The rallies took place on Tuesday evening, 19 February 2019, to protest the latest anti-Semitic acts that France has just known.

In Paris, Place de la République, 20,000 people gathered to listen to the few speakers asked to intervene, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy; to listen but also to commune together in memory of the victims of racism and anti-Semitism.

A large number of elected officials joined the movement, including the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the President of the Region of Ile de France, Valérie Pécresse or the leader of Generation (former PS), Benoit Hamon, initiator of the operation. A large part of Edouard Philippe's government was there, even though the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had decided not to open the march.

All the protesters present called for firmness following the latest violent anti-Semitic acts that France has just known. All also shared the fear, anger or outrage aroused by these acts.

Everything started with insults addressed to Alain Finkielkraut, who returned home after having lunch with the family at the restaurant was found by the greatest chance in front of a group of yellow jackets the previous Sunday. The desecration the same day of a hundred graves of the Jewish Cemetery Quatzenhein, a small village located north west of Strasbourg was also in all heads because of the swastikas that had been discovered there. It is also in this small village, inside the cemetery that the Head of State had chosen to meet the Jewish community.

These have sounded the charge against a reviving anti-Semitism; Had not Christophe Castaner himself announced on 11 February 2019 that anti-Semitic acts were on the rise by 74%, the number of acts having jumped from 311 to 541? In front of the sawn and bare trunk of the tree planted in memory of Ilan Halimi, Christophe Castaner denounced that day "the winds of anti-Semitism that spreads like a poison".

In short! As our excellent colleague, Elisabeth Levy has just stated, the evening was "a festival of republican proclamations". But after all, she added, "any excess of feelings in this area is better than indifference."

But under the background of "kiss us crazy city" there was still a lot of hiccups!

So, in the face of the unitary display and the purity of the cause, many questions arose as to where this resurgence of anti-Semitism came from?

Of course, and since they have been disturbing for several weeks, Yellow Jackets have been accused.

The first attacks came from Benjamin Grivaux, the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament.

One of his old tweet, dated December 22, 2018 resurfaced: "So we lynch, we sing the Quenelle de Dieudonné in Montmartre, we take the codes of the 1930s to overthrow the Republic, we decapitate the effigy of the President of the Republic…. Behind this one, there is only one face, cowardly, racist, anti-Semitic , putschist "he had written then. Just that!

Benjamin Grivaux in the text, mixing insult and foolishness! But also a tweet expressing the hypocrisy that dominates in France in the heavy atmosphere and aggressiveness that prevails in France.

Because what has actually happened these days, with the aggression of an immense man of culture and academician that is Alain Finkielkraut, who from the very beginning had declared to support the movement of Yellow Vests, which comes from to appear in full light, it is indeed the Islamic anti-Semitism, that some describes as gaucho-islamist.

This ideology is consubstantial with post-modern cultural leftism, well analyzed by Jean Pierre Le Goff. This gaucho-Islamist is the one who killed Ilan Halimi and led the left to close his eyes for years?

In this context we are all more or less obliged to put back to the heart of the debate "the recognition of the lost territories of the Republic and the correlative idea of ​​living together".

We must also remember that the left, all the left, socialist and related had not supported Alain Finkielkraut in 2005! She had even dragged him into the mud, following the riots in which he had denounced, already, the ethnic and religious aspects of these intifadas imported on the national territory. By laziness? By clientelism?

We ourselves will choose clientelism.

For it must not be forgotten that Emmanuel Macron himself had appealed to the suburban Muslim communities through imams. A support that had been very useful, while the one, who is now Head of State, deliberately gave up evaluating whether these supports came from a communitarian ideology that as a "red plague" had developed in suburbs, but also in nurseries (see Baby Lou case), schools, colleges, high schools, swimming pools, the street (with the identity veil), the subway, trains and even in companies obliged by new legislation, to accept the hours of prayer during working hours or even to create, to help, rooms of worship ...

Evidence contrary to that in December 2018 had declared Jean Yves Camus, Director of the Observatory of Political Radicals and researcher at IRIS who still accused in block, only the extreme rights, the newspaper Rivarol, the networks conspiracy internet, the young followers of Dieudonné and Alain Soral, some RN militants suspected of having had an antisemitic past, Robert Faurisson ...

The researcher recently stated with aplomb "that he did not know an antisemite with a left spine"! At the same time, the same researcher considers that the events in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not responsible for the antisemitic background noise that has been heard for many years.

Understand that, especially since yesterday, Marlene Schiappa went there, too, of her diatribe by declaring that "she wanted to emphasize the existence of an ideological convergence between the Manif For All and the terrorist attacks". If ridicule killed, she would be dead!

On the other hand, what many of us are beginning to understand is that the dominant LA, which has been insinuating since the end of the 1939-1945 war, is globalist and standardizing, is certainly not the one all citizens of the world, including Isalmists, want.

The vast majority of Yellow Vests, non-racist and non-anti-Semitic, seemed to have understood that the LAW that crushes, impoverishes, enslaves, excludes, crushes is increasingly challenged.

Unfortunately, the return to the forefront of anti-Semitism, "brown plague" for the current majority will inevitably stifle their movement, because of discredited by some "hate Islamists" creating the scandal.

In this ideological maelstrom and like Elisabeth Levy we will have a thought for other groups like the Catholics who also come to suffer terrible images of soiled altars, broken or degraded statues and tabernacles dumped, and this when even though or because the newspapers have not made their own on these supposedly diverse facts, more than sad for them.

In their great majority, the French agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, are all in spite of themselves embarked in the Macronist boat which rocks and which could possibly be sinking unless the French wake up?

To conclude and once again we will repeat the words of Elizabeth Levy who "believes that anti-Semitism today is more a red plague (color blood of Islamist attacks) than a brown plague."

In any case, we will not end without having given our full support to Alain Finkielkraut.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld