 35 billion euros of debt claimed by the unions and screaming. In addition, the mechanism favoring the voluntary service of transferred employees has also been relaxed, since the unions have also obtained a right of return for the transferred railway workers. They can return to SNCF between three and eight years after their departure, and then regain their status if they wish. Concessions have been made by the government.

The final adoption Thursday in the Senate, a majority on the right, will be a formality, after the agreement between senators and senators on a common version of the text Monday joint committee.

Yet the inter-union continues to call the railroads to continue mobilization, already the longest for thirty years and to mobilize "massively" on June 28, the last day of the calendar set for work stoppages two days out of five.

What does she want more, since, on the other hand, the senators have not moved on the "intangible" principles of the reform, namely the opening to competition, the end of the railway status for new recruits and the legal transformation of the SNCF?

Since the beginning of the week, calls to stop the strike have multiplied. Unions "must measure their responsibility for all those who will pass the baccalaureate" next week, launched Tuesday. The CFDT-Cheminots and UNSA-Ferroviaire had also called Tuesday to suspend the conflict during the baccalaureate period (18 to 25 June inclusive), at least on TER and RER.

Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne, assured to have "conducted this reform with determination and in a spirit of dialogue", criticizing those seeking to "feed anger". Patrick Jeantet, CEO of SNCF Réseau, said "the strike was intended to change or for some to reject this law. This law has been passed by Parliament, so yes, this strike must stop. "

But the CGT-Cheminots seems to know only the extremism!

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld




The first agricultural union , the FNSEA, and the Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA) called on their members to occupy a total of 14 strategic sites for three renewable days.

Since Sunday evening, Total Feyzin refineries near Lyon, Gonfreville-l'Orcher near Le Havre and Grandpuits (Seine-et-Marne) are blocked by farmers like the oil depots of the Rhone port Edouard Herriot, the port of Rhine, as well as Vatry (Marne), Lespinasse near Toulouse, Coignières (Yvelines) and Cournon in the Puy-de-Dôme.Depuis Monday morning access to the deposits of Dunkirk (North), Grigny (Essonne) , Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) and another Total refinery in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) is also blocked.

Farmers are protesting unfair competition, they say, for palm oil imported from Southeast Asia into the biofuel market . Indeed the total biorefinery of La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhone), which should start this summer, provides for the import of 300 000 tonnes of palm oil for its operation to the detriment of the French biofuels sector. While imported palm oil costs 15% less than rapeseed oil or sunflower oil produced in France, the production of the latter does not respect French and European standards.

" We are not against imports (...) but we want, for the consumer, that the government is consistent and that imports are made to the same standards, otherwise French agriculture will disappear," said Samuel Vandaele, Secretary General of the JA.

For their part, the environmental associations denounce the use of palm oil for two reasons: it is partly responsible for the destruction of 2.3% of equatorial forests and, on the other hand, considered to be more harmful than diesel when used as fuel.

In a statement, the environmental association Greenpeace points to the decision of the Minister of Ecological Transition who validated the project. "Nicolas Hulot now appears to be in favor of agrofuels produced from palm oil, writes Greenpeace, while they are responsible for three times more emissions of greenhouse gases than fossil fuels" .

But the government does not intend to reconsider the authorization given to Total to import palm oil.

"The government will not come back on it," Travert said, adding that he will receive the FNSEA and the Jeunes Agriculteurs on Tuesday. France would not want to offend Indonesia and Malaysia, potential buyers of military equipment ...

However, no shortage of fuel is to be feared in the immediate future, with France having a total of seven refineries in operation as well as 200 fuel depots. In addition, the state has strategic stocks for three months.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld




A 33-year-old Iraqi, who has been in France for more than a year, was arrested last March and indicted by anti-terrorist judges. The man would be a cadre of the Islamic State.

Indicted for "war crimes".

Ahmed H. is believed to have been a member of the Islamic State group, and even to have been a cadre. He is therefore indicted for "assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise" and for "war crimes" .

According to the Iraqi authorities, Ahmed H. administered the Samarra region, a zone north of Baghdad, on behalf of ISIS. He was reported to have mainly participated in the massacre of 1,700 people near Tikrit in June 2014. Hundreds of Iraqi army recruits, mostly Shiites, had been kidnapped and executed by jihadists one by one.

He had obtained refugee status in France.

In June 2016, Ahmed H., 33, arrived in France. The way in which he has reached Europe from Iraq is still unclear, but it seems that he has passed through Hungary and then Germany. He moved to France with his family. He obtained his refugee status in June 2017 from the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) and obtained in the process and as required by law, a ten-year resident card.

But since last February, he was the subject of an international arrest warrant.

Ahmed H. was given for dead, wrongly. According to the Iraqi authorities, he actually left the country at the end of 2014. Baghdad then alerted the international military coalition and France about its possible presence in Europe.

A red notice Interpol then triggered the action of intelligence and justice. From the summer of 2017, Ahmed H. is followed by the DGSI (Directorate General of Internal Security). He is under surveillance to be finally arrested on March 6 in Lisieux (Calvados), where he resided. On November 6, a judicial investigation is opened against him. He totally denies the accusations. But according to the investigators, Ahmed H. would have the profile of a former supporter of Daesh who belonged to anti-Shiite hate organizations.

France competent to judge the alleged terrorist.

While the facts of which he is accused took place in Iraq, the alleged terrorist will be judged in France, because of the "universal competence" . In other words, the French State is considered competent to try an offense that has not been committed on its territory, in the case of important crimes under international law.

In Iraq he was risking the death penalty.
Alizé Marion for DayNewsWorld



The SNCF reform was passed in first reading in the Senate on Tuesday, after a solemn vote on the bill "for a new railway pact". 240 senators spoke for the text, 85 against and 18 abstained.

The upper house introduced the amendments demanded by the reformist unions on the social aspect of the reform.

As soon as the text was examined in committee, the senators had modified the reform with four objectives: the preservation of TGV services deemed essential, the strengthening of the guarantees offered to employees, the means of a successful opening to competition and the maintenance of a high level of safety and security within the railway system.

In session, all of these provisions were confirmed, including the conclusion by the State of public service contracts to meet the objectives of regional development, the device favoring the volunteering of employees transferred, and the non-transferability of capital. SNCF, SNCF Réseau and SNCF Mobilités. The unions also obtained a right of return for the transferred railway workers. They can return to SNCF between three and eight years after their departure, and then regain their status if they wish.

At the same time, the state promised to take back the SNCF debt to the tune of 35 billion in order to reach the "balance (financial) before the end of the five-year period".

Senators, however, did not move on these "intangible" principles of the reform, namely the opening to competition, the end of the railway status for new recruits and the legal transformation of the SNCF.

The adoption of the reform amended by the Senate does not end the parliamentary marathon of the text. The bill will then continue its journey with a joint committee scheduled for June 13 that will allow members of Parliament and senators to try to agree on a common version.

Will the adoption, on Tuesday, of the law by the senators be able to put an end to a strike which already cost more than 400 million euros to the SNCF?

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld