In order to maintain the vagueness of his pension reform, Édouard Philippe tried to take over the file. Eight days of a day of mobilization against this reform, the French Prime Minister says "more than ever determined" to implement a new system by points and universal but with amenities.

"We will not compromise on the target but we will take the time it takes to get there," said the Prime Minister. We will put an end to the special diets, but we do not want to stigmatize those who are there today. In other words, universality yes, brutality, no.

Between "determination" and "appeasement". This is the line that wanted to adopt this Wednesday Edouard Philippe after the consultations he had with the social partners on pension reform. This, after weeks where the words of the executive alternated between great flexibility to consider "the clause of the grandfather" and haro on special diets "of another time".

Find the right cursor

What is not negotiable for Édouard Philippe is the change of system. What is still negotiable, on the other hand, is the "transition", that is, the date of entry into force of this new system. The prime minister said it was "open" Wednesday that the first generation concerned by the pension reform is no longer the generation 1963. "I do not believe that an immediate and brutal transition is acceptable and legitimate, and I do not believe that a slow transition to the point of returning to decades the effect of reform is timely, "continued the head of government He also slipped that the transition mechanisms must be equitable between the regimes ... while taking into account "the history of public enterprises", where the transitions will certainly be longer.

Rights granted to unions

He assured that he heard "the importance" of the CFTC family rights and committed to guaranteeing them (the question of the eight quarters of career bonus for children already born is particularly on the table, as well as the 10 pension bonus for families with three children), in the wake of a controversy over the impact of the reform for mothers With regard to the CFDT, he highlighted the issue of the work of seniors and that of hardship, which will have to be extended to the public service or will have to evolve for night work (for the health care staff in the hospital, in particular). On the employment of seniors, he - form of pressure - says wait for solutions Medef and CPME. The report Bellon-Soussan-Mériaux, expected in December, should indeed be made in January.

At the attention of Unsa, Edouard Philippe promised to write "in the law guarantees for teachers for example". And for U2P, he promised to continue to discuss the situation of the liberal professions. Finally, the Prime Minister has reiterated that social partners such as Parliament will have an important place in the future governance of the system.

The Prime Minister has thus occupied the ground since the beginning of the week to do what he calls "pedagogy" but above all, to show the French that the executive is already preparing after December 5.

The after December 5th

In communication, this is called a sequence, and this sequence is Emmanuel Macron who launched it after his trip to Amiens late last week with a goal: to try to show that he is not paralyzed while waiting for the December 5th strike. A Edouard Philippe to launch in turn a tone of matamore. "I do not feel like someone who is paralyzed, usually people say I'm determined, sometimes they say I'm calm. I recognize myself quite well in these two qualifiers, "he explained.

The head of the government specified that the main lines of the reform will be presented around mid-December: Jean-Paul Delevoye would give his conclusions of the consultations on December 9 or 10 before he himself gives the arbitrations of the government before Christmas for a bill presentation in early 2020. An acceleration of the timetable to try to remove doubts about the executive's willingness to carry out a major reform.

One way also to allow yourself the opportunity to make ads likely to defuse the movement while trying to sell a "refoundation" of "social justice", a "system common to all French with the same rules for all.»

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